Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 37 No. 33 - The Beloved Maha Chohan - August 14, 1994


The Environment of the Soul
Building Community through Spiritual Mastery

Foundation Stones
To Fan the Fires of the Heart
Without Love You Will Not Fulfill Your Mission


In the invincible Light of the Cosmic Christ, I AM sent.

Lo!  I AM come, the Maha Chohan. And I step up the Light that I have begun to release to your chakras, fanning the fires of the heart.

For this purpose I come this day:  to fan the fires of the heart. Let the heart become the magnanimous heart. Let it overflow with that oil of gladness. <1>

I take you up the next notch. I prepare you for anointings and anointings, increment by increment. I enlist you as legions of the Holy Spirit, soldiers of the Maha Chohan. I would take you to the levels that you are capable of mastering to the fullest extent, to the very boundaries of the dispensation of the Aquarian age.

You have perceived the dawn of this age, even by the presence of the freedom flame, which Saint Germain has implanted in this nation. You have seen that before your eyes are closed in this life, you shall have had the opportunity, both in the physical octave and in the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood, to reach the highest potential of being that you were willing to strive for.

Thus, beloved, you are foundation stones. Build ye strong foundations one by one, each and every one. Skip no steps, beloved. But come to realize that the foundation you lay upon Saint Germain’s freedom flame is the foundation of the pyramid of the New Age.

The anointings of the Holy Spirit, as I outline them in my retreat, are the anointings of the seven chakras and the eighth chakra and the chakras of the five secret rays. Step by step, as you raise the sacred fire of the Divine Mother upon the altar of the spine, there do come to you the initiations of these chakras and rays by their Chohans.

Some of you have greater negative karma on one ray than on another. Some of you have greater productivity of positive, good karma on a specific ray, indicating greater attainment in certain of the chakras whereby you have returned lifetime upon lifetime to build your own platform of freedom, building the foundations for your pyramid of life.

Thus, you will understand the signs and seasons of difficult periods, also noted in the cycles of your personal astrology, whereby you can calculate when you will be passing through times of great density and darkness. This has been called the dark night of the soul. And then there comes the even darker night, called the Dark Night of the Spirit, when the Sun of the I AM Presence is eclipsed by your own human karma. <2>

My friends, I report to you much progress on the part of students of the path of the Ascended Masters who have internalized the violet flame, who have come to the place where they can give a great outpouring of love and receive the initiation of the clearing of the heart chakra.

I center on the heart chakra this day, for it is the central sun of being. Without the balanced threefold flame, and your adoration of the Atman in that flame, you will see that the other chakras cannot be intensified.

Therefore, we approach the sacred heart and the fires of the heart. We approach, beloved, that you might see and know that that magnanimous heart—that self-giving heart, that heart that is a fount overflowing—is the wonder of life and the wonder of self-transcendence.

Take heed, then, when I tell you that if the heart is not purified and endued with the love of your Christ consciousness, the vessel will be neither large enough nor strong enough for you to contain the Holy Spirit in the manner I would have you contain it. Therefore, take Saint Germain’s Heart Meditations. <3>  Take them to heart and play them and move with them and give your prayer offerings unto your I AM Presence.

The Holy Ghost is the presence of fire, sacred fire, purging fire—fire that tries every man’s work of what sort it is. <4>  The work of a man is the work of his heart, and when he consistently puts his heart into his work he will have the immortal prize in due course. However, when he does that work only to be admired of men, there is no gain. Thus, if there be glorying, let it be the glorying in God and not in self.

Visualize the Great Central Sun in the heart of cosmos superimposed over your heart. Remember Helios and Vesta. Remember the rituals of the Sun, <5> for these rituals, beloved, give the increase. Your meditation of the journey to the Sun and the return again <6> can be repeated weekly once you have established a daily decree momentum of two years or more. El Morya’s Ashram Rituals, especially the Great Central Sun Ritual, will strengthen you for this meditation.

Fire of Helios and Vesta, come now!  And let this fire be the anointing of the heart unto its quickening.

Draw rings of light around your heart, beloved, and know that these rings, sustained by you through the ritual of the cloud <7> and other spiritual exercises, will bring you to that capacity which you seek—the capacity for steadiness day in, day out, the capacity for courage come what may, the capacity to love and to continue to love.

Therefore, ask to be taken to the retreats of the Lords of the Seven Rays so that you can enter into the spiritual exercises of the heart. Ask to be taken so that you may expand the qualities of the heart and balance the threefold flame.

Love is the key. Whatever else you may develop or acquire in this or a thousand lifetimes, without love—without love in the manifestation of the power of the three-times-three and the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit <8>—you will not fulfill your mission.

Be generous with love. Give love daily. And daily call on the law of forgiveness for having withheld love in the forgotten past. In addition, call on the law of forgiveness on behalf of those who play the role of the enemy. By your love let the souls of all people be converted to the Path.

Now, concerning the anointings of the Holy Spirit, we shall proceed from the heart center to the throat chakra to the solar plexus to the third eye to the seat of the soul to the crown and to the base of the spine. As all things come into alignment, you will be amazed to see the flow of light and the flow of the Holy Spirit that will come to you and through you.

The anointings include those that have been described in “Lesson Three from the Holy Spirit,” delivered by your Messenger:  (1) the leper’s anointing, signifying purification from sin and reconsecration to God, (2) the priestly anointing, signifying consecration to one’s sacred labor and to union with one’s Holy Christ Self, who as high priest officiates at the altar of the heart, (3) the kingly anointing, signifying empowerment to manifest one’s inner Godhood, (4) the anointing of the prophets by God, chiefly through his Archangels, empowering them for their mission, (5) Jesus’ anointing of the disciples with the Holy Spirit after his resurrection, empowering them to remit or retain sin, (6) the Holy Spirit’s anointing of the disciples at Pentecost, empowering them to speak in tongues, and (7) the Holy Spirit’s anointing of the disciples (after Peter and John had been called before the Sanhedrin), empowering them to speak the Word of God with boldness. <9>

But some of the anointings have not been revealed or recorded, for they come under the Aquarian dispensation of Saint Germain. And those anointings are for the purification, the strengthening and the great increase here below of those virtues and attainments that you have in your Great Causal Body above you.

The rings of the Causal Body are significant, for they will tell you how much virtue and attainment you have accrued to your Causal Body and thus how effectively you can expand those same momentums here below. As you seek the Holy Spirit you are building a momentum here below of that which you have stored in your Causal Body above. As Above, so below:  this is the plus (above), the minus (below); the Alpha, the Omega.

Where you have great strength in a certain sphere of the Causal Body, you will more quickly increase the strength of the corresponding chakra. For instance, beloved, the energy of your throat chakra is focused in the blue sphere of your Causal Body. <*>  All attributes of the First Ray (the blue ray) that you have exercised in good faith in all incarnations have increased that sphere. The blue sphere defines qualitatively and quantitatively what essence of the blue ray is available to you as you exercise the authority of the Word through the throat chakra.

Thus, the virtues and attainment stored in the blue sphere of your Causal Body determine your empowerment on the blue ray here below. But you are not limited. By sowing seeds of goodwill, God’s will, you can increase your “power potential” day by day.

The blue ray of the throat chakra does empower you. It does strengthen you. It gives you the power of faith, the power of the spoken Word, the ability to deliver that Word. Without the empowerment of the Word, you cannot go far. For the Word is “made flesh” <10> here below by your actions, by your words and by your faith in the will of God. And the Word in the Beginning with God was the very instrument of the creation. <11>  And so, ring by ring, chakra by chakra, bring your vital spiritual energies into balance.

Understand, then, that I will pass on certain anointings to certain individuals in attendance here. I will not make a spectacle of this, beloved, but I will tell you that you will know if you have received that increment of the fire of the Holy Ghost as you assimilate it, as you absorb it. This may take some weeks; for I proceed gently yet firmly for the adjustment of your consciousness, for the adjustment of the levels of vibration that you are capable of sustaining.

Now I ask you to think upon your life and yourself. Determine what is your worst habit and eliminate it!  Eliminate it entirely. As you eliminate negative momentums that are at the very base of the electronic belt, so correspondingly you may build momentums at higher levels of your Causal Body. Each negative facet and manifestation of self that you conquer and that you seal and that you cast into the sacred fire allows you to bring forth its opposite—the positive counterpart and its positive momentum—out of your Causal Body.

And so it is—new lamps for old, new lamps for old. <12>  Give me the old lamps; I will give you new lamps. And these lamps are the vessels of planes of consciousness.

By the Holy Spirit, then, be receptive, be contrite. Be as children at the feet of Jesus. Be mature. Be wise. Honor the holiness of God. Exchange the old cups of the human consciousness for new cups of the Light of the Christ consciousness.

I seal you in the meditation of the heart. And I tell you, your heart is indeed the key to that which you seek.

Now chant the Om with me and reach for Brahman in the Beginning with the Word. [Congregation joins the Maha Chohan:]




I commend you unto the keeping of the Holy Spirit.

Guard the flame!  Guard the flame.

Now touch the Great Central Sun by a missile of the mind as again we chant the Om. [Congregation joins the Maha Chohan:]






The ten-day conference FREEDOM 1994:  “The Environment of the Soul” was held at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. Throughout FREEDOM 1994, conferees were blessed by teachings and darshan from the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Elizabeth Clare Prophet. On Saturday, July 2, 1994, the Messenger delivered “Lesson Four from the Holy Spirit:  The Gifts of the Holy Spirit” and this dictation by the Maha Chohan, Representative of the Holy Spirit. Dictations by the Goddess of Liberty, Omri-Tas and God Surya followed. “Lesson Four from the Holy Spirit” is available on audiocassette:  2 cassettes, 2 hr. 40 min., A94092. The dictation by the Maha Chohan is available on both video- and audiocassette. Videocassette (includes the dictations by the Goddess of Liberty, Omri-Tas and God Surya):  total 1 hr. 19 min., HP94032. Audiocassette (includes the dictation by the Goddess of Liberty):  total 1 hr. 26 min., B94091. [N.B. This dictation was edited for print by the Messenger under the Maha Chohan’s direction.]

* the outermost sphere of your Causal Body as shown on the Chart of Your Divine Self

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