Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 31 No. 40 - Beloved Mother Mary’s Fátima Message - July 16, 1988


Saint Germain Stumps Portugal
I Still Desire to Save a World
The Gift of My Immaculate Heart


My Beloved,

You are the comfort and consolation of my soul at Fátima. For as those enlightened by my Son and his Holy Spirit gather, truly the rekindling light of Fátima is known.

Blessed ones, the nonacceptance of my appearances here and elsewhere early when they are given is already the indication of the nonacceptance, the nondesiring of individuals, prelates within the hierarchy of orthodoxy, who are concerned lest in the purity of the heart of a child, as in the child Samuel, they should be exposed and their evil deeds revealed. <1>

Thus, it is they who consider that my tears are for earth and my children. I tell you, beloved, I also weep for Jerusalem as the archetypal sound of every city, of the Vatican, and the Establishment where there is not even a vestment or a vestiture of a semblance of the true identity of my Son in their midst. Yet by my love for the hearts of a people my flame does burn on, for I am faithful to my own.

Therefore, midst a structure that is corrupt, midst individuals whose corruption does mount all the way to their disobedience to my word given through the hearts of these three children, I come. I come, beloved, and therefore you may understand how those who are among the heavenly hosts become bound on earth, <2> for the princes of this world hold sway. And though they control the structures and though in some cases they limit the unfoldment of the flower of the soul, yet they cannot steal from Jesus the true hearts that are his.

How necessary, then, it was for the Angel of Peace to teach the children true prayer. <3>  How grateful you must be, then, that your Messenger-angel is visible to you, teaching you how to pray, teaching you how to move with the winds of Aquarius as the Holy Spirit does infill you. I come in this hour, then, truly able to anchor in this place the spirit of the New Age that is neither allowed nor permitted entrée into the vessel of the Holy Church.

Blessed ones, there is one thing in my desiring concerning your own path of which I would speak to you. Though it has been said before, I desire that you should seek and find through meditation with the seraphim of God a new sense of holiness concerning your very own self, your life, your soul, your path, your daily prayers and especially your decrees, that you might  understand that holiness is a presence and it is an aura and [that] this presence and aura is easily dissipated through disobedience to the inner Word, through dissipation by any form of discord or even a sense of the mundane.

How easily the minds of our chelas, then, flit from those moments of ecstasy in higher octaves in prayer and hymn to those things that appear on the screen of the television, come through the media or simply are about the mundane, the banal conversations of life. Unseemly conversation may also dissipate this holiness, for holiness is always sustained by your Holy Christ Self, so near to your being, and by the blessed angels.

Thus, beloved, in a world that is reeling and reeking with the astral plane we are comforted as we pass by those whose holiness is so tender and so loving and so evincing of the Person of the Holy Spirit that we may truly make ourselves one with that aura and multiply the power and the influence of the holiness of God in the earth.

I come in this hour to explain to you that due to the [inaction of the] hierarchy of the [Roman] Church it is not possible to save the millions of souls whom I desire to save, such limitations and constraints have they placed upon them and upon myself and upon my message and upon my Messenger. Therefore, beloved, those who are told merely to pray the rosary may increase holiness, may raise up the Light within themselves, but, not [being] taught how to challenge the very ones who should <4> be the instrument of the dark prophecies that I did deliver, [they do not fulfill their karmic role as soldiers of the Church Militant <5>].

Therefore understand, beloved, that the saving of these souls may be unto eternal Life but it may not be that they will endure to bring in the New Age in this life. Blessed ones, it is because the door to the Holy of Holies has not been opened unto them and [because]  those who reserve this place at the altar of God for themselves have failed to tell my children, as you have been taught by the Mother, that your own Holy Christ Self is the high priest in the Holy of Holies, the inner sanctum of your own being. Thus, my beloved, to place all things [of God] exterior to [outside]  oneself [in ritual and in life], to retain forms of penance that are [in the nature of] self-immolation [without the raising up of the Christ in the supplicant] when the violet flame has now been available for over fifty years, this does cause [more than] a tear in my eye.

I come, then, in this hour speaking softly to you, for my Presence and energy is extended throughout the planetary body. Blessed ones, I hold a great balance for you and I hold my being as a Presence that can turn back and hold back the forces of intended war and the attack upon the economy, which is the attack truly upon yourselves. Understand, then, my beloved, that this weight that I bear is a burden truly grievous to be borne and it is also the cause for the shedding of the tear; and therefore I ask you to remember me as your Mother and to understand, sweet sons and daughters of Light, that you must bear more of this burden.

The so great a salvation you have been given, the Watch <6> and the rosaries, all of the decrees that are so effective, must needs be given by you hour upon hour upon hour. Therefore, this being accomplished in the full fervor of the heart, you will come to know that your Presence and holiness is one and that your Presence is indeed all around you.

Therefore, among some who have had this teaching short or long time, there is yet the absence of this sense. Blessed ones, there is a fervor that can be delivered in giving decrees and then there is a conversational tone whereby the heart is not engaged, the fire is not generated and the eyes wander about the room as the individual is not able to concentrate or even to focus on the words that are being repeated.

Blessed ones, all religions have fallen into decay when the ritual of the Word has become rote. Not only do you not exert a fire in delivering the Word by the power of the throat chakra but you fail to remember that a decree is given through seven chakras and that the fervor of the seven rays in you going forth can in fact be the instrument of the Elohim of God through you.

We desire to see such a sense of co-measurement in you of the enormous danger to a planet in contradistinction to the great immensity of heaven descending (as you, too, mourn for those who are bowed down and burdened and who may pass from the screen of life in an untimely manner) that in such heart pain [as you, too, may feel] as you sense the world pain, you cry out to the living God, as you have never cried out before, to use you as an instrument for the deliverance of a planet.

It is this level and fervor of the saints that I should expect of all those who have received the teaching on this path. Anything less, beloved, is a sign that you truly have not understood how so great a power has been given unto you. And, beloved, it was I who went before the Father to secure the dispensations in this century for this violet flame to be given to you, for the way to be made plain and clear and open for Saint Germain, for El Morya, for all of my Sons, the Masters of the Seven Rays.

Blessed hearts, I did this out of the very same fervor of which I am speaking to you, out of the depth of my soul crying out for assistance unto those who had no intercessors in the churches, no true shepherds, none who would give them fully the cup of wine, fully that portion of the Bread of Life <7> which came down from heaven for their soul’s conversion, for the engrafting of the Word. Blessed hearts, by my imploring did these activities come forth, and therefore you can understand how I also have incurred karma for the loss and misuse of this release by some.

I pray, then, you will realize that there have been thousands who have contacted this teaching in the past fifty years since the [chart and the teaching of the] I AM Presence was released. Understand, beloved, that many who have contacted it [this knowledge of the Divine Self] have simply gone their way disinterested. Others have been aroused to an intensity of ire and they and their hatred have been pitted against our mouthpieces as these mouthpieces have gone forth to deliver the Ascended Masters’ dictations.

Blessed ones, the very presence in the earth of this path [of the soul’s ascent to God] has been the drawing of a line of Light and Darkness. It is certainly not an hour to speak of that which might have been, and yet you may understand a mother’s heart and indulge me for a moment as I tell you that ten thousand-times-ten thousand could be marching with the violet flame in this hour had their own karma and human selfishness not blinded them, had they not been offended in one of our Messengers in this or that mode or guise. Blessed ones, truly karma is a blinding factor in the lives of individuals; and therefore, where they do not see and [where] they who could have the vision do not carry it, all of a planet may perish.

How long have the ascended hosts waited for a golden age to appear!  This century, begun so beautifully, [was] so immediately taken over by those forces of hell that came as the Bolsheviks. These [rebels against the Word], beloved ones, did go forth, and therefore I made my appearance early that something might be done. But the “powers that be” [the original powers of Death and Hell] worked their schemes and the abdication of the destiny, [the] responsibility of America [to defend world and individual freedom], has been almost complete. <8>  Yet in every nation there have been betrayers, and instead of condemning America and Americans, there should have been a forthright challenge made by the leaders of Europe to challenge and decry the betrayal of the freedom fighters [by the archdeceivers] worldwide.

Billions of souls have been lost to World Communism by the  betrayers in the United States government. Look at China herself and the Soviet Union. These could have been turned to [in the direction of] the free enterprise societies. These people who were once industrious and filled with the divine spark of the threefold flame, who had every opportunity and joy and determination to be the builders of the future have now gone down under a system whose very evil, beloved, does cause them to lose hope, to lose faith, to have crushed in them their own charity.

And therefore the threefold flame in many millions is even smaller than one-sixteenth of an inch in height. Where it does become less and less until it is almost infinitesimal, one reaches the point where it is fairly snuffed out and then you see how there does come upon an entire nation that look of absence. Hopelessness is no longer the look; it is simply one of absence. No one is there in that temple, once the creation of God.

Blessed hearts, not all those who are without a threefold flame this day are the original creation of mechanization man. Many of these once had that same hope and fervor that you have. But, beloved ones, there does come a time in the life of a soul when she is trodden upon lifetime after lifetime by these monsters out of hell with none that come [to the rescue]–no hope, no awareness, no longer any memory or sense of Divine Reality. And then, beloved, when the individual does let go of life itself, there comes that moment of darkness when none can reach that one.

Blessed hearts, I am there when this does occur and yet I can do nothing. For like all those of us in realms above, we must obey the very mandate of free will and the laws governing the octaves.

Thus I have presented myself to children always to teach them to pray and to pray the rosary, for in the rosary there is truly the raising up of the Light <9> of the Divine Mother. And where all else does fail, it is truly the Mother Light that retains hope in the being and the soul and the consciousness of the individual.

Blessed hearts, the Fátima message has not changed. You must understand this. Though I have dictated [on my] desire to turn it around and in some areas there has been a mitigation, what is the true cause of this prophecy continuing is that those to whom it has been given, those who have occupied the chair of Peter, these have chosen not to relate it to the heads of state of free nations. They have chosen not to call congresses of the faithful across all lines of religious belief to warn, to organize, to summon and to rally the forces of freedom worldwide from the beginning to defeat the ugly beast of World Communism. And thus it has grown and it has become a planetary dragon.

Blessed ones, you must understand just how profound is my grief in this hour that there has not been one representing my Son in the Church of Rome who would rally the people to defend, even by paying with the price of their lives, the flame of freedom in their hearts and in the earth–not one who has dared to give his life without fear of the consequences since 1917 when I did foretell even the coming of the greater war which has passed as World War II. This, too, could have been averted.

But I tell you, beloved, those who are not the sons of God in the earth who occupy bodies of men, these are such evil devils, I cannot even tell you, and their corruption has reached all the way to the levels of Protestantism and even our own church, the Roman Catholic Church. Blessed ones, realize that the infamy of their lust against little children, against babes, against every part of life and their desecration of me as I am in the body of all women of the world is beyond hell itself.

Therefore, beloved, it is certainly a truth that in this age my Son will not allow these deprivations of the Light [of the Divine Mother] in the earth to continue. Know, then, beloved, that the hour is long past that this judgment should have taken place. But for the faithful who have given the rosary, but for yourselves whose calls have been powerful and an immense barrier to the acceleration of World Communism, all these things should have already come to pass.

Nevertheless, in the interim greater preparations have been made by these forces of the fallen ones. Therefore, beloved, it must be unmistakable in your awareness that the plan for Europe is no ordinary war. You may not think back on World War II and say to yourselves, “I will stay and hold the balance and somehow survive” or “I will get out at the last minute.”

Blessed ones, if (and I say if, for nothing is final until it is physical), but if and when such a war should take place, it should be a blitzkrieg such as none has ever seen. And this lightning war should descend as chemical death, as biological/bacteriological death along with those forces of modern weapons and warfare. Understand, therefore, that should it take place the devastation would be almost instantaneous.

This is a plot of the Soviet world so intense, so calculated, so planned, charted and visualized, so prepared for, that any of you who will call to me may be shown by myself directly or from our retreat the very image of these Soviet tanks moving across Europe en masse. Blessed ones, it is not hard to see. But those who do not see are those who will not see, <10> for it is frightful indeed. It is like looking into hell itself, and even the saints have fainted and swooned when Jesus has showed them a portion of that hell.

Therefore, beloved, you must understand the burden upon your Messenger, for the reaction to the messages that have been delivered through her are such that individuals take a very stiff point of consciousness, and when they hear such prophecies they decide that they can do nothing about it and they become almost immobilized by their fear. On the other hand, beloved, they take them lightly and become superficial and decide that with a certain amount of decrees they will avert the entire calamity and they simply go about their business waiting for the day when we will deliver a dictation saying that all is past and the victory is won and none of these things shall take place.

Beloved ones, these two extremes are dangerous. You must realize that it is possible to deter all prophecy. You must realize that God the Father in his very Person and heart does reserve to that Person and heart the decision as to what to unleash and what not to unleash. Therefore, as it is not given the Son to know the hour and the day, <11>  so it is not given to the Messenger. Therefore you must understand that when the percentages are so high that an event will take place, it is no longer possible to make any other plans than those which are given to you to secure yourselves and to secure the bastions of liberty in our retreat.

You need to understand that if there is an 8 percent chance that none of these things will come to pass and that 8 percent does actually become the reality, you must not think that you will turn and point the finger and say that your Messenger was incorrect and the prophecy was false. You must understand that prophecy is highly complex. There are beings who are Cosmic Beings at the level of Elohim who though they would do all in their power to stand between this planet and her karma are not able to do so. Therefore understand, beloved, that there must be a response in your own heart and soul once and for all.

We cannot and will not long repeat our messages concern- ing this outcome. It is a burden to us and it is a burden to the Messenger and it does weary the ethers. Enough has been said. And Saint Germain has said this to me this very day, “Beloved Mother Mary, go speak to them once more from the profoundness of your heart and, according to the will of the Father, so give to them one final word.”

Therefore I come to you, beloved, to enable you to understand that when called by the Brotherhood and called by God, [you] must [have] a sense of reserve that there are many more reasons for that call than the obvious or that which may be being said.

Thus obedience has ever been a necessity of the Guru-chela relationship. For one cannot give to those of lesser attainment that which they will become aware of through the very process of obedience. It is like climbing a mountain. Each few yards that you climb gives you a new vista and until you climb them you simply do not see the next mountain on the horizon, the next valley over the mountain below you.

Know, then, beloved, that you must earn the right to see, and the means of earning the right to see is obedience itself. And therefore, though the Messenger has said, “May I not tell them more?  May I not tell them more?” we have always said:  “Those who will not hear and heed what we have already said would only be burdened by our saying more. When they come to a higher resolution of their own inner being, they will have the inner fortitude, the Light will be raised up and they will also see, for they will become one with myself.”

Becoming one with myself to have that vision, beloved, is to give with me aloud in full fervor and devotion daily that fifteen-minute rosary, which was shortened for you from forty-five minutes, which was its original length. Therefore, it is called the Child’s Rosary. <12>

We understand, therefore, how the hours of the day are occupied in all that you desire to do to save souls, to prepare yourselves, to support the Messenger, to build the Inner Retreat, to determine how you will pass through those citadels of the world and the sentinels who guard them who have their requirements for immigration and the legalization of your status in another country such as the United States.

Blessed ones, these are hurdles with which I will assist you. I come today, therefore, with this my Fátima promise to you, to every Lightbearer that does live outside of the United States: I pledge to you in this hour my Immaculate Heart that I will clear the way for you to be there legally if you will only call to me and not fail to give my rosary once in twenty-four hours.

I am appealing to Keepers of the Flame in the United States to consider your sponsorship by any and every available method. Therefore, beloved, it is possible to fulfill both the human and the divine law; and we expect you to do so and not to tarnish the image of our activity nor burden our representatives who must therefore take the blame when their reputations are sullied by those who think that they may break the laws and justify it in doing God service.

Blessed ones, I tell you, miracles have happened to those of the faithful. Remember [how] Peter was released from prison by an angel. <13>  May you not also be released from prison, the prison house of your karma, your country, your continent, your self-limitation?  Blessed hearts, you must change your ways and look within. Look within to the inner Saviour and become confident and self-reliant individuals.

Remember, then, that the Messenger is here to give you a teaching that you must apply; and therefore, lean on my heart as the Immaculate Heart and I will act through her as well as directly through your very own hearts for your deliverance. As it has been said by Thérèse, there does come a time when the most important event in the life of the individual is his Christhood. <14>  Let each one value that Christhood above all else and pursue it daily.

Blessed ones, there is a victory to be won by each of you in Montana. By whatever route you arrive there, understand that the challenge is immense to our staff; and when you make other plans to do other things thinking that you have months and years, I tell you, shall we not do first things first?  Shall we not secure the Place Prepared?  Shall it not be so secure that you have ultimate and utter peace of mind for yourselves and your families?  And when it is secure, can you not then, if opportunity be dispensed, set yourself apart if that is your desire and dream?

Beloved ones, I ask you in one final hour in this moment of Fátima to look with me now as those children stood in 1916, 1917, as those children saw and were shown this century; and now see how it is 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990. Blessed ones, the hour of 1990 and this decade should be seen by you as the greatest challenge the planet will ever know.

I demand that you meet that challenge and be conquerors in life. And I say to you that should any one of you allow yourself to lose your life by the folly of the nonhearing of our word, I, your Mother, shall weep profoundly for you and for a cause and a victory and a future date you have with destiny beyond the year 2000 that you will, then, not fulfill and thereby in not fulfilling it not win your ascension.

Blessed ones, the hour is too short. I tell you, then, that it is an hour of what might have been. Church hierarchies and nations, single individuals might have taken a stand. But, beloved ones, it goes back to the spiritual wickedness in high places and the fallen ones themselves who put themselves in these key positions. The hour is long past when their citadels must crumble. By the very fact of this and the weight of their karma, you yourselves should tremble, for it is their entire civilization that is rotten at the base. Blessed ones, their steel is rotten at the base, their concrete, their towers, their achievements of technology, they are all rotten at the foundation.

Therefore, know, beloved, that they cannot stand. Either there is such a maximum infusion of the planet by violet flame, by millions of individuals invoking it, either there is such a courage demonstrated by those who will go in and take their stand and unseat these fallen ones at all levels–[and do] all of these things that must be done when you look at what would have to happen to turn things around[–or there is not]. This is what puts the percentages on the side of a chaos and calamity descending.

You see, beloved, that which should have been done should have been begun at the hour of the presidency of Abraham Lincoln. <15>  With his death there was sounded the world around a certain mourning, a certain chime that said, “Sons of God, unless you rise up to replace this one, the fallen ones will move [against you] now with their spiral against the founding principles that Saint Germain has sent forth as the flame of freedom in America.”

The corruption which followed, beloved, has not been adequately challenged. Thus, another century and more having gone by, you can see where is earth’s timetable, where is the cosmic timetable, and in the midst of this you must observe your own.

My coming forth to you in this hour, then, has a very special purpose. For it is in this hour that I desire to give [my gift] to my dearest friends and devotees, to those who have loved me for lifetimes, yourselves and Keepers of the Flame in the earth and Lightbearers who know this path and teaching and have embraced it.

For my gift, beloved, does require enlightenment and the opening of the crown chakra and not only devotion–my gift, then, to you, beloved, is the gift of my Immaculate Heart. <16>

This heart is placed in the heart of your Holy Christ Self. And as you make your heart here below in this lower body (called the Nirmanakaya by the beloved Buddhas) the receptacle for that Immaculate Heart, purifying it and bringing into your being that aura of true holiness, you will see how the qualities of the Immaculate Heart will be woven into your own heart, how portion by portion your heart will be strengthened by the threads of my heart until one day, beloved, you may stand at my side embodying the very same heart that I do.

This is a goal and a path and, beloved, receiving the fullness of that heart is tantamount to the goal of reunion with God in the ascension. Yet so much of it can be known and realized by you as you become the devotee of this heart.

But I tell you, beloved, changes must occur in all of your lives. Changes must occur, beloved. And those changes can come about as you listen and listen carefully to the admonishments and the disciplines that are given through the Messenger. For it is true, beloved, that when karma blinds you, you cannot see. Therefore you must have one who sees for you and believe in that seeing until you can remove the patch from your own eye and see, then, what was seen for you through the Messenger by Maitreya, by myself, by Jesus. It is the only reason that the Messenger tarries in life, to see for you, beloved, and to deliver our fire that may strip you, if you will allow it, of that human substance that limits you, the very substance which must go.

I remind you that your bodies are subject to the laws of chemistry and alchemy. Therefore, as the chemistry of the body goes, so is the consciousness of God that you are able to hold in the physical octave. In this hour, then, we desire to see a change of that [food] which is taken in that you might be strengthened if and when the earth does become saturated with the deadly toxins and chemicals that are not only planned but are already physical and waiting to be released by these fallen ones out of the East.

Blessed hearts, it is an hour when an extraordinary victory can be won. I bid you not to lose sight of the Messenger and [to go] profoundly within in this hour to chart your life with goals be- yond that of a physical future, [with] goals of self-transcendence whereby that physical future can be for the planet, because of you, a transfiguring initiation.

May earth pass through the transfiguration and therefore come to the place to be endowed with the true cycle of Aquarius.

You are the key, beloved, and God does take all of you together now, fashioning one great golden key. And you may see the beloved Father take that key and put it into a great golden door. It is a vast golden door, beloved, and when this door is opened (as there is a second adjacent door [double doors] and both swing wide) you pass through as the forerunners into a new octave.

And all those who have become a part of the Light through you will follow after and eventually all who are assigned to [embody midst] earth’s evolution (once the fallen ones have been bound and removed and passed through the trial and fiery judgment) [will also pass through]. Thus know, beloved, that in your hand is the key, and the key to the opening of that golden door is truly the Inner Retreat.

I, Mary, enfold you and I place around the waist of every Keeper of the Flame of this path and activity a golden cord, knots within it like the cord of Saint Francis, that you might understand that though there be an acceleration of the Path and though the golden light be upon you, though you may be robed as kings and priests unto God, the simple and basic and humble virtues of soul-chastity (purity), poverty (as selflessness, self-emptying to be filled) and obedience–these three, beloved, are truly the magnet for the threefold flame.

Thus, because you have made your pilgrimage here and kept the flame, there has been cleared from this place certain entrenched darkness. Beloved ones, I am grateful. The faithful shall have a new line to my heart and I shall seal this light that a false hierarchy may never appropriate it.

Blessed ones, the Masses are misused to enslave rather than to enlighten. Therefore I say, let the power of darkness go down in the Church!  Let the power of black magic go down!  I, Mary, bring the judgment of the order of the Jesuits and the black pope. Let their darkness and misuse of my Light now be upon them!

Be not afraid, beloved, for we have raised up the new edifice of the Church Universal and Triumphant. And remember “Forever and forever, you are the living Church!” I AM the living Church. Let this be your affirmation, beloved:  “I AM the living Church.”  And when you recognize this, beloved, you will understand that the aura of sanctity of the Church must become the aura of sanctity of your presence.

By then [when the aura of sanctity becomes your own] shall men not fear to leave the old decaying orders and follow thee, beloved, for your iridescence shall bloom strong, shall be a lamp unto my own. They are precious, beloved. They are so precious. May you know them as I have known them and realize that already the religious and the good priests have been studying the Teachings of the Ascended Masters and they know truly their sister Clare, their sister Catherine.

In the profound love that all who are of the Light who are in this [Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox] Church might be saved, I appeal to you, beloved. I have nowhere else to go upon earth to find enlightened ones who also love me and are faithful to my heart. I have never needed you so much, beloved. I need you at the Inner Retreat. For I need a greater momentum of prayer, and only by greater numbers can we provide both the services needed to build, to feed and to house those present and the ever-flowing light that flows from the altar [to the untold millions who have need of it].

I need you, beloved, for from that citadel I still desire to save a world. I still desire to save a world. May it be so by the violet flame and your own immaculate heart. For, beloved, my Immaculate Heart in heaven is not sufficient to save a world. So long as I AM in the world, I AM the Immaculate Heart of the world, but I AM of another world now. Therefore, you are the light of my Immaculate Heart in the world and in so becoming, you also spare this heart of my Messenger. And you, therefore, weaving the strings of the Diamond Heart, must know that the Immaculate Heart and the Diamond Heart are one and the same.

My Raphael is with me.

Blessed ones, that precious Angel of Peace does touch each one of your brows in this moment and will touch everyone who does hear or read this dictation–that sweet Angel of Peace who is teacher of prayer to children. May you call to him to enter your classrooms and teach your sweet children their prayers and may you also be his mouthpiece.

Blessed ones, there is a great rejoicing by all angels of our bands at our retreat in this hour. For you have come and some of you are yourselves angels who descended out of this retreat because long ago you gave forth that cry of desperation to the Father to save the souls and were accorded entrée into the kingdom of the sons of God. Thus you entered the path whereby the soul must attain reunion, and when you ascend you shall have earned your stripes as a good angel and as a good son of God.

Know, then, beloved, [that] the sharpening of the tools of the mind, of organization and delivery, of building and being practical is nowhere more needed. I, then, remind you of the dates of October 2, 1987, to October 2, 1989. <17>  In this period, beloved, we expect all to be in readiness. Therefore make haste, for when Morya speaks he speaks out of the intelligence and the files of the Darjeeling Council, which are complete with intelligence in every aspect of all nations. He does know whereof he speaks. And as far as the Darjeeling Council is concerned, we (for I am a member) do not take chances with the lives of our chelas who have given their all to us.

You have served us, beloved, long and faithfully. Therefore, know that we also serve you. In the mutuality of comfort and consolation let us endure in our oneness; and therefore [we bid you,] come again and again nightly to our retreat until all things are resolved in your own plan and purpose in life.

By the sign of the Maltese cross of Saint Germain, truly the sign that is the cross of the age of Aquarius, I seal you now, your everlasting Mother who does hold you in her everlasting arms.


This dictation by Mother Mary was delivered by the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Tuesday, March 1, 1988, at the Hotel Verbo Divino, Fátima, Portugal, where she was stumping for Saint Germain’s Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness. [N.B. Bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under Mother Mary’s direction for clarity in the published text.]

1.  The Lord’s prophecy to the child Samuel of the judgment of the house of Eli, high priest and judge in Israel. I Sam. 3:1-19.

2.  Heavenly hosts bound on earth. Mother Mary is referring to the fact that, in effect, the princes of this world have effectively bound her message by not allowing it to be published as directed, nor have they allowed the consecration of Russia by the pope and bishops as directed and in so doing have bound her, i.e., interdicted her, in the action she would have taken upon earth. On Mother Mary’s Fátima message, including the consecration of Russia and the third secret, see 1988 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 31 no. 14, pp. 137 n. 2; and no. 32, p. 249 nn. 12, 13; The Lost Teachings of Jesus II, pp. 553-55 n. 132.

3.  Prior to Mother Mary’s appearances to the three shepherd children in 1917 at Fátima, Portugal, they received three visitations of the Angel of Peace, who taught them how to pray and prepared them for the appearances of the Blessed Mother. In the spring of 1916, the angel, in the form of a young man 14 or 15 years old, gave the children the following prayer, which they repeated for hours from that day on, kneeling and placing their foreheads on the ground as the angel had demonstrated, asking for pardon for those who did not believe in God:  “My God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love you!  I ask pardon of you for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love you.”  When the angel appeared to them a second time, in the summer, he asked them to offer prayers and sacrifices continually to the Most High as reparation for sins committed against God and for the conversion of sinners. He explained that by doing this they would draw down peace upon their nation and then he revealed that he was the Guardian Angel of Portugal. In the autumn when the angel appeared for the last time, he held a chalice with a host above it from which drops of blood fell into the chalice. Prostrating himself on the ground, he taught them the following prayer of reparation:  “Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I adore you profoundly and I offer you the most precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifference with which he himself is offended. And, through the infinite merits of his most Sacred Heart, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg of you the conversion of poor sinners.”  Then he gave them Communion and departed.

4. who are to be

5.  The Church Militant. See 1988 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 31 no. 38, p. 332 n. 1.

6. “Watch With Me” Jesus’ Vigil of the Hours released by Elizabeth Clare Prophet is a worldwide service of prayers, affirmations and hymns which in 1964 the Master called upon Keepers of the Flame to keep individually or in groups. The service was dictated by the Ascended Master Jesus Christ for the protection of the Christ consciousness in every son and daughter of God and in commemoration of the vigil the Master kept alone in the Garden of Gethsemane when he said:  “Could ye not watch with me one hour?” Available on 90-min. audiocassette B87096, and in 44-page booklet.

7. Bread of Life. John 6:22-59.

8. The abdication of America’s destiny. See Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 1988 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 31 nos. 9 and 23, pp. 95-116, 173-204.

9. Kundalini, sacred fire that rises from the base-of-the-spine chakra to the crown

10. “None so blind as those that will not see.”  Mathew Henry, Commentaries (1708-1710), Jeremiah 20.

11. In Codex Sinaiticus, one of the oldest existing copies of the Bible (c. a.d. 340), Matt. 24:36 reads:  “Of that day and hour knoweth no-one, not even the angels of heaven, neither the Son, but the Father only.”  This codex was discovered after the King James Version of the Bible was translated. The phrase “neither the Son,” while it is retained in Mark 13:32, is omitted in the King James Version of Matt. 24:36 (“But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only”). See Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Lost Teachings of Jesus I, pp. lii-liv.

12. A Child’s Rosary to Mother Mary, 15-minute scriptural rosaries for the Child within you, published on 4 audiocassette albums, 3 cassettes per album:  Album 1 (A7864):  John, James, Jude. Album 2 (A7905):  Paul to the Hebrews. Album 3 (A7934):  Paul to the Galatians. Album 4 (A8045):  Paul to the Corinthians.

13. Apostles’ release from prison. Acts 5:17-23; 12:1-11; 16:16-34.

14. The import of Christhood. See Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, 1988 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 31 no. 39, p. 307.

15. Conspiracy against Lincoln. See 1988 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 31 no. 9, pp. 101-4.

16. The Messenger returned from her Lisbon stump and pilgrimage to Fátima with an Immaculate Heart statue of Mother Mary, gift of European Keepers of the Flame, which now stands on the altar in King Arthur’s Court at the Royal Teton Ranch. The 4-foot-8-inch statue shows the Blessed Mother dressed in a simple white robe and veil trimmed with gold, her arms outstretched. Her ruby heart, with flames leaping from the top of it, is displayed inside a circle of thorns. Upon her head is a gold filigree crown, a rosary is draped over her right hand (her left hand is outstretched with palm upward), and she is wearing a necklace from which hangs a gold sphere at waist level (a focus of the world). The lighted globe of the world has been placed at her feet and an arrangement of greens provides the backdrop for the statue, which is positioned to the left of the altar in front of Jesus’ picture. Personal devotion at the Inner Retreat to the Blessed Mother is self-evident, moving and profound. This statue represents Mother Mary’s second Fátima apparition in which she revealed that Jesus wished to spread in the world devotion to her Immaculate Heart. Lucia, one of the three children to whom Mother Mary appeared, later wrote of the second apparition in her memoirs:  “In front of the palm of Our Lady’s right hand was a heart encircled by thorns which pierced it. We understood that this was the Immaculate Heart of Mary, outraged by the sins of humanity and seeking reparation.”  Upon the unveiling of the statue at King Arthur’s Court, the Messenger explained that the Blessed Mother’s flaming heart represents the Path of the Ruby Ray and the “Immaculate Heart by which we consecrate Russia and all nations of the earth, the Immaculate Heart in which we trust. And in the parlance of the Darjeeling Council, it is the Diamond Heart....Finding this statue was finding the focus of our Christmas Day dictations,” which speak of the necessity of becoming a member of the Order of the Diamond Heart for the saving of America (see Mother Mary and Jesus, 1987 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 30 no. 83, pp. 629-49).

17. 24 Months. See El Morya, 1987 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 30 no. 54, pp. 474, 480, quoted in 1988 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 31 no. 32, p. 249 n. 7.



Nonacceptance of Mother Mary’s appearances at Fátima and Medjugorje (see paragraph 2) The six appearances of Mother Mary to the three shepherd children–Lucia, 10, Francisco, 9, and Jacinta, 7–in Fátima, Portugal, between May and October 1917 were at first met with disbelief. Lucia’s mother, the most skeptical among the families of the children, wanted her daughter to publicly recant what she considered to be a hoax. She scolded Lucia harshly and treated her with scorn in an effort to get the child to admit she was lying. She was not converted until she witnessed the miracle Mother Mary predicted would occur during her final visitation on October 13, 1917, known as “the miracle of the sun.”  The parish priest, after questioning Lucia about the first two visitations, thought the apparitions might be the work of the devil. Despite the increasing number of pilgrims who came daily to visit Cova da Iria (the site of the apparitions) or to be present during the apparitions, the ecclesiastical authorities remained reserved and aloof; the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon went so far as to forbid the clergy from taking part in any of the events. Journalists employed by the revolutionary government in Portugal, which had persecuted the Church since coming to power in 1910, ridiculed the apparitions, claimed that they were an organized plot to incite the people against the government, and encouraged the civil authorities to intervene.

On August 13, the date set for Mother Mary’s fourth appearance, Arturo de Oliveira Santos, administrator of the district of Fátima, kidnapped the children and took them to his house in Ourém where they were interrogated and imprisoned. Enraged by their refusal to divulge the secret message that they had received during the July visitation, Santos locked them in the public jail and threatened to have them boiled in oil. He had the children led separately to their supposed death as each one was told that the child who had been led out previously had already gone to his death. The children remained unshakable during this persecution and on August 15 the administrator returned them to their homes. Although the children did not expect to see the Blessed Virgin until the following month, she appeared to them on August 19 at Valhinos, a field about a mile from Fátima, where they were tending their sheep. Five years after the apparitions, the Bishop of Leiria-Fátima appointed a commission to study the Fátima apparitions. In 1930, after a seven-year investigation, he confirmed the apparitions of the Blessed Mother in a pastoral letter and said they were worthy of belief by the faithful. (The bishop, as the pope’s representative, is empowered to investigate apparitions.)

Mother Mary’s almost daily appearances to six youths in the small village of Medjugorje, Yugoslavia, since June 25, 1981, have also been met with skepticism and persecution. The seers, who ranged in age from 10 to 16 when the apparitions began, have been interrogated by authorities of the Yugoslavian Communist government and the Catholic Church. At one point the local police detained the youths, told them to recant, and threatened to have them committed to a mental asylum. The parish pastor and other priests at first doubted the authenticity of the apparitions, causing one of the seers, Ivanka Ivankovic, to remark, “The only ones who do not believe us are the priests and the police!”  The youths have been subjected to medical, psychological and psychiatric examinations to determine if their behavior is being caused by drugs, hypnosis or other factors, and they have also been closely examined while in the state of ecstasy during the Blessed Mother’s visitations. Bishop Zanic of Mostar, the diocese where Medjugorje is located, has openly voiced his doubt about the apparitions, declaring, “The phenomenon at Medjugorje will be the greatest shame of the Church in the twentieth century. One can say that these are hallucinations, illusions, hypnosis or lies.”  In 1986 the commission he impaneled to investigate the apparitions reached a similar conclusion. Vatican officials, however, not satisfied with that investigation, have instructed the Church hierarchy in Yugoslavia to undertake a second one in order to determine if the visions are worthy of belief. That commission has not yet reached a conclusion.

The Communist government, alarmed at the religious revival that was taking place and the huge crowds of people who gathered at the place of the apparitions (a hillside overlooking Medjugorje), took repressive measures. Several priests and sisters were arrested and from August 1981 to May 1983 police forbade anyone to visit the place of the apparitions and all religious services outside the church were banned. From August 1981 to January 1982, the appearances took place at various sites, such as fields, woods, and the homes of the youths as well as many other homes in the village. Since January 12, 1982, the Blessed Mother has appeared in the rectory, the sacristy, and the choir loft of the parish church. Although the apparitions have not been authenticated by the Church, as many as 50,000 people reportedly visit Medjugorje on holy days.