Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 36 No. 17 - Beloved Holy Justinius - April 25, 1993


How to Contact Angels–
Your Guides, Guardians and Friends

You Are Not Helpless!
You Can Defeat the Challenges of the Decade
Seraphim of God Establish an Amphitheater of Light
over Chicago with the Queen of Angels in the Center
A Violet Flame Magnet to Draw More Violet Fire
from the Great Central Sun

Hail, flaming ones from the Great Central Sun!

Welcome to the city of the heart! <1>

O legions of Light, show thyselves unto all!

For round about this city this day seraphim of God and angels of victory, legions of white fire and of the wisdom ray come forth. And they form by their beings of light a giant amphitheater, as it were, their light bodies providing a chalice congruent with and containing this entire city so that everyone in this city in this moment is experiencing at some level the presence of an angel of God, an angel of victory or a seraphim from on high.

O six-winged ones, lo, I AM come!

I AM Justinius, Captain of Seraphic Bands. And each and every angel who does enter the city does wield the great sword of sacred fire. Beware, ye hellions!  Beware, ye who do not take care to be tidy in the word, tidy in the solar plexus, tidy in the mind.

Come, then. Kneel before the Cosmic Virgin, Mary the Mother of Jesus, and receive from her heart a cleansing. Receive it early, for it is not every day that the Queen of Angels does present herself in the very midst of an amphitheater formed by angels of Light.

Wherefore cometh these hosts, then?

We come to quicken, to multiply and to celebrate the violet flame that has been invoked in this city by students of the I AM movement, by those who have followed in the wake of the Great Causal Bodies of Godfre and Lotus and all who have been a part of the cause of Saint Germain in this century. <2> Therefore, for the work of the many and the few, there is a violet flame magnet that has been placed here to draw from the Central Sun more violet fire.

Therefore I give that decree with you now. For all seraphim of God would chorus with you–truly in the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Mother, Mary–this their call to the violet flame.

May I lead you, beloved hearts, and may you stand in honor of such a company of heavenly hosts that does grace the earth this day.


More Violet Fire
by Hilarion


Lovely God Presence, I AM in me,
Hear me now I do decree:
Bring to pass each blessing for which I call
Upon the Holy Christ Self of each and all.

Let Violet Fire of Freedom roll
Round the world to make all whole;
Saturate the earth and its people, too,
With increasing Christ-radiance shining through.

I AM this action from God above,
Sustained by the hand of heaven’s Love,
Transmuting the causes of discord here,
Removing the cores so that none do fear.

The full power of Freedom’s Love
Raising all earth to heaven above.
Violet Fire now blazing bright,
In living beauty is God’s own Light

Which right now and forever
Sets the world, myself and all life
Eternally free in Ascended-Master Perfection.
Almighty I AM!  Almighty I AM!  Almighty I AM!

   Now you may multiply this call by the sounding of the Om. Send the Om from your heart to the Great Source of Life, to the heart of Brahman and the Word, and see how the Om returns to you, forming a circle of light between you and the Central Sun of the Godhead.

Therefore, with all seraphim of God intone the Sacred Word:

[Congregation joins Holy Justinius and seraphim of God in sounding the Om:]



So be seated in the Light of your Presence.

On this day of the celebration of the ascension of a son of God, Lanello by name, we come therefore to prophesy your victory, to prophesy the holiness of God descending upon you.

Seraphim of the Central Sun, recapture, then, the spirit of Liberty in every heart upon earth!  Mend the flaws!  Mend the rents in the garments!  And let those who are the servants of the Light close ranks.

At the conclusion of this day you shall form a circle, and in the center of that circle there shall stand Mary the Mother, the Queen of Angels. And you will form that circle of oneness, reinforced by angels of Light. And you will know that it is a day and an hour when your life, consecrated by you, by God and holy angels and the Blessed Mother, can take a turn.

 It will be the turn that will make all the difference, the turn whereby you make an about-face and, come what may, you reap what karma you have sown, you pick up the dropped stitches of your path and onward you march to the Great Central Sun.

Between now and your victory we have much work to do, for souls must be rescued and the people must have a vision!  And the vision that they are given today by their leaders is not the vision of the All-Seeing Eye of God, is not the divine plan for the nations.

Therefore the blind lead the blind in the highest offices of the land. And where shall we go to find the heart that rings, that rings, that rings with the heart of the Lord Christ?

We shall go to the manger. We shall go to the Holy Child. We shall go to your very soul. And we shall plead before the Father–Mother God, and we shall call for those lifestreams who were aborted to be born and we shall call for others to be raised up and others still to be quickened and converted to the Light of their own God-free being.

Let them hear the Word of the Lord!

Let them hear that voice of the Son of God within and live henceforth according to the calling of God.

Let the people rise up!  For in the hearts of the people there is knowledge, there is foreknowledge, there is the vision of the future that can become reality, the vision of the violet flame covering the land and the golden age of Aquarius. That is the first choice presented by Lord Zadkiel. <3> It is yet the option!

But remember this, beloved. The Blessed Mother herself has told you, unless there be an ongoing conflagration of the violet flame by the dynamic decrees you offer daily for the transmutation of world karma, there will not be the setting aside of those prophecies that have gone forth from her heart through her many mouthpieces. <4>

Know that the violet flame is the key to avoiding the second choice for planet earth, which is not a golden age of Aquarius but a dark age where karma continues to fall, for the people have not received their divine intercessors.

Know, then, that this day the seraphim of God make a state-ment by their very presence in this city. Therefore, on behalf of all seraphim I say, let the Keepers of the Flame who claim this city and this state as their own rise to the opportunity of presenting to the world the opening of the doors of a center of Light that shall allow those from every walk of life to enter there, to worship God and to know him intimately in the Presence of the I AM THAT I AM.

Let the heart of America be strong because each chela of El Morya in this city and state is strong. Let the strength of a nation be in her heart!  And therefore let the labors of your decrees be accomplished according to your initiative. And let your focus be on the records of crime and the history of criminal activity perpetrated against the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary in this city since its founding. <5>

Read this aspect of the history of Chicago and then call to the seraphim, the legions of Victory, angels of the violet flame and all hosts of the Seven Archangels!  Yes, call to them, beloved hearts!  Call to them for the clearing of the records of organized crime! <*> Call to them for the multiplication of the action of transmutation!  Call to them and make this city a city of violet flame, a city of light, a city where the I AM Presence may step through the veil and appear to the little children.

Yes, children see their angels. Let them see their Mighty I AM Presence!  Let them hail that I AM Light!  Let them know that their God is with them–yes, one and all.

Rise to this occasion, beloved ones, and let there be in America a return to freedom on the spiritual path, in the soul, in the heart, in the innermost recesses of being.

Blessed hearts, throw the TV sets out the window and protect your children from violence and violent thoughtforms. They must not take these in!  How shall we, as seraphim of God, create in them the sense of holiness when they know naught else but violence and more violence?

This is a hideous monster in the land. It is the misuse of the technology given to the people by Saint Germain. You must stop it by your fiats!  You must call to seraphim and all seven of the Mighty Archangels, who have promised to intercede for you in so many ways and especially on behalf of your children.

You have come, you have heard, you have assisted at our meetings. Now know the Lord and know the full power of God to turn all these things aside and never again say, “I can’t help it.”

You are not helpless!

You are not helpless!

You are not helpless–you can help what words come out of your mouth, what thoughts emit from your mind, what feelings dart forth from the body of your emotions.

No, don’t say, “I can’t help it!”  You can help your actions. You can help your words. You can help your thoughts and feelings. And you can be centered in the kindness of the mighty Bodhisattva become Buddha, Lord Maitreya.

Yes, you can fulfill all things. The question is:  Will you?


Blessed hearts, you have said yes many times. Know, then, that the fire of your own will must engage!  engage!  engage!–engage and lock in to the mighty spheres of light that make up the resplendent bodies of the seraphim, engage and lock in to that life-and-death struggle against your own dweller-on-the-threshold, and engage and lock in to the struggle against the denizens of hell who move among you.

Yes, you must lock in to what is really happening, what the rebel angels are doing all around you, and then go after them fearlessly with your calls, with your sword of blue flame, with your absolute confidence in Almighty God and the certain knowledge that the Messenger does reinforce you, that you can call day or night for help, that you can write for help, that you can depend upon the prayer force of this movement and of those who are gathered in the cities with you. You can depend on God if God can depend on you giving your decrees daily.

Have you learned this lesson well–that you must give light in the affirmation of the Word to create a chalice whereby God can and will work unfailingly through you, and whereby his angels will come instantaneously to your side in time of danger with greater speed than the speed of light?

Yes, beloved, have you learned the science of the spoken Word?  [“Yes!”]

Then make it work and make it work for you, beloved!  For you dare not step forth and enter the battle each day unless you have called forth the light of God. Call it forth!  And call the seraphim until your homes are filled with angels, not merely as decorative motifs but as guardians of the sacred fire of your heart and home and family.

Beloved Alpha and Omega have sent many cosmic reinforcements for this your day, for this your year and the next and the next. Become a part of them!  Band together with them, running as runners in a race. Establish a rolling momentum with them–yes, a rolling momentum of sacred fire in your chakras!

For you will meet your ultimate challenges in this decade, make no mistake about it. The challenges will come. They are here. They arrive every day. And you can defeat them!  I tell you, you can defeat them.

I am in charge of the seraphim of the cosmos, and I stand before you offering you the armour of seraphim. If you will but call to me daily for that armour, it will be placed upon you by two aides who will come to you and dress you in that armour and infire you with the flame that is both cool and powerful so that you may go forth as pillars of fire amongst the seraphim, serving side by side with them. And by and by, you may almost pass for seraphim yourselves and you will appreciate that honor, I can assure you.

So, then, know that the seraphim have come, that there is karma on a world scale to be transmuted, and that this is no time to say to yourself, “My karma is not such a heavy load. I do not need the violet flame.”

You need the violet flame so very much that I can hardly tell you how much you need it for the things that are coming upon the earth through the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. <6> For they ride and they still ride and they have not yet delivered the full cup of the wrath of the indignation of the LORD God. <7> And it does fall and the falling of that karma does accelerate.

And therefore be not angry. Be not put out!  And do not rebel against your God, for your God has decreed that you must bear your karma. Therefore bear it gracefully, honorably, lovingly and in gratitude. Accept your daily lot only for a moment; then pass the violet flame and the white fire through it!  Cast it into the flame and go forth free and recharged by the power of Helios and Vesta.

I bring you the message of the Father-Mother of the sun of your system, Helios and Vesta, that they desire you to give their mantras in the Ashram Ritual to the Great Central Sun. <8> Yes, beloved, the sun of Helios and Vesta is the all-consuming power of God to consume the plagues that are coming upon the earth and the darkness that is covering the land. But the people are in such darkness that they do not even see the darkness!

We ask you to fight for the Light, to make your calls for the Light and thereby decelerate the accelerating karma in the earth. This you do by transmuting that karma through the action of the violet flame as soon as that karma descends.

Do you not feel the karmic weight when you do not call for that transmutation?  Blessed hearts, tell me!  Do you not feel the weight when you do not make the call?  [“Yes!”]

And how many minutes does it take you to dispel that weight when you will to still your four lower bodies, when you will to be still, to not be agitated and to give your calls to the violet flame?

Well, I will tell you. Fifteen minutes is a minimum, and by the dispensation of Omri-Tas that fifteen is multiplied by the power of ten, <9> counting for 150 minutes.

Therefore, keep on keeping on!  Keep on with the violet flame!  Keep on with Omri-Tas!  And you may see that total darkness may never come to earth (which darkness is the karma of her people in this time) but perhaps only a twilight where there is yet the possibility of seeing and making one’s way.

Yes, things could become darker, beloved. We have given the antidote. Many saints have walked in robes of violet flame in this century and contributed mightily to the staying action of the Lord God whereby greater calamities and burdens have not fallen upon America.

You take for granted the protection of this nation by the full presence of the Goddess of Liberty and the sponsoring Ascended Masters. Do you not realize that this protection has come to you by the grace of Saint Germain and that America is yet vulnerable and becomes increasingly more vulnerable day by day as abortion instead of adoption is accepted as a viable alternative, as street drugs are not challenged as they should be, as children are abused and as the rock stars vent their rebellion through their sounds that can only be the sounds of hell and not the sounds of heaven?

Yes, they are revving up their engines of anger. Beware of them, for that is what a rock concert is all about. It is the venting of anger by certain rebel angels who are not desirous of rising to the level of the angels of Light. And therefore because they themselves would not rise, they would pull down and they have pulled down, by the use of their amplification systems, the youth of several generations now to the lowest levels of a common denominator of darkness in the astral body and the astral plane.

Go not the way, then, of those who appear harmless and yet are the instruments of great harm. Whether they themselves are harmful or whether they be simply the instruments of harm, what is the difference?  The harm is done and it is done to the little children. It is done to the womb of the mother, to the seed of the father, and to the light of the eye and the crown of the halo that belongs upon your heads. <10>

We are the holy ones of God!  We are accompanied by legions of Victory and we come with such fierce determination, beloved hearts, as to emit a blinding light that intensifies in your auras. You are not ready to see this light, yet it is all around you now. And the light builds and it builds and it builds as a gentle snow of light descends upon this city and state. And that gentle snow of light from etheric octaves is a cleansing action.

We would begin somewhere. We begin in this city where the response has been a good response on the part of the few and the many who have desired to hear the Word of the Archangels, to bask in the Light and to trust in their own I AM Presence.

You who have such a sincere desire to make things right in the earth, I tell you, the Blessed Mother comforts you this day. She empowers you as you are able to receive her. And angels come and minister unto you that you might cut through–cut through, yes!–and step out of the old mold and into the new mold of your own Christhood.

It is an hour when many must turn and face the Sun. Do you know, beloved hearts, concerning the sands in the hourglass, that many have lived tens of thousands of years but there does come a day in the life of every individual when he must decide either to take the opportunity for eternal Life that is offered to him by God or to wait another round of untold cycles for that opportunity to come again?

Today many are being given the opportunity to accelerate the balancing of their karma and to make their ascension in this life. And if they do not take it, then they will have to face the wide circle of an unknown journey all over again.

In the equation of life and death and immortality, none is given to know in the outer mind, but some know through the soul and through soul-knowing, when it is the hour that they must choose to accelerate their spiritual path, when they can no longer postpone the initiations leading to the ascension. These days are arriving for millions in this decade and some will awaken to wisdom and the joy of the Lord and everlasting Life and some will awaken to contempt and more contempt of God and his emissaries, <11>with weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. <12>

So, when all awaken–whether to their ancient momentums of service to the Light or to their ancient momentums of service to the Darkness–that is when the battle rages, and it is always raging round the little children, round the souls who must be protected.

Our angels are straightforward, simple and direct. We know our job. We know our business and we perform it with no idle chatter but in the oneness of the Mind of God. We move as one. We are in a level beyond your own, and we make up another Mystical Body of Light:  it is the Mystical Body of all seraphim of God worlds without end. Together as one we make up one magnificent chalice, and the amphitheater we have established here in Chicago on the etheric plane is but a small manifestation of the chalice that we are and that we offer unto the Light evolutions of many worlds.

There is simply no excuse–when you have the knowledge of the angels of God, of divine intercession and of how to make the call–for you not to take action daily on behalf of your family, your community and your planet.

How can you forsake so great a salvation?  You simply cannot.

Well, I take my sword now, for I have come to direct its fire to your heart!  So I come to give you the spiritual initiation of “the piercing of the heart.”  Yes, beloved, the piercing of the heart is the beginning of the path of your Christhood in earnest. A few drops of blood will flow as drops of light, and then you will also know and be one with your Lord.

Do not fear the crucifixion!  Do not fear it. Many saints have passed through far greater pain. For they have endured the pain of the crucifixion for centuries as they have borne the cross of world karma.

Remember, your Lord was on the cross but a few hours on Good Friday. <13> In the service of your Lord on the path of initiation many of you have remained on that cross on and off for centuries. We would take you down from the cross, for we are ministering seraphim. But first let us tell you one reason why you remain on the cross. It is because ultimately you resist the full initiation of the crucifixion.

In a sense it can be said that you are reluctant to drink the full cup Christ is commanding you to drink. (“Drink ye all of it.”   <14>) You are not willing to let die the old man with his deeds <15>nor are you ready for your soul’s full resurrection in Christ. (“Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone but if it die it bringeth forth much fruit.” <16>) So you continue to walk the via dolorosa <**>as the perpetual martyr, neither dying nor being born again. And unless you drink the cup of Christ’s Blood and drink all of it and partake of his Body, you cannot be taken down from the cross and be given the initiation of the resurrection, henceforth to walk the earth as a resurrected son or daughter of God.

Your Lord did walk the earth in the spiral of resurrection’s flame to the age of eighty-one. He did not pass from the screen of life at thirty-three but took up his abode in Kashmir and there had a great following of disciples. And the Light and the presence of the Lord Christ filled the temples, the hearts and the chakras of a people who were ready for his message.

Know, then, that when the crucifixion comes to you early in life and you pass all the tests involved in that initiation, you may have a full life ahead of you of walking in the garments of the resurrected Christ, this while you are yet in physical embodiment in preparation for your ascension. This truly is the Way, the Truth and the Life, following in the footsteps of your Lord!

Fear not, then. Death is the last enemy. <17> Defeat it now!  Get it out of the way!  And accept the glory of your eternal Life. This is my message to you. Defeat Death and Hell today and get on with living the Life everlasting here on earth while you yet enjoy being in full health in physical embodiment yet caught up in resurrection’s flame. <18>

Be the example!  Let your Light shine!  For when we see the resurrection beacon directed from your heart across the night sky, we match it with our beacon of the seraphim of God.

We are ever your companions and cohorts of Light, defenders, helpers, healers. Call to us now, while you think of it, that we might be authorized to accompany you from this day forward to the hour of earth’s victory–and your own.

All seraphim of God bow to the Light within you.

May you bow to the Light of your Father-Mother God.

I AM Justinius, evermore the champion of the soul of Light!

- [56-second standing ovation]


This dictation by Holy Justinius with Seraphim and Angels of Victory attending was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, February 28, 1993, during a weekend seminar, How to Contact Angels–Your Guides, Guardians and Friends Part 2, held at the Skokie North Shore Hilton, Chicago, Illinois. The dictation followed the Messenger’s lecture “How to Work with the Angels for Success.”  [N.B. This dictation was edited for print by the Messenger under the direction of Holy Justinius.] To augment your study of this Pearl and to learn more about the seraphim, the Messenger recommends that you meditate on the Seraphic Meditations of Serapis Bey and Holy Justinius, published in the Dossier on the Ascension, pp. 115-40. Send for your own video- or audiocassette of the Messenger’s memorable reading of the Seraphic Meditations, set to angelic music:

Seraphic Meditations

Videocassette: 102 min., HP91034. Audiocassette: 71 min., A91044. Both include the February 17, 1991 dictation by the Maha Chohan.

* Keepers of the Flame must make the calls for the binding of the elements of organized crime in their cities, states and nations worldwide. Organized crime pulls the consciousness and the vibration of the cities to the lowest levels of the astral plane–the very depths of Death and Hell.

** via dolorosa [from Latin, literally ‘sorrowful road’]:  The path Jesus walked from the place where he stood before Pilate to the place where he was to be crucified on Golgotha. A painfully difficult route, passage, or series of experiences.

1. City of the heart. The heart chakra of America is focused in Chicago. In a dictation given in Chicago on October 30, 1987, Gautama Buddha placed a focus of his heart, “the threefold Flame of the Lord of the World,” over Chicago.  (See Gautama Buddha, “The Heart Chakra of America,” in 1987 PoW, vol. 30, no. 72, pp. 569-72.) The crown chakra is focused in Boston, the third-eye chakra in New York City, the throat chakra in Washington, D.C., the solar-plexus chakra in Detroit, the seat-of-the-soul chakra in Los Angeles, and the base-of-the-spine chakra in Miami.

2. Godfre Ray King and Lotus Ray King were the pen names of Guy and Edna Ballard. The Ballards were Messengers of Saint Germain, through whom he founded the I AM Activity in Chicago in the early 1930s. Both have now ascended and are known and loved as Godfre and Lotus, their Ascended Master names.

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Ashram Notes by the Ascended Master El Morya


Ashram Rituals

64-page booklet.

Audiocassette: 2 cassettes, 2 hr., A90028.

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The Science of the Spoken Word

by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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Rock and Roll in America:  Open Warfare by the Seed of Darkness upon the Children of Light by Sean C. Prophet

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Ritual of the Resurrection Flame by Jesus the Christ on 94-minute audiocassette (ritual:  47 minutes) cassette includes Jesus’ Easter Day  Address 1992 B92040.