Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 29 No. 32 - Beloved Archangel Raphael - June 29, 1986


The Healing Power of Angels
The Reestablishment of the Electromagnetic Field of the Aura
The Day of the Coming of the LORD’s Angel
Healing, Karma, and the Path



      For, behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the LORD of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch.

      But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.

      And ye shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this, saith the LORD of hosts.

      Remember ye the law of Moses my servant, which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel, with the statutes and judgments.

      Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:

      And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

Malachi 4

Pilgrims on the Path Journeying

  to the Shrine of Christ Healing,

Come into the center of the One and into the heart of Mary, whose healing flame abounds, as my own does also make the rounds of your four lower bodies as together we build a figure-eight flow, demagnetizing your auras from those things which ought not to be and which should never have been.

Beloved ones, we have been a part of your auras for these hours of service, preparing your receptivity for our release, through the spoken Word, of this healing light and the healing thoughtform <1> that may be anchored now by your Christ Self above you. Do indeed, then, appeal to God, to Christ, and to us as their servants to transfer to you throughout this day healing light and restoration of the inner blueprint [in order] that the healing light might coalesce not around distortion but around vibration that corresponds to the higher being that is your own in the Central Sun.

By the amethyst jewel, by the jade and the diamond, so we release that fire that is most necessary to you. Angels of Light with the power of master surgeons—healing angels who use laser technology that is beyond the physical as an emerald ray, a crystal ray, and a ruby ray, beloved ones—may penetrate to the very core of a cell or its circumference and seal that cell in the healing thoughtform and expand the violet flame from within.

Thus, in joy, in relaxation and freedom, as you go forth from this dictation, breathe a prayer to us, and unto God for us, that will allow us to enter your life and help you to become all that you really are through the mending of the vessel—the chalices <2>—and those things which have gone out of the way according to the inferior design of the matrix of the imperfect mind.

Having so said, won’t you, beloved, be seated.

Some of you may remember the establishment of the healing focus at La Tourelle which was to be a forcefield of great light and healing and a mecca such as Lourdes or Fátima. Beloved ones, this property being no longer useful to our activity, these forcefields have been withdrawn. And for the duration of this established Camelot, we come to Los Angeles and we place a ring of light over this land that does establish here that same healing matrix and shrine.

Beloved ones, it is the great desiring of the heart of my beloved Mother Mary to draw souls of Light in this city—those acutely in need of healing in all levels—to this Path and Teaching: a path through her sacred heart that comes indeed through the individual’s exercise of the science of the spoken Word, especially the use of the violet flame and the healing flame and thoughtform.

Beloved ones, therefore the one whom you have called the Blessed Virgin does come to you and is present in this hour, choosing the Great Silence this day from whence to direct to your forms a cycle and a spiral of Light for the reversing of degeneracy, old age, disease and death that besets earth’s evolutions because of the condition of the absence of Light and the frequency of Light that makes for buoyant Life, renewal and the ever-renewing cycles of youth.

Healing angels of Mother Mary—these have answered the call. Let those who truly keep the flame without compromise or backbiting, wherever upon earth there are Keepers of the Flame and Lightbearers pure in heart, loving of the presence of angels—let them receive the radiation of my heart, our heart, let it now also reach them from this place.

Let filigree lines of force now be established. Let angels of the fifth ray, angels of the immaculate conception, angels of birth, angels of the Holy Spirit tend Life on earth. And let those of all nations having the highest vibration, no matter what their course of devotion or study, be the ones to whom it is given, having sealed within them these frequencies of Light.

They, then, beloved hearts, may be electrodes. They may carry now the rays of force that connect all of the retreats of the archangels. And thus, around the world the connection of these retreats and the reinforcement by Elohim makes possible, ever increasingly so, the accessibility of embodied souls and souls in inner planes to the Light, to the fountain, to the inner knowledge and to the practice of the precepts of heaven.

Such is the karma of many of earth’s evolutions, beloved ones, that our intercession is not possible without their exercise of the science of the spoken Word. Many could achieve freedom from bondage through the use of the decrees, so perfectly outlined by El Morya in these booklets that are for Saint Germain’s Stump to the nations. <3> These mantras and decrees, when used with great love and devotion and constancy of daily application, may result, then, in miracles of grace and healing.

Karma, beloved, is something that few understand. And many can hardly believe its science. Many will hardly understand how karma plays such a key role in whether or not a diseased situation may respond to the best of natural cures or those offered by medical science.

The x factor of the equation as to whether or not an individual will attain healing and wholeness or pass from the screen of life is this karmic circumstance. When the Law decrees that karma must be balanced and it must be balanced now, if the individual has not prepared a literal fountain of light through a momentum of devotion and light sustained in the aura, when he is bereft of that joy of service unto God, he may find himself having not enough of the light of God to consume the darkness that suddenly and swiftly is outcropping in the physical body. And before the soul can even regain composure or balance, that soul finds itself in other octaves, having passed from the screen of life, for the body was no longer able to sustain light adequate for physical life.

Beloved ones, these are facts of life on earth. And, after all, you are also wise and may not need the presence of an archangel to tell you that this is so. It is more my interpretation and explanation of the passing scene that may shed some light as to the prudence, even the wisdom, of preparing—as you also prepare so fastidiously on this planet for old age by setting aside funds and properties and all sorts of situations to guard against poverty or want.

Beloved ones, is it not also well to prepare for the day of urgent need by building up the light in the body temple and by balancing karma while you are able to work? This is the true meaning of “work while you have the Light,” <4> which Jesus told to his disciples. The meaning is: balance your karma while you have the strength of the light in your being to perform those services, that sacred labor and the holy application of prayer and affirmation that can make a change in the karmic equation.

The pattern which the Karmic Board desires to give to the majority of lifestreams is opportunity for joy and happiness in youth, which opportunity is given whereby parents may train children to follow the precepts of God, obey the commandments, worship and keep on the path of Light, get their education, have their livelihood and profession, be established and capable of meeting the needs of life before those situations of karma that become serious and challenging do set in.

Now, those who are not properly trained to prepare for adulthood and the full maturity which comes (and when it comes must give to the individual the severe tests of karma) find themselves unprepared at that hour when past the twenties they enter the age and decade of the thirties and forties and fifties and in those years discover that calamity, disease, and challenges of all kinds have not escaped them.

Some face these with poise and the equanimity of the Spirit, having been taught from the knees of their fathers and mothers the way to go in righteous­ness. Others, however, imitate their parents’ squandering of light. And these parents often pass on at an early age. And thus the children see the futility of it all but they never had the example of inner discipline to follow a course whereby they could stand, face, and conquer, remain in embodiment and keep on keeping on.

Thus, there is a period when the challenges of life and facing karma become the major portion of one’s day. Livelihood, childbearing, getting ahead while one is young and all the things that come into this circumstance are a part of this karma. The diseases which manifest, of course you understand, can be avoided through the understanding of natural remedies and what God has placed in the earth in pure food, light, water, air, and so many of those healing aids of which you have availed yourselves.

Those who practice, then, a pure life in this manner and take care of their bodies are also staying the hand of karma, that when it come they are able to meet the challenge. The Lords of Karma, then, intend that those who successfully face these challenges, come what may, may have the fruits of the Spirit and of their lives in the latter years and use them for the spiritual path that is understood to be the way in the East.

Beloved ones, when the cycles of life are taken as they are given, then, you see, the karma which is meted out need not be so heavy as to take one from the screen of life. Now, if these teachings are practiced from the earliest childhood days and the light of the aura does expand and the children are becoming in the path of perfect Christhood chalices of the Light, you see that almost every karmic condition can be transmuted, saving those rare exceptions where in the course of sainthood one must lay down his life in what seems to be an untimely manner.

It has been said before but I say it again that many are called to this Path because they specifically need these techniques to avoid the calamity of oncoming years. We have seen time and again over the centuries and in this activity that those who have neglected the opportunity or turned their back upon the discipline because it is sometimes a hard saying, <5> sometimes painful, sometimes demanding amazing resources and stamina will realize that having left off of the course of the most valiant and noble discipleship they do come to the place where the diseases that set in render them no longer capable of either dealing with the disease or of invoking the Light that could consume it.

Having so said, beloved ones, our admonishment to you who have faced struggle and pain and suffering is to realize that I am the angel—the Angel Raphael—who have come this day for “the troubling of the waters,” <6>  which means I am troubling with my vibration the aura of this entire property. And I place in it and around it healing light and energy, that all who may come may avail themselves and be inundated and flooded with this light of healing.

This shall be sustained by my healing angels and renewed by me from time to time. In addition, the healing focus is also placed here that was once at La Tourelle. You may see now in the upper atmosphere a giant healing thought­form. Through this thoughtform and your giving whether of Mother Mary’s Rosary or Archangel Michael’s Rosary, you will send forth those rays of light whereby those souls who indeed have need of this form of help may come and find the Helper as the Holy Spirit, which our twin flames release uniquely and specifically for this world’s evolutions.

Beloved ones, I speak, then, of those whose karma especially entails the necessity of self-help and self-application. You have come to a place where you may meet brothers and sisters on the Path who have practiced and demonstrated the techniques which indeed you may also practice. Here you will find reinforcement and advice and knowledge of other sources and resources around the world where you can go and study—or go for healing itself or for learning to become a practitioner of one kind or another in the healing arts.

Remember, beloved ones, what is right for one may not be so for another—not because the rightness is not right but because the cycles of another lifestream may involve other opportunities or obligations. Thus, there are many churches, many schools, many paths of healing and religion. What is most important for your discernment in deciding your chosen way and that which will be the acceleration of your life is to determine what is the greatest need of your soul and your four lower bodies, what is the weakest link in the chain of being of your lifestream, then to find the teacher and the teaching, the path and the system, whether of prayer and fasting or any kind of remedies that may be from the highest source that would be the ones that would help you most to attain a greater integrity and a greater wholeness.

Let the goal, then, of thy life be wholeness, knowing full well that the sphere of wholeness becomes the divine magnet for every good thing from God to the twin flame and all in between. Then, knowing that wholeness is the goal, observe through the eyes and heart of Mother Mary that portion of yourself requiring the greatest attention. Go after this. Bring the spirit of Light and the dynamic decree to it. Approach it from all of the four lower bodies and the chakras.

Bring up, therefore, the lowest vibrating frequencies of your being. And if you do not know what these are, ask. Knock, and it shall be answered. <7> Call unto the LORD Christ. We are his servants and we will deliver to you that word of the magnificent God-free being who helps you now in this very hour, even the Ascended Master Jesus Christ.

Blessed ones of the noble lineage of the house of David, you who are the seed of that ancient Light, come now and understand that not only individual wholeness but wholeness of the cells in the Body of God makes for a greater wholeness in the entire Mystical Body. Thus, we seek spheres of light that may interconnect and form therefore a surface of light, a body of light, a magnet of healing.

See what will contribute to the greatest good for your inner integrity, but do not stop there. Look what will contribute to the greatest good of the integrity of the Community. Then see how the Community itself may help more and more on the Path who struggle, are burdened, are bowed down and still fall beneath the weight of the cross of personal karma.

Have compassion for life in the ultimate sense. And let this love be the love of the scientist who has learned the ways of the emerald ray and the emerald crystal and the fifth ray of the holiness unto God. <8> Understand the meaning of the third eye and the immaculate concept and learn that way. Study the ‘eye magic’ that is taught by the Messengers in Climb the Highest Mountain. <9>

Know that you have the power to see through the window of the third-eye chakra, to outline perfection on behalf of yourself or any part of your body, on behalf of loved ones, and to visualize that organ, that eye, that heart filled with light, called back to the heart of the healing thoughtform and blazing with the violet flame.

That which you desire to be you must see and visualize at least once a day. You must hold the thoughtform in mind as something you are not only approaching but you are also filling in with light.

Thus, goal-fitting is for goal-establishing. Take out a notebook at the nearest possible opportunity. Write down the most important goals in life, both spiritual and physical. Decide, after all is said and done, what is the most important physical goal, what is the most practical physical goal that can lead you to the attainment of the most important spiritual goal.

You should not be nebulous in that which you desire to achieve in this life. And if in the course of achieving your goal—which is God’s direction to you within your heart—you realize that your physical body or any one of your four lower bodies is not adequate to the task as a vessel of strength and light, then, you see, the moment of decision has come—whether to say, “I give up. I can’t. I am not able,” or to say, “In the name of my God, I will and I shall overcome!”

Therefore, in that God-determination you lay down the life of the lesser self and all of its indulgences—not only a part thereof. You determine to forge a perfect union of the four lower bodies that can be the LORD’s vessel at any hour of the day or night, and then you move on to that conquest of self and that attainment of the goal.

The science of Being is taught by the fifth-ray Healing Masters. We have given so much Teaching and so much is here. The practical application of it is most easily done when reinforcement is present in a Community such as this one. Therefore, the archangels have always sponsored spiritual communities of brothers and sisters who have walked a path and have loved one another and reinforced one another to come apart and accelerate on this homeward journey.

Beloved ones, the nucleus of brothers and sisters and families forms the heart of any church, whether Christian or Buddhist, Moslem, Hindu. Beyond this fire core of those who keep the flame of a religion are happy families and individuals who take the crumb of the Bread of Life from the Master’s table, who take Communion and find great strength and inspiration and go forth to live their lives, to sort out their karma, to have those experiences which they may only have outside of such a Community and its white fire core.

Let all realize that each one is called according to his anointing in the Great Central Sun, according to his appointing by his own heart and Christ Self of the mission of twin flames. Realize, then, that everyone may be in his right place, whatever rung or positioning is decreed, even as one does not criticize the positioning of the stars in the heavens, the galaxies, or even the comets in their courses. There is a divine plan and a network. And the interconnecting forcefields show that the balance of Light and Light-holders is achieved through a vast pattern that may reach across the earth and beyond.

Let none, then, consider that another may not be as well off because of a supposed absence of dedication. Leave off from judging the service of anyone in this entire organization, for no one may know the dedication and love of a heart save God and the holy angels. Do not try to read or anticipate, but let the discerning Holy Spirit tell you what you must know in the avoidance of danger or the knowledge necessary to keep the flame with all due vigilance.

Beloved ones, all of the archangels give freedom and peace to any and all who may come to drink of this fountain. Freely you have received, freely give <10>—this is the science of the figure-eight flow of the fifth ray.

Beloved ones of the healing light, Mother Mary and I now seal the electromagnetic field upon each one of you, building upon the action of the dictations of the archangels who have gone before us. If you have come newly to this seminar, by listening to those previous dictations in order you may also receive the blessing through the spoken Word of that which is described and therefore have the mending of the flaws according to the cosmic conception of the Divine Mother.

In the name of Alpha, in the name of Omega, we are Raphael and Mary. We have accomplished our purpose, the end to which we have come.

Therefore, from the beginning unto the ending, I AM Alpha and Omega.



“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Archangel Raphael was delivered through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, February 16, 1986, during the weekend seminar The Healing Power of Angels, held at Camelot.

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