Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 29 No. 30 - Beloved Archangel Jophiel - June 15, 1986


The Healing Power of Angels
The Reestablishment of the Electromagnetic Field of the Aura
Slippers of the Ancient Guru


Legions of the Central Sun, we are come! We are in the oneness of the universal Light of Christ. And Christine, my beloved, does impart the initiation of that Word to you in this hour, beloved. For the feminine ray is raised up in you and it is renewed as the fountain of Light.

So let the Mother and let the cosmic virgins who are the archeiai be received by yourselves, who come in grace and, if you will, as the Shakti of the archangels. Know, then, the feminine power of the archeiai of God. Know them through the presence of Wisdom’s Mother and Mother flame.

Now, beloved, as you are seated, golden flames form the seat of the Buddha. Thus, in the coolness of illumination’s fire, so be seated in this our love—the loving presence of many angels of the sacred fire weaving in and amongst you that filigree light and garlands of flowers fastened as though to a latticework.

But this latticework is as angel hair. So it is that God would then interpenetrate the Matter spheres on the wavelength of your mantra, the portion of heaven that brings fragrance and unity with the etheric octave.

Wisdom’s flame shall have her perfect work as wise dominion in your being takes command. Fear not, then, for the Mother of Wisdom stands to defend the Buddhas and the bodhisattvas, the disciples and the bhikkhus.

Dear hearts of living fire, the solar ring in this hour through our presence now is become yellow fire-rings surrounding cities and this place, this county and nation, and goes beyond this octave to ancient records. Millions of rings of yellow fire now upon the earth are set in motion for the piercing of the veil and as an outer corona signifying that the Great Central Sun Magnet in all of the holiness of illumination’s flame pouring out of the Mind of God is truly focused in the heart of the earth.

And dancing around these rings are angels of Light and also nature spirits. And you may join them also. For ring upon ring of Light—this becomes circles of fire and the dance of Shiva: Shiva as the Holy Spirit, Shiva as the purging and the judging Light.

Thus these rings move. And each turning, then, of Life within this wheel of the Law does consecrate space and time, collapsing the evil that has ensconced itself therein. For evil is an energy veil; and when time and space collapse, so evil itself must collapse together with illusion. This may take place first in the mind and the heart of the devotee, beloved ones, then in the hearts of many as nature and the four lower bodies of the earth become purified, as the ether itself penetrates the four elements and as the five secret rays once again have expression.

Beloved ones, illumination for the path of Light is that which we bring, and the understanding of the Inner Retreat. As you know, there are a certain number of retreats of the Great White Brotherhood in the etheric octave devoted to Wisdom’s flame, else under the direction of hierarchs who have attained on the second ray. Your own Royal Teton Retreat at the Grand Teton is a center of Cosmic Christ illumination so dedicated by Lord Gautama, the Lords of Karma and Mighty Victory, so dedicated by Lord Lanto and Confucius.

There is a turning of worlds. And as you have heard of the exchange of the poles, <1> so you may contemplate the interchange of the hemispheres whereby East and West reverse roles and the wisdom of God and the spirituality and the holiness now does become the principal thing <2> for those rising from the heap of materialism to the pinnacle of praise, having been so surfeited in all these things that they desire only union with God, whereas the impoverished masses and peoples of the East, having not had the abundance of material things, now enter the age of the worship of the gods of materialism and the forsaking of the ancient Teachings of their fathers. And thus, products come inundating the West out of the East, goods of all sorts as well as goods of mechanization and scientific precision.

Beloved ones, the precipitation flame that burns in the Grand Teton is a mighty living fire. We have drawn to the West, therefore, the souls of Light who may easily dispense with material things, for they have enjoyed the abundant life and seek now to lay it upon the altar of humanity and to claim the highest gifts of Christhood and Buddhahood. See then, therefore, that the religions of the world must complement one another until all embody equally the paths that lead to the God-mastery of the seven chakras.

Christine comes now. And with the delicate ones who accompany her, there is an arranging now of silken garment of sacred fire, of golden flame. Beloved ones, there is a draping of your bodies as though you were monks in an ancient Buddhist temple, else among the Essenes or of the mystics of Zarathustra.

Have you not meditated on the Word before? Have you not become the Word? Are you not a part of the moving stream of the Word and the eternal sound? Aye, and I have known you forever and a day also.

I AM Jophiel. And I desire that you should go back now, back to the ages of glory and golden ages of China where you served under those Masters who have long ascended, leaving a vacuum for you to step into their shoes. But some have lost the memory of where the Master has placed his shoes—under the bed or in a cave or in some lost field or beneath the earth.

It is not so easy to find that which is lost, beloved ones. It is not so easy to discover and reconnect. But the thread of contact is reestablished through the devotion of Kuan Yin and beloved El Morya, who also ruled in ancient China. Therefore the Lord of the First Ray does know indeed the path of Wisdom with Kuthumi. And the World Teachers, Jesus and his own Kuthumi, have gone north and south and east and west establishing grids of light and illumination’s flame.

Beloved ones, how important it is for Truth to be established and for the perversions of the Flame and of Wisdom and of Light to be bound and judged that they not encroach upon the true golden flowers of the crown chakra. Thus Lord Himalaya and the God and Goddess Meru, thus focuses around the world established by the Wisdom Masters have set the open door for the banishment of the darkness of ignorance.

Beloved ones, illumination [illumined action] is king; wisdom [wise dominion] is queen. Understand that this flame, when it seizes the mind of the sincere, those who try to be just and pure in all their doings, will guide and reform and convert souls—souls by the millions who know the Truth because they have been illumined and enlightened by that Truth.

Understand that Truth is a quality of seeing. By the All-Seeing Eye of God one may see the Truth. But to know the Truth one must have the infusion of illumination’s flame for the understanding of that which one has seen.

Therefore, simply because Truth parades in the marts of commerce—or should the Ascended Masters walk down the streets of New York City—does not guarantee that Truth will be recognized. And it has often come to pass that Truth has been despised by those indoctrinated by error.

Indeed, this has always been the ploy—the anticipation by the adepts of the left-handed path of the coming of Truth. Therefore the setting up of councils of error and erroneous doctrine, misinformation, disinformation, manipulation of the press and the media so that a whole nation may believe a lie <3> concerning this or that situation and reject the Truth and mock it when beloved Pallas Athena comes.

Therefore, beloved, wrapped in beautiful silken robes, seated in the lotus of the Buddha, you come now. It is well to restore and know the peace of ancient times. It is well to be in the heart of hearts of God.

This is the meaning of the Inner Retreat. This is why we call you apart and say, establish your base of operation. Let it be practical in every way. Insure your economic as well as your spiritual survival. And then do not spend all of your days in retreat, but go forth in the “Ritual of the Atom” <4> from the center of that sun to the periphery, desiring to minister unto life until you are spent and have given all light and must retreat once again to the etheric plane that is so evident, so there at our Royal Teton Ranch.

Blessed ones, the inner City of Light, the Retreat of the Divine Mother, <5> is a place called Home by many souls. It is a veritable city, and the light is a golden light upon its streets. And hosannas are come and the restoration of the Divine Woman clothed with the Sun, who is the Divine Mother of whom you are a part, whose messengers you are, whose expression you manifest in all poetic tenderness and in all sternness of the cutting edge of the sword of Shiva.

Thus, it is well to enjoy grace and beauty, the presence of the Mother. And it is well to realize that the Mother in all of her beauty and wisdom must also don the armour, the shield and the sword to go forth as Kali to rescue her children in the name of Christ.

I AM THAT I AM Jophiel. I AM THAT I AM Christine. We are now accelerating the wavelengths of the crown chakra in each one of you as we are able. And we have secured the dispensation of the restoration to you from your own causal body of that which you were abuilding in former golden ages which has heretofore been sealed in that second band of your causal body, beloved ones. For, precious hearts, you realize that your own Christ Self would not release to you the fruits of the spirit of the crown chakra while you were embodied in dark ages, beset by degeneracy and degeneration spirals.

Thus, with all due consideration of your desiring to serve and in consultation with your Holy Christ Self, there is restored to you at the etheric-body level and at the level of your chakras on the etheric plane those portions of light of golden illumination’s flame that might serve you well, taken from your own treasury and storehouse of your causal body.

I counsel you, then, that you understand this is sealed also by your Christ Self, that not by folly or tomfoolery there should in any way be the squandering or misuse of this Light. But as you show yourself capable of using Wisdom’s flame with equanimity, peace, justice, and impartiality, more will be added unto you, immediately accessible, then, in the plane of the Christ Mind.

Beloved ones, to increase illumination, as we have said before, by only one percent or three—to increase the threefold flame and wisdom—can make the difference between Darkness and Light, between success and failure, between joy and self-denial. The wisdom of God is a most precious oil of gladness and a nectar from the crown chakra.

May the filling in of the outline of the petals of the crown chakra be for you a daily joy. When you cannot feel the Light pulsating through the head, rising on the altar of the spine, remember it is lawful to fast and pray. Remember it is lawful to abstain from excessive uses of the sacred fire in other chakras, to withdraw one’s energies from squandering in the world and from being tied to the world through the media. It is lawful to come apart even for three hours or one or a day in some manner to find the renewal and the sealing of the figure-eight flow within you.

I tell you, those who have this Teaching ought to be concerned when they do not feel the fire of the Mind of Christ with them in the upper chakras. And they should take necessary steps to use the mantras and the systems of purification and devotion to reestablish this communion. It is a goal to be sought, a prize to be won. And when it is won, it is to be cherished.

Thus, above all things, to this Higher Self and Light be true. And this Trust and this Truth established in thee will see to it that thou canst not be false to any part of Life, or God. Unless some determine to conserve the sacred fire in order to be world teachers, millions will remain in darkness and in ignorance.

Contemplate thy reason for being. Do not respond to me from an outer anxiety or even an outer or mental rigidity. Do not respond from the human level of desperation or of fear or doubt or even of guilt. Put all these things aside, beloved ones. These are not suitable responses to an archangel’s call.

The call from my heart is to your heart and to your soul. I have infinite patience. I am long-suffering and peaceful. I desire you to come to the Light only when you are ready not only for the Light but for the persecution that its bearers must indeed bear.

Therefore, beloved ones, though cycles turn swiftly, the world karma is oncoming and very impatient. I am patient. And you must also be patient with yourselves.

We release, then, the matrix and thoughtform of the divine architect and the blueprint of the entire Inner Retreat, the Royal Teton Ranch and its auxiliary lands and manifestations. Beloved ones, a portion of this grid is intended to be lowered into manifestation in this year—a very key year of the release of the intensity of the sacred fire. Let those who have learned the path of the Buddha as builders hear, then, the call and identify with their inner calling and reason for being.

The weather and the cycles and the months turn. And soon it will be a period of great acceleration. Let those who are there prepare for many who must come. For by the end of the year and this time in 1987, that which is etheric must become physical as a certain portion of this divine blueprint fulfilled.

From the heart of Alpha it is set—in the earth, in the ground, in the mountain, in the lands, in the hearts of those around the world who also contain the blueprint and feel the magnet of that retreat.

You must be able to serve in health and in abundance, recharged by the fire in the heart of the earth. Thus, we have set a place for your victory and for your going forth therefrom periodically and cyclically as bodhisattvas caring for the suffering and those who are lost who have not found the slippers of their ancient Guru. Go after them. Wash their feet. Place upon them the slippers of their ancient path.

O Bodhidharma, precious one now ascended, thou art a part of every chela of the will of God. We have not forgot thy devotion, thy sternness with the beast of the lower self, thy determination to be the best example of Teacher on the Path.

O Maitreya, O Confucius, Lanto, Lao-tzu, Gautama, Padma Sambhava, thy feet have left footprints of sacred fire. Now will you not uncover a bit the hiding place of your slippers? For many must find the way.

[Mudras performed for 1 minute, 10 seconds.]

Peace forevermore in the flame of Buddha.

Thus the electromagnetic field is sealed with a heightened flame of illumination.


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Archangel Jophiel was delivered through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Saturday, February 15, 1986, during the weekend seminar The Healing Power of Angels, held at Camelot. In the service preceding the dictation, the Messenger read and preached on Malachi 2 at the request of the Archangels. Teaching taken from this sermon is included in Pearl no. 29.

1. Exchange of the poles. The study of paleomagnetism (the magnetism residual in rocks) has provided evidence that the earth’s magnetic field has reversed direction every few hundred thousand years—i.e., the north and south poles have switched polarity. Some scientists as well as psychics predict this phenomenon as occurring in the near geological future.

2. Prov. 4:7.

3. II Thess. 2:11, 12.

4. Ritual of the Atom. A meditation taught at Summit University for the expansion of God-awareness. In this ritual, one visualizes an electron spiraling from the nucleus of God-identity in the center of the circle to the circumference and back again in a continual flow for initiation under each of the twelve solar hierarchies. See “The Ritual of the Atom” on The ABC’s of Your Psychology on the Cosmic Clock, 8-cassette album (A85056), single cassette B85063; or Mother’s Chakra Meditations and the Science of the Spoken Word, 8-cassette album (A82162), single cassette B82169.

5. See Sanat Kumara, December 15, 1985, “The Retreat of the Divine Mother at the Royal Teton Ranch,” 1986 Pearls of Wisdom, vol.29, no. 10, pp. 70-72.


Messenger’s Candle-Lighting Invocation before the Dictation :

In the name I AM THAT I AM Jesus Christ, I invoke the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. Legions of Cosmic Light from the heart of God in the Great Central Sun, twelve legions of angels at the command of the Lord Jesus, come to our aid in this hour of world need.

O Jophiel Archangel, we welcome thee and beloved Christine in the fullness of the Mind of God, in the fullness of the thousand-petal lotus.

O Ancient of Days, Alpha and Omega, let all the world be bright with illlumination’s flame in this hour of Christ’s conquest over Death and Hell. Let the brilliance of the Great Central Sun purge and purify, renew and revivify this earth. Oh, let those who have lost their way, O God, beloved Father-let them come to know Thee as Thou art in the very midst of the blue lotus, in the very midst of illumination’s flame. In the heart of Himalaya, in the heart of Lake Titicaca, let thy brilliance shine forth.

O instrumentation of the Divine, holy angels of illumination’s flame, we are grateful to consort with thee as we are yet veiled in these veils of flesh. Yet, by thy grace and presence, which is the Lord’s, we may enter in to that portion of heaven which our God has allowed. And in his allowing, we therefore, touching hem of his garment, may bring to earth some measure of joy, some measure of the quickening, O God.

We are grateful in this hour for all great beings of Light who have tarried with our planet-beloved God and Goddess Meru, Vaivasvata Manu and the Great Divine Director, beloved Saint Germain, each and every angel and Ascended Master who has brought to us the touch of Light, the inspiration, the realization of our Divine Reality, as we are pilgrims journeying upon this distant star making our way to the throne of grace with a very special mission to alleviate suffering, to illumine where there is ignorance, to proclaim liberty to the captives.

O Light of eternal Freedom, thou Light so essential to the victory of planet earth, we summon you in the name of the legions of the seventh ray. Let this earth be free this hour, beloved Jophiel, by illumination’s flame. Let ignorance be banished and let it be accomplished by the raising up of the Mother flame within us, from the base unto the crown.

Thus, with Chamuel, with Michael, come, Jophiel, come, Faith, Hope and Charity, to complete the balancing action of the threefold flame within our hearts.

In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, in the name of Gautama Buddha, Padma Sambhava, Maitreya, Avalokite vara, in the name of Kuan Yin, Amen.