Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 29 No. 25 - The Beloved Messenger - June 10, 1986


The Healing Power of Angels
The Reestablishment of the Electromagnetic Field of the Aura

The Path of Twin Flames
through the Mighty I AM Presence
and the Science of the Spoken Word


As we come together this evening, some of us are perhaps seeking solutions or resolutions to burdens we bear, problems we may have, a sense of incompleteness. Something makes us pursue the Self beyond the self and the greater Light. Something goads us, and usually it is our extremity, our need, even if it be but a sense of emptiness, of desiring to be filled with the love of the Holy Spirit.

I do not profess in any way to have human solutions to human problems. They are like the bottomless pit. If we don’t have problems, we manage to create them. We embroider upon our woes and continue in our discords and diseases, our worries and concerns.

And so, I am not an expert in solving the problems of soul mates and twin flames by psychology, by all kinds of human improvement courses, positive thinking, and so forth. There are so many counselors who are experts in these areas. If you have need of them, I bid you go to them.

What I offer you is not this, but it is the walk with God, your Mighty I AM Presence, that lifts you above that human scene and all of its relativity and all of its goodness and badness.

And sometimes it’s very easy to see how human good or evil is only the flip side of the same coin. And it doesn’t really seem to matter because, you know, when you are surfeited in human goodness, it is just as bad as human badness, because what it lacks is the reality of your divinity, the expansion of that spark within you. It lacks the light of eternal Life, of Reality with a capital R, which is God. And so, beyond human pleasure and pain, neither of which can surely satisfy us, what we are seeking is divine bliss.

The path of twin flames which we seek and practice here is realized through the science of the spoken Word. It is through our ultimate devotion to the one true God that we reenter the Love which gave us birth in the beginning. And we know that in Him we live and move and have our being. And in that being, in that divinity, we discover who is the I AM THAT I AM where we are—who and what is Real.

We are so often fooled by the human or human relationships. We, so weary of the round of relationships, are seeking for something that is the beautiful bliss of God which we knew in the beginning with our twin flame. Some have forgotten that the bliss of God is quickly spent unless there is always that threesome of twin flames united through the Universal Light or the Universal Christ. The bliss, then, of the return to God is a parallel path of seeking and finding our Wholeness, first in God and then in the Beloved.

We remember the magnificent words of Jesus Christ. He gave us the formula for finding God and the twin flame all in one. He said, And I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me.<1> And the “I” that is lifted up is the I AM THAT I AM. It is the sacred fire. It is raised in you from the base of the spine unto the crown through seven planes of being called the seven chakras.

This I AM that we lift up is also the Mighty I AM Presence that you see in the Chart behind me, the magnificent spheres of Light—rainbow spheres within spheres. That depiction is of your causal body. It is a replica of the Great Central Sun.

This entire Spirit/Matter cosmos has a Great Central Sun, which is the point of your origin, conceived in liberty by God—the Alpha, the Omega, the yin and the yang, the masculine and the feminine. Once the Divine Whole separated into the twain as twin spheres of these causal bodies—two spirit sparks, twin flames descending for the purpose of evolution in the Matter cosmos as they had evolved in the Spirit cosmos, which is that causal body of Light.

And so we went forth to be the manifestation of our Father/Mother God, sons and daughters who could put on more and more of those spheres of Light which we call God consciousness. So it is in this God consciousness that we live and move and have our being. This we must not forget.

Veils of illusion surround us now. We are separated by time and space, but they are not. As surely as we are here and now, we are still in that Central Sun. We are in the beginning and we are in the ending. We do not have to get anywhere—we have to know who we are now. This absolute immaculate concept of our identity is the foundation of every quest and pursuit.

If you do not understand that you are the Holy Grail, the chalice for God’s Light now, you will never find the Holy Grail. You cannot find what is not in yourself. That is why it is absolutely certain that you will find your twin flame—because your twin flame is inside of you, in that great causal body of Light, in the middle figure in the Chart who is your Holy Christ Self. In every heartbeat the other half of the Divine Whole is present.

Going forth, then, from the highest octaves of Light, we begin a scenario of descent into relativity, into karma, causes and effects we have set in motion. And karma is certainly the inexorable, immovable force. Karma is a law so perfect, so just, so loving as to teach us by our reapings what we are sowing and to show us how to transmute those causes.

Karma is inescapable, and yet it is a challenge, it is a joy. We wake with God-determination to slay that dweller on the threshold of our karma. We rejoice that God has given us the opportunity to meet our destiny, a destiny we have forged right or wrong—as the Divine Absolute or as relative good and evil.

What makes this challenge so wonderful, so enjoyable is the day-by-day victory that we gain—the mastery of self. And we see how through personal or planetary karma God shows us a way of self-mastery. We gain independence and creativity. We have to have ingenuity to see how we are going to jump through that hoop of fire or walk on the hot coals of the world’s hatred or condemnation—how we are going to make it through the labyrinth of the astral plane when we know at the other side standing before us, waiting for us, is the beloved Bridegroom, the eternal Christ, beloved of our souls, and the twin flame.

So the quest for Love must never be seen as a sorrowful way. You must never think of yourself as burdened, bowed down, having problems, but as a spirit spark who has descended into this Matter cosmos with the eternal partner, who is somewhere working as hard as we should be working for our joint victory.

And what is the purpose of seeking and finding the twin flame? It is because the two halves are needed. The twin causal bodies need to be present. There needs to be a consonance and a divine harmony in order for us to fulfill our reason for being, whatever that reason is. The divine interchange of that Light between the causal bodies above enables us here below—whether we are acquainted or introduced or halfway around the world from each other—to do that which we must do.

We all saw the tent posts tonight, and we saw the wind and the rain moving against the tent. And we wondered if the water would be so heavy as to perhaps come through on our heads. It’s a very good analogy because, you see, each one of us is a pillar holding up the mighty tent of the Lord. It is a very vast tent and it has many pillars. If you pull out a few, the tent will still stand, but if you pull out too many, there is no longer a tent. So there are many vacancies on the planet earth today, and that’s why a lot of things are not getting done in the nations.

We see a mismanagement of money and the economy. We see things we would like to improve in our schools, our educational systems. So many people have the right solution. They truly have become messengers of God in this or that field. They know what should be done. Then they go to Washington, they get into the Senate or the House or on a committee or in the great bureaucracy that is there, and they suddenly find out that nothing moves.

They can’t get the solution to the problem to the point of action. There are too many blocks, there are too many forces, there are crosscurrents. Not everyone has the same goal of freedom and liberty for all peoples. Not everyone has the same vision for the people of Light in America and the world to be champions of freedom and peace and full enlightenment.

So, many go away discouraged. They resign out of protest from those situations where the divine solutions are blocked. People in some areas are without hope because of this. And others do not accept hopelessness, but they continue to understand that if they work hard and they try their best and they keep on trying, somehow good will come out of it and Good will triumph over Evil.

The forces we encounter in our subconscious and in daily life are like the blocks we see. Somehow the whole world wants peace, yet war is everywhere. A hopeless, helpless state results from the absence of contact with our Mighty I AM Presence and from an absence of union, at least at inner levels, with our twin flame.

We need to get back to the position of the brightness, the Light, the heaven world, the power we had with God in the beginning. And we need to bring it all down to this point of action, to this grid of time and space created for us as the means of the testing of our souls and the learning of the lessons that at one point in life we refused to learn in any other way.

This seminar on the healing power of the mighty angels of the Lord shows us how we can enlist the archangels and their hosts of the seven rays and bring them into action through our seven chakras for the clearing of those chakras, for the clearing of our four lower bodies so that we can get into alignment with the Presence of God, with the Presence of the twin flame, and access that Light and bring it into action in the streets of life.

We have wars that we must fight, such as the war on drugs. We have wars to fight for the salvation of our children and our youth, whether it is from psychological manipulation or indoctrination or chemicals or drugs or what is portrayed to them from such an early age through television and the motion-picture industry. There are many areas where, united with our twin flame, we are a vital force for Good, where we can make a cosmic difference in what will be the future of this nation and this planet.

Archangel Chamuel and Charity of Love’s Third Ray

I would like to introduce you to Archangel Chamuel, mighty Archangel of Love of the third ray. His divine complement and twin flame is the Archeia Charity. Charity, sweet Charity, is her name. And concerning charity we have the magnificent writing of the apostle Paul. <2>

Charity is the epitome of Love. It is self-giving love that gives oneself with the gift—not as a bestowal, but as a transfer of knowledge of how to use and wield the flaming sword of Love. It is a transfer of the education of the heart, of skills, of the means to restore dignity to the poor and the impoverished.

I heard someone say over and over again in the past week or so that sympathy, like charity, is never enough. And I wanted to cry out and say, Charity never faileth! Charity is the bliss of God!

Charity is the infilling of ourselves with a tremendous love. Charity, then, again, is the emptying of the cup of love, the giving with a purpose—not to demean, not to control, not to possess but to raise up because we transfer our flame of profound respect, a sense of honor, a sense of coequality with those with whom we share our love.

Not systems of redistribution of wealth mandated by a powerful federal or world government but the expansion and the God-mastery of the flame within the heart—this is the divine way of sharing, so that those who have the mastery of multiplying abundance in all levels and all fields may share it by offering the challenge of independence, individuality and self-mastery to those who need our love, that they, too, might keep the flame of Life: the respectability and the responsibility of personhood in God.

So charity begins at home. And we begin this seminar with Chamuel and Charity for the understanding of the transmutation of a limited human love by the fulfillment of Divine Love. As you know, there are many forms of love. Human love can be used to possess, manipulate, control, belittle, to program and psychologically harm people. Divine Love is liberating. It is the caring enough to stand guard, to watch over but not to do for others, especially our children and the ones we love most, what only they can do for themselves.

Charity is a love so great that when we see all of the world suffering and all of the great need, we understand why Jesus, who had the great commission of the Cosmic Christ these two thousand years, left home at a very young age and went to the Himalayas for seventeen years to study, to learn, to increase his self-mastery. <3> He put himself beneath the greatest teachers on the way. Though filled with the Christ Spirit, he set the example of being God-taught before he would show forth the fullness of that masterful Presence for all the world to see. He was the Word incarnate, but he demonstrated for us a path of discipleship, a love so great that said, I must show the way of proving the Law step by step—how that Christhood is won whereby each disciple of the living Word may lay down his life for his friends. <4>

Haven’t you thought it a great pity when you see the struggles in Ireland and young men and women starving themselves to death or other protests by Buddhists in Vietnam setting themselves on fire? There is a human sacrifice that availeth nothing, but there is a divine sacrifice that availeth all when the Christed one lays down his life, not by dying but by living, and gives the full cup of his Light that millions might live.

We are not here to die as martyrs; we are here to live as Christed ones, anointed ones,<5> to pick up the path of the Ascended Master Jesus Christ, to find his Lost Teachings and to apply them. This we will teach and compress into our sessions as much as we can throughout this weekend retreat on the healing power of angels.

Each one of the seven rays and the archangels who serve on those rays focuses an entirely different vibration and initiation. You need to make friends with the archangels. They are already your friends. And the legions who serve under them are your very personal brothers and sisters. They move with you, they do all they can do for you. And what prevents their total and complete giving of themselves to you is the absence of your understanding of the Call—calling the archangels and their legions of Light into action to assist you on your path of personal Christhood, to cut you free, to help you.

We have such a desire, all of us gathered here, to serve God and man and to help this planet through her dark night. I know why you are here and that this is the reason—it is the desire to help others and somehow feeling that as much as you would help, you cannot do enough, that the world is careening at breakneck speed, wobbling with the weight of planetary karma in these end times. We want to make more of a dent on the darkness and the burdens of people. And this is precisely what the archangels are teaching us to do.

So I would like to invite you to come into the vibration of beloved Chamuel and Charity. The pink flame that they bear goes from the softest petal pink, almost white, into the deep rose and ruby color. A ruby ray is a very intense action of Love. It is purging. There is such a thing as a ruby sword that is wielded by legions of the third ray. There is such a being called the Buddha of the Ruby Ray, meaning he has the Buddhic mastery of this intense action of Divine Love.

Love is sometimes a very difficult thing for people to handle. And because it is the sacred fire, when Love enters one’s being it can upset, it can cause a chemicalization. You can actually become sick from the Divine Love entering your being before you have purged the four lower bodies of toxins, from records of karma on the lower astral plane, which is the plane of pollution.

So, you see, in order to have more Light and in order to have the presence of the archangels with us, we need to be emptied so that we can be filled. And actually, this process goes on within us simultaneously. Day by day as we are purged of darkness by the Holy Spirit’s violet transmuting flame, we increase our capacity to contain God’s Light.

I would like to make an invocation to Chamuel and Charity in your behalf, and then we will sing to “Beloved Chamuel and Charity, Archangel and Archeia of the Third Ray,” number 301 in our songbooks:


  Beloved Mighty I AM Presence from the heart of God in the Great Central Sun, we call upon Chamuel and Charity in this hour. Blaze thy Light, O angels of the sacred fire, Angels of the Lord, flaming ones of Divine Love, Thou who hast descended from the heart of the Great Central Sun for the confounding of tongues in the judgment of Nimrod and the Nephilim gods in their building of the tower of Babel: come now for the confounding of all ignorance, all illusion that would separate us from the Lord God and our beloved twin flame.

Bind all of this! Let our souls rise in the freedom of the eternal Christ, rise to thy flaming presence in the heart.

Come, angels of the Holy Spirit, angels of Divine Love. Surround us now with infinite Light.

O Helios and Vesta, Alpha and Omega, Lord and Lady Meru, come forth! Thou sponsors of twin flames, let Love now begin to press in and penetrate into the cause and core of disease, all forces of anti-Love burdening those who are gathered here with absolute God-determination to enter the heart of hearts of Divine Love.

Legions of Light, millions of angels of Love from the Central Sun, we welcome you to planet earth. Bring Love to all who need compassion in this hour, the caress of Christ, the kiss of peace. O living flame of Love, be thou the All-in-all. Let perfect Love cast out fear! <6>

We accept it done this hour in full power.

In the name I AM THAT I AM, Amen.


O come, beloved Archangel of Love
Stand in our midst today
Beloved Chamuel!
O Lord of heaven’s third ray
O Lord of heaven’s third ray.

O Charity, beloved complement
Twin flames from heaven sent
Beloved Charity!
Pink flame of majesty
Pink flame of majesty.

O come, flaming cherubim, seraphim
Who abide in the fires of creation
Who abide in the fires of creation.

Raise thy flaming sword on high
Cherubs gather now in the sky
Our hearts expand with gentle love
Enfolding love, adoring love
Holy Spirit, caress with tenderness
And each one bless.

O come, flaming ones from the
Great Central Sun
Who abide in the fires of creation.
Who abide in the fires of creation.

Take, O take my hand and heart
Feel the love I to you impart
For life is love and love alone
And for mortal error it doth atone
And raise you in redemption’s name
Out of the realm of human pain
To behold once again the Light of God
And His true love!
All this I AM—All this ye shall be!

Ye shall be Love! Ye shall be Light!
Ye shall be Life! It is done!



Knowledge of the Call and Friendship with the Angels

We discover, then, that Charity is more than a virtue. Charity is a divine being, an angel of the feminine ray who in answer to our call comes into our hearts. The knowledge of the call is the greatest key to your victory in life. This is a simple call you can make:


   Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, beloved Father, send to my side, to my right and to my left, right now, Archangel Chamuel, Archeia Charity. Send them to me, O God, and raise up thy mighty Spirit of Love within me.

   I ask it and I call it forth with all of my heart.

   In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

  This is a very simple way to compose a call, calling in the name of your Mighty I AM Presence to the heart of the Father to send his angels to your side and to do so in the name of the Son of God. You needn’t have it written down. It comes spontaneously from your heart wherever you see need. You can make this call for your children, for your family, for strangers in distress.

What is the key to God’s heart? What opens the channels between heaven and earth? It is your devotion, your purest devotion and love for Christ, for God, for all the saints in heaven, for all of the millions of angels who serve at the throne of grace, for one another and especially for yourself.

If you do not love yourself, how can you love your twin flame? And Jesus said, if you do not love your neighbor whom you have seen, how can you love God the Father whom you have not seen? <7>

So we seek attunement with our Father. We seek the full power of Light. We seek to be one not only with the virtues of God but with those whom he has called to embody those virtues—our divine Teachers. This is the reason for being of the mighty archangels. They come to teach us, to inspire us, and to show us how to draw into our own aura, our own dynamic forcefield, into the electronic field of Light around our bodies, the qualities of heaven, the love of God, the wisdom, the will of God, his purity.

All these things are ours naturally by divine inheritance, but when we move through the world and its density, somehow they are absorbed. And so we have to daily renew our momentum, because we always want to have so that we may give.

Devotion, then, is a very important part of seeking and finding God’s helpers and working together with them for world peace and freedom. It has been my greatest desire for many years that the whole world should know the friendship of the angels.

I would like to invite you to sing the words of the apostle Paul which he wrote down to Charity (number 289 in our songbooks). Many of you know these words by heart. You can take them as a song, a meditation, and a psalm of praise. Meditate on the beauty of Love, then go by that ray of Love to the heart of the most magnificent heavenly angel that you can picture in your mind—an archeia of Love whose aura is filled with the pink and the rose emanation, smiling at you, one you have known for ages.

You all know the angels and the archangels. You have known them from the beginning. They have accompanied you in your descent to earth. When you pass from the screen of life they greet you and take you to the higher octaves and prepare you for your next assignment. You will never see an angel that you don’t know!

So here is beloved Charity who longs to send you the full-gathered momentum of her love. And as you are desirous and pray in your heart of hearts to Almighty God to deliver you through this angel, it is done. For you are sons and daughters of God, you have free will, and the call to God, when it harms no man, when it is in keeping with the will of God, is always answered.

When you make a call to God to send his angels, remember this saying: The Call compels the answer! You believe it, you know it—not alone by faith but by the science of Being.


  Therefore, O God, I say in the name of thy Son, send Chamuel and Charity now to expand and expand and expand thy Light within our heart chakra. Let Love expand, O God. Let millions of angels descend to earth to sustain thy Love and Grace.

Chamuel and Charity, place your Electronic Presence to the right, to the left of each one here. Be with us forever, O God.

O God, come into my temple quickly.

O Jesus, come quickly into my temple now.






Though I speak with the tongues of men
 and of angels, and have not Charity,
I am become as sounding brass
 or a tinkling cymbal.

And though I have the gift of prophecy
 and understand all mysteries
 and all knowledge;
And though I have all Faith,
 so that I could remove mountains,
 and have not Charity,
 I am nothing.

And though I bestow all my goods
 to feed the poor,
And though I give my body to be burned,
And have not Charity,
 it profiteth me nothing.

Charity suffereth long, and is kind;
Charity envieth not;
Charity vaunteth not itself,
 is not puffed up,

Doth not behave itself unseemly,
 seeketh not her own,
 is not easily provoked,
 thinketh no evil;

Rejoiceth not in iniquity,
 but rejoiceth in the truth;
Beareth all things, believeth all things,
 hopeth all things, endureth all things.
Charity never faileth, never faileth
Charity never faileth.

But whether there be prophecies,
 they shall fail;
Whether there be tongues,
 they shall cease;
Whether there be knowledge,
 it shall vanish away.

For we know in part
 and we prophesy in part.
But when that which is perfect is come,
Then that which is in part
 shall be done away.

When I was a child, I spake as a child,
I understood as a child,
 I thought as a child:
But when I became a man,
 I put away childish things.

For now we see through a glass, darkly;
But then face to face:
Now I know in part;
 but then shall I know
 even as also I am known.

And now abideth Faith,
And now abideth Hope,
And now abideth Charity,
 these three;
But the greatest of these is Charity!
 Charity! Charity!


I Corinthians 13






The path and the teaching of Divine Love taught by the Ascended Masters is very, very practical. When you leave here this evening you will have in your hand effective tools for the raising up of your spirit, for the solving of problems in human relationships, in your marriage, with your children by the only means possible—the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit.

So I would like to show you these techniques if you will take your Stump booklet. <8>

Saint Germain and the Ascended Masters

Today is a day when we experience great love for Saint Germain. Saint Germain is the Master whose portrait hangs to my left who complements the presence of Jesus to my right. Saint Germain was embodied as Saint Joseph and as the prophet Samuel and other illustrious figures beyond Atlantis and Lemuria many thousands of years ago and even up to the present era as Francis Bacon.

Today he is an Ascended Master. Tomorrow you may be an Ascended Master, because that is the path that he teaches, that is the path he has showed to us.

The definition of the term Ascended Master is a Master who has ascended: one who has mastered the flame of Love, the light of God, in all of the seven chakras of being—who has brought those sacred centers into balance, who has taken God control of his own consciousness, being, and world, who has balanced 51 percent of his karma, fulfilled his divine plan and merged with the consciousness and flame of God. This flame of the ascension, which is the white fire of the Divine Mother, begins to accelerate the very atoms and cells of the body whereby the soul is filled with Light—no longer, therefore, a candidate for reincarnation in these bodies we wear but a candidate for heavenly octaves in bodies celestial.

As Paul the apostle was taught directly from the heart of Jesus, so he wrote that there are bodies terrestrial and bodies celestial. <9> You have an Ascended Master light body above you—above you in vibration. It is the body of your Higher Self that you enter. You become one with it. And it is the only means of dwelling forever in the presence of God with the saints in heaven. The ascension is the goal of your life.


The Ascension and the Threefold Flame

The ascension is therefore the process, the ritual, the sacred adventure of accelerating all that we are. Saint Germain teaches this, explaining the mission and the Lost Teachings of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Jesus, of course, does not remain silent. He also teaches us by the Holy Spirit this path of the violet flame.

One day a number of years ago—in fact, in 1962—Saint Germain wrote to his students around the world a valentine. And through this valentine he explained the greatest gift of Life to us—the threefold flame of our hearts, the divine spark. I would like to read it to you as the sweet offering of his heart to you. He dictated this to my late husband, Mark Prophet, whose picture you see to your right. Mark Prophet lived and served as a Messenger for the Great White Brotherhood in this century and he passed on in 1973, fulfilling the teachings of the Ascended Masters that he taught, through the ritual of the ascension.

The ascension is not so far from you. It is capable of being entered into through Christ the Lord. The reason it is not a popular teaching or a known teaching is that the real Teachings of Jesus Christ have been lost or stolen from us. And they are being restored today by the Holy Spirit to the hearts of millions.

The purpose of our twin flames—of Mark and me—is to bring that Teaching together: to write it into books and to deliver it in the spoken Word so that all may have it and use it. It is the lost Word and the lost chord of the fullness of your being and your reunion with your twin flame. This we will unfold in this seminar.

So here is the valentine poem as Saint Germain gave it to Mark and as Mark wrote it down.


A Call to Hearts of Gold



Methought I would compose a sonnet
Valued by the world,
A poem with light of Love upon it—
A challenge to be hurled.

The “spear” I “shake”
And now do make,
A “Willing” of “I AM,”
To be the break
That all may take
O lovely God, I AM.

For thou hast sought
And to men brought
Opportunity and plan,
But men have thought
And oft been caught
By delusions in a jam.

Now if the power
Of Truth this hour
Earth’s freedom course must chart,
There must be men,
O valiant men,
To rally from the start—

To see behind
The shams of men
The fraud they have created,
Attacking Truth
And Sons of Light
Whom they have oft berated.

Now, I might add
This “not so bad”
Assessment of our friends
Is bad enough
Through lacking Love—
How they have underrated!

But we who’ve been
A part of earth
And felt the lash
Of tyrants bold—
For freedom’s sake
We now do make
A call to hearts of gold.

Stand stalwart, then,
And let your heart
Be framed by fragrant flowers,
Not earthly substance
That will fade—
Choose immortelles
From heaven’s bowers.

And see thy heart
As altar chalice,
Loved by God and man,
And holding forth forevermore
Tripartite Flame
...’Twill exalt the plan.

You are never alone
But always one
With us who love you now,
And as all came
From Central Sun
Our Love’s eternal, vowed.

  May I, on this occasion, speak of the heart to those of you who are perhaps familiar with the subject. And at the same time, inasmuch as many new souls are joining the ranks of those who read and love the Pearls of Wisdom, may I say to all that your heart is indeed one of the choicest gifts of God.

Within it there is a central chamber surrounded by such light and protection as that which we call a “cosmic interval.” It is a chamber separated from Matter, and no probing could ever discover it. It occupies simultaneously not only the third and fourth dimensions but also other dimensions unknown to man. It is thus the connecting point of the mighty silver cord of light that descends from your divine God Presence to sustain the beating of your physical heart, giving you life, purpose, and cosmic integration.

I urge all men to treasure this point of contact that they have with Life by paying conscious recognition to it. You do not need to understand by sophisticated language or scientific postulation the how, why, and wherefore of this activity.

Be content to know that God is there and that there is within you a point of contact with the Divine, a spark of fire from the Creator’s own heart which is called the Threefold Flame of Life. There it burns as the triune essence of Love, Wisdom, and Power.

Each acknowledgment paid daily to the flame within your heart will amplify the power and illumination of Love within your being. Each such attention will produce a new sense of dimension for you, if not outwardly apparent then subconsciously manifest within the folds of your inner thoughts.

Neglect not, then, your heart as the altar of God. Neglect it not as the sun of your manifest being. Draw from God the power of Love and amplify it within your heart. Then send it out into the world at large as the bulwark of that which shall overcome the darkness of the planet, saying:


I AM the Light of the heart
Shining in the darkness of being
And changing all into the golden treasury
Of the Mind of Christ.

I AM projecting my Love
Out into the world
To erase all errors
And to break down all barriers.

I AM the power of infinite Love,
Amplifying Itself
Until It is victorious,
World without end!

  With this gift of infinite freedom from God’s own heart this Valentine season, I close this epistle with a never-ending promise to assist you to find your immortal freedom as you determine never to give up and never to turn back. Remember that as long as you face the Light, the shadows are always behind. And the Light is there, too, to transmute them all.

Keep your gaze toward “the City” and be not overcome of evil but overcome evil with Good.


For the freedom of all mankind,


Lovingly, I AM

Saint Germain







The Power of the Name of God I AM THAT I AM

This is a very profound teaching. It is a teaching of the third ray of Love. Your heart is the chalice of this third ray and of Love. It is through your heart that you receive the blessings, the healing, and the initiations of the Archangel Chamuel and Charity.

This gift of a prayer, which is called a mantra, from Saint Germain, is to be found in this booklet. So we can give it together now. It is number 19 on page 5.

When you see the word “I AM” capitalized, you know you are pronouncing the name of God. I AM THAT I AM was the name of God given by God, and by the angel of the LORD who stood in his presence, to Moses <11>—Moses, our leader, Moses, who has liberated us from Egyptian bondage.

Can you not feel yourself present at the Red Sea in Egypt and then moving toward the Promised Land? Can you not identify with Moses and the moment of the Ten Commandments and this tremendous contact with Almighty God who, when he gave his name to Moses, gave it to him for us and said, “This is my name forever and my memorial to all generations”? “All generations”—that means you and me and all of the generations of our consciousness since then, before then, and till now.

When you say I AM THAT I AM you are saying, Where I stand, there God is. I could not exist if God were not where I am. He is a living flame of Love, Wisdom, and Power in my heart. He gave to me the divine spark. He feeds that spark, that unfed flame, over the silver cord which connects me to his living Presence through the Universal Christ.

You see this diagrammed on the Chart behind me—the I AM THAT I AM above; the Universal Christ, your Real Self, in the center; and the lower figure, yourself as you are seated here. You are the temple of the Holy Spirit, as Jesus and the apostles have taught you. <12>And therefore the flame of the Holy Spirit can be seen by you and called forth as the violet flame which is depicted on this Chart.

So when you look at this decree it says, I AM the Light of the heart. What it is saying is God in me, the I AM THAT I AM, is the Light of my heart. It is an affirmation. When you affirm the Light of the I AM THAT I AM here below through the power of the spoken Word, which is the power to create, so it is done. So it does manifest.

Our entire reason for being, for being born into these bodies, is to access the Light of the Spirit of the I AM THAT I AM and to draw it down into every cell and atom of these lower vehicles we wear until they become all Light; and therefore, no longer subject to time and space, they accelerate and there is no longer any difference between us and our Divine Reality above.

It is the Light in our hearts expanded to fill all of our house that collapses time and space—the grid of karma and mortality. And when you pass from the screen of life you are intended to ascend to that Presence—to transcend, vibrationally, these veils of death. And the reason your soul has taken embodiment this time is because you didn’t contain enough Light in your bodies, in your members, at the conclusion of your last life, so you had to come back again.

And why didn’t you contain enough Light? Because you had karma. Because you also had mortal desire and unfinished business to tend to. And because you didn’t know how to call forth the Light of your Mighty I AM Presence and to accelerate God’s Consciousness in your chakras. This is why you didn’t make your ascension in your last life.


“I Must Work the Works of Him That Sent Me”

So God sends us forth again and again to finish the work—his Work on earth. I must work the works of Him that sent me. <13> Isn’t that a wonderful mantra of Jesus? He said it. And that’s why you are here. God sent you to work his Work. And the way to do it better is to increase the Light by his name, by his Word, by the use of the mantra. So you take Jesus’ mantra and you say, In the name of my Mighty I AM Presence, in the name of the Son of God and beloved Jesus Christ,

I AM working the works of Him that sent me—

right now today!

I AM working the works of Him that sent me—

in God’s own way!

I AM working the works of Him that sent me—

by Love’s consuming sacred fire!

I AM working the works of Him that sent me—

by Christ’s own God-desire!

The mantra is a worded formula expressing devotion to God; it is an energy matrix that sustains the qualities invoked by the science of sound and rhythm. It is a prayer, but it is also a dynamic decree. It is also an affirmation. The prayer contains the pattern of that which you desire to manifest on earth by the authority of your God-given free will, by this divine spark in your heart, and by your beloved I AM Presence.

Therefore, with all of the love of your heart, all of the faith, all of the knowledge of the science of Being, won’t you offer Saint Germain’s prayer—a prayer of love to your God and to the God of your twin flame.



I AM the Light of the Heart

I AM the Light of the heart
Shining in the darkness of being
And changing all into the golden treasury
Of the Mind of Christ.

I AM projecting my Love
Out into the world
To erase all errors
And to break down all barriers.

I AM the power of infinite Love,
Amplifying Itself
Until It is victorious,
World without end!


(given three times)


The Exercise of the Spoken Word

There is a great deal of understanding that must precede the exercise of the spoken Word in prayer, in mantra, in decree. The science of this Word is both simple and vast. Usually I spend two or three hours teaching the fundamentals before we even begin to say a decree. If you are interested in studying and mastering these principles, I have a number of lectures on videotape and audio cassettes; above all, I recommend that you read our book The Science of the Spoken Word <14> from cover to cover and give the decrees that are in it with your whole heart.

I am trusting that you who are here recognize the power of prayer and of the spoken Word and understand that it is a profound communion with God. What you need to know is that you have a river of Life which is called the silver cord, and that it descends from the heart of the Father through the heart of the Son to your own heart chakra.

This is your natural spiritual resource. It is the energy you use to live and move and have being—to put your ideas into action, to express your love, to do everything you do in a lifetime. Your spiritual resources may be used by you according to your free will because you have a divine spark—because when God gave you that threefold flame, he gave you the gift of Himself, the gift of his power to create.

The threefold flame (which is also called the Holy Christ Flame) is the focus in you of the consciousness of the Trinity—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. By that sacred fire of God burning in your breast, you are endowed with the Universal Mind, you are a son of God and a co-creator with Him.

A decree, then, is an expression of your joy in God’s flame in your heart. It is your joyous response to your Creator, affirming His Being where you are. For when you decree, you are the instrument of God’s Word. By the power of that Word you draw down the infinite Light that is sealed in your I AM Presence.

You will notice that this decree says, “I AM the Light of the heart shining in the darkness of being and changing all...” The word change is the sign of the age of Aquarius we are entering. It’s the name of the game of the seventh ray. It is called transmutation, or purification. It means that if we have sent out hatred or even mild dislike in our lifetime, we have bound others by that energy and that energy will cycle back to us and bind us.

We become enlightened by our love for Jesus Christ and all of the saints of God. Our profound love for him makes us suddenly aware that this hatred or mild dislike is a wrong for which we are responsible and ultimately accountable. One day we will pay the price; and if we do not do so willingly, on our own initiative, the Law will exact it. This is the explanation for sudden calamity and cataclysm and cancer and the woes coming upon the earth. Karma. We cannot hate any part of Life, which is God, with impunity. Therefore, the perversion of the third ray of Divine Love is hatred, and we see that that energy of hatred must be transmuted by Love through the violet flame.

Now, we may have an accumulation of that karma of hatred from previous embodiments. Sometimes you meet someone and you have an instantaneous dislike for that person but you don’t really know why. It might be that you had an altercation in a past life, and the sense of injustice and the energies tied up in it are unresolved. So we don’t want to hate, and hate again, and pour out dislike again. We want to release this balm of Gilead—the power of God’s Love—for change, for transmutation, for the dissolution by the sacred fire of this record, this knot in our subconscious, or astral body.

We understand that energy is neither created nor destroyed. It goes somewhere, but it may be transformed. So what we must really understand is that hatred is a thing that we create—an overlay of negative vibration which we impose upon God’s pure energy. Because we are God’s children and his sons and daughters, he gave us the power to be co-creators with Him. We have made the mess we have made of our world. We have also created the bliss. We have made our choices and we live in the realms of our own creating. We can undo our past hatreds, discords and dislikes before they return to our doorstep for our undoing.

To that end, this evening is devoted to the third ray, to the ray of Divine Love. And this slide illustrates the heart chakra, which corresponds to that ray. It has twelve petals. You can visualize it as a pink flower having twelve petals with a threefold flame in the center.


The Violet Flame for Personal and Planetary Transmutation

Now, the action of change is brought about by the violet flame, which is the flame of the seventh ray and the seventh age of Aquarius. It is violet in color. Its purpose is transmutation. By the authority of the I AM Presence, the Holy Christ Self and the threefold flame within us, we can give a decree that calls forth the violet flame from the heart of God and sends it into the cause and core of all conditions known or unknown, conscious or unconscious, of hatred and the psychology of its nonresolution, arguments, anger—any and all problems we have ever had with people. Or perhaps we’ve even been angry at God because we don’t think our life has panned out the way it should.

So everything from mild dislike to irritation to fear, which is also a perversion of Love—all of this burdens the heart. It causes heart disease. It weighs down the chakra. The chakra doesn’t spin with the Christ Light. If we don’t have a functioning heart in the physical octave, we leave this octave, don’t we? We can’t make it without a heart, physically. And the truth is we can’t make it spiritually without an expanded heart flame, without Divine Love blazing from us as the great central sun of our being.

So what do we do now?—now that we’ve discovered we’ve misqualified the flame of Love. Well, we have to call forth the violet flame from the Person of the Holy Spirit, who both forgives our sin and transmutes the misqualified energy that is the product, or precipitate, of the consciousness and the act of sin.

This violet flame is the promise of God spoken by the prophets of the Old Testament. Jeremiah said:

After those days, saith the LORD, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people. And they shall teach no more every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying, Know the LORD: for they shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the LORD: for I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more. <15>

The alchemy of the violet flame is described by Isaiah, who spoke for the Lord:


Though your sins be as scarlet, I will make them white as snow. Though they be red like crimson, I will make them as wool. <16>

That’s a promise which is being fulfilled in the end times, now today in the seventh age.

Saint Germain is referred to as the seventh angel in the Book of Revelation, chapter 10. It is written:


But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets. <17>

  These are indeed the days of the voice of Saint Germain when he is speaking through his Messengers the prophecy of the seventh age, sounding and intoning the sound of the violet flame; and the mystery of God is being finished through his sponsorship together with the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood (the saints robed in white, their souls and auras and chakras purified by the white light; see Revelation 3:4, 5; 4:4; 6:9-11; 7:9, 13-15; 15:6; 19:7, 8, 14).

And this mystery of the Word is being fulfilled in us through that “little book” which the angel gave to John the Revelator, who found when he “ate it up” that it was in his mouth sweet as honey, but bitter in the belly. <18>

Today the message of this little book has been set forth by Saint Germain and published by us under the title Saint Germain On Alchemy: For the Adept in the Aquarian Age. <19> This is your handbook for the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness. When you take it and eat it up, you will know the fundamental laws governing your fiery destiny in this life. And if you diligently apply them, you will fulfill that destiny and your reason for being—and no man shall take thy crown. <20> For the LORD Thy God has decreed it. And it is so!

The violet flame, whose alchemy produces the sweet and the bitter chemicalization as it contacts the substance of good and bad karma in our system, is the greatest revelation and the greatest gift to all mankind in the twentieth century next to that of the threefold flame itself.

Now, there is a mantra for the calling forth of the violet flame into your heart, which is found on page 3, number 5, of your Stump booklet. I am going to show you how to make a simple call to the heart of God for the violet flame to come into your heart physically, mentally, spiritually, through all of the various layers of your being, even to the subconscious levels, to purge you of the records and momentums of these burdens that I have named.

I want you to be recalling in your heart incidents in which you may have in any way misused Divine Love in this life—human possessiveness, factors of control, et cetera, et cetera. I think we all know the whole litany of ways Love can be compromised to the detriment of all.


   Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, beloved Father, in the name of thy Son, by the full power and presence of thy Holy Spirit with us and beloved Archangel Chamuel and Charity, we invoke the intense action of the violet flame from the heart of Jesus Christ and Saint Germain.

   Legions of Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst, angels of the violet flame, come forth! Release now in answer to our call an intense action of the violet flame into our hearts and into our heart chakras.

   In the name I AM THAT I AM, we command the sacred fires of the Holy Spirit to transmute now the cause and core of sin, all habits of the habitual misuse of Divine Love in fear and doubt, human questioning of our Lord, in hate and hate creation and disease, every form of death and dying, even the perversion of Love in the practice of witchcraft, voodoo, black magic, and the perversion of the sound and rhythm of the Word.

   Almighty God, deliver us. For by thy Holy Spirit we would have the purification, the transmutation now of that which burdens our heart as well as the heart of our beloved twin flame, all family and Community members, all Lightbearers throughout the world, all whom we have ever wronged and all who have ever wronged us.

   Almighty God, answer now our call! Enter our hearts through the Father and the Son in this Holy Spirit action of the violet flame.

   We offer now in silent prayer to Thee, O God, our confession of the misuse of Love and our deep desire to have this transmutation take place in this hour. Therefore, in Jesus’ name we enter into silent prayer for the purging of our hearts.

        [pause for personal prayer]


        Therefore, O God, desiring to be delivered of all these things and to retain only thy flame of perfect charity, we offer this decree in the name of Jesus Christ:


Violet Fire, thou Love divine,
Blaze within this heart of mine!
Thou art Mercy forever true,
Keep me always in tune with you.

(given 12 times)




  Now, what we are doing is calling for the action of the Light that descends over the silver cord. It is a crystal-clear river of Life which, as John saw it, proceeds “out of the throne of God [your I AM Presence] and of the Lamb [your Holy Christ Self].” <21>

This “pure river of water of life” has no qualification. It is God’s pristine energy that has not had the stamp of creation placed upon it. When it reaches your temple, it passes through the top of the head (the soft spot on the baby’s head that you see pulsating at birth, which is later covered over). The ‘lifestream’ descends to the heart, where the threefold-flame fountain receives this light stream of its source.

The author of Proverbs says, “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” <22> All that we do issues from the meditation of our heart and our communion through our heart with our Lord.

Here, then, illustrated in this slide is that threefold flame, the divine spark. By the authority of that divine spark within us we are commanding the Light of God that is descending from his Presence into specific action. We are saying:



  O Light of God that never fails, in the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to manifest as the seventh ray of God’s violet flame! Go forth from my heart. Purify and purge my heart of all misuses of God’s sacred fire of Love. Consume and transmute all hardness of heart, all records of fear, doubt and death, the cause and core of heart disease in my karma and my bad eating habits. Let the violet flame of the Holy Spirit blaze and burn through my heart until I am free from all that is not acceptable in thy sight.

Now, why do we repeat the decree? Why don’t we say it only once? Is it not a vain repetition of words? Didn’t Jesus warn against the vain repetition of prayer? <23>

Come let us reason together, saith the Lord... You are using the power of the spoken Word, and that Word in you is qualifying this never-ending flow of spiritual energy depicted on the Chart—the crystal-clear light. It’s a moving stream. As it passes through the nexus of the mind and heart, it is stamped with your fiat, <24> or decree. By this act of calling forth the violet flame in giving this decree, you are coloring the stream violet and qualifying it with the seventh-ray vibration.

You know, if you were standing by a stream, you’d be watching the flow—moment by moment new water is passing by you. Decreeing is like putting some dye in a stream—it colors the water violet, but that stream keeps moving. So if you want the whole stream to be violet, you have to qualify the next water and the next.

So the crystal water of life is descending like a Niagara Falls. The more we decree, the more we are charging the energy flowing over the silver cord with the violet flame. First this violet-flame stream charges our whole body and mind with the transmutative healing power of the seventh ray. Then it flows from us through our chakras, which it purifies on the way, blessing all whom we meet. This explains Jesus’ Eastern teaching: “He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly [the solar plexus and seat-of-the-soul chakras] shall flow rivers of living water.” <25>

So, then, our ‘lifestream’ is stamped with the violet flame every time we decree. The repetition of the dynamic decree is for the intensification and the acceleration of God’s light scientifically within us, qualifying our spiritual resources with the vibration and the purity of the Holy Spirit for the blessing of all life.

You see, this is not vain repetition but prayer with a purpose: the re-creation of ourselves and our world in the image and likeness of God. Because the decree is expressing our will to confirm God’s will “on earth as it is in heaven,” the qualification of our energy and consciousness continues after the decree is given—so long as we hold the desire, the harmony, and the free will to have it so in our lives.

Now, you can hear the decree accelerate. You can hear it become fiery and intense because a decree is a command. And God said to us, Command ye me—“Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me.” <26> And the work of God’s hands is everything that’s happening in the physical universe. And the reason our souls descended into this physicality is to “work the works of Him that sent me.” We are not only the handiwork of God, we are the instruments of God’s work. John Kennedy captured this idea when he said, “On earth God’s work must truly be our own.”

God told us to take dominion over the earth and to subdue it. What’s more, He gave us the free will to make it his kingdom. Creation is always by free will and by the spoken Word. God said in the beginning, “Let there be light.” And it is written in Genesis, “and there was light.” <27> He gave the spoken command and the physical cosmos was created through all manifestations of himself—Elohim, archangels, and all the heavenly host.

But you yourself also have a world. It is your “little world,” your microcosm. You make the same fiat, Let there be Light! You are tired of the void of darkness and human nonsense in your four lower bodies. You’re tired of disease or being accident-prone or having problems with your job or your family. You want it all to be consumed by the fire of God’s will, so you make that creative fiat, Let there be Light! And you are so determined in your heart and in your soul and in your being that it becomes a command both upon the force of Nature and your causal body, and the Light descends and you are filled with that Light. And, by the way, when you say Light with a capital L, you mean Christ—that Christ who personifies in you and precipitates all of the light, energy, and consciousness of God in your being and aura.

The Bible and all scriptures of the world are filled with fiats of God, decrees of God. And the Father intended us to repeat them, to affirm them. The Psalms contain the fiats of God.

So this decree manifests through you as an effect. You are the receiver of the Light. The real decreer, the one who is really decreeing, is your own Holy Christ Self, who is your Real Self—the individual manifestation of that Universal Christ where you are. So when you let yourself be the instrument of the decree, rather than trying to take it over, the Light itself, as Christ in you, accelerates and increases its power over you!

I didn’t increase the speed of that decree. It’s the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. It picks you right up and it carries you wherever it wills, and it goes through your whole body. You can feel the love of God and the happiness and joy of the violet flame when you give this.

So we’re going to give it again and I am going to make another call.


   Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, O beloved Father, receive us now into your Heart of hearts. Come, now, and let our heart be your own. Deliver us from all miseries of the past by the flaming presence of the Holy Ghost, by the sacred fire of the violet flame.

   Come, O Christ, into my heart. Heal me! Purge me! Cleanse and purify me now. Therefore, in thy name I AM THAT I AM, we decree.



Heart, Head, and Hand Decree


Violet Fire, thou Love divine,
Blaze within this heart of mine!
Thou art Mercy forever true,
Keep me always in tune with you.

(given 15 times)

  So we are carried by the Word, even as we are carriers of It, and the Holy Spirit picks us up and takes us where we know not. It picks up our vibrations, that’s what the Holy Spirit does. It picks us up in joy.

Now, there are a number of very important decrees and affirmations you can give from this Stump booklet, and I want to give a couple of them with you for this heart action, but first let’s complete the threefold action of the threefold flame—heart, head, and hand:



I AM Light, thou Christ in me,
Set my mind forever free;
Violet Fire, forever shine
Deep within this mind of mine.

God who gives my daily bread
With Violet Fire fill my head
Till thy radiance heavenlike
Makes my mind a mind of Light.


I AM the hand of God in action,
Gaining Victory every day;
My pure soul’s great satisfaction
Is to walk the Middle Way.

  Your heart is the seat of Christ in you. When you call to the Universal Christ, when you say, O Jesus, come into my temple! the Son of God takes up his abode in you, in your heart. And you can journey to your heart and greet your Lord there.

You have a manifestation of Christ’s presence above you, as we mentioned. It’s called your Holy Christ Self. When Jesus comes into your heart, so your Holy Christ Self also comes into your heart because they are one. There is really only one Christ, one Universal Light, one only begotten Son of God who was embodied in the son of man Jesus and who is intended to embody in the son of man, or manifestation—you! You are sons and daughters of God following your elder brother, who is also the manifestation of the Master, the Lord, and the Saviour. He has shown the way of the incarnate Word. Now it is your time to draw down this Light into your temple.

I AM the Christ in Action Here

So we have an affirmation, I AM the Christ in action here. This is for the expansion of the heart flame. I’d like to invite you to sing it, because singing is another way of decreeing. It’s on page 20, number 76.

Now is the time to offer in your heart, in silent prayer, your personal prayer to Christ—Jesus Christ, your Holy Christ Self, God the Father, the Holy Spirit, the Universal Light. When you’ve made your personal prayer, that becomes the matrix, or pattern, into which the Light descends when you sing. Whatever you pray for, whatever you pray that shall happen upon earth, submitting it to God’s will, that, then, becomes the cup of your desire into which the Father pours his Light. And into that matrix you pour the devotion of your song to Him.

Listen to the words you are singing and accept them as a divine decree that is happening now right where you are and right where your twin flame is anywhere in the universe. Wherever your twin flame is, affirm this and pray for the same action. Things equal to the same thing are equal to each other. When you give your prayers and calls for your twin flame as well as for yourself, you are establishing between your souls a reverberation, a consonance of harmony—Alpha/Omega, the positive/negative spirals of the Godhead.

When you and your twin flame are one in vibration, you cannot be separate. You are one in that vibration. And every word you couple with I AM, or I AM THAT I AM as the name of God, is released and multiplied by the power of his Sacred Name and Presence in your life.

So now we will sing this decree for the Universal Christ to come into action in our lives to the music of Excelsior.


Christ I AM—with Light surround me
  Christ within and all around me
From above God’s love enfolds me
  I AM the Christ in action here.

Grace I AM—with grace surround me
  Grace within and all around me
From above God’s love enfolds me
  I AM the grace of Mary here.

Michael, come, with faith surround me
  Blaze thy pow’r of faith around me
From above God’s love enfolds me
  I AM thy full protection here.

Violet fire, come now, surround me
  Blaze thy mighty pow’r around me
Saint Germain’s great love enfolds me
  I AM the flame of freedom here.

Jesus, raise thy Light around me
  Resurrect thy Light within me
May thy star of peace e’er hold me
  I AM the peace of Jesus here.

(given three times)

  Now accept the peace of Jesus in the name of God, and dwell within it forevermore.

The Holy Christ Flame

The archangels and their archeiai are the great Teachers of mankind, and they have called me to conduct this retreat on the healing power of angels so that they might teach you what is the power of God that is available to you through their intercession. So I am not the Teacher (the I AM in me and you is the Teacher), but I am the messenger of the archangels.

Therefore, in each of the seven scheduled sessions, beginning with this evening, the archangels will dictate their words through me to you by the authority of the Lord Christ and his Holy Spirit. And so, in offering dynamic decrees and devotional songs you are preparing your body temple as a chalice to receive this Light and Teaching. We are going to consecrate our energies in a few more songs and decrees for the clearing of the heart chakra so that you may receive not only the archangels but, through their clearing action, the presence of your Lord, Jesus Christ and your beloved Holy Christ Self.

A very sweet prayer that we have to the Holy Christ Flame is also sung and it’s on page 20. It is number 74. Through this prayer you can pour your heart to your beloved Holy Christ Self. This Holy Christ presence is referred to as the guardian angel, the presence just above you who protects and directs you. And when you obey this voice of your Lord you are always on the right path.

The first verse is your call to the Holy Christ Flame, and the second is the answer. Won’t you now in your heart offer this prayer on behalf of your soul, the soul of your twin flame, your families, children, loved ones, and everyone you know, or don’t know, in the whole world:


Thou Holy Christ Flame within my heart
 Help me to manifest all thou art
Teach me to see thyself in all
 Help me to show men how to call
All of thy glory from the Sun
 ‘Til earth’s great victory is won
I AM we love thee, thou art our all!
 I AM we love thee, hear our call!

I hear thy call, my children dear
 I AM thy heart, so never fear
I AM your mind, your body, too
 I AM in every cell of you.
I AM thy earth and sea and sky
 And not one soul shall I pass by
I AM in thee, thou art in me
 I AM, I AM thy victory.

  Now we’ll sing the “Introit to the Holy Christ Flame,” the next song on page 20. Let us first chant the AUM (OM). It is the sound we learn from the Eastern Masters for the intoning of the Word:



Holy Christ Self above me
Thou balance of my soul
Let thy blessed radiance
Descend and make me Whole.


Thy Flame within me ever blazes
Thy Peace about me ever raises
Thy Love protects and holds me
Thy dazzling Light enfolds me.
I AM thy threefold radiance
I AM thy living Presence
Expanding, expanding, expanding now.


Holy Christ Flame within me
Come, expand thy triune Light
Flood my being with the essence
Of the pink, blue, gold, and white.


Holy lifeline to my Presence
Friend and brother ever dear
Let me keep thy holy vigil
Be thyself in action here.


Decrees for Freedom’s Holy Light and More Violet Fire

We would like to give some additional decrees to the violet flame to prepare our hearts for the gift of Chamuel and Charity. Won’t you turn to page 5, the “Decree for Freedom’s Holy Light.”

Another name for the violet flame is freedom, is liberty, is mercy, is justice. All of these are qualities of the Holy Spirit’s seventh ray. All of this is what creates the Holy Spirit’s action of transmutation. So listen to this wonderful fiat as we give it now.


   In the name of our Mighty I AM Presence, in the name of the Lord God Almighty, let this Mighty Cosmic Light of Freedom’s Flame penetrate and saturate and burn right through all that is unreal about us and our beloved twin flame, all unreality that burdens our homes, our families, our consciousness, our minds, our work.

   Purge and purify us, O Holy Spirit of God. Come into our temple now. So, as Above so below, I and my Father are one, I and my Mother are one, I and my twin flame are one.

   In Jesus Christ, we say together the “Decree for Freedom’s Holy Light”:


Mighty Cosmic Light!
My own I AM Presence bright,
 Proclaim Freedom everywhere—
In Order and by God Control
I AM making all things whole!

Mighty Cosmic Light!
Stop the lawless hordes of night,
 Proclaim Freedom everywhere—
In Justice and in Service true
I AM coming, God, to you!

Mighty Cosmic Light!
I AM Law’s prevailing might,
 Proclaim Freedom everywhere—
In magnifying all goodwill
I AM Freedom living still!

Mighty Cosmic Light!
Now make all things right,
 Proclaim Freedom everywhere—
In Love’s Victory all shall go,
I AM the Wisdom all shall know!

I AM Freedom’s holy Light
 Nevermore despairing!
I AM Freedom’s holy Light
 Evermore I’m sharing!
Freedom, Freedom, Freedom!
 Expand, expand, expand!
Forevermore I AM Freedom!





Now we’ll take the decree “More Violet Fire,” on page 6. Together.


Lovely God Presence, I AM in me,
Hear me now I do decree:
Bring to pass each blessing for which I call
Upon the Holy Christ Self of each and all.

Let Violet Fire of Freedom roll
Round the world to make all whole;
Saturate the earth and its people, too,
With increasing Christ-radiance shining through.

I AM this action from God above,
Sustained by the hand of heaven’s Love,
Transmuting the causes of discord here,
Removing the cores so that none do fear.

The full power of Freedom’s Love
Raising all earth to heaven above.
Violet Fire now blazing bright,
In living beauty is God’s own Light

Which right now and forever
Sets the world, myself, and all life
Eternally free in Ascended Master Perfection.
Almighty I AM! Almighty I AM! Almighty I AM!

  Now let us affirm the violet flame by the power of God’s I AM name. Page 5, number 18. Now, this is going to be a decree that you give with all the authority of the God flame within you, all the Christ-determination you can muster. So I am going to ask you to stand for this.

“Where I AM is the flame of God.” Try saying that.


Where I AM is the flame of God!
Where I AM is the flame of God!
Where I AM is the flame of God!

  “Here I AM, so help me God!”


Here I AM, so help me God!
Here I AM, so help me God!
Here I AM, so help me God!

  “Take me, O Lord, to thy heart.”


Take me, O Lord, to thy heart.
Take me, O Lord, to thy heart.
Take me, O Lord, to thy heart.


I AM the Violet Flame


   In Jesus’ name I call upon the Holy Spirit. I call, therefore, to the Father in the name of the Son to send the twelve legions of angels from his heart who are under the dominion of Jesus Christ to come to our aid. Come, holy angels, for our healing. Come for the healing of Love. Come now, O violet flame, perfect our hearts that we might know thee as thou art.

   O Almighty God, let thy dispensation of mercy come that our twin flame might be cut free to ascend to thee in this hour—to see thee face to face, to work thy works on earth. According to thy will, O God, let us work together hand in hand for the victory of thy kingdom, thy divine plan, thy Word manifest in us.

   In the name of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, who are the saints robed in white in heaven, having risen from every race and nation and religion, we joyfully invoke thy violet flame.

   The name of this decree is “I AM the Violet Flame.”



I AM the Violet Flame
 In action in me now
I AM the Violet Flame
 To Light alone I bow
I AM the Violet Flame
 In mighty Cosmic Power
I AM the Light of God
 Shining every hour
I AM the Violet Flame
 Blazing like a sun
I AM God’s sacred power
 Freeing every one

(given six times)


   This decree, then, becomes a fiat—a fiat of your will one with God’s will. With the deep desiring of your heart, when you send forth this call, it does manifest. You must watch for the signs of God’s answer to your call in little things, in great things. Above all, you will see it in a new joy and peace that is ever with you.

   Now, this fiat that is so powerful when you give it this way becomes a lilting lullaby when you sing it to the three-quarter time that corresponds to the rhythm of your heart chakra and your threefold flame. So these words can receive and empower—by God’s Word—your spirit, your desiring, your own creativity.

   No one individual is quite like any other. You may say the same words as your neighbor, but the entire momentum of your faith, your love, your devotion is poured into the chalice of the worded pattern or matrix. The words form a crystal chalice. You pour into that chalice the gift of your heart to God, to all the hosts of heaven, and to your beloved, and it is very special, very personal and private between you and God. [“I AM the Violet Flame,” sung three times.]


Jesus’ I AM Lord’s Prayer

   As we prepare for the dictation of Chamuel and Charity, we are going to sing a hymn. Welcoming the hosts of the Lord in the person and presence of Chamuel and Charity, let us sing Jesus’ I AM Lord’s Prayer. It is on page 13, number 49.

   Remember, when you say “I AM,” you’re saying, God is where I AM and God in me is “Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will being done,” etc.


Our Father who art in heaven,
Hallowed be Thy name, I AM.
I AM Thy Kingdom come
I AM Thy Will being done
I AM on earth even as I AM in heaven
I AM giving this day daily bread to all
I AM forgiving all Life this day even as
I AM also all Life forgiving me
I AM leading all men away from temptation
I AM delivering all men from every evil condition
I AM the Kingdom
I AM the Power and
I AM the Glory of God in eternal, immortal
All this I AM.


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This Pearl is taken from the introductory lecture on twin flames given by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Valentine’s Day, Friday, February 14, 1986, at the weekend seminar The Healing Power of Angels, held at Camelot.

Affirmations, invocations, songs, prayers, mantras, decrees and fiats of the Lord printed in bold type in the Pearl are to be used by the disciples of Christ in their daily exercise of the science of the spoken Word. Keepers of the Flame are encouraged to compose their own affirmations based on the teachings given in this lecture by the Messenger.

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