Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 29 No. 53 - Archangel Jophiel - November 5, 1986


The Healing Power of Angels
The Reestablishment of the Electromagnetic Field of the Aura
An Age in Crisis at the Crossroads of Life
“Good People Must Do Better”


From the second band of your causal body of Light, O lovers of the ancient mysteries of God, I, Jophiel, address you.

Truly in the sun center of thy being, all life is one. Therefore, I intrude not but am in my own causal body of Light expanding and expanding and expanding through the Mighty I AM Presence of all this which is the light of Wisdom’s fount.

In very simple terms, I desire to speak to you. For, beloved, the mysteries pertain to the practical encounter of thy life with the forces of Light and Darkness, for which this earth has become almost a cosmic crossroads. Therefore, I say the people who know better should do better, almost to paraphrase the words of Mother Mary, who said, “Good people must do [‘be’] better.” <1>

Beloved, those who have within the flute of the mind and the harpstrings of the soul that contact with the wind of Aquarius, those who move with the vibrations oncoming from the Central Sun that create what you perceive as a new-age Aquarian climate must do more than enjoy the wisdom and the knowledge of this experience or dote upon themselves or their bodies or their meditations while the brethren lie in the streets and the sisters are taught to abort life, as they may also be raped and killed.

Beloved, life in distress demands your attention. Consider how Gautama returned from nirvana to teach the world of the cause of human suffering. It is a lesson to be taught again and again, for in hearing they have not heard. <2> But to comfort your souls, I tell you that for every one of the world teachers who has gone forth some have ascended, some have jumped over the wall, some have reentered the Mystery School.

And the few among these have returned in [out of] consideration for those who appear to be so dense, beloved, as [to be] beyond the call. And many have said, “Should I really lay down my life for these who have been dumb, without speaking or hearing the Word for thousands of years?”

Beloved, lay down your life for God, for the flame in the heart and God in manifestation—not for the human consciousness. You were not sent to be a doormat for the lower order of Darkness and its denizens. Yea, indeed, I have sent you forth bearers of Wisdom’s flame in the name of Mother Liberty, who does hold the torch of illumination as the sign and figure of the path of initiation under the Divine Mother for all who enter this territory of North America. Beloved ones, it is an ancient gate of Atlantis, this harbor where the statue has been placed.

Remember well that the Temple of the Sun, <3> containing the focuses of the twelve hierarchies thereof, is also dedicated to the restoration of illumination’s flame, even as is the Royal Teton Retreat.

Truly it is the age of Woman, which means that in ye all the Mother flame is rising. Beloved, when this flame does rise, it is as though continents were rising and others were sinking. There is no force so great to be encountered or dealt with as the force of the Mother’s appearing. This is a power of the resurrection flame rising through the body of the individual Lightbearers and from the sun of even pressure in the heart of the earth.

The choice is made plain. Discover the wave of Light from the Central Sun. Find the rising pillar of resurrection’s flame from the heart of the Mother and ride it to the crown of Life, else be cast adrift upon the shore because thou hast lost the movement of the wave and the timing of cycles.

This wave of Light and the turning of the ages will not wait. Thus, you see many angels as though they were hurrying and scurrying around the earth, quickening here and there, hoping against all hope to draw the youth who flock to the rhythm of Darkness back—back to the ancient memory.

Beloved ones, it is your hour. Each and every one of you may be destined as a world teacher. And I say, ye are so destined if ye so choose to make this calling and election sure. <4> There is a transfer of Light that must be engaged by yourselves.

How can they learn, having no teachers? Where are the teachers of the age? Where are those who understand that the mantle of the teacher is a sacred mantle—[that it is] always the mantle of the Lord Christ and of Saint Francis and of others who have walked and are one together moving in your behalf?

Beloved of the Light, recognize that we desire to see the alignment to the central sun of Being by many, many lifestreams upon earth, that they might contain the tremendous Light, <5> and acceleration of Light, of Aquarius to hold the balance for thousands—yea, ten thousand times ten thousand thousands.

So you see, beloved, all things are in a state of flux. There is no predestination of destruction except it be mankind’s karma which goes unchecked by the challenge of you the son of God, you the daughter of God who will take your stand and invoke the Light and be that pillar of fire.

Thus, there are those whose time has come and is long overdue to give birth to the Manchild as the Christ consciousness within. When you decide to accept this now, as the acceptable time of the Lord in you to become all the fullness of yourself, I can assure you [that] ministering angels, angels of my bands who are teachers par excellence, will stand with you and work with you.

We have raised these Messengers only to your service, that on the day and the hour of your soul’s awakening you might find the body of teaching and knowledge dictated, uninterfered with by centuries of overlay of doctrine and control—that you might then run with the Teaching, assimilate it, eating it as the Body and Blood of Christ that you might have the life of Wisdom’s flame in you and then go forth—go back to the nations, go back where you came from and let that Light be transferred.

How else can I speak to those who would have the benefit of the expansion of the crown chakra? Many have sought after the universal knowledge—direct apprehension of all things. How do you think you may get, with all thy getting, this understanding, <6> beloved? Oh, it is by giving! There is a dharma. There is a call and a calling that those who know must do better. They must devise ways and means ingenius to transfer a flame of illumination to those of lesser understanding.

People of an age in crisis at the crossroads of life, I say to you, this is your calling and your reason for being, and ye shall not escape this karma! For I tell you, beloved, the Law is exact. And that thing to which you were sent on earth, if ye should fulfill it not, I promise you, you shall return to reincarnate on this earth to finish the work of transmitting an enlightenment whereby this evolution shall no longer digress and regress to the level of the caveman and beneath. For those levels are not beginnings but levels to which children of God descended under the awful influence of fallen angels.

I tell you of a truth, you have come back to the place where you have the capacity to receive what is called the engrafted Word, <7> the flame of the heart, the mighty threefold flame of Gautama Buddha, Lord of the World, the Lord Jesus Christ, World Teacher, and Kuthumi.

Beloved ones, Maitreya would impart to you once again the Teachings of the Mystery School—aye, with your twin flame. Beloved, it is an age when the Lord God is determined that this earth shall proceed with a responsible, enlightened awareness and therefore undo the wrongdoings of ignorance and some of malice.

Unless this come to pass, beloved, unless the child may learn from the mother’s cradle and from her lap that that child is a spirit, a flame spark gathering more of itself, to quote Kahlil Gibran—unless the child shall know this and walk in the ways of the raising up of the lily on the stalk of the spine, can you tell me, is there any further purpose to evolution?

The Solar Logoi have decreed this earth shall not go down into the lower levels of the squandering of the Light of God again. There is an impelling to move forward. And you have seen in past ages (though you would suppress the memory, it is there) that the consequences of the ignoring of the Solar Logoi and the fiats of God can only bring imminent, imminent cataclysm, I say, as when Lemuria sank and Atlantis—and remember Pompeii.

Beloved, you are on a climb to the highest mountain of Being, yes, to the crown chakra. But love is the key. Unless the love in the sacred heart be expanded and expanded in the giving of light to the poor, I assure you that all that can be developed is a brittleness in the mastery of exercises of mantra without the infiring of the Holy Spirit, without the presence of Shiva!—Shiva! and Lord Krishna and the illumination of thine own Higher Mind.

There is a portion of earth, and much of it is in Western civilization, that is careening down and down to its self-destruction. Many of the degradations that come out of the most enlightened nations of the earth are worse than that which took place in the very last days of Atlantis before the flood of Noah.

Time has been extended again and again for the holy ones of God such as ye who are in the earth. But these holy ones of God must galvanize, must understand that the power of the Word and the action of the Word that becomes the Work of the Lord is intensely necessary.

O beloved, think not [that] I come to instill fear or pressure. I need not do this, for you can read the signs of the times. And these signs are far, far more fearsome than my message to you! My message is one of comfort, for I assure you that if you elect your highest calling, you will escape these signs oncoming which do not relent. They are the handwriting on the wall of humanity’s karma, and that karma descends by the inexorable law governing free will. And the intercession to mitigate that karma may only come through the call and the prayer and the heart of Light of embodied sons and daughters of God.

This is the key of [to] the age and [to] the turning of cycles—whether we shall march into a golden age by the flame of Cosmic Christ peace or find the earth become uninhabitable because none have heeded the cry of the archangels to repent and come into that alignment with your Higher Self!

It is not the mass of mankind to whom we speak. Pity them! It is to you who are called to be teachers and find better things to do with your time and space. How oft need ye be reminded how short is life, how great is the glory, how worthy is the soul in you, and how excellently you have been prepared in all ages?

I bid you welcome to the universities of the Spirit of the Seven Chohans of the Rays <8> which are conducted in their seven retreats, beginning in Darjeeling with El Morya, then Saint Germain at the Royal Teton, continuing with Lord Lanto, Serapis Bey and Hilarion, whom you know as the apostle Paul. His retreat of healing is over the island of Crete.

Beloved ones, there is Nada, who does teach with Jesus in the etheric retreat over Saudi Arabia, which has always been the retreat of the Lord Christ even when he descended for his mission. There is, beloved, the mighty action of Paul the Venetian of the third ray, teaching the art, the science, the beauty, and the practicality of Divine Love.

The Teachings of these Masters are also taught in the outer mystery school of Summit University. There, then, you learn that which you can retain and immediately put to work through the outer mind. There, then, you learn lessons immediately applicable and [you] concentrate by the violet flame in the cleansing of the temple, that when the angel of God should initiate you with the fiery coal, <9> there should be already such fire within you as to scarcely be a burden to your consciousness.

Thus, beloved, read and run! Good people are those in whom God dwells. Somehow, because of that inner presence of God, they have not such a great sense of urgency to save life, for they are at peace with their Presence.

I give you, then, the aura of the Divine Mother. Let it be upon you for a season. And know that it is the Mother aspect of yourself that suffers incredibly for the burdens coming upon the earth, whereas the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit will attune you to the perfection of higher octaves and therefore sometimes seal you (not by their design but by your own inclination) from that which troubles many hearts.

I speak to you, then, of those who have made the choice to be teachers of righteousness in many past ages, who have even come from other planetary homes to earth solely to deliver their message. Such as these was Ecclesiastes, the preacher.

Beloved ones, they have come and delivered a message. You, having seen them, said, “I will go also!” But then when you came, in some past life long forgot, you were sidetracked, no longer attentive to the vow to teach the Word.

Now you have come again. I say this, beloved—that knowledge is not only power, it is responsibility. He who has the key of knowledge <10> has a powerful responsibility to transmit it accurately and safely to others, understanding the capacity of his listener to receive.

There is no turning back to the seekers of illumination’s flame. How few in number are those who have the courage to hear the Truth. For they know aforehand that to know the Truth engenders the great responsibility to be that Truth and the accountability of turning away from the Light of the Tree of Life. May you never forsake your I AM Presence or your God or his communing in your soul or his voice that speaks unerringly, often but thrice.

Three times the Lord will call. And when there is no response, he is silent and speaks no more. Has he already spoken once at the age of four, then sixteen, then thirty-eight? Are you long past the response, beloved?

It is taught in the mystery schools of the Great White Brotherhood that in each lifetime an individual has three opportunities to elect to follow the Path. This is out of respect for free will. Thus, be assured, whatever your calling or your election, the Great Law will not trouble you unless you invite that Law to be the supreme intelligence and presence in your life. And we who are obedient to this Lawgiver will also not return unless you call us. This is the sign of respect of the angels of my bands.

Thus, here today we celebrate your love and your great compassion and your yearning. This is our response, beloved. We pray that we have not offended thee.

In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord in whose service we stand, go in peace.


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Archangel Jophiel was delivered through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Saturday , May 24, 1986, in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

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