Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 33 No. 24 - John the Beloved - June 24, 1990


“A New Heaven and a New Earth”
The Great Mystery of the Christos
The White Cube of the Holy City


Beloved of God,

I come to you as the beloved of our Lord. And yet, who is not his beloved?

I will tell you who is. It is the one who loves the Law that is written in his heart, who desires only to press his head against his breast <1> to hear the heartbeat, even the pulsation, of a cosmos. Therefore the one who does love the heart of Christ, the soul of Christ, the mind of Christ, the body of Christ is truly his beloved and in the sense of discipleship is also his wife, his bride.

Therefore I come to you to contemplate the great mystery of the Christos imparted to me and others who surrounded him on earth and [to] many who since that hour have studied at the feet of Jesus, not only in his [etheric] retreat [at] Saudi Arabia but also in other retreats of the Great White Brotherhood.

And Jesus also assigns his apostles and disciples who are ascended ones in heaven to teach in all of the etheric retreats, that souls coming from earth’s schoolroom who have embodied the spirit of compassion and humility and works of love in his name might by their love-tie to him now be illumined and walk in a higher wisdom, <2> even [the wisdom of] the things that have been hid from the foundations of the world. <3>  These things are made plain, beloved.

Wherefore, those who are taught [in our retreats] desire with a profound desiring to go out again. Even the very ones who may have accepted the denial of reincarnation [while in embodiment] are now so ready and anxious to go back to the plane of earth and to go after those who have been lost to a false doctrine.

You are some of those who have come forth, who have been granted the dispensation to go out of the schoolrooms of Jesus to take embodiment, to find the thread of contact, only to come upon such a cornucopia of books and teachings [dictated to the Messengers] as to fill your heart and your cups and your chakras with the light of wisdom and a deeper love and an inseparable oneness with your Lord that you might go out and bring that teaching to the many.

Thus, you have come to this conference seeking the new heaven and the new earth [and] the renewal of your soul and your four lower bodies as the bride of Christ; [you have come] seeking the New Day, knowing well that you have made a transition and been transformed beyond the old order to the new. For you are already entering in to the new cycles that are presaged by this twelve-year cycle <4> [of] transmutation you are in.

I say to you, then, that the coming Light and the coming resolution and the coming alchemy beyond the year 2000 is already a coil within your bodies. And so while you walk the earth during this time of trouble, trouble such as has not been seen for many tens of thousands of years, <5> you are caught up in the Holy Spirit and in the New Jerusalem, which is the Retreat of the Divine Mother, <6> that City Foursquare in the etheric octave that has its focus over this place.

Thus, you come and go in the Holy City, frequenting it even as you might have frequented an ancient city of Atlantis or Lemuria in the days of their golden ages. Therefore you are content with less in the physical octave, for you daily enter into the luxury of the Light itself in its redundant beauty and abundance. Thus, you live in your own aura in the Holy City, even as I, John, received that city and saw that city descending out of heaven, a bride adorned for her husband.

Is not the white cube <7> of self the distillation of self, [truly] all that one is in Reality, one of the stones that is a part of and does make up that Holy City?  See this giant cube [of the Holy City] glistening white suspended in a cosmos!  Surely it is the manifestation of many souls who have become brides of Christ with or without the full knowledge of his Divine Doctrine such as you receive here. For by Love and Love alone these have gone through paths and initiations and the purification of the soul and the four lower bodies.

Love is truly the foundation of all that you will be taught and [all that you will] know of a higher Truth. And without that Love, an intellectual recitation of the knowledge of the teachings of Jesus Christ will not suffice.

Thus, [in order to have and to maintain and to sustain the new heaven and the new earth in this octave,] it is necessary to have a living bride in ye all, [to have] a living witness, a living Messenger [and] the activity and the action ongoing of the Light being received, the Light being multiplied, the Light rejoicing in you and you rejoicing in the Light. Such as this is the new heaven and the new earth!

Those who can leave behind the [karmic] burdens of the past may experience this day in their own being and world, consciousness and heart this new heaven, this new earth and maintain it and sustain it through the walk in this physical plane, through the initiation even of the crucifixion, even to the descent into hell <8> to preach to those lost, [to those] gone astray or [to] the proud rebels who remain [in a state of rebellion] and will not be converted.

It matters not whether or not one [to whom you preach] is converted [by you]. It does matter that you speak the Truth and that you speak the message of salvation in “the tongue,” as the Messenger has told you, and in the understanding of your hearer. Therefore let the heart communicate to the heart. This is the true love of Christ and his beloved.

I ask you, then, to seek another gift of God, the eighth. <9> It is the new chelas, the new students of the Ascended Masters, Lightbearers the world around, who have never heard the message of the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. I ask you to seek them [out] by a number of avenues.

May you seek them by announcing, in your local newspapers or in publications [that advertise] spiritual activities, a new meditation group forming so that they might come [to your meeting] and know what is the meaning of a worldwide Ashram that requires no signing of papers, no membership in the outer, no disaffiliation from any other organization but only the [application of the] heart and only a minimum time spent each week in joining, [each in his own home,] in these [meditation] rituals <10> given by El Morya unto the glory of God in Christ in every man and woman.

Thus, beloved, lead them gently by the hand, and by and by let them know of Saint Germain and give them the Messenger’s teachings on the steps of alchemy and precipitation. <11> For many love ritual, many love meditation [and] many know already the power of visualization.

Think what can be done for the healing of planet earth [as] more and more come to understand the tremendous power of the group meditation in the Sacred Ritual for the Creation of the Cloud! <12> This ritual, beloved, is surely a testimony in itself of the works of God in his sons and daughters. For when this ritual is followed as given, and the concentration and the love and the visualization and the tremendous desiring to bring about constructive world change are there, [change will come about and] it will be noted, it will be seen. It is almost, beloved, almost impossible to give a nine-day novena or longer in the ritual of the cloud and not to note physical, tangible results!

This method, beloved, of visualizing and intensifying the white fire, the Light of the I AM Presence, does result in the following for the individual who does give it for the benefit of others:  the pulling down of the cloud that has been called “the cloud of unknowing.” <13>  But it is “the cloud of knowing”!  For you do not worship the unknown God <14> but you worship the known Divine Monad, the I AM THAT I AM, the YOD HE VAU HE, even the Holy One of God!

And this Holy One is surrounded by the intensity and the immensity of the fiery cloud of the entire Causal Body of your lifestream. Thus, when you call down that Light [in order] to intensify it in this physical plane for physical alchemy, you are also drawing down your Mighty I AM Presence, your Causal Body of Light (known as the Dharmakaya), and you truly walk with God.  And not only are you singing the song “I’ll Walk with God” but you are walking in the Presence of the I AM.

And this [cloud of knowing] does come to you and you feel it now and then. And it is Holiness unto the Lord!  Holiness unto the Lord!  Holiness unto the Lord!  And you see why the ancient priests had [these words] inscribed upon their foreheads. <15>

Thus, Holiness unto the Lord!  was the acknowledgment of the holiness of the I AM THAT I AM that should be the vestment and the clothing of the true priest of God. And aye, it is [the sign] of the true Order of Melchizedek. <16>  For those who would walk as priests and priestesses of the sacred fire must have as their goal walking in the Presence of the I AM.

As part of that goal, you know that you must first embody the Christos and the mystery of the Christos. And do you know what enhances your embodying of that Christ?  It is knowing the mysteries, knowing the teachings, knowing the words of Jesus Christ recorded in the Gospels [and] also in those Gospels not included in the church canon <17> [and recorded as well] in all the dictations of beloved Jesus that have gone forth through the Two Witnesses <18> of his Light, who are the two pillars in this Church Universal and Triumphant.

Know, beloved, that these words are precious, likewise the teachings of the Messengers on the mysteries of Christ. As these are brought to the fore and you contemplate them and learn them anew and go through the exercises of memorizing some, knowing others by logic, knowing others by an inner understanding, you will see how even the meditation upon the Word of God will bring you nigh–unto what?  Unto the Holy Spirit. For it is by the Spirit of the Lord that every Christed one does speak. <19>

Blessed hearts, you who seek to know the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as your own by the living flame of Love, known of the saints of all ages, must seek to remove every little crumb of barrier that would come between you and that Christ and his divine embrace wherein you find yourselves in the arms of Jesus [as] his very own, his precious one, his beloved.

And as you understand that the Father is your very own Father and yours alone, though he be the Father of a cosmos of evolving souls, so you will come to know that when you are with Jesus he is all yours and you are all his. And, of course, there is no barrier in Jesus toward loving you as his own and his bride.

Therefore seek to remove from self those things that you know would stand between you and the divine embrace of your Lord. Only to remember this, only to long for this, only to anticipate this [divine embrace] each day as the bride waits for her Divine Lover!  So, blessed ones, this and this alone ought to keep you alert, awake, alive, fully conscious and loving him, performing your duties that are always with the intent of feeding his sheep. <20>

I come representing the new heaven, the new earth and the new Church, the new Light and the new people and the new covenant. I come, beloved, therefore, with my offering. Whether your group of meditators and communers with God should take up the calling of the Lords of the Seven Rays [and teach their way] or go into the Lost Years and Lost Teachings of Jesus, it is up to you to present a graded, measured program to souls of Light whom you may contact.

If [you truly desire] this [work] to be the center and circumference of your life, if removing stones of stumbling between yourself and the heart of Jesus means to become his Sacred Heart, to work his works and to pronounce his word, then I say, accommodate your lives and see to it that [the work does in deed become] the central theme of [your] giving [of] the Word of God to those who have somehow heard [of it] somewhere but have not made the connection.

O pray with such fervor daily that you may meet them, that God will bring them to you!  Fill your cup with Light so that you are never empty but always ready to give. Care for your body as Jesus would and see to it that that body is the servant of the Lord and renewed daily in right nourishment, setting aside all that dulls the mind and weakens the brain and does not allow the full faculties to express.

Your mission will be as good as your physical preparedness. For without the horse, how shall the rider ride?  And the mind and the soul and the heart, the desire body and the memory must ride upon a good steed of physical body. And this physical body can be re-created this day by Light if you are willing to put yourself through the process.

Therefore, eat to serve. Eat to live. Eat to deliver the Light. And set aside all indulgences that detract from your calling, whether these be an absence of mental or emotional discipline or otherwise.

I, John, speak to you of the mighty miracle that is spoken of about myself; and I will tell you that the miracles of God that took place in my life were the result of the cells of my body being filled with the Light of my Lord, who is evermore the Lover of my soul.

By the Ashram Ritual meditations given to you from the heart of El Morya this process will take place. The cells must be emptied of such things as lust and desire and slothfulness and addiction to the things of this world that come from drugs and other substances. But, beloved, the cells filling with Light become as that shaft of Light which Jesus purely was, as described by Saint Germain in the opening chapters of [his Studies in] Alchemy.

Thus, that shaft of pure Light can be you!  And the ray of Light, of course, comes from the Source, the Unfed Flame–the Light of which, as it has been said, does not cast a shadow. Since that Source is limitless, all you need to understand is the mechanism–I say, the mechanism! For it is a lever of thought!  It is a lever of the mind!  It is the strength of the mind that opens each day and says:


My God, enter my temple!
Thou art eternal Life,
The ever-pure crystal stream of that River of Life.
Thou art the new Life
And I AM limitless Light in manifestation!
And my Life goes forth
To quicken those who have no Life in them.

   Thus, you serve by the descending Niagara of the Light of the I AM THAT I AM, which is closer and closer to you; for this is the known God and the known cloud of infinite energy.

Infinite means infinite! If you have infinite energy, then the wise dominion of your four lower bodies will enable you to serve to a ripe old age, will guarantee your self-mastery, your ascension and that many, many souls will come into the communion of the Lord by the work of your hand.

Praise God that the Book of Revelation has survived!  Praise God that my Epistles have survived!  May you read between the lines; for herein are the mysteries of God hidden from the foundation of the world and, as it has been said, <21> truly the understanding of your own psychology.

What is desire?  One must know desire. And I trust, for I have been sent by Hierarchy to speak on this, that my words concerning desire may seal the many words that have already been spoken to you by those of our bands.

Desire must be acknowledged. One must own [one’s wants. One must own up to] what one wants, what one does not want–to be, to do, to speak, to write, to work–the desire for something or to do something or to be something. It is sinful, as El Morya has recently said, to serve God anywhere and not desire to do so. It is a sin to be in church yet to not want to be there or to serve on the staff of this Community while one desires not to serve.

Does that mean because you have a desire not to do what is the will of God that you should not do it and simply go off and play and pipe your tunes and frolic in the breezes, going here and there subject to every whim?  I say to you, beloved, not so. Not so! [The key] is to acknowledge one’s desire and then to decide if one wants to retain or to remove that desire.

Desires are many times the product of the lesser self, of upbringing, of the norms of civilization, the goals of society, pressure from peers or authority figures saying to you, “You ought to do this, you ought to do that, you ought to do this, you ought to do that,” until your life is filled with oughts and you do not own anything you are saying or doing.

It is very clear from scriptures, from the holy words of God spoken by prophets and avatars, Christs and Buddhas, what is the Path, what is the holy will of God. Therefore, if thou desirest not this path, then use the tools you have been given so carefully by the Masters and the Messengers to go after what you perceive in yourself as inordinate desire. But even this you must do because you desire to do it!

So you see, beloved, if there is no resolution, if in the four lower bodies, part pull this way, part the other, where will the soul be?  Where will the energy be?  Where will the integrated personality in God be?

Overcoming incorrect desire may be a great struggle. But if you determine that you do not want that desire, then you [must] give your commitment to God [that you will] to be done with it!  Invoke his mighty intercessors, the Archangels and others of the heavenly hosts, to assist you in binding that [wrong desire] and replacing it by right desire through an ordered life of the study of the scriptures, of prayer, of service and of joy and happiness in personal fulfillment that is indeed lawful and does not detract from [your] goal of service.

For God has never decreed that you should be without love and joy and happiness and freedom; and you need not feel guilty because you desire these, for life must be in balance. And when Adam was alone and cried out for an helpmeet, so God gave her to him, and the twin flame came into manifestation in this plane. Therefore you understand that you are not meant to be alone and that is why there are many gathered together.

But often the karmic lot decrees some situation that must first be fulfilled before the promises of God can be fulfilled in you. For you see, beloved, in the past you have broken your promises to God. You have broken his laws and commandments and you have even broken your vows. Therefore to arrive at the place of balance and perfect happiness may involve passing through a dark passage or the dark night of the soul.

But if the desiring is for true resolution and not partial, if the desiring is to enter in to the Light fully clothed with the wedding garment, <22> then the desire will also be to bear any burden, to pass through any situation that is unpleasant, to work any work. For one knows that this is a means to an end and [one] can keep the perspective that it will not always be this way.

God does keep his promises, beloved, but they are always fulfilled according to his Law of Love. You are a major part of the fulfillment of the promises. And in some instances God can do nothing for the one who ties up all of his energy in a negative spiral and refuses to come out of a black cloud even while asking God to save him.

So you see, beloved, free will harnessed to God’s will unlocks the power of a cosmos for constructive change. Try it and you will see!  But do not forever be a house divided against itself. <23>  And if you do not find the means or the way to come to a resolution of what you believe to be the highest calling and the highest will, seek [the] aid of counsellors, ministers, friends and brothers and sisters on the Path; for they will comfort you and support you.

If you cannot come to your resolution, then, it is better to go the way of whatever desire it is that you have. <24>  For sometimes, as you have also been taught, the fulfilling of these desires does ultimately satiate the soul, who cries out and says, “Enough is enough!  My cups are full and yet I am still empty!  Now I am ready for the path of the Lord.”

Thus, beloved, it may seem a complex process. But if you would read of our Lord’s struggle with this, go back to Gethsemane. <25> For as he had his Gethsemane, you may have your own, and the outcome must not depend upon disciples sleeping yonder but upon your communion with God.

This teaching of the Ascended Masters provides you with the means of oneness with God in the most graphic and concrete way by the science of the spoken Word, which is truly the ancient science of the Word practiced on Lemuria, Atlantis and in golden ages.

You have the means to achieve whatever you desire.

This day define your desires and have done with it and get on with your life!  For if you think you may betray the Lord or the Community or the kingdom of God with your wrong desires, I say, your wrong desires are already a betrayal. Therefore, let us find true resolution and be “true to thine own self.” <26>

May you therefore define the self that you would be true to, whether [you will be] true to the not-self, with its hankering after this and that, true to the soul that is often silenced by the strong intellect, true to the heart in its purest form as the heart of Christ or true to the heart in its sympathetic manifestation before transmutation in the sacred fire. So you see, beloved, even to be true to oneself, one must desire to know who is oneself and one must choose what self one is to be.

Now I would read to you from my own Epistle, that I might illumine this word:


      That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of Life;

      (For the Life was manifested, and we have seen it, and bear witness, and shew unto you that eternal Life, which was with the Father, and was manifested unto us;)

      That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us:  and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ.

      And these things write we unto you, that your joy may be full. - I John 1:1-4

   Know, then, that you who would be apostles of Christ Jesus must seek and find and desire with all of your desiring to hear this God, this Father, the I AM THAT I AM, this Son Jesus Christ.

To hear, to see, to look upon and to handle with your hands, truly hands of the heart and the mind, to handle and touch the garment of Jesus as he wears the ruby robe in this hour, as you see the Sacred Heart, to touch his hand, to say, “I have known him intimately,” you need not have lived two thousand years ago. You need only to feel such a Love in your heart [whereby you know] that Jesus is standing next to you. He places his arm on your shoulder. His hand rests [there] and you feel that current transferred. And you dare touch his garment, for he is your brother.

This is the Life that is manifest with you now. And I bore witness that I had seen it, and you must also bear witness. Yet you cannot bear false witness. Therefore by the Holy Spirit and by one-pointedness you must seek to “acquaint now thyself with him and be at peace.” <27>

What message, then, did we bring for having known Jesus Christ?  And what message will you bring?  What will you conclude from your intimacy with Christ?  This is what I wrote:


      This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is Light, [that God is Light!  that God is Light!] and in him is no Darkness at all. - I John 1:5

   This we saw and witnessed in Jesus. Blessed ones, had my witness been a flesh-and-blood witness, should I have seen the Light?  Nay!  I saw in him God and I saw in him the Light which is God. And in the place of the Light enshrined as Christos there is no Darkness at all! May it be said of you. May you say it of yourself as a fiat:


Lo, God as Christ lives in me!
And God is Light!
In him is no Darkness at all–
Therefore in me there is no Darkness of wrong desire!
It is consumed by the sacred fire!
I submit myself even unto the alchemist’s cauldron.
I submit myself to the sacred fire!

   This Truth was and is true of me as it was and is true of Christ Jesus, and this is why we preached the message. We were the witness and we must witness unto the Christ in every man that is the manifestation of God.


      If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in Darkness, <28>we lie, and do not the Truth.


I John 1:6

   I am saddened to tell you, beloved, how many liars there are in Christendom according to this definition. For they do lie. For they yet walk in Darkness as false shepherds, false Christs, false pastors, false rabbis, false priests, beloved. They are abroad in the land, and they transmit their Darkness to others and cannot bear witness to the true and living Ascended Master Jesus Christ!  Why do they resist speaking of the Ascended Master Jesus Christ?  It is my opinion that they do not desire to see him in the full power of his Ascended Master Light Body, capable of being present here and now simultaneously at every altar and pulpit upon the planet and beyond. They do not desire such proximity, for his Light will expose the Darkness; therefore their doctrine must be dark to camouflage the entire matter.

Yet I call you to be all Light and to embody this Divine Doctrine, for


      If we walk in the Light, as he is in the Light, we have fellowship one with another...

   You see, the logic is that if you do not walk in the Light as he has walked in the Light and is in the Light, then you cannot have communion that is true with one another. For true communion is through the Light of the heart, through the Light of the Holy Christ Self, through the Light of the River of Life, through the Light of the I AM Presence.

Do you share true Love, true Communion, true Oneness?  How often in the human consciousness do you believe you have a friend and the friend turns out to be a foe?

Blessed ones, there is only one friendship. [And that] friendship is with the Light. And this friendship with the Light is communion with Lightbearers, and this [friendship] is enmity with the world. <29>  And if you desire both, I counsel you to fast and pray; for the path that desires both the Light and the god of this world is fraught with pain and detour and ultimate compromise and failure. Have fellowship with the Light and you will see how you will arrive at the gate of Light, your ascension.

“If we walk in the Light, as he is in the Light, we have fellowship with one another,” as I have said. And the conclusion of the matter is


...and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. - I John 1:7

   And what is the Blood of Jesus Christ?  It is the Light that was coursing through his veins, the Light with which he filled my cells. For I drank this “Blood.”  I partook of this “Body.”  He placed that Light in me.

And therefore the miracle of my having been boiled in oil and having emerged again <30> was solely the [demonstration of the] scientific principle of this Light. For this Light is real and tangible!  And when it fills all of thy house, thou shalt find thyself a walking miracle, not exception to cosmic law but the fulfillment thereof.

This is the meaning, then, [of the Blood]. You may have never understood how the physical Blood of Jesus Christ could cleanse you from all sin inasmuch as he is not in embodiment today. But you can understand that the Light that coursed through his veins, in the blood vessels, in the blood cells themselves, as [these cells are] cups of Light, was truly for the atonement of world sin. And that Light has increased a millionfold to the present hour [in the Ascended Master Jesus Christ] and it is yet able to cleanse you of all sin.

Do you see, therefore, why there is a belief in a personal Saviour?  [It is] because people need a personal relationship to God. Embrace the Lord Jesus Christ as I did!  For in one lifetime I did ascend to the throne of God to be at the side of the Lamb. This is the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. May you know it and be satisfied.

Are you unsatisfied because you eat the wrong foods, have the wrong thoughts, have the wrong feelings?  Are you troubled about nothing?  Do you argue about nothing?  Why is it?  Is it because your soul is not satisfied in the arms of the Divine Lover?  Is it because you have not embraced the Light nor been willing to be crucified for the Light and by the Light until you became all Light?  Why do you fear the process?  Some of you stand still as horses who will not move, who will not budge. Or shall I say mules?

Blessed ones, when it comes time to cross the river, then cross the river!  I say, you will not take another step for ten embodiments if you are a coward before some pain, some challenge, some difficulty that you must pass through, undo, resolve and deal with. Yes, beloved, you shall not enter in until you become all Light!  [And] you shall not become all Light until you can wrestle with the Darkness and stand and still stand.

This is fellowship. You see, when one embraces the Path, one has fellowship through Jesus Christ, and [through] his Light and the Light of God, with all other Lightbearers. And there is a cosmos of [a] community of Lightbearers in whom you find support for this process.

The Devil will also make you believe that you are alone. But once you embrace the path that leads to this consummate Love in Light, you will never be alone. Only the Darkness of the fallen ones whispering in your ear [like a broken record] that you are alone, neglected, betrayed, hurt, bruised, beaten and mistreated [must be overcome, for] that [lie] will come from their lips. It is a lie!  Tell that one it is a lie and he is a liar. Believe it not!  Take counsel with the Mind of Christ and occupy your own mind with the Law of God and be not deceived by devils that whisper and spirits that mutter. <31>


      If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the Truth is not in us. - I John 1:8

   Thus you see, beloved, [sin] is the karmic condition. All must know that they have karma. But if they are karma-free, are they without sin?

Blessed ones, the very fact of being in the body of flesh and blood at this [level of] density means that there is the dust of sin upon one’s garment. It is not an octave of heaven, beloved, in which you abide; and therefore make haste to seek your mansion secure in the worlds of Light. Thus, do not deceive yourself, whether you have the violet flame or the Teaching, that you are without sin but understand and be somewhat uncomfortable in your present dilemma, the dilemma of the relative plane.

Therefore I wrote,


      If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. - I John 1:9

   If we confess our sins... If you acknowledge wrongdoing, then you have begun the path of undoing wrongdoing. Therefore, you will find the Lord Christ faithful and just. This involves the faithfulness of the Law, the justice of the Law and the mercy of the Law. But [even though] you know the Truth, [that Christ Truth] does not absolve you from balancing your karma, yet [it] forgives you your abrogation of the Law, which guarantees a continuity of life and breath so that you can [go forth as a responsible son of God to] undo the wrongdoing for which God has forgiven you through his Son.

Therefore, Christ not only forgives [our sins] but by Light cleanses us from all unrighteousness. That cleansing is the cleansing of the mind and the heart and the soul of the propensity to unrighteously apply the Law. [And Christ teaches us what is] the righteousness, or the “right use,” of the Law and [what is the unrighteousness, or] the wrong use, of the Law. His Light will polarize you to the love of the Law and the respect of the Law and the honor of the Law and therefore its right use in all cases.


      If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us. - I John 1:10

   And his word is the Word which was in the beginning with Brahman. <32>  Therefore if you desire to return to the perfection and the absolute of the Beginning, acknowledge that in this state (which is not the absolute state) where you abide, sin is an ever-present possibility. <33>

One can make karma, beloved, without thinking. And that is why it is not good to be in a state of nonthinking. One must be tethered in the mind. One can easily make karma without feeling, without desiring, without planning. Be on guard and never be in these “un” states. <34>  Be fully conscious. For that [karma] which you have paid a price to balance, I should think you would not desire to take to yourselves again.


      My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ, the righteous:

      And he is the propitiation for our sins:  and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world. - I John 2:1, 2

   And this is the Truth. Therefore this “Advocate with the Father,” when you go to him immediately in your heart and confess [your] sin and ask for opportunity to make it right, will give you that forgiveness [so that] you may go out and right the wrong. But if you dally in a sense of shame and in the burdens of the devils that move against you and [you] do not attempt to make this thing right with your brother, with your sister, with your community and in your interchanges with the world, you see, you postpone the day of forgiveness [and therefore] the day [when you begin the process of] being truly cleansed from [the karma of] all unrighteousness, the day when you have a dispensation from God to undo what you have done.

Life is too short, beloved, to postpone this confession to your Lord, your Holy Christ Self, and through your Holy Christ Self to the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore understand why it is necessary to [enter in to the ritual of forgiveness] daily, hourly or weekly, [as needed,] to take Communion again, to receive the Body and Blood of Christ in that ritual and to start afresh, clothed upon with his Light and his blessing.

Now, beloved, the Law also decrees that if you make a mockery of the Advocate and a mockery of the law of forgiveness, soon the Law will not act in your behalf <35> and the Advocate must allow the karma to descend. Thus, do not trifle with the Love of God.

It has been said that the Gospel that I wrote and the Epistles, even as I recorded Jesus’ Revelation, the final book of the New Testament, are mystical in nature and appeal to the mystics of all ages. Truly it is so, for that which I have written is written out of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

These teachings and my witness are a witness of Love [and] of a Love that gave me the ability to see beyond this plane into many octaves of the etheric and even into Death and Hell, wherefore I could record scenes taking place in the Great Central Sun at the throne of God even as I could record scenes shown to me in the very depths of the degradations of hell.

These mysteries cannot be seen and felt and known tangibly except you have embraced Love and a path of initiation. You must be locked in the grip of Love, of your Christ Self in Jesus, as well as in that Armageddon, [seeing it through] to the end [of] the carnal mind and the dweller-on-the-threshold, whether of yourself or another or the planet.

When you are engaged in [both] absolute Reality and absolute Unreality, then your vision by Love can span all dimensions. But when you are not, beloved, then your vision is limited, the senses of the soul are not awakened, the third eye has no clear vision. For, beloved, God does not open the kingdom of heaven to you unless he also open the depths of hell.

Thus, as Christians have had taken from them by a false doctrine and a misunderstanding their oneness with the Christ Presence or with Jesus, as they have not understood the nature of Evil [registering] in the unconscious [mind] or the karma of relative good and evil [registering] in the subconscious [mind], so they live in a narrow spectrum of words, which sometimes have no meaning [except] that they have heard [them] again and again and again through many lifetimes.

Understand, then, beloved, that those who truly love will not fear the embrace of Christ or the challenge of Death and Hell. This is why this Church Universal and Triumphant is founded upon the Rock of Christ, the Lord Jesus, of Buddha, the Lord Gautama, and of all saints in heaven who have come into that conformity to the Inner Christ and the Inner Buddha.

May you know, then, that all of heaven champions your Cause. May you champion heaven’s and your own lawfully, lovingly, truthfully, honorably, wisely and faithfully.

I AM ever your friend and brother

in the living flame of Love and its witness,


John, the beloved of our Lord and Saviour


This dictation by John the Beloved was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, July 1, 1990, during the twelve-day conference FREEDOM 1990:  “A New Heaven and a New Earth” held at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. [N.B. Bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under John the Beloved’s direction for clarity in the written word.] Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom.

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10. The Ashram Notes by El Morya includes six Ashram Rituals designed to link “hearts worldwide in a ritual of scheduled group meditations”:  The Unison Ritual; Great Central Sun Ritual:  O Cosmic Christ, Thou Light of the World!; Sacred Ritual for Attunement with God’s Holy Will; Sacred Ritual for Soul Purification; Sacred Ritual for Transport and Holy Work; and Sacred Ritual for Oneness. Ashram Notes. The rituals are also published in Ashram Rituals, 64-page booklet. For more on the Ashram Notes and El Morya’s “Ashram,” see p. 216 n. 9.

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28. When the d in darkness is capitalized it means the misqualification of the absolute Light and
the absolute God. We are not speaking of humanity’s relative good and evil but of the Absolute
Evil of the fallen angels in their rebellion against Almighty God.

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Behold Love!

Beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, my very own beloved Holy Christ Self and Holy Christ Selves of all mankind, beloved K-17, beloved Lanello, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother, elemental life–fire, air, water, and earth!  By and through the magnetic power of the immortal, victorious Threefold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power anchored within my heart, I decree:

   I AM content with Thy great plan,

   The Wisdom-Love I really am.

   O Secret Love Star, amplify

   The Flame above me in God’s eye.

   Let me Perfection see and be,

   For only Love can set me free.


   O Love, invoke the Word He spoke!

   O now be free!  The Path to see

   Is one of living just to be

   All Love in action now!


   Love-Wisdom flame I AM!

   Love-Wisdom now command!

   Love-Wisdom does demand

            The Power to express

   True beauty’s happiness–

   My world enfold right now!


   (Repeat decree between each ending:)

   By Christ-command (3x)

   By God’s own hand (3x)

   By Love’s great Power (3x)

     Every hour, every hour, every hour


And in full Faith I consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest!  (3x) right here and now with full Power, eternally sustained, all-powerfully active, ever expanding, and world enfolding until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free!

Beloved I AM!  Beloved I AM!  Beloved I AM!