Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 29 No. 48 - Beloved El Morya - October 19, 1986


The Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood
Schooling the Desire by God-Control
The Reinforcement of Christhood in a Spiritual Community


Ho! The Light dawns. And the Darjeeling Master is pleased.

I AM in the heart of every chela. And I stand with you in this hour of the Dark Cycle which has turned. <1>

And in turning, my beloved, you are also turned toward the Light. And as has been said, when you face the Light the shadows are behind you. It is so. Let the Light always be before and the shadow behind, but let the roving eye of God—the All-Seeing (360-degree) Eye of God—remain in awareness and in God-control of the shadow.

Let us speak, then, of shadowed forces and shadowed ones. For, beloved, there are levels of control and God-control ye know not of.

Beloved, what can you control in life? The only thing which you can control is the self, for it is not lawful to control any other self, save the parent in God-control of the child entrusted to his care. Beloved, understand well, then, the meaning of the predicament of free will juxtaposed against the backdrop of cosmic and universal, systemic and planetary forces moving in, through, and around the individual.

Beloved ones, it has never been more precarious, hence more important, for the chela of the will of God to be in God-control of his mind and forces and heart and self-knowledge and to be therefore preparing to enter that Gemini Mind of God <2> that is the Alpha and the Omega of the central sun of your Mighty I AM Presence.

It is of cosmic import, O chelas, that you do heed my word as my musings and commentaries upon the scenes of our time pass from me through the Messenger to you. For often, in a moment and in a comment you will find the telling of all that is required to unlock the puzzles of the present and the mysteries of Life.

Inasmuch, then, as it is so that God-control within the individual must set the bounds of his habitation, <3> understand this: that when you remain in God-control of the four lower bodies—of energies of the electronic belt and the karma—and when this God-control is not by human will but by your acquaintance with the Mind of God, then the force of the central sun of being, which is the heart, begins to expand and not undulate but to hold its position as [the central sun of] the auric envelope.

Pray, then, that thy threefold flame be in balance, that the Mother be in thee, and that thy flight be not in winter. <4> Pray, then, above all things, to retain the auric field of Lord Gautama Buddha, who has lent to you, beloved, not only the thread of contact to his threefold flame but, to the devotees of the will of God, his auric field—the causal body—to be congruent with your own as you so will it and so periodically attune yourselves with those secret rays of his heart. He who is safe in time of planetary tribulation is the one who is sealed in this auric light intensified.

We come, then, for a measure of sanity and a measure of prevention. Let us take out our putty and seal the leaks in the auras of our chelas who invoke so much light—and yet that light sometimes oozes, sometimes drips or spills through pinprick holes or larger rents in the auric field.

Beloved ones, the strength of the auric field is the strength of the electromagnetic field—the latter being more permanent, whereas the aura is more reflective of momentary ups and downs. We, then, come with the putty of blue lightning and the sacred fire to assist you. Our angels, then, mend the energy field and the auric envelope as you are seated in loyalty and devotion in this hour of our coming.

Beloved, you are most beloved. Thus, it is our desire, we of the Darjeeling and Indian and Royal Teton Councils of the Great White Brotherhood with whom you serve, to give you an awareness this day of what it is like to be free of the leaky vessel, to feel yourselves in an auric envelope that has warmth and power and the Presence of God, so that as you move through your day you sense you are in that Presence, [you] do not stray from it, and [you] are abounding in the joy and the knowledge:


My Redeemer liveth.
I AM Who I AM.
I dwell in the Presence of God.
I feel that Love with me alway.
And therefore, I know
 I shall reach the place and period of my Destiny!
I shall go beyond these years of adversity of the planet!
I shall find myself yet in this body in the New Day! <5>


      Beloved, if you do not feel this comforting Presence of God with you alway, then I would say you ought to consider having a certain concern regarding your maintenance of the harmony of light you have invoked and regarding dangers on the path of life, whether from invasion of disease or accident or simply from being at the wrong place at the wrong time, which has proven fatal to many in this unleashing of terrorism.

      Beloved ones, we come, then, with this Presence of Love. As you feel it from our heart, remember it is not only your I AM Presence and the Holy Christ Self and Holy Spirit with you, but it may very well be the overshadowing of an Ascended Master whom you love, an ascended twin flame, or an angel sent by one of the archangels to assist you.

      Rejoice, then, in that comforting Presence and value it as against all commodities and situations and positions in the earth. For there are places in the earth, beloved, where you may wander which are so dark and heavy—many of these not far from you here physically—where this Presence is neutralized by the Darkness only because your God-mastery in that Presence, in the holding of it, is not yet attained. And therefore the Presence rises to a higher electronic field and you are unable to sustain that very Light in the places of Darkness where you may roam, where you may find your employment or other goings and comings to fulfill the necessities of life.

      I ask you this week, then, in the name of the First Ray, whose Lord I am, to take the opportunity for self-observation, that you might note when comes the absence of this comforting warmth of the sunlight of your Christhood—what is the cause of it. Go after the cause, be it fear or anxiety or mundane involvements or allowing the world’s energy to enter through excessive access to your lifestream of the media, such as television, et cetera.

      Beloved, safety is indeed in the ark of the LORD. <6> Therefore, with all thy getting, get the ark of the LORD. Can you find it? Can you see it? It is the Place Prepared, indeed—the place of your heart, the place of the aura.

      Safety in the Great White Brotherhood.

      May it be a cloud of witness <7> around you sustained by your heart’s pull and tug on angelic hosts and your love.

      Safety in the heart of the threefold flame and the Buddha.

      Safety, indeed, in the heart of Christ.

      Thus, beloved, seeing as all must come to that level of a certain disappointment [in the fact] that all we can ever control is the self that is God’s gift to us, how, then, do we enter in to this mighty work of the ages—the perfecting of the self and the holding of the balance in the earth?

      It is quite simply by the invocation of cosmic beings and Elohim, whose auras and electromagnetic fields easily contain the earth or the solar system or the galaxy and beyond. Since each one may be in God-control of his electromagnetic field and aura, you may understand how the Presence of a single twin-flame manifestation of Elohim in the earth in the physical octave through physical chelas may hold in God-control—to the extent of the law of karma and free will—a planetary lifewave, an earth body and elemental life.

      To a certain extent, then, your invocation of Elohim, sustained as a vibration in your aura, does provide Elohim with the anchor points of contact physically, thereby allowing those electrodes placed in the earth to have a greater physical manifestation. Where the free will of Lightbearers the world around provides a stable aura for Elohim to manifest through, you may then visualize an antahkarana <8>–a starry body composed of Lightbearers, each star a point in the electromagnetic field of the Alpha, the Omega of Elohim.

      As star clusters in the heavens are seen as outlines of formations, constellations, and figures, so visualize, then, the mighty aura of Purity and Astrea, Hercules and Amazonia surrounding the earth and then the solar system. See all Lightbearers as though they were stars, chakras in the body of Elohim—each one a point emanating that Light into the physical octave by the authority that is given solely to those in physical embodiment.

      Now you can see how your participation and membership in the Body of God, membership in the Great White Brotherhood, allows you by the will of God to participate in a greater aura of cosmic beings for the God-control of worlds and the outcome of events in those worlds. In many ways we thus come to the appreciation of the Great White Brotherhood—that those who suddenly awaken to cosmic consciousness and become aware of their own lack of it in the Presence of such beings may not delay two or ten million years till they might also attain to the level of a cosmic being, but join forces with that one and become a part of that specific Body of God. For truly Elohim are the Body of God.

      Thus, any and all who realistically, in assessing their own attainment, feel inadequate to the holding of the balance of a planet may have immediate recourse in this fashion to enter and become a part of the Body of Light of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. Then consider that we ourselves, as Ascended Masters or newly ascended ones, may from time to time feel inadequate to a cosmic challenge and therefore become ourselves a part of the universal Body of God, the universal Mind of God.

      Increasingly, you see, we have all at our specific levels come to the understanding of the Law of the One. When we enter the one God and the one true Body of God—each one positioned as a starry chakra emanating the Light of our own causal body and benefiting from the Light-emanation of all others—we can see, as you would say, “the light at the end of the tunnel.” We can see the Matter cosmos swallowed up in the Body of God universal. We can see all things coming to culmination as the Spirit cosmos, then, devours the Matter cosmos [even] as the Serpent swallows his tail.

      Beloved ones of Light, this principle of the Law of the One is carried, then, to the practical reality of this Community of the Holy Spirit and does underscore why so many in all ages have sought to and decided to join themselves to a spiritual community. They have felt the reinforcement. Aye, indeed, it has been the reinforcement of the Christhood of every individual of that community, for strength is always in the Light.

      Now, then, beloved, there have crossed your day, your newspapers, your earth, your nations certain most disconcerting situations that have truly taxed your imagination as to how the one or the few in your area could indeed hold the balance of Light when the prevailing world opinion or local opinion has been directly in opposition to that Light and Christ. Thus, I come with the reminder and the perspective that all of us have gleaned as we have served the Light in all ages: Until the one enter the “Onehood” of the many and define it as the Great White Brotherhood, the one may achieve only so much.

      Considering, then, those forces arrayed, understand how the law of positivity, the law of Absolute Good, must have the circle of Light drawn about its members and its members’ auric field in their intensity as opposed to their distension, in their saturation as opposed to their extension—must have the capacity to swallow up the prevailing Darkness, else Darkness will prevail on earth. For universal transmutation is by the Body and Blood of Christ in ye all. Saturate ye, saturate ye the body temple and chakra.

      Know the meaning, then, of the Great Central Sun Magnet that ye are. For I have described it as the grid of Light of Elohim into which, one by one, by 100-percent free will, you can insert yourselves. You can accomplish this, beloved, but only if all forces be willing, else the larger body will eject the attempted transplant of lesser selfhood into greater Selfhood with the pronouncement “Go back, then—go back outside of the circle. Thou hast not, then, the unity of Life-purpose to become a viable cell in the universal Body of God.”

      Therefore, we deal with the desire that is reflected in the center of every cell of your being, the desire that is centered in every organ and chakra. The desire to be God must be full, else thou canst not be full of Light. Desiring springs from the deepest well of Life.

      We who, then, must keep the fires burning in the mental quadrant of the earth body are constantly confronted with [people’s] desires at the subconscious level diametrically opposed to the words, the acts, the efforts that are carried out from the mental level, until in some the word is absolutely meaningless, has no relevancy to Reality or to Truth. And indeed, beloved, across the planet there is a babble of voices that confirm personalities, vent angers, frustrations, retaliations; and all of this yet does not reflect that core desire for good or for ill.

      Beloved ones, those who are out of touch with the seat of desire of their beings, always trying to be someone they are not, trying to do something to please someone else, to appear wise, to advance politically or financially—these are in a most sorry state. They are most unreal, most uncomplementary in any situation, for they never bring out the best in others or in themselves.

      Beloved, the individual who is truly in touch with the desiring of the heart and the soul can deal with it, can confront it, and has the understanding to know that he can elevate that desire, accelerate that desire, infuse it with Light and Wisdom, even as he would mold the clay and refashion a sculpture of the man himself. That individual, then, is pleasant to be with even if he may be on the dark side of Life. For the one in touch with his desire is at the starting point of life that may truly take a divine direction under the guidance of the Guru or the Great White Brotherhood.

      Take the individual who hates, desires to hate, knows that he hates and that he desires to hate—knows that he desires to murder. At least he is integrated with his inner being. He will be true to himself. Because there is an integration this entire momentum may be turned and harnessed to the desire to love, the desire to embrace God, the desire to give life and not take it away.

      We can work with such individuals. But it is difficult to reach a point of contact with those who know not who they are because they know not what they want. Today they want this, tomorrow they want that. And the genie hops from this assignment to the next, never able to complete any, for the genie of the mind becomes confused by the desire body or the soul that has not become the captain of her ship. Beloved ones, we can do little for such individuals, for even if we should desire to play Santa Claus, it is not the will of God.

      Thus, beloved, when you salute the banner of Maitreya and determine to walk in the direction of the North Star—the Mighty I AM Presence (or true north)—beloved ones, we may assist you. Be certain, then, that in your desire to be married to the Christ and to be married too quickly that all of your uncontrolled and unassessed desires are not like the tin cans and horns that someone has tied to your chariot labeled “Just Married.”

      Beloved ones, I am serious. For those who would wed the Christ and yet have dangling out the back end all of these unsettled things of desire, truly, truly, beloved, cannot remain wed. And this is the cause of divorce in the physical octave and troubles in the marriage circle.

      Each one, then, must school the desire. The desire is not king and queen. The desire is subject to the will of a Spirit-spark who descended. The desire is an accouterment, a garment, an effect of an identity—an id-entity in God, beloved. Therefore, the identity may direct all desire according to the will. But the will will not succeed without love or without wisdom or without the purity of the drive of the Mother.

      Thus, understand, when you recognize wrong desire, you must enter into the heart of Alpha and Omega—hence into the heart of the Gemini Mind of God, into the great circle of the T’ai Chi where God is—and you must put on the cloak of God’s desire. You must try it on and you must say:

      “If my desire is incorrect, and I suspect that it is, what is God’s desiring in this matter? I will go to the fount. I will experience it. I will put on by devotion my own Krishna consciousness. I will rise in my Holy Christ Self to the heart of God’s desire. I will see through the eyes of God’s desire. I will love through the heart of God’s desire. I will speak the word of God’s desire. I will try it on and see how comfortable I am in this state of God-desire and if I may leave the moorings of my human desires that bind me to dangerous individuals and circumstances in the name of human good.”

      You see, beloved, there is only one way out of the limited, unfruitful, unbeneficial desire—and that is to go to the heart of God, to mount the Tree of Life, to enter in and say, “What is my God’s desiring in this matter? I have no more struggle in me. I can no longer be torn between this and that. For too long I have been vacillating like a pendulum which Morya cannot even keep track of, nor would he.”

      So you see, beloved, for all of us at any plane of our spiritual manifestation to know and become the higher point of Reality we desire or should desire, we must go there and settle the matter at once and entirely and then put on that garment, bring it back to the place where we are as an embryo of Light—an embryonic sun that surrounds the heart and being—and determine and say, “My Guru has pointed to this sphere. My God whom I can perceive is thus so inclined and of this mind. I rejoice to wear that garment for a season, to make it my own, to be that one, and then after certain seasons to measure that which I have truly incorporated and mastered as against the former state.”

      Only from the point of mastery can you gauge, measure, choose, decide upon the former state of limitation. Do you see, beloved? This is the conundrum, the Chinese puzzle. It is the koan. It is the challenge that every Guru must place to the new or advancing chela. It is the understanding that the chela must become the master first in order to truly know if he would retain the lesser state where he now is.

      Let us consider for a moment [that] you are in a limited state and know not the way to go. There is only one way to go to find out the way to go and that is to gain the mastery first and then visit the former place, as going back to visit with old friends or old places or old embodiments, vibrations, and so forth.

      You have a certain mastery. You go back and you say, “I am mighty glad I made my choice to be where I am. Yes, I see—I decide here and now I will make it permanent. I do not ever want to go back to that place, that “Old Italy,” that old place I used to know and love. No, I can see the space I have traveled by Morya’s co-measurement. I can see that where I have gone is the place I truly want to be.”

      Thus, you have all done this. Now you must simply do it again and realize that no place in the physical octave can be described as any but a place of a new level of limitation as well as a new level of the unlimited state of Wholeness. No state is static. Every state demands progress, lest the beasts of prey come and find you—lest they sniff you out by a vibration too long kept that they may now identify as “your” vibration.

      Do not hold so much of the self so long that the computers of the fallen ones may have a point of contact of your identity, beloved. Be in the next place before they have found you in the last place! And they will be confused forever, and I trust you will not.

      So, beloved, I would entertain you a bit in the face of the serious questions of Life. I would love you a bit and more, that you might find the treasure of your heart and be not discouraged in this hour of many challenges. I tell you, they could be many more but for the victories you have already won.

      And the Truth will be always true—that God will not give you any more challenges than you can handle, beloved. It is just that God is adding a few balls to the jugglers who juggle so well in this activity their many projects and responsibilities.

      Now he says, juggle some more...and some more. And thus you find yourselves also having to juggle on a spinning top while holding your balance—a top whose axis is off. The top is planet earth, beloved. But all this you can do, for the saints have done it. And, after all, you have asked for the ascension. Therefore, we give you what is necessary to achieve it.

      Just remember, beloved, as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. <9> Many of those who follow the Hindu religion, therefore, though they may appear wise, have believed that it takes endless aeons to attain that level of karma-free being to enter into permanent union with God. As they believe, so are they—on a treadmill of a never-ending road, thinking that sometime down the highway of a long, long manvantara <10> they may arrive at the goal.

      These procrastinators are found in every religion in defense of many different and peculiar doctrines. But procrastination is one wherever you find it. Therefore, do not be so easily misled by those who appear wise in any circle of life. For you are the wise ones and you understand that to ascend is a demanding course. You may compare yourselves not to those who have made the Olympics on earth but to those who have entered the cosmic Olympics. Obtain thy co-measurement with those who have already ascended and you will truly possess the finest rule and measuring rod both for the inner court and the outer court of life.

      I assign you, O chelas of the will of God, to be diligent, then, in the science of astrology in mastering this Gemini dark cycle. Consider the square that forms the cosmic cross of white fire. Consider the trine. Then consider the form that is made through each and the several combinations that may come to you in connecting the point of Gemini to the other points of the hierarchies of the Sun. Then remember there are 360 points and all of these, of course, divisible. But then, this that goes beyond perception is taken care of by your allegiance to the path of the five secret rays and the heart of the Buddha.

      You have the Instruction, beloved. You have the Joy. You have the Goal. Now protect these three, and go for it. I say to you, Go for it! beloved. For to you belongs the Victory. What a pity that you should allow anyone else to seize from you that ball of Victory.

      I am always in the name of Jesus Christ the servant of Almighty God and of the soul of my chelas. I am your own and I am with you. This is my comfort this day.


Let us sing to beloved El Morya as we have our love offering.

[song 192, “Master Morya”]


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by El Morya was delivered through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, April 27, 1986, at Camelot, Los Angeles County, California, USA.

1. Dark Cycle in Gemini. On April 23, 1986, the Dark Cycle entered its eighteenth year, signifying the return of personal and planetary karma accrued through the misuse of God’s light and the failure of Christic initiations under the hierarchy of Gemini on the 5 o’clock line of the Cosmic Clock. (For more on this subject, see 1986 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 29, no. 23, p. 217, n. 3.) During the service before the dictation, the Messenger led the congregation in decrees and invocations for the clearance of the Dark Cycle in Gemini.

2. See El Morya, October 8, 1977, “The Gemini Mind: For the Governing of Society and the Self,” 1981 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 24, no. 43, pp. 441-46; and 6-cassette album Soul Liberation I (A7800), $38.75 postpaid, single cassette B7805, $6.95 postpaid. Also, November 10, 1977, “The Gemini Mind, Part II: Victory Is to the Alert,” on 8-cassette album Soul Liberation II (A7806), $51.25 postpaid, single cassette B7812, $6.95 postpaid.

3. Acts 17:26; Deut. 32:8.

4. Matt. 24:20; Mark 13:18.

5. Give this fiat daily with those of God Harmony from the previous Pearl.

6. See Archangel Chamuel and Charity, July 7, 1985, “The Mystery of Love,” 1985 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 28, no. 39, p. 485.

7. Heb. 12:1.

8..Antahkarana [Sanskrit ‘internal sense organ’]: the web of life; the net of light spanning Spirit and Matter connecting and sensitizing the whole of creation within itself and to the heart of God.

9. Prov. 23:7.

10. Manvantara [Sanskrit from maver ‘man’ + antara ‘interval’, ‘period of time’]: in Hinduism, one of the fourteen intervals that constitute a kalpa—the duration of time from the origination to the destruction of a world system (a cosmic cycle).




Master Morya
Lord of the First Ray


Master Morya, beloved
   Lord of heaven’s first ray
To the heart of creation
   We are grateful each day.
For thy love and devotion
   To all mankind’s release
Dedicate us to serving
   ‘Til earth’s struggles shall cease
And all life is enfolded
   In God’s mantle of peace.

‘Mid Darjeeling’s great splendor
   Thy retreat of God’s will
Draws all unto the Father
   His great plan to fulfill.
Thy forgiveness and patience
   And thy service so true
Are love’s magnetic powers
   To vows ever renew
And give all inspiration
   To earth’s freedom pursue.

Master, teacher, and brother
   Thou art pointing the way
To our goal, the ascension
   Free forever to stay.
Keep us loving each other
   Thoughtful, gracious, and kind
Blessing, healing, and raising
   Life ’til God’s way all find
Consecrate us in service
   Body, soul, and mind.

Melody: “Pomp and Circumstance,” Military March op. 39 no. 1 in D, by Edward Elgar