Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 36 No. 26 - Beloved Jesus Christ - June 27, 1993


Easter Retreat 1993
It Is a Matter of Heart!

I Summon My True Chelas
I Can Save You Only If You and I Are One


I come to sit with thee in glory, the glory that shines from your I AM Presence. Some bask in the radiance of the Presence while others mirror in the sometimes stagnant pool of identity that which is from beneath, that which is not real, and the soul reflects the image.

Stagnation may not be recognized by you who call yourselves disciples on the Path. Thus I must come to show you that it is entirely possible for you to come up against stagnation on the path of your discipleship. For you have blocked the flowing stream, you have blocked the stream of sacred-fire waters descending from your I AM Presence and allowed a stagnant pool to accumulate where the light is qualified not, except with self-concern. And the self-concern of the stagnant pool is a toxic substance, toxic because not daily flushed into the violet flame, not carried away by tributaries of love distributing the descending water of Life to so many in need.

When you cease to give forth what you have received, then what happens?  The stream backs up, and so you receive less and less until the great waters of the Tree of Life descending become but a trickle. Then disease sets in, life turns in upon itself and there seems to be no purpose in living, no usefulness in dying.

And even the joyous path of walking in the footsteps of my Lord Maitreya becomes a humdrum affair wherein you seek only to perform the minimum spiritual requirements, only that which is necessary to keep one foot in the door of Maitreya’s Mystery School, and otherwise you seek to find some titillation for the senses, something apart from the sheer joy of living in the aura of my Lord Maitreya–or even Padma Sambhava. For it is as though you needed some surcease from the glare of your own God-Reality or relief from the rigors of the path that can lead to the summit of Being in this life.

Understand the dangers of the Path. And hear in the simple poem that the Messenger read to you <1> that the days are filled and the lifetimes are filled from morning till night, from the rising to the setting sun, with the joyous service in the Lord. For much, much light descending must purify that which has gone forth before–the stream made putrid by putrid thoughts and feelings.

Therefore, beloved, there is a point of joy, there is a point of laughter in every day. And I speak of the joy and the laughter of you who are my disciples as I have known you and shepherded you in my own heart as we have gathered together over the centuries, <2>and 144 and then the other 70 and then the 144,000. And who among you can truly count who are the true disciples, ripened grapes ready to be plucked from the vine?

Blessed hearts, I do speak to all of you who would return to the Tree of Life at Maitreya’s Mystery School. You may be at Maitreya’s Mystery School physically in the physical octave, but you may no longer be here in spirit or in the desire to increase a mighty ring on your Tree of Life by a mighty service to life. Perhaps you do not even desire to give my mantras in your heart that you might know the way of kindness.

Kindness, I have told the Messenger, is truly, truly the path of conviction that in the heart of Maitreya and in the heart of myself kindness is a perfume that suffuses all things. It is an action that takes action. It is a word that speaks. It is a heart that keeps the vigil. And it is the holding of the balance of the hours whereby, because you are kindness and fulfilling all kindness, you have room to spare to give of yourself again and again; for this is the joy of the mighty River of Life descending.

I AM at once your Jesus and my Father Maitreya, for “I and my Father are one.” <2>You cannot meet me without meeting my Father, and so too I would have it be said of you that none can meet you without meeting me and without meeting your Grandfather Maitreya.

Yes, beloved, can we not be one upon one upon one in the chain of hierarchy, as little carved men one upon the other that become a tower of power reinforcing the chelas in every octave?  Is this not the sign and symbol of the chain of the Guru-chela relationship?

Ever there do precede you those of greater God-mastery. And then we come to the place of our appearing, our glorious appearing through you!  Who does see us?  Those who can see us through you. Yet none can see us or know us save they sing, “I love to tell the story of Jesus and his love,” or they sing the mantras and praises of Maitreya.

Remember that, beloved, and give yourself to God to be the clear pane of glass through which many can look and see the Lord, see me as I AM!–not in paintings or in postures that do not resemble me one iota but are the sympathetic trappings of those who weep and mourn at the base of the cross, not understanding the glory of the crucifixion itself, the glory of the very process, beloved, whereby one can bequeath to a world the essence of oneself.

Therefore I did proclaim upon that cross, “Lo, I AM Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending,” and many other sayings not recorded save the “It Is Finished!”  affirmation of my Being in God. And this prayer you do have, thanks to the receptivity of your Messenger Mark, whose profound love for me opened the channels that allowed him to hear the recordings of akasha <3> of my own voice pronouncing my soul’s triumph on the cross. <4>

Well, being the Beginning and the Ending, beloved, I AM the mighty circle of the T’ai Chi within the Great Tao and I AM a spherical body of manifestation of original cause. And I AM THAT I AM that One who transcends that known Causal Body and enters the unknown Source, the unformed, the Ein Sof, that which is beyond the mighty Tree of Life and the ten sefirot. <5>

Come to understand, then, that upon your tree of life there be seven chakras plus one. Then there are the ten sefirot. The ten sefirot denote that there are actually ten chakras. For if you will add to the seven the two of the hands, and then the two of the feet as one, and then celebrate the Eighth Ray chakra in the uncharted sefirah, Da’at, you will have the ten plus one. This one represents the secret chamber of the heart, the place of Love’s dazzling Light. Only the threefold flame centered in Da’at can consume the abyss of ignorance.

Know, beloved, that your tree of life is built, is sealed, is sanctified and certified as you meditate upon the names, the vibrations and the meanings of the ten sefirot and as you realize that they are intended to be the fruit–the fruit on the branches of your tree of life, the fruit of God consciousness in the aspects necessary to lower the unformed into the formed that that formed might descend and that the tree might appear, that the Tiferet in the center might be known as the Christ and that the Christ may no longer be rejected for another.

“Go here!”  “Go there!” <6> Thus you will hear the people proclaiming the coming of the Messiah. “What Messiah?”  we say.

Why, the Messiah is the Christ of me and the Christ of you and the only begotten Son of the Father-Mother God. And yet, unless you will open your breast and show your sacred heart that your sacred heart might be the target of Antichrist, do you truly walk in my footsteps on Good Friday?

Do not be afraid of pain!  Be not afraid to know the pain that allows you to enter into the bliss of nirvana and total oneness with your God. Is this not your desire, beloved?  [“Yes!”]

Think about the deep desiring of your soul and your innermost being. If you desire to be in God and to embrace and be a part of that great Tree of Life so that the birds of the air (meaning the winged orbs of consciousness of the Mind of God) that rest in the branches of your consciousness actually become a part of you–if you really desire all of this and more, beloved ones, then you must surely conclude from the equation of being and anti-being that if you are to realize your highest imaginings of self in God, something must go:  on this side of the equation something must go. And that something is anti-being.

But you will look again and you will see that the Lord God has not, does not and will never deprive you of anything that is necessary to your spiritual, eternal joy, as Above, so below. Only you can deprive yourselves of joy by free will, by karma made.

All of the things that you need, beloved, come to you by your recitation each day of the Lord’s Prayer, the “I AM Lord’s Prayer.” This prayer is a declaration of the Father’s love for you and of your love for the Father. This Lord’s Prayer is the prayer whereby you achieve the bonding in your Guru-chela relationship with me and Maitreya and others of the ascended hosts. Therefore let us recite it now together:


I AM Lord’s Prayer
by Jesus the Christ
Our Father who art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy name, I AM.
I AM thy Kingdom come
I AM thy Will being done
I AM on earth even as I AM in heaven
I AM giving this day daily bread to all
I AM forgiving all Life this day even as
I AM also all Life forgiving me
I AM leading all men away from temptation
I AM delivering all men from every evil condition
I AM the Kingdom
I AM the Power and
I AM the Glory of God in eternal, immortal
All this I AM.

   This is your alchemical formula for the precipitation of your Tree of Life, your goal in life, your pyramid in life!  Do you not see that the Father has guaranteed to you the kingdom, the power and the glory?

The kingdom is the consciousness of the totality of your being in God. The kingdom, beloved, is God’s consciousness where you are. The full power of God that comes upon you is the empowerment of your Mighty I AM Presence, which you experience when you seriously embrace the Path. The Path is difficult yet not too difficult for anyone–hard, yes, but not too hard. Yes, beloved, the glory of God is the ring upon ring upon ring of your Causal Body that descends upon you when you live the “I AM Lord’s Prayer.”

When you find the key to my heart in this prayer and many other prayers that were dictated by the ascended host through Mark Prophet, you will come to understand, beloved, that you can fulfill all of your goals–human, material, physical, spiritual, mental, psychological. Yes, you can fulfill all these goals and at the same time retain what you are in God and not lose one iota of your spirituality or your inner attainment. And the talents of your God-mastery will descend from your Causal Body in this life when you are ready to receive them and when you have balanced certain karmas that you made since you had that attainment of Light in ages past and applied it to many good works.

Yes, beloved ones, if you try to do all things by yourself, you will find it is simply impossible. For the word is written and it cannot be broken:  With God all things are possible!  With man nothing is possible. <7>

Therefore commend yourselves to God and to the glorification of God in all of your works, for your Mighty I AM Presence stands waiting to glorify you. So use all of the power at your disposal to glorify God and he will empower you. So use all of the elements of the kingdom, the consciousness of God, all of the resources, the technology and the know-how to bring about that kingdom here below as Above and you will know the glorification of God because you have done it to his glory and not to your own glory.

It is a matter, beloved, of heart. It is a matter of heart!  It is a matter of heart!  It is a matter of heart! I say it again and again and again. If you only knew what you are doing to your hearts when you eat the strong meat that is acidic and that pollutes not only the heart and the bloodstream but also the temperament so that you do not have the tenderness of heart, the humility of heart, the mindfulness of heart, the memory of heart that are native to your Real Self!  And as a result you do not have heart for the Path, for the mission!

And then, because the quality of heart that is needful in order for you to keep pace with Maitreya’s bodhisattvas is wanting, you set up roadblocks. You give yourself and Maitreya impossible ultimatums. You set limits to your chelaship that doom you to failure. You say, “Unless thus and thus and thus will happen to me, I will quit the Path, I will quit this place. Unless I get this, this, this and that, this is what I will do.”

Well, beloved ones, there is no such thing as unconditional love on the part of the Ascended Masters for the children of earth, for this would be an impossibility. Since to love a man is to love his character and his actions, we would have to love those of murderous intent, those who are of the Darkness and the left-handed path, who love not the Light, for their deeds are evil. We would have to love man’s infamy against man and to love brother who slays brother.

Just as Cain was rejected by the Lord Maitreya for his sin, so he would have been accepted had his offering been acceptable. <8> Nevertheless, to love the point of Light within the heart, the point of Light that is God, is to love the seed potential. Yet if a man himself love not his potential for being in God, he will not bear the fruit of God consciousness. Wherefore Jesus cursed the barren fig tree <9> and John the Baptist laid the axe at the root of the evil fruit saying, “Every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down and cast into the fire.” <10>

Thus, unless a man confirm and fructify the gift of God-identity he will lose it. And man without God Self-awareness is but a flesh and blood robot who has no capacity for Divine Love, neither to receive it nor to give it. All he is capable of is the ebb and flow of human sympathy.

Beloved hearts, there must needs be, however, unconditional love on your part for God and for the great spiritual hierarchy of Life sent by God to govern and teach the root races of earth. And this involves trust. For in order for you to give unconditional love to God and his hierarchy you must extend trust at times to an unknown God and an unknown Guru.

Indeed, can you trust God and the hierarchy of Life enough to entrust them with all of your love and all of your heart and all of your service?  Is this not where everything begins and ends–is it not in the point of trust?

We remind you once again that we are not your human parents. We are not your human siblings. We are not the cause of your fractured and fragmented psychology. You are the cause of it yourself!  And the longer you hang on to it, the longer it will stick to you like taffy, and as you lick your fingers and eat some more, it will stick some more.

Yes, beloved ones, it is time to say, “I trust God,” and to reinforce that trust daily no matter what you see coming your way that would lead you to believe to the contrary. For what you will see is your own karma tumbling down to tempt you, to test you and to make you think that God’s wrath is upon you when it is your own wrath that you have delivered to another that is coming full circle according to the mathematical exactitude of the law of karma.

It is then that it is well to remember that you have a right to be tested and we have a right to test you. You have heard it before and we say it again!  For sometimes we must make up “nursery rhymes” using such phrases that you might learn them and repeat them and sing them to yourselves.

For somehow you manage to arrive at a place on the Path where you say, “I am no longer the one being tested. I am doing the testing!  I am testing El Morya!  I am testing the Masters!  I am testing the Messenger!  And I am going to see whether or not I approve of what is going on in this place.”

Well, beloved hearts, it is about time that you came to a reckoning of just what is the Dark Cycle and just how it has changed your life and life-style. Oh, you have heard of it. And you have heard of it again and again!  And some of you would rather not hear another dictation in which it is mentioned. And yet it must be mentioned because it surely could be your undoing if you do not raise yourselves up to the level of your Holy Christ Self and understand that in the mantle and in the Christ consciousness of your own being, you must give more decrees affirming and calling forth the violet fire.

Because the Dark Cycle is upon the evolutions of earth and the earth body itself and all elemental life, the equation of the weight of returning planetary karma has changed drastically. You have to run faster on that treadmill and faster and faster just to run in place. But many of you, in fact an alarming number of Keepers of the Flame, are practicing denial when it comes to the Dark Cycle at the same time that you are drifting away from the Path because you are being overtaken by the effluvia of world karma.

That is what happens when the karma of the ages descends (specifically 25,800 years of karma) and that is why such major changes take place upon a planetary home as civilization responds to that karma and as cataclysm precipitates, sometimes reducing overnight the population of a world such as this to one-tenth of what it was. The Dark Cycles are all-consuming and there is only one solution:  that dark night must be lit by the candles of your heart flames and your heart chakras–by tens of thousands of Keepers of the Flame!

You must understand, beloved, that to allow the desire and the density of other situations and conditions to lure you away from the altar of God, wherever you have erected that altar, is the most dangerous action, or inaction, that you can take. And you will take special note that unless you specifically ask and ask again, you will receive no advice from the Ascended Masters through the Messenger, or from the Messenger herself. For we respect free will, we respect freewill action. And that is the end of the matter.

Therefore we have set up the Mystery School because it is necessary. It is necessary to have a place that is physical and tied to the etheric and the higher octaves, where it is truly yet possible for individuals to follow a path and a spiritual discipline that will lead to their souls’ ascension in this life. A place where no sincere heart who is able and willing to keep our disciplines will be denied.

Why would there be retreats on the face of the earth if the individual could make his ascension from anywhere–if he could achieve the goals of the path of attainment from anywhere on the face of the globe?  Well, there would be no reason to have Maitreya’s Mystery School if the ascension could happen so easily at the choosing and the whim of the individual who will say, “I don’t like it here. I like it better over there. And so I will build my little house over there and I will make my ascension from my little house.”

Beloved hearts, in order for the flame of the ark of the covenant that burns upon the altar of my Church to merge with your flame, and body, to do the work of transforming by spiritual alchemy every cell of your flesh and blood for that ultimate transformation, it does take the concentration not alone of devotees but of angels who make their daily rounds to consecrate and purify this place of worship. And it does take the Ascended Masters of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood to secure a stronghold of Light such as this retreat where it is indeed possible to make the physical ascension or for the soul to ascend at inner levels.

And the ascension, after all, is the goal of Life for every lifestream on earth. But who would want to ascend before doing all those things that are necessary to the realization of one’s divine plan, those things that are joyous, that contribute to the building of the self and the building of one’s character and the building of one’s Causal Body on earth as it is in heaven?

I tell you, beloved ones, very few would like to make their ascension without having done everything they could possibly do to make this world a better place. And first and foremost, the best thing you can do to make this world a better place is to raise up a focus of The Summit Lighthouse in your town (wherever two or three gather in my name <11> and in the name of Maitreya) and to visualize that beacon as a pathway that leads all Home to their Mighty I AM Presence.

Then give your calls to El Morya on the fourth of the month for twenty-four hours and see to it that your group is running a decree marathon on that day and that you are giving every last erg of energy and strength and breath you have to your beloved El Morya. <12>For you do not realize what El Morya can do for you in return that will take him far less time and entanglement in the human consciousness to accomplish than it would take you.

We are just as anxious as you are to get on with the day of the glory of God and the expansion of this Path and Teaching and the increase in the number and quality of Lightbearers and the increase of those in the earth who are aware of their Mighty I AM Presence and will take the books, so carefully written by the Masters and the Messengers, and read them and truly walk in my footsteps and enter the heart of Lord Maitreya and Gautama Buddha and make their ascension in this life.

For the ascension is the power, and the empowerment, to raise the consciousness of the entire planetary body. And at no time in the history of planet earth since the last days of Atlantis has earth so needed, have earth’s people so needed an injection of the Cosmic Christ consciousness to make them wake up, beloved ones, wake up! to the darkness of Death and Hell that they have allowed into their midst through the dissonant sounds of what passes for music, through harmful drugs and through the purveying of all manner of philosophies that are not leading the people to Life but to Death and Hell. Blessed ones, this is a time when many need an influx of Light in their beings.

Well, I will tell you this. We are most happy to see you remain in embodiment even after you have earned your ascension and the right to take it. We are happy to see you defer that ascension to walk the earth with such an aura of purity that people of all kinds may see that aura and recognize the ascension flame around you and recognize the violet flame and therefore ask, “Where may I go to get to that place on the Path?  Where is the fount of knowledge?  Where is the fount of light?  Where is the fount I have been looking for that was once in the great temple of Atlantis and is no more?  I seek it. I would find it again.”

So, that fable of the fount of eternal youth that was sought by Ponce de Leon goes back to Atlantis. And that fountain of youth was a fountain of sacred fire and light that was there for all on Atlantis to see and use until those who were the fallen ones turned the children and youth aside from the inner walk with God they had once known and loved; and the fountain was withdrawn lest those of the left-handed path should use it to obtain longevity beyond their karmic lot (allotment).

And I must tell you that when I think back upon those days I hang my head and I weep because the parents and teachers did not take up spiritual arms nor rods of sacred fire nor action of the spoken Word to defend their children against their enemies, the fallen angels. And so, desiring to be popular both with the “trend-setting” fallen angels and with their children, they sided in with both of them and walked in their ways, just as parents today imitate the fads of their children instead of setting a high standard and enforcing it.

And therefore, the spoiled children of Atlantis have come again. And the spoiled children of Atlantis are here and there and everywhere in the earth, and they are not about to be intimidated by their parents. But the parents who spoiled them then must rise up now and with such fiery love, such profound love for their children and all the children of the world, toe the line!  toe the line!  toe the line!

I can name not a few parents I know who in this life have not even considered whether their actions taken in regard to the discipline of their children should result in their children liking them or not. It is the last thing on their minds. They have determined that these children should be brought up in the way that they should go, <13> never mind the whimpering and the whining.

Blessed ones, I would desire to be the father in every household on earth and instead I speak to the fathers of this Community and all in the world who feel the pulsations of my heart at inner levels:

Fathers of the world, one and all, rise up now and raise the sacred fire of the Kundalini!  Come into your discipleship unto me!  For I will teach you the path of fatherhood. I will teach you the path of being the head of your household and being that one who does stand by your wife and the mother of your children. I will teach you how to take command of your schoolhouses, how to take command of the minds of your children. And I will teach the mothers, your wives, how to enter into this process.

Look to me for guidance and understand that much that is taught today is of value and very good for your children. But there is nothing that can replace the divine example, there is nothing that can replace the example of right action, right livelihood–the example of piety, honor, the joy of a heart that is right with me, the example of working and playing with children and teaching them.

There is nothing that can replace that fifteen minutes a day when the entire family prays together. And since you are on the Path and students of the Teachings, I suggest you use beloved Kuthumi’s mantra, the “I AM Light” decree. Use that mantra following the “I AM Lord’s Prayer” and a few others, such as the “Heart, Head and Hand Decrees.”  But do not allow your family to go beyond the twenty-four-hour cycle without fifteen minutes of family prayer. Set the time and respect it!

I have observed Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists all over the world who have not the knowledge of the violet flame or the spiritual path of the Ascended Masters. Yet I have seen them more devout and more engaged in the ritual of prayer day by day with their children than I see some Keepers of the Flame.

I tell you, parents, it does not matter and the Great Law will not excuse you simply because you have had fragmented backgrounds and childhoods that were unpleasant. You cannot be self-absorbed 100 percent of the time with your inner child!  You must be absorbed in raising up your children and the souls of your children, who have perhaps been neglected by that fragmented adult. And if I have anything to say about it, I, as your Lord and Master Jesus Christ, will say it now!

Therefore I say to you, O inner adult, formed by parents of yore who were formed by their parents before them:  Rise up now and be healed!  For I, Jesus the Nazarene, <14> come to heal you.

Fathers and mothers, I come to heal your inner adult, who ought to be one with your Holy Christ Self, and I come to heal your inner child, who ought to be following your inner adult to wholeness. Take me up on this and take up the Lord Krishna, who has promised you that when you call to him to heal you of the record of your having been bruised or broken at any age, he will come to you in his Electronic Presence and he will place that Presence over you, being of the same age as you were when you were injured psychologically or otherwise. And by your giving of his mantras he will bring about that healing.

Therefore I have pledged, <15>Krishna has pledged. <16> And when I, the Lord Jesus Christ, pledge, I have the entire lineage behind me of Lord Maitreya, Gautama Buddha, Sanat Kumara, the Father-Mother God in the Great Central Sun and all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas who share the wavelength of each of the positions of the Masters I have named.

Thus understand, beloved, you have but to call to one of us or to call to all of us. But call in the name Jesus Christ and accept me as the Lord and Saviour of your inner child, your inner adult and your inner being so that you may get on with living your life in the full joy of my Christhood and your Christhood and thus contribute positively to the lives of your children and your families.

And if you are blessed not to have problems relating to the development of the psyche in your family, then I say, reach out to the children in your area through Scouting, sports, 4-H clubs and other activities that bring out the creativity of children of all ages. Yes, reach out!  Work with adults and children beyond this Community, in the neighborhoods where you live. And see to it that you as parents spend that wonderful time with your children which they so enjoy. This can be in activities such as competitive sports, gardening, cooking, sewing, or drama, music and art. In all of these and more your hearts are bonding together.

Reach out and teach others what you do best. Give of your talents multiplied in this and past lifetimes. Deliver them on the altar of God to the glory of God and then to the increase of your own attainment, making yourself, therefore, day by day more available to make exciting contributions to the talent pool of the spiritual Community worldwide.

Blessed hearts, I appeal to you in this hour not to get stuck in your own psychology once you have seen it for what it is. Do not descend to levels of weeping, levels of sorrow, levels of indulgence in revolving and revolving and revolving and revolving the causes and cores of your psychological health. Many things may have happened to you whether through your parents or anyone in the world that may have stepped on your toes.

Blessed ones, you encounter these kinds of situations all the time where you feel bruised and battered. But after all, you are bigger and better than any and all of the negative experiences you have had in your entire lifetime and many lifetimes. And beyond that, you have karma. You brought that karma with you. And you must take full responsibility for it and not blame the way you turned out on your parents or anyone else.

Just call in my name that I might assist you in re-creating yourself in the image and likeness of the Cosmic Christ, Maitreya. And remember, if you are not dealing with karma, then you are being tested by the Archangels, or you are being initiated by the highest initiates of the ascended hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood. Therefore, come what may, meet life as a conqueror, meet life as a victor!

And be kind. Simply be kind. Simply do not open your mouth unless you intend that what comes out of it is a kindness that is uplifting and supportive of the persons you are with.

Blessed ones, you can take command of your world. But some of you have just not recognized that you can do it. Remember, you can do all things through my Christ/your Christ, who strengthens you. <17> Now, your situation is the reverse of that of the “ugly duckling”–the swan who thought he was a duck. You are like a duckling that believes he is a swan because he has lived all his life with swans, but he is still a duckling.

You have not yet become that swan, that paramahansa. Yet you live among swans, the Ascended Masters, and so you take for granted that because you have studied their teachings you have the attainment of an Ascended Master, as if by osmosis and without soul labor. (Some of you will deny this, but I say it is so. And each one of you will have to ponder it in your own heart.) Yet when it comes to exercising that attainment, you behave like ducks because you are ducks–that is, you have the consciousness of ducks, though the swan is your true inner identity.

Now take yourself for what you are, and no more and no less. Then look in the mirror and say:


      Quack, quack. I do not like myself the way I see myself. I do not like to hear my speech–quack, quack–all day long talking about nothing that amounts to anything, just making noise and getting attention and getting nothing done.

      Therefore I will decide to be that swan. I will decide to be that paramahansa. Yes!  I will be that one, for God in me and Christ in me is that one. And I will go on a voice fast and I will pray and fast, and I will see the transforming light entering my body and I will know what it means to be a vessel for my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

   Blessed ones, I can save you only if you and I are one. We must be in agreement as one, in agreement on all of the major points of the Law, on direction, on the defining of being, on looking at the goalpost and saying, “That is where I am going and none shall deter me, and I will do everything I must do between here and there to get there and I will leave nothing undone.”

Oh yes, I am grateful that you are planning your days and keeping track of your hours. I am grateful that you have seen in Benjamin Franklin the foreshadowing of beloved Mama Ballard, as that was his final incarnation, which he even prophesied as Benjamin Franklin, predicting he would come in a new and better edition–and indeed he did. <18>

And so, beloved, you have seen this fiery spirit come to earth again, determined that he would leave nothing undone but set forth the Teachings, the very teachings that have tutored your souls and established a foundation that was set after Theosophy and before the founding of The Summit Lighthouse and that has given hope and joy and the ascension to many souls. What you can do day by day is almost without limit if you plan it and waste no time, waste no breath, waste no energy on idle chatter or non-fruitful activity.

Yes, we are coming with a delegation from Venus and a delegation from the God Star. These delegations, two in number, are coming to survey the spiritual communities that we have set up and that are on planet earth–from this, Maitreya’s Mystery School, to those in the East, to communities that you have not heard of, and even to small communities within the churches where there are yet priests and nuns and those who are living together in the celebration of the Buddha, of the Christ, of Zarathustra, or perhaps they are Shaivites or perhaps they are pure devotees of the Divine Mother.

We shall assess all communities. We shall assess all lifestreams in those communities and we will determine–given their present levels of commitment and what they are doing regularly on a day-to-day basis for the keeping of the flame of the mystery schools on planet earth–just what we will be able to do for planet earth and what we will not be able to do.

Therefore the best move that each and every one of you here can make upon returning to your residences around the world is to get together with other Keepers of the Flame and communicants and to say to yourselves, “What is the level of commitment we can guarantee our Lord Jesus that we will maintain for him?”  Do not make it too high, do not make it too low.

Set your house in order. Secure whatever place will be your semipermanent place of operation, for there is nothing permanent in this world. Secure your altar, your study and meeting rooms where people can come and receive the Teachings.

Put your houses in order, beloved ones, for by this July conference, specifically by summer solstice, the delegations will have arrived. We will take an accounting. We will see who and what we have to work with, and then we shall survey the planet and see who are the five million souls who are Lightbearers who could enter in to the path of discipleship unto the ascension if they were contacted and presented with the Teachings in a proper manner. Therefore you ought to consider a plan of action tried and true as to how you will contact more Lightbearers to be a part of the path of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.

Remember, beloved, when you converse with those of this or that religion on any continent on spiritual matters, you have the teachings of the Messenger on the mystical paths of the world’s religions on videotape; you can present these as you bear witness to the mystical path of the soul and the soul’s reunion with God.

You have tools. You have videos. You have books. You have audiotapes. What good are they to you if you do not know their content, if you do not study them, if you do not assimilate them, if you do not drink the blood of the Son of man and eat his flesh? <19> If you do not assimilate me, if we are not one, if we are not in one body, and one in the Mystical Body of God, if you are not my twin and you are not my spouse, how can I save you and how can you be one with me to help me save others?

You see, beloved, the stagnant pool is the place where people stagnate because they cannot take the next step. For whatever cowardice, for whatever lethargy, for whatever rationalization they may have, they will not enter in and become my twin and walk with me.

Beloved ones, let’s have a three-legged race. Let’s be tied together and see how we like it. Let’s see how we like running in the race together as one, pressing toward the mark for the prize of your high calling in God, in your own Holy Christ Self and in me. <20>I would call you my twin, even as I called Thomas my twin.  <21>And indeed he did set forth for you teachings that are the liberating power of the Word.

Think of yourselves, beloved, when you were with me two thousand years ago, when you had all of these teachings and you knew them well. And suddenly, lifetime after lifetime they were not there, and so you came under the woes of orthodoxy, the heavy weight of dogma and doctrine, which continually stripped away from your Tree of Life that strong and healthy bark of the Teaching itself, stripping and stripping and stripping.

And then you awoke one day in the twentieth century, two thousand years later, only to find that some had labored long to preserve the Teachings. Some had discovered the ancient manuscripts and brought them forth. Some had translated them into modern language.  And when you read them, some of the texts quickened your minds to all that you remembered of my words, and the Holy Spirit came upon you and you were comforted.

Now turn around, beloved, and look at the millions behind you who did not come through the dispensation of my Piscean service. You must rise to the place of oneness with my heart that we might save them. You cannot save them alone; you need the mantle of the Saviour with you. And since you have not attained to the grace of the full mantle of Christhood in your own Christ Self, I am offering you the mantle of my own Christhood and that of my Electronic Presence as well, for the saving of the people of the world.

My plea to you is great because my vision of the future is, on the one hand, the glory of the golden dawn of a God-victorious Aquarius and, on the other hand, looming large and looming near, the antithesis of a golden age of enlightenment and peace because those who had the sacred fire and the divine spark decided they would postpone their mission another decade or another lifetime. They made the choice to enjoy themselves another round before getting on with the challenge of stumping the planet until every last Lightbearer was reconnected to the Source and could receive the torch that was passed to him and move on.

Yes, some of you may ascend, beloved, because you will have met the 51 percent requirement, <22>but none of you who ascend are going to be happy about ascending unless you have made the connection with the Lightbearers of this generation and the next and the next after them and you have passed the torch of the Ascended Masters’ teachings and those who come after are able to carry on the traditions of the Great White Brotherhood. Notwithstanding, those of you who for any number of reasons do not ascend at the conclusion of this life will want to be certain that you have also established those ties.

And if you desire to reincarnate in the twenty-first century or the twenty-second century and you desire to bring forth inventions and to fulfill various dreams you have had of following certain professions, well, then, I say, you above all people ought to be stumping to bring in the people of Light and to bring in the children of Light to the Aquarian-age Teachings of the Ascended Masters. For how else can you be certain that they will be there to give you sound bodies and minds and to reconnect you to the spiritual path you once knew so that this very path might provide for you in the future the indispensable foundation for a great mission that might be before you?

Either way, beloved ones, unless the Teaching is preserved because you embody the Teaching, it will not be preserved at all. For heaven and earth may pass away, but my words shall not pass away: <23>they shall live forever in akasha and in the repository of the hearts of my true chelas!

Thus, I summon my true chelas and I tell you, I am accelerating the Light in you, even as I am withdrawing the Light from those who have not seen fit to purge themselves of those conditions that they know very well are no part of their real selves or of this Mystery School.

I AM Jesus in the fullness of the resurrection flame. And my angels will hound you to come back to your own right mindfulness until you speak to them the command, “Leave us!  We no longer want to hear from you.”

This is my Easter message 1993. May you take it and cherish it, for I have delivered it to you with all of the cherishment of my heart, forever and forever. Amen.

[34-second standing ovation]


This dictation by Jesus Christ was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Easter Sunday, April 11, 1993, during the five-day Easter Retreat 1993, held at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. Before the dictation, the Messenger read from The Mahatma Letters, Letter No. XLIII by the Master M. to A. P. Sinnett. [N.B. This dictation was edited for print by the Messenger under Jesus’ direction.] Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom.

1. Refers to a poem in Mahatma Letter No. XLIII:  “Does the road wind up-hill all the way?” / “Yes to the very end.” / “Will the day’s journey take the whole long day?” / “From morn to night, my friend.”

2. “I and my Father are one.” John 10:30, 38; 14:9-11, 20; 17:21-23. 3. akasha [Sanskrit, from the root kas ‘to be visible, appear’, ‘to shine brightly’, ‘to see clearly’]:  All that transpires in an individual’s world and all events in the physical universe are recorded in an etheric substance and dimension known as akasha. Akasha is defined as primary substance, the subtlest, ethereal essence, which fills the whole of space; etheric energy vibrating at a certain frequency so as to absorb, or record, all of the impressions of life. The akashic records can be read by adepts or those whose soul (psychic) faculties are developed. The Messenger has explained that an Ascended Master or an unascended adept can look at a record just the way an archaeologist would look through layers of the earth. He can look through layers of records and pinpoint any age or time since the earth was created and read the record of what happened at that particular point in time and space. The Messenger Mark L. Prophet said:  “Man makes a record every time he thinks or speaks or feels. Just like a clock ticking twenty-four hours a day, the computers of heaven are ticking off and recording the events of our lives and bringing back to our own personal doorstep exactly what we send out.”

4. Unrecorded sayings of Jesus. Jesus’ words on the cross “Lo, I AM Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending,” were not recorded except in akasha. John 19:30 records Jesus’ words “It is finished”–which are only a fragment of the poignant prayer Jesus offered to the Father on the cross. Our Lord’s “It Is Finished!”  was written down in 1963 by the Messenger Mark L. Prophet from akasha. See “It Is Finished!”  decree 60.02 in Prayers, Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness, Section II.

5. Ein Sof, the Hebrew Tree of Life and the sefirot. See 1992 PoW, vol. 35, no. 59, p. 683 n. 2, and the Messenger’s June 26, 1992 lecture “Keys from Judaism–the Kabbalah and the Temple of Man.”  Available on both video- and audiocassette (see p. 106 n. 6 for ordering information. On July 20, 1993, at Summit University, the Messenger continued her teaching on this subject in her lecture “The Palm Tree of Deborah.”

6. “Lo, here is Christ, or, lo, he is there!” Matt. 24:23-26; Mark 13:21, 22; Luke 17:21-23.

7. “With God all things are possible.” Matt. 19:26; Mark 10:27; Luke 1:37; 18:27; John 5:30; 14:10.

8. Cain rejected by Lord Maitreya for his sin. See Gen. 4:1-16. Lord Maitreya was the Guru in the Garden of Eden. In Gen. 4:7, after rejecting Cain’s offering, Lord Maitreya said to him:  “If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted?  And if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door.”  Cain then slew his brother, Abel, incurring the Lord’s judgment. (It goes without saying that we love the Atman within. But unless the soul has bonded to the Atman, it is self-excluded from that love. Yes, the wicked must repent from his wickedness and sow seeds of righteousness ere he receive the love of the Father-Mother God.)

9. The barren fig tree. Matt. 21:18-20; Mark 11:12-14, 20, 21.  

10. “Every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit” Matt. 3:10; Luke 3:9. See also Matt. 7:15-20; Luke 13:6-9.

11. Matt. 18:19, 20.

12. Twenty-four-hour El Morya vigil on the fourth of each month. See “I AM the Witness”, vol. 36, no. 5, pp. 70, 71, 77-80. The Messenger recommends including in your vigil the decrees and songs from the four El Morya tapes–El Morya, Lord of the First Ray:  Dynamic Decrees with Prayers and Ballads for Chelas of the Will of God 1-4–and the Hail to the Chief! song cassette. You may also want to give Archangel Michael’s Rosary for Armageddon, the Surrender Rosary, Ashram Ritual 3:  Sacred Ritual for Attunement with God’s Holy Will, as well as Mother Mary’s Scriptural Rosary celebrating the Joyful Mysteries on the First Ray.

13. Prov. 22:6.

14. “Jesus the Nazarene.” The term Nazarene was one of several appellations given to Christians in the early centuries a.d. Helena Blavatsky writes in Isis Unveiled that both Jesus and John the Baptist were Nazarenes. She numbers the early Nazarenes among the Gnostic sects. Confusion has arisen in the translation of the word Nazarene. It has traditionally been translated as “of Nazareth,” but there is no record that Nazareth existed at the time Jesus lived. Some scholars suggest that the word Nazarene means that Jesus was a Nazirite [Hebrew nazir, from nazar, ‘separate’, ‘consecrate’, ‘abstain’]. The Nazirites were men and women who were consecrated to the service of God, either through their own vow or that of a parent. Blavatsky views the Nazarenes as the spiritual descendants of the original Nazirites, referred to in the Old Testament.

15. Jesus’ pledge to heal the inner child. In a dictation on July 5, 1991, Jesus said:  “You may call to me in the steps and stages of the unfoldment of my God-free being, from the Manchild in the womb unto the Son of God, from the infant Christ newborn to the child of seven and twelve. In all these steps you may call to me, for each step of my initiation corresponds to a step of your own....I will take you at inner levels through the steps of development from your physical body’s conception in the womb. I will take you through those skipped steps until your soul is satisfied that you have fulfilled each step that God has ordained for you as your inalienable right” (see 1991 PoW, vol. 34, no. 41, pp. 483, 484-86, 487). And in his Christmas Day Address 1991, Jesus said:  “To the little child within you, to you yourself, in each year of your life on each birthday, [I give the kiss of the Christmas Rose and] I seal you, each and every year unto the present, beloved. Know that my love is sufficient unto you to resolve every unresolved problem–a spiritual problem, a problem in the psyche or in your psychology, a problem of the mind or the heart or the desires. This kiss, beloved, is there for you to accept and, with it, to accept the healing of the experiences of that year of your life” (see 1991 PoW, vol. 34, no. 67, pp. 769-70).

16. Krishna’s pledge to heal the inner child. On October 10, 1992, in Atlanta, Georgia, the Messenger conducted a “Meditation for the Dissolving of Painful Memories.”  She gave teaching from Lord Krishna on using the recordings of his mantras and bhajans for the healing of the records of pain. She said:  “What Krishna teaches you is to visualize his Presence over yourself at the age when you experienced emotional trauma, physical pain, mental pain, anguish–all records of pain, any records that flash to you from this or a previous lifetime. You can ask for these events in your life to pass before your third eye like slides moving across a screen or even a motion picture of the events. Assess the age you were at the moment of the trauma. Then visualize Lord Krishna at that age–six months old, six years old, twelve years old, fifty years old–and see him standing over you and over the entire situation. If there are other figures in this scene through whom the pain has come, see the Presence of Lord Krishna around them also until in this devotional mantra you are pouring such love to Lord Krishna that he is taking your love, multiplying it through his heart, passing it back through you and transmuting that scene and that record. If you see every party to the problem, to the anger, to the burden, as being superimposed with Lord Krishna, you can understand that you can affirm in your heart that there really is no reality but God. Only God is real and God is placing his Presence over that situation through the personification of himself in Lord Krishna.”

“Meditation for the Dissolving of Painful Memories” (27 min.)

by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, on 60-min. audiocassette

(includes dictation by Saint Teresa of Avila, October 10, 1992)


Devotions to Lord Krishna:  The Maha Mantra and Bhajans

90-min. audiocassette, A92070.

17. Phil. 4:13.

18. Benjamin Franklin’s prophecy. Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) wrote his own epitaph:  “The body of Benjamin Franklin, printer, like the cover of an old book, its contents torn out and stripped of its lettering and gilding, lies here, food for worms. But the work shall not be lost; for it will, as he believed, appear once more in a new and more elegant edition, revised and corrected by the Author.”  In his final incarnation, Benjamin Franklin was embodied as Edna Ballard. Guy and Edna Ballard were Messengers of Saint Germain, through whom he founded the I AM Activity in the early 1930s. See also vol. 36, no. 8, p. 106 n. 1 on Benjamin Franklin’s system of daily self-evaluation and vol. 36, no. 21, p. 289 n. 1 on the Franklin Day Planner, recommended by the Messenger.

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21. Jesus’ twin. See 1992 PoW, vol. 35, no. 61, 66, 67, pp. 704 n. 2, 743-44, 752.

22. You are required to balance 51 percent of your karma in order to ascend. See vol. 36, nos. 4 and 23, pp. 54 n. 4, 310-12.

23. “My words shall not pass away.” Matt. 24:35; Mark 13:31; Luke 21:33.