Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 30 No. 23 - Beloved Mother Mary - June 7, 1987


Be Prepared and Be at Peace


You, beloved, who have attended my coming these nine hours, know that I AM with you in the beginning and the ending.

I AM Mary, your Mother of Light. I have held you in my embrace all through these hours and many aeons beyond. For, beloved, this day of Mother I have desired to see the saturation of your being—to see it absorb my own, and myself your own, that we might truly be called the Mother and the Daughter of God.

In our oneness, therefore, as you have received me, now be seated.

So the fingers of your minds have followed step-by-step the course of my appearance, even the dispensation of our Father early in this century, prior to the release of the violet flame or even the knowledge of the I AM Presence. I AM that presence of Fátima. I AM, beloved, that Sun. <1>

Do you not see in the miracle of the sun (according to your own enlighten­ment by the Holy Spirit) the vision of the I AM Presence whirling and spinning and appearing to descend and plummet to the earth? Is this not a message of our Father’s coming, even into the individual life of each one? Is there not fear, then, on the part of the one beneath who anticipates suddenly the coming of the Lord into his temple and does cry out, “God, have mercy upon me!” And thus, the mercy of God does come in the person of my Son, so present with you always in your beloved Holy Christ Self.

This, then, was God’s way of delivering the image of a lost memory, beloved, of each one’s own I AM Presence being that powerful and beyond the power of the physical sun to the Sun behind the sun. This was a promise, beloved, that through the dark night of this century there should appear a golden age. Some of you in embodiment in those hours remember that event and have returned again to see the fulfillment of the coming of the Lord, even the Lord Sanat Kumara, to this place.

Hear, then, in the keynote Finlandia <2> first the darkness and then the dawn of mankind’s sleepfulness, a period of waiting and then the footsteps, even of Sanat Kumara, create an awakening. And with the coming of the Person of God, as with the LORD God in Eden, there is a chemicalization, there is a breaking of the void. Darkness is dismantled and the descent of light creates a whirlwind action and a flurry as men and nations must align themselves and truly come to grips with that very personal Presence whom all must meet. Even the simplest of Christians know they must prepare to meet this God.

The concluding bars of Finlandia <3> are the comfort and presence of a new age and a new light when all the earth has once again realigned itself in the presence of the Elohim of Peace. Truly, I come as the Queen of Peace. Elohim of God, present now, occupy a vast space and time from this center and fulcrum.

Know, then, beloved, that I have also appeared in Yugoslavia to these special hearts, <4> young in body but ancient of days, as the Queen of Peace. For peace is a pillar of fire that is thrust as a sword in the very midst of Communist territory. Thus, it is a warning to World Communism that whereas my supposed representatives in the Vatican have not challenged their presence, <5> lo, I, Mary, have challenged it! Except you receive Him as a little child, ye shall in no wise enter in. <6>

Beloved, the message is plain. There is one thing they cannot con­trol—neither myself nor the hearts of those whose minds are stayed upon me. Blessed ones, Medjugorje has become as a figure-eight flow where so many hearts give attention to me that the light may descend as judgment.

Understand, blessed ones, that I have come there to prepare this people for calamities to come. The simple of heart need to be reminded of their original faith. To deliver to them a message beyond that which they comprehend within the supposed security of the Church would only serve to neutralize the message and their opinions of its authenticity. Thus, to depart from scripture or canon would be to obviate the very purpose of my coming, which is to draw a tremendous devotion of people of every faith to the heart of God and the Divine Mother, that in this sacred tie to heaven they might pass through a darkness to come.

Blessed ones, I came there to prepare them also for the transition. Many souls may be taken unless a great divine intervention does take place by your hand and heart and oneness in this Community. Thus, realize, to the simple of heart a simple message when lived does mean a great increase of light that shall prepare them in the appropriate hour to know the higher Truth of the Holy Spirit that is given to you to know.

I have desired, then, that you should see and understand the light, the determination, the joy, the confidence that the seeing of myself has given to the six—and which through them has been radiated to the many. Blessed are ye who have not seen and yet who have believed. <7> I repeat the words of my Son that you might know that it was the Messenger’s prayer long ago—she understanding the great demands made upon the light of the universe itself in the appearances of myself and the Masters—to let the Great Law withhold the appearances and rather give that light to the healing of the world, to the balancing of karma.

This the Messenger did request, thus believing in us and declaring, she having already so seen, that there should be no necessity for the repetition of tangible appearances to reinforce faith but only the release of the Word that itself should be for the conversion of those who also have the inner sight to see, not as form and figure necessarily (but sometimes indeed), but seeing as becoming, seeing as total oneness with our presence.

Beloved ones, therefore, to each is given what is a requirement for the quickening. What we would say to you, then, in this hour is by way of preparation for the coming of the Lord of the World. I have been sent by the Father to the end that if there needs be chastening it should come from my lips to spare the Lord of the World of going into that chastening or of raising that rod.

I, Mary, speak to your hearts and I speak simply. I say to you, how much greater is the dispensation of the Great White Brotherhood of this property, even in the vastness of its acreage, how great a salvation is there in regular and constant, decade-upon-decade dictations of the Ascended Masters, consistent and pure and accurate for your personal ascension—by comparison to the visitations.

Beloved ones, these children and the many who come there are not yet ready for the ascension nor are they being readied, but that they might obtain a better resurrection to pursue the path of discipleship as ye know it. Realize, then, beloved, that to whom is given so great a cup of salvation much is expected.

I place, then, the sword of peace into the earth in this place. So let it be known and designated forevermore.

Blessed hearts, understand, then, these my words to you. If so simple a people with so simple a message can wax hot in the Spirit, endued with the fire of God, can ye not also realize that for all of thy getting and all of thy acceleration there needs be the retracing of the steps down the mountain to begin again, even from the River of Life to the heart of the Cosmic Christ Maitreya? I tell you simply, each one must fill in the gaps of his devotion. Each one must treasure the words we have spoken as these children and all the world treasure my simple messages to them.

Blessed ones, I have also come to consecrate a place as the Divine Mother Omega once consecrated the Retreat of the Resurrection Spiral in Colorado Springs. <8> I would call you to a higher calling, yet you have not yet fulfilled the calling already given. When I say “you,” beloved, I speak to the worldwide body of Keepers of the Flame who must hear me in this hour.

Understand, then, that my coming would be to announce my calling to you to place upon Maitreya’s mountain a cross to be the electrode to that cross in Medjugorje. Thus, beloved, Medjugorje, the place of the cross thirty-five feet tall—it is an electrode in the earth. And by the devotion of many I have therefore charged it with a tremendous light.

You have known, beloved, that in many of my appearances I have required that a church be built on that place for the very reason that I desire in certain points in the earth a place that can be charged with great light by myself through the devotion of the people. This retreat is such a place. But for the building of the cross, the other callings of my Son must first be fulfilled. Yet I say to you that when these are fulfilled, the cross may be built.

I envision it and have given that vision to the Messenger as a cross of thirty-three feet. And around the center of the cross of cement, beloved, there is a crown of twelve stars. Thus, the cross is the marking of the place where God in man meet, showing that the path of discipleship leads to the crown of everlasting Life, which is indeed the crown of twelve stars of the Woman <9> that is given by the Divine Mother unto all who endure to the end.

Blessed ones, the trek up Maitreya’s mountain is indeed a pilgrimage and a calling—and even the placing there of a type of structure such as a log cabin where the sound of the rosary might be heard and recited: Archangel Michael’s Rosary, my rosary, Kuan Yin’s Rosary yet to be written down. Thus, it shall become a place of perpetual prayer, thanksgiving, a point of pilgrimage where many can rally.

Blessed hearts, we would not have you begin this sacramental building prior to your having understood that sacrifice is necessary and indeed a requirement of the obedience unto God. Obedience, beloved, begins with the alignment of oneself to the inner cross of white fire, else the outer sign and symbol cannot afford the victory but perhaps should become a substitute for the interior correction of Maitreya. Let the cross be the sign of the saints’ overcoming.

Beloved hearts, let us deal with first things then. Here we see at the Inner Retreat the place of the calling—the place whereto there was given the date of January 1, 1987. <10> We have sent forth the call for the builders, for those who would farm and till the land and prepare this place. And yet, as of this moment there are not enough here even to tend the current needs. There are many in the field waiting to the last moment, having not heard, expecting to find all things prepared as they arrive, somehow, at the final hour, thinking that surely the Masters or the Messengers will say, “Come now, come quickly.”

But, beloved ones, you must understand, a place cannot be prepared without first the conversion, which I have stressed to these children: the conversion of the heart in every single member of this Community, then the adding thereto. To what? To the Diamond Heart, to the Immaculate Heart, to the Sacred Heart, of which you are a part and which is composed of your own sweet hearts—of many who are magnetized to that magnet.

Blessed ones, there are challenges to be met, and many have already been met as you have come up the mountain in a spiral. I speak not of a physical mountain but I speak of a spiritual pyramid of Life where chelas around the world have gathered in prayer in defense of the Messenger, the Community, the Church, night after night after night.

Are ye not also saints? Yea, ye are the saints of the Holy Church and of my heart. Your life has been sacrificial, even beyond the requests I have made at Medjugorje. Realize, this, beloved, in a sense of co-measurement. Indeed, much has been expected of you, but you have already given much, wherefore there has been warranted unto you so many blessings and dispensations. Blessed hearts, truly you must understand that this is the highest calling and the highest dispensation in the earth that the Great White Brotherhood can afford according to the will of God and the Cosmic Christ in this hour.

Let those around the world hear me then. The hour is coming and now is when the preparation must be complete—the physical preparation, I say. For you are called to be physical and to remain so for the holding of the light in the earth and not to be counted among those who are taken from the screen of life when events foretold may take place.

Blessed ones, if you are holding out for outreach or service anywhere in the nations, realize it is best to come and build and then return to your fields, if you so desire, when all is in readiness here. Prepare the place. And if in your preparing, as Saint Germain has said, world calamity is turned back, averted or mitigated, then you shall see a golden day of opportunity again. It is time for the going within and the preparing. And in the process, beloved, of your own self-transcendence, to this you must give attention.

Therefore we say, let the food be prepared, enough to care for the many. Let the survival shelters be prepared, enough to care for those who intend to be here. And let those who intend to be here know that they have a responsibility, whether in service or whether in prayer.

Those of skill and experience may perform the tasks but, beloved, choirs of angels require voices. Prayers and decrees must be perpetual and continual. Therefore, determine how this place may support those who are required to hold a spiritual balance even while the physical work of the Lord becomes the anchoring point of the Word.

Blessed ones, this has been my message since 1917. The words given to the children and recorded by them have a certain percentage of accuracy. They are accurate in the context of mitigation rather than complete aversion of descending karma. It is a self-evident truth that the whole world will not be converted and that that world therefore must face also the Great Teacher in the Person of returning karma.

Thus, let those who are called to endure begin to understand that now is the hour to respond to Saint Germain and to El Morya to build my house, to know that this temple made with hands is necessary for the protection of your temples until you fully realize the temple made without hands in the Deathless Solar Body, in the resurrection cone of light and in the ascension itself.

Thus, beloved ones, I must make clear to you that throughout the world there is a percentage of Keepers of the Flame who have waxed cold and who have not followed the joys and the disciplines we have offered, whether in the dynamic decree, whether in the prayer and fasting, whether in service.

Beloved ones, World Communism is a dread disease of the mind, but I tell you world materialism is even greater as one of the dread diseases of the time. It has been said that in the West the people are indulgent. Blessed ones, it is so. And I am sorry to say that many of our Keepers of the Flame are demanding far too much of the material pleasures or what they think are their material needs, and not understanding that there are sacrifices that must be made in the present if the future is to be secured.

The very process of this sacrificial life, beloved, is a process you need in order to put on the fullness of your Christhood. Emergency demands evoke from you the fullness of the heart’s genius and attunement with Christ. The responsibility of children, loved ones and Lightbearers of the world therefore impels you to call upon the Lord for strength and to be strengthened of mind and heart and body.

Blessed ones, I tell you, from this hour forward (as to the Messenger’s service to you) let her use the hours remaining of cosmic time to once again deliver the books to the nations while you have the light. Let the communications to her of your needs be received and answered in the giving of prayer, invocation.

Let each one who has a problem learn to take the cassettes of the rosaries and of decrees that are to be made, to give their novenas, to write their letters to me and, above all, to make sacrifices at the fourteen stations of the cross and thereby know that God can be the solution to their problem and that I may be that solution and that their communion with their Mighty I AM Presence through prayer is indeed that resolution.

Blessed ones, those who suffer, having seen so great a salvation, suffer due to nonsurrender! I tell you, you will be left to face alone that which no man or woman can face alone. Therefore, come ye into Union. Come into the Community of the Spirit and offer your life without complaint.

Blessed ones, our Messengers are not hard taskmasters. Do not fear, then, the loss of the fat of selfishness. Do you desire to see me and talk with me? Watch how the veil thins. Watch how you see myself superimposed over the Messenger as you have never seen me before. Watch how heaven can truly cohabitate this physical octave through the etheric sheath we have placed over this Inner Retreat.

Blessed hearts, it is a consecrated place. Let none so seek, then, a physical flesh-and-blood salvation or so misinterpret the Yugoslav dispensation as to go there to find me or healing. Blessed ones, I AM here! I shall not leave this place or the side of anyone. I have come to intercede, to administer, to organize, to inspire, to be with you. I am more available here, beloved, than anywhere on earth because of so great a rising of prayers and invocations!

Beloved, as Saint Germain has told you, there are so many calls that cannot be answered for the failure of those of the leadership of the world to be converted—yet by your intercession these calls are answered and they accrue to yourselves and they have so accrued. And the Father has sent his answer in the person of myself, beloved.

I AM Mary with you. I place my electrode in the mountain, in the stream, in the river, in your heart. I am here every step of a physical way that must be bought with a price. I have sent my angels with Raphael’s angels to the Keepers of the Flame in the earth.

Let all who hear our call to be here, beloved, so make it known, so apply and so prepare yourselves. Those whose time has come to be at the Inner Retreat must not resist and go about the human planning of a separate existence in an hour of earth’s history when, I tell you, it is untold and unspoken as to that which could come upon the earth unless there be a tremendous conversion, a tremendous increase in those who give the violet flame decrees.

You have wondered why the Ascended Masters have not spelled out their prophecies more specifically. It is for the same reason that these have been told in secret, in part, to these children. Beloved, we never give the fullness of the vision of what karma could bring until almost the very hour of it, because until that time we are kneeling before the throne of the Father begging intercession and dispensation.

O beloved, realize, until the right hand of God descends, until the last grain of opportunity in the hourglass descends, there is opportunity, there is dispensation abundant (as has been read to you from our prior dic­tations <11>) for the world to be raised up, for all to change in the twinkling of the eye.

Thus, it is Elohim of Peace who plant their electrodes as a magnet—peace as the very defiance by Almighty God of war itself. It is the living flame of peace in your hearts and the hearts of all those who have been converted by my appearances that shall deflect war, even as a diamond heart does deflect it and send back to the enemy, by a mirrored image, the fullness of his malintent.

Blessed ones, may I tell you, then, the scientific explanation of the prayer of the rosary and all decrees. Blessed ones, it is a building up of light in the body temple, that you yourselves might deflect, as one Mystical Body of God, the oncoming Darkness.

If a few men in a house in Japan could emerge whole after a nuclear holocaust,<12> will you not, then, place your faith in the Divine Mother, in my intercession and in Almighty God first and foremost and always? Will you not understand that daily you need to be buoyed up in this spiritual light and flame, not as impracticality but so that you will not enter the pitfall of depending upon a survival shelter or food storage to carry you through a period of world travail—travailing even as the Divine Mother is yet determined to give birth to her Manchild.

Understand, beloved, that when we counsel the preparation, those who fear most, those who are the unbelieving, those who seek to save their flesh rush in. They will never be saved, then, by such preparations. These preparations must be the stem of the chalice of the Holy Grail which you uphold.

I tell you, beloved, those who build such preparations in fear do not build on a solid foundation. I tell you their hearts will fail them for that very fear, for it becomes an internal magnet of fear, an internal point of vulnerability. And when the elements of the earth melt with the fervent heat<13> of a divine alchemy, their karma upon them, beloved, will take them from the screen of life even if they have all of the physical necessities.

Look through the walls! Look through time and space. Desire God and only God.

I am come to deliver you of inordinate desire, that when the Buddha arrive he shall not be agitated by auras of those who desire many things and do not desire the centrality of everlasting Life—not for themselves but for the continuity of being on earth.

Beloved ones, understand that the beings in the center of the earth in polarity with yourselves, in these very hills and mountains, hold the balance in this hour for the holding together of the earth that it not split and be tossed out by the immense force of discord of her evolutions.

Blessed ones, had it not been for the Great White Brotherhood in the earth and on the surface, this earth could have already become another Maldek, another asteroid belt—not by any particular collision, though that collision should have occurred; for earth’s vulnerability is also to those very forces colliding as in the coming of ancient planets or meteorites splitting and sawing asunder the planetary orbs.

Beloved ones, the tube of light Keepers of the Flame have invoked in this century has resulted in a protection for the planetary body herself from untold evil of aliens, even sealing her from her own vulnerabilities to attract the dangers of harmful rays, diseases and consciousnesses of outer space.

Blessed hearts, the prayer of one child in Montessori school—any child, a single child—as given daily here is the equivalent of thousands who in ignorance pray the Mass yet have not received the formula which you have received by grace to access the supreme power of the Godhead. Let all cherish, then, and value this opportunity. Let us move swiftly.

Beloved, the months are short. You must know and understand this. Prepare and be at peace. When you are prepared, let the pillars of flame rise from the heart of the earth to the heart of the Great Central Sun through the chakras of each one. I instill in you, then, a love of the mission.

I come to take from you in this hour burdens of personal inner struggle. I come to give you the vision of the Fifth-Ray Masters, that you might see that which has held you in bondage and that you might be delivered.

Take my book, beloved, the concentrated focus of my presence, flame and rosary in My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord!<14> Place it in remembrance of me beneath your pillow. Know, then, that I radiate through the living Word, that I radiate, then, through the statue of myself, gold plated and given to the Mother of the Flame long ago by Catholic devotees of my heart. The weight of this statue being so great, it may not be seen by you, but I trust it shall be in place before long. For it speaks of a golden age and golden wisdom and the crown of Life.

May you look upon that photograph of my statue which is in this book, beloved, for it was the final act of Mark Prophet and his beloved to so arrange those roses, to so have that statue photographed. When you see it, you will know that next to the position of the photographer, standing but six feet from the statue, is your own beloved Mark. And the image of Mark, though unseen, is actually impressed upon my statue in this photo. Thus in it you may have a focus of the Messenger in his ascension coil but hours before he took his leave from this plane.

As you take the Communion prepared, beloved, know that you ingest a portion of light of myself that is able to quickly lift you out of a limited sense-consciousness into the illimitable trammels of the Spirit.

I come to bear your burden, to relieve and deliver you, to quicken you to the realization that the snakeskins must be shed quickly and that you must know who you are in Christ.

Receive my admonishment through the Messenger when it comes or from the heart of your Presence when it comes.

If you desire, then, to keep a vigil here till the coming of Gautama Buddha, let it be of violet flame and of all the defenses you have mounted in summoning Archangel Michael to be wherever World Communism has purposed to destroy the earth or devour her people.

While there is yet time, I expand and accelerate for you time, space, energy, consciousness and eternity. Thus, fulfill all things. Be prepared and be at peace.

I AM Mary. And I AM here to stay till all these things be fulfilled in you.


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Mother Mary was delivered through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet after midnight at the conclusion of the Mother’s Day service on Monday, May 11, 1987, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Montana.

1. Prior to the dictation, the congregation viewed the film The Miracle of the Sun and watched a replay of “Fátima Update” Part I (delivered in Dallas April 18, 1987), in which the Messenger lectured on the appearances and messages of Mother Mary to three shepherd children in Fátima, Portugal, May 13 to October 13, 1917. Mother Mary had promised to work a great public miracle so that all might believe in her apparitions to the children. On October 13, her final Fátima appearance, an estimated 70,000 people gathered for the event and were witnesses to the “miracle of the sun.” At first appearing as a silver disc, the sun began to spin wildly like a wheel of fire, flashing multicolored beams of light in all directions. Three times it stood still and then resumed this whirling action. With a zigzag motion, it then appeared to leave its place in the sky, plunge toward the earth and hover for a moment above the crowd before climbing back to its normal place in the sky.

2. Finlandia by Jean Sibelius was played as the meditation music before the dictation.

3. Finlandia by Jean Sibelius was played as the meditation music before the dictation.

4. In “Fátima Update” Part II, delivered prior to the dictation, the Messenger lectured on the reported daily appearances of Mother Mary to six youths in Medjugorje, Yugoslavia, that began in 1981.

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11. In her “Fátima Update” Part II, the Messenger presented the Ascended Masters’ prophecies, admonishments and dispensations as an update to Mother Mary’s Fátima message. She reminded students that “no prophecy can be utterly fulfilled in the physical atoms of this planet unless you confirm it by your decree....All dispensations that I have read to you and all that you find in the Pearls of Wisdom are yours to compose in affirmations and decrees.”

Mother Mary, 8-15-58: “Let the Christ in you magnetize those individuals, those loving and willing and worthy and capable chelas whom you require and, more importantly, that the Ascended Masters El Morya and Saint Germain require to create a planetary Diamond Heart of spiritual freedom. Yes, though we cover this planet round, though we bring angels into the atmosphere of earth, a Diamond Heart which is the center of the spiritual foundation which is to be the predominant focus for the next two thousand years shall be sustained, for I, Mary, established the beginning of it.”

Mother Mary, 7-3-72: “The land is plagued with darkness upon the screens of the invention of the motion picture. The land is plagued with darkness over the churches devoted to honor my Son’s name. The land is plagued with darkness as the political candidates struggle among themselves seeking a temporal crown....The elementals have communicated recently with one another and they are preparing to execute cataclysmic strands of destruction that have only begun in the world order. And this shall come to pass unless the teachings of God shall be fulfilled in the hearts of many men and women presently totally dedicated to their own selves without understanding the great needs of humanity.”

Mother Mary, 12-31-77: “Until a correct understanding of the I AM THAT I AM be made known across the land, governments will fall, economies will crumble, churches will come to ruin, darkness will cover the land, famine will be present, and souls will be lost.”

Mother Mary, 1-28-79: “Within my Sacred Heart is the acceleration of light this day...unto the judgment of those who have persistently denied the miracles of the Virgin Mary....Let there be the judgment of the false teachers who have stolen into the churches with their false theology.... Everyone who has interfered with the birth of these little ones—everyone who has advocated abortion from the pulpits of the churches, I tell you they will suffer exactly the karma that is written in sacred scripture spoken by my Son and it will not be withheld this day!”

Saint Germain, 10-6-83: “We [the Darjeeling Council] therefore resolve that Central America and the Caribbean shall not be overrun by the warlords, by the fallen ones, by the Communist hordes!”

Archangel Michael, 11-27-83: “We therefore declare this day as that day number one when there shall go forth from Keepers of the Flame, from this altar and from hearts of Light worldwide, the rolling back, by every ray of the seven, of the entire world movement of Communism, of the Nephilim gods and all who supply them their technology, their grain, their money and their support and sympathy....The entire momentum of the Soviet Union of this earth and the seizing of landed areas thereof will be put back, will be turned, will be upset! And the day of liberation will come to those oppressed peoples.”

Mother Mary, 12-24-83: “Prove me now herewith that the entire Soviet establishment will not endure when a nation, Mother Russia, returns to the devotion of the Blessed Virgin....It is the Mother flame in the earth consecrated in all of your chakras which will beat down the entire juxtaposition of nuclear war and all those things that now challenge you so greatly.”

Gautama Buddha, 5-14-84: “I decree in this hour that all devotions to the one God in many forms and formulas and formations, whatever thy belief—the Our Father, the psalm, the Hail Mary, the chant out of the Eastern temple—shall know the concentrated fire of the legions of light....The devotion that is spoken shall be focused upon that end which is the consuming, by the fire of the threefold flame in all life, of this cancer of a planet spawned by the gods—this World Communism.”

Mother Mary, 7-3-84: “I extend to you, then, access by the rosary—by the rosary—to my causal body, to the attainment on those fourteen stations which I have gained throughout my long spiritual history. I give you, therefore, the opportunity to receive that power and attainment which God has given me as my great Teacher and as I am his servant. This I transmit to you that it might become close to the physical world and the physical problem through your own physical body and heart. I propose, therefore, beginning now and continuing on until there shall be a very obvious turning of the tide of World Communism, the giving of the rosary and the calling forth of this divine momentum.”

Mother Mary, 8-26-84: “The Father has said to me: ‘...I place in thy Hand the rod of authority for the utter annihilation of world atheism known as World Communism.’...The Power of God in my Right Hand is as good as your confirmation of that Power.” (See decree 56.02.)

Jesus Christ, 11-22-84: “I come to change the prophecy of Fátima. I come to undo the dire predictions. I come to work through you for the saving of every soul that is gone astray. This is a dispensation of the moment, the hour and the decade [of the eighties]. Work in this wise while ye have the Light. For should the dark night come to the planet—and we pray God it shall not—but should it come, in that hour my own must be safe in the arms of the Universal Mother, that they be not torn from eternal Life by any condition whatsoever.”

Mother Mary, 12-9-84: “I live with the Fátima prophecy. I live with its message. And I go from door to door and heart to heart knocking, asking for those who will come and pray with me—pray the violet flame or the rosary or the calls to Archangel Michael. But above all, pray. For by thy prayer is the open door extended, and the angels come stepping through the veil to prevent disaster and calamity.”

Jesus, 12-25-85: “Understand that it is truly the hour when those [of my anointing] may take up the fallen mantle of this apostle [Peter] and move forward, beloved, to cast out of the very Holy of Holies those priests and false pastors, those rabbis (who are not rabbis of the Holy of Holies), and all who misrepresent the Godhead.”

Saint Germain, 1-1-87: “The vow that I have taken is to serve with this earth until the true Lightbearers are free. The vow I propose to take, having ac­complished this, is to stand with all others who have accepted the transfer of the flame of freedom from our best servants. The specifics of the vow must be, then, to defeat World Communism before it defeats the West and to defeat in the West those betrayers of the Word before the very foundations of Western civilization crumble for their presence in that foundation.”

Mother Mary, 4-18-87: “I consecrate this state [Texas], America and Canada to my Immaculate Heart. This consecration shall be continuous by my legions of angels.”

Mother Mary, 4-21-87: “I, Mary, now consecrate Central America, Cuba, all islands of the Caribbean to my Immaculate Heart with a fervor, a righteousness and a wrath of the Cosmic Christ....It is more than a consecration. It is a purging and a judgment. It is a branding as with a branding iron, and it is a divine decree!” “Fátima Update” Part II is published with Part I on 4 cassettes, K87033-K87036.

10. When the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945, eight men living eight blocks from the center of the nuclear blast were miraculously untouched. One of them, Father Hubert Shiffner, S.J., explained, “In that house the rosary was prayed every day. In that house, we were living the message of Fátima.” See Francis Johnston, Fatima: The Great Sign (Washington, N.J.: AMI Press, 1980), p. 139.

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