Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 31 No. 1 - Beloved El Morya - January 3, 1988


New Year’s Retreat
at the Royal Teton Ranch
My Candidacy for President
of the United States of America

“I Run in the Race in the Hearts of My Chelas”


Hail, Chelas of the Will of God!

I salute you from the heart of Darjeeling and from the heart of this nation’s capital, for I have not deserted the ship of state.

Ladies and gentlemen, Keepers of the Flame, Lightbearers of the world, I declare to you in this hour my candidacy for president of the United States of America!  [46-sec. applause]

Chelas of my heart, any number of the ascended hierarchy should so choose to declare their candidacy and do desire as the fervor of your hearts also desires to see occupy the highest office of this land one who does truly understand and espouse the will of God, his wisdom and infinite compassion.

Therefore, you who are my chelas, come, then, and let me reason with you as to how I shall accomplish my goal. In the flame of dedication to the God-government of Sirius made manifest in America, I bid you be seated tall now as members of the I AM Race.

Blessed hearts, there are proverbs in many nations which so state that the leadership of the people is that which they deserve. Let us examine, then, the science of this proverb. Is it not the concept of the coordinate in the earth?  Therefore, if you do have my Diamond Heart and the Diamond Heart of Mary in your heart, if you do radiate such devotion to the will of God, shall you not deserve capable leadership of the same quality of heart?

So it is, beloved–the people have magnetized candidates on the Right, on the Left, in two parties and more, and these candidates are indeed profiles in mediocrity. They have risen from “the system,” from the entertainment world; they have risen from the educational houses; they have come out of this continent, fed by a food not adequate for heroes and conquerors. These are the products of a modern America, not like the one founded upon those great principles of individualism as in the profile of your first president, George Washington.

Thus, beloved, flanking me this night are the Messengers Godfre <1> and Lanello, and in their hearts and in mine is a reaffirmation of our loyalty to and our upholding of the office of Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, whose mantle is upon the one through whom we speak.

Therefore, beloved, we come to affirm that mantle as one which you may call upon for the profile of courage that must manifest as a point/counterpoint to that of mediocrity, which shall not win a war or the fight in the economy for balance, nor shall it win in space, in time, in the center of the earth or in the heart of man. [For] leadership is born of a certain ‘all-chemistry’ of God <2> that was once the very fire and flavor of this nation under God, the Mighty I AM Presence.

I come, then, seriously to declare my candidacy, yet my candidacy must come under cosmic law. What can I do, then?  By the Order of the Diamond Heart <3> I raise up profiles of courage, profiles in you–in each and every one of you my chelas who does pledge to become a part of that Order, a true manifestation of leadership by the Holy Christ Self.

Therefore, I run for office and I truly run in the race in the hearts of all of my true chelas.

I myself come into you and unto you, beloved–in your hearts–to define and to set forth such an archetypal pattern of holy Christhood of the leadership of The Lord Our Righteousness that in you shall be the grooming of my heart to take your place in positions of leadership great and small. These are spiritual, beloved, and leadership as it pertains to the spiritual path:  the spiritual path of discipleship unto individual Christhood.

You who then cheer when I declare my candidacy, you may vote for me and you may vote me into office by becoming myself on earth. Your vote for me, then, is a vote of confidence in the will of God, in that holy Christhood whereby each and every one does grow in the stature, the nobility of the will of God, the wisdom, the study.

And therefore, beloved, it is not a leaping to enter the political race to which I call you or myself but to the raising up of those whose hearts are so like Godfre’s, so like those of us who have occupied this office, that you will be the ensign in the earth, the mandate of the people whereby it may be said in heaven and on earth:  this people does deserve in the highest temporal office of the land that highest representative of Maitreya and of the Great White Brotherhood.

Therefore, beloved, as I run for office I shall look to raise up those who may qualify for our sponsorship. Thus far we say, we are the sponsors of right action. Therefore, let right action be illumined, be championed and be taught as to what that Awareness/Action <4> may be in this land.

Blessed hearts, when the people know what is right action and when the people demand that both parties contain that roster of right action as a party platform, then the candidates of both parties and the single candidate who does win must pledge to precipitate that right action by law, by the proper bills, by taking the helm of the ship of state.

Blessed hearts, the people must not sleep, for once having the correct platform, they must demand that those who have promised fulfill. To break one’s word concerning what one’s actions will be in occupying this office, beloved, is a crime against Almighty God, the state and the people. Therefore, know and understand that those presidents who arrive and fulfill not their campaign promises ought to be subject to impeachment.

This nation has gone soft on soft ice cream and all manner of sweets. It is a pity that the loss of life, the loss of nationhood, the loss of God-government should have so much to do with the dietary intake of drugs and the fare of rock music and the toxins in the food and all manner of chemicals in the earth, the water and the air.

Thus, the chemical warfare inflicted from without is also from within as those who are afflicted, beloved, have no longer the spine to rise up and reject their overlords worldwide who have put upon them that which has caused such a densification of their brains, which are already subject to limitation by genetic engineering by the fallen ones and the people’s own karma.

Thus, beloved, my plan for this year is that what a president ought to be should be reflected in the mien, in the visage, in the action, in the manner of speech and reasoning, in the deliberation, the counsel and the honor of those who are chelas of El Morya and those who are truly disciples unto individual Christhood.

I would speak, then, of certain of those Keepers of the Flame who have thought that in serving our cause they could circumvent the laws of man and thereby also circumvent the laws of God. Blessed hearts, this is an utter mockery of our path and our goal. If you are the Light of the world and a city [set upon the mountain of God] that cannot be hid, and you are, then recognize that (for the most part) your aura has a light that is of far greater intensity than that of those with whom you associate, by the very fact of your decree momentum if not by your “attainment,” which means the action of retaining the Christ Light within you.

Therefore, each time you circumvent decency, honesty, kindness, comfort and that which is appropriate according to the actions and decorum which have been espoused by Godfre and others, you do despite and disservice to our cause and our movement.

This tendency, beloved, is seen not alone in isolated cases. The idea that you are a chela has somehow made some of you to believe that you are also favorite sons and favorite-son candidates; but instead you make yourselves candidates for the very mockery of the Law that you say you espouse. And therefore we say that those who accept the call of Christhood under Jesus <5> must recognize that in that calling and in that path they must exhibit tenfold the integrity and the cosmic honor flame, the credibility that is expected of normal citizens:  Your lives must be impeccable. They must be exemplary.

Understand, beloved, that not only are the angels looking, your I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, but your neighbors are also looking; and therefore many of you have caused embarrassment to ourselves, to this organization and to its leadership by actions which simply belie all that you have been taught. If you begin at the beginning of [such mockery of the Law, with] squabbles and discords among the brethren, you will see that such a display of pettiness can in no way attract others to your faith. This must cease!

I speak of mediocre examples that have been set by various individuals in this Community, in its headquarters, in Glastonbury and throughout this state. It is a shame that when we secure dispensations from the Central Sun that you should take them so lightly and not recognize that these do not come again so easily and that for every misuse of our Teaching and our Path and for every bad example, you give to us a mountain of karma to balance.

Blessed hearts, you cheer with joy my declaration of candidacy. Perhaps you would run with me. Perhaps you would vote for me. I say to you, vote for me as being in you. Vote for me as being yourself and say, “What would Morya do in this situation?”

Some of you have fantastic notions as to what the Darjeeling Council would do in the situations that must be decided in the halls of the federal, state and local governments. Some of you would be considerably surprised to know that your opinion of what the right step and the right measure is may not be our opinion or our counsel.

Therefore, none can pocket or place in a slot El Morya or the members of the Darjeeling Council. We have made our statement long ago that we are neither Left nor Right nor middle of the road but we do espouse Truth wherever we find it <6> and we are determined to find that Truth in the hearts of our chelas and in their actions.

Let there be no shame, then, and let there be the withdrawing of the dissimulation of the Word, whether by human bickering or competitiveness or simply an absence of the expression of Divine Love throughout this worldwide Community. I would see chelas who have a sense of upholding the reputation of the Great White Brotherhood in the earth. I would have you be, everywhere you go, the sublime profile of those who have the courage to express their hearts and yet know that unless the expression of the heart be prompted truly by the Holy Spirit, it will not achieve the desired goal.

Therefore, in the great silence of Gautama Buddha and the power of his meditation, there is a pulsation throughout the world of the balance of the threefold flame and of the mind in individual and national self-rule–self-rule for he that would keep the city and the citadel of our retreat.

Hasten, then, hasten to leap up three steps at a time on this flight!  Beloved, you dare not any longer allow our garment to trail in the mud of human foolishness.

Therefore, I comment on the words of the Messenger which I placed in her heart concerning those who become farther and farther afield from the will of God and know it not. Why do ye know it not?

Blessed hearts, the receptacle of the Diamond Heart, the receptacle of the heart of Saint Germain, your own threefold flame, is the measure and standard of right consciousness. Few are right all of the time but many believe that they are right at least some of the time, if not all of the time.

Thus, each and every one in his own way becomes highly opinionated and when his stubbornness of mind does therefore enter the realm of spiritual matters where fantasy and the psychic enter in, some of our own who might have been our best servants are found simply out in the field, not centered where the action is. I speak of the fields of this property and beyond and not of the general field of our membership, which has many fiery hearts who are realistic while others dabble in any number of ways and paths and communications purported to be from our octave.

Blessed ones, many say that it is easy to receive channelings from Saint Germain and others. Well, you may think it is easy from this level, and so it is, to contact other minds disembodied. What is difficult, beloved, is that at our level the dispensation to train a Messenger, to raise up one clothed with a certain inner garment whereby you may trust our delivery of the Word, requires an enormous placement, upon the altar of God and on the line of battle, of our lives, our causal bodies, our ascended state, our very beings. The dispensation, therefore, for the Messengership does not come easily to us.

And I will tell you what determines the continuity of the office:  it is whether or not the hearers of the Word assimilate the Word, embody it, implement it and whether or not the worded release does have the effect of changing a society, a civilization and a planet for the better, and finally, whether or not the delivery and the mission and the organization we sponsor do produce the fruit of the annual ascension that is called for.

It is beloved Godfre who elected to take his ascension on this night, 1939. Blessed ones, the requirement for that ascension for that year had to be fulfilled, and thus it has been a tradition ever since, that on New Year’s Eve some one individual on the planet does take his ascension, therefore attaining that immortal Life that does again warrant the dispensation of the office and mantle of Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood continuing.

As we desire to do more for you and through you, we are therefore limited by each and every individual’s use or misuse of our communication, and the karma we dread most is the karma of neglect when the Word is neglected, when the instructions are so carefully given and people go out and develop a totally independent “tack,” if you will, as their approach, as their unique solution to the solving of the world’s problems.

As we come together, then, in winter in the white fire core of Being and our Retreat, it is a time for deliberation. It is a time for the review of Alpha’s proclamation and the Wesak address, of Alpha’s dictation on July 5th and even those deliveries that have come from the Lord of the World on the New Year’s Eves past. <7>

Thus, I say to you, beloved, as I run for office as president of the United States of America, one son of Hierarchy, one daughter one day may be myself in form to be elected to that office, but it will come about only if you raise up that Spirit of Christ in yourself uniquely, holding and keeping the Flame whereby heaven will be compelled not only to send you such souls of Light but to see to it that one becomes the leader of this nation.

In the meantime, beloved, this year and the election which follows, all of the speeches and campaigning that will take place, being a period of grave darkness, is a time and a space for the keeping of the flame of America and of the office of the president, that the very mantle itself be able to be called forth again. For at this time, when some of you, and certainly not all, may be involved in the small problems that affect your households or your interactions in business and with one another, that which is being deliberated by the Karmic Board and the Council of Sirius is whether or not the mantle of the office of president of the United States shall indeed fall upon the one who is elected.

Blessed ones, if one not worthy is elected, there may come to pass, as it were, the “headless horseman,” an individual in office who does not bear the mantle and sponsorship of the Great White Brotherhood. I can assure you that should this occur, it will be the darkest day in America’s history since Saint Germain did anoint George Washington to that office.

The deliberation, then, is ongoing as to whether or not that mantle should fall upon one who does not hold the office but who is capable of keeping the flame of that office in our name. Thus, when I tell you that I declare my candidacy, I am telling you that I am searching for the chela who will make himself/herself worthy to bear that mantle should the day and hour come on Inauguration Day that the one who takes the oath of office does not receive the corresponding spiritual mantle.

Blessed hearts, you remember the years when Godfre was in embodiment in America. In those years there were some who occupied that office who were truly not worthy. That mantle could not be borne by them, yet it did still rest above them though they never did integrate with it. Thus, it was beloved Godfre while he was in embodiment who did keep the flame for that office.

One wonders in reading the history of the nation how the nation has survived her presidents. It is because of the heart and the fire of the people!  Whereas one may have borne the spiritual flame of the office while the wrong one occupied it, millions of hearts bore a portion because of the profile and the image of Christ they outpictured in some measure. Thus, almost as though by the ‘collective’ or ‘community’ consciousness of this nation has that office been upheld. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case in this day and age and those who occupy positions of leadership do so in an utter betrayal of the founding principles and the spiritual light from on high.

Understand, beloved, that there is a parallel here to the call that has been sent to you to become a part of the Order of the Diamond Heart of Mary and Morya. Here we see that many Keepers of the Flame bearing a portion and becoming a greater portion daily of that Diamond Heart can secure the spiritual grants and dispensations that flow through the office of the Messenger for the saving of the Lightbearers of the world and, if not for the saving of a nation, then for the saving of the opportunity of a nation to rise again.

Consider this which I have said, beloved. Some nations have been lost on earth and their dispensations are not retrievable. They will not rise again, not in this particular thousand years of cycles. In the case of America, as Saint Germain’s dispensation has been given, a portion of it has already been lost with his exit from the nation’s capital. <8>

Understand, then, beloved, that all those who raise up the Diamond Heart in the spiritual path for the maintenance and the holding of the balance of karma in the earth may also hold a portion of the mantle of the office of the president and in so doing, beloved, being a part of my heart, you are not only running for office but “occupying” <9> until a people may bridge the gap of their neglect and ignorance and once again by the momentum of your heart, by the magnet of the Central Sun and that diamond, come to a realization of who and what they want to be in that office.

And when they again come of age, to the age of courage, <10> beloved, then it is your magnet, your profile, your presence, your right action that will be the nucleus whereby a people once again deserve a Son of God in office.

Blessed hearts, understand the deeper meaning of the dispensations of God to earth and know that so long as Alpha does remain extending to each one of you his Mantle and his Presence for a fiery mission and purpose, we say, Onward courage! [30-sec. applause]


Delivered New Year’s Eve, December 31, 1987, at the Royal Teton Ranch.

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