Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 34 No. 65 - Beloved Omri-Tas - December 15, 1991

Class of the Golden Cycle
The Golden Cycle of the Central Sun 2

O the Violet Flame!
“I Have Come to Give You a Boost!”

Omri-Tas on Planet Earth for 33 Days with 144,000
Priests of the Sacred Fire from the Violet Planet

Out of the Light of the Great Central Sun, I AM Omri-Tas!

And I AM here! [32-second standing ovation]

And I have come to give you a boost.

Yes, beloved, I plant myself firmly in the earth, containing the earth in my aura for thirty-three days clocking from this hour. And in this cycle, which is of a purple fire, a purple-golden cycle of the sun, I multiply your decrees to the violet flame specifically for the change in physical conditions on planet earth–physical conditions in your life, physical conditions pertaining to economic matters, to matters of education and service and life plan and relationships.

It is a cycle, beloved, when you can so liberate your souls by the multiplication of my presence and my further multiplying of the violet flame that I daresay you should not miss a moment to recite a mantra even if it is between thoughts or steps or [devotional] songs you sing. “I AM a being of violet fire!  I AM the purity God desires!”  This mantra alone invokes the violet flame and all of my Causal Body.

You have accomplished what you have accomplished. I desire to see you accomplish more, for you have not yet reached the critical mass where certain elements may melt, where certain world chemicalization may take place that can bring about a greater harmonization of the elements of mind and heart and of peoples. You have not reached that point of the critical mass of the Christ consciousness in the Seventh Ray.

Would you be as Saint Germain, walking the earth as a Christed one of the Seventh Ray?  [“Yes!”]

It is the calling of the hour and I have come to assist you. Yes, I come to give you a boost. May you please, beloved ones, take advantage of this boost that I might continue to give dispensations, for even I am subject to the cosmic law of karmic, karmic, karmic manifestation.

Yes, beloved, see that you do not make karma with me by failing to take advantage of my proffered gift to you. For I desire to have complete, independent freedom to be able to give to planet earth in dire moments those dispensations and transfusions of violet flame [that are so desperately needed].

Therefore let the violet singing flame sing in your heart!  And may you also take up other disciplines in which the violet flame shall assist you, following the instructions that Saint Germain has given you for a scientific path of adeptship.

Therefore, beloved, [in gratitude to God] apply this opportunity, as you have been grateful for the opportunity of Helios and Vesta <1> and for Helios’ dispensations and answers to your calls.

I come as the Ruler of the Violet Planet. And in this thirty-three days, beloved, you may prepare yourselves through saturation of the violet flame so that at the end of that time I may be able to take a company of you [to the Violet Planet. It is my desire to take] an entire group of souls of planet earth who are practicing their Ashram rituals and are practicing the Ritual for Transport and Holy Work. <2>  [We will go] on a journey out of the body not to a place on earth for service, which [service] is of course your vital [nightly] work, but to the Violet Planet on a journey that I have planned for you [who are of this group].

For I desire you to have a firsthand, eyewitness account so that you can bring back from inner levels to those in the etheric octave as well as to those in physical embodiment a direct knowledge of events and how they are transpiring and of life on that planet.

Some of you have been there before. Some of you have actually lived there. Some of you have served there with elemental life. Yes, beloved, you shall enjoy seeing what has taken place there since you left.

I [desire to] show you these things, beloved, so that you can see firsthand and have the record in your being that those things which are projected to manifest on earth need not be and that they are not insurmountable, as Saint Germain has told you. Many conditions that descend as the dire forebodings of plague and the return of the conditions that have happened in earlier centuries   <3>–yes, beloved, these things can be transmuted.

I ask you to look for ways and means [to accomplish the task], for the violet flame is an ingenious flame and the minds of many ingenious ones have used it for many purposes. I ask you to devise, then, ingenious means whereby you can teach children and people of all ages to sing to the violet flame, to [march and] clap and dance and even square dance to the violet flame!  As long as it is with a mighty rhythm and an action of the correct time, beloved, you can use the violet flame in all sorts of occupations, all sorts of sports and physical exercises.

Cannot the mind act?

Do we not see certain athletes and runners wearing headsets?

Let them hear and know the violet flame. Let them run to the rhythm of it!  Let their heartbeats be restored to the action of the threefold time of the waltz in violet flame.

Yes, beloved, there are many physical activities that can be accompanied by joyous shouts of the violet flame and songs not yet written down. There is, therefore, activity in everyone’s daily life that can be combined with the violet fire. Let it be a joyous flame, a marching flame, a singing flame, a waltzing flame, a hopping, skipping flame!  All the [chores] that were previously drudgery, let them become spinning wheels of light.

Yes, beloved, you must convert a world to the use of the violet flame if you are to accomplish the hurdle that is before you. Therefore, I truly say:  Seek out the ingenuity of the Seventh Ray and the violet flame and let it be done quickly.

You are welcome to be seated in the violet flame, which is waiting in your seats. For my angels have placed it there!  And it is a cool flame and yet it may seem warm to you, beloved, for it contacts the toxins in your being and the misqualified substance. And until you can feel the coolness, you will feel the warmness and sometimes the hotness!  And therefore, do not accuse me of giving you a “hot seat,” beloved ones, for it is your own heat of your misqualified substance and you yourselves have created the hot seat! <8>

But you have invoked the violet flame and the best is yet to come. For the coolness of that flame is a regulating energy that does keep your four lower bodies in a point of self-regeneration and rejuvenation.

O the violet flame!  I shall sing its praises unto the sun!

May you be grateful to work with elementals, for these elementals are whispering to one another and jumping up and down and so happy that you now have the tapes that you can use [to bless and heal them]. Teach these songs to children and tell them about the elementals. Tell them about the angels. Tell them about their [unseen] helpers.

The power of the resurrection flame is mighty and therefore on these tapes you weave it with the violet flame. And the weaving of the resurrection flame with the violet flame shall give new impetus to billions upon billions upon billions of elementals of fire, air, water and earth who serve the evolutions of planet earth. And you shall see change!  You shall see change. You shall see change.  I say, participate in it and have the prize, the prize of having contributed to that mighty stream.

Visualize the Ganges as a violet flame river. Visualize the oceans as violet flame oceans–and all of the waters, even the water that you drink, beloved. Let it become blessed by your hands, left and right, left underneath and right above, as you bless that water and call for it to become your violet flame elixir. <4>

See the violet flame purging the mind and emptying your cells of those substances that you should never have partaken of in the first place. Now that you know the correct dietary laws, those promoted by Saint Germain and Morya, may you follow them. For we desire to see eternal youth but you must obey the laws of the physical body to achieve it. And we shall not continue to speak about diet, but we know that you will see that the path of adeptship is, must be, the path of mastery of the four quadrants of being.

Saint Germain has told you that the violet flame is a physical flame <5> and therefore it can and does change physical matter when you cooperate with it. If by free will you violate the laws of physics in your body and the biochemistry, then, beloved, you are working against the violet flame and you will have to live with [the consequences of] your own free will.

I am gratified that I have been able to place the great reservoir of the violet flame sea in the center of the earth. Were you to decree twenty-four hours a day, beloved, you would never in a million years exhaust the potential of that sea to multiply your calls. Were every lifestream on planet earth to give the violet flame [twenty-four hours a day], you would still not exhaust the potential of that violet flame sea to multiply your calls.

Therefore, the [greater the number of you] who come together in the geometry of God [to invoke the violet flame], the [greater will be the number of Lightbearers] you contact through your Ashram Ritual meditations as you visualize the great antahkarana. <9>  And let that antahkarana be seen as white, as blue and as violet. Alternate these visualizations. When you desire to see the connection of all Lightbearers in the violet ray, then see the antahkarana as a violet filigree. See it strengthened. See it become a mighty net of the LORD our God, even the great dragnet that does bring in all of the “fishes,” who are the souls who are ready to return to the mouth of God.

Yes, beloved, there is a wondrous work to do. And there is not a moment in this work that is not a joyous moment when you do it with the violet flame, when you do it with the anticipation of the great return current, when you do it with a confidence that the Law acts.

The law of invocation, the science of decrees, is a mathematics all its own. It is a calculus all its own, beloved. And therefore it does not err or fail. And when you put into the computer of the Mind of God that exact formula, that exact equation, it shall give back to you that exact formula or [that exact] equation multiplied by the golden cycle of the sun and by the power of the purple-golden cycle of the sun, which I also bring.

So know, beloved, that this Seventh Ray action is a formula that must contain within it not simply a set of numbers or a chemical formula. It is rather a formula of numbers [and more–it is a formula] of energy vibrations from your chakras, of rays of light, of sacred fire raised up.

You endow your formula with the fire of being. Thus, it is not so simple as writing numbers on a paper. Nevertheless, you have the ability to give this formula, for the key to the formula and to its science is love. And the love of the heart is a twelve-petaled design exact, and these twelve petals are all that is required to construct any formula whatsoever that has to do with the science of the drawing forth of the rays of God from the Central Sun.

Thus, as Jesus taught, when you come to the altar if you have not forgiven brother or sister, if you have not surrendered wrath or anger or hate and hate creation, if you have not sought the purging of your soul and the flame of forgiveness, you must go back and accomplish these things and then come again [to the altar]. <6>  For the altar is the place of change, of alteration, of alchemy, as you have been taught. And to that altar you must come bearing a strong flame of Divine Love. And as you hold this votive light cupped in your hands, beloved, that flame of love becomes the fire infolding itself that shall manifest the divine formula, and in that formula of love every human need can be met.

Therefore, when you decree, decree in the heart of Love. And if you need to decree to get to the heart of Love, of course do so. If you need to wield the sword of blue flame and give calls to Astrea, if you need to bathe and change your clothes and feel that you are coming as a supplicant before the altar of God, having performed outer and inner ablutions, then of course do so.

There are many techniques whereby you can bring yourself to that physical and mental strength [that will enable you to] tarry at the altar and hold a strong flame of Divine Love. And as your mind’s eye is able to see 360 degrees out through the circumference of your aura, wherever you look, no matter what the face, it is Divine Love manifest as the violet flame that you will send forth [through your heart] to all–to the just and the unjust, the real and the unreal, the servant of Light or Darkness.

Let violet flame go forth from your aura!  Call to beloved Kuan Yin to place her Electronic Presence over you that by the power of the merciful heart, you may qualify an entire planet with the momentum of mercy as the violet, living flame!

In another vein, I desire you to visualize yourself, picture yourself, constructing with violet flame your own craft–a craft that is able to journey through the sea, through the atoms of the earth, beyond the atmosphere, in interplanetary space and beyond. This craft is an extension of your being, even as your automobile or airplane might be the extension of your being.

You have journeys to take, beloved, that require more than a robe of light. These journeys can be taken by you in crafts that have been constructed by those of our bands. It is time, then, that you understood the laws of creating such vehicles.

By the invocation of the violet flame and the visualization of a spherical or oblong craft, you shall fill in the design and therefore be able to occupy a forcefield of protection that will appear and precipitate as “solid,” <10> that will contain all the things you need in the unascended state to be away from home for lengths of inner soul travel outside the physical body.

Once you have a conceptualization of this craft, beloved, you simply fill it in each time you give the violet flame. You do not place too much attention upon it, for you know your primary purpose is to dissolve the causes and core of war, to utterly consume and deactivate all harmful weapons and to foil the plans of the enemy on the astral and physical planes.

You have priorities in the balancing of karma, the purification of the planet and, of course, of utmost importance, urgent in this hour, is your service with the elementals. So, beloved, I give you this thought, [and thoughtform,] that you might tend to it as you are able but not let it become a preoccupying situation in your minds.

Listen in this moment of silence with the inner ear. [5-second pause]  I am extending your hearing beyond earth. Listen with your inner ear. [21-second pause]

As you send forth the extension of the inner ear to contact the sounds of a universe and beyond, notice how you define the known area of the occupation of your mind by the hearing of the inner ear. Where your hearing stops, your sense of space and time also stops. [5-second pause]  Thus, visualize the stars and the galaxies and your hearing expanding to the extent of the Milky Way. [5-second pause]

Notice how you transcend the lesser mind and you begin to occupy time and space through the universal Mind of God that is in your Holy Christ Self. In reaching for extended hearing, you have also reached for the extended Mind of God. When you reach the outer limits of the mental body and yet continue to occupy the mind and extend its occupation, you find yourself making the transition to the Mind of God. You do not accomplish this through the brain or through the lower mental body but through the sheer desire and the meditation upon the Christ Mind and the intense listening with the inner ear.

If you will enter into this meditation before you retire, you will find that you can strengthen it and extend the hearing power of the inner ear. You can listen to light rays. They have a sound. You can listen to the turning of worlds and stars and suns and planets. They have more than a sound–they have a symphony of sound. You may hear the roaring of the sea, the sea of light, the roaring of the waterfall of light.

And this process will come to you with greater facility as you give the bija mantras to the feminine deities and tune the chakras with the Sanskrit sounds and intonations. <7>  The science of mantra will bring you to the heart of mantra in the nucleus of every atom or heavenly body or the point of the seed of Light within you.

Yes, beloved, ponder the mystery of life in the moments of quietude and meditation. This is a needed soul nourishment and balance to the daily battle of challenging the forces of Antichrist in the earth. These do assail your Messenger, your families, yourselves, your path and your attainment.

Be on guard, beloved, for we have entrusted you with as great a Light as you can bear and yet remain protected. Do not fail to invoke the protection of Archangel Michael. Be liberal in your calls to him, erring on the side of more rather than less.

One hundred and forty-four thousand priests of the sacred fire from the Violet Planet have accompanied me for this thirty-three-day sojourn. May you know that we intend to make our mark and to make a difference in the quality of life on earth.

We anticipate and look forward to your fullest cooperation. We desire to see you and the Lightbearers and Keepers of the Flame of the earth be able to retain the presence of one such priest or priestess of the violet flame of the Seventh Ray, to be able to retain it after the thirty-three days of our presence here.

This is an experiment. If you cooperate and take full advantage of it, we shall be able to immediately build upon it and increase and multiply again in the next thirty-three-day cycle.

It might be well for you to put on paper what is your daily pledge to the violet flame and then signify at the end of thirty-three days how you have accomplished it. Write, then, what is your commitment and send it to the Messenger. Then send again a letter in thirty-three days [informing her] as to how you have kept your commitment. By so setting your commitment in writing, written with your own life energy, you shall know the support of violet flame angels in your fulfillment of that commitment.

Rejoice in the gifts of God, for I do, beloved. And I rejoice most of all in this hour in the gift of you.

I AM and I remain with you, Omri-Tas, saviour of the Violet Planet, saviour of all who would be saved through the path of the Seventh Ray.



Omri-Tas is the Ruler of the Violet Planet. As Saint Germain has told us, Omri-Tas carries such an intensity of violet flame and of the Seventh Ray in his aura that it extends far beyond the actual size of planet earth. The evolutions of the Violet Planet have served the violet flame for aeons and use the violet flame to tend to all the needs of daily life–to clean their homes, to care for and purify the planet, and even to wash and bathe in. Menial chores are performed by violet flame angels and elementals, which allows the people time to pursue the path of adeptship and to serve other planetary homes. Across the Violet Planet, 144,000 priests of the sacred fire tend the violet flame day and night and perform ceremonies and rituals of the violet flame at thousands of altars. Omri-Tas recently told us in his May 1, 1991 dictation that the evolutions of the Violet Planet had once approached a similar crisis as that faced today by the people of earth. In response to the rallying call of the representative of the Divine Mother, the servants of God were galvanized and turned the tide by the violet flame. As Omri-Tas said:  “They heard the call to give their invocations at altars around that planet. There was a saturation [of the planetary body with the violet flame]. That saturation therefore did flush out the fallen angels, who then could be bound by the legions of Light and removed....We went on into a golden age because of the few who responded, and today that planet is sustained in that golden age because the people have not lost the memory of that which was almost a planetary holocaust.”  (See pp. 353-54.)

 Over the years, Omri-Tas has released specific violet flame dispensations to assist the chelas of Saint Germain and to uplift the earth. It is important to call to Omri-Tas to reactivate and multiply these dispensations:

Violet flame spheres.  On July 6, 1963, in Washington, D.C., Omri-Tas announced:  “Magnificent violet fire angels from Saint Germain’s own band have volunteered to blaze a path through cosmic highways toward the earth planet and to focus it, beloved ones, upon your nation’s capital....The charge of violet fire shall utilize the Capitol dome as an electrode and it shall radiate out as from a great hub throughout the entire planet known as earth. Every chela of Saint Germain upon this planet shall be blessed with the radiation which we shall pour forth....To complete our great experiment of light we shall now form beautiful, magnificent spheres of violet flame, and we are going to roll them down this cosmic highway in much the manner of a bowler attempting to knock down bowling pins. But we shall hit our mark. There are 144,000 of these spheres. Each one of the priests of the sacred fire here has one in command....For the next twelve hours there shall be a continual release, spaced by cosmic law, of violet flame from this planet.”  These spheres, visible to the physical sight, were seen by the Messengers and students in the sky over Washington following the dictation. (See 1988 PoW, Book II, p. 682.)

At Mount Shasta, on July 4, 1975, Saint Germain also spoke of a dispensation of violet flame spheres from the heart of Omri-Tas:  “This night as you watch the release of fireworks, the 144,000 priests of the sacred fire, in their annual release, will send forth the violet flame balls–those spheres of violet fire–and they will roll those spheres into the earth!  And they will also burst!  And the fire inside, a sacred fire, will be the anointing of the Holy Spirit to draw a planet unto the victory of Light.”

Cathedral of Violet Flame. On October 11, 1975, in San Francisco, Archangel Zadkiel announced “the transfer from the priests and priestesses of the Violet Planet of the Cathedral of the Violet Flame.”  He said:  “In this moment it is being transported by angelic hosts as they carry this giant cathedral to be placed in the etheric plane of earth’s atmosphere for the consecration of the violet flame and as another focal point for souls desiring to be free to frequent while their bodies sleep at night. And therefore, the Cathedral of the Violet Flame is placed in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in commemoration of the light of freedom of the Ruler of the Violet Planet, Omri-Tas, who does respond to the calls of men and women who pursue the light of freedom yet do not know of the violet flame. Hail unto the children of Light!  Hail to the elementals!  For they are invited also to enter into the Cathedral of the Violet Flame to be saturated with that light, to be cleared of all of the burdens of the planes of mankind’s consciousness.”

Violet flame clearance of the soul chakra and cleansing of the West Coast. On October 9, 1976, Omri-Tas came for the clearing of the soul chakra of Terra, of America and of every soul on earth. Dictating in Pasadena, California, he announced:  “We would cleanse this coast of the records of infamy and rebellion, of hatred of the Mother and selfishness of her children....We are starting a violet flame action here in the heart of the City of the Angels and here in the heart of the Mother and the devotees that will go around the circle of fire, around the entire border of Lemuria, consuming, consuming with the all-powerful light of the violet transmuting flame the records of misuse of the light of love in God-obedience....Now I raise my arms for the release of sacred fire into the depths of the Pacific at that point where the Seven Holy Kumaras released the flame of Mother and the rising action. So we penetrate to the ocean floors of the planet the release of the violet flame for the rebalancing of energies and conditions in earth, in water, in air and throughout the etheric plane.”

Inauguration of the Aquarian age. Alpha cycle of the violet flame. On December 29, 1976, Omri-Tas came with legions of violet flame angels and priests and priestesses of the sacred fire for the inauguration of the Aquarian cycle “by the release of the violet flame from the very heart of the Violet Planet.”  In his dictation, given in Pasadena, Omri-Tas said:  “We come to take up residence on Terra for the age of Aquarius and for the bringing in of that age....We will make our abode in the residence of the Lord of the World...and we will stand with Terra until the turning of the cycles and the turning of the age....Angels of the Violet Planet and priestesses of the sacred fire together with the mighty hosts, the 144,000 priests who yet hold the focus in the heart of the Violet Planet, have begun that ritual of saturating the earth plane with the action of the violet flame that is for the purpose of the transmutation of millions of years of the qualification of energy on Terra....We come, then, to introduce the age of ritual, of science and of alchemy.” 

 Omri-Tas also gave the following promise:  “From the point of Alpha at Shamballa I will stand to release my light into the heart of the Mother, into the hearts of all who would be Mother, into the hearts of all Keepers of the Flame. And each morning with the first ray of the dawn that caresses the face and the heart of the devotee, I will send forth the electric spark, the current of the Alpha cycle of the violet flame. And in that moment you may catch that spark and be and receive the Omega return and therefore be unto me throughout the twenty-four-hour cycle the Omega counterpart of the Alpha-concentrated energies, which I place now upon the altar of Shamballa, adding unto the mighty threefold unfed flame of Sanat Kumara, of Gautama Buddha, of Lord Maitreya a magnificent outpouring of violet light, which now ensconces the threefold flame as a basin, a lotus basin of Light....The focus that is placed at Shamballa will also be transferred by the thread of contact of the Lord of the World, reinforced by the legions of violet flame angels in every heart that lives and breathes and has life because the Lord of the World does keep that flame of Life for the evolutions of Terra” (1977 PoW, pp. 59, 60, 61).

Multiplication of 15 minutes of violet flame. On July 6, 1984, in the Heart of the Inner Retreat, Omri-Tas announced the following dispensation for the multiplication of our decrees to the violet flame:  “If in all reverence, with inner attunement, a sense of yourself in your Christ Self as priest or priestess of the sacred fire, if with all your heart and deep within your heart you will take, then, fifteen minutes each day to give profound and loving invocations to the violet flame in my name (and please remember to use my name, for I am the one from whose Causal Body this dispensation comes), then we will take that offering, measure for measure as it is devoted, as it is profound and sincere, the very weight of its power and light. Therefore, by the quality of it, quality for quality, it shall be multiplied in your life ten times!”  (1984 PoW, Book II, pp. 139-40).

Violet flame reservoir over central Europe. On February 26, 1988, in a dictation given in Lisbon, Portugal, Omri-Tas announced the dispensation of a violet flame reservoir positioned over central Europe:  “It is a very large reservoir of light as a sea in itself; and this [light], beloved, is there for you to invoke as a direct transfusion to all Lightbearers of Europe, Eastern Europe and the entire Soviet bloc....When you invoke the violet flame, it will draw forth the light of this reservoir and also maximize it, fortify it, multiply it by your own love and devotion; and therefore that light shall flow to every Lightbearer in these lands. And as it does flow to them it shall quicken them, it shall cut them free, it shall therefore transmute their spiritual and physical blindness as to those events coming....This reservoir is a certain dispensation. If those Keepers of the Flame in embodiment do not make the violet flame call daily, then this reservoir will come to be used up in its entirety, apportioned then among all Lightbearers. But if the call continues to be given, the reservoir shall be like the unfed flame. It shall not fail. It shall remain full and all that goes out of it shall be returned unto it multiplied by your call” (1988 PoW, Book I, pp. 251, 252).

Violet flame sea of light. On May 1, 1991, in Portland, Oregon, Omri-Tas announced the unprecedented dispensation of the violet flame sea of light: “I deposit in the heart of the earth a dispensation immense of concentrated violet flame. It is an intercession of the quality of mercy. It is an intercession afforded to all those who serve the Light. And through your Holy Christ Self it shall be meted out as an unguent, as an elixir. May you drink of it in your hours of need and [in your hours of] strength and keep it replenished by new calls to the violet flame. It is a giant violet flame reservoir, as a sea of light pulsating” (1991 PoW, p. 355).

Omri-Tas to be present on earth on the third of each month. On October 14, 1991, Omri-Tas announced a thirty-three-day dispensation in which he would remain on earth to “give us a boost” and multiply our violet flame decrees (p. 739, this Pearl). On November 16, 1991, at the conclusion of the thirty-three days, Omri-Tas granted another tremendous dispensation. The Messenger and chelas had written petitions to Omri-Tas, asking him to remain longer and offering pledges of violet flame decrees. In response, Omri-Tas said that he was profoundly moved by our offering but that he could not remain on earth full-time. He said there were many other planets at a similar crossroads to that of earth who were in great need of his presence. However, he was so touched by the Keepers of the Flame’s pledges of daily violet flame decrees that he promised to return to earth once a month on the third day of the month for twenty-four hours. The Messenger has declared the third of each month to be Omri-Tas’ Violet Flame Day and urges Keepers of the Flame to hold violet flame vigils in their sanctuaries from midnight to midnight. She recommends that we prepare for the coming of Omri-Tas by dedicating the second day of the month to building a rolling momentum of blue decrees, so that the legions of the First Ray of all of cosmos can clear the way for a greater penetration of the violet flame on the third. From the moment the midnight hour strikes, beginning Omri-Tas’ Violet Flame Day, there will be groups of Keepers giving the violet flame. Because there are Keepers of the Flame throughout the world in every time belt, the entire twenty-four hours will be covered.

 Those who desire to do a two-day vigil would begin on the second of the month, giving calls to Archangel Michael, the Archangel Michael Rosary, decrees to Surya and Astrea and any or all of the decrees in the blue section of the decree book, as well as Reverse-the-Tides and Judgment Calls. For those who can only give a one-day vigil, the most important day is the third of the month. As the Messenger has said, “That is the day when walls of violet flame can come down and we can be directly in the Electronic Presence of Omri-Tas.”  For those who prefer to do some of their vigil on the first day and some on the second day, the Messenger recommends a minimum of two hours of blue decrees on the second of the month and two hours of violet flame decrees on the third. In preparation for Omri-Tas’ Violet Flame Day each month, Keepers may wish to fast and pray. The Messenger recommends fasting on pressure-cooked brown rice (it may be toasted before being pressure-cooked) and bancha tea (also known as kukicha, or twig, tea). It is permissible to do this fast for three days. Rice should be considered as a sacred food and chewed no less than fifty times per mouthful. It is good to eat it slowly, taking sips of bancha tea. The Messenger has said that if the Keepers are able to fast and make the Violet Flame Day the third day of their fast, this will increase even further the dispensation of Omri-Tas.

This dictation by Omri-Tas was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Monday, October 14, 1991, during the four-day Class of the Golden Cycle held at the New Orleans Airport Hilton. The dictations of Omri-Tas and Jesus Christ are available on

1. See pp. 155-56, 474.

2.  The Sacred Ritual for Transport and Holy Work, Ashram Ritual 5, is intended to be given just before retiring. The ritual assists the soul in performing world service while out of the body during the hours of rest. See Ashram Notes, pp. 41-59; Ashram Rituals booklet, pp. 33-34, 39-52. For more on the Ashram rituals and ordering information, see p. 382 n. 3, this volume.

3. In her prophecies the Messenger has explained that the decade of the 1990s comes under the influence of the conjunction of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, which occurred in February 1988. This rare conjunction last occurred in 1307 and inaugurated a century marked by war, famine, economic hardship and the black plague, which wiped out one-third of the population of Europe. The Messenger has pointed out that astrology and history repeat themselves. We can expect to see any or all of these same conditions in the nineties because of the similar astrological configuration. See Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Astrology of the Four Horsemen, pp. 110-15.

4. The Ascended Masters teach the following way to bless water or any liquid: Hold your glass in the left hand and place the right hand over the top of the glass, palm down. The left hand is the Omega, the receiver, which extracts impurities from the liquid. The right hand is the Alpha, the giver, with which you charge it with light as you give a simple prayer. Ask in the name of your Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self for the liquid to be demagnetized of all toxins, pollutions, impurities and then charged with the light of God. Call to the angels to bless it with the specific healing properties you need for the healing of every cell and atom of your being of any negative condition, known or unknown. Call forth and visualize the violet flame charging that liquid and changing it into a violet flame elixir of light.

5. Violet flame as a physical flame. See Saint Germain, December 2, 1984, in 1984 PoW, Book II, p. 553. Also 1985 PoW, Book II, p. 416; 1988 PoW, Book I, pp. 23, 25; 1989 PoW, pp. 184-85.

6. Matt. 5:23, 24.

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8. You see, the heat is there because transmutation is taking place, and until you have transmuted an appreciable percentage of the misqualified substance, you will feel heat when you invoke the

violet flame or when a great being of Light of the violet flame stands in your aura.

9. antahkarana [Sanskrit, “internal sense organ”]:  the web of life; the net of light spanning Spirit and Matter connecting and sensitizing the whole of creation within itself and to the heart of God.

10. This vehicle may not be solid in the physical sense.