Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 34 No. 12 - Beloved Lady Master Nada - March 24, 1991


A Purging Love
The Sword of the Ruby Ray
Let the Long Night of the Persecution
of the Woman and Her Children Be Done!


Into this city of Jesus Christ I am come to nurture your souls and many souls. I am Nada of the living flame of Love. By the sword of the Ruby Ray, Love’s own, I cut free many out of the astral plane from perversions of Love, suffusion in self, in pessimism, in that denial of Love itself.

I come to turn souls right side out. I come to turn them to the God of Love [and to the] understanding that this Love is all-embracing, embracing all of the virtues of God, all of the attributes of God.

Do understand this, beloved. When you think of Justice or Mercy, when you think of Truth–all is Love. All is an extension of Love, a new qualification of Love that is ever moving through you, stimulating the body temple and allowing it to be the full outpouring [of Love].

Pore by pore let Love stream through you!  Love is [invoking] the transmutation of violet flame. Love is [invoking] all dispensations of God to intercede on behalf of those who have strayed or been led astray.

Many angels gather and the fierceness of expression on the faces of seraphim who now accompany Astrea and hosts of the Fourth Ray will also teach you another face of Love–Love that is the fierceness, the razor’s edge that can separate you from false loves without even harming so much as a hair of your skin.

Yes, beloved, the true and the false, the Light and the Dark are commingled. Thus, for the self to emerge there must be a purging Love. It is the Ruby Ray. Purging Love is, too, the trial by fire.

I am Nada of the Law of Love, and by Love I have been the advocate for many, many centuries of the child of Light that has been abused by fallen angels and of woman persecuted not by the true sons of God but by those devils in embodiment who are a disgrace to the Masculine Ray.

Yes, beloved, I AM the champion of the cause of the Woman and her seed. I come to champion your cause before the Bar of Justice, before the Lords of Karma.

Do not take to yourselves the guilt that children do when they are abused by parents or others. The soul who has been violated is not guilty except in this, beloved:  in her failure to develop enough Love as the All-Seeing Eye of God to have the discernment and the discrimination not to approach, [or to allow herself to be approached by,] these fallen ones who come to rape her of her Light and to tear her children from her breast and womb.

Yes, beloved, I come as a “Goddess of Love,” if you will, a being of Light who does stand between you and the oppressors. I champion the soul of sons of God who bear the Masculine Ray in this hour. For, as you know, the soul is the feminine potential of man, of woman and child.

I come, therefore, with legions of Love. They have called me to be their spokesman as they come from far-off worlds, some in rose, some in delicate pink, some in ruby fire, some with a fierceness of hosts arrayed for the battle–but come they do, beloved, for they have heard the call of Jesus.  They have heard the call of that revolution taken up again by this woman and yourselves, that revolution for and on behalf of the rights of woman and the rights of her children. Thus they come.

As Jesus unfurled the revolution, the banner of Maitreya and the World Mother in the beginning, so shall you go forth and see how the equality of the Father-Mother God shall blossom in sons and daughters of Light. And the fallen angels who go after the Woman and her seed shall be bound!

It is the era of the judgment, beloved, and those who are servants of God may now receive in due course of their path of initiation fire upon fire of resurrection’s flame.

Understand, then, what is the purpose of resurrection’s flame as it pertains to the trial by fire. It is this, beloved. The resurrection flame is like a bubbling elixir. It is a mother-of-pearl radiance and when it comes through the body and rises up, it will bring to the surface all things.

Thus, quickly you may look at those agents of darkness, at those pockets of God-denial. You shall see them for what they are, for you shall see through the third eye and know that they may go into the flame, they may pass. Let them pass!  Be not attached!  Do not revolve again and again the old things–the old things of Atlantis and Lemuria and bygone days of darkness.

The resurrection flame does flush out, does consume, does carry away, does refine before it comes to the final work upon your soul, clothing you in garments of the Sixth Ray, clothing you in that Light of Christhood.

Thus the resurrection flame brings to the fore all of the Good, all of the attainment, all that you have won as victory lifetime after lifetime, which the fallen angels have denied and taken from you, mounting upon you again and again the condemnation of Death and Hell itself.

Resurrection’s fire brings now new life, the green of springtime, the new shoots. And all that is less, all that is not to be preserved is taken away as you yourself reject it. Keep this. Reject that. It is a sorting process.

The resurrection flame sorts for you but you have free will. You must be able to look at things, records, people, situations, longings, unfulfilled expectations and say to them all:

“I am a God-free being complete in myself in the heart of God. I do not need this. I do not need that. I do not need the next thing. Others may need my belongings. Let them have them. I am a being of Love and Love’s resurrection. I will give Love and all else I have I shall give away.”

Be God-free, beloved, for in the way of life in this decade you may more easily meet an angel or an Ascended Master walking down the street than a discarnate entity–if you keep the ring of fire round about you. Let your presence be fierce in Divine Love, perpetually repelling negative forces!  They come to steal your Light. Do not be entertained by them nor entertain them.

Move with definiteness of purpose!  Move with the inner vision. Move with the awareness that you are a sphere of Light, you are a compartment of God’s consciousness and we use you twenty-four hours a day to bring Light, Light, Light–Light of the Central Sun, Light of the Sacred Heart, Light of your Holy Christ Self [to all servants of God in the earth].

Be a sending and receiving station. Be a beacon in the night. Be a pillar of fire and a lighthouse on the rock!  Many have need of your heart’s love.

I call you to the role of angel, of Ascended Master and of teacher. I call you, beloved. For I present to you another vision, not that which you see on television as role models of glamour pass before you, as the soap operas play on and on out of the astral realm, those patterns insidiously entering the lives of many [who, by their attention on them,] are consigned to such a narrow band of this physical octave, such a narrow [space between] top and bottom.

Consciousness is narrow on this platform called planet earth. Have none of it!  Expand into the third and fourth dimensions, beloved. Move in the earth as you are in what you are:  the Great God Self in the process of merging with your soul, your soul in the process of becoming the bride of the Lamb.

Think big, beloved!  Your Causal Body is vast, yet you use but a trickle of it. Your Mighty I AM Presence is all the Power, all the Wisdom, all the Love of a cosmos, yet somehow [your] threefold flame does not grow proportionately. It will in answer to your call but you must have the vision!  You must have the understanding of just how mighty is the Lord and how much of that Lord can manifest through you daily.

O the Love of the heavenly hosts!  O the divine pity for all upon earth!  O the sense of joy, of hope, of courage we bring!  These are days of golden sunshine, of hours infilled with the finest perceptions:  a sense of co-measurement of who you are, who you have been for a million years and more, where you are surely going on the path of your ascension. With your determination fixed on the goal, blessed ones, by the grace of God you will not fail.

Some of you know that the Lords of the Seven Rays have opened their seven etheric retreats <1>to receive [the souls of] students out of the body while they sleep at night as they go forth clothed in the etheric garment. We remind you that these universities of the Spirit are open, that you may study there and bring back what you can the [next] morning or days later [as you recall] what you experienced.

And if you would like to have the specific details of what you are learning at inner levels, [you should know that] we have sponsored the Ascended Masters’ university in the physical octave [to this end]. Called Summit University, it convenes for twelve-week retreats at the Royal Teton Ranch, base of Maitreya’s Mystery School in Montana. There you can come for spring quarter this year <4> and there you can learn in the physical octave what [your soul] receives at night.

It is a retreat. It is a rebuilding. It is the flushing out [of the psyche] by the power of resurrection’s flame. It is an opportunity to change gears and to go forth therefrom in your life’s calling and mission to any city upon earth that you choose.

I heartily recommend this. For I, Nada, am one of the sponsoring Lady Masters who does tutor and work with those who would teach many the teachings of the path of Life, of putting on the personal Christhood, of discipleship unto the Ascended Masters. Yes, beloved, our program is full. It is designed to give you what you have not had in this lifetime or many lifetimes of the mystery teachings of Jesus Christ, the true message of the prophets, the way of the Buddha and Lao Tzu and Confucius and Zarathustra and Melchizedek and the many Lights of all ages who are your ascended brothers and sisters.

When you go forth armed with Love, armed with knowledge and armed with the power that your mastery of the science of the spoken Word will give you, you will know with a confidence and a certainty that you will fulfill your mission, your fiery destiny in this life.

I pray that you will know that you who have come here are called out. You are the “called-out ones” <5>and many souls are waiting for you to return with the message of their liberation.

We have spoken of souls caught on the astral plane. Let us speak of souls in embodiment who yet live in the astral consciousness that is spewed out to them through the television and the low-grade music that is played upon this planet. There are individuals moving about this city who are so caught [and so caught up] in the astral plane that they cannot in any way recognize or feel the vibration of Ascended Masters and angels in their midst.

 We would rescue them but they are in a state of fascination, fascination with the baubles and trinkets of the astral plane and the voices that “mutter and peep” <2>and offer their statements though they do not have the qualifications of Ascended Masters. And thus if you could combine all of the voices that might be heard speaking from out that astral plane attempting to influence you, beloved, it would sound as a roar and as a din. And you would find that all of them cancel each other out, whereas the voice of the Son of God within your own heart is sufficient unto you.

Many have lost that attunement. They are supersaturated with astral debris and cannot see a Lightbearer or recognize a Lightbearer though they might be face-to-face with one in physical embodiment. Pity the souls who are in this fascination, who when they pass from the screen of life simply float hither and yon as flotsam and jetsam on the astral sea that is rising. And its dark waters inky black, beloved, pull souls down into a world [whirl] of nothingness and more nothingness.

I charge you with this thought, beloved:  Had the world of Christendom given to you the sense of your great God-free being and of the Christ in you and your mission to be that Christ, you and many of these [souls] would never have been moved by the lesser entities floating along the sewers of the lower octaves. It is because all Light, all dominion, all mastery is denied to you in the name of the [human] god [they have made of] Jesus Christ [that you have been moved by lesser entities]!

They have made of him an idol while denying [you] your own Christhood, [which he proclaimed]. Therefore it is [considered] blasphemy [by the powers that be] to utter that God is in you, that you are that full expression and that you can be the refinement of that expression in short time.

Thus you see, beloved, without the sense of the imminence of God [being manifest] in you, the imminence of that Christ being born and coming to full stature within you, you go astray seeking that Person in someone else. Thus when they say, “Lo, Christ is here and Christ is there,” go not. <3> For Christ is in you.

Now then, beloved, accept that there is a shining crystal cord. It is tied to your heart. It goes back to your Great God Presence and all the way back to the Great Central Sun. You are extensions of that Central Sun upon a darkened planet. You are confident that the bond is strong.

This is the umbilical cord between you and your Father-Mother God. Over it flows the Light/Energy/Consciousness [of Elohim]–all that you need to fulfill your mission, all that you need for perfect health. Know, then, that you are indeed extensions most beloved and that in you is the key to your destiny.

Yes, beloved, come back to your I AM Presence. Come back to the flame in your heart!  It is God, not merely a reflection of God as the metaphysicians would tell you. You are not a mere reflection of God:  you are the manifestation of God!  Not only are you the mirror image of that Holy Christ Self, but you are made of that “God stuff.”

Yes, beloved, in the negative polarity of being that is in polarity with the Spirit cosmos you are your God in action every day, every hour, gaining victory, victory, victory!  Your hand is the hand of God in action. Your heart contains the heartbeat of God!  Your soul, once a part of that great God, has separated out and now must find her way back.

Therefore the Teacher is come, the Teachings are with you and available, and the Path is made plain. I ask you to take twelve weeks of your life to ratify this teaching, to clear your auras; for I, Nada, would use you. I would use you as an electrode to draw to you first and foremost your own twin flame that you might know a mission that can be fulfilled together. Whether [you are] separate or apart [in this world], I desire to see that locking together [of twin flames] at inner levels [even] if outer circumstance does not permit a physical uniting in service.

I would draw to you secondly those souls that may be anywhere upon this planet in this moment who are a part of what we call the mandala.  The mandala is a thoughtform. It is a geometrical design and there are souls who form a part of that mandala–we shall say, the “group karma,” the “group destiny.”

When you are together in alliance, one in spirit and mind and heart, you can achieve your reason for being. Whatever your purpose in life, there should be with you now those souls who are a part of that [same] forward upward movement [to which you belong].

Beloved, look at what it takes to launch a rocket and recognize that to launch you in the miracle victory of the ascension to the octaves of Light does require thrust!  And thrust, beloved, is the momentum of Light that you garner, that is reinforced and multiplied by the mandala of you and your co-workers, your brothers and sisters, your family.

You may find many of them within this Community of the Holy Spirit gathered on the mountain in Montana. You yourself will attract others to complete your unit in the larger picture, which you [together] represent as one [unit] of the Mystical Body of God on earth. You need no longer be the lonely ones. You need not search. Your God is with you and the Ascended Masters have called you out to sponsor you.

May you accept our offer, beloved, and may you know that if at any time you discover a better place, you are free to move on. Know, then, that we would give you all of our Love again and again, for we are infilled [by Love] and emptied daily. We are self-emptied that we might be filled again, and we give all that we are.

We give you Love and we ask you to give [Love] in return to the Light evolutions of a planet that the end of this age might behold the victory of many ascending ones and others who are prepared in the rigors of self-discipline to lay foundations of a future generation and age to come.

There are two reasons for entering the path of the ministering servant.  One is to make your ascension and teach many others how to do the same, for that is your divine plan. Two is to prepare yourself to have the greatest Light and adeptship so that you might choose to reembody, perhaps a number of times, to bring to the earth and sustain in the earth your art, your science, your healing method, whatever you have that you must contribute to the foundations of Aquarius.

In either case, you need training. You need to put down the excess baggage and the baggage of a fragmented psychology that can be resolved through Light, through counseling, through imploring [the Holy Spirit] and through decrees.

I, Nada, am an instructor in Love. There is no teaching that is taught by the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood to which I do not add my Love. Love, then, gives a new understanding of all forms of higher learning and discipline.

Thus, I open my heart in the name Jesus Christ. I open my heart to you and I set the example to all women of this age. You can walk the earth as unascended Lady Masters, even as I walk the earth as the Ascended Lady Master Nada. Henceforth you shall not be alone:  I will be there. Speak my name and give the call.

I take your hand, for I am determined that the long night of the persecution of the Woman and her children shall be done before we enter Aquarius. Will you help me, sons and daughters of God?–I plead. [“Yes!”  (19-second applause)]

I thank you with all of my heart and I am counting on you to make this a reality in the physical octave, here in the earth, here in the streets of Los Angeles.



This dictation by Lady Master Nada was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Monday, February 18, 1991, at the Los Angeles Hilton and Towers. The dictation followed the Messenger’s lecture “On Dealing with Death, Discarnates and Malevolent Spirits, Part II,” with commentary on the movie Flatliners.  The Messenger taught on near-death experiences and illustrated her discussion with excerpts from the writings of Raymond Moody. She gave teaching on the “life reviews” that many report having had during near-death experiences and explained how choices made during a lifetime determine what level of the etheric or astral plane one is assigned to after death. She also taught on discarnates and the “realm of bewildered spirits”; the consequences of suicide; atonement and the law of karma. In her analysis of the movie Flatliners, the Messenger discussed the psychology and near-death experiences of the main characters. She gave instruction on forgiveness, resolution and balancing karma; entities and addiction; and how discarnate forces can cause physical injury. The lecture is available on videocassette (165 min., GP91042) and on audiocassette (160 min., A91049). Nada’s dictation is available with Astrea’s on videocassette (120 min., HP91038). Each dictation is also available separately on audiocassette:  Nada (67 min., B91051); Astrea (71 min., B91052).

1. On January 1, 1986, Gautama Buddha announced that he and the Lords of Karma had granted the petition of the Lords of the Seven Rays to open universities of the Spirit in their etheric retreats for tens of thousands of students to pursue the path of self-mastery on the seven rays. Students receive training under the Seven Chohans and the Maha Chohan during successive two-week sessions. See 1986 PoW, Book I, pp. 178-81; Book II, pp. 689-90; and 1990 PoW, p. 337 (chart).

2. Isa. 8:19.

3. Matt. 24:23-26; Mark 13:21, 22; Luke 17:20, 21.

4. for the eight-week summer course that convenes June 27-August 25, 1991, or for the twelve-week fall quarter that convenes September 23-December 15, 1991

5.”called-out ones,” from the Greek ekklesia (church) [from Greek ek ‘out of’; kaleo ‘to call’]