Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 29 No. 52 - Archangel Michael - November 4, 1986


The Healing Power of Angels
The Reestablishment of the Electromagnetic Field of the Aura
The Healing Power of God’s Will
“Seek Ye First This Kingdom...”
On the Second Death, the Final Judgment and the End of Evil


Hail, O Legions of the Eternal Light of God’s Will!

I AM Michael and I come now into the physical octave through the physical atomic structure of these bodies, O LORD, whom thou hast given unto me for thy special purpose this day. Therefore, O God, I am come in answer to thy call and in answer to the call of hearts reacquainted with thy eternal faith.

Father, let thy Light shine. I AM thy Presence here, nearer and, I trust, dearer to these hearts of thine own with whom I am well acquainted but who must once again recognize a friend of old, I trust, and therefore join the ranks of our bands who would deliver this nation under God to a new and a high and a holy calling beyond that of the conquest of matter and materialism and science itself to a new devotion that will take them north—north to the star of Being, beyond the physical north to that mighty star of the I AM Presence and the polestar itself.

Therefore, seek beyond the veil, O beloved, of material accomplishments. And know this from the heart of an archangel who will release to you in answer to your call the power of God’s will and the healing power of that will—that you may call for material success and it may be delivered unto thee. For the Law does respond so long as thy call be in keeping with the covenants of our God by which we are bound.

But, beloved, I tell you, in the short span of years that is the term of thy life on earth, seek rather to receive directly from the hand of an archangel, then, gifts of the Spirit, treasures of Light, increase of the consciousness of God, that you might know him as I know him, as I AM THAT I AM.

O beloved, it is the enlightened prayer of Solomon which found favor in the sight of God. Asking, then, for an understanding heart, he received also all these things and the kingdoms of this world. <1> Be faithful, then, O beloved, over these few things of the Spirit <2>—the pure heart sought and won and accepted by the purging fires of God.

Seek, then, and cherish the Mind of God above all other mentality. Seek, then, beloved, a soul that may meet her God face to face and have the courage, by its own innocence, to look into the eyes of the Beloved. Seek ye first this kingdom, this kingdom that is the consciousness of God which we bear, and all these things of success shall be added. <3> For when you have the pearl of great price, <4> the white stone and the new name which no man knoweth save the Father, <5> then you have, you see, an internal magnet and all good will come to thee. For the law of karma does decree it.

Men fear karma and karma coming upon the earth, and perhaps they should. But you must recognize that the law of karma is the absolute guarantee that all that you give away will return to you. Therefore, if you give despite and revenge, so it will come again. But when you give light and the treasures of your heart and when you minister to life, beloved, this, too, will come again as the wave of heaven breaking on the shores of being, comforting thy soul in time of earth’s troubles or another ancient karma that may return but for which you have prepared yourself by banking the fires of the resurrection.

What do I mean by this counsel? The fires of the resurrection may be called forth by you from the heart of the Lord Christ and the Great Spirit of the eternal resurrection in the heart of the Great Cen­tral Sun. Therefore, with the mantra “I AM the Resurrection and the Life,” you affirm God-free being where I AM THAT I AM.

Understand that mortality of itself is as the grass, as the ancients wrote—so the wind does pass over it, and it is gone. <6> Understand that unless the Sun of Being is behind the form, no permanent identity may be retained in God.

This principle of the divine doctrine ought to be understood. It is the principle of the creation and re-creation of thy soul after the image and likeness of that Universal Christ in whose image ye were made in the beginning.

You see, by free will you may lose the identity of the soul in God by the denial of that Light where you are or simply by failure to invoke it and confirm the eternal covenant. By free will, you may make your pact with the Devil—that deified evil embodied by fallen angels who have taken the left-handed path. They have exercised free will to espouse the causes of Darkness. And there are many in physical embodiment, else, beloved, there would not be what we would almost call a “thriving” church of Satan upon earth today.

The church itself may not be so much thriving as earth itself for those who have not heard of the Satanic church yet imbibe its tenets by their own agreement with perverse forms of life and the denial in their own bodies of the Light of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother.

All these are a part of your identity. And, therefore, the loss of the soul—of which the entire Church was warned in the prophecies of Fátima by the Blessed Mother—may take place by the denial of the Source of that soul where you are, not alone by words but by deeds themselves.

Thus, ungodly deeds manifest eventually as ungodly individuals. For can you now tell the difference between words and deeds and the person himself? Are you not the conclusion of your words and your deeds, beloved? Therefore, it is written and it is recorded: By thy words thou shalt be justified, by thy words thou shalt be condemned. <7> And in the great judgment every man is judged by his works. <8> Is this not in conflict, then—this written law of God—with those who tell you that by grace and grace alone ye are saved and that works do not matter?

Faith, then, which is the quality of my calling, is confirmed daily by my service of works. <9> I tell you, beloved, can you imag­ine if I, the archangel upon whose love you depend whether you know it or not, should remain in retreat and think holy thoughts of faith about you and not go forth with legions to defend you, do you think my service, then, would be worthy of the Almighty or of your souls? I tell you, nay!

What is true for the archangel is true for you, beloved. It is not enough to pray. It is not enough to decree. You must enter the arena of action! Let action be confirmed, then, in word and in life. And let the power of divine ritual and the prayer itself be the motivating force and the modus itself of the accomplishment of the transfer of the Light of the Almighty into the specific situations at hand.

Dare, then, to stand in the midst of your cities, in the midst of the houses of banking and government and education and culture. Dare to stand with your physical feet firmly in contact with the phys­ical earth, whether in the mountains or the villages or the large cities, and to feel the light flow through your physical body into the atoms of the earth. Thus you become an electrode of the arch­angels. Thus you become an extension of our Electronic Presence.

Think, then, how great a gift it is, beloved, to be able to do the work with and through the archangels long, long before you have reached the acceleration of light which would equate your soul and aura with the attainment of the archangels. After all, beloved ones, it does stand to reason and is consistent with cosmic justice that we who have labored tens of thousands, hun­dreds of thousands of years for humanity on this and other systems of worlds should have mounted an auric field capable of holding the balance of the God flame of the seven rays to a planet and its people.

It stands to reason, then, that those who come newly into the ranks of the service of God must understand that they also will go through the process of expanding the aura ring upon ring as the giant redwoods. And as the rings of the aura expand to contain more of the consciousness of God in the seven rays through your chakras, so you are also expanding the great causal body above you.

Understand, then, that there are spiritual beings in embodiment who have a greater auric field of light than others. Yet the poor in spirit are blessed, <10> for they, too, shall receive the consciousness of God by like and equal effort.

Beloved ones, therefore we come to understand that all are created equal in the beginning. But from that moment on there is no equality, but each one by free will, stepping forth from the Great Central Sun, makes that decision by the power of the divine spark to be the manifestation of God by this quality or that quality—to emphasize a path of science and the whole science of cosmos and the healing power of God, or to emphasize a path of the study of wisdom or the increase of the auric emanation of love, or to emphasize freedom and to endow civilizations with that freedom and the understanding of how freedom is best codified in constitutions reflecting the covenants of God, with the laws of men serving only as a chalice for the divine law that guarantees their liberty.

Thus, there are many callings and seven paths to the individualization of this Christ flame. Thus, all are not equal in quality and all are not equal in the quantity of light they have chosen to outpicture. Should the one, then, who has spent ten embodiments learning the art and internalizing the light of the purity of the Mother be recessed back to the level of the one who has not begun, for the sake of the leveling of humanity to that oft-quoted state of “all men are created equal”?

Beloved ones, even those of a mundane consciousness who work in the maternity wards of the hospitals can see the difference in the children who are born—and you also know. You know by the light, by the feeling, by the presence what is Light and what is Darkness. And this is the science of discrimination and it tells us, then, what are the choices that a lifestream has made in many past ages.

Jesus said—and so you must hearken to his word—“Ye shall know them by their fruits.” <11> Fruits are actions, beloved. Therefore, judge not by words alone, for words may be spoken in pride or insincerity. The very same words may come out of the mouth of a fallen angel or an archangel of Light. But whether the Spirit of God be present and whether the humility of spirit be present is determined by vibration and by works.

Thus, judge not lest ye be judged. <12> This commandment does not refer to the natural faculty of discernment and Christed­ intel­ligence that is the gift of your Real Self, but it does refer to the tendency, especially of those on the spiritual path, to condemn others who may not be on the same wavelength or involved in the same disciplines as oneself.

Let there be, then, a free forum of ideas, even in the matters of worship. Let all come together and rejoice in the praising of God and give testimony as to his mighty works in their lives. For the proof of the I AM THAT I AM affords abundant evidence that God speaks to those who are the Muslims, those who are the Hindus, those who come out of ancient China, as well as those in the West—that we minister unto all life, even those who are the irreligious yet who have an avowed commitment to Truth itself.

Though these may not know it, mighty beings of Light ensoul and embody the flame of Truth. The commitment to Truth, beloved, is a form of divine worship. Therefore, leave alone those who say they are agnostics or atheists. They say so in many cases only because they have not found their niche in established religion, they have not found that which they have found in the heart and in the heart of the mountains—the one whom they know to be the true and living God even though they are not able to speak his name.

Beloved ones, we convey faith. My angels approach you now. You may welcome them or not. They will be polite. Therefore, beloved, they will retire if you say, “Not today. I must wait and see.”

I am reminded of the words of Christ to Thomas who had to see the very prints of the nails in the feet and the hands. <13> Beloved ones, so he was blessed in any case. But the greater blessing to those who have not seen and yet believe is not a dis­crimination against those who do not, but the blessing is that they are already blessed. For they must, peradventure, have had in a previous experience the development of inner senses whereby they have perceived by senses of the soul the presence of the living God in the person of angels.

Therefore, unto those who have not seen us, it was spoken, “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” <14>

Beloved, this particular verse is compounded many times over. You may look to your right, to your left or to the Messenger or to loved ones and realize that these are indeed angels in embodiment, angels in disguise. And many times when one you love or one who has served you has done so beautifully a work for you, you may call to them and refer to them as an “angel of love” or an “angel of mercy.” This is because your soul has the ancient knowledge, beloved, the very ancient knowledge of interaction with angels and the fact that they have taken embodiment.

Beloved ones, see, then, how my angels approach to deliver ampules of faith. And they come with drawn swords to bind the demons of doubt and fear and death that assail you in the night.

Beloved ones, I commend you for the equanimity of Spirit that you bring to earth. Therefore, in the presence of Light, we go after subconscious levels where there yet lurk records of the past. When these records are cleared, beloved, you will come to understand that unless they are cleared beforehand, in the hour of initiation and testing and trial it could be, as you would say, “touch and go” as to whether you will surmount the forces that rise up out of the unconscious to assail the soul—even the soul in its fledgling flight to the heart of her Lord.

Thus, beloved, angels of the First Ray are weaving the sphere of the will of God—a sphere of blue and blue lightning. It is an auric emanation, beloved, for the sealing of the entire aura of your being, that within that auric field those who shall follow me in delivering to you their light may fill in the rings of the great causal body as much as you are able to sustain here below.

The purpose of the decree to the violet flame is ever the preparation of these vessels you wear called coats of skins <15>—the four lower bodies—that the light might enter and accelerate those bodies. And when the light does accelerate and intensify, beloved, there does come a time when the body terrestrial is no longer adequate to house the immortal Spirit. It is then that the body celestial that is called the Deathless Solar Body becomes your permanent abode. <16> It is then that you go out no more into vessels of clay, that you no longer reincarnate but return to octaves of Light. And there you will find millions of beings of Light and higher civilizations, etheric cities of Light, and extensions of the divine plan throughout a vastness even beyond that which you see as the physical universe.

Thus, beloved, many look forward to the day, almost to the danger of the psyche, when they will be taken up into heaven. Looking forward into the future, often these neglect the present or the cleaning up of the past. It is tragic, beloved, that many who follow Christ fail to understand the major challenges that civilization faces today that must be addressed by those who truly understand the meaning of the Immanuel.

Therefore, looking forward to salvation and dwelling for­ever­more in heaven, they lose the opportunity of this lifetime to “work the works of him that sent me,” <17> as Jesus said. The Lord said, I must work the works of him that sent me. It is an obligation that is called in the East the dharma—the duty to fulfill one’s reason for being.

I AM here, then. And as I raise my right hand, I extend to you the charge of the living God that does impress upon the molecules of light of your being and every physical cell of the brain and body and central nervous system and of the blood itself that inner divine blueprint, reestablishing and remag­netizing by the Great Central Sun Magnet through the center of every cell and atom, then, that original divine image out of which image you descended with your twin flame.

Beloved ones, your forms and faces today reflect only in a lesser way the divine beauty and symmetry which you once had fashioned in this image in higher vibrating vessels of light. Thus, understand that you would scarcely recognize yourself as you are at inner levels.

When the divine image, then, is restored and impressed upon these cells, as is taking place as you are seated in my aura, beloved, you will discover not only the beauty and the light of your Reality, but you will also discover that there are things in the human self to which you are very much attached, things that now can pass easily into the violet flame which you will no longer miss. But some prefer to hang on to this human self, which they have created not in the image and likeness of God <18> but in the image of the ways of society and the civilizations through which they have passed lifetime after lifetime.

Can you understand this, beloved? I speak of the plastic nature of the soul and of soul-energy and the soul being but the potential to realize God—the exercise whereof may be the declining of that option and therefore the denying of God to such an extent that in the end of its incarnations there literally is nothing left of soul substance that can be raised upon the altar of God. I refer, then, to the prophecy of the LORD Christ in the Book of Revelation of the second death, <19> which is the death of the soul that has not chosen to embody the God flame.

I tell you, many upon earth who seek God in the new age as well as in the churches deny this teaching because they say it is not the teaching of a loving and just God. And therefore, they do not come to grips with the very fact of the danger of which Mother Mary warned: the danger of the loss of the soul as the soul is saturated with the negative or not-self and by free will—free will indoctrinated by the prejudices of the carnal mind—that soul continues to pattern itself after the rebellion of the fallen angels and to deny the Light.

The Law states clearly, beloved, that once God has sent forth the soul, he will not interfere with free will. The denial of God is every man’s freedom to affirm, but in so doing he does cancel out every attribute of God, including Life itself, which ultimately terminates and dissolves both physically and spiritually.

This is why the fallen ones have feared this end time and the last age, for they know their time is short. <20> For they have consistently defied the Godhead and know that unless they can somehow entrap once again the children of the Light and steal their Light <21>—their portion, their cup, will be empty.

This is the meaning of the final judgment. There is no judgment beyond it. And thus, the energy and consciousness which the LORD God originally invested in these lifewaves is returned to the Central Sun and repolarized once again for the new creation that goes forth in a new age.

Beloved ones, Evil must come to an end. And this is the means whereby those who have chosen to embody it must reap the fruits of their sowings. If this were not so, beloved—this law of free will and the right- and the left-handed path of choosing to be or not to be God in manifestation—you would not see outplayed all around you this day examples of those choosing Life and those who choose Death.

Look upon them. Look at the fruits of those who choose the culture of Death and look at those and the fruits of those who choose the culture of Life. Therefore, as Moses said to the children of Israel, I set before you Life and Death. Therefore, choose Life and live. <22>

Understand the profound meaning of the teachings of the archangels and realize that we understand that you may have questions concerning this teaching. May these be answered in due course, but may you also realize that what was taught to your soul in the beginning has been taken from the doctrines of the religions of the world. We would restore it to you, beloved.

Therefore, in patience possess ye your souls. <23> For unless you study, how can you know the choices? How can you come to under­stand, to confirm or deny the presence of an archangel until you have elevated the Light in you to perceive or not to perceive?

Therefore, in the flaming presence of the LORD God, we now seal the aura.

Be sealed, then, by the sheath of the will of God.

Be sealed, beloved, according to thy desiring.

So let it be that in the confirming of the will of God you will know that as God has ordained, thou, too, shalt confirm. As it is Above in the etheric sheath of your being, let it now be confirmed below in the physical atoms by the Call—the decree, the mantra, and the hymn of praise.

In the name of Mother Mary, I salute you. I am truly your friend and servant of the Light. Whenever you call to me, beloved, I AM here.

Faithfully, faithfully, I AM come.


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Archangel Michael was delivered through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Saturday, May 24, 1986, during the weekend seminar The Healing Power of Angels, held at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

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