Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 31 No. 43 - Beloved Cyclopea - July 23, 1988


An Easter Retreat
A Star of Harmony
“Lo, it is come!  Thy ascension draweth nigh”
Announcement of the Ascension of Mary Lou Majerus


Ho!  You may become the Sun if you are bold enough to contain it!  You may even become the All, as I AM.

Elohim I AM THAT I AM.

Therefore, know, O soul draped with mortality, I AM Immortality’s Flame dancing before you as God of very gods. Therefore, shed mortality and know that the Flame of Immortality draws nigh to you.

Ho!  Ho!  Ho!  I cry halt!  to the sleep of that human consciousness with which you have draped yourselves.

I AM Elohim. I call Home those who can mount the spiral of the divine music, cadence by cadence unto the Sun.

I come to call Home the pyramid builders, those who value the capstone and see destiny in the eye <1> and do not flinch and know [that] in this hour there must assemble those who will place the capstone upon a civilization nobly begun, and more than a capstone. For violet flame must saturate!  penetrate!  saturate!  penetrate!  saturate, penetrate those levels upon levels of a pyramid that is built. And yet, sealed in the cement are the dead flies of human consciousness and more.

Therefore, for purification that the intended white stone may become white, I AM come.

I am come because you have carved in the earth crevices of violet flame. Some have even bored holes with violet flame. Into all openings where keepers of the violet flame have created that crevice in the rock of human hardness, I, Cyclopea, pour, then, the magnificent green elixir of the Life abundant that the green shoot might appear again and again and again!

I come to saturate earth in answer to the call of those who, with us, are weary–weary of the decadence and death and despair of a planet. So, let it be and let it be known that Elohim penetrate the strata of the rock, and earth shall receive in this hour such an impetus, such a divine vision.

Yet who will carry it?  Who will defend it?  Who will defend the Lightbearers aborning in the womb of this cosmos?  Who will defend them that they might have the right to be the Sun?

Ho!  Ho!  Let the sun penetrate. Helios, Vesta, I pronounce thy name. Helios, Vesta!  Helios, Vesta!

And the power of Elohim, seven in number, does resound this night in the center of the atom, in the center of the cell of organic and inorganic matter; and there is a spinning of the center after the original spin, the cosmic spin of Alpha and Omega. Therefore that spin in the center will begin to cause disturbance on the periphery of worlds.

Keep the flame!  For earth must be righted from the microscopic level to the point of subatomic particles, else, beloved, chaos will produce the thrusting from the center, for there must be a star of harmony somewhere.

Thus, take note, beloved. A star of harmony has risen this day from your midst and from the Grand Teton, and the Law is satisfied already that in 1988 one daughter of God has taken her ascension and therefore sealed the quota of one each year; and therefore earth does receive that cosmic spin. And I AM Elohim, here to see to it that each one of you shall also win.

Therefore, we salute in our Community of the Holy Spirit the newly ascended Lady Master Mary Lou! <2> [45-sec. standing ovation]

Thus, I signal to you the consecration of this retreat <3> to the ascension flame and the crystal ray sent forth by the Elohim of the Fifth Ray.

Blessed ones, it is an honor and a privilege to welcome to the courts of heaven one who has been loyal in life and in victory to our Messengers of this century. Behold, was she not the most humble amongst all?  In the love of her heart may you be seated, and may you be seated in the praise of all Elohim who rejoice; for, beloved, the purity of a soul is known by us though not even suspected by herself.

Thus, in her final weeks and months and years she would often ask the Messenger, “Have I done anything of merit? Have I scored any points?  Am I worthy to be received by Saint Germain?” Blessed ones, such a staunch and true friend should all our Messengers have had in past ages.

Therefore, with her dying breath did she affirm to this Messenger, “You are the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood!” Blessed ones, so has she consecrated her victory to the upholding of the office, mantle and person of the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood and this has been her star for many aeons.

Therefore, beginning her training with the Ballards so early in this century, her lifetime has been graced by flowers of violet flame. Thus, imagine, beloved, for a period of a half a century and decades more to keep the flame of purity, obedience, chastity and love, to keep the violet flame so long for a planet!  Can heaven deny such a one whose heart and soul and eyes of fire may yet be seen by you?  For they have not only not diminished, they have increased a thousandfold. Behold the eternal youth of the newly ascended Lady Master Mary Lou!

Blessed ones, so has she desired to be called, that you might know that you have a friend and compatriot who shall never leave this place but only goad you to the same discipline and staunchness and true faith.

Blessed hearts, once again the motto of our Brotherhood has been fulfilled:  What Man Has Done, Man Can Do. [And therefore,] what woman has done, woman can do–what child has done, child can do. Therefore, beloved, there have been children who have ascended, reincarnating [solely] for that purpose.

Know this, then, that the present reality of a victory out of your midst must give to you courage and determination and the recognition that though it may not be seen, it is the innermost purity of heart and dedication and fervor in service, that does never neglect those decrees of the living fire, [that does win the ascension]. For, beloved, know that all <4> must purge, purify and balance all records of karma. It is the Law, beloved. Not a single Ascended Master may pay for you, when you pass from the screen of life, that last 3 percent, 4 percent that is needful to bring the total to 51.

Blessed hearts, if it is not fulfilled, you will either remain in the etheric retreats for some time rendering service, calling forth the flame, or you may even reincarnate to pass some years upon earth again to bring that cup full to the brim. For that cup of light is needful to those who must drink now of thy Christhood.

Blessed hearts, tempus fugit! Has not Morya said it?  I say it!  For I AM Elohim and I contain all time and space. Fire the mind and enfire it!  Spend less time thinking and more time knowing in the all-knowing Mind of God that does press down upon you to illumine you.

Prepare the vessel. Fill it with the rich wine of the Spirit. Fill it, then, beloved, for when that violet flame cup is full and overflowing you shall be, before your ascension, a fountain of the Seventh Ray to the earth–which will delight more than the eye of Saint Germain. For every eye shall behold you and angels shall walk at your side when you determine with such a fervor of heart, as did and does still Mary Lou, that you will always have more than enough violet flame for yourself and for others, as though you could fill a thousand teacups and then a thousand again for all who would drink.

Do you not desire to give abundantly?  O beloved, the abundant giver has abundant joys, happiness and bliss; and there is no distance between yourself and bliss, for bliss is a state of the crystal Mind of God. O be infired in this hour, beloved, with such determination!

Would you not enter the courts of heaven at the conclusion of this life, whenever it might be?  [“Yes!”] I am glad that some of you do.

Blessed ones, calculate by that cosmic calculator and say to yourself that if that passage should come soon or late you will be ready, having therefore called forth the maxim light of Maximus–having called forth such untold blessings, having rendered such service so as to bless so many tens of thousands–that if perchance you are wanting a bit the full cup of violet flame, you may have to your record so many deeds well done, so many smiling faces on planet earth, that for the very service and the quickening of hearts and the many who shall become Suns after you or even before, by meritorious deeds you shall have therefore fulfilled the requirements for the victory. Both are so necessary, beloved.

Let praise be upon thy lips–for the flame of God and for the light and the smile of a friend, for the testings of the enemy and for those who are neither hot nor cold for whom you must strive. Strive, then, for them to be galvanized to the Light or even to the Dark but to make some decision that will start the process of self-immolation and God-victory.

Therefore, let the lesser self decrease, <5> for I, Cyclopea, come to all who receive me [in order] to accomplish that. Even if by a hair’s measure, beloved, let that lesser self be eclipsed by the Great God Presence, by the sun of even pressure. Even let the self-concern be eclipsed by the appearance of the Lord Gautama Buddha for whom you contain such love that in seeing him all self is forgotten and you melt in the divine embrace of the Lord of the World.

He is here in the Western Shamballa and though he may be everywhere in the earth, he does not leave this place. Do you know what that means, beloved?  That means that anywhere you may be on this property, anywhere, you may suddenly encounter him. In the song of a bird, in the smile or frown of a friend–in any manifestation however small or great–you may know that the Lord of the World does not cease to teach your soul, for by the pulsation of his heart you are perpetually, perpetually receiving that heartbeat of God that does pump into your mind and being the gnosis of cosmos!

O expand the mind, beloved!  Expand the heart, which is even more needful, to know in this moment that higher reality of self, to know that thou art God as I AM and yet to realize that all of the testing and the challenging and the striving and the giving and taking is for, beloved, the realization of that God here below!

O run and sing in the hills and listen to the sound of angels return thy chorusings!

I AM the God of Music. Therefore, I AM determined to save the earth with music. What is music, beloved?  It is the original sound with which earth was endowed in etheric spheres. It is the sound and the hum of a bee or an electron or a child learning his first tune. Music is the melody of the soul that is always in the divine rhythm of Love. Music conveys all virtues of God. Music therefore does bring to you the inner sound of the living Word. But you are that Word, you are that Peace, you are that Peace-commanding Presence.

I propose, then, to drench the earth with the eternal sound simply because the sounds that come from the earth in this hour–the sounds of the groanings of pain as individuals pass from life through the tortures of hell (a hell of their own creation, I must say, beloved, and yet we have compassion)–the sounds of the earth violate the Christ of you and the Cosmic Virgin, [they violate] the sounds of the Infinite One.

Lo, I AM THAT I AM:  I will fill all the earth with music but I must have vessels, vessels who contain the sound of our dictations, for on another track they are all music, beloved.

Music is the perpetually flowing stream. It is the River of Life. It is movement in self, and as movement, beloved, it is always power. Each change of the note, the vibration, beloved, is a release of power.

Therefore, we wrap the earth in the swaddling garment of the music of the Divine Mother. May this presence of the power of Elohim and the music of all seven rays not drown out the freewill expressions of those who have a right to their free will. But let it be such a Peace-commanding Presence, such an illumination, such an inspiration that gently by the Holy Spirit and powerfully, too, souls may be turned around, galvanized, then, to the original sound that gave them birth, the sound of the chorusing of twin flames and their retinue of angels.

Would you not be converted by the original sound of that God-free being, that twin-flame manifestation and the retinue of angels?  Would you not for a moment lend an ear and, not as following Pied Piper but as moving with the currents of your own being, at last [be] free to be yourself?  Would you not, then, leave the cups, the old cups containing the old beat?

Ah, yes, beloved. Those who have come from the Sun shall be turned around. Those who are the children of the Sun shall leave their nets of entanglement in the melody and rhythm of the fallen ones.

And what shall they do who have rebelled against the original sound?  Blessed ones, in this hour I, Cyclopea, deliver unto them the mighty chorusings of the angels of God which they knew before they took the left-handed path and the step to descend and descend again and to descend, decelerating, then, into a plane where they could be comfortable with their rebellion.

In this hour, then, we, Elohim, release [the sound of God Harmony] to all angels who have fallen, leaving their first estate, going after that fallen one whose end has already come, <6> that they might know the sound they once knew and once loved, many of them only following after their hierarchs and yet by some strange, warped loyalty remaining faithful unto them to this hour.

I release you from the bonds and bondage of your word vowed to those dark ones who have led you into the byways of Evil. All of you, then, throughout this cosmos who have followed the false hierarchy of Lucifer, of the Satans, Beelzebub and others, to you I say, “Hear the sound you once loved when, in the heart of the Divine Mother, you too were there when the morning stars sang together!” <7>

Therefore, this night, beloved, they shall hear the sound and they shall know and remember the fullness of the joy of freedom they once knew before they were cast out of heaven. If then they reject the Call of the divine music, wherein they [shall] have also rejected the divine memory of God that comes through that music, [it] shall come to pass that they shall be brought to the Court of the Sacred Fire to receive the judgment for having led an entire planet and civilization not once but thrice to the brink of cataclysm and to its fulfillment [through the perversion of the original sound and the Word and the rhythm of the spheres].

Therefore, beloved, the judgment shall come upon those who have perverted the divine Word and the divine Sound.

Know, then, that not one Ascended Lady Master but many ascended ones now come forward to displace the black magicians whose hour has come for the judgment. <8>  We take, then, the occasion of the ascent of a single Son of God to also let the white fire descend for the judgment of those evil spirits who to this very moment have corrupted earth and would continue were it not for legions of Elohim and Archangels who do bind them now. Many are on the astral plane, some yet abide in the physical.

Know, then, that the angels have come for the binding of certain tares. And this day and date does mark a harvest, <9> then, of certain forces of Evil because some, some Lightbearers, some Keepers of the Flame, have chosen to keep the Light, to keep the Flame, to not squander it, to say, “I will take a stand with my God!  I will become a Sun!”

To the merit of Mary Lou many will make that determination because she did, and already many have followed in her wake, for her fiery spirit has parted the waters of the astral plane.

Thus, beloved, whether ascended or unascended, in this hour let your fiery spirit, let the way you hold your mind through the day, let the way you hold your heart and soul and sacred fire in your temple be a sign to all upon earth that you are becoming a Sun and they can too!

Let hope be reborn in the heart of the Mother, for I, Cyclopea, have come. I AM Cyclopea of the Sun. Crystal rays from the heart of Virginia descend. The likely chalice, the quartz crystal, does magnetize it almost as quickly as your hearts.

Thus, O ye of crystal hearts who are of the crystal fire mist, receive, then, the crystallization of the God Flame and behold these crystal quartz chalices <10> whose atoms now tuned to my song do sing and sing and sing of the hour when you, too, shall fly straight as an arrow to the heart of our retreat, there to go within until the moment of your ascension.

Lo, it is come. Lo, it is come. Lo, it is come. Remember these words, for when a seraph does approach you on the road of life with those words, “Lo, it is come!” know that he speaks of the hour of thy ascension that draweth nigh. [intonations, 38 seconds]

Thou shall become a Sun!  I AM a Sun. Earth shall be a Sun.


This dictation by Cyclopea was delivered by the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Wednesday, March 30, 1988, during the 5-day Easter Retreat at the Royal Teton Ranch, Montana. [N.B. Bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under Cyclopea’s direction for clarity in the written word.]

1. the All-Seeing Eye of God in the capstone

2. Mary Lou Majerus, b. July 15, 1893; d. May 31, 1987; a. March 30, 1988.

3. the Inner Retreat of the Royal Teton Ranch

4. everyone

5. “He must increase, but I must decrease.” John 3:30.

6. The second death of Lucifer. See Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Great White Brotherhood in the Culture, History and Religion of America, pp. 234, 239, 247-48, 384.

7. Morning stars. Job 38:7.

8. For each black magician taken, a Christed one must fill the vacuum. See Saint Germain, 1988 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 31 no. 10, p. 119.

9. The tares among the wheat. Matt. 13:24-30, 36-43.

10. Throughout the Easter Retreat three rows of quartz crystals were arranged on the platform in front of the altar, forming a band of crystals about one and a half feet wide. In the row nearest the altar there were large rock crystals, which ranged in weight from eight to forty pounds. In the center row were crystals weighing one-half pound to four pounds. The row farthest from the altar was about five inches wide, composed of small crystals in the one-ounce to eight-ounce range. Closest to the high altar there was also a row of Easter lily plants between which were positioned amethyst crystals. On the high altar there were several quartz and amethyst Pará point crystals in addition to the large central piece, chalice of the Flame.



Quotes from Mary Lou Majerus

Elizabeth Clare Prophet: This is a chela of Godfre and Lotus, who worked in their household, served them personally and has come here for her golden-age victory in the Light. God bless you.

Mary Lou Majerus: I’m here to recommend old age. But also the transmutation....I have to represent old age, get them used to it, and I have to transmute it, to change the old into the young.

ECP: That’s right.

MLM: That’s my duty and I accept it.

ECP: So tell us how many years you have worn this body....

MLM: I will be ninety-one, ninety-one in two months....

ECP: How would you like me to make out your book?

MLM: Mary Lou. The Presence gave me that name. And I once, I didn’t know what to say. They say, “Call me,” you know, “by my first name.”  And I thought, Marie Louise, that’s kind of stilted. And I was in the country, you see. So I heard my Presence say, “Mary Lou.”  And since then I’m Mary Lou.

ECP: Mary Lou it is.

MLM: You know, my name, Majerus, if you write it backward it’s “sure I am.”  I am. [Messenger’s birthday celebration; autographing of books, April 8, 1984, Camelot, California]


Now, let me tell you, you wanted to know how I came to know Godfre, how a little girl from Europe can all of a sudden be friendly with a Master. Well, I tell you, it was this way. I arrived in America shortly after the end of the war, debarked in New York. My destiny was Chicago because little girls like me needed a sponsor to be safe in this country, so I was under a sponsor in Chicago.

After many ups and downs I had really loved America, and after more than a week I was ready to stay here forever, I said. After Europe and the experiences in the war, I was very happy to find such a peaceful place, and I said right away, “I am going to stay here.”  But staying here and making a living are two different things, and I had never been educated to make a living. But I had followed education and had had several diplomas, but that was not enough to make a living here in America. So I had to devise a way.

And one day I had the courage to enter the Chicago Tribune and ask for the advertising. And I put an ad in the paper and I said, “French lessons, cheap.” That was only one line. But it had also one result, one letter, but the letter was from one of the society leaders in Chicago. So I had an interview with her. She liked me. She liked my nerve, I guess, and she liked my different clothes and the little flair of Paris still left in me. So she arranged for some lessons.

And after we had arranged that she said, “That’s not enough, one dollar for a lesson. I am going to arrange it that you can have three or four of my friends, and I make a little tea party every time when you come and then that makes it worthwhile.”  So she took me under her wing. And I said, “fine,” that winter with the society people of Chicago.

But after spring came they all went away and I was left almost without any students, so I had to find out another way. They offered me to be dame de compagnie, doing nothing, living with them, talking French. That didn’t suit me. I refused several of those offers and I said, “No, that isn’t what I want.”

So they said to me, “Stick to this lady. She will help you.”  So I had a lesson with her every day, and one morning she said to me, “Since you don’t want an easy life, you go with me today and we find a place.”  So we set out and she took me in a street where I had never been. It was Brentano’s bookstore. We entered in, she asked for the manager and she said, “Would you have a position for this girl?”  The manager looked me over and she said, “Yes, we have been looking for somebody for six months.”

Well, it was just six months that I had arrived in Chicago. So I was hired and I started to rebuild the French library. And I was there many years and I liked it. I liked my work and I liked the people that I met and we were very successful. The business grew.

And one day a little boy in the stockroom had a pile of books with various titles like “occult,” “esoteric.”  He thought they were French words.   So he took the books, he took the pile of books and brought them in my department. And I had my time finding out they belonged in the philosophical department. So I got to know the manager of the philosophical department, a lady. We got acquainted. Her name was Ella Wheeler Wilcox. And by and by I found out that she had a sister that visited her every so often. The sister was Edna Wheeler, later on, Mrs. Ballard, and I made her acquaintance. She liked me and one day she asked me would I come to her reading club.

The reading club was a little tea party or a little get-together every week to read esoteric and occult novels. So we read Spalding’s The Masters of the Far East, like most of you have read already too, and we discussed them. That continued for a while. There were about four or five retired people. I was the youngest of the lot but I was welcome.

Then after a couple of years, the reading group was continued, and one day during the Christmas season when I was absent, Godfre, Godfre Ballard came home. He was Edna Ballard’s husband, who had been absent, and he had lived in California....

I said to Mrs. Ballard, “Won’t you please introduce your husband to me. I don’t know him.”... Well, she brought Godfre along and we shook hands and I said, “I have met you before.”  Edna looked at me in astonishment and said, “How could you have met him?  He was in California and you were here in Chicago.”  “Well,” I said, “I have met him.”... That was many years after that I found out how I had met Godfre....

I met Godfre and I didn’t know how or when or where at that time. But when I read El Morya’s Chela and the Path, when I read that book, the idea of that screen that El Morya explains to his chelas about certain activities–you will all have read it in the book–he explains the workings of the sinister force at the time. That’s where I had met Godfre, in that retreat in Darjeeling before I ever knew him. And you see, he was sitting a couple of rows in front of me....

So that is my story, and someday I’ll tell you how I met Saint Germain. I never lost him and he never lost me. I never lost him and we are still together. And that is how after these many years I am still the little humble chela and he has grown to immense stature.

And bless his heart, and come, come closer to him every day. It is worth all that you possess and all that you ever will be. He will be your Master forever and ever. [Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 1986, Royal Teton Ranch, Montana]


The following is a story of how Mary Lou met Saint Germain, recounted here by a chela who heard her tell it many times.

Mary Lou and her sister were living in Los Angeles because they would have had a hard time getting a job in Chicago. They were somewhat at a loss as to what to do. She was crossing a busy street in downtown Los Angeles when a car almost ran her over. She had to jump to the curb to avoid the car. Her dear Saint Germain was right there on the sidewalk for her in this stressful moment. He was dressed like a very dapper gentleman. The perky yet dignified hat on his head had a little feather “just so,” and he swung a gold-topped cane with style.

Saint Germain gave Mary Lou his arm and they walked down the street together. He let her talk about the traffic for a while because she was still upset from having almost been run over. Then they spoke about what she was doing. She said that she and her sister did not know where to locate themselves. He suggested, ever so gently, that they might want to consider moving inland a bit. He said that he had a sister in Tempe (or Phoenix) and she seemed to be happy there. After that they had a few parting words and then he was gone. Mary Lou always pointed out how considerate he was in first letting her fuss about the traffic and second, not telling but simply dropping a hint about where to go.


Elizabeth Clare Prophet: We’re celebrating a very special birthday today. It’s the birthday of Mary Lou Majerus, who is eighty plus, a very, very young student in our midst....

Mary Lou Majerus: You know, it’s my eighty-eighth....

ECP: I knew you were eighty-eight but I didn’t know you wanted anyone else to know.

MLM: That’s all right. I’m a great-grandma....But I’m Saint Germain’s child though. So I’ll always remember I’ll be a child and humble and grateful to all that have helped me to get this far in the light. And now I’m rescued. I’m in. My foot is in the doorstep of heaven....I have a long way to go yet. So wish me good luck on the way. And I wish it to you all. You have your foot in the door of the doorway to heaven. Don’t take it back. Step forward boldly like the Master and like our blessed Messenger. How happy I am to be here, I can never tell!  There are not words enough in the dictionary. So we have to improve that too. [Comments following the World Teachers’ Seminar, July 15, 1981, Camelot, California]


It is important to keep your body healthy so that you can bear the burden of the Lord in it if you are asked....I must stay here until I have suffered enough, loved enough, served enough and been kind enough....There is a time, a date, a place–when you come, it is fixed for you to return. You have to bring what you have accumulated, good or bad. Here you have a chance to consume the evil and come clean....

Your Presence is the greatest blessing you can have. The Presence has taken care all along. The Presence first. Your Presence is more powerful than any Ascended Master, for your Presence can do anything for you within the Law and the Ascended Master must first seek permission.

Mighty I AM Presence, stay with me, surround me and guide me and all others who wish to reach the goal as I do. [Conversations with visitors, May 28, 1987, Royal Teton Ranch, Montana]


God bless you and thank you and let our gratitude for being together here now, let our gratitude pour forth to the Inner Retreat and to all the things that the Masters are doing for us to bring us Home. Let it pour forth like a river, never ending, growing bigger like the Yellowstone, bigger and bigger. And we’ll all be there together forever and ever. [Talk on Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 1986, Royal Teton Ranch, Montana]


Cyclopea’s dictation and comments of Mary Lou Majerus from July 15, 1986, and Thanksgiving 1986 are available on two 90-min. audiocassettes B88045-46.