Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 33 No. 17 - Beloved Gautama Buddha - May 6, 1990


The Planetary Initiation of the Ruby Ray
The Sin Against the Holy Ghost
Wesak Address 1990
A Mighty Soul Liberation:
The Perfect Desiring to Give Light unto the Lightbearers


I speak to those who know me and to those who know me not. I am in the heart of the flame of the Ruby Ray. I am in the heart of the devouring flame of the Ruby Ray. And I deliver to all of the earth this night, for microseconds on and off, the saturation of the Ruby Ray. For only thus can a planet and a people be purged of the sin against the Holy Ghost, which cannot be forgiven. <1>

Therefore, beloved, the Lord will have his way. And the Lord will blot out on certain frames of experience some of the markings, some of the dot patterns of the unforgivable sin, thereby leaving the vacuum that the choice, the final choice, might be made to fill the vacuum with the praise and the glory of the Holy Spirit. For the cause of this sin many have been denied the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. <2>

Therefore, beloved, when this initiation is given to an entire planetary body and its evolutions and to every grain of Matter, thereby lessening the akashic record of the infamies of man against God, then you must know that the hour is come and you are in the final phases of an age that must give up the ghost of the former self and of Christmas past; and [you must] truly know that one must pass through the Holy Spirit as Being, as God, ere one can find consolation and resolution and soul liberation from the ties to the fallen ones.

By the Power, Wisdom and Love of this Wesak I am liberating souls who truly desire it, who truly desire it, who truly desire it, beloved, from ties to the fallen ones. You must desire, beloved, to sever the tie. You must desire above all to cease desiring to save that which God himself may no longer save.

Where God no longer saves a soul that has gone after the Darkness, see to it that you cut the tie, beloved, in the very depth of the subconscious and the unconscious, <3> else you will find yourself guilty of giving the Light of the altar of God to one who has blasphemed that altar and who has determined in his heart, in her heart to move against the Lord forever and forever.

Thus, it is time, beloved, to cut the umbilical cord whereby you have fed the other side of life even the precious milk of the Divine Mother. It is time to understand that Alpha has spoken, Omega has decreed:  Withdraw the Light from the seed of the wicked. <4>  This means going to the very depths of one’s being and surrendering this desire that was once valid but is no longer valid. For there is a time for the saving of those who have fallen from grace and then comes the time of the hardening of their hearts against the Lord. <5>

As they did in the beginning, so they do in the ending. In the beginning that hardening of the heart is against the Mother and the Cosmic Christ, against the Woman and her Divine Manchild. But in the ending, the hardening of the heart is against the Father, and the Father contains the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit contains the Son. And the Son contains the Father.

Therefore, beloved, the denial is complete. The cycle is finished. And no more may the sons and daughters of Light in the earth press the hand of the Almighty for the salvation of those who have denied the salvation of God unto themselves and unto others.

Therefore do not prevent the Lord’s judgment in the hour when the judgment is due by feeding [them] Light, even unbeknownst to your outer minds but, as I have said, from subconscious and unconscious levels. Feeding them the Light, beloved, does cause their judgment to be postponed. And thus there does arise calamity and confusion and burden and woe because you give the fallen ones another day and another heyday to wreak havoc against you, against the Community, against the builders, against our designs for the victory.

Therefore let all come to that point of humility and understand that we have convoked this prayer vigil <6> that you might kneel before your God and, in profound prayer and groaning of soul, let go. Let go and let the Almighty One take care of the just and the unjust. You be an instrument of Light and only Light. And [know that] Light may be given only to the Lightbearer.

Thus, beloved, guard well the sanctity of the altar. For the altar must be in the earth, even as the Flame of the ark of the covenant must be in the earth, as that point [of contact] whereby the I AM THAT I AM might speak, might pronounce, might quiver the ethers.

Understand, beloved, that if you would bear more Light and greater responsibility and increase in the power of Love and the wisdom of Love and the love of Love, you must no longer give the pearls of the Cosmic Christ to the swine who have gone after other gods.

Now then, let it be very clear that one can say the decree from the level of the conscious mind to be done with all connections and ties. But there are desirings and there are desirings at many levels of being, seemingly justifiable, namely that which I have mentioned:  the desire to save that which God himself cannot [or will not] save, the desire to go after and save that which is lost, for fear of one’s own failure to save one’s own–a loved one, a parent, a child, a relative, a friend–feeling that one is a failure before God if one cannot bring that soul into submission to the Light.

Blessed ones, it is the point of humility that will liberate one and all from this now sinful desiring, the point of humility wherein one must realize that there is but one Saviour, that Saviour who is God, who is Christ the Lord, and only that One can save. Remember that you are the instrument–“I the potter, thou the clay.” <7>  Be content, then, to be a pliable instrument, bending to the will of God, resilient, able to be the instrument but not desiring to direct even the Great One, who would use you. Humility to know that only God can save, even as only God can make a tree, a mountain, a planet, a star.

So you see, beloved, [you must] surrender this notion and with it the attendant spiritual pride that is ever so subtle that says, “I can save this one,” even though that one has sworn enmity [against Christ] here below and Above. Thus, I [must emphasize that it is important] for you to call for the binding of the sense of failure [that you have failed to “save” someone], the sense of obligation [that you are obligated to save someone], the sense that you must do something that God cannot do or that God will not do because it is not his will, simply because it is not the will of the individual lifestream. [And so, you see,] there are some whom you would try to save who do not desire to be saved, and that [non]desire coats their entire being, fills the pores, saturates the vessels.

Now understand, beloved, that God is ready to save a world of his children and of his Lightbearers through you. This cannot be done so long as you leak the Light of the altar to those who have not bent the knee before that Flame of the ark of the covenant that is truly the Flame of the Holy One of God.

This Wesak celebration, then, is a mighty soul liberation. It is a liberation for the Mother, it is a liberation for you. For it truly does liberate you to rejoice, O to rejoice in the flood tides of Light and victory and energy and consciousness and buoyant freedom whereby you can live to pour the Light of God into the vessels of the water bearers of Aquarius.

Water bearers are ye all. This water is liquid violet flame, liquid mercy and forgiveness. Each one of you now bears a pitcher large, several feet high, filled with these waters of Aquarius, that you may carry in your etheric body. See how you may pour [these waters] into the little cups of the little children who truly are destined for the Central Sun and the altar of the Most High. It is indeed a liberation that you may not well comprehend.

I may tell you this, beloved, as it has been taught, that it is desire and inordinate desiring that brings the soul back to incarnation at certain levels of earth, <8> some denser than others. Sometimes it is a legitimate desire to do good, and that desire propels [the soul] to return to earth to keep promises and to fulfill all things on the spiritual path and toward the victory of the ascension.

On the other hand, some of you have returned to earth for no other reason than that you bore the inordinate desire to save those whose names are not written in the Book of Life, <9> whom God would not save. Therefore, our Father-Mother God have sent me to speak to you in this hour, that you might know that this [desire] is a form of bondage when the rest of your being has earned greater heights of Light and paths of initiation.

Trust, then, is the word, the trust that God knows exactly what he is doing in every octave with every soul. And God will always use you [to save a soul] whenever it is possible. And when it is not [possible to save that which is lost], you must simply accept it, even if you are dealing with lifestreams very close to yourselves.

This message must stand apart and alone in your consciousness. It is a message of the Ruby Ray and of the path of initiation under the Maha Chohan.

Thus, I too come to prepare you for Pentecost. <10> For I must tell you that though you may deserve the infilling of your temple with the Holy Spirit, if you have not settled this very question, you will not receive even so much as a drop of that Holy Spirit on that occasion. For once this Pentecost has come, beloved, those who pass beyond that day and still insist on giving the Light to the fallen ones will know pain and travail for that karma, as they must account before God for every erg of energy that they have placed in the pitchers of the fallen ones.

Now then, beloved, this sign of the full moon, this Wesak 1990, is truly the sign of the coming apart [of the Lightbearers] and therefore of the tremendous freedom of all who hear and understand this message.

I counsel you that [the thoughts you think] in the outer mind and the words you speak do not necessarily reflect the momentums of your desires in the subconscious or the momentum of the spiritual pride or even some rebellion that does set you on a course on which God has not set you. Therefore, beloved, it is not the words you speak [that are telling], but it is the resolution to the very core of [your] being that must now take place [that is telling].

Some give the Light to the fallen ones [in order] to punish God in revenge for how they [think they] have been dealt with [by him or his laws]. You have heard of the excuses that many have for selling secrets of technology and codes of the military to the enemy, such as “sooner or later they would get them anyway” or “there is not going to be a war or a final conflagration of the superpowers, so it doesn’t really matter.”  Some even say that they desire to give power to the enemy [so] that the United States should indeed be destroyed for its wickedness. Thus, you see, there are many levels of [the] reasonings of the carnal mind and the [motivations of the] dweller.

Therefore, you must pray with great fervor that what you desire to be your desire will truly be your desire. Pray for God’s desiring for you to be implanted [within you] as a bulb of a beautiful flower in springtime, that the bulb be planted at all levels of the subconscious and the unconscious that God’s desiring might occupy the totality of your being and that the flower might spring forth and show itself as an angelic flower, an amaryllis, blossoming in full glory at the conscious level.

I will tell you, beloved, that joy and perpetual joy in the Holy Spirit is the sign of the resolution of your desiring unto God’s desiring at these deeper levels of self, whereas agitation and anger and depression and despondency at conscious levels is the sign of inordinate desiring at the subconscious and unconscious levels, [which can never truly be fulfilled simply because it is inordinate].

Truly it is the joy of the spirit and of the Holy Spirit and the perpetual love of that Holy Spirit in the heart that is the sign of those who have that inner resolution. All of their being ripples with the joy of desiring to do God’s will. And that desiring multiplies itself and increases until the will of God, as a shaft of ray from the Central Sun, does entirely engulf such a one until that one is perpetually buoyant in the joy of her Lord.

See therefore, beloved, the surface markings of the mines beneath the surface. Some are dangerous mines, explosive to the point of being able to destroy the soul. Such is the compressing and the compacting of wrong desire in the unconscious. Thus, it is sealed that the soul might be sealed from harm for a season while she does sow good works, reap good fruits, affirm God’s will and learn the lessons of how that will of God is always good, always better, always the best choice, always the key unlocking doors of initiation and bringing the soul to her resolution and thus her liberation.

You who have taken the five secret rays, you who have known the Dhyani Buddhas, <11> know my heart. For you have begun to be sensitive to the subtleties of the splinters of Darkness sown in the garment, caught in its threads, that have kept you from the full glory of the Lord, the full joy of your service, the full ability to neutralize negativity.

O my beloved, I am your Lord, Gautama Buddha, and therefore the servant of your Inner Buddha and your Inner Christ. I come because you have so progressed as to receive these intimations of my heart and also because your Messenger has come to the altar to be initiated in these levels of God-awareness. Therefore, because we may raise up the Messenger to new levels of service to you, we may also raise you up to new levels of service with the Messenger unto all Life.

Praise God that this one is never satisfied but to open the door and the next door and the next no matter what the labor or the initiation, [is never satisfied] but to press on and press on that these doors, now having been opened by the one, may be opened for the many that there will be a way out, a way out for all following after.

O when you are on the very verge of victory, the very brink of that joy of self-mastery, remember that unless you finish it, unless you fulfill it, the record will not be complete!  And one following after will not know [in what direction] to face, will not know where to place his foot, for the footprint will be blurred, it will be indistinct. [And in that day you will see that] he can go no farther. The combination [lock] has not been opened before him. He must wait, wait again and again for the coming of the avatar or the Guru or the Mother.

See this, beloved. Understand yourself as the pathfinder and the wayshower. If there be glorying, then, glory in your God. If there be glorying, glory in your Christ. If there be love, let that love be for those who do the will of God. Was it not Christ’s teaching?

Let the Light [of the Sun] flow through you upon the just and the unjust, but let the fire of the altar and the love of God be only for those whose cups are first raised unto him. Rejoice, beloved, for many require nurturing who are deserving, unto whom it is lawful to give and to give again.

[Since] it is not quite possible while you are in this particular vale and wavelength for you to be 100 percent accurate in knowing who may be a fallen one gone astray for whom no new opportunity may be forthcoming, when [you] invoke the Light on behalf of anyone or a nation or a group of people, make the fiat that “no Light be given unlawfully, unauthorized to any part of Life <12> where there is not the commitment unto the soul’s salvation unto the worship of her God.”  By making that qualifying statement, you will never again stray across the line [of the Law of Light] and therefore jeopardize your own path.

Remember this, beloved, for there comes a time on the path of initiation when Maitreya would take you beyond, and you may not pass through until this matter is settled.  The desire to do what God does not do or desire to do is fundamentally the desire to be God inordinately, to be a god rather than to merge with the living God.

Remember this, that the dweller desires to be a god and so does the carnal mind. Do not allow it, beloved. Be aware when that beast comes thrashing through, even in its death throes.

So you see, in addition to giving Light to lifestreams who do not warrant it, you may somehow, unknowingly, be leaking Light to your own dweller-on-the-threshold because a portion of the self sides in with that dweller and desires to keep it alive, perhaps caged but yet alive and well and able to do despite to life from behind bars.

Learn, then, the mysteries of the disassociation of self from Evil, the Evil One and the Evildoer. Walk humbly with thy God, make the qualifying call and know that in you is the perfect desiring to give Light unto the Lightbearer. Purify desire and take the remainder of this opportunity while the sun is in Taurus to fulfill all mandates of your heavenly Father and your earthly Mother.

I, Gautama Buddha, seal you. And I seal my son Sean on this his birthday that he might multiply the true desiring of the Buddha with you to be that anchor point in this Community. All require the self-purging. He is no exception. Therefore, in this octave let all be as one and chelas of the Buddha.

For the victory of many candles on your cake, I say to all, a blessed Wesak for the victory in the earth of those who are becoming the Bodhisattva one by one. I bless you all as

Bodhisattvas even though you have not fully risen and put on that garment and taken that matrix.

I, Gautama, am sealing you in the Electronic Presence of your Bodhisattvahood-to-be. That Electronic Presence is sealed in your Holy Christ Self. With my strong eye, I visualize that state of attainment dropping upon you, enfolding you, and your becoming that one.

It will take the mastery of fire, beloved, to fulfill it to the fullness. But you have Five Dhyani Buddhas sponsoring you in the Ruby Ray. May you, then, receive the Holy Ghost after you shall have accepted the Refiner and his fire. <13>


O let the Refiner’s fire saturate all desire in me!
O let the Refiner’s fire saturate all desire in me!
O let the Refiner’s fire saturate all desire in me!
Purify me. Make me white.
Let my soul be purified and whitened and made whole.

   The definition of wholeness and Divine Wholeness is purity of desire, absolute God-purity of desire.  When you achieve this, you shall know the full cup of the abundant Life in every way on every ray. God will withhold nothing from you when you shall have that pure desire for pure desire and in wisdom you achieve it. Therefore Solomon asked for wisdom and an understanding heart and received all other gifts of the abundant Life.

Congruency with the grid of the will of God–O what joy unspeakable!  Therefore, I shall discontinue my speaking and exult in our God in the Great Silence unto which I draw you this night.


This dictation was delivered by the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet at the conclusion of the Wednesday evening, May 9, 1990 Wesak service at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. [N.B. Bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under Gautama Buddha’s direction for clarity in the written word.] Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom.

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