Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 29 No. 34 - Beloved Archangel Zadkiel - July 13, 1986


The Healing Power of Angels
The Reestablishment of the Electromagnetic Field of the Aura
The Liberation of the Woman in Church and State
The Seventh Ray for the Implementation of the LORD’s Judgment


Friends of God-Freedom Worldwide,

We, the angels of the seventh ray, appeal in this hour of world need to you to hearken unto Uriel and to understand that the seventh ray is for the implementation of the LORD’s judgment in the physical octave.

Turn, then, your attention to the gross injustice which has been done against the woman in the Philippines who has lawfully secured the support of Light and of the people and whose victory has been stolen by one entrenched who has sought to tear the crown from the Divine Mother in this election. Realize, beloved ones, that the attack upon the Mother is upon the entire lifewave of the Philippines and upon the children and the families and the economy of the nation, which is a shambles as a result of the manipulation of one called Marcos and his wife. <1>

Beloved ones, I come to anchor the judgment of these two. And I declare it gladly in the physical octave that all the world might know that Zadkiel has not forsaken the nations or the flame of freedom in this hour—that Holy Amethyst comes in full support of dispensations given to Saint Germain and Portia since that New Year’s conference. And therefore, we go before him with all of the love of our causal bodies for the clearing of the way of Saint Germain’s dominion in the plane of the seventh ray and in the earth for the support of God-government once again.

And therefore we say, They shall not pass! Their karma is delivered unto them this night. And the people shall prevail when they remain in the heart of God. Therefore, let them stand guard. And let the Keepers of the Flame summon the elect from the very streets to recite Archangel Michael’s Rosary round the clock until God-freedom is won. For at that level and that nation, this freedom must be won.

And I charge the members of the government of the United States, from the president through the Cabinet to the State Department and the Congress, that they shall speak openly and with God-determination and forcefully to challenge with one voice the infamy of the stolen vote and the stolen victory.

These fallen ones shall not pass! Will you confirm that word and stand upon your feet and say with me now: They shall not pass! They shall not pass! They shall not pass!

Therefore, while you have breath and life, understand that the threat to Mother Liberty is a desecration of the Goddess of Liberty. The threat to Mother Liberty in every nation is a threat to your own heart and threefold flame. There is a time to act. There is a time for the swelling of the ranks. There is a time to let the representatives of a free people know that this nation must stand for God’s righteousness where it is assailed anywhere and everywhere on earth.

Thus, beloved ones, the shower of freedom’s flame does descend. Following, then, the ray of Light from the heart of God, let the people be vindicated.

I call to you, Archangel Michael, for the absolute God- protection of the woman who has dared to defy this tyrant and ancient serpent-foe of the people. Beloved one of God, let your legions be assigned to her protection and all supporting her. And let her not fall as her husband fell.

O angels of the LORD, hear the voice of Keepers of the Flame and go forth in answer to their call. For I tell you from the heart of my retreat of freedom my report to all angelic bands: that if freedom is to prevail upon earth, freedom must have the full protection of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and especially the mighty archangels and those in embodiment.

At every hand where there is the battle line drawn, where the light of freedom meets the darkness of totalitarian movements and tyrants, there must be the vigil, there must be the All-Seeing Eye of God. There must be played in this very sanctuary films showing the misbehavior of these fallen ones. Let us no longer tarry while the earth is consumed by tyrants and entire generations [are] compromised who have been born to sing the anthem of the free.

I AM Zadkiel. And I AM here for the liberation of this Messenger from all attempt to stop her voice and the Teaching of God through this very mouth, to curtail it in the name of every fantasy and accusation and claim against this Teaching and its supposed harmful effects, psychologically and otherwise, upon those who may freely come and go at will.

Blessed ones, do you understand that this trial has to do with the stopping of the mouth and the Messenger herself? Do you understand that if found guilty, it will mean that no minister or spokesman for the LORD is free to speak that which is upon his heart, even as every parishioner and follower is free to reject or accept that which is spoken? This is the real issue—the stopping of the mouth to speak in freedom by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Must it come to pass that prophets and messengers and disciples of God in this nation must fear to release the full power and fury of the presence of God for those who come into their midst with secret tape recorders to take evidence with them to show the fanaticism or the nature of the so-called cult? Beloved ones, in one’s home and sanctuary one ought to be able to speak without surveillance and persecution, whether by one’s government or by private citizens.

Beloved ones, understand the meaning of freedom and do not let your freedom to be who you are be encroached upon in this hour or in any other situation. We view with deep concern the rising tide of fanaticism worldwide. And therefore, if you will be seated, we will explain to you just what is this psychology of fanaticism.

Apart from the fallen ones and the devils who roam about knowing that their time is short, there is the psychology of the children of the Light themselves who are not accepting of the Path and the responsibility of karma and reincarnation nor of all of the Lost Teachings of Jesus which freely flow from this fount sponsored also by Saint Germain.

Therefore, beloved ones, throughout the earth at the subconscious level there is an extreme anxiety on the part of the children of God who themselves ought to take dominion and follow the lead of their Teachers in the person of the archangels. This anxiety causes a preoccupation with the minutiae of life, avoiding the direct encounter with the real issues of our time, nation by nation.

And they become embroiled in personal lawsuits, accusations, blames, arguments, gossip, and all types of minor nit-picking in which they therefore have their clubs, their occupations, their entertainment, and their causes célèbres (which do not even amount to a molehill), while skipping and looking over the gross injustice that covers the land in the basic issues of drugs, poor education, poverty, manipulation of labor unions by organized crime, and manipulation of the money system.

These glaring, overpowering—seemingly overpowering—conditions so frighten those who do not have recourse to us that they avoid the entire contact with this reality and engage in attacking one another and finding one who will become the scapegoat for all of their own personal neglect and all of their fancied, fanatical evils and demons that exist all around them in their imagination.

Thus, to find one individual who is the worst and most evil of all and to rid the world of that individual has become the way of escape for generations, but never more so than in this hour. Are people looking for Christ? I tell you, they look more for Antichrist—to see who is the most horrible, who is the worst of world leaders and to fear some prophecy or psychic prediction, real or imagined, of what great powers such an individual will have to destroy mankind or the nations.

Beloved ones, all of this is put to naught by mature sons and daughters of God who have entered the fullness of the LORD’s Spirit and do not fear and do not have the necessity to condemn. For they realize that whether truth or error be spoken, the fruits of either will be seen. And by those fruits, by the results, by consequences and actions people may choose the better way.

Are they concerned with bringing up their children in the right-usefulness of the Law, in peace and self-confidence? They spread fear. They teach their children to lie. They teach their children to point the finger as though it were the Dark Ages and these freedoms had not been won.

Beloved ones, witness the fanaticism of a group of individuals who for year upon year have spread the maligning of gossip in the press concerning this organization, with the full cooperation of that press, never even concerning themselves that the word of truth spoken by its members should have equal voice or count. They simply accept the assumption that all [members] are mindless, brainwashed individuals who can only be expected to parrot the word of the central evil force, which they have attributed to this Messenger.

Beloved ones, it is an insanity based on internal insecurity. When this is achieved by fallen ones, their insecurity is the impending judgment. When it is achieved by those who are truly the brainwashed children of God, then it becomes their anxiety concerning returning world karma and their own—which they sense but do not admit, for their false pastors tell them that karmic accountability does not exist. I can tell you, beloved ones, you would be anxious also if all that is coming upon the earth and all that you have had to face you had to deal with without the Great White Brotherhood, this Teaching, and the archangels.

Therefore, we say that the psychology of madness is in full swing upon planet earth. And this madness feeds upon itself. And world condemnation does abound. And I know. And I know that the Liar is enthroned and is allowed to take the reins of power in the Philippines for the moment. And the only salvation unto this people is the intercession of the mighty archangels.

Beloved ones, millions of people of Light—a sweet and cherished people in that land, as many lifestreams throughout Asia are—are about to be swallowed up in the controversy of that nation, which could easily become a conflagration by those who hoard power, who then employ troops and military forces to put down the people. This can accelerate or it can decelerate. And the difference will be achieved by the armies of the LORD’s host only in answer to your call.

You, beloved ones, if called, if you knew it would help, would gladly join the armed forces of this or any nation to fight for freedom. But you have seen the folly of it all, as those who plan military campaigns or those who are the politicians never seem quite to arrive at the point of the struggle or what is real or who is of the Light or what cause or what side they should be on.

Understand, beloved, you need not join the forces of the world. But you must join the army of heaven. You must be our instrument. You must be our Word, our sharper-than-the-two-edged-sword going forth. <2> If you can imagine what arrays itself out of the pits of Death and Hell in a last stand led by the Fourth Horseman, Death—if you could realize that the victory of the Light will mean the binding and exorcism from that nation, the Philippines, of millions of hordes of Darkness and the taking of many members of the false hierarchy who are today ensconced as the cronies of Marcos and as an entire machine that is so vast as to defy interference by the people and has thus far defied intervention by the representatives of the United States, would you not act?

Beloved ones, you know that such conditions are the very forcefields which attract chaos, anarchy, and then, on its wake, the entering in of the forces of a new totalitarian regime of World Communism. We have seen it happen in nation by nation. Let us not see it happen again in the Philippines. Somewhere the world must rise up and say, “We will not allow the tyrants to stand!” Let it be in Manila. Let it be throughout that nation.

Beloved ones, let it be here in Los Angeles. And nation by nation let the Feminine Ray rise. For she is the sword of Kali in the hand of Shiva. And he will slay those tyrants. He will slay their envy. He will slay their criticism and condemnation and their greed and lust for the Light, refusing to bend the knee before that Light.

Let it come to pass, therefore, that the rallying of forces, that the message of the Ascended Masters through this Messenger and everyone here who is also a messenger of God in the preaching of that Word—let it come to pass that the judgment which has descended and the light which has been released in this weekend will be the impetus for men and women of the Spirit in every walk of life to say: Nothing is worth more than individual freedom and that freedom won here and now on every issue where compromise steals the cutting edge of liberty and where tyranny would swallow it up.

I, Zadkiel, with Holy Amethyst, now come bearing with angels of Light crystal-jeweled amethyst, massive forms of this crystalline substance. It is being carried about these rooms for the purification and demagnetization of the auric envelope as we and our violet-flame angels place upon you the final blessing and clearing of the auric field.

Into the Body of God we distribute this light. Therefore, beloved ones, let these hands so blessed with our Electronic Presence touch you lightly as you pass quickly before the Messenger and we may make physical contact with your physical auric field.

Beloved ones of the Light, following this blessing there will be silence, and you will return to the heart of God as you place your body to rest and go to the inner temples.

Therefore we, the Seven Archangels, pledge our light and love to the defense of this Holy Church and its vicar and all communicants. We pledge our support to maintain the ongoing movement and revolution in Higher Consciousness, to help every soul who sincerely desires to be divested of the unreal.

We stand and we are determined that God shall have the Victory. May it be had in His way in answer to your call. The victory also lies in the shuttle of your attention and devotion and in the decisions of your heart. For in this octave it is you in God who must prevail.

Therefore, receive us as we receive you in love now, and go forth champions of freedom.

[The congregation passed before the Messenger to receive the blessing of Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst.]



Messenger’s Sealing Invocation:

Almighty God, we thank you for the presence here of your beloved emissaries, the archangels, their archeiai, the hosts of Light. We are so appreciative—and I know I speak for every heart here—for the blessings received, the Teaching, the Light, and all that you have given us.

Beloved Father, beloved Alpha, we greet you in the joy of your victory here on earth as in heaven. We thank you for this opportunity to serve, for this wondrous Church and Community that you have so blessed and given to us. We thank you for these wonderful souls of Light, our brothers and sisters, for the beautiful children, families, and marriages, and the joys that we have shared on the Path together. We thank you for our Royal Teton Ranch. We thank you for all who have come together.

It is our prayer that through whatever adversity we may pass, or trial—that as the result of our oneness and our effort and our victory, the walls of bigotry and prejudice and ignorance may come tumbling down, so that all souls of Light who truly need this Teaching may receive it freely and go forth with it freely and use it as they see fit.

Therefore, we commend these souls, O God, to thy keeping, and to the keeping of their own conscience, which is thine own. We commend them into the care of the archangels. And we charge you, holy ones of God, for the protection of each individual member, each one who does come to this table of Communion. We charge you for the protection of all Lightbearers to come, all who will ascend in this life, the forces of freedom in every nation, all who have taken up the cause of Saint Germain.

In the gratitude of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, we say with one heart and voice:

Hear, O universe, I AM grateful!

Hear, O universe, I AM grateful!

Hear, O universe, I AM grateful!



“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Archangel Zadkiel was delivered through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, February 16, 1986, during the weekend seminar The Healing Power of Angels, held at Camelot.

1. Philippine economy. Since the fall from power of Philippine President Ferdinand E. Marcos (see Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 29, nos. 31 and 32, pp. 306, 316, n. 10), Marcos and his wife, Imelda, have been living in exile in Hawaii and face numerous charges of mismanaging billions of government dollars. The Aquino government is suing Marcos for the return of $5 billion to $10 billion he allegedly plundered from the government treasury during his 20–year reign. As a result of corruption, economic favoritism (known in the Philippines as “crony capitalism”) and mismanagement, the nation, once regarded as an Asian boom country, has been in a prolonged slump and is in its worst shape in decades. Rather than concentrating on industrial and agricultural development, the Marcoses spent billions of government dollars building luxury hotels, ultramodern convention and cultural centers, casinos, a never-used nuclear power plant, monuments and statues of themselves, and lavish mansions and private palaces for their family. When the Marcoses fled the country, Imelda left behind in the presidential palace 37 clothes racks holding more than 1,000 gowns and mink stoles, over 2,600 pairs of shoes, hundreds of imported leather purses, and boxloads of jewelry, gold coins, and art treasures. One elderly woman who subsequently toured the palace lamented, “That is all the money of the Filipino people that she spent on all these clothes. She forgot about us—her people.” In 1985 the nation’s per capita income dropped to about $600 a year—the second-lowest in the Asia-Pacific region—and the economic growth rate declined to –3.5 percent. The foreign debt currently exceeds $26 billion, and unemployment affects almost half of the nation’s 21 million workers at least part of the year. As Father Mariano Saraos, a priest in Marcos’ birthplace of Sarrat, put it: “Most of the people here are poor—only the top government officials are rich.” Though the nation has the agricultural resources to feed its people 10 times over, there is widespread malnutrition, extreme poverty in the countryside, and vast slums around Manila. After the 1983 assassination of opposition leader Benigno S. Aquino, many middle- and upper-class Filipinos left the nation taking with them millions of dollars that could otherwise have been used as capital for industrial development. The growing armed Communist insurgency, with an estimated 15,000 members, has increased in power and influence fueled by the problem of corruption and the nation’s devastated economy. In response to an appeal from the Aquino administration for additional aid, President Reagan has pledged to increase U.S. economic aid to the Philippines by $150 million, thus raising his proposed aid package to $500 million for the fiscal year.

2. Heb. 4:12; Rev. 1:16; 2:12.