Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 28 No. 53 - Beloved Lord Maitreya - December 30, 1985

Teachings from the Mystery School

Astrology for Twin Flames

Maitreya’s Causal Body Is the Key to the Golden Age
“I Mark a New Era and a Cycle of Victory!”

Children of the Sun Surya—children of the Sun who have captured the Light of the heir, now to be called sons and daughters of the Most High, inheritors of the Light: the putting on of Christhood, Buddhahood, is the return, lo, the ascent unto all that I AM.

I come that you might hear my voice and know that all of my offering on the path of the Buddha is in the love/reverence of the Mother and the Mother’s burden to reclaim her own—to find them again, to wash them clean, to make them whole, to heal their bodies and therefore to prepare food for soul and body and mind.

The great longing of the Mother to once again draw to the heart of God all who went forth has thus become, self-acclaimed, the burden of all Buddhas. And therefore, we are the comforters of the Mother. We are the comforters of the Mother and we speak through her lips the ancient teaching.

Mother, then, becomes the Word. Mother, then, becomes the embodiment of Buddha and of Christ. For it is the feminine Light going forth as Universal Shakti that draws together once again the disparaged and decimated parts of the soul.

O blessed ones, know the longing of the World Mother to put back together again the humpty-dumpties of her children that have fallen from the wall—as it were, the Great Wall of China. This brings to mind the memory of the wall of Shamballa which became necessary with the densification of the world. And the wall became, then, the etheric octave that descended to cause the great Shamballa to be invisible, to be found no longer in the outer physical plane. Thus, the Lords of Life drop the veil over the cherished places, and the physical retreat is suddenly borne, so to speak, to the etheric plane when before it was physical.

It has ever been that when the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood are withdrawn from the earth, God then hides himself in the heart of the Mother. And so, many sons and daughters ascended have gone forth in her name to rescue her offspring. She will never rest until they are found and one by one compelled by her eye and sternness, by her love and wisdom, by her determination, to look once again at the Law, to look again at the First Love, to remember the golden days in the Central Sun, to remember, then, the point of origin.

Know, then, that many have come to be the saviours of the Mother’s children and the Teaching of the Mystery School has been taught. The publication of my own teaching as Pearls of Wisdom has been seen by you in this past year to also come through many a heart, as Saint Germain and El Morya and others, including Mary, have expounded upon the Light of Maitreya, the Great Initiator.

So I am called, but realize that this title is also a mantle, for who is the Great Initiator but God? Thus, I am known as the Great Initiator, as I am the instrument of God’s initiations unto his own, and for the mantle and the honor he has bestowed upon me. Remember, I am the vessel as you are the vessel. And you may also choose what is to be poured into the vessel, what rare wine of the Spirit may be distilled by your soul that its essence might nourish and enliven those cast aside and left for dead on the road of life.

And how do you become the one who determines what is poured into the vessel? It is an alchemy, a chemistry in itself, to line the vessel with the particular virtues that will magnetize the polarity of those virtues, creating the wholeness of that virtue I AM THAT I AM, as Above so below! Perfecting the Matter vessel and the virtue in the vessel as custodians of the trust of the abundant life of the land, of the community, of the Sangha of the Buddha, you thus line the chalice of being with a quality rare. And it must attract the fullness of the Sangha of the Buddha, of the Teacher, of the Dhamma.

Blessed hearts, go, then, from the periphery of manifestation to the heart of the gem and find the diamond heart that all who have won in the game of life show forth—for it is truly their badge of the path of the bodhisattva. Sometimes you do not know when an Ascended Master has reached the fullness of Buddhahood; but do remember that all members of the Great White Brotherhood (including yourselves), whether ascended or unascended, are on this path.

And individual and personal Christhood, as defined by the Lord Christ, contains the elements of Buddhahood but it is also a link in the chain of that full becoming: on the one hand, Christhood being the first step and the firstfruits, and on the other, its culmination in the crown chakra being the bodhisattva’s open door to manifold manifestations of the causal body—ring upon ring of the marks of the Buddha.

Therefore, strive in the degrees of the Law outlined by the great bodhisattva El Morya. Strive, then, and recognize the path of chela and Christed one moving toward the entering in to the many levels of development of the causal body, reaching the center of the I AM THAT I AM in that posture of the Buddha who is Guru.

Blessed ones, in the teachings you have received at Summit University you see the stepping-stones up, up the mountain—up Shasta and up the Grand Teton, the Himalayas and high in the Andes. Understand that the thread of my teaching is in all teachings of the Ascended Masters; and they have been as the bodhisattvas going before the coming of my Presence. The presence in the earth of that Light demands an extraordinary and unflinching strength and devotion on the part of the chelas who would surround me.

Thus I come to teach those who have known me in the colored glass (the seven rays) and the crystal (the white fire of the Mother) of the classes of Summit University, those who have known me in the disciplines and the challenges of life as a member of the Messenger’s staff, and those who have known me as Keepers of the Flame and students worldwide. I come that you might have the realism of a perspective of what the coming of Maitreya means and why the coming is so long.

Indeed, why is the coming so long? It is that we must be certain that the auric rings of light surrounding the bodies of chelas ascended and unascended, and the light bodies as well, can hold the balance for the Light of Maitreya descending and the Darkness that does assail them.

You see, beloved ones, the point of difficulty is in the summoning of forces, in the concentration, in the mastering of time and space to challenge the anti-Maitreya forces, to challenge all those things arrayed against the Universal Christ which have been exposed by the Mother who has been the instrument of the Buddha, and by the Buddha who has been the instrument of the Mother.

We see, therefore, that the concerted dynamic decree and Jesus’ judgment call does summarily dismiss the illusory unreal ones who have made themselves out to be the ultimately real ones of the earth. Thus I would say that the most necessary attainment is the perception of how powerful the Call and how nothing the Adversary!—the “powerfulness” of Christ and the “nothingness” of the Adversary. When this is ingrained in thought and feeling and the momentum of dynamic decrees is gained and your voice is heard into the night in the full power of the spoken Word, you can understand, beloved ones, that the aura and the presence of Gautama, of Sanat Kumara, is well served by you through my mantle—because I have received you as my chelas.

And I am graciously in the bliss of the Almighty and in the heart of the chela this day in gratitude to be the representative of both the Lord of the World and his chelas. In each case I consider myself most supremely blessed and fortunate and highly favored by the Lord God.

To represent Gautama is to be entrusted with the most tender heart and a universe of the Mind of God so vast as to be aware simultaneously of all sentient life and to be tutoring, initiating, uplifting, nourishing or chastening each part of that life all at once—almost too grand a contemplation for these octaves. Yet this is a person and not a computer! This is the Mind of God incarnate! Thus, contemplate the infinite God by his representation in Gautama and understand that it is the quality of compassion that flows in this divine circuitry which passes through his heart to all life.

For each Buddha lends to his sustenance of sentient life that peculiar and special quality which he has chosen to pour into the vessel. Thus, contemplating Surya of the Sun—blessed Surya!—one comprehends how each thread of Light from his heart reaching all sentient life is “chastened,” i.e., enveloped by the fiery electric blue of his devotion to the will of God and God-government. And one sees permeating the very pores of his subjects that blue of the World Mother. Of such is his tender “chastening” Love!

And in the wake of Gautama one sees the gold and the pink glow-ray separate and yet sometimes blending. One sees a tenderness which gives all life on this planet a certain sense of well-being and enjoyment, a feeling of being loved even when they prate about not being loved by their parents. There is a certain feeling of at-homeness in the world which comes from the heart of Gautama and can be amplified through your heart by the path of the ministering servant.

I bring to you, then, the sense of yourself as an extension of myself (who am an extension of Gautama, Sanat Kumara) in order that your heart, beloved ones, may become as a fiery furnace, sacred and intense, in which you store Light—far more Light <1> than that stored by those not on the Path—and become thereby truly a transformer of worlds. And by that heart, when you stand in the presence of the children of the Mother, they can no longer be the same. They must be different. They must know joy. Such is my presence in the Messenger.

If you elect, then, to have that increase of Light of the heart, pursue the teachings of the Ascended Masters in an orderly manner, for a certain mastery is required that you not misuse that Light; for misused compassion may become possessiveness or tyranny. You see, when I pour that wine of compassion into the heart, reflective of the ruby ray, if the heart is tinged with untransmuted substance, it will change even the formula of my own distilled heart’s essence.

Thus I have spoken of lining the chalice below with the virtue of that which is desired from Above. In this way there is no “I want” consciousness but “I AM perpetually affirming the Mother’s virtue that will surely attract the Buddha, for the Buddha adores the Mother.”

Now you see how you yourself determine the quality of the virtue and the content of the vessel. Thus I say, every word of the Ascended Masters through the Messengers is in you a preparation not only for the coming of Maitreya in outer manifestation in the world but also for my coming in inner manifestation in your being. Understanding this, beloved hearts, I ask you: Receive me, then, in the name of the least of these my brethren. Receive me, then, in the name of the little child or the littlest angel or the crystal carol or the summer song of love.

However you receive me, let it be in an awareness ever mindful of the necessity of calling forth the effervescent Light that clears the way for my fire to pass through the very veins and nadis and nerve centers and chakras. All of thy being is Light. All of thy being is Light, blessed hearts—sweetest hearts of Krishna, sweetest hearts of the sacred fire, my own.

My beloved, as we push back the barriers and the encroachments of those who have gone too far and we say, “Thus far and no farther!”—and as you accomplish the pushing back of the encroachments upon this city and nation and earth, you will see how much more of the causal body of “Metteyya” <2> can enter this octave and change all. For, beloved, it is a secret (yet no secret, for I tell it) that the significance of the coming of Maitreya is that my causal body holds the key to the golden age long awaited. Thus, there must be made room in the inn of life in Matter for my causal body.

Out from the belly of the Buddha, Mother Cosmos is born. Now Buddha would enter Mother Cosmos to reclaim her children. How can I fit when space is occupied by so many, many things? I cannot collect all of these things in my bag but must leave them aside—the cobwebs and floating satellites of the mind which men have set in motion and propelled one to the other. What a clutter has space become! You see it physically, but I see it astrally. And I see that I will not place that causal body in unhallowed space.

Thus we go to the mountains where my causal body may rest on the tips of the trees and the peaks and the upper streams. But my descent, foot by foot, denotes the densification of the lower etheric octave and therefore less penetration of that plane by my causal body.

Why does the Mother go to the mountain to receive me? Why have the Messengers proclaimed, “Climb the highest mountain!” Because the causal body of Maitreya presses down upon the earth and those below become troubled, anguished, in turmoil and fury. They react in a reactionary manner by their superstition, fanaticism, and innate hatred of the Light.

I raise my hand and I send the ruby ray and the violet flame and the intensity of the golden-pink glow ray and Mighty Cosmos’ secret rays.

I send the Light of the causal body of Saint Germain of highest dimension, passing through my hands and form, superimposed upon these of the Messenger this day, beloved.

I send a Light for the dissolution of this chemicalization that has surrounded the Messenger and the community all too long.

I send a Light now for the clearing, for the irrigation by light of the ranch and the farm and the body and the mind and the soil beneath.

I send a Light and a flow of the River of Life of my own being, and I mark a new era and a cycle of victory.

For the hour is come and the cosmos rejoices and sends back its joy in the face of injustice—joy in the presence of all who mourn for their out-of-the-way consciousness.

Joy, then, descends as a mantle and is a prebirthday gift that the Messenger might know that the joy of the Buddha is ever the flow of the heart and the belly and the soul and the mind. And thus, ribbons of Light and streams of sacred fire flow from my body through hers, touching you now as winds and light and movement and angel hair passing gently.

Our beloved, so know that cycles do indeed turn. And they turn because you take a strong hand and thrust the prayer wheel and give the decree and establish that momentum in the face of those who surely come (the dark ones and so forth) by many names. They come, but they also go. They represent the antithesis of the yin and the yang as they pass through sine waves and then are spent.

Thus, beloved, the “they” of whom I speak are a breed who for a moment occupy or use or borrow many bodies, and then they are gone. Beware, then, the rape of the etheric body and the chakras by those who come perhaps not as “evil ones” but as definite tools of Darkness. Beware how they come to poison and turn aside.

Beware, O children of the Sun. For I AM that Law that does deliver thee. And the means of deliverance which you have seen as the clipper ship is truly my causal body. It is my Eden of Light, forged, won, created to contain all of you in the Mystery School.

So it is beautiful to contemplate this area of the nation. Yet we must be in the mountain for the lowering of the causal body that is the key to the golden age. And then we must blend the golden spheres of our causal bodies jointly held. For this is the meaning of the Guru/Chela relationship!

Jophiel has come, and Kuthumi. <3> Take full advantage of such opportunity. Increase, then, the yellow sphere and know that it is the biding place of the Buddha. And when you desire to go to the heart of your causal body and the attainment of Christhood in order to be with the Buddhas, you must provide them room—expansive room established as the Mind of God focused in that golden-yellow sphere.

Thus, the “many mansions” and the halls of the mansions of the causal body are for the entertaining of the bodhisattvas. Thus, in the Mother’s house there are also many mansions for thy habitation and secret chambers and places to play hide-and-seek, to find me and lose me again! For the Mother’s play is always that you might receive the initiation of Maitreya.

I commend you, then, to the earnest study of the stages and periods of the path of your becoming the bodhisattva. Truly, the opportunity is in the gates opened wide, the doors of cosmic spheres opened that you might pass through to a new compartment of God-Identity.

These open doors are the chakras and causal bodies of all beings of cosmos who have graduated out of the grips of mortality to become the Immortals, and it is they who have sent me in their name to speak to you in this moment concerning the false astrology of the world. And I speak of it as a false astrology not because it is a miscalculation of stars or signs or mathematics of the charts of thy birth but because the interpretation thereof is false and the level of perception is also false. And so I shall explain:

The imprisonment of the soul in the configurations of astrology must be considered a major challenge of those chelas at Summit University moving from levels one to two and three. There comes a time when the extraordinary necessity of daily challenging the negative karma predicted in one’s own astrological chart must be seen, and therefore of defining the positions of the planets and any numbers of fixed stars within that chart.

This, then, is the word of Maitreya which will give you the glimpse of what we teach in the Mystery School: You must make an alternate chart, which is the true chart, whereby you designate according to your best understanding the replacement of each and every planet or star with the causal body of the Ascended Masters of your devotion.

Now, there are indeed cosmic beings and Masters close to you whose causal bodies are specifically used, for instance, to counteract the negative aspects of Pluto or certain negative aspects created by combinations of the relative positions of the planets vis-à-vis each other. But we shall not reveal these at this time, preferring rather that you assign the “Stars” of the Great White Brotherhood out of the meditation of your heart and in so doing call for the causal body of any celestial being to replace the position and the significant transits degree by degree of any planet or group of planets in your natal chart or your progressed chart or your solar return. Any of these three or any others, such as the heliocentric chart, that may be read by an astrologer will show the dynamic configurations formed by transiting planets in relationship to the chart.

Thus, come to understand, beloved, that though there be benign as well as negative influences, the relativity of astrology must be replaced by the absolute presence of the true “Stars,” who are the Ascended Masters surrounded by their causal bodies, whom you call forth. Therefore, recognize no other influence in your life except the presence and the causal bodies of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood forming the true, rather than the false, astrology of thy life, casting the divine probability (which is subject to free will) rather than the astral prediction (which binds that will by the curse of a predestination).

Remember, beloved ones, that until thy karma is ultimately and fully balanced, false astrology and the emanations of the lower spheres of the planets will have their effect upon you unless you insulate yourself by invoking your tube of light and calling to Archangel Michael to cut you free—unless you give your violet flame decrees and challenge the astral forces that enter your worlds through those negative astrological predictions.

 And therefore, you should always replace them by the call to the Masters to place their presence and their causal body on your chart and to seal off and bar from your life the astrological signs of those projected negative influences that are actually the harbingers of your returning negative karma.

Karma comes to your doorstep daily by the world’s astrology, the false astrology—false in the sense, therefore, that the Cosmic Christ teaches that you need not reap this karma but you may instead transmute it by the violet flame before it arrives at thy doorstep to the detriment of thy true life plan, deterring the true divine astrology of thy causal body from registering its great positive good in thy life, thereby causing all manner of problems.

If you invoke the tube of light and give your violet flame decrees without composing for yourself the dynamic decree whereby you challenge these momentums, you may find yourself free of the karma but burdened by the momentum of the astrology itself, even as human habit patterns endure beyond the karma which was causative in their being made in the first place.

 Thus, two actions must be taken: first you must challenge in the name of your Mighty I AM Presence the levels of your personal karma as these affect your life and then you must challenge—naming the positions and the degrees—the self-limiting matrix in the astrology of your natal and progressed chart and solar return which can be calculated.

Realize that the challenging of those momentums in the name of your Mighty I AM Presence is the key to the overcoming of trial and temptation. However, these charts that are calculated according to the worldly astrology must be done only by those astrologers who have the mind of Christ and who are not caught up in the worldly sense of believing in the influence and ultimate power of astrology over the lifestream.

Therefore, we caution and we look to a clearinghouse of those who can produce such charts for our chelas, who enter the mind of Christ and commune with the Holy Spirit and may deliver the understanding of the forces of returning karma without delivering the fear or the anxiety that a greater knowledge of one’s karmic destiny brings.

We have never recommended astrology as a pursuit for our chelas because it so often makes them fatalistic and almost invariably causes superstition or a psychic fulfillment of the chart merely because it is present in the mind unchecked, though with hardly an emotion attached thereto. Thus, we give a teaching that is reserved for those advanced enough to maintain the control of consciousness and to look upon the astrological chart as a mathematical formula that can be broken by the mind of Maitreya with you—by the mind of the Cosmic Christ.

This is my service to life, this is my coming to earth: for the neutralization of those momentums that plague the planet from various forcefields in the Matter universe where negative momentums have been set up by the fallen ones or where the remains of ancient cataclysm and betrayal and darkness have stained and spotted those planetary or celestial bodies whose auras, therefore, become the means whereby the negatives of astrology calculated in the chart arrive at your doorstep each day whether to challenge you or be challenged by you.

I say to you that the study of this phase of astrology is an extension of the understanding already given by Mother Mary’s cosmic clock. It is an understanding you can pursue and thereby gain great mastery. But if you are not determined to make your daily calls and to give the decrees concerning this, then it would be wise not to even begin to study your astrology. For to know it and not master it is far worse than not to know it at all.

Thus I caution and thus I reveal what formulas and mysteries and alchemy may be gleaned in a further and more organized study of this entire subject. In the meantime, whatever astrological information you have, you must daily make the general call that the causal bodies of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood seal, then, your astrological chart in every level and in every aspect, releasing only the Light of the Great Central Sun and First Cause into your consciousness and world.

And thus, make the call for the transmutation of the karma that would magnetize and make you vulnerable to these planetary and interplanetary forces. The gravitational pull of karma is the same as the gravitational pull of the worlds. Those who are karma-free are neutralized from that pull when, and only when, they eliminate from their four lower bodies and mind the momentums that created the karma and the personal human habit patterns in the first place.

See, then, how cause/effect sequences can go into the flame and how this can be done by the mighty figure-eight flow that extends from your heart to the heart of your I AM Presence, with its nexus in the heart of your Holy Christ Self. And do consult the Messenger for a plan of action that may be implemented for your grace and self-mastery. No longer desiring to see you subject to the burdens unseen and unknown, I have thus spoken on behalf of many beings of Light who offer their causal bodies to the Lightbearers of the world this day.

I seal the students of Summit University and the staff and Keepers of the Flame, who have been quickened by my presence and by their own keeping of the vigil of the Great White Brotherhood, in a sphere of gold surrounding now the four lower bodies. It is a matrix as much as it is a sphere. The matrix of gold is to be filled in by your drawing forth from the Above to the below in the mighty figure-eight flow between us that Cosmic Christ illumination which is of my causal body.

I suggest that you draw it forth little by little and then see and contemplate what is the opposition that is raised to that Light. Thus temper and take a bit at a time, and be willing to hold fast with that bit of Light until you have met every enemy that will lust after that Light, that will assail it, that will desire to destroy it, et cetera. Little by little, build the kingdom of God until you, with me, our causal bodies one, become the mutual and joint key to this golden age.

My motto as I send you on your way:

Step By Step, The Kingdom Is Won.

Step By Step, The Battle Is Won.

The mantle of Saint Germain descends. I offer my heart.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Lord Maitreya was delivered through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, March 24, 1985, at Camelot, Los Angeles, California.  N.B. Words unspoken yet implied by Lord Maitreya have been added by the Messenger under his direction for clarity in the published text.

1. as the Christ consciousness

2. Metteyya is the name for Maitreya (Sanskrit) in Pali, the sacred language of the Theraveda Buddhist canon. The name Maitreya is derived from the Sanskrit maitri, meaning friendliness, benevolence, or goodwill.

3. See Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 28 No. 5 - Archangels Jophiel & Uriel, and Vol. 28 No. 9 - Beloved Kuthumi