Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 33 No. 21 - Beloved Queen of Light - June 3, 1990


“A New Heaven and a New Earth”
O the Joy of Light!

The Call to Come Up Higher in the Light


O the joy of Light!  the joy of Light!  the joy of Light!

God called me the Queen of Light, for I AM the servant of the Light and I have served the Light long aeons. And then the fiat of Light was spoken, “The Light shall serve thee and does claim thee as its queen!” <1>

Therefore know that by this presence of Light, I bear witness to you that you can, beloved, you can, beloved, you can, beloved, be and become the chalice for all Light, all Light, even the Father-Mother of Lights.

In Light there is no variableness, neither shadow of turning, <2> but only Light, Light, Light!

If you select this attribute of God, yea, this “Godness” that is Light, to be your goal, then I tell you I will come to you and I will tutor your heart in the increase of Light.

As you prepare yourselves for goal-fittedness, as you contemplate the vow and the commitment, the promise given and taken, so, beloved, remember me. For I would come to earth and find adherents of the path of Light–pure Light, undiluted Light, only Light. For Light contains all of the crystallization of the God Flame.

I AM a Divine Mother incarnate in the Word and Work of the Lord in all who are the Lightbearers. Where there is one who bears Light, I AM one with that Light in the heart; for I AM a part of all Light everywhere.

So now, blessed ones, contemplate the seeking and finding of your adeptship by commitment to Light–one-purposed Light, one all-consuming Light. O blessed hearts, it [your commitment to Light] is the entree into the heart of every Ascended Master, Archangel, Cosmic Being and tiny elemental.

I advocate that you espouse in some measure, if not entirely, this calling of Light. For Light is needed in the earth, in the depths of the earth and under the seas and in the atmosphere–Light even as the cloud that you invoke, upon which you meditate for precipitation.

Create!  and the cloud. <3> So let the cloud of Light come forth!  Let it come forth over this property.

I tend you with the Goddess of Light and the Goddess of Purity, we three ever maintaining El Morya’s three dots in the cosmic sense of Light!  Light!  Light!  This we do, beloved. And in this moment I desire you to contemplate the absorptive attribute of Light whereby the Light can absorb all toxins, pollutants, radioactive fallout and all debris of the astral plane. <4> The capacity of Light to absorb is indeed increased by the concentration of the points of Light within the cloud upon which you meditate.

Let the cloud become, therefore, the victory of this conference. And by that cloud may you know and see and, above all, may you be, may you be, may you be, may you be the new heaven and the new earth!

This means that the old consciousness of a former heaven and a former earth must be passed away. For God would make all things new <5> in you by Light and by the instrumentation of the Light of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood.

And yet you would not, you would not, you would not! <6> You would flee from the Light, turn your back on the Light, rebel against the Light, ignore the Light, misuse the Light, abuse the Light–everything but internalize the Light!

Be willing therefore, I say, to have yourselves turned inside out, upside down, be emptied and filled with Light, Light, Light!  Be willing to endure any cross, any crown, any burden and even the planetary dweller-on-the-threshold for this prize, beloved, of the new heaven and the new earth.

Even the resurrection draweth nigh. Even the resurrection flame may work for thee as never before.

Let the excuses and the excusers therefore be dismissed and go their way. For we must have our New Day.

Let the Light therefore increase. Let the Light therefore increase!  I deliver it in the name of Alpha and Omega by their charge. It is a charge that is a commitment and a calling to my heart to increase the Light throughout this property and service and student body worldwide. It is my charge to do so, beloved, for we must raise a standard and we must increase that Light.

Therefore I beg you, I plead with you and I summon you to surrender unto the Light, to caress the Light, to adore the Light, to imbibe the Light and to resist it no longer. For in this hour of our presence this evening you have the opportunity for transmutation, for resolution, for realignment.

The Lord God has held all things in flux–all disturbances, all burdens, all recriminations, all uncontrolled energies of the astral bodies of those who are the students of the Ascended Masters. <7> Now the Law decrees and the Light decrees:  Thus far and no farther!  Cast ye, therefore, this night any out-of-alignment state into the sacred fire!

Tarry following these dictations to write your confessions, to place on paper all that troubles you. Put these into the basket and let them be burned that no man may read them, only the Keeper of the Scrolls and the Lords of Karma, that there might be a leaven of Light in this Community whereby those things that must change will change [and] those things that cannot be changed–for they are the Law–will not change.

But the fruit of this experience, beloved, shall be that if you desire to serve the Light with all your heart and mind and soul <8> without dilution, then your being will come into harmony with what is, with what must be and with what can be. Therefore know that limitations are upon ye all by individual karma and that karma, too, may be submitted to the Light, Light, Light!

I speak to you who long ago left the Mystery School to pursue other pursuits, yes, having failed the path of the Ruby Ray cross. <9> I speak to you: To go out again is fraught, surely fraught, with a burden that you may find too hard to bear. Seeing as you are not able to bear the pressure of the Light, I say, how will you bear the karma of your antagonism to the Light itself?

I know not. I trust that you know.

For, beloved, the cycles truly move on. When the answer is given and not taken, then you will come to know what is the meaning of outer darkness and weeping and gnashing of teeth. <10> After the anger is spent, then comes the weeping and the gnashing of teeth.

Know, beloved, that this is surely an hour of world chemicalization and none ought to take for granted our speaking to you. It is truly by the mercy of God, by the mercy of God, by the mercy of God that you receive such an outpouring in this age!  For, beloved, so great a salvation through you can be to all of a planetary home even the promises fulfilled unto Saint Germain. Yet the cup not drunk is removed. The flame violated is withdrawn.

Let this pressing in of heaven in this hour be perceived by you as that opportunity of opportunities that comes once in 25,800 years at the conclusion of the cycle. It is the sign and the signal that that Light has come to claim you as its own, as its own child, its own son and daughter, its own father, mother.

O the Light has come to be cradled in your heart as a newborn babe!  The Light is surely omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. But so it is, beloved, even the very means to the re-creation of self.

May all truly bow before the Lord God, who is Light. For I, the Queen of Light, in the presence of this Light can do only this:  kneel before the altar of the Unfed Flame and pray that your souls might hear the voice of Light, Light, Light–and live. <11>

Even so, God gave unto the Lord Christ, which he may deliver through this Messenger at will, the power to make any and all sons of God, the power to reendow life with a Threefold Flame and a divine spark where that has gone out. <12>

For a moment close your eyes and imagine all light extinguished, no sun or stars or beam but ultimate outer darkness. This is the experience of souls who pass from the screen of life without a Threefold Flame.

Christians have appealed to humanity to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. For they know that that salvation that can be accorded to those who are called yet who must be chosen, who answer yet must receive the fiery trial, <13> is truly the endowment of the Christ Flame.

Understand why in the first instance you must claim the Light and be it and love it with all your heart. It is so that in the second instance through you–through the Christ descent into your temple, the Holy Spirit descent into your temple, which you have made all Light–others no longer endowed with a flame might receive it through the message and the teaching of the Ascended Masters and through the heart of the Messenger sent.

Know this, beloved, that the reprieve that has been won for you through that Diamond Heart of El Morya is this opportunity for you to ultimately claim the Light and be the Light and therefore to be able to bring the Holy Spirit for the conversion of many by the Piscean avatar Jesus Christ to the true Path and true Teaching of the age of Pisces.

Blessed hearts, you need this reprieve. You have needed it. For at times those surfeited with Light become drunken by the Light and with the Light <14> and then begin to take it for granted, do not assimilate it or internalize it and ultimately, as ingrates, remove themselves from it.

I appeal to the Logos and the Solar Logoi. And in ceremony now, as your hearts are filled with love and contriteness and humility before God’s Light as his most precious gift to you, I ask you to kneel before the Light and in the Light–for ye are the Light even as ye are the sons of Light–as I also, as Queen of Light, do kneel. [Congregation kneels with the Messenger.]

O Lord, I speak through these hearts. As I AM the Light, I AM the instrument of Light and I AM the voice of Light, the voice of the Presence, the voice of Harmony within these hearts. I speak once more through the heart of each one, that Light may vibrate, may quiver, may set its alchemy, may bring into alignment these, these to whom much is given–[to whom] much Light has been given, and from whom much is expected in the service of the Light. <15>

I pray, our Father-Mother of Light in these hearts, with the fervor of all of the Light of my Causal Body that they might receive sensitivity in the Holy Ghost to understand what God has wrought for them and to dwell in the gratitude of God, to make haste to direct the Light into planetary Darkness that souls who may potentially be lost might be saved.

I call for the tutoring angels of the Ruby Ray Masters to console them in the joy of the Ruby Ray path and the Ruby Ray cross [and to tell them] to keep on in the footsteps of the Lord Jesus Christ no matter what the pain or the price, to enter in and to prove that his life can be duplicated on earth again and again and again <16> until earth become heaven and heaven become earth, for there will be no disparity between them but only Light, all Light.

I pray to thee, our Father-Mother of Light, to thee, Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus, that these hearts might know the mystery of Light, the mightiness of Light and their responsibility, yea, their obligation to the Light, to serve it, to love it, to defend it, to become it and to let it shine!

O our Father-Mother of Light, help each one to know the inner sacred fire and the inner walk with thee, to truly know a spiritual life and path and to withdraw somewhat from the outer and its tugs and pulls and to enter into the sacred tryst with the Lord of the heart.

Our Father-Mother God, assist them in this transition that must take place from the former things to those that are now at hand.

O Lord God of Light, I have said all that can be spoken outwardly. May I continue to speak to their hearts inwardly that they might choose and choose well the higher way and be willing to withdraw from the world and the world consciousness of this hour.

May they see, O Father-Mother, the disintegration spiral that is in the world and enter not into it lest the Light itself that they have received be removed from them through that same world disintegration spiral.

Our God of Light, into thy hands I commend their keeping <17> and the keeping of their souls in Light that they [in turn] might be the keepers of all souls assigned to this planetary home.

I seal my prayer in all octaves unto all servants of the Light, children of the Light and all who would be and can be by the Cosmic Christ intercession of the Lord Jesus. So do I seal it in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

[The Messenger stands and faces the congregation.]

There is a tide of Light and this great cosmic tide bears the new heaven and the new earth. This new heaven and new earth is first delivered, one by one, to the Lightbearers who can receive it. It is like the Second Coming of Christ. It is the descent of the Cosmic Christ, one with the Inner Christ. So is this coming of the new heaven and the new earth an individual experience as it was in the heart of John the Beloved, who declared, “And I beheld the New Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, a bride adorned for her husband.” <18>

Thus, beloved, the City Foursquare and its realization comes to each initiate in his time. Some, then, will merge with the tide of Light and walk and live forevermore in the new heaven, the purified etheric body, and the new earth, even the four lower bodies saturated with Light. Others, denying the Light, will find themselves bereft and in outer darkness.

This is the Law, beloved. Do not rail against it. For it had better be told in this hour than not be told at all so that you will have the sign, even the sign of the coming of planetary alchemy and the call to your soul to “come up higher.”

When the Lord God does send this call, I pray that you shall be clothed in Light and the joy of Light and the love of Light and the God of Light and even in the Electronic Presence of the Queen of Light, that you might be properly dressed and attired to enter the Holy of Holies. Without the garment of Light, even the Deathless Solar Body, beloved, you will not enter in. So it is the Law. So may it be your walk with God [to weave your seamless garment].

I AM the Queen of Light, ever at the side of those who rejoice in the joy of Light and resist her not.


Messenger’s Invocation before the Dictation:

O Light, thou art our Father-Mother God. O Light, thou art the Cosmic Christ. Light, expand now in our grateful hearts. Expand, O Light, as in gratitude we praise thy name, I AM THAT I AM!

I call unto the Holy One of God in the name Elohim, in the name I AM THAT I AM, in the name YOD HE VAU HE. Light-emanations of the Central Sun, Light of far-off worlds of the Spirit cosmos, intensify thy presence here for the consuming of anti-Light. Let Light fill every corner of darkness, deception or treachery and intrigue.

O Light of far-off worlds and legions of the Central Sun, appear!  Dissolve and transmute now, thou living sacred fire, all that is unlike our God!

O Mighty Presence of the Lord, descend upon us as thy mantle fills the earth. O Cosmic Christ, O Holy Christ Self, O Seven Holy Kumaras, let us know thy name. Let us enter now the secret place of the Most High and the Holy of Holies. Let us enter nigh unto thee.

O our God, we celebrate thy Power, we celebrate thy Wisdom, we celebrate thy Love, we celebrate thy Purity and Light, Light, Light!  Before thy Light, O God, we declare:  Holiness unto the Lord!  Holiness unto the Lord!  Holiness unto the Lord!

O golden victorious Light, O living fire of ascension’s flame, spiral through us and re-create in us a right heart. Let our hearts be healed, O God!  Let our hearts be opened. Let the power of God Harmony descend as the Electronic Presence of God Harmony. Let the Power of God Harmony, the Wisdom and the Love now seal each one in that Electronic Presence of the Light of Harmony, the Light of Harmony, the Light of Harmony.

O Light of Love, intensify unto the consuming of all fear and doubt, all hate and hate creation!  By the cosmic cross of white fire let the angels of the Central Sun build now the tower of Light, build the forcefield of Light and take us unto the Most High in this moment of our holy communion.


This dictation by the Queen of Light was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Friday, June 29, 1990, 10:02-10:30 p.m. MDT, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. [N.B. Bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under the Queen of Light’s direction for clarity in the written word.] Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom.

1. In a dictation given at the conclusion of the May 14, 1988 Saturday evening service, Justinius, Captain of Seraphic Hosts, said, “It is the law of a cosmos unto all who serve the Light that on a certain day and date the Light will turn and serve you.”  See 1988 PoW, Book II, pp. 429-34.

2. James 1:17.

3. The creation of the cloud. In Intermediate Studies in Alchemy Saint Germain teaches how to magnetize millions of “focal points of light” into a brilliant pulsating “cloud of infinite energy” that can be directed into personal and planetary problems for the healing of specific conditions, such as disease, pollution, crime and war. See Saint Germain On Alchemy, pp. 191-251, or Intermediate Studies in Alchemy, pp. 38-87; The Creation of the Cloud by Saint Germain and Meditations on the Alchemy of Constructive Change and the Control of the Aura by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 2-audiocassette album, 3 hr., $12.95 (add $1.10 for postage), A8063.

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7. The Queen of Light is informing us that the Lord God recently granted students of the Ascended Masters a special dispensation whereby the karma of the various types of discord described was held in abeyance. “The Lord God has held all things in flux” means that under this dispensation all things were fluid, like jello before it solidifies in a mold. (Flux means “continuous flow” or “change.”) Our misqualified energy was not yet made a permanent part of our karmic record. The Queen of Light is notifying us that the Law and the Light now decrees that this dispensation has come to a conclusion.

8. Deut. 6:5; Matt. 22:37; Mark 12:30; Luke 10:27.

9. The Ruby Ray cross is formed by the 1/7, 4/10 axes on the Cosmic Clock. The God-qualities and perversions of these axes are:  Aquarius, 1 o’clock line, God-quality:  God-Love. Perversions:  hatred, mild dislike and all witchcraft. Leo, 7 o’clock line, God-quality:  God-Gratitude. Perversions:  ingratitude, thoughtlessness and spiritual blindness. Taurus, 4 o’clock line, God-quality:  God-Obedience. Perversions:  disobedience, stubbornness, defiance of the law and mental rebellion. Scorpio, 10 o’clock line, God-quality:  God-Vision. Perversions:  selfishness, self-love and idolatry. See Sanat Kumara on the Path of the Ruby Ray:  The Opening of the Seventh Seal, 1979 PoW, Book I.

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