Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 32 No. 46 - Beloved Cuzco - November 2, 1989


The 12 Labors of Hercules
The Answer to Your Call
Love Is the Key to the Solution of Every Problem
O My God, I AM Real!


Be ye therefore transported into octaves of Light. Let there be a surcease from all trouble and burden unto the Lightbearers of the earth.

I, Cuzco, with the Lord God Surya come to you in this hour, therefore, to raise you to those octaves of Light that are not reserved for the hour of your soul’s transition but are rather reserved for those who faithfully keep the Flame and [thus] earn that reward that is truly the grace of God–to be taken to those etheric cities and temples of Light and on this night, beloved, to a very special place where Surya and I do preside.

We therefore desire that you should come to this place to bask in an energy field that shall gently and softly remove from you the burdens and the care of stress and of dealing on the front lines of the battle of Armageddon that has long been engaged.

Thus, beloved, the forces of Light do express their appreciation to you who exercise with considerable adeptship the science of the spoken Word. For by that empowerment [that] you give to us, we may also empower some of our best servants and your sisters and brothers and twin flames across the earth who have as yet not contacted this great means for world transmutation and yet have placed themselves in extraordinarily dangerous situations.

Blessed ones, as you keep the Flame, [sometimes] wondering if you should be engaged hither and yon in causes of freedom or social causes, [you should know,] and thus I tell you, [that] for everyone who is here thousands of those who are your peers and some [having] greater [attainment than yourselves] are empowered by us through the energy you have released to do many good works for civilization and to hold back the encroachments of darkness and ignorance and prejudice and war and attacks on the economy.

Thus, beloved, since you have mastered to a certain extent, and [in some cases to] a very great extent, [the] science of invocation that is taught to you by Lanello at inner levels and by myself, you become keys <1> in the arch of being. And [the] key itself that [is become the] keystone of the arch is indeed the Word. For without the Word was not anything made that was made. And without the Word was not anything preserved that is preserved. And without the Word is not anything transmuted or destroyed [i.e., disintegrated,] beloved. <2>

Therefore, know that the Word of God that does manifest in you and that you may now feel in your body temples by the efforts you have put forth in these two days (that tingling [sensation] of the light) is [given to you] that you might know that the angel of the Word of God is come unto you and [that] the gratitude of the heavenly hosts as well as [that of] unascended lifestreams throughout this Matter cosmos is sent to you as a great love.

And thus, as you hear the waves of the sea upon the shore of life and of earth, you are transported to that magnificent sea on the God Star, your Home. You recall that there [on] Sirius [that] wave of Light and of the sea does come upon the shore in the most magnificent place that you could ever conceive. Thus your longing for Home is very great; but you have chosen to sojourn here on this darkened star, for many that you have loved long are here. [And] your love for God is great and to be the rescuers of those who are of God is your calling.

Therefore, beloved ones, you can see that those of you who write to the Messenger to say, “Shall I do this?  Shall I do that?”  [must] recognize that no matter how talented you are or what your professional background, there comes a time in [the] life [of a chela] when you must pursue adeptship on the Sixth Ray. And remember the work of beloved Nada, who herself had great talent but who did take the tutoring of Charity, the beloved twin flame of Chamuel, and remained anonymous and did not choose a career [of her own] but kept the Flame and practiced this [Sixth Ray] science [of being her brother’s keeper; and therefore] she did allow her brothers and sisters to become prominent in their fields of service. <3>

You must remember, beloved, that there does come a time when, having fulfilled a stint on the other six rays, without the flame of Nada, of ministration and service, [you will find] your Causal Body [to] be lacking in the deep blue-purple and the gold rays, flecked with the ruby that truly is the Ruby Ray and the ruby stone. Blessed ones, therefore consider how many thousands [of lifestreams] upon earth (and even more as your adeptship increases) and even on other planetary homes and systems may carry on a karma that for them must be physical, must be in the working of the works [of God] in their respective spheres [because you keep the Flame].

When you keep that Flame you become the center of a maypole [with blue, yellow and pink ribbons of Light extending from your heart to the hearts of those who depend on your sustaining calls to complete their divine plan–]even as Gautama Buddha does keep the threefold flame [and maintain a thread of contact from his heart to every] lifestream [evolving] upon this planetary home. [This is the responsibility, the Dharma, of one who holds the office of Lord of the World.]

What if Gautama Buddha reasoned in himself that he had a greater calling [on] some other planetary body or galaxy and suddenly he stood [up] from his seat in the lotus [throne in his etheric retreat] over the Gobi Desert or in the Western Shamballa and began to walk [away] from earth [for parts unknown]?  And as he would walk away that thread of contact would [stretch to] its limit like a rope or a life-sustaining tube; and suddenly it would break. And all evolutions on this planetary home would immediately know just how great a percentage of that threefold flame and their very life had been sustained by this Lord of the World.

Yet [Lord Gautama] remains seated in the lotus [posture], meditating upon that Light in every heart and seeing to it that enough light, and not too much to overdo and not too little [to undo], is sustained [on behalf of every living soul whom God hath made].

And when individuals are out of sorts and [continually] misqualifying energy, that light [that flows from their I AM Presence over the crystal cord <4>] must be reduced for their own protection. And this, in one sense of the word, beloved, is the meaning of the reduction of the crystal cord.

For it is the great protection of Almighty God that when [there are] those [who] make a horrendous karma by the misuse of the light of the crystal cord, God does (either for a season or, if they do not learn their lessons, permanently in that life) reduce the [quantity of] light flowing over the crystal cord [so] that they will have less energy to misqualify and make less karma and therefore [be given] another opportunity [in] another round [(lifetime)] to be educated under the members of our bands [as to the righteous use of God’s laws and God’s energy]. As you know, this is why the life span, [in other words, the crystal cord,] of the lifewaves of the earth was shortened to threescore and ten, <5> for there was so much misuse of the sacred fire and so much negative karma being created.

Understand that you have been given the opportunity through [the] dispensation offered this year whereby there could be an increase of [your] crystal cord and therefore an extension of your life span. And this [dispensation is given on an individual basis] for meritorious service.

And there is none so great in this hour as [the one who walks in] imitation of the path of the Buddha. [For thereby] when there are [mere] moments left [on] the Cosmic Clock <6> in this era and this two-thousand-year period of earth’s history [and] there is not sufficient opportunity to contact souls of Light and to initiate them in the science of the spoken Word, you may serve a twofold purpose:  [you may] balance the rings of your Causal Body [by taking your initiations] on the Sixth Ray of ministration [and] service, and in [so doing you may] take your stand for those who need that transfusion [of] light, need that tube of light, need that violet flame, need the cylinder of blue flame, need the tie to the God Star that you have even established [from your hearts to ours] and that has been established at this altar as the divine interchange between ourselves and Astrea and Purity. <7>

Thus the oscillation of light from [our altar on] the God Star to this altar [on earth] is real, beloved. And that manifestation does empower many to take their stand against forces of [the] Evil [One].

It is time to consider [and reconsider] how one will spend this lifetime, these weeks, these months and these years ahead. And one must understand that one does not dwell in a vacuum and that when one lives at the end of an age when cycles are in a state of disintegration and decay, as they are in this hour, it is no time to thrust forth with new cycles and new building and new ventures. For when disintegration is ongoing in the planetary body, it is time to cycle within.

Thus the Five Dhyani Buddhas have come to you. Thus Kuan Yin has come and Mother Mary. And you understand the great need for [the soul to] retire to the secret chamber of the heart. And that does ring true, beloved, [according to the law of correspondence,] considering the Heart of the Inner Retreat and the secret chambers that you have built therein. And thus there is certainly a correlation between the initiation of going into the heart of one’s own Eighth Ray chakra, there to bow before the Lord of the World and to receive that initiation and to balance the threefold flame, and the establishment of a stupa <8> that is in the earth rather than on the surface.

You have been told that highly evolved beings live at the center of the earth. Beloved, why do you think they have retired there?  They have retired there because they yet have a karma with this evolution [that lives on earth’s surface]; and some of them are not able to balance [their] karma with this evolution until certain periods of history [come again] when [specific] lifestreams shall be in embodiment, when civilization [shall] have [again] reached a certain level that [allows them to] go back to the place where they left off in that [service] which they are to bestow upon the planetary home.

Thus they had sufficient attainment and sufficient light. And some of them under the “old dispensation” <9> have balanced 92 percent of their karma, 87 percent, 73. [Yet their mission was not accomplished.] And these lifestreams have continued to evolve and [to] form [through their devotion] rings of light [from their Causal Bodies] around the Buddha of the Ruby Ray, who until recently has held court in the center of earth. <10>  But in answer to the call of the Keepers of the Flame, that one has literally walked step by step from the center of the earth to be present in your Community and to assist you in dealing with the [negative] forces at hand.

Beloved ones, therefore I recommend to you that [you] recognize, for the purposes of balancing karma and of dealing with the realities of that karma in this Dark Cycle of the Kali Yuga, <11> how much good karma you can make [while there is yet time] by making your [daily] decrees the center of your life [for the accomplishment of your mission].

I come, then, to give you the vision; and that vision is that you might see how many thousands of souls can [and are] carrying on [with their dharma] because you keep the Flame in the heart of the northern Rockies. And as [you invoke] that light, [because it] is stored in the heart of the mountains, because it is stored in the waters and in the elements that are beneath the earth, and because it is stored in the [creeks and the rivers] themselves, there is indeed established here in the earth, you understand, those pockets of the Ruby Ray that can [and do] respond instantly in answer to your call for the dissolution of all that would move against this Community of Light.

Therefore, beloved, we are taking you this night to that very special place prepared so that you can receive a rest, so that your four lower bodies and your organs and your chakras may feel the peace [that comes from] the divine polarity of Alpha and Omega. You might call this an R and R in the midst of the battle. And all of you need it, whether you recognize it or not.

Blessed ones, there is surcease from the labors of Hercules, but those labors are not finished until they are finished. And therefore please do not choose your own [timetables for] vacations and withdrawals from your projects but understand that we are project-oriented, and therefore you must summon that resurrecting energy and that light [from your Mighty I AM Presence to complete your spirals]. You must pace yourselves. You must eat well, sleep well, exercise well, but above all call to Surya and Cuzco to be taken at night [in your finer bodies] for that recharge, for that realignment, for that restoration. And [you must] relieve [yourselves] in this hour, beloved, [of] the fear and doubt and the momentums of [stress, even] as you are relieved of [them by our angels].

Blessed hearts, keep on keeping on; for you are engaged in a labor in this hour [that is] not unlike those of Hercules. And I can tell you from the akashic records that this one (when he determined that he must pay a profound penance for the grievous burdens that in a fit of rage he placed upon the lifestreams of his own family) determined that he would not stop until he was finished. And there was a passion [born of his soul’s need for resolution and for divine absolution]; and the passion in his heart was the passion of Divine Love. It was the passion of the Ruby Ray that he would go forth and perform these labors [to fully and finally balance his karma and pass his initiations under the twelve hierarchies of the Sun].

Beloved ones, [that one called Hercules] was a magnificent physical specimen. But far beyond the physical he was empowered by his own Great Causal Body and the Causal Body of Elohim, and that empowerment came by Love.

Remember this, beloved–the only empowerment you can receive on the path of initiation must come to you by love itself, a love that you have already garnered in your heart and demonstrated against all odds [even] when it appeared to you that an individual was simply no longer worthy of your love, having betrayed your trust. Blessed ones, it is in that hour that you are tested [to see if] you can love and love again the friend, the fellow servant or those in the world who have tried but who have fallen beneath the cross of personal karma; [it is in that hour that your love must be found to be tried and true].

Blessed hearts, that love which is able to love in the face of all adversity, that is the love of which we speak. [That is the love that merits empowerment–whereby your love is matched and multiplied by the powers of the hierarchies above]. That is the sweet love of the Sweet One above <12> and the love of Maitreya, whose emblem is kindness <13>–that kindness that does champion the victory of the soul.

Thus, blessed ones, I come to you in an hour of earth changes indeed. <14> And I come to you to remind you that all elemental life count on those who decree for their [blue-flame] protection, for their [violet-flame] blessing. And many of them are burdened [by the pollutions and the weight of planetary karma] far beyond that which you can imagine. Some of them are hopeless. They are bowed down and they are not able to respond with alacrity to the commands that are pulsated to them through their hierarchs from our retreat. <15>

We are concerned lest elemental life will not be able to do the job that needs to [be done] for the Lightbearers in time of cataclysm or calamity or the disturbances in the earth that [are] produced by war or by the [pouring out by the Seven Archangels of the vials of the seven] last plagues <16> or the ride of the Four Horsemen <17> or the final culmination of the descent of the karma of this 25,800-year spiral.

Blessed ones, will you understand, then, that these elementals are not ascended [beings and that they do not have a threefold flame]; and not all of them have a great deal of God-mastery. And they are burdened by the astral body of the planet and the astral body of the people. They are even more burdened [(if it were possible)] by the pollutions in the physical [earth] itself, [the disturbances in the ecosystem, and the rape of Mother Earth].

Therefore understand that you cannot have a full and final victory in this twelve-year cycle unless you pay attention to the elementals and give to them the violet flame and the protection [of the heavenly hosts] they need. For they are your co-workers in the earth body itself. [But when you do give them attention and intercede for them,] then the gnomes work side by side with you and the sylphs and the undines and the fiery salamanders.

But they are subject to horrendous forces, beloved ones, and some of them have been entrapped by black magicians to be in their service. And therefore those who have been locked in by mortal cursings and hexes to the service of the fallen ones do move against the other elementals whose allegiance is to the Light; and yet the Lightbearers of the earth know not how to call for the protection [of the elementals] and how to give them [God’s] love [through] their chakras.

Thus, beloved ones, do not underestimate the power of elemental life who serve under the Four Cosmic Forces [and] the Elohim, who govern all of the Matter cosmos. The Elohim must step down the energies of fire, air, water and earth as you use them in your daily life and service and in a survival situation, and they must pass them to you through these blessed beings of the elements.

Thus it has not been long [since] the elementals were summoned to this altar [by] their hierarchs to receive violet flame transmutation, to receive a new infusion of hope where they had lost all hope, beloved. And in their sorrow at seeing what is happening to the earth and what is coming upon the earth, they had all but given up; [for they could not see] that [there] was any use to try. And so you see, they very easily take on the thoughts and the feelings of mankind who in their own subconscious have the same [kinds] of thoughts and feelings.

You have many elementals [serving at the Royal Teton Ranch] who have come because they love you and because they love the Light and because they respect your devotion to God and they respect the hierarchs under whom you serve. Thus this place is literally crawling with elementals, beloved. And you would therefore do well to remember that they are the very best of your friends. And when they work together with the angelic hosts, there is no beating these armies of Light. And thus understand how important it is to give [elemental life] your very best [decree] attention.

Since you have received so many assignments [to make] so many calls for assistance and [since there are] so many areas for which calls must be given, it only stands to reason that what should take place is an intensification of the fervor of the release of the call whereby in a single invocation you may literally work the miracles of beloved Merlin. And Saint Germain, who gladly places his Electronic Presence over you, can immediately bring forth the alchemy of the violet flame [in answer to your call].

[Your] sustained momentum of decrees that does continue by the hour is [the kind of] momentum that does give to the hosts of Light a tremendous energy and an authority from unascended lifestreams to do their work of dealing with such massive onslaughts against the Light of the earth [as war, cataclysm, epidemic, famine, economic collapse, et cetera]. But, beloved ones, the individual son or daughter of God who does make the invocation of the heart, does make a true heart contact [with his Mighty I AM Presence] and does reserve his heart as the place of Divine Love and the place where God does enter his temple–that one who makes that call out of his heart’s devotion, beloved, does receive an instantaneous response from Almighty God.

And therefore do not sigh and say to yourself, “I do not have time to decree.”  You do have time to make the call because the call is something that is given in idle seconds. And that one fiat unto the Lord can give millions, and I say millions without exaggeration, of angels of the God Star, Sirius, the authority to enter into your world, your life, your organization, your Community and your planet [to help you meet] the need of the hour.

Thus, do not think that in order to work change you must [necessarily] “drone on” by the hour; [although there is a time and a place for prayer vigils and decree marathons,] remember that the heartfelt oneness, that contact with Christ’s love that was demonstrated to you by your own beloved Mark, that is the key whereby change can be immediate [and whereby] the spirals that will bring about [constructive] change according to the order of the [cosmic] cycles in the earth will immediately commence [by the power of the single fiat made in God’s name].

And you must trust [this application of the science of the spoken Word]; [you must] trust the mathematics of the law of that spiral, [even the golden ratio,] beloved, because all things begin in the white fire core of the spiral, [the center of the circle charted on the Cosmic Clock,] and proceed [from the dot in the center] to emerge through the twelve o’clock line, which is yet in the etheric octave even at the subconscious or superconscious levels.

And thus [as with seeds germinating in the ground], you do not see the [early] beginnings of those changes that are happening. And then they begin to break through on the mental belt [on the three o’clock line] and then in the feeling world [on the six o’clock line], and one day the flower does come forth in full blossom [on the nine o’clock line] and you recognize what a mighty work has been wrought [when] a tiny seed that in itself is hardly big enough to be seen has become the most beautiful flower of God’s blossoming.

Therefore know that every call that is given with profound love from the heart of the Son of God unto the Father is always answered. Every call is answered, beloved! But [often] there is a great adjustment that must be made in your worlds, in your four lower bodies, [before the answer, according to God’s will, can become physical]. Some calls will not come to fruition until you have balanced certain karma, created a greater alignment of your chakras [with those of your Holy Christ Self], and made certain adjustments in your life [in your psychology and in seeking and finding the merciful heart].

And thus [when] all things are working [toward] the [goal] of bringing to fruition the answer to your call but [you see that] it is not quite manifesting physically, you are taught to look for the blocks to that manifestation. And you may find them in your analysis of the lines of the Clock and the probing of your thoughts and feelings and [you may] see where you have somehow not paid the full price that the Law requires of you for such a gift [as] you have requested. And withholding a part of the price [of your lawful service to God], beloved, can be the sole reason why there is not the full and plenteous response to your call.

Love is the key to [the] precipitation of supply, and a mighty love for God, a mighty love for the [Ascended] Masters. Beloved ones, it is easier to love God in the Ascended Masters than it is to love [God in] those imperfect [ones] who may be around you. And therefore if you direct your love on high and to the Brotherhood and [to] the angels, you may by and by so accelerate that love that you can love anyone upon earth. You can love them the way God loves them and you can support [the unfoldment of the Christ within] them.

So love is an exercise, like a piano exercise, beloved. You must do your exercises of love daily. You must practice love, practice giving, practice receiving, practice doing [acts of love], practice serving with Nada on the Sixth Ray. I see this as the call of the hour because I see [the absence of the daily ritual of ministering to life] as the one lack that does prevent you from [the needful expansion of your heart chakra] and [from] attaining adeptship on the other six rays.

You may wonder at this, beloved ones, because you are all engaged in service. But the quality and the measure of that service is always [in its] endowment of love. You may work very hard, and there are drones who work hard and there are drone bees and there are mechanization men and [women and] robots who work day and night and twenty-four hours a day in factories. And these [human and inhuman] machines [may] perform [almost to perfection] and produce [a standardized work product], but they receive [not the] karma [of a Christed one]; for they [do not have the capacity, for want of a threefold flame, to] endow their service with [Divine] Love [or a living flame].

So you may perform, beloved, [so you may go through the motions of your performance], but do you give [from your heart] and [do you] transfer to persons or to the project or to the ultimate goal of that service a measure of [God’s love, your] love [one,] that endows it with a certain permanence, a certain momentum [so] that [the spiral you initiate in] that service will not stop but [will] circle the earth, gathering more of its kind [and blessing all life]?

So you see, beloved, one man’s work [of a] lifetime may not be [of] the same [quality] as another’s who worked side by side with him. One may have endowed [his] work with great love and another may have had only a sense of resentment against God that he had to toil in the earth to balance his karma. And all of his works [may have been] charged with that resentment, and now and again [they may have been] charged with pride as he took pride in his own efforts and failed to give [the] glory [of his accomplishment] to God. <18>

Thus you see, the karma [for the same work] is [often not] the same, individual [by individual]. And that is why one is taken into the octaves of Light and prepared for the ascension and one is left <19> on the astral plane to come round again and again to till the earth by the sweat of the brow until that one does learn to love that very earth, [to] love that very soil and [to love] the elementals who work with him [as his helpers]. Thus service, beloved, is [measured] not [only] in what you do but what you [put into what you] do–and [most especially according to] how you endow [your service to life] with that Divine Love flame.

And if you would progress swiftly on the Path, you should take that moment to understand that the Lord loveth a cheerful giver <20> and that Chamuel and Charity are showing you daily by the Holy Spirit where is the greatest need, [what] is the greatest priority and what [can and] must be accomplished [with good cheer].

I, Cuzco, have come to you, therefore, to let you know that not only [on] this night but on any occasion when you feel the need, you must make the call to us to be taken to this place of rest [we have prepared for you] in the octaves of Light and to receive truly that re-creation in God [that we desire for you].

Blessed ones, we bear with you in this hour. Know then [that we are at your side] and be steady, even as you are steady at the helm of Maitreya’s ship as you cross the sea of samsara and [plow through] all of the hurricanes and the [astral] waves that assail you. It is an hour for steadiness in the heart and for beholding [with one-pointed vision] the great light of God that awaits you.

These hours, beloved, shall submit to the sacred fire with [which] I, Cuzco, pledge to infuse this Community. These hours, beloved, shall receive, therefore, the blessing of God, the victory of God, and the divine resolution [that is possible for your souls in accord with your free will and your acceptance of my offering].

May you keep steadfast and know that enduring unto the fulfillment of the Law <21> is the requirement of the hour and that each man must [give a] portion of his being, [and it shall be given again unto him [with] “good measure, pressed down and shaken [together and running over,” as Jesus said, “for with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again. Therefore be ye merciful as your Father is also merciful. Judge not, and ye shall not be judged:  condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned:  forgive, and ye shall be forgiven.” <22>  For] that which is [your] harvest must be the net gain of truly loving and loving to set all life free.

For God does measure each soul and the quality of the soul by [the expression of] love. That love must be braced by true wisdom and a true exercise of the divine will [and] the divine power as free will in action. Thus know, beloved, that love alone is not sufficient but there must be [the admixture of] Christ-intelligence and discrimination and that [practical] up-and-doing attitude [as you apply this my formula for your Victory].

It is a moment that is a cosmic interval. May you breathe deeply now and breathe in the fire breath of God. [inhalation and exhalation]

All things come to a stillness in the [return to the] center of the atoms, the solar systems, the Central Sun, that point of equipoise. It is that moment of stillness, beloved. Bask in it now.

You are God-centered in the eye of a great vortex. This vortex of Light <23> does surround this Sangha of the Buddha. Thus you are nestled in the center. And at the periphery there is movement but at the center all is stillness. [17-second pause]

Now hear the chanting of Cosmic Beings who serve with Surya, with Cuzco. [8-second pause]

The eye of this spiral nebula is a thousand miles across. The Mystical Body of God are gathered here. Great hierarchs intone the Word that does echo in symmetry from side to side of this inner eye, creating by sound alone a grid of light, a weaving of light rays into a perfect geometry.

Know the Cosmic Egg and all that is inside. Know that thou art inside, thou who [doest] love God, his Law, his Will, and one another as Christ has loved you. <24>  Only those who love enter this interval. Love is the password and the key. Love is the means of passing through walls of light, impervious to those who have not love.

Love is also the key whereby unascended initiates enter my retreat. Love is the key to the solution [of] every problem, love for your Mighty I AM Presence. Stay close to your Mighty I AM Presence and nothing can touch you. The maya may pass by and you may pass through it but this hath not touched you at all. For in the center of your heart you affirm:

O My God, I AM Real!


      O my God, I AM real. And thou alone art real where I AM. I AM thy Light that is real. I AM thy Love that is real. I AM thy Life that is real.

      O God, thou dost enter my heart moment by moment, drop by drop of light descending over my crystal cord.  Therefore [I see that] each drop now enlarged before me on the screen of vision does contain the Divine Image of the Mighty I AM Presence. God does enter my heart. A million times a moment that Divine Image is flashing, flashing, flashing!  And I behold thy Love, O God. I behold thy Love.

      Come nigh to me, O God. I would come nigh to thee. Enter my heart fully and truly, Divine Image by Divine Image until thou dost approach–thy Presence near, thy voice.

      O my God, thou art coming, coming to this temple thou hast wrought. O Mighty I AM Presence, come, be with me; and when the cup of my life is full take me utterly to thy Self.

      O my Mighty I AM Presence, I love but thee!  I love but thee. I love but thee. Let thy love fires burn within my heart. Let me know that when the heart does not burn, I must pray and pray again to increase that flame of fire of Love.

      I AM THAT I AM. No separation is. The Mystical Body of God is One. In the interval of the Sun I know who I AM. I AM Real.

      And when this interval and succeeding intervals are done, I step forth from out the center of this Sun once again, treading maya to find the souls caught in delusion, pearls of great price <25> for whom a price has been paid by the Universal Christ.

      I have seen Reality. I AM Reality. I can afford to go forth in unreality another round and another round until my God does call me forever to the secret chamber of his heart and I am born anew, an ascended Son of Light.

      I therefore go back, go back and back. And with my diver’s suit I plunge into the sea to gather pearls, to protect them, to comfort them, to seal them in thy interval, O God, that is in the secret chamber of my heart where [thy] threefold flame is sealed.

      O in that interval, O God, I now have the flame of thy Reality, thy Love. Thy Love that is my portion is my portion to give to those whom thou hast also loved who must know [thee] through my witness.

      I AM the witness, O God. I go forth. I go forth.

   Send me, O God!  For it is my reason for being to gather the pearls until none are left to satisfy the sea monsters and they must die for want of pearls to eat, to devour. I will snatch them from their jaws. I will carry home sacks and bundles of pearls and lay them at thy feet.

O my Father, O my Mother, Alpha and Omega,

I AM coming Home.


Thus you will find that this recitation, beloved, (offered by you [at the moment] you desire to take leave of your body to enter the octaves of Light and the place we have prepared for your restoration) does establish the coordinates [of your soul’s meshing] with the Dhyani Buddhas and Kuan Yin, Padma Sambhava and the Vajrasattva whereby you may easily arrive at the place [we have prepared] and once there, easily absorb the grace that is our gift, the gift of Surya and Cuzco.

With the sign of the cosmic cross of peace of the Sixth Ray I seal you and I place that cross of peace, golden, framed in blue-purple and flecked with ruby as drops of ruby blood, in your aura at this height and before you so that you may look up and behold the cross of Christ of the Sixth Ray and remember:


      Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends, <26> his fellow chelas, his twin flame, his God and the cause of freedom worlds without end.

   I bow before the hierarchs of Aquarius, Saint Germain and Portia. And I tell each and every one of you, if you would achieve adeptship on the alchemy of the Seventh Ray and in the priesthood of Melchizedek, pursue Nada and her Love. It is the shortest distance between your present levels and your full God-mastery.

Love is indeed this alchemical key.


This dictation by Cuzco was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet at the conclusion of the Saturday evening service, September 30, 1989, during The 12 Labors of Hercules held at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. Available with the dictation of Archangel Michael on 90-min. audiocassette B89110. [N.B. Bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under Cuzco’s direction for clarity in the written word.] Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom.

1. key:  that which completes or holds together the parts of any fabric; especially the keystone of an arch, which by its position and wedged form locks the other stones and holds together the structure.

2. John 1:1-3.

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4. Crystal cord, also known as the silver cord. Eccles. 12:6, 7; Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Climb the Highest Mountain, 2d ed., pp. 279-84; 1989 PoW, vol. 32 no. 35, pp. 499-500; 1984 PoW, vol. 27 no. 56, p. 491.

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8. A stupa (literally “hair knot”) was originally a monument erected over the relics of Gautama Buddha and other great saints. Today stupas are highly symbolic structures that are the focus of devotion in Buddhist monasteries or temples. Stupas may contain sacred texts and other sacred objects. One Buddhist text recounts that Gautama Buddha told a disciple that stupas should be constructed not only as monuments to the dead but as monuments to the living–to a Buddha and “a true hearer” of a Buddha. Thus the stupa is more than just a memorial for the worship of Buddhas or saints; it is a supreme symbol of the path of the attainment of enlightenment, the goal of every Buddhist. The component parts of the stupa symbolize the qualities or disciplines that produce the awakened state of mind. Eight different types of stupas commemorate the eight major events in the life of Gautama Buddha and stupas have been erected at sites that played an important role in Gautama’s life.

A stupa usually has a hemispherical or cylindrical shape; the basic architectural form takes on special features in different countries throughout Asia. In Tibet stupas are called chotens, or chortens. “The three-dimensional form called choten (‘offering container’) is regarded in Tibetan Buddhism as a symbol of the body, speech, and mind of the Buddha....The symbology of the choten is based on Mahayana doctrine. The four lower levels stand for the four positive states of mind of love, compassion, joy, and equanimity. A secondary pedestal on top of this has ten further levels that ascend to the middle part of the choten; these represent the ten stages (bhumi) of the spiritual development of a bodhisattva. The middle part or ‘body’ of the choten symbolizes the awakened mind (bodhicitta) and in certain cases contains the image of a deity. Above this middle part rise thirteen umbrella shapes of different sizes; they represent various methods of propagating the Buddhist teaching (dharma). On top of these umbrella shapes is a five-petaled lotus, symbol of the properties of the five Buddha families (buddhakula) [each headed by one of the Five Dhyani Buddhas]. The pinnacle of the stupa is composed of a sun disk resting on a crescent moon, which symbolizes the cosmic grandeur of the teaching. [Above this, at the very top of the structure, there is a flaming drop.]” (The Encyclopedia of Eastern Philosophy and Religion [Boston:  Shambhala Publications, 1989], p. 340.) The interior ground plans of stupas of the Vajrayana school of Buddhism are designed to represent the mandala of the Five Dhyani Buddhas.

The different levels of the chorten also correspond to the five elements, which are symbolized by a specific bija mantra, color and form (shape). Lama Govinda writes of the symbology of the chorten:  “The cubic forms of the lower storeys correspond to the element ‘Earth’, the round central part to the element ‘Water’, the conical (gilt) upper-structure to the element ‘Fire’, the umbrella above it to the element ‘Air’. The flaming drop of the element ‘Ether’ rests on the vessel with the ‘Elixir of Life’, which crowns the honorific umbrella.”  (Foundations of Tibetan Mysticism [1960; reprint, New York:  Samuel Weiser, 1969], pp. 185-86.)

The stupa is also said to represent the temple of man or the Body of the Buddha. One Pali text says, “The stupa is the Buddha and the Buddha is the stupa.”  Govinda explains that in some Nepalese stupas, for instance, the structure is decorated near the top with painted eyes to suggest “a human figure in the posture of meditation hidden in the stupa, the crossed legs in the base, the body up to the shoulders in the hemisphere, the head in the harmika [kiosk or altar-like structure at the top]. This also corresponds to the psycho-physiological doctrine of the centers of psychic force [chakras] which are located one above the other in the human body and through which consciousness develops in ascending order....The [crown chakra] is symbolized by a dome-shaped or flame-like protuberance on the head of the Buddha, and by the cone-shaped Tree of Enlightenment which forms the spire of the stupa.”  (Psycho-cosmic Symbolism of the Buddhist Stupa [Berkeley:  Dharma Publishing, 1976], pp. 84-85.)

9. Prior to the twentieth century and the sponsorship of Saint Germain and Portia, the evolutions of planet earth were under the “old dispensation,” which required that individuals balance 100 percent of their karma in order to ascend; under the new dispensation individuals may ascend after balancing 51 percent of their karma. They may balance the remainder from etheric octaves. See Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Lost Teachings of Jesus II, p. 566 n. 56; Serapis Bey, 1973 PoW, vol. 16 no. 13, pp. 54-55; glossary in Saint Germain On Alchemy, s.v. “Ascended Master.”

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14. On October 17, 1989, at 5:04 p.m., 17 days after Cuzco stated that it is “the hour of earth changes,” an earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale struck the San Francisco Bay area. The quake caused the collapse of a mile-long span of the two-tiered Interstate 880 freeway in Oakland as well as major damage to the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and damage to some 60 buildings in the Marina district of San Francisco. Sixty-five people were killed, over 3,000 were injured, and at least 44,000 sought refuge in shelters in the area. Property damage has been estimated to be over $8 billion. On October 18 and 19, 1989, a series of earthquakes jolted northeastern China in mostly rural areas west of Beijing. At least five of the quakes registered 5.0 or more on the Richter scale, the strongest one measuring 6.1. Twenty-nine people were killed and an estimated 60,000 left homeless. On November 15 and 16 a storm system that traveled through 14 states in the Midwest, the South, and along the Eastern Seaboard produced hailstorms and tornadoes with winds up to 250 miles per hour that killed at least 30 people, including seven schoolchildren in New York, and left at least 1,000 people homeless.

Between September 17 and 22, 1989, Hurricane Hugo, with winds as strong as 135 to 160 miles per hour, struck a dozen Caribbean islands and then hit the U.S., traveling through the Carolinas and Virginia. It was one of the ten worst hurricanes to reach the U.S. mainland in this century. In the Caribbean islands 33 people were killed and more than 150,000 left homeless. Property damage there was estimated at $2 billion dollars and the resort economies of many of the islands were devastated. In the U.S. 28 people died and property damage was estimated at $4 billion.

On July 9, 1989, two earthquakes each registering 5.5 on the Richter scale struck the Izu Peninsula of Japan, triggering landslides and injuring at least 18 people. The quakes were the strongest of 20,000 tremors that occurred on the peninsula in the previous 10 days; more than 400 of these tremors were felt by residents. In July an underwater volcano erupted offshore from the resort town of Ito, located on the Izu Peninsula.

On January 23, 1989, an earthquake estimated at 5.4 on the Richter scale struck the Soviet republic of Tadzhikistan, which borders on Afghanistan and China. The quake triggered a massive mudslide that buried one village and damaged at least two others; an estimated 274 people died. In Soviet Armenia on December 7, 1988, an earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter scale flattened cities and towns in the region, killing 25,000 people and leaving an estimated 500,000 homeless. It was the most severe quake in the Caucasus Mountain region in 80 years.

15. The retreat of the Ascended Master Cuzco at Viti Levu in the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific is dedicated to the holding of the balance of the forces in the earth, including the adjustment of the earth to the weight of karmic effluvia and the guarding of the earth on its axis and in orbit; advanced technology, including computers and scientific instruments, are used by the Ascended Masters who serve with Cuzco. See 1988 PoW, vol. 31 no. 5, p. 54 n. 1.

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18. The offerings of Cain and Abel. Gen. 4:1-7.

19. One shall be taken and the other left. Matt. 24:40, 41; Luke 17:34-36.

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21. Blessed is the man that endureth temptation. See p. 257 n. 4.

22. Luke 6:38, 36, 37.

23. this vortex of God consciousness

24. Love one another, as I have loved you. John 13:34; 15:12.

25. Matt. 13:45, 46; Gospel of Thomas, logion 76; The Hymn of the Pearl.

26. John 15:13.