Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 31 No. 23 - Elizabeth Clare Prophet - June 5, 1988


New Year’s Retreat
at the Royal Teton Ranch
The Abdication of America’s Destiny
Part 2
Inasmuch As Ye Have Done It unto One of the Least
of These My Brethren, Ye Have Done It unto Me


The United States abdicated her responsibility to provide the abundant life when she went off the gold standard. This happened in stages. On April 5, 1938, President Roosevelt declared a national emergency and said he was depriving American citizens of the right to own gold and use it as a medium of exchange. <1>  This is the most hellish and damnable act ever perpetrated against the people of this nation!  And they don’t even know it!

President Nixon took the final step on August 15, 1971, when he suspended the convertibility of the dollar for gold internationally. We were then fully on the paper standard. <2>  In recent years, important steps have been taken towards remonetizing gold. Legislation passed in December 1974 allowed American citizens to own gold. Gold clause contracts, not covered in this legislation, were made legal as of October 28, 1977. And, on December 17, 1985, President Reagan signed the Gold Bullion Coin Act which required the U.S. Treasury to mint and sell gold coins which have limited legal tender status. <3>  But other steps must be taken before gold circulates as legal tender in the U.S. economy. Essentially, we are still on the paper standard.

This is a violation of the spirit and the letter of Article I, Section 10 of the Constitution, which says, “No State Shall...make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts.”

The framers intended Congress to use gold and silver coin as money even though they did not explicitly state that Article I, Section 10 applied to the federal government. This can be demonstrated by the statements of a number of the framers, a text analysis of the Constitution and by Supreme Court decisions. The Founding Fathers’ intent is also seen in the actions of the First Congress, which in 1792 created a monetary system based on gold and silver. <4>

At the time the Constitution was being framed, the nation was in the midst of a terrible inflation caused by the expansion of the Continental, a paper currency. During the debate over the wording of Article I, Section 10, Roger Sherman, a delegate to the Constitutional Convention, said he thought this “a favorable crisis for crushing paper money.” <5>  Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both wrote about the evils of paper money.

But, contrary to the framers’ intent, bankers plotted to control the currency. They began, as we saw in Part 1, at Jekyll Island in November 1910. The Federal Reserve Act which they designed gave the banking community control of the nation’s money in violation of Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, which gives to Congress the power “to coin money” and “regulate the value thereof.”

Now the Federal Reserve system (the Fed), serving the interests of the banking community, exercises the unilateral right to expand and contract the supply of money and credit and create periods of boom and bust. The ramifications of this state of affairs are almost beyond calculation. Today we could have a financial collapse worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s. And we know that the power elite used the depression to concentrate power in the central government. <6>  Doubtless they would like to do the same in the future.

If we have another depression, it will be America’s own karma because we the people have turned over our power and our abundant life to the godless dominant minority, the same Watchers, this time coming in the guise of the bankers and their elite rulership over the Federal Reserve system and its 12 member banks.

In turning over control of our monetary system to the fallen ones and allowing them to retain it, we are giving them the power to bring about the decline and ruination of our economy. The Fed’s ability to expand credit is what is behind the out-of-control national debt, consumer debt, farm debt, domestic energy loan debt as well as the debt bomb–loans to foreign nations which will likely never be repaid. These debts taken together, especially the over $2 trillion national debt created by deficit spending, are such a major problem that it would take a president of the stature of Abraham Lincoln and greater to turn it around.

The Ascended Masters have explained to us that gold is necessary for the stability of the economies of the nations as well as for the stability of the individual consciousness. On October 10, 1977, the Ascended Master known as the God of Gold said the formation of the Federal Reserve system “must be challenged and reversed because it is no part of the divine plan of the United States....The American people must understand the great fraud that has been perpetrated upon them by this printing of money without backing. The grinding out of money by the printing presses will surely cause the collapse of the economies of the nations....The salvation of the soul of America depends upon the reestablishment of gold.” <7>

Let us consider how else America has abdicated her destiny. America abdicated her role to defend freedom by ignoring Hitler until it was too late and by allowing the international bankers to finance the Nazis.

Antony Sutton, in his book Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, proves that Hitler and the SS, the Nazi elite troops, were financed in part by “affiliates or subsidiaries of U.S. firms, including Henry Ford in 1922.”  Sutton says that General Electric made payments to Hitler in 1933, and that Standard Oil of New Jersey and International Telephone and Telegraph made subsidiary payments to Heinrich Himmler, the most ruthless of the Nazi leaders, up to 1944. He further demonstrates that “U.S. multi-nationals under the control of Wall Street profited handsomely from Hitler’s military construction program in the 1930s and at least until 1942.” <8>

America, you did not stop these corporations from setting the stage for World War II and the deaths of 41 to 49 million people! <9>

If you would like to read the Book of Life this day from the Lords of Karma of the abdication of America’s destiny, you will see how the power elite have made a karma and debted it to the United States and to the common people who share the uncommon light of their Lord. You will see how, by not protesting, these people have accepted the karma of the fallen ones and how America is compromised by their evil deeds.

Under the domination of the power elite, America abdicated her role as defender of the oppressed, as the home for the “huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” when she turned away Jewish refugees from Hitler’s Holocaust and left them to almost certain death.

America could have opened her doors to the refugees but she did not. “A substantial commitment to rescue almost certainly could have saved several hundred thousand [Jews], and done so without compromising the war effort,” writes David S. Wyman in The Abandonment of the Jews. <10>

Many Americans were unaware of the murder of millions of Jews because the media did not report it. Even though reports were available on the wire services and from foreign correspondents, the major media either failed to cover the Holocaust altogether or else relegated the stories to back pages. <11>

The United States government knew of the Holocaust as early as May of 1942 when the Polish Jewish Labor Bund report revealed that 700,000 Jews had been killed since 1941. “Authenticated information that the Nazis were systematically exterminating European Jewry was made public” by November of 1942, writes Wyman. “President Roosevelt did nothing about the mass murder for fourteen months, then moved only because he was confronted with political pressures he could not avoid.” <12>

The State Department did not increase Jewish immigration quotas in response to repeated pleas from refugees and their families. Instead, they actually decreased the number of visas they issued. They did not even ensure that existing quotas were filled. In fact, due to arbitrary State Department restrictions only 10 percent of the immigration quotas–21,000 Jews–were allowed to enter America between Pearl Harbor and V-E Day. <13>

America, did you hear the cry of the 907 German Jewish refugees aboard the St. Louis? They fled Germany on May 13, 1939, having purchased Cuban visas. However, the visas were invalid. The German steamship corporation and the Cuban government had collaborated in selling the visas even though they knew the refugees would be denied entry to Cuba.

After being turned out of Havana, the ship cruised up and down the coast of Florida but the United States did not offer asylum. A cable sent from the ship to the American Jewish community read, “We appeal to world Jewry. We are being sent back. How can you be peaceful?  How can you be silent?  Help!  Do everything you can!  Some on the ship have committed suicide. Help!  Do not allow the ship to go back to Germany!” <14>

Finally the Netherlands, Belgium, England and France agreed to accept the refugees and the St. Louis returned to Europe. Most of those that went to England survived. But of those sent to Belgium, the Netherlands and France, between 227 and 667 died in concentration camps during the war. <15>

Such is the treatment of the Jews by the power elite, the fallen ones and the Nephilim gods.

Inasmuch as ye did it not to one
of the least of these, ye did it not to me.

America, you have abdicated your destiny and your responsibility to oppose world genocide by the seed of the Wicked One!

Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel is said to have replied when asked what he had learned about genocide, “You can get away with it.”

Well, it happened in Russia before the Nazis ever got started and it has happened all over again in China, Tibet, Cambodia and now Afghanistan; and the American people by abdicating their divine right to self-rule and allowing the godless power elite to reign in their stead are allowing its perpetrators to get away with it!

The deaths of World War II are staggering. But Communism has killed far more people in this century than has war. Political science professor R. J. Rummel calculated that over 35 million people have been killed by war in this century, while 95 million have been killed by Communist governments. <16>

Exact figures are difficult to calculate. Totalitarian regimes do not release data on how many people they kill. Rummel estimates that the Soviets killed 39.5 million of their citizens from 1918 to 1953. Historian Robert Conquest made a detailed study of deaths from mass executions, famines and forced collectivization, taking into account demographics, reports from refugees and former prisoners as well as official reports. He estimates that from 1930 to 1950 alone, the Soviet government executed, starved or worked to death 20 million Russians. Conquest says that this figure “is almost certainly too low and might require an increase of 50 per cent or so.” <17>

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn reports that émigré Professor of Statistics Kurganov estimated that 66 million were killed from 1917 to 1959. “We, of course, cannot vouch for his figure, but we have none other that is official,” comments Solzhenitsyn. “And just as soon as the official figure is issued the specialists can make the necessary critical comparisons.” <18>

In Stalin’s dekulakization campaign of the 1930s alone, 10 to 15 million Russian peasants died, according to figures reported by Conquest and Solzhenitsyn. <19>  Stalin’s object was to break the resistance of an entire class of people and in 1930 he began a campaign to liquidate those he called kulaks but who were in reality the cream of rural Russia. After the peasants started resisting Stalin’s forced collectivization, he began calling anyone who was a better peasant than his fellows a kulak.

In Russian, says Solzhenitsyn, “a kulak is a miserly, dishonest rural trader who grows rich not by his own labor but through someone else’s, through usury and operating as a middleman.” <20>  Stalin’s “kulaks,” says Solzhenitsyn, included “all peasants strong in management, strong in work, or even strong merely in convictions.”  If someone had two stories on his house in a village of one-story houses, he was a kulak. If he was a miller or a blacksmith or a veterinarian, he was a kulak.

There were quotas to meet and the most intelligent and prosperous were rounded up. Sometimes entire villages of hard-working peasants were taken away, even though no one could say precisely who they had been exploiting. The government recruited “activists,” usually drunkards and ne’er-do-wells, to help identify the kulaks. If a person offended one of the “activists,” they took revenge by labeling him a kulak or a podkulachnik, a “person aiding the kulaks.”

What was the fate of these “enemies of the people”?  They were evicted from their land, their property was confiscated and they were herded into carts or sleds or boxcars and taken off to remote northern wastes to die of cold and starvation. Solzhenitsyn tells of one incident in which 10,000 families, or 60 to 70 thousand people, were killed. First they were driven in winter along the ice of the Tom, Ob and Vasyugan rivers.


      In the upper reaches of the Vasyugan and the Tara they were marooned on patches of firm ground in the marshes. No food or tools were left for them. The roads were impassable, and there was no way through to the world outside, except for two brushwood paths....Machine-gunners manned barriers on both paths and let no one through from the death camp. They started dying like flies. Desperate people came out to the barriers begging to be let through, and were shot on the spot. <21>

   The government sent food barges but since they could not pass the ice, the food was delayed. Every one of the 70,000 died at the hands of the state whose rallying cry is “Workingmen of all countries, unite!”

Whatever the final tally of Soviet citizens murdered by devils incarnate, these millions of Russian citizens who died in “peacetime” unmourned and unsung remain a testament to the Communist war waged throughout this century against the Lightbearers of the world and to the abdication of America’s destiny.

Inasmuch as ye did it not to one
of the least of these, ye did it not to me.

The above figures do not take into account the over 7 million liquidated by either the Soviet government or by the Soviet-backed Communist regimes of these nations during and after World War II. <22>

At Yalta in February of 1945, Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill agreed to give Stalin control of the East European nations of Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia. The Allies allowed Russia to maintain control of East Germany and Poland. All told, the Soviets received 100 million citizens as a result of the Yalta agreement. And what did Roosevelt and Churchill get in return for these countries?  They got Stalin’s promise to enter the war against Japan and to support the United Nations.  Who needed Russia against Japan and who needs them in the United Nations!

In line with the Yalta agreement, the Allies also turned over to the Soviets more than 2.25 million Soviet citizens, prisoners of war and Russian exiles, even those with international passports. An estimated 795,000 of them were executed or died in slave-labor camps on their own native soil. <23>

On July 4, 1976, in our nation’s capital, Saint Germain spoke of the betrayal at Yalta.


      Again and again the master plan of the ages has been brought forth. And in a moment, a moment’s hesitation, a moment being off guard, supply, light, and the projects of the Brotherhood have been lost. In that moment when the Western powers gave way to the black magician Stalin, gave to him Eastern Europe in that very moment when the West was victorious,...I can tell you that in that moment when I saw the spell of the fallen ones reaching out, even on Churchill and Roosevelt and on those who assented to that appeasement, I cried, precious ones.

      I cried for mankind and I tell you, Mother Mary cried. You think that Ascended Masters do not weep. I assure you that we weep, and our tears are shed as the tears of a cosmos. I can assure you that that which is done in a moment of weakness may take many, many cycles to undo. And therefore, those who acknowledge and understand the forging of a new world and a free world must realize that day by day decisions are being made and day by day there is the requirement of the flame.

      The armies had withdrawn. America was in celebration for a victory. People were off guard. They were too anxious, too anxious, and not at all in the vigil. And therefore, from the very light of victory there came the greatest defeat to freedom that has ever been known....

      Need I tell you how we wept when Soviet tanks entered Budapest and Hungary?  The people, the people in their love of my flame,...were willing to give their lives for freedom–to attack tanks!  And America would not come. America would not hear. America would not respond to defend them. <24>

   America, you abdicated your destiny to defend freedom in Eastern Europe. You betrayed millions of people and denied them a path of individual Christhood!

Woe to the power elite of this nation!  Woe to the fallen ones in the State Department this day!  Woe to the president of the United States of America this day for his betrayal of the peoples of Western Europe and the United States in this INF agreement signed with this betrayer of mankind, this visiting “prince” who has come from Moscow!

And the actions of the Soviet Union are attributable at least in part to the United States. She allowed bankers and industrialists to give financial, material and diplomatic support to the Bolsheviks, which enabled them to consolidate the revolution and create the Soviet slave state. Through the faithlessness and machinations of the international bankers, America abdicated her responsibility to defend the nations against Marxist/Leninist Communism.

Capitalists have aided World Communism to foment change and managed conflict starting in 1917 when they gave financial and diplomatic assistance to the Bolsheviks. William Boyce Thompson, director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, gave the Bolsheviks $1 million of his own money in 1917. <25>  In his book Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, Antony Sutton demonstrates a financial link between the Guaranty Trust Company in New York and the Bolsheviks before, during and after the Revolution.

American companies provided the Soviets the technology and money they needed to build their war machine that holds us hostage today. At the same time Lenin was proclaiming that “socialism is electrification,” General Electric was lighting up the Soviet Union. In 1928 the International General Electric Company signed an agreement to give the Soviet Union $26 million worth of electrical equipment together with technical assistance in installing it, Sutton reports. <26>

In his three-volume work Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development, Sutton shows that the Soviet Union has almost no indigenously developed technology. Ninety to 95 percent of it comes from the West and two-thirds from the United States. <27>  We have built the Soviet military-industrial complex, including steel and truck factories that produce military trucks, tanks and rocket launchers. And it continues today. Western and Japanese banks have lent the Soviet Union nearly $100 billion in the last three years. <28>

America, you have allowed the godless power elite to abdicate your destiny to oppose tyranny and thereby you, “we the people,” are a party to the slaughter of millions of people perpetrated by the Soviet government since 1917.

You, America, could have prevented these deaths by the simple act of cutting off technology and money to the Communists!  You could have forced your allies and the rest of the world to do the same by making compliance with a technology embargo a condition for the economic and military aid you have poured out to the world in this century.

Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least
of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

America, you have abdicated your role to defend freedom in China. One billion Chinese are under a Communist government today because you have failed, failed utterly to fulfill your destiny to nurture the oppressed peoples of the world. The blame rests upon the betrayers of the people in the United States government for its action and inaction from 1945 to 1948.

In 1945 at the conclusion of World War II, China was in the midst of a civil war. Nationalist forces led by Chiang Kai-shek outnumbered the Communist forces led by Mao Tse-tung five to one. By 1949 the situation was reversed:  the Nationalists had retreated to the island of Formosa (Taiwan) and Mao controlled the mainland.

The State Department argued that the Nationalists lost because they were corrupt, brutal and lacked popular support and that the Communists won because the people supported them. They said that we gave the Nationalists all the aid that we could but that we simply could not turn back the force of history and the will of the people. The truth is that while the Nationalists had their flaws they were, without a doubt, preferable to the Communists.

Professor Anthony Kubek of the University of Dallas documents how the Truman administration manipulated the situation:  First, Harry Truman forced the Nationalists to form a coalition with the Communists, then he gave them inadequate aid, embargoed it after they had grown to depend on it and finally, when it looked like the Nationalists were going to lose, declared a “hands off” policy and did nothing. It is unclear whether Truman fully understood the effects of his policy, but the clique of Mao supporters whom he appointed to the State Department’s Office of Far Eastern Affairs undoubtedly did. <29>

Truman’s step-by-step betrayal of the Chinese is worth studying. At the end of 1945 he appointed Gen. George C. Marshall his special representative in China and instructed him to threaten to cut off United States aid unless Chiang declared a truce with Mao and began negotiations to form a coalition government in which the Communists were represented.

Demanding a position in a coalition government is a textbook Communist ploy. Characteristically, after they achieve a splinter position in a government, they go on to eliminate their opponents. Chiang was trying to show his good faith to the Americans, so he not only agreed to a truce but also began reducing his armed forces in the interests of peace and democracy. He deactivated 180 divisions out of a 300-division army and created six divisions with mixed Communist and Nationalist troops. He also began negotiations with Mao to allow him a position in a new government.

In March 1946 the Communists broke the truce by pouring troops into Manchuria. The Nationalists retaliated and continued to advance, reasoning that the truce had been broken by the Communists. The United States blamed Chiang Kai-shek and responded to the incident by embargoing American arms and canceling a $500 million American loan. This was the turning point in the war between the freedom fighters and the Lightbearers of the motherland of China and the Communist hordes under the dominant minority leadership of the ruthless fallen ones.

Henceforth, the Nationalists received little U.S. aid while the Soviets aided Mao’s forces. Stalin gave Mao all the weapons and equipment left in Manchuria by 700,000 surrendering Japanese troops at the end of World War II as well as nearly 600 shiploads of unused American lend-lease equipment which we had given the Soviets to fight the Japanese. <30>  The United States government did not protest!

Meanwhile, American aid to the Nationalists since 1945 had been a betrayal from start to finish. The State Department tried to convince the American public that they had done everything possible to save the Nationalist government. In 1949, Secretary of State Dean Acheson (a devil incarnate if I ever saw one!) tried to prove that we had given them $2 billion worth of aid between 1945 and 1949 and that further aid would not change the situation. However, Sen. Pat McCarran proved that Acheson’s figures were “misleading and false,” concluding that United States aid totaled only $110 million. <31>  The fact is that after World War II, the U.S. government gave only token aid to the Nationalists and continually undermined them.

(It is noteworthy that while an undergraduate at Yale University, Acheson was a member of Scroll and Key, an elite senior society that is apparently affiliated with Skull and Bones, another society on the Yale campus, many of whose members have played a leading role in providing Western support for the Soviet empire. Although he allegedly became an anti-Communist in 1945, he blocked efforts to fire accused Communists from the State Department in 1949-50. He remarked, “I will not turn my back on Alger Hiss.”  As you may recall, Hiss was a high-ranking State Department official who was accused of spying for the Soviet Union and was convicted of perjury and sentenced to five years in prison.)

Under Marshall’s embargo the Nationalists could not get gasoline for the air force we had given them. Marshall had equipped 33 of the Nationalists’ best divisions with American 30-caliber rifles. Then he embargoed 30-caliber ammunition.

In addition, our lend-lease supplies were inadequate. Col. L. B. Moody said that we didn’t send the Nationalists what they really needed, which was small arms and ammunition. What we sent, Moody said, were “billions of moldy cigarettes, blown-up guns and junk bombs and disabled vehicles from the Pacific islands.” <32>  Furthermore, as Kubek writes, “Lend-lease equipment intended for China [was] either destroyed or dumped into the India Ocean.” <33>

America’s aid cut-off had disastrous results for the Nationalists. Professor Kubek writes that “General George E. Stratemeyer... testified before the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee that he flew 90,000 Chinese troops north....We promised we would supply them, but the troops were left there, stranded, at the mercy of the Communists. [Stratemeyer testified,] ‘They had no ammunition, they had no spare parts, they couldn’t fight. They had to live, so the Communists took them over, and those they didn’t kill, I think they forced into their services.’” <34>

Under the embargo the Nationalists were running out of everything. The New York Times reported on June 22, 1947, that their guns were so worn and burned that “bullets fell through them to the ground.” <35>  Other arms lacked crucial parts. Professor Kubek says that some gun shipments reached China without bolts. They were therefore useless.

In April of 1948 Congress appropriated $125 million in military aid to the Nationalists. But due to Defense and State Department delays the first shipment of American arms did not arrive in Shanghai until seven months later. By that time it was too late for Chiang Kai-shek.

These aid “mix-ups” are the beginning of a disturbing pattern which we shall see as we trace the history of United States support for anti-Communist resistance movements. One mix-up can be a mistake but we must look for other motives when it happens repeatedly.

The Nationalist forces retreated to Taiwan, completing their withdrawal December 7, 1949. The West hailed Mao as a potential moderate, a Nationalist figure who would not necessarily be aligned with Moscow. But, since the Communists established the People’s Republic of China on October 1, 1949 (thanks to the government of the United States of America), they have killed from 33 to 61 million Chinese, according to a report released by the Senate Subcommittee on Internal Security in 1971. <36>

Inasmuch as ye did it not to one
of the least of these, ye did it not to me.

America, you have abdicated your fiery destiny to defend the Chinese people and their right to become a sister nation of light, illumination and culture!  You, America, sold the Chinese into slavery!  You allowed the fallen ones, the power elite, the betrayers of the people in the earth, the spoilers from the beginning to betray the Lightbearers of the motherland of China; and what they could have been is amply seen today on the island of Taiwan, where freedom reigns, where free trade and commerce has built a strong capitalist nation, a free people and those who are able to understand the path of the Master/disciple relationship.

On December 8, 1975, Saint Germain gave a landmark dictation entitled “Freedom for Taiwan.”  In it he warned, “This is the hour and the century of the turning point for Terra, for her evolutions, and for opportunity. This very year in the elections in America, in world politics, there is the turning.”  In 1976, Jimmy Carter was elected president and on December 15, 1978, he announced that the United States was establishing diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China (PRC) after 30 years of nonrecognition.

At the same time, he severed diplomatic relations with the Republic of China on Taiwan, which the U.S. had previously recognized as the sole legal government of China, and agreed to terminate the 1954 Mutual Defense Treaty with Taiwan. No provision was made in the agreement for Chinese treatment of Taiwan and China never pledged to refrain from using force to recover the island. Instead, the PRC reiterated its long-standing position that the “liberation” of Taiwan did not involve the U.S., calling its reunification with Taiwan “China’s internal affair.”

Congress did not entirely approve of Carter’s move and, in April of 1979, it passed the Taiwan Relations Act which promised to provide the arms necessary for Taiwan “to maintain a sufficient self-defense capability.”  But on August 17, 1982, under the Reagan administration, the U.S. signed a joint communiqué with Peking pledging to gradually reduce arms sales to Taiwan “leading over a period of time to a final resolution.”

It remains to be seen when and how Red China will attempt reunification with Taiwan. Clearly, the United States cannot be counted on to intervene. The Taiwanese army is the sole force standing between free China and the fate their brethren on the mainland have already met.

Saint Germain told us of the importance of Taiwan to the cause of Freedom on earth:


      Let the sons and daughters of Liberty arise this day!  For I am calling you, and this is my message:  The fulcrum of light on Terra for the reversing of the tide of the beast of the Orient is Taiwan. Fifteen million souls of light are keeping the flame of Kuan Yin on that island of light. That island of light is an ancient focus of freedom; and it must not be turned over to the Communists....I tell you, children of the Light, if you lose Taiwan, you will lose the greatest concentration of Lightbearers per square mile in any part of the earth. There is no greater concentration. <37>

   In recognizing China, Carter ignored not only her treatment of her own people but also her brutal invasion of Tibet. Since they invaded Tibet in 1950, the Red Chinese armies have killed 1.2 million Tibetans. <38>  John F. Avedon, in a study of the Chinese occupation called In Exile from the Land of Snows, describes the Chinese atrocities as reported by the Geneva-based International Commission of Jurists:


      The obliteration of entire villages was compounded by hundreds of public executions, carried out to intimidate the surviving population. The methods employed included crucifixion, dismemberment, vivisection, beheading, burying, burning and scalding alive, dragging the victims to death behind galloping horses and pushing them from airplanes; children were forced to shoot their parents, disciples their religious teachers. Everywhere monasteries were prime targets. Monks were compelled to publicly copulate with nuns and desecrate sacred images before being sent to a growing string of labor camps in Amdo and Gansu. <39>

   One in 10 Tibetans has at some time been imprisoned by the Chinese. <40> Today estimates of political prisoners range from 20,000 to 100,000. In northeast Tibet near the Gobi Desert is the biggest network of prison camps in the world, the Amdo Gulag. Reportedly, it is capable of housing up to 10 million political prisoners.

If you have ever wondered where hell is, it is inside every nation where World Communism has prevailed–prevailed with the help of their partners in crimes committed against humanity–international bankers and the industrialists and the financiers.

After consolidating control in Tibet, the Chinese undertook a massive population transfer, encouraging Chinese citizens to emigrate to Tibet by offering them triple salary and other benefits in an effort to make Tibetans a minority in their own country. Today there are 7.5 million Chinese occupying a country of 6 million Tibetans. <41>  They are trying to destroy them genetically, to intermarry with them, to wipe out the Tibetan people from the face of the earth, the bearers of the Light of the Buddha. In the 1960s, the Chinese began a campaign of involuntary sterilization of Tibetans. Gradually this method was phased out in favor of inducing Tibetan women to marry Chinese soldiers. <42>

The Chinese not only practice physical genocide but cultural genocide as well. They have destroyed 6,254 monasteries–the centers for Tibetan cultural, educational and religious life. The number of Tibetan monks (100,000 in 1957) has been reduced to 4,000, with only 10 to 15 new monks allowed to enter a monastery each year. They have burned an estimated 60 percent of Tibet’s religious and historical literature. They have melted down sacred art and statuary into bullion or sold it in Hong Kong and Tokyo for foreign exchange. <43> In 1959, the Dalai Lama, Tibet’s spiritual and temporal ruler, was forced to flee into exile in India.

The Chinese do permit the limited worship and practice  of Buddhism in Tibet. But the Dalai Lama says that because of “direct and indirect restrictions on the teaching and study of Buddhist philosophy,” Buddhism is “being reduced to a blind faith.” <44>

Since many of the 1.2 million Tibetans murdered were members of the intelligentsia, such as monks and teachers, Tibet’s cultural heritage is not being passed on to the next generation. “For the first time in Tibet’s history, there is a ‘lost generation,’” writes Avedon. “They’re bitter, depressed and, with all opportunity denied them, lazy.” <45>

Since 1978, the U.S. government has held that Tibet is a part of China. President Reagan does not recognize the Dalai Lama’s government-in-exile in India and has refused him official State visits. He has also refused to condemn the Chinese government for its latest repression.

In late September 1987, reports filtered out of Tibet that hundreds of Buddhist monks had staged peaceful protests calling for Tibetan independence. These protests coincided with the Dalai Lama’s visit to the U.S., during which he presented a 5-point peace plan to the Congressional Human Rights Caucus. The House passed a resolution supporting him, and leading members of the Congress sent a letter urging China’s premier to use the 5-point program as a basis of negotiation with the Dalai Lama.

The Chinese responded on September 24 by gathering 15,000 Tibetans at a stadium in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, sentencing eight to prison and two to death, and executing one immediately. In this they demonstrated their utter disdain for the United States government and Congress. On October 1, thousands of Tibetans demonstrated in Lhasa and Chinese police fired AK-47 assault rifles into the unarmed crowd, killing at least 12.

The Senate voted to condemn China for the crackdown but the Reagan administration actually voiced support for China, even though it later backpedaled. On October 6, the State Department announced its strong opposition to the Senate move. The New York Times reported that “one State Department official said that any possible benefits of the Senate action for the Tibetan people were ‘insufficient to outweigh the almost certain damage to the United States-China bilateral relationship.’” <46>  That relationship is based primarily on trade and Western capitalists foreseeing great profits in Chinese markets.

The Reagan administration has made every effort to strengthen ties with China, stepping up economic, technological and military aid to Peking. Just as the United States created Russia’s military-industrial complex in the twenties and thirties, so it is now creating China’s. United States trade with China is expected to reach $9 billion in 1988 and American businessmen have invested $3 billion there since 1979. <47>

On March 5, the Tibetans again rioted for freedom. The protest began when a monk stood up in Jokhang Temple, the holiest of Tibetan Buddhist shrines, during an annual prayer festival and began chanting slogans for independence. After he was detained, a crowd of several thousand began stoning the police. Three Chinese policemen and five Tibetans, including a 15-year-old monk, were killed, the New York Times reported. <48>

These riots coincided with the visit of the Chinese Foreign Minister Wu Xueqian to the United States to discuss increased high-tech trade. But everything was business as usual. State Department spokesman Charles Redman, while he expressed deep concern about human rights in Tibet, reaffirmed the American position that “Tibet is part of the People’s Republic of China.” <49>

You fallen ones who have entered the halls of government calling yourselves Americans–you have abdicated our destiny in our stead!  You are not using trade as a lever to force China to improve conditions in Tibet. You have betrayed the Lightbearers of Tibet and continue to do so with every computer you send to China and every garment you import. Woe!  to the fallen ones and the betrayers in the White House and in the State Department.

Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least
of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

There is no other parallel in the world as singular and unique as the parallel of the community of the nation of Tibet to this Community of the Holy Spirit. We are in the Northern Rockies. They are on the Tibetan plateau, surrounded by the highest mountains in the world where they have been since ancient times, keeping the flame of Gautama Buddha.

You can see the handwriting on the wall:  all spiritual communities and creative minorities must be snuffed out in order for the dominant minority of the power elite to retain control of planet earth. To meet that challenge and that external force to this community, the Ascended Masters have given to us the power of the spoken Word and a direct access by that Word to the hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood. <50> They have vested in us as a community the final opportunity of Lightbearers on earth to defeat the false hierarchy; and into this community are being reborn day by day the slain Tibetans, the slain East Europeans, the slain Lightbearers of Mother Russia and all nations. They return here, the freedom fighters who have laid down their lives over and again. You are among them.

And here we are given that final opportunity to say:  A spiritual community together with a world body of Lightbearers, all of whom descend from the lineage of Sanat Kumara, can and shall endure and they shall turn around the takeover of a planet by a power elite of this and other systems of worlds.

This is where we stand today. Even the Tibetans of this hour, even the Dalai Lama, whom Mark and I and Keepers of the Flame met with in Dharmsala in 1970, do not have the light or the access or the keys to the science of the spoken Word and the authority that we have been given in our mantle and our sponsorship by the Ascended Masters.

This community is the ensign of the people, each one of you bearing that sign of the I AM Presence and the Christ; and you have come from all spiritual communities of the earth, East and West, of all generations and time. The vindicating of such peoples being murdered today under World Communism can only come through a community such as this in a nation that is free such as ours. I speak to you the truth:  What is at stake at this moment is the fate of a planet and beyond.

In Saint Germain’s 1975 dictation on Taiwan, he told us of our responsibility to defend freedom throughout the world:


      You must forsake all to defend Terra; or I tell you, you will stand and watch, helpless, as many have done in the countries behind the iron curtain. I tell you, they have stood and watched...them being torn limb from limb!  They have watched them be raped and persecuted. They have watched their bodies maimed and cut apart as they screamed in anguish....I tell you, deliverance will not come unless it be invoked!  God cannot act except through you. <51>

   Let us hear, then, the continuing abdication of Saint Germain’s destiny for America by the betrayal of the fallen ones and the sleepfulness of the people who for want of rallying around the Divine Standard have lost, inch by inch, mile by mile, decade by decade, their options.

During the Korean War from June 25, 1950, to July 27, 1953, 54,000 Americans and over three million Koreans (both North and South) died. Many were killed because the United States, fighting on behalf of South Korea, was under the United Nations Command and under the United Nations flag. There is considerable evidence that the Soviets, who were supporting the North Koreans, used their position at the UN to gain intelligence about American operations and use it to their advantage in the war. The North Koreans knew General MacArthur’s plans as fast as he made them. Thus, many Americans died needlessly and we were pushed out of North Korea. Our only achievement was to essentially preserve the pre-war borders. It should have been the war (and it would have been had MacArthur had his way!) to claim and win all of Korea for freedom! <52>

The Soviets were directing the North Korean war effort. It is a matter of history that by 1949 they had armed the North Korean army with military equipment, a brigade of tanks, and an air force. <53>  The U.S. Defense Department released a report May 15, 1954, entitled “The Truth About Soviet Involvement in the Korean War.”  It quotes testimony of a North Korean major who had been captured as a prisoner of war. He said that he had been in charge of translating orders from Russian advisors to the North Korean army and that orders came from these advisors, and furthermore that “many Russian ‘advisors’ were attached to the North Korean Army advance headquarters established in June, 1950. They wore civilian clothing...and it was forbidden to address them by rank. They were introduced as ‘newspaper reporters’ but they had supreme authority. They took the lead in making operational and mobilizational plans, and in commanding and manipulating troops.” <54>

“The North Korean Major identified two of these Russian ‘advisors’ as Lieutenant General Vasiliev and Colonel Dolgin,” the report says. “Vasiliev, he said, apparently was in charge of all movements across the 38th parallel.”  The report quotes another North Korean prisoner who said he actually heard General Vasiliev give the order to attack on June 25, 1950 (the day North Korea invaded South Korea). <55>

The Soviets were also involved in directing the UN forces. From October 21, 1949, until May 26, 1953, a Soviet officer, Konstantin Zinchenko, was assistant secretary general of the UN in charge of Security Council affairs, <56> which was responsible for application of UN enforcement measures, i.e., military action.

When war broke out, Zinchenko became de facto UN minister of war, communication and information in charge of all legal, military and judicial affairs relating to the subsequent UN operations in Korea. The UN required American commanders on the battlefield to make frequent and detailed reports to UN headquarters. And, according to one undocumented source, reports from General MacArthur in the battlefield went directly to Zinchenko. It wasn’t until 1952 that UN Secretary General Trygve Lie began to suspect that Zinchenko was passing MacArthur’s information on to the Soviets and directed that reports from the front bypass the Soviet officer.

So we see that, in effect, United States forces fighting in Korea on behalf of the United Nations were under the Soviets, who were also directing the North Korean war effort. This is what the cooperation and the absolute oneness of the international capitalist/communist conspirators brought our nation to.

To my knowledge no one from the president to the Joint Chiefs of Staff to the Congress to the media challenged this mockery of Liberty, this betrayal of her Sons. On the contrary, in addition to Soviet espionage, restrictions placed upon American forces by President Truman, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the UN undermined the war effort. As military historians R. Ernest Dupuy and Trevor N. Dupuy report, MacArthur was forbidden to conduct aerial reconnaissance north of the Yalu River and was denied a request to bomb the bridges across the Yalu as well as the port of Rachin, through which Soviet war matériel flowed, and to bomb bases in Manchuria from which the North Koreans were preparing their invasion.

These restrictions had a direct effect on the outcome of the war. In October and November of 1950, 180,000 Communist Chinese troops poured across the Yalu River. They could have been stopped had MacArthur been permitted to bomb the bridges. Since aerial reconnaissance had been forbidden, UN forces were unaware of their presence and were ambushed. Four thousand men of the U.S. Eighth Army were killed and American troops were eventually forced to evacuate and retreat back into South Korea. <57>

One feels profound compassion for the Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood whose chief, our beloved guru El Morya, was himself betrayed by the deafening silence of cowards. As Thomas Becket he wrote to his fellow clergymen from his exile in France:  “I have waited; not one has arisen. I have endured; not one has taken a stand. I have been silent; not one has spoken.... Let us then, all together, make haste to act so that God’s wrath descend not on us as on negligent and idle shepherds, that we be not counted dumb dogs, too feeble to bark.” <58>

Is this not also why the Blessed Virgin weeps?

This absurd situation in which United States forces were placed by the UN Command was detailed in the 1979 book The Eleventh Hour by Gen. Lewis Walt, who was commander of the Fifth Marine Regiment in Korea:


      As you know, American forces in Korea were under United Nations command. (They still are. <59>) It first began to dawn on me that something was drastically wrong as a result of my own combat experiences. I was a colonel then and not privy to the frustrations that were besetting our high command.

      I think most of us were shocked and angry when General Douglas MacArthur was relieved of his command. We in the Marines were even more shocked and angry when our 1st Marine Division had completed its drive to the Yalu River and then were faced with hordes of Chinese Communist Army forces who were forming and attacking from a UN-imposed sanctuary north of the Yalu.

      Both before and after they crossed, we were denied the use of our artillery and air power to prevent their massing for attack into Korea. Our forces were ordered to withdraw to the UN-imposed Demarcation Military Zone line.

      Once we manned that line to defend South Korea from further incursions by the North Koreans and Chinese, we had further restrictions placed on our forces. I was a regimental commander on that line from late October, 1952, until the summer of 1953. We were dug-in in trenches and bunkers on a lineal defense line nose to nose with Communist Chinese Forces one-half to three-quarters of a mile away.

      Artillery, mortar and machine gun fire from the Communists was a constant and deadly harassment. We returned the fire in kind–but were limited in the number of artillery and mortar shells we could fire no matter how intense the enemy action was!

      The Chinese also made heavy infantry attacks against our positions and although we were always able to repel these attacks, it was not without considerable casualties on both sides. In an effort to destroy the enemy’s ability to make these attacks, we planned numerous offensive attacks against their heavily defended, entrenched and bunkered positions. Time and again we captured their strongholds and could have held them, but each time we were ordered by UN Headquarters Command to relinquish control and fall back to our own lines. <60>

   This is how the power elite and the fallen ones have made fodder of the Lightbearers, lined them up on the battlefields of life to fight their no-win wars. It’s gone on not century by century but ten thousand years by ten thousand years. It is safe to say that every one of us in this room, including men and women and our children nestled in their beds, has fallen in battles such as these in one century or another.

General Walt continues:


      It bothered me deeply that I was required to submit twenty-four hours in advance a detailed plan of attack for approval by UN Command Headquarters. It bothered me because it soon became apparent that each time we attacked, the enemy was waiting for us. Only by a supreme effort and teamwork on the part of my Marines were we able to win our objective and defeat the local enemy forces.

      We were literally in a Catch-22 situation. We could not achieve surprise. We could not retain anything we won. But we could not afford not to attack, for if we had not, the Chinese would have been able to build up their forces to overwhelming numbers which could have then broken through our lines and annihilated our forces. We had to keep them off balance. The Chinese fought under no UN restrictions.

      One evening in early March, one of my radiomen intercepted a Communist Chinese message which indicated they were planning a heavy attack against the center of my regimental position shortly after midnight. This time, I did not report this to higher headquarters–for two reasons:  first, we had only an indication and weren’t sure, but secondly, if it was good information, I intended to take full advantage of it.

      At 12:30 A.M., I requested flares from a plane circling overhead. I was in my front line observation post, a radio transmitter in my hand connecting me to nine batteries of artillery and one battery of five-inch rockets. The eerie light of the flares revealed a mass of humanity, over a thousand Chinese soldiers, moving toward our lines and only 600 to 800 yards away. They started a charge and I gave the order to fire. Every Marine on the line opened up and all ten batteries fired simultaneously. It was the end of the world, literally, for those Chinese. They never reached our line.

   A lucky radio intercept had saved the lives of many Americans. The next morning, however, a reprimand sizzled down from UN Command Headquarters. I had failed to notify them of the intercept and I had fired too many artillery rounds! <61>

America, in your name the power elite has abdicated our destiny–our destiny to defend the flame of freedom burning brightly in the hearts of the blessed peoples of Korea and all of Southeast Asia. America, by subterfuge and betrayal, by intrigue, they have betrayed our countrymen who died needlessly in a no-win war. Will you take the rap for these fallen ones or will you demand the karma be upon them and their own heads in this hour?

America, by the takeover complete of a power elite, more evil than any of those of this or that political persuasion East or West–a power elite who is not even concerned with capitalism or Communism but with absolute world control–by that takeover, our destiny and the very mantle of Saint Germain has been abdicated.

Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least
of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

Our responsibility to defend the flame of freedom in Vietnam has been taken from us by the fallen ones. Since the United States evacuated its Saigon embassy in 1975, the Communist government of Vietnam has killed 250,000 of its own people. <62>  A minimum of 200,000 people were interned in concentration camps. <63>  Another 750,000 Vietnamese fled as refugees, <64> hundreds of thousands of them in boats. Of the boat people from Vietnam and Cambodia, a hundred thousand perished. <65>

The American government did not help them!  They perished at sea with the hope of America in their hearts. Yes, America, the one nation, they thought, who would receive them with open arms. America, home of the dispossessed, their ancient Motherland reborn.

In fact, the San Diego Union reported in 1975 that on orders from the Ford administration, “U.S. naval vessels have been pulled out of the areas and their commanders forbidden to offer any assistance to South Vietnamese refugees on the grounds that the U.S. evacuation of refugees is over.” <66>  It was simply not convenient to evacuate any more. It was not convenient to save the oppressed, these huddled masses of the Goddess of Liberty yearning to breathe free.

The Vietnam War (1965-73) had a profound effect on the American psyche. Fifty-six thousand Americans died over a nine-year period in a war that cost the U.S. $141 billion to defend a country that was conquered two years after we pulled out.

On the face of it, it seemed that a great superpower had been defeated by a Third World nation. But some military experts have demonstrated that we had, in essence, won the Vietnam War militarily on several occasions but we lost because we failed to claim and consolidate the victory. Remember the teaching of Mighty Victory:  When you have a victory, you must continue to claim it even after the victory is won because the sinister force will never accept your victory. Therefore, the sinister force in the person of the moneyed interests of America, the same who killed Abraham Lincoln, they denied our victory in Vietnam.

The Tet Offensive in which Soviet-backed North Vietnamese forces and Viet Cong guerrillas attacked military bases and towns in South Vietnam beginning January 30, 1968, was a military defeat for the North but a psychological defeat for America. Dupuy and Dupuy point out that the Communist forces “suffered severe casualties and gained neither any substantial new territorial footholds nor increased support among the South Vietnamese.”

However, the media portrayed Tet as a crushing defeat for U.S. forces and the American people came to see it as such. Dupuy and Dupuy conclude that “although the Tet Offensive was a tactical military defeat for the was a major strategic victory for the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong.” <67>

Military experts have shown that a determined American effort to prosecute the war following Tet could have resulted in quick victory. In fact, Henry Paolucci, professor of government and politics at St. John’s University, points out that civilian control of the military had denied victory even earlier. “Had such political restraints not been imposed,” he writes, “President Johnson’s escalation of the troop level during 1965 would have resulted, no military man doubts, in a complete collapse of the enemy’s war effort in the south before the year was over.” <68>

Even as late as 1972, we could have won the war had we not lost our political will. “Although by 1972 General Abrams’s U.S. and ARVN [Army of the Republic of Vietnam] forces had virtually won the land war in South Vietnam, drastically curtailing Viet Cong and North Vietnamese operations and inflicting unacceptable casualties on their troops,” write Dupuy and Dupuy, “the American public had almost uniformly come to see the U.S. involvement in Vietnam as a tragic mistake.” <69>

On January 23, 1973, Henry Kissinger and Le Duc Tho, the North Vietnamese representative, initialed a peace agreement in Paris under which all U.S. forces would leave South Vietnam and American prisoners of war would be released. The North Vietnamese violated the cease fire agreement and continued to attack. On April 30, 1975, South Vietnam surrendered.

American failure in the Vietnam War was based on the power elite’s doctrine of limited war as articulated by Henry Kissinger, foremost betrayer of the Christ in all centuries. His ideas provided the framework around which the American war effort was organized. Secretary of Defense Robert MacNamara under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson turned many of Kissinger’s theories into policy. Kissinger himself applied them when President Nixon appointed him national security advisor in 1969 and secretary of state in 1973.

Kissinger promoted the doctrine of Serpent in the Garden:  “Limited war...must be based on the awareness that with the end of our atomic monopoly it is no longer possible to impose unconditional surrender at an acceptable cost,” he wrote in his influential 1957 book, Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy. “The result of a limited war cannot depend on military considerations alone,” he continued. “It reflects an ability to harmonize political and military objectives. An attempt to reduce the enemy to impotence would remove the psychological balance which makes it profitable for both sides to keep the war limited.” <70>  Therefore, Kissinger is saying, the enemy must not be reduced to impotence as this might force him to step over the nuclear threshold. And so, the United States must accept impotence for the good of the world.

Speaking for the fallen ones and the power elite, he is notifying the children of the Light who are without shepherds that you cannot impose unconditional surrender upon the fallen ones cast out of heaven by Archangel Michael, who to this day persecute the seed of the Woman, and he has made that official policy of the United States.

Kissinger insisted that the Soviet Union, which backed the North Vietnamese forces, believed that it could not afford to lose the Vietnam War. And he believed that the United States could afford to lose it. Thus he said that the United States must not win the war. As he had written in 1957, “There would seem to be no sense in seeking to escape a limited defeat through bringing on the cataclysm of an all-out war, particularly if an all-out war threatens a calamity far transcending the penalties of losing a limited war.” <71>  In short, he decided we must lose the war in Vietnam to prevent a nuclear holocaust.

Of course, this was based on his opinion of the Soviets and his view of nuclear weapons. History has shown that both are fundamentally flawed. The Soviet Union is not and was not willing to risk nuclear war for Vietnam and she has not abided by Kissinger’s hallowed principle of the nuclear age–that both sides must exercise restraint. But the Lightbearers of planet earth have paid for his mistake.

Where are the shepherds?  Where are you in America who should have taught and fed and nourished the children of the Light that they could come of age and move this civilization for the saving of nations?

Kissinger wrote in 1957 that public opinion must be “educated to the realities of the nuclear age.”  Through the Vietnam War, he and the power elite wanted to teach the American people a lesson that we could no longer expect to win wars. Why not?  Archangel Michael always wins his wars and we are fighting on his side!  The “realities of the nuclear age” that Kissinger wanted to “teach” are that sons and daughters of God and children of the Light must abdicate their fiery destiny and bow and scrape before the power elite until the hour when they are delivered in that coup de grâce at the point of their national suicide.

The Vietnam War was a perfect opportunity for the power elite to teach the American people this doctrine. They had to do it by example since the people would have rejected the philosophy had it been spelled out for them.

The forces in the executive branch adopted Kissinger’s philosophy and ensured that the war would be conducted as a limited war. To begin with, it was the first time in history that America fought a war with no strategy for victory, no allegiance to the Great Guru Sanat Kumara or the fiery heart of the angels of Victory. When Clark Clifford took over as secretary of defense under President Johnson in March 1968, he asked to see the plan for victory. As he recounted it, he was told that “there was no plan for victory in the historic American sense.” <72>

Limits placed on the military by the executive branch throughout the war fit Kissinger’s description of limited war to a T. He had written that “in a limited war between major powers, sanctuary areas immune to attack are almost essential” and that the military doctrine of destroying “enemy communication and industrial centers” would have to be modified. <73>

The Rules of Engagement which specified the conduct of American bombing of North Vietnam were, in effect, a codification of Kissinger’s belief system. The text of these rules was declassified in 1985. They allowed the North Vietnamese large sanctuaries and prohibited the bombing of important military and industrial targets. While some of the rules were necessary in that they prevented the killing of civilians and destruction of religious shrines, their primary effect was to greatly hamper the American war effort.

A U.S. Air Force analysis of the rules for January 1966 through November 1969 concluded that “in military eyes, these restrictions had the effect of creating a haven in the northeast quadrant of [North Vietnam] into which the enemy could with impunity import vital war materials, construct sanctuaries for his aircraft, and prop his [anti-aircraft artillery] defenses around the cities of Hanoi and Haiphong.” <74>

The rules forbade pilots to attack commercial shipping in the Haiphong Harbor (the most important North Vietnamese port) unless fired upon by the ships. This included the Soviet ships which were supplying the North Vietnamese army with weapons. They were immune to attack throughout the war. Secretary of Defense McNamara justified the restriction to Congress by saying that bombing of the port facilities to interdict Soviet war-supporting material would seriously threaten Soviet shipping. <75>

The Ho Chi Minh Trail was a network of roads and tracks through Laos and Cambodia which allowed North Vietnam to deliver Soviet and Chinese weapons and supplies to its forces in the South. American planes bombed the trail but restrictions blunted that effort. Targets had to be approved by the American Embassy in Vientiane, the capital of Laos. The Air Force reported that “the average time consumed between identification of an area and the clearance to strike was 15.5 days.” <76>  This removed the elements of surprise and spontaneity from the bombing and allowed the North Vietnamese to operate around it.

Another rule said that trucks carrying supplies along the trail could not be bombed unless they had been positively identified as hostile. The Air Force pointed out that the only trucks using the trail were North Vietnamese and that the time planes spent in identifying the trucks gave them ample time to escape by driving off the road. However, the rules remained in force. <77>

Kissinger admitted in his memoirs that political restrictions had denied victory to the military. In his 1979 book, The White House Years, he wrote that “[General] Westmoreland labored under political restrictions that barred any of the major maneuvers that might have proved decisive–sealing off the Ho Chi Minh Trail in 1967, for example.” <78>

The complex set of American restrictions in effect under Nixon-Kissinger from 1968 to 1972 allowed the North Vietnamese to build up a formidable air defense:

American planes could only bomb a surface-to-air missile (SAM) site if it had already fired on them or had activated its radar to fire. Furthermore, they could only target the specific weapon which had fired upon them. The ramifications of this policy were that a SAM site under construction could not be bombed. It could only be bombed after it was armed and dangerous. The Air Force study reveals that “throughout the spring and into the summer of 1971 the Secretary of Defense [Melvin Laird] disapproved all requests for one-time preemptive strikes against the maturing [North Vietnamese] air defense system.” <79> This system inflicted heavy losses on American planes when Nixon renewed bombing of North Vietnam in 1972.

The restrictions not only allowed the North Vietnamese to complete their air defense but also let them prepare a massive invasion of over 150,000 troops into South Vietnam which they launched in March 1972.

The American military knew the invasion was coming. Gen. Creighton Abrams requested permission to disrupt preparations for it by air attacks into North Vietnam. The request went to Kissinger, who convened his national security “Senior Review Group.”  “The Group’s recommendation to President Nixon,” writes Paolucci, “passed on to him in a Kissinger memo, was that he should ‘let Abrams have part of his cake but not the bombing of the North.’” Nixon authorized Abrams to step up bombing in South Vietnam only. <80>  When the spring offensive from the North came, American and South Vietnamese soldiers fought bravely but they could not hold the line.

Richard Nixon had been elected in 1968 on a pledge to “end the war and win the peace.”  Yet the peace treaty was not signed until four years later–after he had been elected to a second term and after 20,000 additional Americans had been killed, 150,000 wounded and another $50 billion spent. <81>

The terms of the January 1973 agreement were virtually identical to a North Vietnamese proposal that Kissinger had rejected in August of 1969. The only significant difference between the terms North Vietnamese representative Xuan Thuy offered Kissinger during secret negotiations in Paris in 1969 and the terms Kissinger accepted in 1973 with Le Duc Tho was that in ‘73, South Vietnamese president Nguyen Van Thieu was not required to abdicate. <82>  This was a moot point since Kissinger allowed the North to keep 150,000 troops in the South and no one believed the Thieu government could stand for long without American support.

Why did Kissinger and Nixon delay three years in signing what was essentially a surrender agreement?  Paolucci makes a convincing case for his argument that Kissinger wanted to force America to accept defeat while avoiding a backlash from middle America against his policy and at the same time negotiating détente with Moscow.

Nixon went to Moscow for a summit meeting in May of 1972. Jonathan Schell described the summit in Time of Illusion: “For a moment, as President Nixon proclaimed that ‘America’s flag flies over the ancient fortress’ while Americans were dying in Southeast Asia in an attempt to counter the Kremlin’s influence, the fighting in Vietnam came to look like something without precedent in military history:  a war in which generals on the opposing sides combined into a joint command.” <83>

Limited war was a difficult concept to explain to the American public. As Schell observed, “One might say that it was in the very nature of the doctrine that it had to be presented misleadingly to the public and the world. For to explain the policy would be to undermine it.” <84>

The doctrine was pounded into American heads by three more years of war. Paolucci writes that


from the standpoint of Kissinger’s limited-war theory, the controlled fighting must be continued until the risks of escalation are sufficiently appreciated, at least by one side, to make it ready to accept defeat if the other side won’t settle for a stalemate....[The war] had to continue, according to Kissinger, until the Soviet-American detente he had been negotiating was signed, sealed, and institutionalized; and then, with Soviet intervention motivated by its desire to enjoy the advantages of detente, Hanoi would be forced to settle; or, if that couldn’t be brought about even with Soviet intervention, then we would wisely settle, accepting limited defeat...rather than risking the survival of mankind once more with another massive-retaliation threat. <85>

   By 1973, American GIs had taken enough punishment to teach middle America that we could not expect to win wars anymore.

And you wonder why the vets of Vietnam have demonstrated and have had so many problems readjusting psychologically to society in America. No wonder Americans grew tired of the senseless fighting and demanded, “Stop the killing.”  The killing could have ended years earlier if our leaders had had a strategy of victory. Victory was denied in Vietnam–the victory of the light of personal Christhood in the Vietnamese people and in the Americans who fought for them.

Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least
of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

America, Jane Fonda, did you hear the cry of the people of Cambodia?  An estimated 1 to 3 million Cambodians out of a population of 7 million were murdered or died from disease, malnutrition and forced labor during the four-year Khmer Rouge regime from April 1975 to January 1979. <86>

Where were you?  What were you doing from 1975 to 1979?  What were you doing when the Communist Khmer Rouge marched into Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, a city of 3 million, and forced the entire population to march into the jungle in an effort to “purify” society?

No preparation had been made for food, water or sanitation. Hospitals were emptied of the sick. Doctors were forced to leave in mid-operation. Those who could not keep pace on the march were clubbed to death or shot. As the days passed, the young children and elderly, the sick, wounded and pregnant were left to  die. Whole families committed suicide together rather than face the future. That was Cambodia after the American pullout in Vietnam.

Soldiers of the former regime, professionals of any kind and their families were slaughtered. City dwellers were forced to break ground and construct new villages in the jungle and begin growing rice. Love between unmarried couples was forbidden. Boys and girls caught holding hands were executed. Hunger forced the people to eat grasshoppers, lizards, snakes and tree bark. Those who complained or disobeyed the rules were executed–usually with knives, hoes, sticks and pickaxes. Just before harvest, half a million people were forced to move and build new villages. Famine, disease and malnutrition decimated the country. In 1978 the Vietnamese invaded. They took power in 1979. A civil war continues today. <87>

The media all but ignored the genocide. Depending on whose estimates you accept, between 14 and 43 percent of the Cambodian population died between 1975 and 1979. Analysts William Adams and Michael Joblove did a study of news coverage of the Cambodian crisis. They found that “added together, all three television networks devoted less than sixty minutes to the new society and human rights in Cambodia over the entire four-year Khmer Rouge period....The stories were so sporadic that even the most constant viewers could not be expected to grasp the gravity of the Cambodian crisis.” <88>

On our nation’s bicentennial, Saint Germain squarely addressed the question of responsibility for our failures in Southeast Asia:


      Listen to my question:  Who decided the death of thousands and thousands of Vietnamese after America pulled out?  Who decided the death of a million Cambodians who have been lost in the past year?

      You say, “The Communists decided their death. They murdered them.”  I say, nay!  Nay, it is the free people!  It is the people to whom is passed the torch of initiation. You who were not there keeping the flame. Upon you, America, is the burden of this karma. For you knew the intent of the enemy. You knew the doctrine of the enemy. You knew the avowed doctrine of world takeover and world conquest. And you knew the writing of history–that every nation that has been taken over by Communism has murdered the life, the light of the leaders in government, in the military, and in the professions. <89>

   On May 15, 1983, Mother Mary warned us that America should not be overcome by guilt for these deeds. She said:


      America still is the exemplar nation, still under the grace and dispensation of Almighty God. Let not past sins of this nation create an aura of guilt, confusion, loss of vision of its destiny. But rather, let the people of America rise up and overthrow that self-condemnation and enter anew into the propagation of the faith in the principles of American freedom, in her Constitution, and all for which she has stood in the defense of the rights of individuals. <90>

   Let us take Mother Mary at her word and rise to give the judgment call upon the heads of those who have betrayed our destiny.

I invite you to give your individual calls in this hour upon all the situations that I have placed before you, beginning with the assassination of President Lincoln. I ask you to also call for the judgment upon the condemners of the American people, the very ones who have betrayed us.


      In the Name of the I AM THAT I AM,
      I invoke the Electronic Presence of Jesus Christ:
They shall not pass!  They shall not pass!  They shall not pass!
By the authority of the cosmic cross of white fire
      it shall be:
That all that is directed against the Christ
      within me, within the holy innocents,
      within our beloved Messengers,
      within every son and daughter of God...
 Is now turned back
      by the authority of Alpha and Omega,
      by the authority of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,
      by the authority of Saint Germain!
I AM THAT I AM within the center of this temple
      and I declare in the fullness of
      the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood:
That those who, then, practice the black arts
      against the children of the Light...
Are now bound by the hosts of the Lord,
Do now receive the judgment of the Lord Christ
      within me, within Jesus,
      and within every Ascended Master,
Do now receive, then, the full return–
      multiplied by the energy of the Cosmic Christ–
      of their nefarious deeds which they have practiced
      since the very incarnation of the Word!
Lo, I AM a Son of God!
Lo, I AM a Flame of God!
Lo, I stand upon the Rock of the living Word
And I declare with Jesus, the living Son of God:
They shall not pass!  They shall not pass!  They shall not pass!
Elohim. Elohim. Elohim. [chant]

   Unto the betrayers of the living Word in America and the world by the fallen ones East and West, the power elite, we say:

Unto you be your karma this day.

Woe!  Woe!  Woe! (4x)

Unto you, then, be the karma of your sin against the Father, against the Son, and against the Holy Ghost in my people.

Woe!  Woe!  Woe! (3x)

Let us sing “America the Beautiful.”  [“America the Beautiful” is sung] Thank you. Let us sing “God Bless America.”  [“God Bless America” is sung]

[to be continued]


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