Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 29 No. 33 - Archangel Uriel - July 6, 1986


The Healing Power of Angels
The Reestablishment of the Electromagnetic Field of the Aura
The LORD’s Vindication of the Divine Mother


Unto the Son I vow my flame.

O beloved of the Light, Uriel and Aurora greet you this night in the joy, the purest joy of His presence.

Oh, the name I AM THAT I AM, oh, the name of Christ Jesus before which every tongue should confess, every knee should bow; <1> for herein lies the road—the royal road to reintegration with the Universal Light.

Herein, therefore, is the return to godliness and godhood, set aside so long ago that the children of the Sun scarcely can believe upon awakening from the long sleep of a dark night, upon rubbing their eyes and seeing the presence of the Lord of the World, that they, too, were once endued with such power and wisdom and love that, therefore, because it was in the beginning, it shall be in the ending.

Thus, the return to God and godly manifestation is the subject of our instruction and our teaching. It is the way made plain. And it is for you not a mere regression to a former state but a reintegration with the high estate of perfect man, perfect woman in the causal body of Elohim.

Blessed ones, seek, then, penetration to the superconscious plane. Never look back, never go back. For it does not matter. It does not matter!

Only God is real where I AM. I AM the Lightbearer, and in bearing that Light, beloved, I have gone to the darkest places to expose, therefore, the fallen ones in their lair and those who have spread the lie of the force of the anti-God. You see, I trace their course by the moving finger that writes. And the finger of God does find out, therefore, that which is said in secret which will now be shouted from the housetops. <2>

Let the judgment of God appear! For it is the hour in 1986 for my return, for my vindication of the sons and daughters of God and the LORD’s vindication of the path of the Divine Mother in the person of the Woman clothed with the Sun. Nearer and dearer to your heart does this cosmic being descend until all the world is filled with the glory of the Divine Mother and her sign is seen as effect in every area of life, every compartment of knowledge.

Beloved ones, ere this become the reality in the physical octave, there must be the binding of the force of the anti-Woman. This has naught to do with the feminist movement but everything to do with the divine incarnation of the Motherhood of God in all who wear the feminine ray in this life, as well as in those who hold the masculine flame and therefore as Buddhic warriors and Christian pilgrims do hold with absolute adoration the ‘womb-manifestation’, the portal of the birth of the Eternal Christ.

Beloved ones of the Sun, therefore to this end are we come. In the name of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and the Sun behind the sun and the Cosmic Christ thereof, we say, Let the tormentors of Woman and her seed go down by the flaming sword of Elohim of Peace! Let them go down in this hour! For they have not sought to destroy a religion or a place of worship or even a Community of the Holy Spirit. It is Woman herself whom they determine to put down, even the very joy of Omega in millions of hearts.

Recognize, then, this opposition to Light for what it is. For the personification of Mother within you is indeed the rising ascension flame personified in the Kundalini fire. Thus, all of the hosts of Darkness have assailed the Mother in the sons and daughters of God to deter that rising flame, to strike it down at every hand!

I say, then, sent from the heart of God in the Great Central Sun, I AM come! We are one! And the intensity of the Light does probe and penetrate, then, the reasons behind the reasons of those who assail not alone this Messenger but all men and women of the Spirit who have taken up the sword of the Divine Mother in the name of her children.

This, you might say, is the incidental crossroads of Armageddon. Where one is assailed, the many will not rise above that level. Thus, without the victory of the Mother in this hour, beloved ones—very personally in your circumstance and everywhere on earth—others who come on the path of initiation will rise no higher than the level of that defeat.

Thus, in all areas—in education, in the field of abortion, and in the lives of little children—let the Divine Mother be defended that she might defend her own. For to strike the Divine Mother is, as the saying goes, to “smite the shepherd and the sheep are scattered.” <3> Therefore, destroy the image, the purity, and the office of the Holy Mother in every family and you have indeed smitten the Holy Child. And the child without the blessedness and the holiness of Mother can only become, then, that human one and that human “I” or mortal form.

Blessed ones of the Central Sun, legions of Victory, descend in the name of Helios and Vesta and let the masks be torn from the oppressors who come in the name of justice. Justice is not their cause, for they worship the money beast. Greed is in their hearts and more—the desire to destroy, then, the image of Woman here and there and everywhere. And at inner levels they are linked on the astral plane to everything from pornography to the denial of the divine right of Woman to be, then, the inspiration and the point of aspiration of all society.

Blessed ones, I am the angel who does implement the judgments of God. In this hour, then, I bid you call with me, for I, too, stand with Gabriel. And I stand and I still stand. And by the power of the cosmic cross of white fire it shall come to pass that Truth as Pallas Athena is vindicated, that Justice as Portia is vindicated, that Mercy as Kuan Yin is vindicated, that Liberty as the Goddess of Liberty is vindicated, and that Love as Nada is vindicated.

Let all saints and Lady Masters of heaven who have expanded the great God flame come nigh to thee in the presence of archangels now. For in the perfect Electronic Presence of the holy virtues and the virgins who ensoul them—blessed archeiai of the Sun—there is, then, in the earth the perfect presence of the peers of the Divine Mother who stand as the witness unto the integrity, the integration of the Path and the manifestation of that Truth in the fullness of time and space. Time and space are not, for the sacred fire does blaze from the altar.

Let the Four and Twenty Elders, then, speak. Let them speak and resound their Word through your heart. Let the Logos be known. Let it be known in the reverberations as the Central Sun does press out.

Beloved ones, Aurora, as the dawn, does bring the dawn of a new age. Let elemental life adjust, then, the earth—with all due consideration of the mercy of the Law as well as of karmic cycles that must be rectified.

Adjustments must come. May you be found in the perfect poise of the Prince of Peace where I AM always the I AM THAT I AM.

I AM with you, beloved. And I place now the light of my energy upon your electromagnetic field, once again for the healing of the aura. If you give me leave by silent assent in this moment, I am touching and balancing the petals of the solar plexus. I raise my hand and I conduct now the “place of the sun” and upon it a great sun disc. I AM the sealing, I AM the healing, I AM the balancing of the ten petals of the Law. Lo, I AM THAT I AM.

And the judgment of the sixth ray is the parting of the way of anger. If you give me leave, I enter now your electronic belt for the binding of the core of those demons of anger that have tormented you and your lifestream and your home and family. Beloved ones of the Light, let the anger of hell be exorcised from you—you who have kept the vigil in this hour who desire to be free with the saints of God. I say, it has no longer any power over you.

Take dominion now in the plane of the sun, in the heart of Helios and Vesta. For I have assisted, but you must have the victory over the beast. <4> To you belongs this trial and this victory. Beloved ones, the testing of your soul for the exorcism of foul spirits must be your own conquest. For by that strengthening, you see, they will not return to an empty house to enter again.

Beloved ones of the Sun, know that the purging of [by] the God flame, the purging of the body of God in the earth, is a sacred-fire action. And it is a strengthening action. And by that strengthening you are also made pillars of fire that become electrodes to transmit the flame of God’s justice and judgment, even as my angels perform this service.

Therefore, they become as pillars of fire throughout this city and county. And they remain standing as sentinels of God’s justice. And you will see changes taking place, first at inner levels and then on the outer. For we seek the turning around of the downward spiral in this city and the acceleration of the upward movement, rising back to the heart of the Sun.

May lifewaves who are worthy of the calling receive, then, the cosmic spin in this healing power of the resurrection flame borne by millions of angels who plant now the resurrection flame of the Lord Christ and his victory over Death and Hell. We are sealing this city in Light. We are binding, then, the bottom ten percent of the evil forces who assail it. And they are bound on the astral plane, and this city is also swept clean by elemental life of fire, air, water, and earth. And there is a purging, and the purging is for the prevention of cataclysm.

Therefore, know the LORD. Therefore, understand his judgment. Therefore, understand that mighty sword that does stand in the very heart of hearts of that focal point of Light.

I AM the placing of the sword and my presence, then, where all ought to be for the victory of the Light. I AM in the center of the flaming presence of the Lords of Karma. I AM for God-Justice. And I AM bringing to naught those who are the tempters and the tormentors and those who would destroy the Woman and her seed as the Guru/chela relationship in every octave of Light.

Thus, Sanat Kumara descends. He descends in the wake of the mighty archangels and he does place his Electronic Presence with the Seven Holy Kumaras for God-Justice in all seven points of the Law. And you may see them now—the defenders who are the eternal youth who come, then, empowered by the Divine Mother for the victory over the forces of evil that have assailed the youth of the entire world through that which has gone forth out of this city.

Beloved ones, there is no area of life where evil spawned has not become an avant-garde movement out of the fads and fancies of individuals in this city who are not of the Light. And therefore they have polluted the matrix of the seat-of-the-soul chakra.

And Saint Germain and Portia stand to give the acceleration of that chakra now. And they are blazing forth the light and establishing that matrix for the descent of Lord Zadkiel, who does come now to speak to you for the mighty sealing action of this judgment of the Lord Christ in the sixth ray.

Beloved ones, we remain and we still remain until the hour is fulfilled, until the God-Justice does appear, until the judgment is known and the victory of the Light is won.

Hail, Mighty Victory! Hail, Mighty Victory! Hail, Mighty Victory! I, Uriel, with Aurora, salute thee, thou God from the Sun.


Messenger’s Invocation before the Dictation:

LORD God Almighty, we stand with great joy, thy Spirit of Liberty, and thy God-determination to face the forces that move against freedom in America and in every nation. Therefore, we summon the hosts of the LORD in the name of Jesus Christ to drive back the hordes of Darkness, the demons out of Death and Hell, and the fallen angels that would tear from us and any and all people of God upon earth their God-ordained, Christ-confirmed right to complete freedom of religion and conscience and freedom of speech to voice the fruit of the inner communion—freedom of assembly for the congregation of the righteous and all people to choose to assemble, to speak out, no matter what their condition or rank; freedom of the press, that we might publish the word of truth and that all might publish their point of view regarding events.

We demand the turning back of all forces of Darkness, organized or not, in or out of embodiment, pitted against the light of this freedom and especially the light that we bear in the Church Universal and Triumphant and all religions and churches, all political groups, all those who would form their associations for the cause of the advancement of their ideas or their persons.

In the name of the living Word, we champion the right of the Goddess of Liberty and her legions to stand in this land and everywhere upon this planet to defend this flame of Liberty.

O mighty threefold flame of Life, come forth. And now, by the right hand of Lord Gautama Buddha, beloved Mother Mary, Helios and Vesta, in the name of Jesus Christ, we say: Hosts of Light, turn them back, confute and confound them now, and raise up the banner of thy living Word unto all people. Let religious and political fanaticism and the demons and discarnates thereof go down! Let those who have made themselves the policemen and women of others’ faith and conscience and others’ way of life also be bound by the hosts of the LORD. Let the bells of freedom ring! Let the Light shine forth, O God.

Hear my call, beloved Father, beloved Son, beloved Holy Spirit. O eternal Mother, come to our aid in this hour. Let Light prevail, and let every child of God coming to this planet be guaranteed this freedom to grow and to prosper with life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

O Jesus Christ, let thy twelve legions of angels at thy command descend now from the heart of the Father to defend the twelve gates of the City Foursquare that all who would might enter in and know thee as thou art—the true and living witness of our Christhood.

Therefore in thy name I AM THAT I AM, we rejoice in Thy Victory through us.


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Archangel Uriel was delivered through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, February 16, 1986, during the weekend seminar The Healing Power of Angels, held at Camelot, Los Angeles County, California.

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