Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 35 No. 10 - Beloved Lanello - March 8, 1992


How to Ascend
Score a Victory Each Day!
Ascension Day Address, Nineteenth Anniversary February 26, 1992
Drop by Drop Immortality Is Won


There is something immortal about the springtime of life. I come to reignite the life of the eternal spring within you. I come to touch you and to have you touch not only the hem of my garment, but that and more.

My touch is a touch of eternal Life. I would transfer it to you on this occasion of my ascension victory and on all occasions to come when I shall speak to you.


Drop by drop immortality is won.
Point of light, point of self-mastery: 
Point by point eternal Life is won–
  in the moments cradled in the hours,
  in the hours that extend
  from the rising to the setting of the sun.
So the cycles of the sun are the portents of God-realization
  in the Light-manifestation of each day.

   You have done well to tarry for these calls, <1> for it is a subject close to my heart and closer to yours than you think. Therefore, an ounce of prevention this day has prevented much that you know not of. May you recognize the necessity for repetition, for the suicide entity is present in every self-destructive act, no matter how harmless it may seem.

Let our Friday night services include this decree as well as a fervent soul-searching on your part that you might root out every splinter of a psychology that affirms Death and not Life and does so within the precincts of your being without your self-knowledge. This is the subtlety of a dangerous death, beloved.

I come to affirm Life. There is only one way to get Life and that is to get the victory over Death and Hell.

Is this, then, not the correct lesson for the celebration of ascension’s fires?–how to arrive there, how to enter those fires, how to be that holiness unto the Lord, yes, indeed, how to ascend!

You have spoken so often of ascending and of your ascension and of the process itself and of the goal of life, but do you really know how to ascend?

Do you imagine it shall be a leap from a diving board?

Do you imagine it shall be some lofty flight?

Shall it be an automatic process?

Who will be the helpers and how much will they be allowed to help you?

How much momentum [of ascension’s flame] must be in your own sails?  How much fire of holy purpose must be sealed with such white-hot heat/coolness of intensity in the chakras as to enable you to receive the transfer of flame whereby your identity is sealed and not denied?

You know well that should you enter that flame prematurely, it would cancel out life. Thus, not prematurely but maturely you will enter that flame and not until you have dedicated your life and the life beyond, if necessary, to garnering the threads of light, garnering the skeins of ascension’s flame, wrapping it around each thread in the garment of the Deathless Solar Body, calling to the angels and working with them to mend the flaws, to mend the tears.

Yes, beloved, how do you ascend?

You ascend daily!  It is like mounting a flight of steps. You know not the count, for the steps represent each step that must be taken in life. How to ascend is to arrive at the top step at the end of this embodiment.

You cannot leap the flights or the spirals and turns, beloved. And you do not know how many steps you must take, for each one of you is at a different place on this staircase.

Since you do not know the end or the beginning, you must keep on keeping on. You must take a step a day, a day being a cycle of an initiation that might [endure for] weeks or months. But if you do not take the appropriate measures each day–those that you know so well–in terms of [maintaining] your harmony, the fire of your dedication, your decrees intertwined with meditation upon God, even as you invoke and meditate, visualize and affirm the Word  simultaneously–if you do not fulfill in a day’s cycle the requirement of a certain step, it will be much more difficult to fulfill it later. For the next steps come upon you and then you are overloaded.

It is not that you are overloaded with menial work, beloved. You become overloaded when you skip cycles of initiation and then do not know where to turn. The army has marched on without you and you are looking for the staircase–indeed.

So, beloved, each rising and setting of the sun marks a cycle whereby you mount those stairsteps. There are many things in the duties of the day that cannot be postponed to the next, for when they are postponed and the momentum wanes, so often the cycle is lost and the project is not completed. And how difficult it is to get that project done when you have to crank it up again and start all over!  So understand that this is life–life that is measured by the soul and the heart and the Holy Christ Self.

I bid you, then, secure the moments. Secure them as the mind uses them to enter compartments of eternity. For time is indeed an element of eternity, as eternity has compartments of measurement. This time has many dimensions, as does the space of eternity, yet there is a correlation to your life here below.

Thus I say, neglect not the hours. Fill them with joy!  Joy is the very first principle of the ascension. Take two individuals–one who fulfills his assignments without joy and one who fulfills them with joy. The one without joy, beloved, may lose his ascension for want of joy, and the [one with joy] may make it even though some elements are lacking.

“That your joy might be full” was the prayer of Jesus–and that you might know and have his joy remaining in you. <2>  This joy, beloved, can never be satisfied by human companionship alone but by a human companionship wherein those who are together see this as a vehicle for the divine companionship, for a divine joy that sprinkles laughter and merriment and play betwixt the hours of hard concentration. This joy, beloved, that spans all octaves is pleasing to God.

Therefore I say, abandon a sense of martyrdom!  Abandon a sense of self-condemnation!  Abandon a sense of nonjoy!  But take care that your joy puts God first.

Therefore, cast out the idolatrous consciousness that will lean upon human companionship to the extent where calamity is on its way. For our God is truly “a jealous God” <3> and will tear from you that thing, that individual to whom you give greater preference than you give to Him, to Her–to Alpha and Omega.

Thus, your Mighty I AM Presence with you, shining in all the splendor of the Father-Mother God, does continually radiate to you joy. And the descending crystal cord is a bubbling stream of joy. It is a bubbling stream of joy, beloved, as the light cascades into your heart. Therefore, distribute joy and know that merriment which does also entertain the angels and keep them in their courses, surrounding you and assisting you.

So the words of Fulton Sheen have been quoted in this court. And so he has also spoken of the joy of the service of the Lord and the great sense of humor that Jesus brought, that God himself contains, making not too much of the unrealities of the world, not too much of the failures or the successes but realizing that we pass through and nothing is permanent here save the permanent relationship with God.

Understanding the divine sense of humor will make you able to deal with the most difficult karmic circumstances, the most deadly intent of the fallen ones. As the LORD holds them in derision, <4> may you also hold them in derision. And may your joy be such a consciousness of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that you can meet friend or foe with the same light and lilt, for you have the co-measurement of the joy of angels and the merriment of God himself in the face of such a seriousness [as that] of the unreality [of the fallen ones themselves].

Blessed hearts, joy flames go out when you are not in sync with your cycles on the staircase of life. There [comes upon you] a frantic sense of urgency within. You may connect it to outer responsibilities, burdens and debts, or to not having enough time to do everything you want to do.

Well, time will fall in place and so will space when you dedicate your day to meeting the requirements of the [day’s] initiation on that step of your stairway of life. Then you will go to sleep at night in peace and have the peace of angels, knowing you are one step closer to the victory of your ascension or to the point of your adeptship where you may reincarnate again with a full 100 percent of your karma balanced.

Yes, beloved, your daily tasks and obligations and responsibilities have everything to do with your initiations on this staircase of life. Dispatch them well!  Guard your time!  Seal yourself to accomplish that which must be accomplished. For even well-meaning individuals can be the instrument of fallen angels. They come to waste your time, whether on the telephone, by mail or in person, creating calamities or circumstances that would have you believe that no one else can solve them except yourself.

Well, release yourself from that sense of idolatry, beloved ones. Only your Christ Self can solve those problems!  Only Almighty God can solve them!  And when you develop that attitude, you will dispatch those problems and dispense with them in a mighty short time and a mighty short space.

Therefore, the deftness of your use of the sword of Archangel Michael comes with using it often, comes with using it for every task, every item on your desk or in your shop or in the fields, on the farms, tending God’s flocks on the ranch.

Yes, beloved, understand that you can move in eternity, just as you can be in your immortality and the coils of your immortality here below. <5>  So you do not have to be confined by time and space. With the mercurian speed of light from the heart of El Morya and God Mercury, you can utter the command and the fiat that will literally collapse the ploys and plots of the fallen ones.

This is a present possibility for many of you, yet you do not exercise it!  You think of exercising the body. Exercise the mercurial Mind of God and let there go forth a ray of light, a point of blue lightning [from your mind], to literally consume all substance that would prevent you or anyone, even the one through whom [that substance] comes, from attaining his victory on that day!

I ask you to devise a chart for each and every member of our staff and any Keepers of the Flame who would use it. And I mean this, beloved. Those of you who have imagination as well as a sense of organization should think about this. This chart is to be something you can [use to] check off [tasks accomplished] in the hours of the day. You can have it on your wall in your office.

And you and only you will know whether at the end of that day you can paste upon that chart a victory star–yes, beloved, a victory star:  a gold star for having accomplished all those things that were on your list that you were capable of accomplishing, a victory star for not having let anyone deter you from that path and yet still having dealt with the needs of those who truly are deserving of your time and attention.

Blessed hearts, take control of your day!  For it is a cycle of the sun, it is a cycle of the earth, it is a cycle of your path of the ascension. This is how you make your ascension:  I tell you, you score a victory each day!  That means you must enter your day with a fierceness and a determination.

Take the end of [today] to plan [for tomorrow], to organize what you will do:  when you will arise, who you will see and who you cannot see. Set goals and achieve them no matter what!  For to break the patterns of letting things get by you, letting people interrupt you is no small task, but it is [accomplished by] the surefootedness of the compassionate ones. These compassionate ones, beloved, manage to achieve their victory and also accomplish their daily assignments.

A day’s victory can become the victory of a lifetime. Count the days in the year and then the years in the decades of a life span and see how many victories you must achieve to finally step on the dais at the Ascension Temple at Luxor and feel the caressing love, the white fire of ascension’s flame and hear [the welcome of] the seraphim who surround you and of all the adepts who themselves are candidates for the ascension.

Beloved ones, you will feel better about yourself when you are in control of the hours of the day. Think of your victories as being moment by moment. Think of your failures as losing the moments and [think of your lost] moments as being added up into hours and days of nonachievement.

Beloved ones, this is the point of suicide that I come to discuss this day:  it is the hours that are lost because you have not filled them with the joy flame [of Christ]. And without the joy flame [of Christ], your bodies will not be healthy, you will not have the strength that you need.

Joy is the key to healing!  Joy is movement!  Joy is life!  Joy is self-attention to the needs of the four lower bodies but not over-self-concern. Joy is the sense of committing oneself to God and letting God flush out the nonjoy by that descending cascade of the mighty river of Life.

O beloved ones, I have seen the days and the hours of earth. I have reviewed my own embodiments. There is not a single saint in heaven nor an Ascended Master who does not look back on the record of his lifetimes with a great sense of loss and burden that in many of those lifetimes a certain percentage of the hours and the days was lost, lost to a pursuit of pleasure that was not required by the body or the soul but was merely an indulgence. I can tell you we have paid the price for those years and embodiments of indulgence, both you and I.

Now let us get on with life that is lived in the full zest of that joy of living, the joie de vivre that each one of you knows when you are in perfect attunement with your Holy Christ Self.

O beloved ones, something is the matter when joy flees from you!  You must determine what is the matter. You must not suppress it. You must drag it out and look at it!  You must see the phantom of the night, the ghost of the former self, and all of that psychology that you are working through.

I say, work through it!  Do not simply tarry in working with it forever. Work through it, beloved, and get beyond it!  See it for what it is. It will not go away without the mighty sword of blue flame of Archangel Michael.

Seize those swords!  Make it your priority to own your own and twirl it daily in the way of Durga. Yes, beloved, become the Divine Mother. Use the sword and remember that if you think you have allowed something to pass [into your subconscious] but you do not understand what it was and you do not remember how you set in motion a negative spiral when you were three or ten or twelve or twenty-five, then, beloved, you must pursue it with all zeal right to the very point of its origin.

[You can see] why you do not change merely with the violet flame or the Ascended Masters’ Teachings. You must therefore pick up the decree of the Great Divine Director to arrest those spirals [even of your psychology] that are negative in your world, <6> even though you know not where they have come from or how they began.

Call to the Great Divine Director to arrest those spirals!  Arrest them with your mighty sword of blue flame!  Cast them into the fire and ask to be illumined:  What are the elements?  What are the elements of the mind or heart or soul that must be healed and must be made whole?

Then plunge into the sea of Mercy’s flame. Plunge into the great heart of the Lady Master Kuan Yin. Plunge into the mantras of mercy. Saturate yourself, beloved, and know that a certain transmutation will take place when you determine not to allow the nonjoy to displace your great joy. A certain transmutation will take place, indeed, without your having to know every point of denial that has caused the spirals of denial to multiply within you.


Call for the Arresting of the Spirals

In the name of my Mighty I AM Presence and the Great Divine Director; in the name JESUS CHRIST, I demand and command the arresting of the spirals of negative karma throughout my entire consciousness, being and world!–that every single cycle of every single cell and atom within my form that is not outpicturing the perfect cycles of the Christ consciousness be now dissolved, be now arrested and turned back by the authority of my God Presence!  And in the name JESUS CHRIST, I demand and command that the cycles of immortal Life and my Divine Plan be fulfilled and that my ascension prevail!


Beloved hearts of Light, I speak to you with a profound love and a great practicality. I am practical and I see at inner levels how souls of Light upon earth do miss the opportunity for their ascension. Of course, when they do not have this Path and Teaching, they are not at an advantage but at a disadvantage. It makes us sad, indeed, to see those who have the Path and have the Teaching and do not make it. For you understand, beloved, that it is possible for many more who have this Teaching to make the ascension than actually do.

Well, what is the difference, beloved, [between those who do make it and those who do not]?

I believe the difference is that those individuals who do not make it do not take command of their own lives but wait for someone else to command them and to take care of them. Taking command of your life and taking responsibility for your life means you take responsibility for the Path and the Teaching and your daily service of decrees wherein you know you have accomplished what must be accomplished for that day’s increment of your ascension.

And this is my point, beloved. You ascend a little every day imperceptibly. And if you do not take that little flame’s point of acceleration in that day because of your failure to invoke the Light of God sufficiently, then you are not stepping up your cells and atoms gradually and you will not be ready for the full fire of the ascension pillar to pass through you.

What is the ascension flame but a million little flames?

What is a river of Life but a million drops of water?

Do you see, beloved?  Each flame you accept and internalize each day (which is not a problem, for you scarcely notice the adjustment in your world), each little flame, then, prepares you to receive the great, great God Flame of your I AM Presence that is the ascension flame.

Beloved ones, observe your gaze, whether it be upon the mountains and upon your I AM Presence or looking about the world for someone, searching for this or that satisfaction or this or that attention.

Is there something that you yet want from this world?

Then tell yourself what it is. Ask yourself why you want it and if it is worth the digression. Ask yourself if you can attain the satisfaction of that experience or that something that you want through the path of self-mastery and initiation. Or do you really need to go out and experience in some form that something that you find wanting in yourself?

Blessed hearts, more desires and longings for this world and the things of it can be satisfied by communion with God than you would ever dream of. The trouble is, beloved ones, that people place their attention upon their desirings to such a great extent that they wind a coil of desire around the pole of being, around the spine. And each time it is wound, each time it is reconsidered, that coil of desire makes a stronger and stronger desire [in them] to do that thing that will take them from their God-centeredness.

Thus, you have understood this principle in Lord Maitreya’s teaching on fear. <7>  So it works with every other negative vibration. But desire, beloved, is the most powerful force in your world. Desire, beloved, will propel you to God and desire will take you to the very depths of the astral plane.

See, then, that you examine on this my ascension day the momentums of your desire. For, beloved ones, we are on the seven o’clock line and that line is the line of the seat-of-the-soul chakra. I have come, therefore, to quicken your souls under the hierarchy of Leo, to quicken your hearts and to give you a portion of my own magnanimous heart.

I desire to see your souls greatly strengthened so that when I return for this anniversary next year and you enter [the coil of my victory in] the sign of Virgo [as the cycles of my ascension are charted on the Cosmic Clock] and you are therefore working on [expanding the flame of God-Justice in] your solar plexus, you will already have gained a momentum of right desire–right desire that has been sifted and purified and purged daily [in the previous twelve months].

Because you will enter the plane of the solar plexus [under the hierarchy of Virgo], you will enter the plane of intense karma [and the records of your own past karma] through this initiation of my ascension [cycle]. You will enter it, beloved, and you will know many desires that will be awakened from past embodiments [as well as from the] nonfulfillment [of your desires] in this life.

I desire you to be ready next year for the full manifestation of that flame of God-Justice, [whereby together we may] consume by our joint Causal Bodies the karmas of your individual beings.

Karmas themselves beget wrong desire. Therefore, be free!  This is my message to you today. Be free!  And the only true and lasting freedom you will ever have is the victory of your ascension in the Light. And short of that, beloved, you will know a certain element, and a powerful element, of that freedom if you take hold of your desires!

Do not suppress them. But if [you desire] something that you know is not right, then go after [that desire] with your sword, with your Astreas, with your Surrender Rosary, with your calls [for the binding of your] dweller-on-the-threshold. Go after [your wrong desires], beloved, and devour them by the sacred fire!  For if you do not, they will only grow, even at the subconscious level, and soon they will devour you.

This is the single factor that takes people from the path of initiation. It is wrong desire. Pray to your Holy Christ Self that you might know what is wrong desire and the idleness of the mind and the misuse of time and space. Pray to know it. Pray to have that Christ Mind. Pray to have the Presence of The Lord Our Righteousness.

Right desire can be known, beloved, in every circumstance. Therefore, seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. <8>

My little ones, my great ones, my children, my souls aborning in the womb, I rejoice to walk through this land. I rejoice to be in your midst. It is my desire, and it is a great desire, that you accept me as being “physically” present [with you]. I am so near to you. If you will only incline your ear, you will hear me speaking to you through your Holy Christ Self with correct discretion and judgment and direction.

You will also know me through my Beloved. And therefore hear my words through her and do not miss them. When you are closed to some levels of communication, for you do not want your worlds disturbed, you will avoid me and her and you will lose a lesson that could liberate you in a day from something you may [otherwise] carry for a decade.

We are very much with you, beloved, and we have been with you for many, many centuries. We have come again and again together, and the bonding of us all [to one another] can be compared to the bonding of us all to the Cosmic Christ and the Holy Christ Self.

This horizontal bar of our cross, through which we are bonded to one another, is the strengthening of the vertical bar, through which you achieve that bonding to your Holy Christ Self. [To that end] we desire to take you to the hour when 51 percent of your karma is balanced and beyond it. We desire to take you to the place where you will not lose what you have gained, where you will not fall back because of false teachers, where you will not be fooled by those momentums of your own electronic belt nor by the dweller-on-the-threshold itself in its final manifestation of the subtlety of Serpent.

Yes, beloved ones, many of you are yet fragile. Many of you require our sustaining presence. You work hard with your decrees and in your service, but you do not have the sense of co-measurement of just how much strengthening and overshadowing you receive, not only from ourselves but from the holy angels and many Ascended Masters.

You can consider yourselves in one sense of the word as mature sons and daughters of God with great knowledge of the Path and in another sense of the word as newly born babes yet in incubators, not able to live outside those incubators until you are strengthened.

So, there is a side of the nature that is fragile, there is a side of the nature that is strong. And again, beloved, it is relative, so that you know not when you are weak and you know not when you are strong.

Thus, the Ascended Masters do come and we do dote over you, but we do not indulge you. And we are fierce in challenging you when you allow yourselves to express the not-self. This cannot go unnoticed. This cannot go without discipline. This deserves the cosmic spanking because all of you know better and all of you are capable of doing better.

And therefore when you vent that anger of the dweller on occasion, you must understand, beloved, that you do so knowingly and willingly and that you do so because you have not taken the precautions day by day to gain that mastery over the beast.

Thus, from the [date of my eighteenth] anniversary last year, [when we entered the sign of Cancer,] unto [my twentieth anniversary in Virgo next year], until we arrive at [the sign of Libra on] the nine o’clock line [the year after that], we all descend together into the [quadrant of the] astral plane and the astral body.

This is the significance of my coming today–to let you know that you can master yourself in the depths of those canyons of your own subconscious and unconscious. But you must be aware that that is what is happening in your life, [for without awareness you may falter and fall].

I rejoice to see the fruitage of your outreach and your service. I rejoice to see those who are the diligent co-workers who have stood with us for ten and twenty and more years of service.

I rejoice to see those who have newly come on the Path, to see those who desire to shepherd other souls, to see those who pray earnestly for the purification of their souls. I rejoice to see those who are pure in heart and agile of mind, who put their faculties to the very highest and best and noblest use in the service of our cause.

[As I mentioned, this year my anniversary falls on the seven o’clock line of Leo, under whose sponsorship you master the seat-of-the-soul chakra and your soul.]  This is a year of a breakthrough, beloved, a breakthrough by the power of the Goddess of Liberty, [who sits on that line of the Cosmic Clock]. And therefore, consider this to be the beginning of a year when you can lock in to my Causal Body and when you should be locking your own astrological charts into my progressed chart. For it is not only in the chart of the Mother of the Flame but in my own as well that you can see the cycles of the unfolding challenges and victories of yourself and the Church.

You are bonded to each one of us, beloved, by our effort and by yours. You can strengthen this bonding. You can take on the yoke of Light (which is the Light of our Causal Bodies) that has an inner astrology not known to you. And you can also take on the yoke of our karma that is world karma itself, beloved, that we bear together through the signs of the astrological charts.

Therefore, pursue this and know indeed what strengths and opportunities I have to bestow upon you from my Causal Body, those elements whose time has come to descend, for the cosmic cycles have turned.

Yes, beloved, it is wonderful to be with you. It is wonderful to be with you again and again. Make room for me in your office. Even a tiny picture of me will signal that I am welcome there.

My preference, beloved, of a photograph is that which is before you. <*>  It is the one of myself on the Sermons for a Sabbath Evening album. This particular portrait, beloved, I had taken in the full knowledge that I would be taking my leave of this world in the victory of the ascension. In this you will find my Electronic Presence of Divine Love, for it was with the great desire to present to you a photo of my passionate love for your souls that I had this photograph taken. Thus I know that you will know me through that presence, through that look and through that heart.

I can do, oh, so much more for you, for I have that dispensation, being the co-founder with beloved El Morya of The Summit Lighthouse. Being now a co-Guru with him and serving under him, I can do so much, beloved.

Don’t forget to call to me, for Lanello is my name. Don’t forget my little ones, all of the children in this Community and beyond and those who are coming and those who must be on this path. There are so many that I hold in my arms. Don’t forget to teach them to call to me and to tell them that Lanello is my name.

[35-second standing ovation. Congregation gives the salutation:]

Hail, Lanello! Hail, Lanello! Hail, Lanello! Hail, Lanello!

This dictation by beloved Lanello was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, March 1, 1992, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana, in celebration of the nineteenth anniversary of the ascension of the Messenger Mark L. Prophet on February 26, 1973. The Sacred Ritual and decree service were conducted by Rev. Sean C. Prophet and Rev. Erin Lynn Prophet. At Lanello’s request, his Ascension Day service was dedicated to decrees and teachings on the problems of suicide and the suicide entity. The Messenger read from the article “Ann Humphry’s Final Exit” (Vanity Fair, Jan. 1992) on the suicide of Ann Humphry, who co-founded the Hemlock Society with her former husband Derek Humphry. Her teaching included commentary on:  the Nightline interview (Aug. 9, 1991) of Derek Humphry on his best-seller Final Exit, a “how-to” manual on suicide; and the 20/20 interview (Feb. 14, 1992) of Dr. Jack Kevorkian, who invented a suicide machine and is facing prosecution in the deaths of two women. The Messenger recommends Every Parent’s Guide to Understanding Teenagers and Suicide:  Recognize the Hidden Signs by Marion Crook to help you better understand your own teenagers and others you may know and to inform yourself so that you can make specific calls on the situation of teen suicide. It is an easy-to-read, self-help book that offers practical advice, checklists and insight into some of the pressures that teenagers deal with in their daily lives. In preparing this book, the author interviewed thirty teenagers who attempted suicide and as a result has an excellent perspective to offer. Copies available from Summit University Press.

*. on the slide screen.

1. During the service before the dictation, the Messenger and Rev. Sean C. Prophet led the congregation in giving decree 7.11S, “The Suicide Entity Decree,” with invocations and calls for the binding of the planetary forces of Death and Hell.

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6. Arresting the spirals. In his dictation on October 10, 1971, the Great Divine Director gave the following teaching: “The Mighty I AM Presence has the authority and the power to instantaneously arrest and reverse any cycle and to cause a complete erasing, a disintegration of it, right back to the twelve o’clock line....I say to you, you must demand and command it in the name of the Christ–that every single cycle of every single cell and atom within your form that is not outpicturing the perfect cycles of the Christ consciousness is now dissolved, is now arrested and turned back by the authority of your God Presence!  If you will but make that invocation each morning, you will find in a very short time that only the cycles of immortal Life, and your divine plan fulfilled, and your ascension will prevail.”

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