Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 36 No. 48 - Sanat Kumara Spokesman for the Seven Holy Kumaras - October 13, 1993


Healing the Earth
Gentle Is the Path
A Mission of Light to Heal the Earth
Discipleship in the Lineage
from Padma Sambhava to Sanat Kumara


O gentle hearts, compassionate hearts, strong hearts, hearts filled waiting to be emptied, hearts raised up, I sing to you the song of the Holy Kumaras!  I sing the song of Venus, our home. And I sing the song of those masterful beings who come to Earth in this hour who look for Lightbearers through whom they may incarnate; and so they abide side by side with the Lightbearers, their prospective parents, until their descent into form should take place.

I speak to you, then, of sponsors of Light and I reminisce with you of the day and the hour when you, the 144,000 Lightbearers now scattered throughout the earth, did assemble, did make the journey from Venus to Earth, knowing not when you should return to your home star. <1>  And as you can see, beloved, you have not yet returned to that point of your embarkation.

It was an embarking upon a mission of Light, and Light to the earth. And so ye did come with me and so we are still here. Let us discuss that very fact, beloved–that we are still here.

[Congregation receives Sanat Kumara with a standing ovation.]

Arguably, you might wish to be elsewhere but only for a moment, a brief episode now and then when you cannot untie the knots of karma and crisis is clearly before you. But then you look up, then you remember the evening star.

Take a walk in the evening and look at the brightness of the glory of the aura of that home star. And know that it shall be your destination when you shall have won all your victories, when love as creativity in every form shall be in masterful hands and many shall have been converted in the very presence of your Light.

I wish to increase the Light. I wish to commend those who have stood steadfast even through their mistakes, even through their miscalculations and wrongdoings. The best plans of mice and men, yes, do oft go awry. But then again, you can return to the scene of your wrongdoings and make them right. For you have life, you have hope, you have faith and, above all, you have the charity of Christ.

Therefore come to me now, for it is an hour for discipleship. You are called in love, called in the flame of peace, called and recalled to the ancient memory, called for the quickening of your minds.

I am here for one purpose:  it is to assemble those of you who have the sense of having had an almost indefinite past on Earth and who now have the deep desire to saturate the earth, and every footprint you have made upon it, with violet flame and to enter into a course of training under your Venusian brother, the Lord Jesus Christ.

And I trust I do not offend those who are attached to the Lord Christ and therefore would not have him associated with such a doctrine as that which I bear of the hosts of Light of Venus. Nevertheless, I must speak the truth for those who will hear it. And those who at first reject it may one day in this life or another come round to that resolution of understanding that life is ongoing, life is real, life is the cosmic reality of being that is the Atman within each one.

Oh, I sense the peace of God within you!  I sense it in this conference as I have not seen it for many long decades upon Earth. And why is it so?

It is the blessing of the Holy Spirit. It is the blessing of angels. And it is the blessing of having among you not only Venusian Masters but also seraphim of God and legions of Light. For there is indeed Divine Justice in this cosmos and that Divine Justice, beloved, is the sign of the cross. It is the sign of Christ transfigured, crucified, resurrected, transformed and ascended right where you are.

There is peace in the assurance that you all have–perhaps recognizing it, perhaps not–gentle, enfolding angel wings comforting you, leading you on and telling you again and again:  “Our God is worthy. Be ye therefore worthy unto him. Our God is worthy. He shall not forsake you.”

Whatsoever ye ask in the name Padma Sambhava, Jesus Christ, Lord Maitreya, Manjushri, Gautama Buddha, Sanat Kumara and the Holy Kumaras, it shall be answered according to your oneness with the living Christ within you, your righteousness in love, your submission of all your requests to the will of God. This is the gift unto the disciples of the living Christ.

I come, then, in glory and in white fire. I come to give you peace, to prepare you for initiations to come, to clothe you with another raiment that is the mantle of the disciple, or bodhisattva.

I come to give you that peace and that inner strength whereby you feel confident in your God who is with you and in you and around you–before, behind, to the right, to the left, above, beneath and throughout all the earth. Recognize, then, that presence of peace, that presence of strength, that presence of surety in your God.

You may be required, as Christ recommended, to render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s. <2>  But what of it, beloved hearts?  You are also required to render unto God the things that are God’s. Do both and you will find that Caesar will not be able to thwart your efforts and God will be in command.

Be certain, then, that each day you balance the karma of yesterday and yesterlifetime. Be certain that you can turn a page each night. For the page of the dawn is a clean white page, and your first writings upon it should be intimations from the angels of the dawn who accompany your soul back to the physical temple you wear.

Strength in the Lord. Trust in the Lord. Balance. Balance is what you achieve by the memory of decade upon decade and lifetime upon lifetime of walking in the service of God, of encountering all the challenges that David encountered, be it Goliath or King Saul or this or that army of the Nephilim.

Yes, beloved, the point is that in all encounters with the enemies of your soul, when you have walked in the presence of your God, none have been able to take you from your appointed goal. Though they have tried, though they have screamed, though they have shrieked, yet the forces of Death and Hell have not left so much as a paw print on your arm.

I AM Sanat Kumara. The earth is filled with the glory of God, the glory of Krishna, the glory of the hosts of the Lord!

Come, then, into conformity with your true inner being. Espouse, if you will, as the Messenger has, the present awareness of the diet of the Eastern adepts. Espouse, then, that path whereby you recognize that all things have consciousness.

From the mosquito who lands on your arm to the ant or the worm, all things have consciousness. The leafy green vegetables you eat also have consciousness, as does every other food. Thus consider yourself to be made up of the various consciousnesses of the substances of which you have partaken.

Shun, therefore, those meats of red blood<*> but rather prefer the fish of the sea that are in abundance and readily available, that can balance your four lower bodies when you include the proper complements of grains, vegetables and seaweeds. And thereby you might one day know the freedom, if it be your choice, *unless you have concluded that a specific condition in your body requires them for a time of not having to necessarily continue to eat fish, for you will know the strength of God within you.

Thus, there is consciousness in the feet, there is consciousness in the hands, there is consciousness in the brain. And that consciousness shifting in the three gunas, <3> from the top to the bottom, does tell you whether you are centered truly in the white fire of God or whether you are centered at some lower place, almost always because of the food you have partaken of or the foods of previous lifetimes that have resulted in the karmas of today’s conditions and conditionings in the body.

Be not bored with my speaking, for I always speak thus as I begin to talk to the disciples who would affix themselves to the masterful ones of Venus. We must begin with the physical platform, for we are here indeed as physical as physical can be on a physical planet, attempting to preserve the earth body, to heal the earth and the layers of the earth’s bodies.

So why should we not speak of purification?  Why should we not speak of prana and the destruction of prana by so many airborne toxins?

Yes, beloved ones, if we are here to salvage the physical evolution and the incarnation of souls of Light who must incarnate, then we must speak of the practical end of things. Perhaps your emotional body can wait, your mental body or the etheric, but your physical body cannot wait. It will become diseased if you mistreat it and allow substances of the wrong vibration to be placed in it.

Fortification of the physical body, then, provides the chalice for the soul and the Atman. And I, Sanat Kumara, promise you this:  I will inhabit the physical body of anyone who does prepare that body and who does maintain the mind that is more yang than yin. I will inhabit that body, portion by portion of myself, even as you increase your God consciousness portion by portion.

I know truly that the God in you is the same God that I AM. It is you who must know it and who must understand that I simply cannot fit into your dress or suit or slacks unless they fit the body that is fitting for Sanat Kumara.

So understand, beloved, you need not be fully whole, but you must be on the right track. And first and foremost you must have the will and the spirit and the fire within to maintain the yang force and the yang mind and the balance in the yin that does enable the Mother to bring forth the power of Kali; and thus you must have not a weak yin but a strong yin, not an inflexible yang but one that bends and yet is not moved by the human consciousness.

Yes, beloved, you can establish this in your aura with determination and the arm of the Lord, sometimes more quickly than with food and diet, which take some time to change. It is the will of the mind and heart, after all, that determines your forcefield. Yet some of the best bodies in the world are often the habitation of snakes and demons and dark ones. Yes, many allow their astral and physical bodies to be the point of entry for demons and dark ones who cohabitate within their forcefield.

So let us not enter into a flesh and blood consciousness but rather into the understanding of the balance of the Body and Blood of the Lord Christ, of the power of transubstantiation and of the rule of hierarchy that the true adept must maintain his physical temple unto the coming of the Lord.

Yes, he must maintain it unto the coming of his own golden age and unto the moment of his soul’s return to the octaves of Light, when another shall take his place. For he shall have so fulfilled his mission that those who follow in his footsteps must merely put their feet into his slippers as he moves on and they move up the peerage of the spiritual hierarchy of Earth.

So, beloved hearts, gentle is the Path, gentle by way of inner strength, gentle by way of the soft word that turneth away wrath. <4>  This world may be filled with the crosscurrents of power trips taken by the power elite but, I tell you, there is none that is a match for the Mighty God Presence. Let that God Presence, then, be in you. Fulfill, then, the inner vow and calling, and be at peace. Be at peace!

You have come a long, long way on a long, long road. But the reality is that you are here and we are here in the Western Shamballa, in the Heart of the Inner Retreat, in the Place of Great Encounters!  And you are here encountering your God, your True Self, your Atman!

Is this not a wondrous manifestation of the Eternal Now?

[Congregation responds: “Yes!”  (26-second standing ovation)]

The Holy Kumaras bid me say to you, let not your horses be saddled with events of the past. Think:  “There are six horses behind my own, making the seventh. They trail behind me.”

And what are they bearing, beloved?  They are your six horses bringing up the rear, bearing the load of karma, bearing the load of regret, bearing the load of the worn-out past. You need not enter this tabernacle another time in this lifetime with that sense that you are bearing the burden of the past. Cast it into the living flame, beloved!  Cast it into the living flame!

Let all horses become as one and let the animal of self no longer be on all fours but rise up as a mighty stallion. Let it rise up because the flame burns in your heart!  Let it rise up because Karttikeya does go to battle for you, does do battle with your own dweller-on-the-threshold. And I tell you, when you and I, with the Holy Kumaras, do put that one in chains and bind that one, you will then be able to defeat the dweller-on-the-threshold in the enemy without.

You think you wage war with this or that established situation. Beloved hearts, you wage war with only one:  it is the enemy within. Do not neglect to vanquish that one each day!

I have taught the Messenger and the Messenger does hear me say this to you, each one:  Give yourself a talking-to. Simply command yourself to withdraw from this or that lust or greed or envy or jealousy or some dark sticky substance. Rebuke yourself!  Rebuke the soul for her weakness and self-indulgence. Bind the carnal mind!

When you, in the peace-commanding presence of the Christ within you, do command the lesser forces of being, your four lower bodies, your momentums of your electronic belt to “Be still!” I say in the name Sanat Kumara, they shall be still!  They shall be still!

You must hear your own inner God-free being and God-free voice commanding you to rise from depression, rise from sorrow, rise from mourning and take up the calling of being a disciple unto the Lord!

Do you understand, beloved?  I have taught this technique to the Messenger. Why, the Messenger has performed this. And the body elemental does come into line when commanded to simply rise and take dominion of the body. You must understand that every part of your body will respond to the command of your own Christhood.

I speak through the Messenger. I speak through the Messenger’s own Christhood, and you feel the power of her Christhood multiplied by my own presence within her. You can have this too. Raise up the Christ within you!  Let the Christ become the dominant personality of your being instead of letting the ego or the carnal mind dominate your being.

Do you see, beloved?  It is a matter of having the mind, the will and the determination to assert your right and to acknowledge that God in you is in control and that the power of God can command the atoms and cells of your being to not be sick, to not be weary, to not be cranky, to not be fretful, to not be argumentative, et cetera, et cetera.

Why, you must treat yourself and the parts of yourself as a child that must be disciplined or as an adult that must be disciplined. But whoever you are and whatever stage of evolution you are at, know this:  All of your being will respond to the power of the spoken Word when you exercise that power.

Now then, be still. For I call to your I AM Presence, I call to your Holy Christ Self and I ask you to speak in the authority of the spoken Word–not in fear, not in shrillness, not in harshness, but simply in the authority of the name I AM THAT I AM. Speak in this level, beloved, without becoming frantic or frustrated or perhaps angry at those whom you perceive as enemies. Simply speak the Word of the living Christ within you and command all of your members to submit to the God of Love.

[Congregation speaks calmly in the authority of the spoken Word.]

Ho!  Ho!  Ho!

So, beloved, know that the reality of God in you reigns supreme and that your soul and heart have a connection to that reality. And even if all your members are not marching to the divine plan of your being, you can bring them into alignment and you can do so in the beauty of the one Jesus Christ, who is the resurrection and the life of your own Christhood.

Lo, he said, lo, his mantra:

I AM the Resurrection and the Life!

That mantra, beloved hearts, is for you to give to affirm your union with God forevermore. Therefore visualize each and any problem, no matter what the scope, as a little rock on the table before you. Rise into the dimensions of your God-free being. Be unmoved!  Let love pour forth from you and heal the earth by love in action!

I am calling to those who desire true discipleship in the lineage from Padma Sambhava to myself. To you who have responded to the call of Jesus, I say this is the year for a tangible manifestation of your discipleship, for going forth when you have learned your lessons well to speak to the people of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters and in the process to learn more about them yourselves.

For we are doers, not merely hearers, of the Word! <5>  And we will not have you only hearing at Summit University but doing right then and there and continuing to do until you see and behold the Holy Ghost descend upon you and the powers of hell bound. And you may transfer heart to heart and cup by cup the elixir of the living waters–the living waters that Jesus would have given to the woman at the well. <6>

And yet she was not ready, she was not ready for everlasting life. You are getting ready. And I come with a simple message:  You can indeed attain it!

Know, then, beloved, that the message is simple but the human mind complexifies it and makes it become the most complex algebraic formula that could take lifetimes to solve. Blessed ones, that is why God-realization, as opposed to empirical knowledge of God, is the crux of the whole Path.

We may say a thousand times in many ways that the union with God is before you. What, then, does make of this path a challenge, a point of daily rejoicing and daily measuring-up?

It is each of you placing yourself willingly in juxtaposition with each Master, with each angel and with your teachers. For in the process of doing, of exercising free will, of perhaps entering into a path of error, then recognizing it and taking the path of truth, life is won in the very midst of action. That is where you learn the greatest lessons–in the fire itself, the fire that tries you and purifies you and makes you white. <7>

If you allow them as they teach you and as they move with you and speak with you, so the Masters may touch key chords of your being and strings that are broken that you must mend with their help. Yes, beloved, this is the understanding of the Master-disciple relationship.

Apprentice yourselves to the Lord and know that that bonding, that unity, that day-to-day praising the Lord and entering in to that intimacy in conversation with him as his disciples did on the road to Emmaus <8>–know that this is the nature of the Path. It has been going on for lifetimes. Now we say, receive the ascended hosts and know that this bonding can take place here and now as never before.

For some of you there is a parting of the veil, for others a thinning. For others of you, more violet flame is needed ere the fog is lifted from you. But one and all can enter into the creation of the cloud <9> and the coalescing of light in the aura. There are many such exercises that you can accomplish for the growth of your soul.

Above all, in Love I am and I remain.

And I counsel you to guard the heart in yourself and in all others, for the heart is indeed the secret place of the Most High in the earth.

Guard the heart. Guard the flame!

And do not do anything that will require you to take the grade over and over again in Earth’s schoolroom.

Today I pronounce you Victors-to-be!

Tomorrow I shall crown you.

I AM your Lord Sanat Kumara,

Forever the servant of the Light within you.

[42-second standing ovation]



[The Messenger:  Let the servers of Holy Communion come forward for the blessing of the bread and the wine. This celebration of Holy Communion is part of the dictation whereby we receive the cleansing, purifying action of the Lord Christ Jesus in the presence of the lineage of Sanat Kumara. Please receive this Holy Communion as you receive the Light of his lineage. We will be singing hymns to the blessed Mother of Jesus from our Sanctissima album while we partake of Communion.]


Blessing of Holy Communion by Sanat Kumara

This day I, Sanat Kumara, with the Holy Kumaras, do bless this bread and this wine as the ancient ritual of the priesthood of Melchizedek. It is a ritual that goes back to our planetary home (Venus). So I bless the bread and the wine from my heart to the heart of Gautama Buddha, Lord Maitreya, Christ Jesus, Padma Sambhava and your own Holy Christ Self.

Thus in all levels and octaves of being, receive the Body of God, receive the Blood of God and know that this is the sacrament whereby the Great Tao is balanced within you. And so the pattern of the yin and the yang is set and there is that transfer to you of sacred essence, of eternal being.

Because your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Son of God, did come to Earth, did demonstrate the magnificence of the mission of Christ from ancient times unto the present hour (although these events are no longer recorded in the sands or in the history books but in the akashic records), so know that the Son of God in him is that Son of God who is in you. And that Son has said:

“This is my Body of universal Light, which is broken for you. Take, eat, this is my Body. And this wine is the Blood of the new and everlasting testament of Christ incarnate in the sons and daughters of God. Drink ye all of it.”

[Hymns 94, 91, 97, 92, 96, 99, Ritual of Holy Communion]


This dictation by Sanat Kumara, Spokesman for the Seven Holy Kumaras, was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Friday, July 2, 1993, during the ten-day conference FREEDOM 1993:  “Healing the Earth,” held at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. Before the dictation, the Messenger delivered her lecture “The Many Faces of the Great Guru, Sanat Kumara.”  The lecture and dictation are available on audiocassette A93098:  2 cassettes, total 1 hr. 57 min. [N.B. This dictation was edited for print by the Messenger under Sanat Kumara’s direction.]

1. For the story of Sanat Kumara and the 144,000 sons and daughters of Venus who accompanied him to earth, see Sanat Kumara, “The Dispensation Granted,” in 1979 PoW, vol. 22 no. 14, Book I, pp. 82-86.

2. “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s...” Matt. 22:15-21; Mark 12:13-17; Luke 20:19-25.

3. The Messenger discussed the three gunas in her lecture “The Many Faces of the Great Guru, Sanat Kumara.”  Guna is a Sanskrit word meaning “fundamental quality.”  As taught in Hinduism, the three gunas are the three qualities, or types of energy, in all nature–sattva, rajas and tamas. Sattva expresses itself in one’s mind, mood or character as goodness, harmony, uprightness, purity and peace. Rajas expresses itself as energy, passion and restlessness. Tamas expresses itself as darkness, ignorance, inertia, laziness and stupidity. Thus, man’s character and mood vary according to which guna is predominating.

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9. The creation of the cloud. In Intermediate Studies in Alchemy Saint Germain teaches you how to magnetize millions of “focal points of light” into a brilliant pulsating “cloud of infinite energy” that can be directed into personal and planetary problems for the healing of specific conditions, including disease, pollution, crime and war. See Saint Germain On Alchemy, pp. 191-251, or Intermediate Studies in Alchemy, pp. 38-87. You can create the cloud with the Messenger. Elizabeth Clare Prophet leads you through all the steps on audiocassette:


The Creation of the Cloud by Saint Germain and Meditations on the Alchemy of Constructive Change and the Control of the Aura by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 2-audiocassette album, total 3 hr., A8063. Abbreviated version for Keepers of the Flame: 65-min. audiocassette (45-min. ritual with 20 min. of supplemental invocations to the beings of the elements), A83050, includes accompanying booklet.