Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 29 No. 72 - El Morya - December 9, 1986


Take a Stand for Principle!


I would speak to you, my chelas, of the word of grace—how grace does indeed erase all offense, offensiveness, and the potential to be offended.

Let grace be, then, as a flame that leaps from your heart to kiss the heart flame of another. Let the fire of the heart, then, precede your word as you meet and greet any soul of whatever persuasion on earth. It matters not who or what they are.

Let my chelas be noted for the grace and graciousness of the heart that attends to the detail of comfort, kind word, interesting comment upon life—conversation that is constructive, uplifting, ennobling, supportive, placing all at ease and, by example, inspiring, then, the very possibility of nobility in those in whom the spark has not dwelt for many a year.

Therefore, beloved, by the grace of the First Ray of God may you win many to the heart of Maitreya.

There are those who wear upon their sleeves those things in life that ought to be private—things, then, concerning the inner groanings and the travail of the soul. These things are not to be uttered but to be contemplated within as one’s God is one’s best friend and as I truly am near.

Let the fruit of the Path be shared, but let the process of attainment be held close to the heart. For to display the pain or the arduousness or the struggle of decision or the long dark night to impress those new to the Path has but one clear motive, and that is to deny that Path to those who come and will be led gently by the hand, as you have been, to the moment where they, too, may experience the bliss that always accompanies or immediately follows the difficult testings.

Do you understand, beloved, that I speak of a path that is a measured beat, specific for every individual? Prepare the soul by love and wisdom but do not display all that you have gone through in your own moanings and groanings and strugglings which have preceded a moment of surrender. For, the one to whom you speak may have no difficulty in surrender at all! But having given to that one such descriptions, you discourage and confuse and do not give a realistic picture of the Path.

The Path is indeed different for every soul and, I tell you, for the soul who loves the will of God, one could almost use the adjective “easy.” It is easier by far to walk the Path in diligent striving for the will of God than to be apart from that will. Those who are apart from it, who bemoan their plight, gaining sympathy of others, do despite to the calling as well as to the answer in the heart of the chela.

Therefore, beloved, do not convey your unlawful struggles to others. And I say “unlawful,” for I do believe that once one has perceived the will of God and had the benefit of long teaching and training, for that one not to follow that will but to step aside from it is truly sinful and a shame upon us all who have gladly given our lives to take a stand for Principle. Let the unprincipled ones, then, be removed from being our representatives!

Principle is indeed the manifestation of God. And when you have no other reason to be good and when you would rather be bad, the reason that is left is Principle. For Principle itself you move forward, drink the unpleasant cup, perform your duty and hopefully add to it Love’s own grace.

Thus, let us examine who indeed is representing my path to others. Let those of wrong example see and know it in themselves in this hour. And to those who are teachers and ministers and assistants to the Messenger around the world let it be known who does, then, misrepresent the Teaching or the Path or myself.

For I, El Morya, am determined with you to raise up the highest in you as far as you will allow me to go. And I am just as determined to remove with you those baser elements and states of confusion that deprive you of the full cup of victory. I am also determined that those who are here in our various centers for the wrong reason may have their power trips exposed that the true shepherds might appear before any more may be lost by the wrong example.

If I am to be known by my chelas, then I will expect those worthy of the name to remember that you are truly burdened by the responsibility of my office and mantle to in all things properly represent the Darjeeling Council.

With these few words, ponderous and to be studied, I seal your hearts, sealing also all that the Messenger has spoken for your edification and opportunity in this hour to come into alignment, to right old wrongs and hurts, and to fly straight as an arrow to the heart of Maitreya. <1>

In his service, I AM Morya of the First Ray of the Will of God. May you so be that ray as chela of my heart.


Lovers of the will of God who recognize in the Immaculate Heart of Mary the externalization of God’s will in the form of her “diamond heart” will take comfort and strength in the recitation of this mantra to the Divine Mother through every trial and testing borne to the glory of her Sacred Name:

“In the Immaculate Heart of Mary I trust.”


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by El Morya was delivered through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, August 3, 1986, at Camelot, Los Angeles County, California, USA.

1. Prior to the dictation, El Morya and the Messenger conducted a meeting on “The Path of Personal Christhood” called for by Mighty Victory in his dictation of July 20, 1986 (see p. 612 of this volume). In light of the Community approaching the 28th anniversary of The Summit Lighthouse (4 o’clock line of the Cosmic Clock) on August 8, 1986, the responsibility of each chela to bear his own dharma as well as karma and to recognize and slay the dweller on the threshold opposing his Christhood was made clear. Drawing from examples of initiations recently faced by chelas, the Master and Mother explained various points of vulnerability on the Path resulting from being out of alignment with the Guru and from nonfulfillment of one’s dharma. Scriptural readings included Isa. 14:1-3 on the Lord’s mercy upon the house of Israel, and Matt. 18:11, 12, 14-35; I Cor. 6:1-11; Rom. 13 on the inadvisability of litigation between Church members, recourse to Divine Justice through the mantle of the Messenger, and the law of forgiveness.




The Will of God Is Good

The will of God is good!
To heaven it opens the door
It satisfies all the soul’s longing for comfort
Makes all their God Presence adore!

The will of God is plain!
It’s easy God’s plan to fulfill
Whatever is lovely, sincere, pure, and joyous
These always bring heaven’s good will!

The will of God is pow’r!
Blest Morya embodies it all
Stands ready and willing God’s will to reveal
To any and all who will call!

O Morya! Dear Morya! We bow
Before God’s own will which thou art
O love us and teach us and raise us until
Ascended, we’re free in God’s heart!


Melody: hymn “Blest be the tie that binds” (hymn tune “Dennis” arranged from Johann Georg Nägeli by Lowell Mason)