Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 30 No. 83 - Beloved Mother Mary - December 25, 1987


The Order of the Diamond Heart
The Sacrifice of the One and the Many for the Saving of America
Christmas Eve Address 1987


Out of the Diamond Heart of the Divine Mother I AM come to you, beloved. For long ago I beheld that heart and I determined to fashion that Diamond Heart within myself that it might be unto all sons and daughters of God in these octaves truly a sign, a symbol, a vibrating presence that would enable them to understand that in the Immaculate Heart of the Divine Mother all are born. Now see, beloved, as I am her instrument, how you are intended so to be.

I speak to all angels who have gone forth from the courts of heaven—now veiled in flesh, now moving in these tides of earth. I speak to you who came bearing Light to serve the children of the Light. I speak also to you who took exception to the divine justice of our Father and therefore didst rebel against the living God-Good as the divine spark in every heart.

All angels earthbound, hear me! For I am truly crowned Queen of Angels for my part in delivering to earth the Manchild who is Jesus the Lord, and King of kings and Saviour. Thus, as I descended from heaven, called by God unto this purpose, I have also been assumed unto heaven for having fulfilled that purpose.

Blessed hearts, my garment of light was not compromised in earth, not in the several incarnations accorded me to establish even the foundation for the coming of the Saviour at that moment of history when many souls, including angels who did descend, would come to the Y on the Path, to choose God-Good and live forever or to choose again their denying of the living Son of God in Jesus and in each and every one of his sisters and brothers upon earth. <1>

Therefore, beloved, from the hour of his coming men and women of earth have made their choices. Pilate made his choice and Herod and many others who played their parts. And they did reincarnate to fulfill the fruit of their tree of life unto this hour and century of the two-thousand-year reign of my Son.

Blessed ones, even for their choosing they were given again opportunity to choose. Now, for this certain group of lifestreams scattered across the earth, the end of an age, a cycle and a choice has come. Therefore there is a tremendous momentum in the earth in this hour of those on all sides seeking to move others and men and nations against the living Light, yet to disguise their movements as though they were for the greater good. Though they do not speak in the name of God, yet they claim to be of that goodness that is “superior” to his own.

Thus, beloved, many are yet gone astray by the same philosophy of the Serpents, those fallen angels in the garden of God who did turn aside many from the stronghold of living Truth, from the two-edged sword keeping the way of the Tree of Life. Therefore you have understood this convergence [of the forces of Good and Evil at this transition between Pisces and Aquarius].

I, Mary, have spoken to the understanding of those to whom I have entrusted my messages, my prophecy, my vision of a karma outplayed upon the future, a karma of free will whose course is a juggernaut <2> of self-destruction. Thus, I come to those who understand the mysteries of Christ and have believed that these mysteries are revealed by him, within the secret chamber of the heart to all who are ready, without dissimulation, without discrimination, regardless of their religious affiliation.

I come in this hour, therefore, with the sign of the Lord’s judgment that cannot be otherwise. <3> For to allow those who have murdered the Christed ones, that is, the anointed of the Light and the prophets and the messengers and apostles of all time, to move on into the next two-thousand-year cycle would surely not be in keeping with the Great Law of God.

Thus, there is an impending sense that as the sands in the hourglass run out, the moments for right decision diminish. Thus, the whole world senses the tension—a tension drawn between angels of Light and angels who have still not been willing to bend the knee before that Light.

Many among you are those angels who came to teach, to reawaken and to move the children of Light to a steadfast allegiance and devotion to that living Christ of Jesus until they should understand his words to Thomas, to Philip, to the entire inner circle: Those who drink from the same fount from which I drink shall be as I AM. <4> This fount is the living fount of eternal water that is the I AM Presence of Life.

Therefore, know, beloved, that you must make haste to drink of this fount and to understand that the elixir of the water of eternal Life will not leave you as you are. And therefore, change by the winds of the Holy Spirit, by a fiery baptism and the cleansing water of the Divine Mother—this, this too must be understood. This, beloved, does come to you. Resist it not. Be not entrenched in the very ways that have been put upon you by false doctrine, false theology of the same [breed of] Serpents who preach their lies in the economic systems in states and nations.

I come to you, then, to give you the realization that because the children of the Light have not heeded their true Teachers over the centuries, many more have gone after the Lie, flattered by these very ones who have invented the art of flattery itself. Thus, those who might have been ministers of God and teachers, devoting the full course of their lifestream to the conversion of souls unto the Holy Ghost, these very ones have been enamored of other callings and other fields.

Therefore, one thing is needful, the realization that unless the light of the living Christ be raised up in each individual heart, the planet itself and its evolutions are yet in great jeopardy. The quotient of Light <5> in the earth ought to be greater for my Son’s giving of his life alone! It ought to be greater for the exposure of the Liar and the Lie that he did manifest, not only in preachment but, beloved, by example.

Is not the example of his crucifixion and the mockery of his trial, is it not to show that each and every time there is opportunity the fallen angels committed to the Antichrist will move against the Word incarnate to the utter destruction of the single son of God coming into the realization that the reality of his own being within his own temple is truly and only can be Christ the Lord?

This reality of the Presence of my Son, truly the universal Light itself within ye all, is a quickening Power, a quickening Wisdom, a quickening Love whereby the faithful shall also inherit the promise given to him[, whereof he spake]: All power in heaven and in earth is given unto me. <6> This is the power of God to work change and to galvanize and reassemble hearts around the divine polarity of Alpha and Omega of him who said: I AM Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending!

In the fullness of the Light understand a simple equation: Because the children of the Light have not known their true shepherds and because some who ought to have taken up the mantle of shepherd have cast it aside for other “more interesting” callings, therefore not enough among the Body of God upon earth have ever understood that for that ‘body bulb’ to burn brightly, there must come about an intensity in the Word for the sacred fire to increase. And when it does increase, beloved, as all saints have ever known, there is a period of the dark night of the soul <7> as that soul’s karma must pass into the sacred fire.

Therefore, if you do espouse discipleship under Jesus Christ to which he has called you, <8> know, beloved, that it is a known path of initiation and that the darkness and trial and tragedy that does befall you does come because you have made your commitment to serve with him, to bow before him and to know the Lord in him as truly the Lord the I AM THAT I AM who is God.

To understand this is to become this. To look upon that Christ of him is to receive that Christ, portion by portion unto yourself. And when you receive this Light, the Light will first purge you to make you a fitting habitation of your God. And as that purging does take place, it is the karma, the old records, the old sowings and sayings that were not of God-Good that come to the fore and must pass into the flame, as ghosts of the former self are seen parading through, only to dissolve in that pillar of sacred fire.

Beloved hearts, when you have set yourself to a course of discipleship unto my Jesus, I say, vow to God that you will stand and still stand. Accept his Call, that you might call upon the Archangels and the hosts of the Lord to guide and to guard you. These ministering ones—they are necessary to thy Victory. Thou hast need of them. Invoke them in the name of your I AM Presence, your Holy Christ Self and the Christ of Jesus. Invoke them, beloved, but do not turn back.

Therefore, what is the end of this path? Is it not the resurrection and the ascension to eternal Life? Aye, what, then, is the middle of this path? Is it not the confrontation and the encounter as of Saint Stephen, as of John the Baptist, <9> as of all who have carried the Light? Does that Light not come and stand face-to-face with the absolute Darkness of the fallen angels who have denied him? Will he not send his disciples into the very quarters of the earth where the children of the Light as shorn lambs are not able to deal with that Darkness?

“Even so, send me.” <10> Thus was the word of the apostles. Some went forth with great eagerness and yet when the tests came, their fervor of emotion did not carry them in the hour when they must affirm their Lord before men. <11>

Now then, beloved, this is the reason for the testing: to vow a vow of Love. That vow, then, is to be tested that in all thy ways thou might understand the meaning of the vow, the meaning of what it is to stand upon one’s word in Truth—come what may.

Whenever the next step of individual Christhood is taken, all fallen angels and black magicians will assail that one at that point of the line of Christhood. If you are able to defeat them by the fervor of Christ-love in your heart, you may step another step higher, once again to defeat those forces of Antichrist who have positioned themselves on these steps of the path of attainment. They are claiming their superiority until some knight of the cross, some lady who has kept the flame of the Mother of God does willingly mount to that level and say, Here I stand, so help me God!

Therefore, beloved, as there is the mounting of a spiral staircase, there is the thinning of the ranks. For some will say, I have stepped on the last step that I will take. I will not move higher, for to do so I must surrender this and this and this of my fame, my personality, my preferences, my enjoyments of this world.

Therefore all choose. But I tell you (it is a secret that few know), if you will rest at a certain level, you then will be targeted even more. Therefore, the conclusion of those who climb the highest mountain is: the only way to go is up. If you remain at a certain level, beloved, it is even more difficult than to ascend again. Thus, wherever you pause, there will the forces of the enemy assemble. Life [in order] to be—life to be alive and living—must move on in a creative intensity that is the fire of Love gathering more and more and more of itself!

I am therefore unto you a representative of the Divine Mother and of the path of the Diamond Heart. This path of the Divine Mother as the path of the Diamond Heart has been espoused by the beloved El Morya. El Morya does teach this path of devotion to the will of God by that Diamond Heart to each and every one of his chelas. Therefore you who have been in his retreat in the etheric octave in Darjeeling have heard much about this.

I come to tell you in this hour of this year’s Christ Mass and the celebration of the birth of my Son that El Morya does call you and call you again to be a part of his order in which I join him, the Order of the Diamond Heart. <12> This order, beloved, is dedicated to the giving of one’s heart to form the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Whereas one individual may not be able to bear that Sacred Heart alone, many who pledge to bear it may become components of the one great heart of our Lord. It is the same principle of the Body of God upon earth, many members but one Body. <13> Thus, many hearts also form one Diamond Heart.

This Diamond Heart is Christ’s own heart of the will of God. Nothing can withstand it, for its Light intensity is greater than all Darkness of the dark ones in the earth.

Blessed ones, through the ages the saints have been called to give their lives for the saving of the Church or the nation or the community or the planet. This my Son also did, but the giving of his life was in living and not in dying, and the shedding of his Blood was not in dying but in living. For the immortal Light that does flow from his heart is a stream that never ends but does fill every communion cup on earth.

Understand this principle, beloved, that in this hour two thousand years hence all disciples of Jesus Christ upon earth are called to be a portion of that Diamond Heart.

I come to explain to you, beloved, that as there was an hour, as the decade turned to 1970 and darkness moved over the land, when your own beloved Mark offered to me, Mary, his own life and heart for the buying of time, of opportunity for his children, his own beloved students, Keepers of the Flame and Lightbearers of the whole world to come into consonance with the understanding of the mysteries of the Lord and Saviour that would allow them to receive so great a salvation through the knowledge of their own I AM Presence and Christ Self—blessed hearts, in that hour there were not enough upon earth who could make up a Diamond Heart, even a heart of sacrifice whereby that sacrifice should be in living and not in laying down one’s life.

Therefore, as the weeks and months passed in that decade, there came an hour when either one who had become the fullness of that oneness of Christ should give all of that Light for the buying of time [on behalf] of the children of God upon earth else the world scale of Darkness should tip and therefore the great gain of thousands of years should be lost.

You understand also that not in dying but in the path of the ascension, in the path of the resurrection was this life given. <14> Yet it was indeed a sacrifice and a great loss, in one sense of the word, for this activity and the ongoing initiation heart to heart which he was able to deliver physically out of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Blessed ones, that which was gained was all of these years to the present hour for many to come into the Light and for others whose life span had drawn to its natural conclusion to enter into the ascension coil. Thus, today thousands upon thousands now understand the sacred mysteries of Christ by the writing and the teaching of the Messenger Mark and its continuity through the Messenger who does remain.

Blessed ones, this has given a great increase and impetus to the Light on earth. You ought to understand that the progressive revelations that have come forth by the Holy Spirit in many quarters have taken their impetus by this very giving of his life and the setting forth by the Messengers of the Lost Teachings of Jesus.

Now then, beloved, this very process has again and again created opportunity, but the Light that does activate and awaken all who sleep does also awaken and open that opportunity of free will whereby many have gone after other gods, necromancy, the spirits that mutter and peep, <15> channeling <16> that is nothing but spiritualism, and all manner of what is purported to be new-age teaching which is of the lower astral activity—cavorting, then, with aliens in their spacecraft who have no good design for this planet.

Therefore, we see, as it were, an abuse of opportunity at worst or a misunderstanding of opportunity [in the least] by the unguided who have not had the true shepherds to follow. Thus, great good has come about through the opening of the paths of religion to new inquiry and discovery, and by the same token, beloved, this has brought about an opening of certain of the pits [on the astral plane, spilling over into the physical,] and therefore also darkness going forth. Thus, we arrive again at the crossroads of the nations. Thus, the call went forth, Who is willing to give his life for the saving of the nation, for the saving of America?

Blessed hearts, because of the closeness of the heart of your Messenger here to Jesus and certain of her inner initiations, there did come an hour [during this Christmas season] when He did say to her once again, “Are you ready to give your life for the saving of America?”

Filled with the Love of the Holy Spirit and of her Lord, she did instantaneously say, “I will give my life. I will lay it down. I will do anything for the saving of America.”

She did say this to Jesus, knowing full well, beloved, that it could mean the very loss of her physical life and the conclusion of this embodiment. Thus, one must understand a level of initiation and the filling of the heart so full of the Love of the Saviour that to give one’s life is only to realize the allness of Life and the Life that is the All. From the hour of that commitment to the present this initiation was sealed.

Now I unveil and make known to you what is the plan of Jesus in this regard. It is his desire, then, not to have the necessity for anyone to lay down his life to save a nation but for many to live to save that nation, including your Messenger.

And therefore, Jesus with myself and El Morya at the Darjeeling Council communing have said, Let us reactivate on earth the Order of the Diamond Heart. Let us call many disciples of Jesus Christ, many who have studied this Path and Teaching, many who know the hearts of the Messengers.

Let them understand this calling. Let them understand that throughout all history the saints have given their lives that the Teaching and the Word of God might live forever as opportunity. Let them understand that by the Light of the dictations and the Holy Spirit and the Great White Brotherhood, there has come such an afflatus, <17> such a descent of the Holy Ghost that truly numberless numbers of those whose auras are as the saints robed in white (these having internalized a just portion of Christ’s own Sacred Heart) may now become a part of that great Diamond Heart and serve to give a portion of their life that all might live and all might continue to be a vessel and a chalice as one great heart for the saving of America as a Christed nation and the path of the Master/Disciple relationship under Jesus Christ and the Servant-Sons of God in heaven.

Do you understand, beloved, that the hour of the Second Coming of Christ signaled by Jesus descending in clouds of glory is fulfilled only when his own upon earth choose to be the vessels of that universal Light?

Thus, beloved, that hour is come and ye are able. Therefore, on this Christmas night 1987, you are given the opportunity to give a portion of the light of Christ that you have realized to compose a Diamond Heart that is sufficient not only for the saving of America but to forestall that any saint or one of these little ones or the Messenger should have the necessity to lay down his life that others might live.

Blessed hearts, it is a wondrous day of opportunity. As you remember the Fifteenth Rosary, <18> those who become one with that Light and with that Christ and with that Sacred Heart of Jesus have two choices: to take all of that Christhood as the whole loaf [of the Bread of Life] and break it and give it [in the giving of oneself in life] to a world or to take that Christhood unto themselves for their private achievement. The choice of individualism in God must allow for either step, beloved.

Therefore, so choosing to give that portion and the all of such externalized Christhood as she does have, this Messenger has determined—in the full knowledge that all that one does give away God may return in his own time and choosing—to give that Christhood for the saving of this nation.

May you come to the understanding of the Fifteenth Rosary and the meaning of forming together in this our Camelot come again the Order of the Diamond Heart. May you contemplate what the giving of the gift of self [the gift of Christ Selfhood] must mean and may you seal that giving by December 31 that at the conclusion of the year the offering of oneself upon the altar of God might be complete.

Blessed ones, surely you who know and see do also understand that the nation America cannot and shall not be saved in any form save by those who in life give their lives to the great principles of Cosmic Christhood upon which it is founded. You who know and know well the signs of karma and prophecy and the signs of the evildoers who hold sway in this government recognize that without the miracle there is little hope for a future that is safe for the babes in arm that are entrusted to your care.

Blessed ones, the miracle is Divine Intervention. The miracle is you! Divine Intervention must take place through the embodied sons and daughters of God.

Thus, I, Mary, with Morya at my side on this platform, do tell you that the Darjeeling Council under the guidance of the Lord Jesus Christ has proposed this as the ultimate and final resolution and opportunity for that saving grace.

I tell you, this that might be seen as a manger of Bethlehem, this place in the wilderness, is surrounded by teeming thousands of angels who attend the birth of Christ in your hearts. May you appeal to the beloved wise man El Morya for a sense of co-measurement with his heart, with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and with the Diamond Heart of Mary.

May you know that you upon earth are called and counted as needed to give this offering unto the Lord and unto the people whom you love dearly.

May you bear witness unto His Love! It was of this that Lanello spoke. <19> Greater love than this hath no man: that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Blessed hearts, what a joy to know that you can give and retain opportunity to fulfill the fullness of your Christhood come again.

With the sign of the cosmic cross of white fire I, Mary, seal you unto the Victory of the Diamond Heart. Now with Jesus the angels sing “Joy to the World” in celebration of the descent of your God and your Christ into your temple.

Receive him, beloved. Receive the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, even as you have received the Divine Mother through me. For in this at-one-ment you will know what is your course from this day unto the hour of the fulfillment of your life.

Now let the burning fire of my heart leap unto your own that you might know the simultaneous bliss and pain of the Divine Mother who does carry the burden gladly for all of Her children.


The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Mother Mary was delivered through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Christmas Day, December 25, 1987, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Montana.

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