Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 29 No. 56 - Archangel Uriel - November 8, 1986


The Healing Power of Angels
The Reestablishment of the Electromagnetic Field of the Aura
A Sense of Destiny in the Cosmic Stream of History
You Were Born to Be the Fullness of the Only Begotten Son


Hail, O Children of the Sun!

I AM Uriel of the Sun. And so we descend from that common Source, beloved. Here on earth, then, we gather and there is a great gathering of Light <1> in this hour.

You have heard the call of my cohorts of Light. Therefore, we would speak, Aurora and I, of life that is to be lived to the fullest on earth and that which we consider so vital in the future and the future planning of the Archangels for the Children of the Sun.

Our great concern, then, is that as the decades pass there will be lifestreams, individuals in embodiment who have the sense of destiny, the sense of a cosmic stream of history, of origins beyond this beginning in life and ending, who have understood and do see and take note of the part they have played in history.

When you understand what has occurred in pre-golden ages before the great heights of civilization of Lemuria and Atlantis, that which has occurred on earth fifty thousand years back and a half a million—when you come to reckon, then, with your consciousness as a stream that has ever lived in God and has passed through many eras and civilizations, there begins to be a quickening in you of the memory of choices made, many thousands of choices made, a sense of lessons learned and an appreciation for the fact that those who do not study the lessons of history tend to repeat that history lifetime after lifetime.

And so it is in your life today, beloved. Some of the idiosyncrasies and setbacks of your lives consist of repetitious acts from previous embodiments that are no longer needful or desirable but remain simply because you have not encountered the Lord Christ on the road to Emmaus <2> and heard him recount—as no man has heard since, for it is not written in scripture—concerning the prophets and the Law and the fulfillment of prophecy in himself, expounding, then, on planetary and cosmic history and showing how he himself, the Saviour, came to that point of the cosmic cross of white fire and thereby did open the way for the path of discipleship unto personal Christhood and therefore the restoration of souls to the etheric octaves and the opening of the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood [to them that were lost]—in other words, the restoration of Paradise Lost.

Thus, we find Jesus as the keystone in the arch and the pivot to a new civilization and opportunity which culminates now at the end of the age of Pisces and opens the way in Aquarius for the Everlasting Gospel, some of which has been preached to you during this weekend.

Beloved, the sense of destiny is marked by the sign of the cross. There is a moment in the destiny of the earth and of nations when your soul, wed as the bride of that Universal Christ, may also manifest the Light. <3> And that marker [the cross] is in place—the very position in time and space when you, if you exercise your option by free will, are indeed destined by your Father/Mother God to be that key, that key to souls, to many souls, and larger and larger groups of souls, as those who see and come to know your Light also put on that Light and receive impetus and a transfer of the Mind of God by Elohim that they might also know that fiery destiny.

You see, beloved, there is a lie that I would tear from you, right out of the astral body that also does shroud the mental plane. Inculcated in you is [the doctrine] that only one Son of God could accomplish that internalization of the Word. And therefore, talk of perfection or of persecution or the crucifixion that is the nexus for the resurrection somehow seems to be apart from the reality of your daily life.

Know, beloved, this is the lie! This is the turning around of the doctrine of only one Son of God. That only begotten Son of Light full of grace and truth <4> is one Son whose manifest body of Light is in ye all as the reality of true Selfhood—one Son of God and many expressions of the one Son.

You were born to be the fullness of that Light, and the sign of the cross is a reminder of an assignment from solar hierarchies who have sent you. Thus, as Francis Bacon said, each man in his time plays many parts. <5> It is important to know that you are on stage not once but many times, almost as a dress rehearsal, preparing for the moment when truly many will look to you and even depend upon you as an example of that Light <6> internalized.

You know approximately what that Light should be. But in some areas of thought your imaging of that Person has also been tainted. For instance, the concept that anyone who embodies the Christ must be perfect in all ways—this falsehood descends, beloved, from the attempt by later scribes to place Jesus more in the image of the divinity than the human. <7> One will have [retain] the human self with its proneness to be imperfect as long as one dwells in this octave, in this plane, in these bodies.

Thus, when you see yourself do something—a little mistake, a little indulgence—you right away say, “Count me out! I couldn’t possibly reach my Christhood in this life.” And then others will say to you, “There is only one Son of God and he was perfect, and there was only one who was perfect.” And therefore, all the rest need not even try to mount the spiral of those seven chakras on the ladder of initiation.

Let me tell you, then, of the quality of perfection. It is a quality of the heart. It is a quality of purity, of pure desire to do the right even while one is learning—and learning from one’s mistakes. Love is perfected in love. And, I tell you, where there is love—truly the perfect love of God in Christ—there is the standard of perfection by which God does judge the souls of a people.

The judgments of this world and of the fallen ones, beloved, are far more harsh than the judgments of Almighty God. No doubt you have already reckoned with this fact. But the one who is the hardest judge of all upon yourself is yourself, beloved.

I AM Uriel. And I come with a flame of liberation. I come to quicken your auras to accept the reality of your real Selfhood as the Christ and to discipline your soul to take those necessary steps daily to come into congruency with that Higher Self but never, never, never again to enter in to such self-defeating spirals of negation and self-abnegation whereby you simply cannot rise again because you become so convinced that you are a sinner! And if you go to some churches, they will drive home the point that you are a sinner!

Where shall we go, Lord, to hear the Word of Life? Thou hast the Word of eternal Life. <8>

Therefore, go to the heart of the real and the living Jesus, all of whose biography is not preserved for you. And therefore, you have not come to know him as the babe or the child or the youth—yes, subject to the passions to which you are subject and working through them and overcoming them and gaining the self-mastery by the same heart flame and free will that you can exercise.

When you are called to follow in the footsteps of one who was perfect from the beginning, can you equate with that race in life? How can you identify with that one as brother or teacher or friend? Beloved, Jesus, too, had previous incarnations. And in those previous lives, playing many parts on the stage of life, he did work through [the patterns of his soul (solar) destiny].

You have known him, then, as David, king of Israel. You have known the heart of the Christ aborning in him in the Psalms. Why do you think all the world loves those psalms? It is because they come from the heart of Christ, who said, “Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my redeemer.” <9>

This prayer is of one who is humble yet who has the self-mastery to understand that not every thought, not every meditation may be acceptable unto the Most High God and therefore is willing to be proved and reproved by that God, by his Maker.

There is in reality, then, no division between the Old and New Testaments or the people of the Judeo-Christian tradition. It is a false division, contrived, beloved—always the divide-and-conquer tactics of the fallen ones. For this same Jesus was also Joshua who did assist Moses. And in that life, he was called upon to assemble the heads of the tribes of Israel, to claim the land for the Light.

And those wars that were fought were fought against fallen angels in embodiment. <10> And you hear, then, the spies that went forth to spy out the land speak of those giants that were the offspring of the fallen angels. And they reported, “We are as grasshoppers before them,” <11> so great were those giants in the earth. This is an understanding of cosmic history and biblical history and it is written in akasha. And it is so, beloved.

Thus, in that incarnation, you see another one of the chakras in initiation. Lifetime after lifetime [it] is given to your soul to take the initiations of the seven chakras from the Seven Archangels. These seven wavelengths and paths take you into various modes. Thus, the Prince of Peace must know how to defend Peace against all enemies.

In the realization, then, of the power of God to endow a soul with ring upon ring of that God consciousness, believe me, as I am your teacher of old, that you also have had lifetimes of victory and lifetimes of defeat where you did not surmount the forces of limitation or pride of your own subconscious. Therefore, you have come time and again to work on that situation.

At the end of the age, these weaknesses appear as you would shine a very bright light in a corner and see all the particles. The glaring reality, then, of the faults in the diamond of self gives to you a disproportionate view of your level of attainment, for that in you which is Christ and which is Light always ascends to the plane of the causal body and the Higher Mind.

Momentums of good do appear, of course, here below; but this is the body of karma, as Buddha taught. And so this body of karma shows us that which we may do and redo correctly in this life. The more you study [and apply] the science of the violet flame and its transmutative power through the spoken Word, the more of that past goes into the flame and true Christhood is apparent in you.

If you would accelerate, then, combine self-discipline with the dynamic decree. Take the discipline of working on a single condition in your life with which you have been wrestling long in this embodiment. Whatever the struggle is—whether it be gluttony or greed or something known only to you and me in the privacy of your own heart—first, be free of all self-condemnation for that condition. See yourself in your great Reality, large as Life, filled with the Spirit, and look at this problem as an inch high. Have the sense of the power of God in you!

Then form and draw together in the heart, in the desire body, and in the will a determination that allows the fiat to go forth from your heart in the spoken Word:

“O my God, I will have the victory over this beast of my lesser self! I will get the victory over the beast, as the saints do, by the Blood of the Lamb—by the Blood of the Lamb and the affirmation of the Word.” <12>

Thus, that Blood is the spiritual fire, affirming the Word of God and then doing what needs to be done, refraining from those things from which you need to refrain, never suppressing but always letting all of that pass into the violet flame. Transmutation has a logic all its own. If you would transmute, you must also atone and exchange the lesser desire for the greater.

Thus, replace untoward activities and desires with new activities, new joy, new interactions, and friends of Light. Take up, then, sports or hobbies or activities of union, fighting for the freedom of those who need your help right in your own city. Let this replace the former indulgence and you will find that you are so preoccupied and so channeling all the energies of your being into this new joyous endeavor that there will not be, then, a regression when that which is suppressed once again explodes upon the surface of consciousness and you feel defeated once more by that old habit that has come again and again.

Habits are garments worn by saints. Bad habits are momentums of the indulgence of the energy of one or more of the chakras. Channeling that energy in a certain direction, then, it has become indeed repetitive, easy. It is easier to flow with the downstream momentum of your life than to build a new bed and rechannel that stream.

So, beloved, it does require effort, joyous effort, but not martyrdom—not long faces and sadness based on self-denial. The highest can be reached. And the quality of striving itself can be perfected. There is perfection in every activity of life. As they say, do not sell yourself short.

You are beautiful lifestreams. I can count the virtues of your souls as jewels sparkling in the aura, and in some of you, covered over, then, with the smoke and the ash of ancient times. My angels are ready to sweep this from you that you might let your Light <13> shine!

As he said, a city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. <14> And the hill, then, is the convex posture of the chakra that emanates such light as to have the protrusion of the petals of the flower extending grace and fragrance.

You see, beloved, self-condemnation is very catching. When you enter a place of business or anywhere with self-condemnation in your aura, the people catch that wavelength. You are defeated before you even apply for the job. Immediately the condemnation comes upon you as the response of anyone to your own large sign that you project from yourself saying, “I am a terrible person. I do this and this and this and these dark things secretly. Therefore, do not hire me.” And so the hirer says to you, “Sorry, no luck today.”

You broadcast to the earth what you think of yourself as well as what you think of other people. There is only one way to think of yourself and that is as God in manifestation, as God being born, as the alchemist who has accepted Saint Germain’s challenge to try. <15> To try, beloved, is indeed worthy—and worthy of that quality sparkling of the diamond perfection of the soul.

We would set you now in a new posture. We would pick you up and set you down as the mighty angel did indeed to the prophet Habakkuk. <16> Beloved ones, we would set you down in a new place, in a new self-profile, in a new positive awareness that “With God, I can do all things. Without him, I can do nothing. But I am with him, for this is my first fiat! I will walk with God forever and forever, my friend, my God, my LORD.”

Children of the Sun, habits, then, propagate themselves. The weariness of the angels of the Sixth Ray is that these habits of consciousness are passed on by parents, teachers, and sponsors to children. The race begets the race, and the belief in sin and condemnation carries long after the people leave the churches for hearing that statement one more time too many.

Hear, then, beloved. There must come a time of the breaking of the curse. For it is a curse of sin that has come from the fallen angels and never from the lips of the Lord Christ, who came not into the world to condemn the world, as he said, but that through him the world might have eternal Life. <17>

Thus, we draw the line. And we have drawn the line around the Royal Teton Ranch. We have set it as a place we sponsor.

Archangel Michael sponsored the early root race through the Grand Teton that is but a short distance from this ranch. Thus, the Archangels follow him to sponsor once again those who have the memory quickened of a golden age and are determined to see it manifest on earth and who have said,

“Inasmuch as we cannot control the earth, the least we can do is take command of our acres and say: In this place we will raise up our children according to the teachings of Mother Mary. We will live a life approximating the path of Jesus and his disciples and Lord Buddha and his own and those who have followed the Word wherever it has shown in earth’s long history and beyond.”

It is, therefore, as has been said, a clean white page to write upon. It is an opportunity for those yet working through their karma to establish a new standard, a new geography of the mind, a place and an altitude to commune with etheric octaves and to once again say, “Somewhere on earth the standard of the Mystery School of Eden is restored. Somewhere on earth there is a path for those who desire this standard.” And as in the case of Pythagoras’ school at Crotona, those going forth from that Place Prepared may again bring to the world the memory that they [the disciples of the Ascended Masters] have first recovered.

From the standpoint of the Archangels, beloved, it is a mighty accomplishment to have this opportunity and to hold it before those who desire to take the opportunity to study the ways of the divine conception of children and the meditation and the calling forth of the light of their causal body to pursue the path of holy ones in numerous cultures who have understood, as did Joseph and Mary, that the building of the body of the child in the womb comes from the light that is invoked from heaven and that physical bodies are also spiritual bodies and that there is no actual demarcation between a Spirit/Matter cosmos.

For the spiritual life interpenetrates the physical, shines through it, transforms it, transfigures it until the soul, resurrected, ascends to a new plane and a new world of experience with lifestreams who have done similarly in their ages or on their planetary systems and have graduated, then, from the schoolrooms, such as earth, of this density and go on and on as revolutionaries of the Spirit in higher octaves, paving the way and clearing the way for those who yet remain in the valleys to ascend that mountain, even if only to find out what happened to the pilgrims who ascended and never descended again.

Many of the Lightbearers in the earth such as yourselves are already key in the places of your service, whether your service be great or small. To many people you are the light of their life and a joy and an example. They take heart and courage because you are there. And when you determine to go up higher and depart from that particular circle to pursue your path, they are genuinely chagrined and therefore wonder, “Where are you going?” and “Why?”

Thus, your very path leaves in its wake a question mark. And it is one way to stir people not yet awakened, to stir them from their sleep to ask the question, “Why was I born and where am I going and how do I get the light that I see in that one that I understand not?”

Seeing is believing, beloved. And the first time you behold a person like yourself shining with light such as you see in the Keepers of the Flame who have used the violet flame for so many years, you rejoice to know that it is possible in this age for a person like you—yet imperfect, you say—to release such light and have such inner communion.

Well, beloved, such ones are yet imperfect from one view, and yet they are being perfected by the Holy Spirit working in them and through them—they working together and sometimes groaning in the travail. For truly the ladder of Jacob <18> requires effort to mount and to go up again another step.

The effort, then, becomes great enough to make you set down that excess baggage. And, of course, this is the point—to come to the realization that the greatest need the individual has is Light. It is the commodity in which most of mankind are poor. It is a common poverty, beloved—rich in the goods of this world, poor in the Light**** of the Spirit. Desiring to see the face of God and the Beloved impels one to invoke Light, to be Light, to take action in the Light, to overcome in the Light—to ascend, therefore, and follow the ascending ones.

When that Light becomes tangible, when you feel the rush of light through your chakras, suddenly those other wants and needs grow pale. They are not so significant because you have caught the sunbeam.

Thus, I descended the sunbeam, indeed, both to expose the disguise of the fallen angel in that Mystery School <19> and again to speak to you today. But a sunbeam, beloved, is a coil of light that accelerates in the ascent and decelerates in the descent. “Coming down,” then, refers to a deceleration of vibration in order that you might equate with my being and I may stand before you as a man, yea, as an Archangel. Yet you are comfortable in my presence as the friend.

By the power of God, therefore, I press and impress upon you—all of your bodies, as you allow it now—this my message of peace. For it does release from you, beloved, a certain tension from the belief that you had to arrive at a brittle, mechanical perfection to be considered a worthy chela of the Master. Let the quality of heart endure. Let Love endure. Let ministration to one another prove the purity of heart. And let the Light itself be known as perfect in ye all.

Let the little children who have not been born, whose souls have been aborted, who are of the highest Light, be born now to families who come to the Royal Teton Ranch. Let these souls embody. Let them be raised up that mankind as well as the angelic hosts might have renewed hope that after the transition of worlds that is coming upon us there might also be a New Day because some have dared to embody from highest octaves and some here below have dared to volunteer as godparents in the earth.

I do like the term godparent, for it does remind you that your children are not your own but that they are God’s and you are God’s parents to them whom they must see face to face. Let it be so.

The visionaries at the commencement of every age have known that life must be endowed with a holy purpose, beginning with the family and its restoration to the name “holy family.” All of you are a part of the holy family of God. May you manifest it each one, according to the direction of your heart and in your own way.

Wherever you are, beloved, we the Archangels come in answer to your call.

I, Uriel, bless you now with a revivification of the mind, the soul, the heart, the memory, and the desire.

In His name, I serve.


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Archangel Uriel was delivered through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, May 25, 1986, during the weekend seminar The Healing Power of Angels, held at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

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