Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 32 No. 36 - Archangel Jophiel and Archeia Hope - September 3, 1989

Free El Morya!
A Fourth of July Prayer Vigil
Is Anything Too Hard for the Lord?
“I Say No!”
Bypass the Carnal Mind and Pursue the Imitation of Christ
Pierce the Veil of Ignorance by the Circle of Illumination’s Fire!

O perversity of the carnal mind! I bypass all of it and go directly to the soul. I speak to the soul and I say to you, arise this day in the Sun of being and take dominion under the shadow of the Almighty, of the Archangel! Take dominion over that lesser self and be no longer enslaved by the carnality of the mind of fallen ones.

I AM Jophiel!  I AM Hope! <1>I AM come!

Lo! Legions of Light, we say, Hail! Hail! to the Sun and to those who do serve that [Second] Ray [of the Sun] and receive me now.

O Lightbearers of the Sun in the heart of the earth, Lightbearers of the Son of God and Sanat Kumara, I am in your midst; for the golden flame of illumination you have invoked has risen as a pillar, as a pillar of flame as slim as a pencil beam, nevertheless a pillar reaching the heart of Helios and Vesta.

Therefore what wonders the chelas of El Morya do perform. And let them know that the light is rolling through the earth and rippling through the unconscious, and therefore there is an awakening not only of Christ but of Antichrist. I say, beware!

And thus the Seven Archangels draw nigh, for you have need of us. For you are as babes, and therefore the babes in Christ must be succored by those of us who are sent by God for the deliverance of souls.

Awake, then! For the soul must also bypass that carnality of the mind <2>of the fallen ones. The soul must reach for the Mind of Christ of Jesus, <3>of that Universal One, who is even the mighty Teacher of his Presence descended into your temple!

I AM Jophiel!  And therefore I speak the name of God that I AM, that I AM Jophiel. For, beloved, those serpents who did turn aside from my bands, who did walk in the garden to turn away the twin flames from the true Christ illumination, <4>they do tremble when I walk the earth; for I come for their binding and they know it. And I may have it yet in time, beloved, if such as you will continue, and continue to understand what fiery efficacy you can manifest when you are diligent in invoking the Archangels!

Blessed ones, of all of the hierarchies of the great cosmos, I will tell you, we come with a great fierceness. We precede the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas who descend to aid you. We go before all Sons of God, the Ascended Masters. We come, beloved. And because we behold the infamy of these fallen ones in their abortion of every part and phase of life, [the Life that is God,] therefore I say, we are the deliverers and we are most fierce in the hour when they would betray the seed of the Woman again and again and cause some of the precious little ones to be lost.

O you who have squandered your Light, take heed in this hour and regather it! For the gathering of the cosmic forces is nigh, and even the great gathering of the elect <5>of God, it is nigh, beloved. Therefore come forth for the great and notable day of the Lord. <6> Come forth, then, for the Day of Vengeance of our God. <7> For the judgment of Light does descend!

I AM the angel of the divine gnosis for that illumination that was given to you by the heart of Maitreya through the Lord Jesus and his brother Kuthumi and all World Teachers [who have ever come to teach the children of earth]. Truly it is the gnosis, [that] self-knowledge [in] the Mind of God and that knowledge of the archdeceivers.

O beloved, let them be taken by the Lord’s mighty dragnet as my angels go forth with the angels of Michael, of Chamuel, of Gabriel, of Raphael, of Uriel, of Zadkiel, and all of the hosts of the [Archangels of the] Five [Secret Rays]. So they go forth. And we are in the earth for the binding of these fallen ones, and we would hear you therefore invoke that Judgment Call [of Jesus Christ] and all of those judgment calls [found in your decree books] for the remainder of this day, that we might bind and bind again [those reprobate angels]. For truly it is come, the harvest of the tares and the harvest of the wheat. <8>

May the good wheat therefore separate out and may the reapers come, for again and again we have called. And this hour of concentration does give you the opportunity to establish such a foundation of protection, beloved ones, that many fallen ones can be taken with no harm to the Lightbearers remaining. It is a cataclysmic event in the earth, beloved. And therefore fear not if there be rumblings in the earth this day; for it is not the end of the world but it is the end of some fallen ones. And therefore you may look forward to a period of preparation unto other tests that will come later.

In this hour, beloved, we are sent by God and given that authority, even as the Authoritative Teaching <9>is also given, for the taking of fallen ones to mitigate even the Day of Vengeance of our God when it does fully expend itself.

Therefore, beloved, see what you can do to assist the angels in this hour. For I am the Angel of Illumination and I have no patience or tolerance with those who have denied that Cosmic Christ illumination in all halls of learning and institutions of education everywhere. And I say, I shall go after those fallen ones who give their lies to the students of the world concerning dialectical materialism, concerning the plots and ploys of the International Capitalist/Communist Conspiracy!

I will stand this day, for my Electronic Presence is unlimited! And therefore I will stand where every teacher, professor, or anyone who does engage in child care does stand and I will reach the hearts of the Lightbearers. And the seed of the wicked will know I have passed through, for they will know the diminishing of the power of the word to repeat the lie many thousands of times over. Blessed ones, with their lies these fallen ones of my bands did sink Lemuria and Atlantis and [they have brought] this earth even in this hour to the very brink of self-destruction.

Therefore I am eager! And I am present! And I say, Hail to thee, Alpha and Omega! For I occupy not only the physical body of thy Messenger, O God, but the physical bodies of all chelas of El Morya that they might raise up that fire of illumination and no longer be traduced [by serpents] to do those things which will cause the loss of standing of that great and noble one Morya El. <10>

I AM Jophiel! And I stand in the midst of the congregation! I AM Jophiel. I stand in the midst of every congregation in the world and I bring the judgment to the churches and to the religions of the world who are headed by the seed of Satan. Let Satan be judged. And let the true understanding of the founders of these religions be made plain by the messengers who are the mighty Archangels speaking through those in embodiment who know the Truth, who are freed by the Truth, [and] who [because they] are [therefore] free shall go forth to free others!

Blessed hearts, in every second is a million years. Second by second you have opportunity to save that which is lost! You are not limited! I am not limited! I will stand before every Lightbearer in the earth this day! There is no procrastination! There is no time and space! There is no delay!

All can receive that enlightenment if you will realize such a cosmic expansion of infinitude where you are, beloved hearts, that you will come and see and know that as you recite the fiat of the will of God, the wisdom of God, the Ruby Ray judgment, and the fire of Astrea, the power of the All-Seeing Eye of God, the needle ray going forth, even the crystal action of the Fifth Ray, as you will send forth the mighty [light of] Peace and Aloha and the living sword of Truth and the violet flame, there will be a cosmic burst of [cosmic] consciousness throughout this planetary body!

I say it! It shall be done if you will but expand that consciousness and hold that chalice high and give us a mighty finish to this day, this day that is the LORD’s day, the day when the crown chakra can be tingled, when the brain can be exorcised and washed clean by golden illumination’s flame. For you have set such a powerful foundation in the giving of your calls and rosaries to Archangel Michael–why, all the hosts of the LORD come in answer when you call that one, for they obey him!

And as he has been given the authority to act by so many voices this day, thus saith the Lord, there is a descent of light and the legions and hosts of the LORD through the quadrants of Matter to that physical plane to which you have builded therefore this mighty funnel of light of all the seven rays of the Seven Archangels, so help you God! For God has helped you this day and you have helped him! And so it is done and I speak it. [13-second standing ovation]

You have pierced the veil of world depression! You have pierced the veil of world pessimism! And you have created a mighty opening. Would to God you would see this and know this and not be bowed down by the conditions of the world and recognize that when you can come together for a single day or a single forty-eight hours in such tremendous intensity of Power, Wisdom, and Love, you can achieve such great good. Is there anything that is too hard for the LORD? <11> I say no! [16-second applause]

The joy of the LORD be with you this day, the mighty joy of the Second Ray and the First Ray and the Third, of all rays of Almighty God. For we are joyous legions of Light! And there is no greater joy than the joy of the Ruby Ray angels who go forth to bind even the demons and discarnates. Let us see the entire plains outside of this very court and this Inner Retreat be filled with such a company of hosts of the LORD, of the angels of the Seven Archangels who shall truly camp themselves here and remain so long as you can sustain such a mighty clearing action.

Beloved ones, there is no need to descend into the gloom and doom of the fallen ones who are going to the second death; for you are going to your ascension in the Light! I say it, beloved! You ought to be the most joyous people of the whole world!

[24-second applause with joyous acclamations]

Let the heaviness be gone then! Let it be thrown off! Let the sons of God leap for joy! Let them leap into the air and let them set aside this miasma of world karma. You are not of it and the violet flame can consume it.

And do you know what you can achieve in five minutes, ten minutes, an hour? Beloved hearts, you must bring to your calls such a sense of our Presence overshadowing you! Why, the Seven Archangels in anticipation of this very vigil have taken their turn to leave the earth to go to the Great Central Sun and to be so saturated with Light <12> as to bring to you this great momentum and message of Alpha and Omega and the mighty Twenty-Four Elders.

Beloved hearts of Light, the shafts of light do descend upon you. And within that shaft of light that is your tube of light there are the angels of Light* who are mending your garments, who are sealing up the holes, who are assisting you to weave your Deathless Solar Body.

How can you go out of the way of the LORD and his will? How can you for a moment consider to enter <13> in to the hollows of discord, of darkness, of disease?

Be washed clean. Be washed clean! Be washed clean and receive the Holy Communion served to you by Archangels this day.

Beloved ones, you are a mighty people wherever you are, for your Mighty I AM Presence is with you. No longer tarry, then, in that carnal-mindedness! You must bypass it! Let us bind it while you ascend to the heart of your Christ Self. We desire to see that Christ Self descend into your temple. We would prepare your temples.

Help us! Help us! Help us! O children of the Sun.

Help us, sons and daughters of God!

Help us, O ye world teachers!

Help us, those of you who run with the message of the LORD!

Help us to help you prepare your temple for the descent of the Lord Christ into it.

We need that Christ in the physical [octave], beloved. And in this moment feel that Holy Christ Self pressing in [upon] you. Beloved ones, that pressing in [of Light] will bring out the Darkness [of the dweller-on-the-threshold and the unconscious]. Be ready for it! This is the day to call to Astrea to banish from you, then, those demons [of the not-self] and those activations of old records.

Blessed hearts, there must be a steeling of the mind, a steeling of the mind that there be no discord while this process takes place. Why, it is a cosmic surgery! We so desire to accelerate you, but the law of God does not allow it as you must abide by the law of your karma when your karma is that [freewill] manifestation of wrong desire and that entertaining of those demons that you prefer to my angels.

Can you imagine that [there could be] left in this world a Keeper of the Flame [who] does yet prefer some of his household entities and demons to my angels? Well, I tell you, alas, it is still true, beloved. And this is the moment when you can exchange them! This is the hour of the changing of the guard! Let your demons flee! For our angels would enter your temple and your household and be with your children and all of you.

Blessed hearts, it is worth giving up the entire ball of wax of the human consciousness to have those mighty angels with you, angels of Jophiel, to restore the memory of God, the Mind of God, the teaching of God, the walk of God, the service of God and to bring to your mind each and every day that there be some out there who have not this teaching or this path.

And therefore you must call for them! Call for them!

I, Jophiel, through you now call in this very physical body for the absolute cutting free by the hosts of the LORD of every Lightbearer upon earth! And I demand the binding of every force that has kept you from embodying the Light, from retaining the Light, from holding the Light, from expanding the Light! And I say, let all barriers to the expansion of this teaching be bound, including those individuals who having heard me this day will not give up their human consciousness.

Therefore, beloved, be forewarned. For when an angel does step forth from the heart of the Great Central Sun and speak to you in this manner, you must know that you may no longer live as man! <14> For you have seen the LORD God face to face in the Presence of a mighty Archangel and therefore you must live as God!

And I say it, for it is the last time. <15> It is the last time I shall speak to you unless you shall so change, unless you shall so bind that ignorant animal magnetism, that aggressive mental suggestion and take control of your minds! Take control of your minds, I say, by the Universal Mind of God with you!

Elohim Apollo and Lumina, Mighty Victory, come forth! Lord Lanto and Confucius! I, Jophiel, Angel of the LORD, summon you now. Wash them clean! Wash them clean! Wash them clean! For it is their hour and they are the chosen. And they are the ones of Light and they have come. Therefore it is their hour to be blessed and to receive; for opportunity is an open door. And it is not only ajar, beloved, it is wide open into the retreats of the Second Ray. Take it not and you shall wait long, long millennia for that opportunity.

Do not think, beloved, that we thus speak often through a Messenger upon earth [or] that we send such Messengers often to this planet. The cosmic dispensation of Pisces is before you. And my dictation in this hour is the speaking to those Christed ones or those who ought to be. You have had 2,000 years and 24,000 and 25,000 and 26,000 years to come to the point of Christ-mastery.

Now is the hour! Take it! Claim it! Declare it! Else see how you will no longer have assistance. You will not have the angels of my band, for the LORD God will not permit it. Do not procrastinate! It is the evil of the anti-Word of the Second Ray to postpone the intelligence of the Mind of God and to allow that carnal mind to yet hold you its prisoner.

Well, beloved, I pause that heaven might hear your voice to challenge the last vestiges of your own human consciousness. Be it done. [personal calls shouted for three minutes]

The Keeper of the Scrolls has [duly] noted [your calls] and many angels have been required to write down your fiats. Let them continue this day, for you will see what Divine Intercession will come. Then celebrate the descent of the Lord Christ into your temple; for you must replace that [human karma] which has been removed with the infilling Light of Father, of Son, of Holy Spirit.

Let the Guru, let the Christ, let the Comforter and the Teacher be within your temple.

O angels of Purity, angels of Astrea, Gabriel and Hope, angels of the sacred fire, now with needle and thread of the Fourth Ray come! Come, then, and let the sewing accelerate that in this process there might be the strengthening, the strengthening of the finer bodies, the strengthening of the envelope of the soul. (O beloved, you may be seated if you wish.)

I would tell you, then, that as ages and dispensations come and opportunity opens a door, such as the age of Aquarius, of Divine Opportunity, of freedom through justice and mercy, which requires absolute resolution of all past karma (and this is why you find that karma of so many millennia due in this hour, 25,800 years [of karma falling due], beloved), so it must be resolved else those who enter the age of Aquarius who have not the wedding garment <16> will find themselves tossed and tumbled and turned with no inner equilibrium to face such a light as the Seventh Ray.

So great and so powerful is that light, beloved, that it is the priesthood of Melchizedek and the legions of Zadkiel who keep that power, who keep that light. And it does require a priesthood to maintain it. Therefore Omri-Tas and 144,000 priests of the sacred fire guard the power of the violet flame, guard its living presence and its light. It is the ultimate liberation of the soul and it is also the judgment of the fallen ones.

Therefore be prepared to enter this age, I say. And understand that when it is fully in place the door shall have shut to the Piscean dispensation! This is why I speak to you with such fervor and intensity. For this is the age [dedicated to the soul’s attainment] of God-mastery and, lo, these 2,000 years have been the opportunity. You may [therefore] mark the cycle of the conclusion [of this dispensation], concluding the year of Pisces <17> that is upon the Messenger, April 8, 1990. <18>

Therefore know that in this month and in this year you must discover the keys to that Christ-mastery and lay such a hold upon that inner God-mastery of your Holy Christ Self that you truly shall become conscious of that Holy Christ Self walking, thinking, feeling, and speaking through you.

Now listen to the lesson of the Archangel of the Second Ray, beloved, and of the Mother angel beloved Hope. The teaching is this, beloved. When you hear yourself saying things that you know your Holy Christ Self would not say, then you know that that Holy Christ Self has ascended far above you and cannot enter in. When you say things with a tone of voice [of] condescension, with criticism, with burden or depression, sarcasm or the vibration of gossip, then you will know your Holy Christ Self cannot enter; for it is the law of God.

Therefore pursue the path of the imitation of Christ. <19> Speak as you know or believe Christ would speak, with love but firmness, sternness where required, mercy when it is due, soft-spoken when needed, in the intensity of the sacred fire when you would awake a soul who will not be awakened. Blessed ones, speak as Christ would speak and Christ will speak through you. This is [also] the Mother-teaching of the Second-Ray Archeia.

Think as Christ would think and Christ will think through you and the Mind of God will become congruent with the physical vessel. And there shall be no separation, as things equal to the same things are equal to each other–one Christ, one Lord, one manifestation within your temple!

When you think thoughts impure, unkind, critical, intolerant, blessed hearts, the Mind of Christ is not in you. The carnal mind of a fallen angel has entered! An archon <20> has trapped you! Remember, beloved, it is not worth it. [For when you entertain fallen angels] you sacrifice being a world teacher in the flesh and the very messenger of your own Christ Self to many.

When you have feelings that are not the feelings of the compassionate Christ, then you know Christ is not in you. Hasten, hasten to your altar! Call, then. Affirm. Replace. Practice sweet thoughts, sweet feelings, sweet words and soon they will come naturally. Demonstrate them to your children, to one another, and others will speak as you speak; for all humans are imitators.

You speak alike if you are from the same section of the world. You even think alike. You may even walk alike. You may even like the same music. Humans are mimics, beloved. And therefore, understanding the plasticity of the mind and the ability for change by the violet flame and the power of thought and the word and the love expressed to convert [the soul to her God Presence], know this, that you may convert many to the higher way of God Harmony.

Finally, beloved, perform deeds that you know Christ would perform and shun those which Christ would not engage in. As you make your songs to the Holy Christ Self and Flame [to be] the songs of your heart, the threefold flame will grow! And do you know what will happen? What will happen, beloved, is a greater sensitivity to life whereby you are one with the heart of the Goddess of Liberty and understand the burdens of many and why they are burdened. You will have compassion to help them but most of all you will have strength.

And when you lack the strength to help a brother, for you have not helped yourself or strengthened yourself [in the LORD your Mighty I AM Presence], you will not do it, beloved. It does take strength to stand by another until through you he may see the Divine Image of his own Christ Self in which he was made. It takes strength and courage for you yourself to stick with your own self until you become that image. And some of you have given up on yourselves; [you] have no more patience.

Blessed ones, God has patience but he needs a vessel. But be not overly patient, for then you will allow some to go into self-indulgence as if there would be another day of opportunity. Inasmuch as one day the day of opportunity will be gone, it is best to plan on the morrow as that day and do everything that you can squeeze in every day of your life to magnify, magnify, magnify the LORD, the I AM THAT I AM! Is this not what we the Archangels have done on our rays for thousands upon thousands of years until we will no longer speak our age? [“Yes.”] Beloved hearts, be the Christ and watch the world peel from itself the snakeskin of the serpentine lie.

Lord Jesus has come to you with the call of conversion and discipleship to be Christed ones and shepherds, messengers and world teachers. <21> Now you will understand why the door of Pisces shall be closed. And you must be clothed upon in that hour with enough of that Christhood of your causal body, enough of a grid of Light, that for you it will not close; for you have opened it into octaves of Light and your God-mastery shall continue under the canopy of Aquarius. Those who have not a sufficiency of their Christ-mastery, beloved, will toil to find it and receive it.

Therefore we come, and henceforth we tarry and we intensify.

May you solemnly know my words and hear them. May you keep them. And may you recognize that self-mastery is not you in a straitjacket. It is not you in some piety looking down upon others. It is not a stiffness nor is it the false sense of humor of the clown whose mask covers the inner death spiral. It is the laughter of angels. It is God holding the fallen ones in derision. It is those of the victorious sense who do not take for granted their victories but guard them well!

God-mastery can be yours if you do not take yourselves too seriously but rather consider the seriousness of the world situation and of souls who are naked, who have no garment and no protection. O beloved, they must be clothed, for they are not ready for the initiations of the cross. They have been stripped of their garments but they are not ready to be stripped! They need you.

In this hour the circle of fire of illumination as the corona of the sun, as the fire that appears in the eclipse, does become that fiery edge, a circle of intense yellow fire around the earth.

Pierce! pierce! pierce! the veil, I say. And now let the circle of fire be multiplied.

Legions of Jophiel, pierce ignorance! Let Christ be made plain and, yes, let Antichrist be exposed that the world see these fallen ones for what they are! Let them no longer hide. Angels of Jophiel’s bands, stand at the side of the Lightbearers that they might be quickened in each twenty-four hours with the piercing light of the corona of the sun of Helios and Vesta. For these have reached that sun by the Call.

Thus gratitude does descend, even as it ascends from your hearts, for the victory of Lord Lanto’s cassette for world action. <22> And by your use of it I am come. And by your increased use of it you would also see Elohim of the Second Ray descend. So you have won a prize, but be not satisfied with it but only measure what can be given again and again for the greater prize. For there is no end to the great Buddhas of Light and Cosmic Christs who could also descend to earth.

I AM Jophiel! And I AM Hope. We come to pronounce the judgment, and the judgment through the Christed ones, of all betrayers of the Light of the crown chakra, all who have taken the left-handed path, all fallen angels who have traduced the children of the Light. This is our mission in this hour. And in this pulsing sacred fire, we are giving to you, beloved, an extraordinary portion of yellow fire from the altars of our retreat.

I, Jophiel, with Hope personally place around the soul of every Lightbearer a sheath of this fiery yellow, golden shining, brilliant-as-the-sun substance of yellow light of the Second Ray. Each soul, then, is sealed in a sun. It is a protective element, protecting the mind and the thought, the feeling and the deed, connecting you with Helios and Vesta. It is the homing. It is the quickening, sunbeams filtering through the window awakening the soul from the sleep of the ages.

Out of the Light I am come! Into the Light I shall withdraw, but not before I have served to you a physical Holy Communion. I charge the bread and the wine now with light from heavenly altars.

The Body and Blood of the Universal Christ is now offered to you, beloved, for assimilation. As you take this in as physical substance, you will have the means to absorb the light already released. It is the sacrament of the Body and Blood of our Lord that makes one his Mystical Body in earth and in heaven forever and forever.

By the power of the Eucharist, by the power of the wine, let the fallen ones be judged, Antichrist be bound, and the Lightbearer raised up!

Prayer of the Violet Flame

O LORD God, I have said it in thy name I AM THAT I AM. And I have fulfilled the purpose whereto thou hast sent me unto these thine own. We seal them in Alpha and Omega! May thy Word, O God, transmitted through us to these wise ones be sufficient <23> unto their God-mastery and thy glory within them.

So, LORD God, I kneel before this altar that thou hast made physical in this universe as the electrode for the altar in the Temple Beautiful in the New Jerusalem. Thus, all of my legions do kneel in this hour. [Messenger and congregation kneel.]

O LORD God, while I have therefore this physical contact I offer this prayer at this altar tended by holy angels:

May the violet flame become the cup of comfort in every home. Let it replace alcohol. Let it replace sugar and nicotine. Let it replace all drugs, all things placed in the bodies of the children of the Mother as they seek to drink from the fount of her heart flame but cannot find her.

Let the violet flame be the cup, the elixir, the healing tonic! Let the violet flame be spread abroad in the land. For by the entering through the violet flame they shall be cleansed to be quickened in soul and in mind and in heart by our legions and for the victory.

I, Jophiel, pray with my cohorts that the violet flame may heal, forgive, consume, transmute karma, that the violet flame might go before all Archangels for the softening of hardness of heart! For transmutation of the brittleness and pride of the intellect shall melt the encasements of the carnal mind that enslave the soul.

Let the violet flame go to the little child, the newborn! Let it seal the child in the womb! Let the violet flame be increased, O God!

I, Jophiel, pray in the earth through these [souls in these] physical bodies! Therefore may I have the dispensation, O God, of being, according to the physical laws in this hour, the instrument of the Call that does compel the answer, even by my rank and standing in the cosmic hierarchy?

I call, then, to all in embodiment who have the gift of the violet flame and know it to let your gifts to all whom you meet be the violet flame cassettes. <24> As you teach them and tarry with them, sing your songs with them, sing your lullabies, and tenderly heal their wounds and their fears and their sorrows and their doubts.

O you who are chelas of El Morya, I call for thy gift to him of violet flame preparing the way, transmuting wrong desire, that the children of the One might finally desire only the One and no longer be in a condition of duality!

This is my prayer, O God in the heavens, O angels above, O sons of Light below, and children of the One!  Let the violet flame be disseminated throughout the world for the judgment of the wicked and their exposure and the absolute God freedom of the souls everywhere.

I, Jophiel, therefore contact the seed within the soul and I pour therein the communion cup of violet flame, the bread, truly the Body of the Seventh-Ray Masters. For Saint Germain, for Morya, for Sons of Light such as these, I, Jophiel, shall tarry with the earth so long as some give allegiance to their great God Flame.

[Messenger rises.]

Angels, rise to attention now. Sons of God, stand in the dignity of your God Flame and receive my Holy Communion from Alpha and Omega whence I have come. [Congregation rises.] For to that Sun I shall ascend in this hour momentarily. Thus establishing the stitch of light, having sewn from the Sun through this heart, I take the thread and needle back to the Sun for the circle of light.

[intonations, 19 seconds]

You have heard the Word. Forget it not. Forget me not. My name is Jophiel. My name is Hope. I know thy name and the new name that no man knoweth. <25> I know the secrets of thy heart.

And in Love I carry you to the fount of being.

[Holy Communion is served.]

This dictation by Archangel Jophiel and Archeia Hope was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, July 2, 1989, 3:54-4:44 p.m. MDT, during Free El Morya!  A Fourth of July Prayer Vigil held at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. Archangel Jophiel and Archeia Hope’s dictation is one of the most fiery releases ever given through the Messenger. In order to experience the intensity and light of the original delivery, you are encouraged to hear the dictation. The Ascended Masters teach that each time the audio or video recording of a dictation is played, the light of the Master’s original dictation is rereleased. Send for your copy of Archangel Jophiel and Archeia Hope’s dictation on audiocassette (B89107), with song to Jophiel and musical meditation. If you desire to participate in the entire service, the dictation with preceding lecture given by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, “Teachings of the Mother: Souls Who Have Forgotten Why They Are Here,” is available on two 90-min. audiocassettes, B89094-95. Lecture includes teachings from Gnostic texts, the Bible, the Book of Enoch, and the Ascended Masters on awakening the souls of Lightbearers to their divine origin and mission and how the fallen angels attempt to prevent the soul from making her ascent back to God. [N.B. Bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under Archangel Jophiel and Archeia Hope’s direction for clarity in the written word.] Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom.

1. Hope is the Archeia of the Fourth Ray and twin flame of Archangel Gabriel. Because of the profound need for hope on the planetary body, she came with Archangel Jophiel for this dictation while Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Jophiel’s twin flame, the Archeia Christine, held the balance in higher octaves.

2. Carnal mind. Rom. 8:6, 7.

3. Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. Phil. 2:5.

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5. Gather his elect from the four winds. Matt. 24:30, 31; Mark 13:26, 27.

6. Great and notable day of the Lord. Joel 2:28-32; Acts 2:16-21.

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12. of the God Consciousness

13. In modern English the gerund form would follow consider rather than the infinitive (i.e., “consider entering in to” rather than “consider to enter in to”), but the infinitive form is found in archaic usage. For example, “Let them consider to get loose; or they will find a worse state behinde,” H. Lawrence, 1646; “The said Committee do consider to make a distinction of Popish Recusants from other Dissenters from the Church of England,” Marvell, 1677-78 (Oxford English Dictionary).

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17. According to the cycles of the natal chart of the Messenger as charted on Mother Mary’s Cosmic Clock, this year, the Messenger’s fiftieth, commencing April 8, 1989, she walks with Jesus on the two o’clock line of Pisces.

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