Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 29 No. 54 - Archangel Gabriel - November 6, 1986


The Healing Power of Angels
The Reestablishment of the Electromagnetic Field of the Aura
The Father’s Message of Your Salvation unto Him
O Christed Ones, Recognize Your Destiny to Be Instruments of God!


Hail, O Mighty Ones of God, Angels of the Sun,
Saints in the Heart of Earth!

O people, I AM come into your midst in this hour that you might know the love of God to thee and the nearness by our heart and hand.

O my beloved, I greet you with greetings from the Great Central Sun. And I come to tell you your names are written, every one, in the Book of Life. <1> And so it is true—ye are known of the one God <2> and loved. And the Father hath sent me in this hour to deliver to you the message of your salvation unto him.

Beloved of the Light that does not fail, be now seated in this hour as we commune in the Holy Grail.

My beloved Hope is with me, inspiring your auras with that flaming presence of the angels of hope and our own hope as we inaugurate these seminars on The Healing Power of Angels to the nations of the earth. Let all the earth be filled with the joy of the Lord’s coming, for truly he has sent us on a healing mission to your souls.

Oh, pursue, pursue, children of the Most High and ye who are called—for ye know it in the heart—pursue, then, that which is the gift of the age in the opening of the portals of heaven. I speak of the violet flame and the inundation of a planet by that power of freedom, by that power of world transmutation.

As the archangels hold in their hands the deliverance of the vials of the last plagues that are affecting every square inch of the globe and the waters and the seas and the waters under the seas, so likewise, beloved, through our causal bodies and our chakras of light we also may deliver, in answer to your call, the nations themselves and the people of God, separating by the sword of the Almighty the Real from the unreal, the tares from the wheat.

O beloved, call upon the Lord and we will answer in his name, for he does answer prayer through his hosts and emissaries. O beloved, the Mighty I AM Presence is the name. The name I AM THAT I AM is a treasure of Life. Now know that in the presence of the archangels is the gift of the fountain of Life.

You know me as I have appeared even to Mary <3> and to Joseph <4> and to Zachariah, <5> father of John the Baptist. Beloved ones, you know me also in your heart of hearts, for I tell you, I have loved you truly from the foundation of the world. <6> You see me, my countenance an eternal youth, yet I am as old as the hills that you rejoice in climbing.

Beloved of the living flame, I was with you in the beginning when the Lord God sent forth your twin flames to a destiny vast; and I did veil my eyes when you and you alone betrayed that destiny and preferred the low road.

Beloved, it is the hour when the high road is once again open to you by your individual choice. I am therefore well pleased that I might make this annunciation to you that it is not by happenstance that you have taken up the calling of the inner voice of God but rather truly a dispensation from his heart whereby the dark night of the karma of forsaking the Way is far spent. And the day is at hand when you must carefully weave the garment of salvation—yes, the auric garment, yes, the Deathless Solar Body, as you have been told.

It is time and times and a half a time <7> that you beware not to fall into the pitfalls of the past. By now you should be surfeited in the options of pleasure upon earth and all manner of distractions and interesting subjects to take up lifetimes of indulgence and study.

Beloved, know the Mind of God. Become the Mind of God and the knower with him of all things. I say to you, beloved, it is truly an hour of decision. Many pastors have said it, but I am an archangel and I say it as I impart to you a sense of co-measurement with your own personal cosmic history.

Yes, after vast aeons, it is time to consider, Where are you going? Peter asked the Lord, “Quo vadis?” <8> And the Lord said to him, “I go to Rome to be crucified again.” Peter knew well that the Lord would be crucified in himself. He returned to Rome and met his destiny.

Will you return to the New Jerusalem, that Holy City of God, beloved, that cometh down from God out of heaven? <9> Will you return to the place of your origin? And as you return, will you retrace the footsteps of [your] descent whereby you strayed from an holy calling? Will you reap diligently what you have sown and understand the mandates of karma from the perspective of the Archangel of the Fourth Ray?

We serve on the ray of the white fire of the Divine Mother and the ascension currents of God. It is mandatory that you roll up your sleeves and recognize that you are responsible for each errant footstep and that by directing the violet flame through the dynamic decree into those records of those footsteps and all events that ensued thereby, you may balance that karma, you may strip from that energy of God the overlay of ignorance or rebellion—be that as it may. You may send back to the heart of God that redeemed substance that is now a harvest of “light” karma, not “dark” karma, and say:

“Hail to thee, O God! In Gabriel’s name, I come again. I come, O my God, and I am in the right way and the right path of my deliverance this day—and not my own alone, for Christ in me as the hope of that glory <10> of Gabriel is truly gone forth from my heart to rescue thy little ones!”

Beloved, unless you retrace your footsteps, another may follow them and fall into the pitfalls of your former self and former path. This is an age when the true seekers of God must recognize a cosmic accountability for thoughts and feelings sown in the winds, realizing that this carefree carelessness has nevertheless resulted in those seeds germinating somewhere in some plane of being to the injury of a weaker part of Life who did succumb.

And therefore you see how the ties of karma bind you to an evolution—earth’s evolution. You must surely have considered, beloved, “Why am I upon this planet at this point in time and space?” It is the inexorable force—lines of force connecting you to all who have ever imbibed of your cup when that cup was not of the elixir of Life but the ale of the lower ones.

Dearest hearts, it is not a path—a sorrowful way, one of drudgery—that you walk in reaping, but [one of] perpetual joy that day by day by the Holy Spirit’s violet transmuting flame you cast into the sacred fire the debris of centuries. It happens quickly, beloved, in the twinkling of an eye. <11>

Aye, in this lifetime, by the intercession of the most magnificent and beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain, the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age, you can therefore balance your karma, you can approach the altar of the ascension. And except in the cases of the extreme karma of murder and the compromise of the life-force, which requires reincarnation for the ascension, you may surely trust that the Law can fulfill in you in this lifetime the victory of your ascension.

We come, then, joyously charging the aura and the chakras with the power of our healing Love. It is God’s, for remember, I AM Gabriel which stand in the presence of God! <12>

Yes, God has sent me to you this night, even as he sent me to Mary. Are you not worthy? Indeed, ye are! God is in ye all! Remember this.

And I am the servant of that God and his offspring, which ye are. Consider, then, the soul’s worth to be tended by archangels or some of our bands, and then recognize how holy is God everywhere in manifestation and how that holiness has been profaned and taken from even the littlest children.

And thus, when innocence is no longer, the sense of the holiness of Life and the reverence of Life does disappear. And without this standard of interaction of human conduct, beloved, new lows of degradation appear day upon day. And this, beloved, is what is increasing the darkness of karma upon the earth.

You must understand the predicament of the archangels and the Lord God. For, you see, to allow these conditions to continue and corrupt new life is a travesty itself against the Law; and yet, we would forbear with our God the descent of destruction that in destroying the seed of the wicked does also, then, take opportunity from life budding, coming to know and realize how great, indeed how great is our God and how able he is to swallow up on the instant that Darkness.

One day some years ago the Lord Christ dictated through this Messenger a very important call that can ameliorate and dispel this quandary. It is called “They Shall Not Pass!” <13> It is the Judgment Call of the Lord Jesus Christ spoken and anchored through you.

This call, beloved, I instruct the Messenger to teach you this night, that you might come to know and understand that when sons and daughters of God invoke the Lord’s judgment upon the seed of the wicked and the destroyers in the earth, then the Light of Elohim descends with a selective and discriminatory judgment whereby those who are ruining the opportunity for lifewaves may be stripped of their power and bound by the archangels, which is our service on earth as in heaven.

Therefore, beloved, with those bound who are the key cause of the Darkness in the earth, the sons and daughters of God and the children of the Light might have renewed opportunity to approach the throne of grace, to make haste in harvesting their karma and casting it into the sacred fire while keeping those worthy gleanings that they have sown in earth’s fields. For all the good you have ever done, beloved, does rise to that causal body of Light above you. It becomes your treasure in heaven, <14> your expanded awareness of God and earth’s evolutions and a powerhouse of resources wherewith to bless the race.

Beloved, it is indeed the Day of Vengeance of our God. It is the hour when God in the person of the archangels has descended to earth and taken unto himself his power. And therefore we give him thanks, for he has seized from those who have betrayed the children of Light their power.

And thus you have seen in the messenger of the skies <15> the stripping from a number of nations those tyrants who have sought to enslave a people to their ego and to horde their supply. There are more tyrants that must go down but when the conspirators East and West in the name of the people support tyrants, beloved, then the people themselves must rise up in one voice and give this Judgment Call and demand that the LORD God Almighty through us might become their true representative in the God-government of the earth and bind those who are the false representatives of the people.

Beloved ones, one by one those who do not bend the knee and turn and serve the cause of the people must be brought to the judgment. And if the people themselves throw up their hands and say, “We can do nothing!” then they will suffer the judgment upon their own houses that is due and ought to be meted solely upon these fallen ones.

I trust you will understand my explanation of cosmic law. In past ages when the sons and daughters of God in earth did not have the knowledge and the teaching of the Everlasting Gospel we have given you through our Messengers, when they knew not how to call and did not have the dispensation of Aquarius, then, beloved, as the sun did shine upon the just and the unjust, <16> so cataclysm struck and all were cast down.

And in a new day and a new era all reincarnated—the same players on the stage of life—the same fallen ones and children of the Light, the same dark ones who would trick and torment and tempt them. And these children, without true shepherds, would again and again and again fall prey to these traps.

O beloved, we are so weary of the absence of those who will take the Shepherd’s crook. What is the meaning of this crook that you see even in the hand of Saint Patrick, who also served as a shepherd boy? Beloved, it is the meaning of the raising of the Mother flame on the spinal altar. And the curve, then, becomes the anchoring of that Mother flame here at the third eye.

Understand that ye who would deliver the children of Light from the toilers must make some worthy sacrifice to be endowed, then, with the mantle of an archangel. If you cherish this calling, if you desire to be tutored as I have tutored the prophets, then call to me, Gabriel—and I will not leave you day and night until you fully know the Law and embody the Law and can go forth and fear no evil, no tempter in the earth, no challenger of the power of God, which he will bestow upon you through me.

I AM the initiator of the white fire and the Light of God in ye all! I AM the restoration of the Mother flame in the ancient temples of Lemuria desecrated by a fallen priesthood who surely did trample upon the garment and the light of the sacred fire. And they also have reincarnated, even on these borders of the Pacific. Know them well, for they lead souls astray in this hour.

It is time, then, that the Christed ones, the anointed of the Light, recognize their destiny to be the instruments of God and to leave some telling sign and sound footprints in earth that these little children might find and know the Way.

O beloved, you who are the pastors of Christendom, hear me! Acquaint now your people with the power of intercession of archangels and angelic hosts. And in the name of Jesus Christ, invoke us in your churches—yes, in your synagogues and mosques and temples around the world!—ye who call the people to prayer, invoke us in the name of the universal Light to solve the problems of your nations.

In you has been vested a mantle. And if you do not exercise that mantle and regard it with awe, I say, the Lord this day will take it from you and you will stand naked before your people. And you will see, as they know, that you have not delivered to them the fire from the altars of heaven, which is truly your divine office.

Therefore, I stand outside of the churches this day. I stand in this hall of learning, and it is my protest against those who could have long ago delivered to the people of earth the true message of the power of the Lord’s intercession through his hosts.

Why do they fear to tell you of the hierarchies of Light who are encamped for your deliverance? Beloved, I will not burden you with tomes of my study as to their psychology and their rationale for their modus operandi. Thus may you know, as you know the Lord, why some have failed you while saying they have championed your cause and why others unknown and unsung have been the true deliverers of the faith in the hearts of the faithful.

I AM evermore the servant of the Most High and the faithful and true sons and daughters of God. Hear me! Call to me, O ye people, and I will tell you how to deliver this and every nation under God.

I have spoken, beloved. Do not think these idle words, for this Messenger has no power of her own to deliver the Light of God. It is I, Gabriel, who touch you now with the sacred fires of God. And with Saint Germain I deliver you the sealing of the third eye. May it be also the opening of your awareness to your fiery destiny and your determination to fulfill it.

In God’s name, hear me, O people!



“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Archangel Gabriel was delivered through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Saturday, May 24, 1986, during the weekend seminar The Healing Power of Angels, held at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

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The Judgment Call
“They Shall Not Pass!”
by Jesus Christ

   In the Name of the I AM THAT I AM,
   I invoke the Electronic Presence of Jesus Christ:
They shall not pass!
They shall not pass!
They shall not pass!
By the authority of the cosmic cross of white fire
   it shall be:
That all that is directed against the Christ
   within me, within the holy innocents,
   within our beloved Messengers,
   within every son and daughter of God
Is now turned back
   by the authority of Alpha and Omega,
   by the authority of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,
   by the authority of Saint Germain!

I AM THAT I AM within the center of this temple
   and I declare in the fullness of
   the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood:
That those who, then, practice the black arts
   against the children of the Light
Are now bound by the hosts of the Lord,
Do now receive the judgment of the Lord Christ
   within me, within Jesus,
   and within every Ascended Master,
Do now receive, then, the full return—
   multiplied by the energy of the Cosmic Christ—
   of their nefarious deeds which they have practiced
   since the very incarnation of the Word!

Lo, I AM a Son of God!
Lo, I AM a Flame of God!
Lo, I stand upon the Rock of the living Word
And I declare with Jesus, the living Son of God:
They shall not pass!
They shall not pass!
They shall not pass!



Posture for giving this decree: Stand. Raise your right hand, using the abhaya mudrã (gesture of fearlessness, palm forward), and place your left hand to your heart—thumb and first two fingers touching chakra, pointing inward. Give this call at least once in every 24-hour cycle.