Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 35 No. 39 - The Beloved Goddess Sarasvati - September 27, 1992


“Joy in the Heart”
We Do Work!
Illumination–the Only Cure for Earth
We Shall Press Through for a Worldwide Awakening



I am sent to you by my Lord Brahma, who has said:


      O Sarasvati, now is the hour for the appearing of dazzling knowledge, the power of the might of purity multiplying illumination’s flame.

      Go forth, then!  Go forth, then, with Lakshmi and multiply thy powers and the powers of the Divine Mother Durga and Kali.

      And therefore penetrate the sheaths of the four lower bodies of the earth with knowledge, with Light, with brightness of the spiritual cosmos.

   I AM Sarasvati. I come to you, beloved, for the only cure for the earth in this hour is illumination–illumination that comes from the light of the Word and the delivery of the Word by right speech preceded by right mindfulness.

O the Mind of God!  O let it descend!  Let it descend everywhere. Legions of the Divine Mother, legions of the Divine Mother, come forth!  Come forth now and reveal to these inner eyes the shafts of golden yellow light, crystallized as glass, as crystal itself, penetrating the layers of density.

O my God, I plead for the removal from the eyes of the young and all people of that which is utterly a nonessential in this earth–and that is 95 percent of that which passes through the television sets everywhere upon the planet. This is the destroying not only of the third-eye development but of the development of the crown chakra.

I AM Sarasvati!  I am ready to pursue with you the opening of the crown. I am ready to assist you in the raising of the Light of the Goddess Kundalini. But I must have [in you] a nucleus of golden-yellow white fire. I must have [in you] an intensity of desire for the knowledge of God and for the knowledge of what is truly transpiring in the earth and all of the trespasses that are made against the children of the Light.

O ye sons and daughters of Brahman, now hear me!  Hear my call!  I am very present in this Community, for I have an affinity with the work of the Messenger and the Messenger has an affinity with my work; and therefore, we do work!  And you work also and you share in the veils of my garments that I extend.

So, yes, I wear the white, beloved, but I also wear all of the rays as I bring that fiery white core of knowledge into all manifestations in the outer and the inner traditions. This earth must have knowledge!  Woman must have self-knowledge, man must have self-knowledge and the child must know the Inner Christ as the Holy Christ Self and the Inner Buddha as the I AM THAT I AM. This is the teaching, and so much more.

We rejoice, therefore, to offer the mantle of our office,”Sarasvati,” to all who teach children. And if you would have the mantle, then I say, take an hour or two or three here and there to teach children something of your own expertise in this Community.

What is life without having a child for a true friend?

Go into our schools and give of your talent that your talent may not die. For it is the requirement of every disciple of the Divine Mother to pass on his talent to the next generation ere he take his leave from this octave.

So, beloved, before the day and the hour of your transitioning to other planes, remember to deposit in many hearts your skill, your creativity, your art, your science, the melody of your soul, the preciousness of your heart. And do not think for one moment that you do not have anything to teach!  If you have nothing you have learned, beloved, then teach compassion, teach love, teach joy, teach gratitude, teach all children of all ages how to magnify the Lord in their hearts.

Thus, I come to you and I come in the great Spirit of God. I come in the hour, then, when I will contribute the great river of illumination to your endeavor. Unless illumination cleanse the earth, inundate the earth, take over the earth, beloved, where will the people go?  How will they recognize the Truth?

Let them recognize it within you, I say!

Sarasvati is both Person and Principle. Sarasvati is in the heart of every one of you. Each one of the four principles, [the four seed syllables that the four Goddesses embody,] is a part of the threefold flame. For we are in the sphere of the white fire that is the source of the fount of the Trinity.

So you see, beloved, I AM an Ascended Lady Master. I AM a Goddess. I AM a Principle. I AM the Counterpart of Brahma. Therefore, where Father is, there AM I, the other side of Father.

Know, then, that as you meditate upon the Trinity in your heart and you say the names Father, Son and Holy Spirit–Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva–you are automatically saying and affirming our names:  Sarasvati, Lakshmi, Durga. Yes, beloved, and then you have Kali and then you have Parvati. <1>  And then you have the wondrous Presence of the Divine Mother all in one, as the mantra makes us one divine manifestation. <2>

The mantras that descend in Hinduism–and, I should say, the principle of the mantra as it has been applied by your beloved Saint Germain to you in this time–are the key and the means to the turning around of the age. [Therefore] I pour forth illumination and you invoke the violet flame to clear the way for its absorption by all people of earth.

I come to you, then, with the fierceness of self-knowledge. I expose to you your True Self in glory!  I expose to you your unreal self and I say:  Choose this day whom you will serve and be about your Father’s business, your Father Brahma, the mighty one who sits on the twelve o’clock line of the north, who is represented by the Great Divine Director and all beings of Light who serve in that quadrant.

Yes, beloved, come to know us as we walk and talk with you, as God of gods and Lord of lords and Goddess of goddesses. Come to know us intimately and personally and you will find the great key to bhakti yoga and devotion to God, the key to jnana yoga and knowledge of God. You will find the key to raja yoga and royal integration with God. You will find the key to karma yoga and the path of your soul’s resolution in God by the flame of transmutation.

I am with you because I am kindling a flame!  I am speaking with you, and while I am speaking I am transferring a phenomenal manifestation of filigree of illumination’s flame. And Lakshmi and I have, in fact, consorted together and we have determined that we shall press through by the fire of Kali, by the power of the deep blue of the cosmos, by the Ruby Ray, by the power of the purple and the violet flame–we shall press through in this hour such a desire for true illumination of a spiritual nature as to produce, if you will be our instruments, a worldwide awakening to the spiritual path of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood.

This illumination, beloved, can come through all of the mystical paths of the world’s religions that are being revealed to you. But I tell you, orthodoxy in every world religion and a priest class who are not servants of the Light and not Sons of the Solitude do block the true revelation of the indwelling God. Therefore, expand the paths of mysticism. Renew them, intensify them, review them so that you may understand how it is that a soul [journeying] on one of these [mystical] paths will more clearly understand union with God [through her religion].

Helios and Vesta radiate tremendous light of the golden pink glow-ray for the intensification of knowledge. So the mighty ones have told you, so we reiterate it:  Teach the Teachings, clear the levels of ignorance and the poisons of ignorance, and replace them by the binding power of wisdom that binds all that is unreal, for thereby you will come to the feet of your Inner God.

Pass on true knowledge. Do not hide it under a bushel!  There is no time to waste. Pass on the Teaching to those who are interested and pass by those who are not. You are looking for those eyes!  You are looking for those chelas!  You are looking for those souls!  Go and find them.  And keep on going until you know you have found one, for, beloved, sometimes they are few and far between.

You have a lifetime, or the remainder of a lifetime, at your disposal. Therefore, consecrate your days and hours to the Lightbearers who are searching and waiting for the Truth. And call to me–call to me, beloved, for I will connect you to those who must be contacted by you in this life for your karma does dictate it.

For your karma is that from time to time you have denied the light and the wisdom of the Divine Mother; now you must balance that karma and I will help you!  I will help you.  Feel the strength of the Shakti of the power of God, beloved, and know of a certainty that I will not fail you in your mission. And I ask you not to fail me.

I AM Sarasvati. I will stay close to you and I will not leave you until you ask me to leave and dismiss me. But, beloved ones, do not neglect me. At least give my seed-syllable mantra daily that you might know the wavelength of my office and share in it:

Om Aim Sarasvatye Namaha

Lo, I give you what I AM and I guard what I AM in you.

I AM Sarasvati, profoundly concerned for the future of earth and her evolutions. Teach the children!  Teach them by example. Teach them by love. Teach them by the will of God. Teach them by the power of his Presence.

Love them and I shall love them through you.


This dictation by the Goddess Sarasvati was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Thursday, July 2, 1992, during the ten-day conference FREEDOM 1992:  “Joy in the Heart” held at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. The dictations of Sarasvati and Lakshmi were the culminating events of an evening devoted to the Divine Mother. The Messenger began the evening by delivering the major portion of her lecture “The Worship of the Goddess–The Path of the Divine Mother.”  She gave the concluding section–“The Corona of the Brilliant Sarasvati and the Bountiful Lakshmi”–prior to the dictations. This profile of the two goddesses has been edited for print and is published in Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 35, no. 38. [N.B. Throughout this Pearl, bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under Sarasvati’s direction for clarity in the written word.]

1. For more on Shiva’s consorts–Durga, Kali and Parvati–see vol. 35 no. 30, pp. 402-3.

2. This could be a reference to the fifth bija mantra to the feminine deities–Aim Hrim Klim Chamundaye Viche (see vol. 35 no. 38, p. 499). This mantra is known as the Navarna Mantra and, according to one translation, means “Praise be to Sarasvati, Lakshmi, Kali, to Durga:  Shattering the knot of ignorance that binds my heart, release me!”