Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 34 No. 44 - Beloved Oromasis and Diana - September 15, 1991



A Mighty Plan for Transmutation

The Mystery of Becoming God
“In the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I Trust!”
The Two-Way Street of Trust

Hail, legions of angels, legions of elementals, legions of sons and daughters of God!  Now welcome all fiery salamanders to your midst! [32-second standing ovation]

For surely this is the day of the megaconjunction of the dictations of God and angels assembling from corners of cosmos. Surely the concentration in the sun of Helios and Vesta and the sun of your heart and the sun of your Mighty I AM Presence does mark a day of bursting light in the earth that shall not be turned back! [26-second standing ovation]

O the signs and the seasons, beloved ones! By the continuity of this jeweled string of light, <14> is it not so that all are touched in their personal astrology?

And therefore, from many points of entrée into your own Cosmic Clock, you find superimposed over the astrology of this life the great Causal Bodies of all who have dictated at this conference and their consorts. There have been those who have been silent and those who have been speaking to you, beloved, but altogether the hierarchies of God have come now with a mighty plan for transmutation.

Now that you have seen the wonders of the violet flame, now that we hope you have a greater momentum in calling forth that flame as you go as streamers of violet flame from this place, marking streams across the earth in your wake of violet flame, know, then, that there is much more we can do for you–oh, so much more, beloved!  For the fiery salamanders, even standing with you now, have more violet flame in their fire than they have had in many a year, for they have warmed themselves in your fires as you have warmed yourselves in their fire.

And the rainbow rays of the salamanders this day are of seven hues of violet light pulsating. They are magnificent!  And the tallest ones, beloved, are a hundred feet tall and the shorter ones are shorter than you. Fiery salamanders, beloved, are truly magnificent to behold!  And the pulsating, shimmering light of this fire is something you ought to desire to see, for perhaps God in you will fulfill that desire.

Therefore know, beloved, that all things are possible in God when you access the light of the legions of the Seventh Ray!  And all elementals count themselves a part of these legions, for they too move with the ages!

Thus, you see, since Aquarius is now officially open to you, <1>the opening of that Aquarian light can come–that light [which comes] from so many Cosmic Beings and Bodhisattvas and Buddhas who have fulfilled their own God-mastery and their cosmic consciousness of God on that Seventh Ray. For they are ready to pour forth the action of their Causal Bodies of the Seventh Ray and to multiply your calls.

Therefore, giving the violet flame [as you have during this conference], I assure you, begets [an action of the sacred fire] as no other you can invoke except that of the First Ray. For, you see, Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, must be in balance and so that balance does come to you [according to the levels of mastery you attain to in the science of invocation].

Happy are ye who have accepted the new dispensation of the era of Aquarius, who have received the Ascended Masters, who have received yourselves as potential Ascended Masters, who have not feared to be made a gazingstock <2> before the world of your admirers and those enemies who point the finger and say, “He thinks he is God!”

Well, to be sure, you think you are God and therefore you shall be God!  And that is the great mystery of life. [13-second standing ovation]

Thus, beloved, do understand this mystery of becoming God. Do understand, beloved, that you too can become as fiery salamanders with pulsating, living, lively flame bursting through your very aura.

Yes, beloved, I trust that you know that in the conclusion of this violet flame vigil of the next twenty-four hours <3> you shall, by your presence here and your faithfulness, have inaugurated a new era for the seventh dispensation.

You have unleashed those fires from the heart of Omri-Tas and all of the Violet Planet and from Saint Germain. You have gained for many Ascended Masters new open doors and opportunity. Thus, a door has likewise been opened to you today that you may see God, and this is a reward for service. Each person’s service, beloved, does [establish by karmic law] that which can return to him. [Measure for measure, there is an equivalency.]

The joy of the violet flame and the violet flame songs must not diminish. I implore you to sustain it as you journey to your separate locations that you might be a Maltese cross there. And may you have two or three with you to sustain the filling in of that matrix over your home or place of worship, over your city. <4>

Yes, beloved, it is a magnificent thing to inaugurate a spiral; it is another to sustain the momentum so that it not run down. It is like spinning a top, beloved. Do not let this momentum wind down but rather increase it!  And increase it by the power of the Causal Bodies of the planetary systems of this solar system and beyond, by points of stars and starry bodies.

Yes, beloved, let the violet flame multiply!  And it will multiply if you spin those tape recordings of the violet flame and even join in now and then as you play them in your homes and cars. It is well to decree much of the time, but if you cannot, use the amplification systems of the technology of Saint Germain to amplify that sound.

For after all, it is sound–and it is sound charged with the light of the altar of this Community and the light of the ark of the covenant–it is sound, beloved, that can neutralize the sound, though you hear it not, that is pouring forth over radio waves and other vibrations, carrying rock music and the voices of Death and Hell. Yes, beloved, sound is power!  And you have endowed and can continue to endow [the production of] your music and decree tapes with your voices, with your light, with your expert recordings and send them around the world!

O play them, beloved, and keep them with you. And do not think of decreeing those decrees that are on those tapes without those tapes, <15> because [the number of voices recorded establishes] the multiplication factor of the power of each decree on every tape. And therefore, all of the original voices who recorded [that decree] and all who around the planet are giving it are multiplying [your effort] as [all together you become] one [Mystical Light Body of God]. And therefore see how the multiplication will continue [by the power of your Oneness in God and the unison you achieve in using the decree-and-song tapes]. You must, therefore, in view of the fewer numbers [decreeing on planet earth] than we would like, use your minds, use your ingenuity and make these tapes count for an entire planetary body of sound!

Blessed ones, if the fallen ones could sink Atlantis by the misuse of sound, then you can see Atlantis rise by the correct use of sound!  [33-second standing ovation]

How, then, shall Atlantis rise?

Shall she not rise as the rising Mother Light ascends the spinal altar?

Shall she not rise as you make right the karma that you personally carry from your lifetimes on Atlantis, if any?  And most have much to do in this regard.

Yes, beloved, shall she not rise because America shall discover [her true identity] through you and through the violet flame that descends upon her by your grace and blessing and that of the ascended hosts of Light?  [“Yes!”]

Shall she not rise because, by the very action of that karma being balanced, you can then pick up where you left off, even as Phylos did pick up from where he left off on Atlantis twelve thousand years earlier, as he has taught you? <5>

You come again also. You may pick up now the threads of your destiny, the threads of the moments when you were at great heights thirty-five thousand years ago and then either went with Jesus or descended. <6>

Blessed ones, you come to the place now where you can fulfill your reason for being in a very physical and even secular way, taking up your positions in this life in your community as servants wherever your services are needed. You have much you can accomplish, beloved. Atlantis shall rise in you when you take hold of the science of taking dominion over the physical body by right consciousness, by right diet, by right exercise, by right thought and feeling, by right love.

Oh, love that goes forth from your heart is the greatest healing agent of all! For love is the dissolving of all the causes and conditions of disease. But is not that love, beloved, manifest in the mercy flame? Is it not manifest in the violet flame? Yes, indeed it is.

And therefore, let your healing services, built upon the foundation that you accomplish with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary and Saint Germain through the Watch, <7> become a spiraling of healing decree, violet flame decree, healing decree as you weave, then, [violet flame] transmutation with the Healing Thoughtform <8> and the Emerald Matrix.

So much more should you desire to keep the flame of the healing service when you have Mother Mary’s golden elixir. Yes, beloved, it is a substance that is a quickening action, yet you must provide the fire for the fire given.

So then, be on the receptive wavelength to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Discover the power of the mantra “In the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I trust!” I will tell you what good is this mantra. For this I shall let you be seated.

The good of the mantra, beloved, is this. Doubts arise, thoughts come as black arrows against the mind. This has been called “aggressive mental suggestion” and indeed aggressive it is, for it comes out of the bowels of hell, else out of your own bowels as the acidic condition thereof. Therefore know the body and the ablutions of the yogis in the Ganges. Know them well, beloved. There is the ablution of water and fire, yes, and of air itself. There is the ablution of the earth element.

Thus, to continue [on the subject] of doubt and fear and such substances:  When you have embarked upon a course, when you have set a matrix and you have said, “This I will fulfill and by this matrix I shall be made whole,” and along come the fallen ones and they attempt to remove you from that seat of the vision of perfection and wholeness, they taunt you with this and that, they distract you, they take you from your concentration and all of a sudden you are feeling a little burdened and [you hear yourself] saying, “I am not so sure, I am not so sure”–that is when you must say in the very teeth of all of error’s projections:

“In the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I trust!”

By this mantra you tell yourself, “I have surely done what my Lord has required of me this day. I have put my hand diligently to accomplish this end and purpose and this service. Therefore, I place in the heart of Mother Mary all that I am and all that I am to be and all that I must accomplish.”

Think of those things that you know you must do. Think of who you know you are and what you can be to God on earth. Think of these things and how impossible they may seem. The more impossible they seem, beloved, the more possible they are!  This is a truth you should know. And thus, you say in your heart, “In the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I trust!”  Visualize the heart of Mother Mary as a sphere the size of the cosmos, immaculate and immaculately perceiving your divine plan.

All is not lost because you made a mistake. All is not lost because you have tripped, you have fallen, you have digressed, you have taken a backward step. These things are remediable when your heart is right. And when your heart is right, your regret will be great enough to assist you in not repeating the same mistakes again and again.

Some of you look like a rote robot going up and down five steps perpetually–up five steps, down five steps, up five steps, down five steps. Would you like to envision yourself doing this all day, beloved?  [“No!”]

Well, sometimes you have done it for months and lifetimes. No wonder some angels become weary and ask for an R and R in the Central Sun!

So, you see, beloved, you must have enough regret to stop all human nonsense. Do it one by one and piece by piece and concentrate on certain areas. But when you have the victory and the vision of a particular aspect of yourself, then keep it. Keep it and hold it. Sustain it with the mantra “In the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I trust!”  This means:


      I have done my all. I have done my best. I have taken the [necessary] human footsteps. Now I know not what shall be or where I shall go but I know one thing:  the fruit of my labor shall be forthcoming through the Immaculate Heart of Mary and I trust in the geometry of that Heart, the wholeness of it, the love of it and the care of the Cosmic Virgin for me personally as a soul.

      Therefore I say to the entire sinister force, to all of you who represent the false hierarchy and the individual false-hierarchy impostors of myself on the Path, those black magicians who would imitate me and deny me my Christhood–to you and to all and to God and to the entire hosts of the Lord I proclaim on earth this day:

   [Congregation gives the mantra with Oromasis and Diana:]

In the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I trust!

In the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I trust!

In the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I trust!


It is a sealing action. When you open the door, Mother Mary then seals you in her heart and in that trust, and you are building steel bridges from your heart to the heart of Mother Mary. I speak of bridges that are strong and that many after you will use to make that transit from the lower to the higher octave.

Yes, beloved, nothing of doubt and fear can occupy the mind when this becomes your mantra, and I heartily recommend [that you use] it when you take the precious drops of Mother Mary’s golden elixir. So then, as you take those drops you will say, “In the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I trust!” And you will visualize the Healing Thoughtform around you, Mother Mary’s Electronic Presence over you, and the mighty Electronic Presence of Archangel Raphael himself, which you can take from [the photograph of his statue on] the cover of The Healing Power of Angels. <9> Such a magnificent statue is this, beloved! Yes, see that beauty of [both] Raphael and Mother Mary!  And see yourself locked inside of their auras.

Practice visualization by looking at your favorite representation of Raphael and Mother Mary; then close your eyes and visualize every detail of that picture and then open your eyes again to see what you have missed and what you have remembered. Thus begin to memorize detail and the fine lines of manifestation. And as you visualize these, they become the grid of light over you that is filled in by the Electronic Presence of Mother Mary.

Do not leave it all to us to manifest our Electronic Presence over you, beloved. Take the teaching of the Messenger in the attempt to make the beloved El Morya’s portrait more physical. <10> That attempt is designed with you in mind and with Morya in mind,therefore, that Morya may lower his vibration through that image, that you might lower El Morya’s vibration through your imaging of him.

As you see the portrait, then call for beloved El Morya to place his Electronic Presence over you and see how you feel living in the mighty Diamond Heart of beloved El Morya and walking in that heart and feeling the presence and pressure of that mind! O you can truly identify with God, beloved, more than you know, truly more than you know!

We, Oromasis and Diana, would chant the mantra “In the immaculate heart of our chelas, we trust!” We desire to find that point of sacred fire in your heart. We desire to establish that two-way street of trust.

The trust we seek is that which we have entrusted to you, for we cannot entrust it to another. <16>  It is the trust, beloved, that the violet flame momentum begun from the heart of the Violet Planet and the violet flame sea placed in the heart of the earth by Omri-Tas, <11>that the momentum of the great Causal Body of Saint Germain and Portia and all hosts of the Seventh Ray might be sustained and might be increased.

Visualize the tremendous area that the violet flame sea in the center of the earth does take up. It is greater than any sea you have ever beheld. See this violet flame sea in action now. Imagine the violet flame sea rising up as a tidal wave of violet flame by your invocations, inundating the earth, not with the power of destruction but with the power of transmutation, transmuting the cause and core of war, of Death and Hell itself, beloved. Consider, then, how you can roll these back as you reverse the tide of darkness [by the power of] the tide of the violet flame sea.

Do not think that when you invoke the violet flame sea you shall receive but a portion. By the worldwide momentum of this activity of Keepers of the Flame and those whom you draw into it, by the very power of your violet flame auras, you can raise up mighty waves of light that wash through and wash away all that could beset this civilization in this decade.

Who knows, beloved, what you can accomplish!

Aren’t you curious enough to try and see what you can accomplish?  [“Yes!”]

Curiosity, beloved, is a wonderful thing! It makes children peek into Christmas presents before the morning. It makes children tiptoe around to see what the tooth fairy has placed under their pillow. It makes them peep through keyholes to know what Mama and Papa are talking about.

So, beloved, you have curiosity in your hearts. Let it be [a curiosity] that propels an experiment of violet flame, violet flame, violet flame!  Let us see, beloved. For as you know so very well from these two dictations of Saint Germain and Omri-Tas, this is the ultimate and final opportunity devised, the [same] way and means by which the evolutions of the Violet Planet did succeed in saving their planet and raising it into higher dimensions. <12>

Thus we know and believe, do we not, that it is possible. And if it is possible, then we are curious to know what will make it possible! And, of course, it is all of us invoking the violet flame.

And when I say all of us, I am speaking also of an amphitheater of legions of the elemental kingdom who have gathered here today for my address. And they are on the edge of their seats in this giant stadium over this place listening to my words; for, you see, they too desire to invoke the violet flame but, as you have been told, they must do it in conjunction with yourselves. Therefore they will gather round you and they will create with each and every one who does offer a decree a tie to the heart whereby they may invoke and sing and decree with you. What a chorusing this shall be!

You ought, then, to be truly a tuning fork. For some of them do not know how to sing too well, beloved, and you will have to keep them on key. And therefore you will have to find the key!  And the key is the key of Aquarius. It is the Seventh Ray wavelength and vibration.

O what wonders are possible to you in God!  What wonders, beloved!

May you try. May you try!  T-R-Y–the great formula of Saint Germain’s alchemy. <13>  May you try this alchemy, if not for any other reason than that you are curious to see how it works–but I hope for the greater reason that you know that if you work it, you may just work this planet into the golden age of Aquarius!

I thank you. [53-second standing ovation]

This dictation by Oromasis and Diana was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, July 7, 1991, during FREEDOM 1991 held at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. [N.B. Throughout this Pearl, bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under Oromasis and Diana’s direction for clarity in the written word.]

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14. The “jeweled string of light” is a reference to the six dictations delivered consecutively, of which this dictation was the fourth.

15. If you find that the decrees are either too fast or too slow for you, you may stop the tape after the preamble and give the decree at your own pace, picking up with the tape again when and if you find the speed meets your need. Then fast-forward to the next song or

decree and continue after songs and preambles to go at your own speed, with or without the tape. It is preferable to decree with the tape but if you can’t, it is better to decree without it than not at all.

16. Any quality that God desires to see in his chelas, he must first entrust to them, so that they might then manifest it. Trust is a quality that the Ascended Masters seek in their chelas. As they have given us their trust, they desire our trust in return.