Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 36 No. 45 - Beloved Hilarion - October 3, 1993


Healing the Earth
The Revolution of Truth
“So Great a Gift, So Great a Salvation”
Let the Holy Spirit upon You
Be for the Conversion of Many


Change is the alchemy of Truth!

So I come. You know me as the apostle Paul. <1> Yet I did live again, following that incarnation, as the one who came to be known as Saint Hilarion. I bid you read of me and of my works as a healer in that final embodiment of my soul, beloved. <2>

Remember, then, that we, the apostles of Christ, did come under the dispensation of the Law that required that one balance 100 percent of one’s karma ere the soul enter the ascension in the Light. Thus, I was required to atone in my life as the apostle Paul and in my next life as Saint Hilarion for the sins I had committed before I received my Lord.

For my Lord did pursue me as I made my journey on the road to Damascus. <3>Yes, beloved, I was blinded not by his Light but by my own sin and the alchemy of his Light penetrating the record of sin in my being. Thus I was turned around, converted by the Spirit of the Lord in the full manifestation of Jesus Christ upon me.

Yes, I am to you the apostle Paul and so I come in my service on the Fifth Ray. I did go forth to proclaim his name. And is it not true, beloved, and should you not ponder in this hour how so great a salvation, so great a grace, so great a healing that came to me can also come to every one of you by that Lord and Saviour?

And for that salvation, that grace and that healing, should you not therefore proclaim his word, his truth and all of the lost teachings of Jesus of which the people have been deprived, almost to the utter ruin of Western civilization?

For where there is no fiber of truth, no fiber of the message of the direct encounter between the Master and the disciple or the one who would be his disciple, how can that fire ongoing be passed heart to heart, generation to generation, in the holy lineage of Sanat Kumara?

I tell you, when we spoke the truth of the living Word and of the Master, we spoke it in the undiluted, true fundamental teaching, even in the sacred mysteries of Gnosticism. And yet at times when I spake to my students of delivering that Word of God, I taught them the necessity of speaking that truth in a mystery. <4> Yes, the mysteries were sealed and some are sealed to this hour.

You know the mystery of Christ’s coming to you empowering you to be his twin, to be like him, to share in that Mystical Body that he is and was, and to raise up within you that full stature of the Christ. This, too, is the mystery that the churches will not promulgate.

And therefore, not in cathedrals do you come but in the tabernacle <*> of the LORD, as the Israelites of old. Thus you have raised up your tent in the wilderness of America, so directed by your Lord, your Saviour. And thus you go back to primitive Christianity, primitive Judaism and to the very roots of Hinduism and Buddhism and to the original fiery faith of Zoroaster.

Yes, you have come in the tradition of Lao Tzu. Yes, you have come, beloved, for you know that at the root and at the heart of these world religions was that fiery one, that avatara, that incarnation of God, who did impart mouth to mouth, chakra to chakra the living word of Truth.

I come in all of the fervor of my being, therefore, to expose the false doctrine that has bound the children of the Light to false pastors, wolves in sheep’s clothing, yes. Let, therefore, the hellions be cast out of the pulpits of the world!  And let the churches return to the living God!

And let the people rise up and know that they do have an everlasting contact with the living Word and the Lord God and that that contact is direct within the heart. And therefore, let them espouse the divine doctrine and throw off all other fanciful notions of requirements that have naught to do with true piety and holiness, true generousness of heart, true laying down of one’s life for one’s friend.

Yes, you know the walk with God. Oh, you know the walk with God, you know it well!  I say to you, beloved, in gratitude for all that you do know, give all that you do know to those who are ready to hear it, taking care not to cast your pearls before swine.

And when you give away that which you have, beloved, I tell you, the Lord shall come himself to deliver to you mysteries upon mysteries. And he shall give you those which you are prepared to internalize, to become, that the mystery might become a part of a flesh and blood that is not wholly of the earth earthy but is becoming transformed by the transubstantiation of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ in Holy Communion, whereby the Lord is present in his sacrament and therefore present in you when you partake of it with profound reverence.

And you do know that the Lord Jesus Christ lives physically in you each time you physically partake of Holy Communion. Is this not the great wonder of God, beloved?

[Congregation responds: “Yes!”]

So great a gift, so great a salvation!  Therefore, rejoice and leap as though seven devils had been cast out of you, <5> for indeed they have been cast out in this life! [Congregation leaps to their feet and shouts praises to the Lord. (33-second standing ovation)]

Yes, do not be stingy in sharing your cup. And always have the seven cups of your chakras filled with the elixir of Life so that you may impart it to those who are able to bear it and not spill it.

Yes, beloved, give and give and give again!  And when you give by the Holy Spirit do not set yourself up in human pride, vaunting how much you know of the things of the Spirit, but truly in all humility before the wonder of God give full recognition to the glory of him who has made you what you are.

And when you go forth in that spirit of humility and the Holy Spirit is upon you, that Holy Spirit shall therefore be for the conversion of many through you. For the weights and the shackles of old doctrines and dogmas that have festered in the earth too long shall drop from those to whom you give the living truth with joy, with love, with understanding, with support and with the Gentle Presence of the I AM THAT I AM.

Let the Holy Spirit be upon you always. Sing to the Holy Spirit!  Sing to the Lord God!  Sing praises unto the gifts of the Holy Spirit and, above all, remember to sing unto the gift of charity that is love, that is compassion, that is kindness, that is forgiveness, forbearance and mercy.

Oh yes, beloved hearts, become that joy flame!  Become it because your body has been strengthened, because the individual members of your body are chalices moving toward the union of all chalices into the one, the Holy Grail that is the receptacle of the threefold flame that burns upon the altar of your heart.

Yes, I AM the apostle Paul, and I move through the houses of worship and I place my Electronic Presence in the churches of all the religions in the earth. And, beloved ones, I weep with many who have been the forerunners of the world’s religions or who have carried the word of the founders of those religions. For the children have subscribed to a syrupy religion that does not give them the undiluted fire for the casting out of all human self-sympathy and the entering into the strong and rugged compassion of a living Christ who does not fear to rebuke the darkness in another. Even if that one you rebuke might become from that day no longer the friend, yet that one will remember the rugged compassion of a living Christ.

Oh, be the instrument of the Lord’s impartation of Truth and know that the power of the Holy Spirit will be upon you!  Therefore settle all matters of untruths within yourself. Cast them into the fire and resolve forevermore not to speak the untruth but to speak truth or to be silent if truth is not what is called for in that particular moment.

I come, then, for I tell you that there are sealed ampules containing mysteries of God that you may receive only when you have passed certain initiations. Do not think because you have been associated with this movement and this Teaching for many years that somehow you do not have initiations to pass, that somehow you know it all and in knowing it all you have become it all.

And there is the rub, beloved!  For to know something is to realize that something within oneself. You do not know it until you have become it. And you will not know the mighty Cosmic Truth until you have undone the lie that the fallen ones have foisted upon you lifetime after lifetime.

Is this not the age and the moment to declare that you are a revolutionary in the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness and that your revolution is called Truth–truth everywhere and anywhere, up and down, to the right, to the left?

Let Truth reign in the earth!  Will you not have it that way or not have it at all, beloved?

[Congregation responds: “Yes!”  (23-second standing ovation)]

Yes, I AM the apostle Paul. I AM everywhere in the consciousness of God!  And when these fallen angels think that they have gotten rid of this one and that one of whom they have made martyrs, well, these so-called martyrs spring up again, they return to life, they reincarnate. And the fallen angels have quite a time putting out the candles of all those saints who return to the earth and all those saints who are ascended who move among them throughout the earth.

Why, I tell you, beloved, they have not gotten rid of any one of us!  Not one single one of us have they done away with! We are staying with the earth, we are staying with those who hold the Light in the earth. And we draw the line of Truth, beloved. We are here. We are alive forevermore!

Do not think, then, that all these martyrs are dead and in heaven, for the majority of them have said:  “We are going back!  We are reembodying!  We are not going to take this lying down!  We will come back and take our stand for Life!”

And I submit to you that over 50 percent of you in this audience this day have at one time or another been martyrs for Truth. And therefore I laud your mighty inner being and I say, bring it forth and let it blossom as the lilies of the field once again!

 [20-second standing ovation]

And I make this fiat to you this day, beloved:  Nevermore shall you be martyred but rather shall you become the master of yourself and of your aura and of your being!  You shall invoke that violet flame with new zeal, the zeal that says:


I will become invincible/invulnerable
  because I will balance my karma
  by sacrifice, by service, by surrender, by selflessness–
  by coming into the path of initiation and invocation
  on the Ruby Ray.
I will invoke the violet flame!
I will serve and I will balance that karma!
And therefore I will be karma-free!
And I will put on the whole armour of God!
And I will see to it that I balance every aspect of my four

  lower bodies, my mind, my soul, my heart and my being.
And therefore, I will stand in the earth.
And I will have my God-mastery.
And I will make my ascension in God’s good time

  and not at the call of this one or that one
  who does determine that my candle should be
  snuffed out ahead of time.
I will guard that flame on the altar of being!
I will increase it!
I will impart it!
I will be a champion of Truth!
And I will go in the name of the apostles of Christ

  and in the name of the Lord Christ.
And I know that they will be with me.
And therefore, in the name Jesus Christ,

  I cannot fail!  I will not fail!
And I will know the fulfillment

  of all of my mission in this life.
I shall rejoice, for I AM the bearer of joy!
And none can quench my flame of joy this day or

  forevermore, for I AM in the heart of Jesus Christ.
And Jesus Christ is in the heart of me.

  [22-second standing ovation]



So I have said all that is necessary to be said in this hour. For the rest, your own Higher Self does give unto you that fountain of living waters whereby ye may know life that is eternal here and now.

Ever I AM your brother on the Path, consoling you, walking with you, conferring with you, discussing the mysteries of scriptures written and those kept in the retreats.

Ever I AM your obedient servant, your protector and friend, Paul.

- [28-second standing ovation]


This dictation by beloved Hilarion was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Wednesday, June 30, 1993, during the ten-day conference FREEDOM 1993:  “Healing the Earth,” held at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. The dictation is available on audiocassette (includes the dictation by Pallas Athena): 90 min., B93083. [N.B. This dictation was edited for print by the Messenger under Hilarion’s direction.] Sections printed in bold italic type indicate fiats, mantras, affirmations, prayers and decrees that you can use in your daily decree sessions. The Messenger recommends that each week when you receive your Pearl of Wisdom, you type or write these out and place them in a special section in your decree book. The Messenger also encourages you to compose your own fiats and affirmations based on the Teachings of the Ascended Masters given in the Pearls of Wisdom.

* tent

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