Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 36 No. 33 - Beloved Paul the Venetian - August 15, 1993


A Global Conference Dedicated to

The Love of God Is the Divine Solution
I Make a Plea for Chalices of Love


Chelas of the Third Ray of God’s Love, I am honored to be called by the Darjeeling Council to speak to you with our Lord the Maha Chohan for the opening of FREEDOM 1993.

Blessed ones, truly the Love of God is the divine solution. Truly the Love of God begins with your loving of your own soul and spirit, your own Christ Presence and all that is real about you.

Love is truly cloven tongues of fire that divide in you the Real from the Unreal. <1>You can love the Real; you can cast the Unreal into the violet flame. And that energy liberated can return to you so that every part of your manifestation can be in the geometry of Divine Love.

At all periods of history when nations and empires have passed through straits such as you now face, it has been those who have carried the flame of Love who have been willing to make major sacrifices for their civilization. When these have come forward, beloved, they have borne a fire of Love that has overcome all else. I speak of a love that is enlightened, that is wise, that is knowledgeable in the things of God and in the things of this world.

How you admire the prophets!  How they understood the political equations of their times!  And according to all the information they had access to, they would report the untoward conditions of the times to the I AM Presence. Then they would lend their heart and ear to the Lord God, and the Archangels would prophesy through them. And as the mouthpiece of God, the prophets would deliver to the princes, kings, leaders and people of Israel and Judah that which the Lord God commanded them to do.

Those commands often went unheeded and, as a consequence, Israel and Judah ultimately were led captive into exile in Assyria and Babylon. And the lost tribes, save for a remnant, were scattered abroad in the earth and have not yet known or understood the true communion of the Holy Spirit, whereby they might also make their mark in this age.

Therefore there did come a time when the people left off listening to their God, and their councils decided that God was no longer talking to man and that man’s problems and deliberations were in fact no business of God’s. Then came the ridicule of those who communed with God, to whom God had spoken; for God has not ceased to speak to his own throughout all ages. Failure to commune with God or to make excuses why man should not commune with God is the work of fallen angels and of the Devil himself.

God has freely communed with imperfect men and women. I remind you of this. Moses was not perfect. He had slain the Egyptian taskmaster <2> and yet God appeared to him. He was called, he was chosen to be the instrument of the deliverance of the people of God.

I repeat, then, what the Maha Chohan has said. Your sense of your being not prepared, not ready, not having enough attainment is in fact a lie, because who is the doer within you but God, but the living soul and the living Spirit?  Thus to postpone a work of the Lord in this decade can be ultimately fatal to you and those whom you love.

I never speak to incite fear or doubt or anxiety, though it may sound so to some because the leaders in Church and State today would tremble before they should tell the people what truly is coming upon the earth and what is happening in this nation alone, let alone the nations abroad. They fear to tell the people all that they know.

Well, when the Ascended Masters speak, they speak to those who have come prepared to hear the truth, to hear what is reality, for they are no longer content to avoid all confrontation by dwelling in illusion and surfeiting themselves, whether in television or partying or drugs, et cetera, et cetera.

We speak the truth because you have come for the truth. And the truth is that problems do not just go away!  Problems continue like viruses and diseases. They mushroom around the planet. And therefore someone, somewhere must stand up in the wood, by his cabin or wherever he may be, on his farm or in his skyscraper, and simply say:  “Thus far and no farther!  I will stand for Truth and defend Truth with all that I AM, God willing and God with me, so that this that is Darkness might be set aside and that the Light solution can come forth!”

As you know, I preside not only over the arts but over music, sculpture and even drama. But much that we see as art and music today in the popular culture causes the scrambling of the inner engrams of the blueprints of past golden-age civilizations and etheric cities and retreats, where there is a pristine manifestation of the geometry of being and where the likeness of the inner patterns is brought forth in magnificent works of art.

Art ought to be a representation of the potential of each and every one–what man can do, what man can become, what he can aspire to!  Art should represent the next level of ideas, creativity and invention instead of the degradations of the depressed, the chaotic, those who do not have an integrating fire, for they long ago snuffed it out. To call chaos art is to be asleep to the fact that chaos in any discipline, whether it be science or art, must lead to the chaos of the mind and the chaos of civilization.

Let those of you who have the least talent in art, who may not be trained but who have that sense of balance and that attunement with beauty, meditate upon the inner realms of Light. Ask to be taken to the university of the Spirit that is the Temple of the Sun over New York City, presided over by the Goddess of Liberty. Ask to be taken to the Château de Liberté, my retreat on the Rhone River in southern France. <*>

Go there, beloved. Go there and attend classes that you might bring forth into the physical in your waking hours that which you have seen of the etheric octave, of the golden cities of Light and of the spiritual temples and even of the records of the heyday of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Study, then, at the inner retreats and bring forth, for children to feast their eyes on, the symmetry, the beauty, the luster of divine art. Conduct the experiments that we conduct in our retreat, and bring forth the same inventions that we have produced from those experiments–inventions that have not been reinvented on earth since the days of Atlantis.

Blessed hearts, it is of utmost concern to us who work with the All-Seeing Eye of God that we are seeing the inner sight of children being ruined because they are constantly bombarded with chaotic images, chaotic sounds, chaotic everything in their environment, including the outrageous misuse of guns among children.

Beauty, then, is for the calming of the soul, true music for the upliftment of the spirit. And even the body itself will conform to new patterns, especially when the diet is also corrected. Blessed ones, where there is no longer beauty to gaze upon, how shall mothers who are pregnant look upon pure designs and translate these to the molecules of substance?

I make a plea for chalices of Love!  Chalices of Love come in art and drama, architecture and sculpture and in all of the many avenues that are open to you in design, even in the presentation of the Masters’ teachings as you set them forth in books and periodicals.

But my work goes far beyond art, beloved. I enter the art of politics. I enter the art of economics as a student and a teacher of the economists of the nations, in cooperation with the Darjeeling Council. I am therefore here to tell you that unless the consciousness of the people is raised to a new understanding of the availability of the power of God to work change, you will see civilization, at best, remain at this level or, at worst, continue its downward spiral.

Let all ye who gather here know that the Universal Christ–call him what you will, call him Krishna–who is apportioned unto you in your Holy Christ Self, is able to lead you in the right direction, whereby you may not only fulfill your divine plan and gain a greater mastery than you now have but balance your karma because you see Love as the key to the turning of worlds and the turning of this civilization.

I leave you, then, to ponder all of this as you now come forward to receive Holy Communion, administered to you by the Maha Chohan himself.

I seal you in the matrix of Love and in the beauty of your soul. And I invite you to our retreats that you might bring back the keys–the very keys that will turn around the decadence in some corners of this civilization.

For the victory of earth and for the healing of your four lower bodies, for the healing of broken hearts and for the healing of the mind, I am come. And I seal you with a pink rose superimposed upon the golden cross that I place upon you and before you.



Blessing of Holy Communion by the Maha Chohan

 O Holy Spirit of God, I, the Maha Chohan, send forth this Light as cloven tongues of fire. So this bread and this wine receive the blessing of the Holy Spirit.

Partake, then, of the Body of Christ and the Blood of Christ and know that transformation of the human becoming the divine.

So let it be done. Let it be done in the name of the Four and Twenty Elders, the Solar Logoi and all of the cosmic councils who hold session in this hour. For the hierarchy of Light gather to assist in determining the fate of issues at hand and they set themselves to the task of the upliftment of humanity through the kindling of those hearts whose fire can ignite the many.

In the purest Love of God, I, the Maha Chohan, receive you and I receive you in the name of the bride of the Holy Spirit, the holy Mary, Mother of Jesus. May you sing to my bride as you come forward to receive Holy Communion.

[Congregation sings Sanctissima album of hymns to the Blessed Mother during the ritual of Holy Communion.]


This dictation by Paul the Venetian was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet following the dictation by the Maha Chohan on Friday, June 25, 1993, during the ten-day conference FREEDOM 1993:  “Healing the Earth,” held at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. Before the dictations, the Messenger delivered her lecture “Teachings of the Maha Chohan on the Initiations of the Holy Spirit for Those Who Would Become Keepers of the Flame of Life.”  For a richer understanding of the two dictations, you will want to hear this lecture. (See ordering information, p. 490.) [N.B. This dictation was edited for print by the Messenger under Paul the Venetian’s direction.]

* Paul the Venetian’s retreat is in the etheric octave and has a

physical counterpart, a privately owned French château.

1. Real, with a capital R, refers to that which is Absolute Good; Unreal, with a capital U, refers to that which is Absolute Evil.

2. Exod. 2:11, 12.