Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 29 No. 26 - Archangel Chamuel and Charity - June 11, 1986


The Healing Power of Angels
The Reestablishment of the Electromagnetic Field of the Aura
Keys to the Twelve Gates of the Celestial City
The Weaving of the Deathless Solar Body


Salutations from the Central Sun unto the Sons and Daughters  of God Seeking the Way of Perfect Love!

Enter now if ye would, O children of the Sun, the heart of hearts of very Love. For we are Chamuel and Charity, angels of the Lord who stand in the presence of God.

Beloved ones, this means literally that the archangels do attend the throne of grace. Standing in the presence of God, we are therefore one with your own Mighty I AM Presence. For God individualized is yet one Lord and one Presence.

Thus we are called, one and all, angels of the Lord, which means messengers of the I AM THAT I AM. We bring not only good tidings of great joy to all people but also the Light-emanation of this point of the Word from the beginning unto the ending of your rounds in these lower planes of life.

Beloved hearts of the infinite God, we are grateful to speak to you directly, for so many of you have come to our own retreat, and that in the etheric octave. For though you do not retain the memory, yet, beloved, your souls take leave of that physical envelope you wear at night; and while the body sleeps, you journey in garments of light to the etheric plane, otherwise known in scripture as the heaven world.

This plane of heaven is truly the place where your soul does meet the Lord Christ in the air, as they say. It is the point where you find the descent of the Lord Christ in the full power of the resurrection. Therefore, to meet your Christ you yourself must be capable of rising to that plane and vibration.

Thus, though this take place at inner levels with the assistance of guardian angels, you are now in the stage of your evolution on earth where you must learn consciously the way of Love and Love’s self-mastery and thus, not only in sleep but consciously, journey in the power of the heart and the mind to upper octaves. These octaves of heaven are a transition plane whereby you then are taken by the Lord Christ to the very throne of grace whence we have come this night, as has been said, trailing clouds of glory and glorious love.

Thus, we inaugurate a spiral of seven rays which correlate with seven planes of heaven that you will also find in the etheric octave prior to your return and immersion in that absolute Spirit that is the sacred fire even beyond the heaven world. Thus, as you might realize, we come, then, from the third plane of heaven. And we come for a very important mission, which is to bring into alignment now the chalice of your heart, that this chakra and its twelve petals might receive from our own hearts, by the magnetism of Love, a realignment, a balancing of twelve vibrations.

Do you know, beloved ones, that God so loved the world that he sent his Son, this Lord Christ, who does also manifest above you in that personal presence of the Christ Self. And he so loved you that he gave to you twelve petals of the heart chakra, signifying twelve unique vibrations that are as keys to the twelve gates of the celestial city—right here in your heart, beloved one.

Thus, hear our call and understand the true meaning of the call of Jesus: “The kingdom of God is within you.” God has placed himself inside of you, else you would be vacant—vacuous beings without soul or mind or righteousness or sense of what are the moral requirements of the hour.

Blessed ones, a fire does burn in your heart and it does intensify. For you are indeed in the presence of Christ and of mighty archangels who come as your servants and truly bow before the divine spark because it is the Person of God.

Understand, then, that this heart is truly the seat and throne of Christ and his grace in your temple and that he does receive you daily through one of these gates of the Holy City, through one of the petals. How do you enter in and approach him—he who sits in the center of that City Foursquare, he who stands to receive you and take your hand as a friend, as a brother and a sister, as a disciple of Love?

His is the way of Love and the way of perfect Love that always casts out fear. For Love is a burning fire, an all-consuming fire, as Moses discovered. And it is the consuming fire of Love that is your deliverance. And we come to transfer it to you this night.

Beloved ones, how then do you approach one of the gates of the celestial city? You see, your heart and soul, then, must come into the vibration that is in accord with the vibration of that single petal of the heart chakra and the single door. When you knock at the door, you are received if you have the key. And the key is the vibration. Vibration, then, opens the door. It is as though you had a combination for a safe—the combination of vibrations keying by the sounding of the Word.

Why is it, then, that this is the requirement? Beloved ones, within the celestial City Foursquare the light is very great. Those who enter there must be protected by having a prior sheath of light around them. This is the meaning of the parable of the wedding feast.

Thus, all who are called and bidden may enter. But one does enter without the wedding garment, which is the name of the etheric garment of the soul. Thus, the master of the house does say unto him, “Friend, how camest thou in without a wedding garment?” And he says to his servants, who are the angels, “Bind him and cast him into outer darkness.”

The meaning is so clear when you understand the wedding is no ordinary wedding. It is the wedding of your soul to Christ—the goal of Love’s mystical union and the Path that has ever been of all saints of East and West.

Thus, when you knock at one door and seek to enter by one petal of the heart chakra, you must have that wedding garment which does correspond to that path, that initiation, that door. And when you have the wedding garment and you enter into that bridal chamber, the all-consuming flame of Love will not devour you, for you are already clothed upon with the singular and unique vibration of that chamber.

Thus understand, those who intone the Word for the balancing of the chakras find that they come into consonance with the Lord Christ step by step, or petal by petal, as we say. The Law will not require of you more than your capacity in a given day. Heaven’s schoolroom is not more harsh than earthly schoolrooms.

Understand the compassion of the Holy Spirit, who is not only Teacher but Comforter—who does comfort your soul, beloved, as He does teach you. Thus, this presence of God, acting through whether angels or Ascended Masters or friends of Light, does provide you with an understanding of how to sow seeds of righteousness—righteousness, as you have been told, being the right use of God’s laws.

Day by day, then, by right application of the Light in your being, you are weaving that wedding garment. And layer upon layer it does become complete until, when you carry the twelve vibrations of the twelve petals and have tarried in each of the twelve bridal chambers with Christ, the initiator of your soul, you then have upon you what is known as the Deathless Solar Body.

This weaving of the Deathless Solar Body is the mighty work of the ages, has ever been the goal of the saints. But these Teachings have been held—held in the inner retreats of the Brotherhood of Light, held there for those who would not profane them or misuse them.

Thus, all who have ascended from earth, when they have been ready for the call of Love, have come apart first at inner levels, as I have described the soul’s journey at night, and there attended classes in the retreats of the Masters and angels of the Great White Brotherhood.

Thus, much of this work is accomplished at inner levels. And those who are working out their salvation in this scientific manner taught by Christ, as the apostle wrote, “with fear and trembling,” they, then, in the outer sense, when they are again in the physical form, become seekers of Truth, going here and there until they hear the same voice that they have heard at inner levels—the voice of Christ. And thus they journey sometimes around the world to find someone who can give them a single key to understand this sweet mystery of Life.

You have come because you seek. This is always the case of those who arrive here in the Sanctuary of the Holy Grail. Therefore, it is our opportunity given to us by the Lord to give to you in your outer mind that which you already know at inner levels, that you might find a union and a communion with your Higher Self and know yourself as you truly are—a sevenfold being of whom the lower self is the one encased in the greatest density and bodies of density as you wear.

At inner levels you are God-free beings. On earth you are yet bound by karma manifesting through heredity and environment and situation. But, beloved ones, that condition of your birth is a springboard, which when taken may become the giant leap into the arms of Victory—a mighty angel of Light whose name is Victory, who leads other legions of Victory all dressed in a golden flame of illumination. These legions of Light champion the victory of your soul and of your twin flame.

You see, beloved, while you sleep at night you do journey to our etheric retreat in the etheric octave over Saint Louis. There we have the focus of the heart of the United States. And there you come and there you meet your twin flame.

You are not apart. Trust in the Law of Love. You work together at inner levels and then return to your circumstance in embodiment, there with a drive and a creativity and a determination to do the job that you are assigned to do by God, knowing that the fulfillment of all promises by yourself and the balancing of every jot and tittle of the Law—the law of karma, which is the Law of Love—will truly lead you to the complete union with the beloved, not only then at inner spiritual levels but in outer physical manifestation.

The goal, then, of union becomes as the pot at the end of the rainbow for some and for others a very immediate encounter. For the cycles turn and opportunity comes to those who have earned opportunity by giving it to others. But the rainbow itself, which is the path to the prize for which we all run—that rainbow is the sign that on seven rays of God’s being you must find the perfecting of the Law.

Thus, it is the seven rays and the seven petals of the heart chakra which correspond thereto which is your first assignment on the path of self-mastery in Love. Your first lessons on these rays are taken at the recently opened universities of the Spirit conducted by the Seven Chohans (or lords) of the Rays.

These Masters, one and all, have ascended from earth’s schoolrooms. They are sons and daughters of God like yourselves who have seen the equation of life, have separated the Real from the unreal and determined to become one with God and therefore through that union to be in a position to bless and heal all life.

Thus, you may think of the Masters of the seven rays as your elder brothers on the Path—the Masters most closely associated with your immediate needs for transmutation, purification, the discovery of your sacred labor, which you may or may not have already manifested or expanded. It is your profession or life’s calling, the work that you are set to do.

Now, then, beloved ones, we, the archangels, perform a very special service. We have come for the healing wherever possible, as directed by the great Law of Love—for the healing of concentric rings which compose the auric sheath and envelope. Called sometimes the “electromagnetic sheath,” this presence of the aura does reflect the condition of your soul and your four lower bodies. In higher octaves it is of the spiritual light and purity, but in lower octaves and in the condition you are in, it has the colorations of your vibrations, impressions of your karma, the recording of the condition of the body, of disease, and many, many records of many, many lifetimes.

Thus, we cannot interfere in all ways. But we may assist as you make yourselves available by being with us through this weekend and as you avail yourselves of our presence. Thus, each time you go through a session of decrees to the violet flame and songs of praise and prayers of heartfelt sincerity, the angels may take from your auras some of the burdens, some of the problems.

If you invite us, we will come home with you. We will help you with your family members. We will help you with situations of your neighbors, your relatives, or whatever is most burdensome to your heart.

We must have the call and the permission to enter your life. For we are respectful of the circle of your free will and of your own human creation, for it also is the expression of your free will. Until you determine that that will shall be God’s will on earth in you, we will not in any way rearrange or dismantle your life. And when called upon, we are still under the constraints of cosmic law, which says that that which you have created you must uncreate.

You have begun this evening to understand the science of the spoken Word and the use of the violet flame—the most powerful and the most essential tools to work constructive and positive change in your life. Now, then, as you apply this Teaching, we may day by day become more a part of your life. Thus, it is for the healing and the sealing of this electromagnetic field consisting of ring upon ring and layer upon layer in egg formation of emanations coming from the Central Sun of your own heart chakra.

Some of you have scars and rents in this garment of light, as you have suffered trauma in this and previous embodiments. All these things can be healed by the Holy Spirit’s violet flame and by all of the seven rays in consonance together, which when accelerated produce the white fire—the sacred fire, which is the robe and the righteousness of the saints.

Now, then, beloved, you have come as you are. You have been bathed in light. We see at this moment the exact person (and the soul’s place in or out of embodiment) who is your twin flame. The service of archangels, then, is a transfer of light. Our light is an energy and a flame that now begins to flow from our heart to your heart, and through your heart, by your consent, to the heart of your twin flame. This flame begins as a delicate petal pink, an intense fire and ray, and will deepen in color and in intensity in the physical vibration.

The highest spiritual intensity is the white light. But in the Matter universe that white light becomes intense in its coloration as the seven rays express that light and penetrate the sheaths of planet earth, which as you know are fraught with density and heaviness and karmic weight. In the center of the ray is the pure white fire and surrounding it is the shaft of the intense colorations. Thus the ray contains the Alpha and the Omega of its expression from the heart of the Central Sun.

Our release of love is the love of the Holy Spirit and the reminder to you, therefore, that unless you have love you will not succeed in the quest for Truth or justice or even your own divinity. Love is forgiveness. Love is without criticism and condemnation of the friend, the marriage partner, the child, the employer or the employee. Love is a giving of light and this intensity which we give to you, which will be as a mighty sword cleaving asunder the Real from the unreal, consuming the unreal and therefore liberating all life to do the will of God in perfect Love.

“That ye love one another as I have loved you” is the word of your own Christ Self spoken unto you and to your twin flame. For painful as it might be, beloved ones, I tell you, you are separated from your twin flame for one reason and one alone: You have not loved one another as Christ has loved you individually, and therefore the karma has produced the separation.

Let perfect Love cast out the fear of aloneness and separation and parting. Let the violet flame invoked by you be said with the promise, “O God, never again may I injure or hurt or defile or speak unkindly to my beloved.”

But if the beloved be not at your side—oh, listen, sons and daughters of God—how can you atone for the sins of anti-Love? Christ Jesus gave you also the understanding, “Inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me.”

Therefore, if you love one another as Christ has loved you forever, so it will be counted unto you as the expression of love for your twin flame. For life is one and God is one. And souls of Light and Love are one. And therefore bless all life. Love all life free and, you see, you will balance every injustice that has separated from you the beloved of your heart.

Now, beloved ones, you may be together and not recognize one another, or you may. And even in recognizing one another you may not have maintained the self-mastery of Love to refrain from all discord and inharmony. Thus, you must learn how Love is a two-edged sword and how you suffer, then, for the absence of God-control and harmony. This suffering can only cease when you determine to cease from suffering and to engage in those causes of suffering which are in your own world.

Yes, the kingdom of God is within you and within your twin flame. But that kingdom of God must come into expression by your determination. Thus, neither prayers or mantras, success courses, counseling or any other means can help you unless your free will be tethered to the true solution that you may discover wherever—for anyone may be a messenger of Love to you.

So, beloved, with all of thy getting, get the understanding of Love that the experience of true Love rests upon your free will, your determination in God to be all that you are intended to be and all that has been given to you from the beginning by Almighty God, who created you out of his very being and sacred fire—you and your beloved. Take responsibility for your wants and lacks and fill the void with devotion and prayer and ascend the scale of being until you are ready for the trials and the triumphs of a perfect Love.

There is no relationship in this world this side of heaven that can be sustained merely by the romantic love and its union. A relationship is sustained by hard work and striving, giving of the self and expecting nothing in return. Expect nothing and you will never be disappointed. Be the giver and find how soon you receive the gift of love in return.

The lessons of life are very basic. You know them well, but you are surrounded by a society and a media that tells you the opposite of heaven’s laws by which you ought to live. Thus you expect that which cannot be expected. And you defy a law that you know not. And you squander an energy that you have never understood. And you are dissatisfied and sometimes chagrined and disappointed and sometimes angry.

Now come, let us reason together. For perfect Love can be yours and the bliss of union with God through the crown chakra. But, beloved, you are the one who determines what happens in your life.

Do you know the sign of a fallen angel? Do you know the sign of those who fail in life? I will tell you the single sign to look for. Look for it in yourself and root it out. Look for it in others and know that they will surely not win the prize until they change.

And that single trait, beloved, is the unwillingness to take full responsibility for their lives, their actions, their words, their deeds, and all that surrounds them. Instead they blame their society, their condition, their karma, their friends, their family and those they love most for all things that befall them—every crisis, every sorrow. Everything that comes upon them they have an explanation about some cause or set of circumstances or accident outside of themselves.

From within, O beloved, from the point of Light in the center of the heart is the kingdom of God spun as a cocoon of light around you. Call it forth and it is done. But until it manifest, you must clear that space, clear that aura. Pour into it the violet flame through your devotions to God.

Do you see, beloved? As the Lord told the great prophet, you must first tear down before you can build. You must first level until you can raise the edifice that is truly the Holy Grail.

I have said much. And my Teaching has come to sustain your attention locked in the vibration of the third ray and the archangel and the archeia thereof, that by our word and presence and aura surrounding you now we might transmit to you this blessing of the altering and the reestablishment of the electromagnetic field—this in the wavelength of Love. Each of our cohorts who follow will add unto this the adjustment according to their ray and the chakra.

Thus, beloved, your cups are full. Be silent now as we complete our work. [chant in angelic tongues, 26 seconds]

Cherubim of God, in his name we command thee descend! Descend upon this planet for poor humanity’s sake. Deliver thy people, O God.

Cherubim, cherubim, come forth. So, covering cherubim, keep the way of the Tree of Life and its future initiations unto these hearts.

O Lord of the World, we have come. We bow before thy grace and before the heart of God in the Great Central Sun, to whose heart we return and return again on the morrow. For we will attend as our cohorts deliver the liberating Word of the sacred fire. [chant, 18 seconds]



Messenger’s Candle-Lighting Invocation before the Dictation:

O bright and burnished sword of Chamuel and Charity, mighty two-edged sword of Divine Love, cleave asunder now within us the Real from the unreal. O angels of the sacred fire of Love, Chamuel and Charity, come forth in this hour of world need.

By the love of the cloven tongues of the Holy Spirit of our twin flames, we summon Elohim of Love, Heros and Amora. Blaze thy triumphant light of the Universal Love of the Divine Manchild, who does wield the sword of Love in this hour for the binding of the seed of the wicked who tempt the little ones, the holy innocents, the children of the Sun and of the Light.

O hosts of the Lord of the Ruby Ray of Sanat Kumara, we summon thee from the Great Central Sun and from far-off worlds. Hosts of Light, bind now the hordes of darkness and war in the earth. Burn through, O living Light of the Holy Spirit! Purge and purify our souls that we might enter the heart of Christ’s own Love. Seal us there, O God. Guard us. Send thy flaming cherubim who guard the ark of the covenant of our Maker and our souls.

O divine Law of Love, eternal commandments of Love whereby we are bound to Thee and whereby we do bind every corruption of perfect Love—come forth. Come forth, O Keeper of the Scrolls. Come forth, our Father Enoch.

O mighty angel with the flaming sword of Love, thou who dost keep the way of the Tree of Life, hear our call now and answer for the sealing of this union of our hearts in the Mystical Body of God, in this Church Universal and Triumphant. Let Love and only Love prevail.

O angels of the sacred fire, by thy flaming sword, purge us that we, too, might enter in with him, the Bridegroom of our Love, the eternal Christ, the Word. O God, Thou who art the only Guru, rescue us now. Part the veil. Deliver us from all illusion.

In the name of thy Holy Spirit, we call forth the fourteen archangels and their archeiai. Twin pillars of the sacred fire of God, descend from the heart of the Great Central Sun. Burn brightly.

O angels of the sacred fire, tend this altar of the Holy Grail. Tend the altar of our heart’s union with Thee, O God. Wherever I AM THAT I AM, let the altar of our oneness be. In the streets of the cities, in the darkest places of Death and Hell, let the altar of the Lord God Almighty, the I AM THAT I AM, be the purifying and purging Light, be the victory of the God flame.

Unto Thee, O God I AM THAT I AM, I lift up my heart and my prayer.

Seven Mighty Archangels, Seven Beloved Archeiai, come now for the wedding of our souls to the Divine Light.

O Love, O perfect Love of our being and our becoming, Thou who wast with us in the beginning, we are grateful for thy presence in the everlasting Word, that we might be here on earth and in heaven as one, that in the very midst of this flame of the ark of the covenant time and space are not. That which was in the beginning, O Alpha, is in the ending, O beloved Omega.

Now, therefore, in the secret chamber of the heart, in the sacred fire of all, let time and space collapse. Let the eternal Presence be!

Angels of the sacred fire of Zarathustra, hear our call and deliver us, O God.

In the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Messenger’s Invocation following the Dictation:

The assimilation of the Word is now your joy. As you take your leave and go to rest, affirm and pray that your very inner soul will receive now and receive throughout the night the penetration and the absorption of the tremendous Love of God brought to us by the archangels.

I make this call for you so that you may make it for yourself:

In the name of the beloved Mighty I AM Presence, the Lord God Almighty, we summon angels of Light to take us this night to the etheric retreat of beloved Chamuel and Charity that we might study the path of Love and be perfected in the Love of the Lord Christ.

O Jesus, we thank you for saving our souls for the path of Christhood, which you have walked and proved and demonstrated before us. Therefore in thy name we go to our teachers, the archangels of Love, that we might become the expression of thy Love, O Christ.

In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and the Mother, Amen.


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Archangel Chamuel and Charity was delivered through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Friday, February 14, 1986, during the weekend seminar The Healing Power of Angels, held at Camelot.