Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 35 No. 21 - The Beloved Maha Chohan - May 24, 1992


The Process of the Purging
Expand the Capacity of the Heart!
Pentecost Address 1992


From my fingertips streams of fire flow, quickening the mind, exalting the heart. Thus does the Holy Spirit penetrate the substrata of being.

Gently, gently are the cups of consciousness emptied, then filled, emptied and filled as you would wash a pot that must be washed again and again. So the first stage of the receiving of the Holy Spirit is for the purging. Thus, the Holy Spirit comes and it does dislodge that substance that must not be allowed to commingle with the Light.

It is our goal, beloved, and thus we have called you personally to Maitreya’s Mystery School, to prepare you day by day that you might one day receive and retain the Holy Spirit. The process of this hour, then, in which we [shall engage you, inasmuch as we] do have your cooperation (and for this we are grateful), is the process of the purging.

Therefore do not be discomfited, do not be upset, for much is coming to the surface. And it is in the etheric body and the mental body and in the desire body and in the physical.

Old encrustations of consciousness and records must come to the surface and flow out. This process, beloved, can be dangerous if you do not understand it, because the mind will arrest the process and begin to go over and relive and reexperience the old memories, desires, the old ways of thinking and reasoning, the old patterns of the physical body.

Blessed ones, it is safe to assume day after day that the Light is coming into your temple, that the Light does purge as much as you are able to release into the Flame. I come, the Maha Chohan, to seek your intense cooperation with this process. For when you understand it, beloved, you will so bind your heart to the flame of the altar, even the flame of the ark of the covenant, for you will know that the process is ongoing. And as you participate in the spiritualization of consciousness, you will be anchoring more and more of the Holy Spirit; and less and less of it will be for the purging, and more and more of it, which we give to you drop by drop, will be for your strengthening.

Blessed ones, it is so wise to hold what thou hast received! <1>  Hold the position!  When there is a cleansing, when there is a strengthening, when there is a grasping of a cosmic principle, hold fast to it. Write it down. Keep your journals of the discovery of the Mind of God and the unfolding process of that Mind within you.

Your human mind is not capable of remembering or even containing the wondrous glimpses of the Mind of God that you receive. Therefore you must write them down with joy and read them in the hours when you are once again in the throes of the purging, as deeper levels of the astral body must come to the surface.

This is an hour for great tenacity, for holding on as though you were on a ship at sea in a heavy storm and you should hold on to the mast, hold on to the bars that you would be not tossed overboard when the wind and the wave and the storm descended. So this is a likeness of what some experience [in the process of the purging]. And when there is this experience–for which you are surely cut out and which is the reason why this Mystery School is here–you sometimes think, “Life is so difficult, the only way to get through it is to depart.”  Beloved ones, this could be heartbreaking to us, if our hearts could break.

You must understand that we must apply the pressure in order to answer the mandates of your decrees and fiats, the pressure of the heat!  Blessed ones, there is no creation without the heat of fire and the sacred fire itself, and that heat is for the alchemy [of the soul’s transformation].

I AM the alchemist of the Holy Spirit and the Flame thereof. And when I have a body of initiates such as you are or can be–those of you who call yourselves Keepers of the Flame throughout the world, you who have the direct knowledge and the direct contact with the Hierarchy of Light–I say, we do everything that we can possibly do for you to bring you into that superb and sublime state of consciousness wherein you know your God and have that accuracy, that piercing Christ-discrimination whereby you are no longer tossed and tumbled by the human sympathies with this and that state or stage of consciousness, your own or another’s. [For sometimes you are so colored by those sympathies,] beloved, that you do not perceive the Rock of Christ in the midst and you make such unwise and uncalled-for decisions.

These decisions are not [necessarily] a product of your karma. They are a matter of an absence of fastidiousness in the mastery of your own mind, the steadying of your own mind so that in the midst of these initiations, beloved, you remain whole, you remain unmoved. You know that as you are unmoved God will continue to apply the greater and greater pressure whereby the worlds were framed and you were created in the Beginning.

You are being tested daily to determine how much of the pressure of Light and the pressure of the Holy Spirit you can withstand. Beloved ones, you are our children and our sons and daughters. Shall we apply more pressure than you can receive and withstand and still hold the balance of sanity and the stilling of the emotions?

Well, of course not!  We will give you that heat, and if it is too hot, we will withdraw it and wait again for another moment when you have the strength to receive it.

Now understand, beloved, with your eyes wide open, that whatever you can receive and deliver and deal with and still hold your harmony we shall give to you!  And we shall give it to you as quickly as possible, for we have the Keeper of the Scrolls, we have the angels of the Keeper of the Scrolls at our disposal, and we know the timetable of your life and the cycles turning. Therefore, we seek to expand the capacity of the heart!

Would you not have a greater heart capacity, beloved?  [“Yes!”]

I come to you this evening to tell you, oh, it is so possible!  Stretch the heart muscle!  Expand the petals of the heart chakra!  Breathe upon the fire of the threefold flame and breathe upon it again and know that your breathing exercises are for more than meets the eye.

Blessed ones, here is how you expand the heart. Everyone has established a certain limit of patience, of tolerance, of indulgence of others. Most people, including yourselves, find that level of limitation. And when someone does try you or test you or torment you beyond a certain level, you, then, are no longer in that state of patience [or tolerance or indulgence]. And at that moment, because of the artificial barriers of the heart that you have erected, [you declare your limit, which] you do not go beyond. [You are unwilling to] walk another mile and another mile, caring for life–caring for life, beloved, loving and still loving, and yet that love is such a power of the discipline of the soul and of the fire of your own spirit. [This is surely not the way to expand the heart!]

Love is surely the greatest quality of God and the most misunderstood. Love is a purging fire!  Love is self-discipline and the discipline of the child and the four lower bodies that have grown out of line. [Accept Love without limits and you will expand your heart.]

Yes, beloved, let us test the heart!  Let us expand the capacity of heart for the power of God to bring all into submission to the Great Heart of Light!  Thus, [there is the need for] the two-edged sword, the mighty sword of discrimination, beloved, whereby there is mercy, whereby there is justice and whereby Love does impel those who have gone out of the way to come back to that center!

We have sent our Messenger on this mission to perform this very task for you, and yet sometimes you are so resistant and you will not take that correction. It is like the correcting of the ship at sea that is no longer on course. It is the correcting, beloved, of the mind that has gone out of the way, that is not where it ought to be. It is the correcting of that plane that has strayed into foreign territory.

Do you understand, beloved, that you do not necessarily contain the discrimination to know when you are off course [according to] the chart that has been charted for you by your Holy Christ Self?

And sometimes [when] you think you are in the very center of that Christ Self, [that Christ Self must speak sternly to you:  “Be ye far from me!”]  But, beloved, it is because of the brittleness of the mind and the intellect and the fat hardened in the heart itself, even in the very physical heart.

Blessed ones, I come indeed with the Holy Spirit. I come with that portion that you can receive and still maintain harmony and then a little more!  For if I did not give to you a little more than your capacity, beloved, you would not grow. And therein lies the very key to the path of initiation. You must be initiated just beyond your present level of ability so that you will stretch!  For if you want this mortal to put on immortality, <2> you must stretch beyond its confines, beyond its thought matrices that are merely the thoughts of limitation and death.

Therefore, beloved, understand the peculiar quality of the human mind. It sets its position. It establishes its parameters. It establishes its comfortability. And you will find this [in those of every age]–from the newborn child to those on the way to the octaves of Light. There is the resistance to be pushed beyond the level that the individual is willing to go.

Why, therefore, do you have whips for horses?  Why do you have all means to move those in the animal kingdom to exceed their capacity?  [It is because some] will not move unless they are whipped!

So, you see, along comes the Guru and says, “You cannot remain at this level!”  And it causes literally a cataclysm in your entire being as the untransmuted forces of the not-self rear up and say, “We will not be moved!  We are in control here. We are in control of this soul in this child, in this person.”

So, you see, beloved, the mantle of the Guru must have the capacity and the power to bind the force within you that resists the forward march of progress into the kingdom of God. Initiation always compels you to break barriers, to hear the shattering of the old pot, the old glass.

Yes, beloved, be willing to be taken a quarter of an inch each day!  Be willing to let the cracks in the ceiling appear and the rafters begin to rot. Be willing to see the old house crumble. And be willing to get out of the way, for one day the intensity of that Holy Spirit will be so great that the structure must crumble.

In that day, beloved, will you be able to maintain your life and your soul in these four lower bodies?  Or will the rigidity have so set in in the mind, in the astral body and especially in the physical and the etheric bodies that you will pass from the screen of life because you have not established this resiliency in all of your members and all of your sheaths of consciousness so that you are pliable and you will not break?

How far can we take you in this embodiment, beloved?  That is the question. How far are you willing to go before you will to break rather than to submit to your own Holy Christ Self, who is represented in the Messenger?

You must understand that we could give you a much more intense path. But then, beloved, we would run the risk of losing sometimes a very fine chela who says, “I cannot understand this intensity. I will depart.”

So, you see, beloved, we must make our decisions as wise teachers. And our decision this night is to speak to you of these things so that you will not be offended in me when I speak to you through the Messenger, through the voice of your own Holy Christ Self or your I AM Presence, so that you will rather be expecting the fire or the rebuke or the soft word or the turning upside down of your world until you struggle and mourn and become upset perhaps for months or years because you do not understand the seeming injustice of a situation that has come upon you through the disciplines of our retreat.

Beloved ones, please remember, please remember you have had thousands of lifetimes!  And some of the karma of some of these lifetimes is holding you back–holding you back in such a dangerous way and at such dangerous levels that we must allow that karma to descend in the form of initiation instead of allowing you to go out into the world as your karma dictates. It is better to receive the initiation if you can. And there is no “if” about it, for truly you can if you will.

It is time to test the will and, each day when you see things that must be done that you don’t want to do or you cannot do, to test the will and see how much fire of your Mighty I AM Presence you can draw down by will–the will to heal your body, beloved, the will to strengthen your mind. Oh, how Morya and the Maha Chohan need the strong mind!

So, beloved, the hour has come and the cycles have turned again and we approach the summer solstice. Remember, as I remind you, that this is the hour of initiation. This is the time to pass your annual test, the time to graduate to a new schoolroom in our retreats, the time to move forward.

Beloved ones, welcome, then, welcome, then, the fire of Hierarchy through our Messenger and through the part of you that is God. And when in doubt as to whose voice is speaking or which way is the right way, pause, then, and do your novenas to the will of God, to the Great Divine Director or consult the Messenger if it is appropriate.

Beloved ones, [if you] do not [want to] be fooled [by the human consciousness], do not allow the untransmuted self to mock God as the world does with all of its theories and reasonings as to how this and that should be and should not be, when they are so far from the center of the Sacred Heart of Christ’s own love.

Receive us. Receive us through our Messenger, beloved, and allow, as we have said before, the Messenger to be your personal Messenger. There are many here whose service and work and devotion and purity of heart warrants acceleration.

Won’t you put together that which I give you tonight?  Won’t you put it together in your own mind?  Won’t you remember that this land is consecrated, this land is holy?

It is consecrated, beloved. And therefore, when you pray and when you do your yoga postures as the greatest form of spiritual/ physical exercise, do them together with rejoicing. Do them on your breaks or in extra moments on your lunch hours.

Be still and know that I AM God within you <3> and that that I AM THAT I AM is the Holy Spirit and that you can walk and talk with God as the ancient prophets did, as the saints have done, as the humble of heart, the nameless ones, have done.

Do not lose the joy of the Mystery School. Do not lose it. This is an hour to expand your hearts, for as you do and as you expand that joy of Jesus in your heart and your joy in Jesus’ heart, you will create that sun of joy, that mighty twelve-petaled chakra of the heart, which is the mandala of this class–FREEDOM 1992: “Joy in the Heart”–and the thoughtform for it. And many more will be able to come here because you are keeping that Flame.

Keep the Flame, beloved!  Even allow your autoreverse tape recorders to continue to play the calls that you have given in the court when you had the hours to do so. Let that vibration sing through our retreat!  Let the sound go forth!  Let the clearing of the way be!  And then when you are called from time to time, come together with great intensity to clear away that which has come to the surface in the larger body of the Community, that which has come out of the entire Community and worldwide body of the Lightbearers–the discarnates, the portions of the dweller that can be taken.

Let this happen, beloved, and then go for the binding [of the discard] by the power of Astrea. I cannot emphasize to you [enough] how important the call to Astrea is for those who must find their way back to God.

We consider this conference to be the greatest opportunity that has been provided in this century for souls of Light to reconnect to their Source. This demands that you reconnect to your Source.

They will come because they will follow your star, your individual star of your Mighty I AM Presence and Causal Body. They will follow that star right to the Heart of the Inner Retreat!  And they will follow the single star that is the one star of the Body of Lightbearers of the earth. They will follow it!

And you must be so steadfast in upholding your consciousness that you might be a magnet. For when you let it drop and you lose the Holy Spirit that we give you, especially on this occasion, then you become part of the misqualification of energy that stands between the people and their coming to this gate.

O beloved ones, for a moment contemplate the seraphim of God who have gathered this night to love you, to love you and to love you!  All that we do and say is to love you. You must understand Love that is a piercing fire that will suddenly separate you from the most cherished elements of yourself or your life. You must understand this and get on top of it and go beyond it, beloved.

You must understand that Love does come in 144,000 different flames, if you will. There is no limitation to how Love can be conveyed, and that Love does meet every human need. It does meet it, beloved. This is not an unworldly love or an otherworldly love. This is love that is God’s love, which reaches every level of life. [Embrace it and you will expand your heart!]

O the mighty sunbeams of the Great Central Sun!  Bask in them now. Bask in them now, beloved. For the light of the Sun caresses you, and these light rays so gently take from you now that which you are ready to give to your Father-Mother God.

Therefore let go. Give to God all that limits you.  Receive the limitless light of the Sun, the sun rays, and on these golden beams, beloved, receive now the Holy Spirit.

Each day, think of your Father-Mother Helios and Vesta as you greet the sun. And even for a moment, as you bask in the light, simply say:


I AM receiving now the Holy Spirit of Helios and Vesta


into my mind, into my heart, into my being,
into the organs of my body, into my entire self.


And I AM made Whole


by the Whole-I-Spirit of Helios and Vesta.

   In this Love abide. In this Love remain steadfast, unmoved, beloved, by all that would take it from you. See how your immovability is the key to your increase of the Spirit of God.

 Oh, reach up and simply touch and take now the hand of your Mighty I AM Presence!  Hold that hand and clasp it.

 Yes, beloved, you are so very, very near to your victory. Treasure, oh, treasure the moments which you endow with the flames of your victory. Treasure the cups of consciousness. Treasure them, beloved, for the moments in the time frame shall be the elements of your eternity.

I AM the Maha Chohan. I woo you to the sacred heart of every ascended one. Make it your goal, beloved, to be that sacred heart and see how the world will truly receive the teaching you so love and you have so internalized. This is a love feast, beloved, a love feast in the Holy Spirit.

Go, then, to your place of rest. Go, then, beloved, and know that thou art blessed.

Keep the Flame!  Keep the Flame!  Keep the Flame, for I have given it to you. Do not lose it this time.



Messenger’s Invocation:

O Lord, we have received thy Spirit. We give thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty, that thou hast taken unto thee thy great power and hast reigned in our hearts.

Come, O Lord Holy Christ Self, Lord Padma Sambhava, Lord Jesus Christ, Lord Maitreya, Lord Gautama Buddha, Lord Sanat Kumara. Buddha of the Ruby Ray, Dhyani Buddhas, come now!  Reign in our hearts. Take dominion in our hearts.

O God, we are grateful. O God, we seal, then, thy Spirit in these hearts. Let us, then, go forth to thy retreat this night, O Lord the Maha Chohan, that we might be instructed as children and continue to learn what it is to walk the earth in the full empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

We are thy servants, O God. Prune and purge us and make us ready, for the world has waited too long for us to make our decision to be all of thee, O God. We will make them wait no longer!

We come in thy name, Sanat Kumara. O receive us, Lord. Forgive us, Lord. Forgive us that we have hurt any part of life at any time in all of our incarnations. We call upon the law of forgiveness that we have offended thee at any hour or day of our lives, or one of thy little ones. May the heart of mercy go forth from us and the heart of mercy be upon us that we might always uphold life and in no way deny it.

 O God, make us better servants day by day. In this feast day of the descent of the Holy Ghost we are of one accord and in one place and our accord as agreement is this, O God, that we live henceforth to be thy vessel. Come, Holy Spirit, enlighten us!

 In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother, Amen.



Messenger’s Comments:

I seal you to go to your place of rest. Whether you are driving or walking, I ask you to call to Archangel Michael to protect you and take you to the retreat of the Maha Chohan at the island of Ceylon, Sri Lanka. I ask for you to be taken, upon your return, to the Retreat of the Divine Mother over this ranch and to the Western Shamballa. May there not be a night that goes by that you are not in the retreats.

 As we leave, we will hear the strains of the music from our album Sanctissima, that we might be received by Mother Mary and the Maha Chohan for our souls’ tutoring at inner levels.

 God bless you for your presence in the earth and your presentation of yourselves in this life as temples for the Holy Spirit. May the peace of God be upon you. May God be with you and go with you always, guiding your thoughts and the words of your mouths and your compassion and your tenderness and, above all, your willingness to release into the fire this night all resistance to the path of your Christhood.

In the name of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and our beloved Lanello, I seal you this hour in the Mighty Presence of the Lord. Go in peace.


This dictation by the Maha Chohan was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Pentecost Sunday, June 7, 1992, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. In the service prior to the dictation, the Messenger read Mark 16:14-20 and Acts 2:1-41; 4:24. [N.B. Throughout this Pearl, bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under the Maha Chohan’s direction for clarity in the written word.] 

1. Rev. 3:11.

2. I Cor.15:53, 54.

3. Ps. 46:10.