Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 29 No. 24 - Beloved Sanat Kumara - June 9, 1986


The Ancient Mantle Is Restored


Helios and Vesta, I am come, the servant of Light, Sanat Kumara, and the Holy Kumaras with me.

And may I introduce the twin flames, the mighty Snow King and the Snow Queen, whose Light has graced in ancient time the land known as Greenland, beloved ones. And thus they ruled there in an era when all was tropical and beautiful, and therefore the name remained.

Beloved hearts, dwelling in the white fire core of the holy purpose of this ancient civilization, these twin flames release in this hour the light of a cosmic snow which comes upon earth as a cloud of infinite energy such as you call forth according to the alchemy and ritual of Saint Germain. <1>

Therefore, beloved, know that this light of cosmic snow has the same absorptive quality of the cloud of infinite energy. It comes to earth, then, in a release of light, clearing the debris for the descent further and further into the physical octave of the etheric body of Light, the swaddling garment given to earth thirteen months ago. <2>

Blessed ones, this cosmic snow is to absorb ten thousand times the weight of each particle in human creation and substance of the astral plane. Such is the quality of this light. Throughout the world, then, a new purity of light goes forth and a clearing action that comes in answer to your calls to the violet flame.

For the Great Central Sun Magnet of the violet flame, made known to you by Lanello this Christmas Eve past, <3> is surely a triumphant light, beloved hearts. It is the action for the demagnetization and transmutation of great darkness that has covered the land. And now in its wake, in its clearing action, there is a way made clear for the descent of the light of purity. May you celebrate the presence of purity in my own twin flame, Lady Master Venus, keeping the flame of the Inner Retreat of the Divine Mother—that City of Light established over this place from ancient times and now revealed. <4>

Beloved ones, may you receive the purity of Light from the Queen of Light, the Goddess of Light, the Goddess of Purity, archangels and angels serving, then, this frequency of Light—Gabriel and Hope, legions of Elohim Purity and Astrea, legions of Serapis Bey and seraphim. For all gather to amplify this hour.

It is a cosmic moment always when a planetary home may receive this release of cosmic snow, always passed from Solar Logoi through these reigning hierarchs, the Snow King and Queen. May you receive them and the fairy wonderland they bring, as elemental life rejoice, and breathe in this cosmic radiance, radioactive with the light of the Central Sun, which when absorbed is for the healing of disease and the consuming of those diseases which beset the earth in these last plagues. <5>

Therefore, you who are burdened in heart, for your bodies have been burdened even unto the death, we say to each and every one of you, you have not lived in vain. For by your presence, by your life lived with God-determination and sacrifice, dispensations may come forth such as these, which when amplified in the dynamic decrees of the student body can mean the turning back of these plagues of viruses of many kinds.

Blessed ones, take heart, then, for earth has been host to aliens who have permeated its atmosphere and the bodies of people and the animal kingdom alike with those substances working against the light of the centrosome of every cell in the body. Beloved hearts, the age of heart, of Aquarius, of expansion of the heart flame is the pushing back of this darkness.

May your threefold flame be balanced. May the Light push out this darkness and consume it. May the Light of your heart as a sun radiance, O beloved, now greet the pressing in of this cosmic snow. And may the patterns of rays from your heart be open channels whereby the light of the cosmic snow may enter your being as an immunization, then, from this darkness moving, then, from the astral to the physical plane.

We have placed the armour of Light, the blue sphere in the fourteen-month cycle; and you have been admonished to call for the golden chain mail established by the God and Goddess Meru many years ago. <6>

These actions of the sacred fire taken by the cosmic hosts, beloved ones, are for your appropriation. And this is the reason why you have the dynamic decree—to affirm and confirm our Word that comes out of the highest octaves of Light through the etheric plane. From the etheric plane down through the mental, astral, and physical is your responsibility to invoke it, to establish the highways of our God <7> that the light may pass through for the purging, yea, and the acceleration of matter molecules until this earth not only reflects the Light but becomes that Light in every cell and particle and grain of sand!

Therefore, beloved, we come with legions of Light. And I AM Karttikeya, known of old as the leader of the armies of heaven. We come for the defense of Light in this heart and your heart and every heart on earth yet to be contacted by Morya’s thread of contact.

O beloved ones, as you have decreed it, so the Great Law then affirms that we may answer that call. And we come to defend the right of the Great White Brotherhood to be in the physical octave. This is the drawing of the light of the hosts of heaven down to the very base of the pyramid of Life. Thus, in the cities, in the streets, in the professions, in the businesses and marts of commerce, let the light of the Great White Brotherhood permeate and penetrate through!

Let life be a circle of oneness and not of separation. Let there not be, beloved, the separation of the arts and culture and music from government or from religion. Let not life be compartmentalized, beloved! Let it not be that one is a specialist in this area and suffers, then, the nondevelopment of all other areas and chakras.

Let the religion of Almighty God—the stretching forth of his mighty hand finding the soul, turning the soul back to the original Central Sun—be, then, the set of the sail of every endeavor. Let every attitude of life, every beatitude of love therefore be the encompassing of the understanding of the I AM THAT I AM.

Let this Chart given to you by Saint Germain become a great stained glass window, that the light of the sun may play upon these spheres of light and all may see, as with the passing of the cycles of the hours and centuries, how different qualities of the flames are seen and the hues of light increase and decrease.

Thus, all in his time, every man and every woman must become on the stage of life, then, prominent for the quality of Light he may deliver that is uniquely required to save his nation, his people, and the idea itself of Love and the universal religion of the Universal Christ.

Beloved ones, when the Sun shines through the crystal of your being and the fire is so intense that the world is fairly blinded for the light, it is your hour and not the power of darkness <8> but the power of the light of your causal body descending! So let it be that this light may flow through your auras and the rings of the auric field and the chakras. So let it be that you are prepared additionally, then, by the gift of the cosmic snow, which you may call forth and amplify in any hour by this power of the Great Central Sun Magnet of the violet flame.

Oh, we intensify the release of Light! Oh, we come for the confounding of those fallen ones who have set their teeth and, in so setting their teeth against the Light, have then become those for whom the outer darkness is the weeping and the gnashing of teeth. <9> Therefore, beloved ones, they are ground to powder <10> and the Light itself is all that remains. And the identity that has denied the Light is no longer. It is cosmic law.

And you are in embodiment for one purpose—that the wheels of your chakras might accelerate to amplify and increase that cosmic law of Light! Light! Light! Light of purity descending now for the fulfillment of the vow of every lifestream upon this earth—lifestreams in India and China and Tibet and throughout this planet who have maintained their tie to the Great White Brotherhood through adversities and persecutions and eras of darkness.

Light! Light! Light! go forth now from the Central Sun by the power of the secret rays in this cosmic snow! And let these souls of Light receive our assistance. And let this trial be the statement of the Victory of every saint and martyr and everyone who has stood for Light and has fallen for want of the defense of this Community of the Holy Spirit.

I, Sanat Kumara, stand in the City of Light above and below here with you. And I say with Lady Master Venus, our gift to Saint Germain and Portia is to extend the Light, to penetrate through, to clear the way for the drawing of these souls under the canopy of the Great White Brotherhood for bringing these souls to the path homeward, to reestablish the Light and contact with the Great White Brotherhood and to let them know that they are not alone.

No matter what their path or element of devotion, there is a oneness worldwide in this new year of 1986 of all those who consider themselves a part of the forces of Light of all cosmos. This oneness we secure at inner levels. You, then, may secure it on the outer and have our full support, beloved. Oh, will you do it with our fervor now? [“Yes!” applause]

The ancient mantle is restored—the mantle worn by this Messenger at inner levels before the world was, in the heart of the Great Central Sun. This mantle, being retained at the level of the Christ Self at inner levels of Light, does drop, then, upon the physical shoulders of the physical Messenger. And therefore, the full authority of her divine being is reestablished this day in the physical octave.

Beloved ones, understand the meaning of the Path. All have gone forth into the Matter spheres. And in the making of karma and in the entangling alliances with the fallen ones, there has been a separation of the inner being and the outer. When the initiations are sufficiently passed, when the 100 percent of the karma is balanced, when the God-Control is shown in the face of adversity, then the inner mantle may be restored and returned.

Blessed ones, whether or not you have realized it, you are all striving for the mantle of your Holy Christ Self and the highest attainment of your being which you knew with your twin flame in the beginning and which you also earned in the service of the hierarchy of angels, of Ascended Masters, Elohim, and elemental life.

Thus, beloved ones, this mantle is the mantle of the angelic hierarchy. For your Messengers began their evolution as angels of Light and came descending into form, walking in the way of the sons and daughters of God and earning therefore that individual Christhood. Thus, from the bands of angels and legions of Light whence they descended comes this ceremony at inner levels, and now on the outer, of the reinstatement of that mantle.

Now, if she shall wield it in the full power of its origin in the heart of the Word, you will see that it becomes a canopy and a call and a sustaining presence to all similarly aligned in this wavelength of Light and hierarchy of service. It is an infinite hierarchy of Light, beloved ones. And therefore know that as you are chelas of Sanat Kumara through this Messenger, you also increase, you also expand and abound in Light through this mantle which you touch and have in this figure-eight flow.

Therefore I say again, as the fiat of the beloved Father unto her: The ancient mantle is restored, my own beloved. Go forth in confidence. For the light and the authority of the mantle of the Great White Brotherhood is indeed multiplied by the full attainment now of thy causal body.

I say it, beloved ones, as a fiat and as a message to the sinister force, who have taken full advantage of the condition of the flesh and the lowliness of the physical octave in which ye all have been bound and separated from the Holy of Holies. And they have enticed and entranced from the least unto the greatest of Lightbearers. And therefore, they have feared the hour and the coming of the restoration of the mantle. And they have tried at every hand and in every way to delay its manifestation through the passing of the plots to create more and more karma and therefore to sustain the separation.

Beloved ones, this is the value of the path of chelaship through Lanello and El Morya given to your Messenger, which she does strive daily and hourly to give to you that you might realize that any condition of density or stubbornness or division within your members does postpone the very day of the return of your own mantle of grace and authority in the hierarchy of the Godhead whence you descended to this world, coming desiring to save the children of the Light yet not always remembering your highest calling and the honor of it in word and deed and company.

And I mention the word company, beloved ones. Let your company, then, be with angels and souls of Light. Guard well your company that you do not absorb the darkness and the lethal emanations of fallen ones. Be free to consort with Divinity and his offspring but do not consider this freedom as license to do or to be any thing. For thereby you may discover yourselves once again entangled in the ways of the fallen angels who lurk to take you from your highest attunement.

Therefore, to you and to all upon this earth I say, the ancient mantle of the Divine Mother is reinstated, is restored. Therefore let the Light prevail. Let the Darkness wane. And let those criminal elements in every land receive the judgment of that mantle.

Thus far and no farther! You shall not cross the line of this mantle of Light. And we, the emissaries of the Great White Brotherhood, we who express and carry the authority of the Guru, of the Great God—we, Sanat Kumara, Holy Kumaras and the Lady Master Venus—take our stand for the rolling back of the entire force of dark ones in all galaxies and systems who have set themselves against the Light of Almighty God in embodiment in you, each and every one who is an extension of ourselves, and in the Witnesses <11> and all who have gone before.

Beloved ones, this is the hour of the turning around of Darkness on planet earth. What we face, then, as the equation, beloved hearts, is that the momentum of Darkness in the individual lives of the people and their ignorance of this dispensation may cause them to experience that slip twixt the cup and the lip whereby, because they do not know of the turning around of Darkness and the turning of the Light against that Darkness, they may allow themselves to be once again beset by that Darkness.

Therefore let the fiat go forth. Let it ring throughout the planetary body. The Darkness this day is turned back! It shall not stand! And the dark ones have no defense, no access to the Light of the Divine Mother! And the mantle of the LORD God upon the Messenger does drive back these fallen ones. And they must receive their judgment in answer to the call of the children of Sanat Kumara, the children of the Mother and the sons and daughters of God with her on a planetary scale.

Beloved ones, the hour is come for a tremendous reinforcement of positive victory within your hearts! That this action of Light decreed become physical, we have come. For as you know, the confirmation of this dispensation of the Central Sun may be in the earth only by your affirmation.

Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Thou hast been faithful in a few things, I will make thee ruler over many. <12> Thus may it be spoken of you, beloved, as it is spoken here this day.

Go forth in triumph, for the Light does prevail! The Light does triumph! And I AM in the Spirit of the cosmic forces of Victory who assemble in your behalf, in behalf of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood on earth in this hour.

I salute you. I extend to you from my heart the light of peace and the embrace of heaven unto earth.

Be healed, O beloved, for thy soul does ascend to God.


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Sanat Kumara was delivered through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, January 26, 1986, at Deer Park Chapel, Royal Teton Ranch, Montana.

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The Acceptance of the Mantle and the Mission

O Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, Lord Sanat Kumara, beloved Father, I raise the sword of the sacred fire, and with the mantle that is my own and the mantle of the Great White Brotherhood, I divide the waters of Jordan. I cleave asunder the Real from the unreal. I AM the binding of all forces of Darkness assailing the Light of God in his people on earth.

Let the mantle of Light descend and the power of Moses and Elijah, the Lord Christ and Sanat Kumara. Now, therefore, O God, fulfill in us by the power of thy office with us this day the divine plan for this Inner Retreat that we might be in position according to the grid of Light and the will of God, January 1, 1987.

Let all Darkness that assails the Great White Brotherhood be confounded, bound, and turned back. I decree it by the authority of the Light of God with me and within each and every one of the chelas of the will of God worldwide. Wherever they may be, I call upon their causal body of Light, the mantle of their own Christ. Let it descend, O God! For this earth is the LORD’s, and the fullness thereof, the sea, and all they that dwell therein.

O God, we are one. In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and the Mother, we accept thy call, we accept thy light, thy cosmic snow and secret rays. We accept our mantle, O God. We wield it in thy name to thy holy purpose.

(In the name of Jesus Christ, let us kneel before the altar of Sanat Kumara.)

Beloved Father, we are thy sons and daughters, thy angelic emissaries of Light. Let us go before thee and before thy name, even as thy presence dost always go before us for the Victory of the Light.

Even so, Lord Jesus Christ, come quickly into our temple by thy Holy Spirit! Let the power of the three-times-three swiftly bring in the great golden age. Let walls of light and of the ruby ray seal this endeavor, seal this place and our hearts from that darkness which may come upon the people for their karma and the karma of the earth. Therefore we say to it, “Thus far and no farther!” God has decreed this day: the Darkness is turned back.

In the name of Sanat Kumara, we accept thy blessing, intercession, and initiation of Light, O God. May this that is unto us be laid upon the heart’s altar of Saint Germain and Portia for the Victory of the Aquarian age. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and the Mother, it is done.