Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 31 No. 82 - Beloved Mother Mary - December 3, 1988


The Harvest
The Mediatrix of Divine Wholeness
Your Own Attainment Sustained by Your Heart Flame
“I Shall Not Leave Thee”


O beloved of my heart, remember that the Father did call me, and as Raphael and I were summoned to that throne and as I received the commission to enter the portals of birth on earth to give birth to the Christ, the Christ of Jesus, it was not alone to be delivered of that Son of God:  But I was sent to go after each and every one who had come with Sanat Kumara, the Lightbearers originally anointed by God who had successively lost their sense of Self-awareness as that Christ, whose Self-worth had somehow receded by their brushing with fallen angels with a vacant heart.

Know, then, beloved, that the Father did send me as a Mediatrix <1> of the Divine Wholeness. And as I have been allowed to come nearer to earth, even to the point where my tears are seen on my statues and images, <2> you may understand that truly through my heart you may achieve a daily oneness with your Christ Self. Blessed ones, not without effort, however, for in this hour, and from this hour on, you see [that] this rising tide of [the sea of the] astral plane does make more difficult the raising up of that line, that lifeline to my heart, and my extending it [to you].

But I tell you, the power of the salutation to me “Hail, Mary!  Hail, Ma-Ray!” and the mantra “In the Immaculate Heart of Mary I trust!”  [is great]. These combined with the science of the spoken Word, the exercise thereof in the calling forth of the violet flame of the Holy Spirit, do so enhance your ability to maintain and strengthen the tie to my heart, [and] thus the tie to your Christ Self. Know, beloved, that my mission twenty-four hours a day is to  restore to the Lightbearer and to the child of God’s heart that oneness that is so needed.

I hope, and it is my fond hope and prayer and it is my prayer to the Father in your behalf, that you will so increase in your desire to be with me, to be my own sons and daughters in the very sense that Jesus is, that you will soon have such a presence of my aura around you that you can be the open heart whereby many can enter in.

I seek in the students of the Ascended Masters representatives who can bring the Lightbearers to a higher level of understanding than that which they are limited to in their orthodoxy and in the canopy of that orthodoxy that does limit their piercing through that skyey tent to all of the great hierarchies of heaven and to the ultimate awareness of being anointed to be that Christ.

Thus, beloved ones, I come to you in great comfort, but be mindful that the comfort is in the Law of the Comforter, which Law of the Holy Spirit has been explained to you from the heart of the Elohim of the First and the Third Rays. Even my intercession is subject to your obedience to the requirements of the Law, that the spoken Word of the rosary might be your instrument to and through my heart.

For those, then, who are unable to maintain the tie to the Holy Christ Self in any other way, I represent the point of recourse. Thus, I have given those words that many may pray to the Blessed Mother, saying:


      O Blessed Virgin, as we have recourse to thee, receive our souls and hearts and bind us to our living Saviour, Christ, the Lord of Jesus and the Lord of all who have ascended to my God and your God. O my Blessed Mother, hear me in this hour as I give thy rosary unto thee and through thy heart unto God and through thy heart on behalf of all Lightbearers of this darkened star.

   Blessed are ye who have a momentum on [any] one or more of the seven rays on prayer and service and in the things of God, for it is your momentum that will multiply again and again your daily prayers [offered on each of the rays of God’s Presence].

I would tell you, beloved, that to a certain extent all of the Archeiai of the Seven Archangels and Archangels of the secret rays and the Eighth Ray are very close in their intercessory power. But, then, you have been admonished to place your attention upon any Mother figure in the ascended realms and to develop your momentum through that Mother’s heart. <3>  This is because, beloved, for all evolutions in samsara, for all who must face [and] pass through the astral plane, and all Christed ones who with Jesus descend into hell for times and times again, it is the Presence [of the I AM THAT IAM] of the Divine Mother personified in angelic hosts, in ascended and cosmic beings that does provide the means of entering in to the heart of the Trinity and to the highest octaves of Spirit.

Oneness with the Divine Mother as She does appear to you in our varied manifestations does establish within you the electromagnetic field of the divine polarity of the Mother; and that powerful magnet that does have the minus coefficient does then become to you the means of attracting the Father, therefore Divine Wholeness and therefore [the] escape from time and space, which does trap astral debris.

So, beloved, I am called the Mediatrix of Divine Wholeness, for healing of the Fifth Ray does always come when by my flame or the flame of the representative of the Divine Mother nearest to you, you do magnetize the presence of the Masculine Ray and of the Father and therefore have a circle of oneness whereby you are immune–immune to the conditions of the flesh, to the decay of the flesh and to death itself. And that immunity is a soul immunity which may extend to the very form as in the lives of the saints their bodies were preserved beyond transition, did emit perfume and did become a focus also to conduct that light of spiritual realms.

With Raphael we are one. And your call for the reinforcement of the dispensation of the anchoring here of Fatima and Fatima’s retreat <4> will avail much as you keep the Flame and keep this physical property clear and clean, pure by your own consciousness and life for the maintenance of the Feminine Ray of a planet and a people until the focus of Lake Titicaca should become the focus of the Feminine Ray in the physical octave again. Of course, you know that the retreats of the God and Goddess Meru and the Lord Himalaya are not moved, are not changed and ever pulsate [the Masculine and Feminine Rays of the Godhead], but what is of greatest need in the earth in this hour is the sustainment in the physical octave of these rays. <5>

Not without forethought by Almighty God was the Retreat of the Divine Mother, that does appear to you even as the City Foursquare over this property, established here. <6>  Thus, that retreat has magnetized you even as you have magnetized it, that in this place and in this earth that manifestation might be the balance that is needed for millions in the hour of their personal and planetary initiations.

With the Buddha in your heart and the Buddha in the Heart of the Inner Retreat <7> may you always remember and say, “By the grace of God and by his grace alone, Mother Mary, we shall not fail!” And, blessed ones, you may insert after my name the names of any Ascended Masters or angels or Elohim whose sweet presence is on your heart and mind and in whose name you can say with God within you, “We shall not fail!” It is a fiat, beloved. It banishes failure and creates the vacuum which only Victory does fill.

As it is our office, Raphael and I seal you now in the healing thoughtform. <8>  May the healing mantras find you, as with the mantras of the Divine Mother, in a state of wholeness invoked from on high, that day by day will become your own attainment and [be] sustained by your heart flame, not alone by those of the heavenly Hierarchy.

This is the joy of past, present, future becomings, that all that you call forth from God as gift and grace is one day your own attainment, for you have seen and known the co-measurement spoken of by Elohim and you have set your sights on that co-measurement with those of our realms who have answered your calls daily until you, as the answered call, are in the state of attainment whereby the God above has become truly in manifestation as the God of your heart.

Even so, build concentric spheres of causal body round about this form and know that I the Lord thy God [the Mighty I AM Presence] in Father and in Mother shall not leave thee!  I shall not leave thee. I AM with you alway, even unto your fulfillment of the Feminine Ray.

Now your Messenger does recede for the fulfilling of the promises, all promises, all promises vested in her keeping by the Hierarchy above and the disciples below who also know her heart as the nexus whereby you may enter in to your Christhood.


This dictation was delivered on Tuesday, Oct. 11, 1988, 1:32-1:50 a.m. MDT. Available on audio- and videocassette, see vol. 31 no. 80, p. 641 note. Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom.

1. Mediatrix [derived from Latin medius ‘middle’]:  a female mediator; one who intervenes between parties at variance, esp. to reconcile; a go-between, messenger, agent, intercessor, intermediary. The Blessed Virgin Mary is known to Roman Catholics as the Mediatrix or Mediatress of all graces. St. Bonaventure described her role as Mediatress “between us and Christ, as Christ is between us and God,” and St. Francis called her “treasurer of graces,” “advocate,” and “collaborator in our salvation.”  Although Catholics believe they can pray directly to God the Father and God the Son, they have a deep devotion and confidence in the Blessed Mother as the one who will always intercede in their behalf. They believe she has great influence and favor with her son and that God loves and trusts her so much that he will never refuse her requests. It is also taught that Christ, in his role as Mediator between God and men, loves to grant men graces as they invoke his Mother’s intercession through devotion to her Immaculate Heart. St. Bonaventure said that “whenever the most sacred Virgin goes to God to intercede for us, she, as Queen, commands all the angels and saints to accompany her and unite their prayers to hers.”

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5. Focuses of the Masculine and Feminine Rays of the Godhead are at the etheric retreats of Lord Himalaya and the God and Goddess Meru respectively. On Oct. 10, 1988, Hercules said that because the physical area of Lake Titicaca in the Andes (where the Feminine Ray should be anchored physically) is covered over with astral substance, the Royal Teton Ranch “must suffice” as “the [physical] focus of the Feminine Ray to the earth here in the Northern Rockies...until the dark period of earth’s travail does pass.”  Because the Ascended and Unascended Masters of the Himalayas keep the Flame of the Masculine Ray, it is anchored physically in the Himalayas from Lord Himalaya’s Retreat of the Blue Lotus. See 1988 PoW, vol. 31 no. 80, pp. 623, 626.

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7. The Western Shamballa, Gautama Buddha’s etheric retreat centered at the Heart of the Inner Retreat at the Royal Teton Ranch, Montana, is an extension of Shamballa, site of Sanat Kumara’s original retreat located above the Gobi Desert, where the Lightbearers who accompanied him to earth first descended. 1981 PoW, vol. 24 no. 20, pp. 226, 227; 1988 PoW, vol. 31 no. 67, p. 519 n. 13.

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