Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 28 No. 33 - Beloved El Morya - August 18, 1985


Born Free to Love
“What therefore God hath joined
together, let not man put asunder.”

The Mission of Twin Flames Today
How to Join Forces with Your Twin Flame for Freedom


Hail, flaming ones who have come to the knowledge of the first principles of holy love, who desire then this holiness of love’s early dream and are willing to endure unto its completion.

I am El Morya, sponsor of these Messengers and of the path of your chelaship through the will of God. I salute Chananda, as he has delivered the opening address from the Darjeeling and Indian Councils of the Great White Brotherhood, sponsoring the light out of the East unto those gathered here on the very edge of the Motherland. <1>

Thus tarry with me an hour, for I would speak to you of the mission of twin flames today.

First, I would tell you that the Ascended Masters always address the question of what is most necessary to the God-realization in the chela and to the meeting of the demands of urgency of the hour—urgencies which engulf nations and leaders and families and solitary souls climbing the mount—the Mount Olympus or the Himalayas, Mount Shasta or the point of Everest.

Blessed ones, climb the mountain to the I AM Presence and understand that the need of thy soul complementing the urgency of world need is for a greater Wholeness, a greater Love, and a greater Light.

“Incompletion” is the stamp that has been stamped upon many a file of many a chela whose records we keep in Darjeeling. “Incompletion.” Beloved, understand that this means that the divine plan cannot be completed because of personal karma or world conditions or the separation of twin flames. Understand that at one point in the career of your Messengers their reuniting hung by a thread. Its possibility was present by a thread of contact and a thread which, if broken,could become buried deep neath the tides of the sea, as deep as the transatlantic cable.

Thus realize that not all have found one another. Some have passed as ships in the night, producing tension, frustration, sweating, bad dreams, psychological conditions, the sense that all is lost, and ultimately the obsession and more severe psychological problems which in fact are not truly resolved in the presence of the Beloved but often exacerbated.

The Union of Twin Flames

Thus I come to pierce the illusion that all problems are resolved by the meeting of twin flames or even soul mates. But I come with a statement of truth: that all problems may be solved by this union when it is founded upon the Rock of divine reality.

We come and we sponsor because your hearts have yearned, your souls have prayed, your minds have sought—sought to fulfill the reason for being in this life, sought to attain oneness with the perfect one. We will connect those for whom the connection results in a positive force for one another and for society. Where it would be detrimental in all ways or some, we recommend the accelerated path of the chela, humility before the Teaching of the Great White Brotherhood, which does give to you the knowledge of the violet flame and the call to Astrea which is the most powerful mantra to the Divine Mother that has been released in this octave. <2>

The Power of the Universal Mother

The power of the Universal Mother carrying the circle and sword of blue flame that is released in this mantra is great indeed, capable of fulfilling every manifestation of the Mother, East or West, and capable of driving from you evil spirits that lurk, addictions, self-indulgences and all pettiness that snatch from you that precious love which comes so gently, so powerfully, and yet is as fragile as crystal and can be broken and will be broken by the forces of the night unless you keep the tryst with Astrea and Archangel Michael and ‘K rttikeya’, whom you know as Sanat Kumara.

Personal Karma Separates Twin Flames
   The Master Sponsors Twin Flames, Bearing their Karmic Burden

Understand that the highest and most perfect love begins with your individual expression of the heart, the expansion of that flame of love until all irritation is consumed and pride is not and you stand before your God truly worthy of whatever blessing can be given. Inasmuch as personal karma is the key factor separating twin flames and inasmuch as it is desirable that twin flames unite in service, the x factor that can make the difference is the entering in of one of the Ascended Masters or of Padma Sambhava or Gautama or Sanat Kumara to sponsor that union by pledging to take on the karma that does keep apart those souls. This sponsorship is like the sponsorship of the individual chela except it is the joint sponsorship of the twain.


Pledge of Twin Flames to Balance Karma, Serve in Harmony

This, then, is a call you ought to include in your prayers. It is a call that says:

“O God, I desire to perform the best service and to fulfill my inner vow with my twin flame. If it be that karma does separate us and therefore our service, I pray, let the Lord God set it aside for an hour and a year that we might show ourselves worthy, plow the straight furrow, enter into the service of our God and our country and of world freedom that together we may choose to balance that karma. And we do choose to do so, Lord God.

“We pledge, then, no matter what may come, that if we be united, we will serve in harmony by the grace of God to first balance the karma taken on by an Ascended Master that that one need not carry for us the burden that is truly our own.”

Thus having so said, it is important to record on paper in your own writing this prayer and whatever you have added to it with the date carefully inscribed and with your signature. You may insert it in the book of the Everlasting Gospel. <3>

You must remind yourself to call to Archangel Michael to defend the highest encounter and to bind all impostors of your twin flame. For as soon as the desire is set and the sail is raised on your ship, the false hierarchy will send in those of attraction, of glamour or of heavy karma or even the initiators that come out of the depths of darkness posing as the Krishna, the holy one of God that is thine own.

Prepare for the Perfect Union—Keep the Prayer and the Call

To prepare for the perfect union, one must have the vision and the inner tie to God that tells one of the lurking danger. Thus keep the prayer and the call. And when all tests have been passed and the one sent is sent, remember that the purpose of that togetherness is truly first and foremost the balancing of that karma and the setting free of the Ascended Master that indeed has sponsored you and paid a price, the understanding of which will not be yours until one day you stand to offer yourself to pay the price for another.

The Ascended and Unascended Twin Flame

Now, it does often occur that this very call results in the ascended twin flame approaching the unascended one. And thereby the union of hearts, as Above so below, can be fulfilled as the ascended twin flame does hold the balance of the karma while the unascended twin flame accelerates on the Path. This union may become so great that the Ascended Master and the unascended chela may walk the earth as one at inner levels, and the Electronic Presence of the ascended twin flame may be upon the unascended one. Thus that unascended one, having an aura of completeness, presents therefore to others a strength, a love, an ability to give because the source is wholeness, is oneness.

Relationships—Too Personal, Impersonal

This path must be prayed for. Some of you are not able to unite in a very personal way with the Ascended Master who is your twin flame because of intervening personal relationships that have become, if I might tell you, all too personal. And as a result, even the most intimate communion in the secret chamber of the heart with your Christ Self is too often interrupted by the sympathetic heart that is more attuned to the sympathies of other human beings than to the Christ of those human beings. The [auric profile of the] sympathetic heart, the heart of self-pity, has been drawn in pastels through the Messenger by Saint Germain. You can see its downward pull and the muddy aura that it produces. <4>

The antithesis of this type of misqualification of the heart is expressed in the one who is all too impersonal and therefore does not have a momentum for the release of the fires of the heart in love to brother or sister or pilgrims upon the path of life. Thus, whereas the nonexercise of the heart results in hardness of heart, its misuse makes it become emotional and bowed down with that vibration of pity—pity, I tell you, that is not able to raise up oneself or the friend.

Burdens of India and America: False Gurus

Now understand that as I am El Morya and the Chief of the Darjeeling Council,I represent God-government and I counsel the nations. And I perceive in this hour the great burdens upon India. And one of the greatest burdens of this nation in this hour is what we have called the Black Brotherhood of India. Not only are they the impostors of the true Gurus and Masters, but they are the impostors in government, in the economy, in the educational institutions—they are impostors in the sense that everything they do is to oppose the divine plan of twin flames from coming into manifestation.

Much of this comes from greed or the desire for power, even if that power is impure; the desire to control—the desire even to control individuals on the spiritual path by limiting their knowledge of the true science that comes from the God Himalaya. Thus they may entertain followers and disciples or chelas,but they may limit their knowledge of the Law and the use of the Light, telling them it is for their good, even as in the West in some circles Communion is served without the impartation of the wine of the Spirit; or the Teaching of Christ is incomplete because it stops before the Teaching of the internalization of the Word is given.

In this case, then, the false teacher brings but a little of the Path and withholds the rest, doling it out crumb by crumb merely to keep the followers tied to himself. He, having no Light [i.e., Christ] of his own, does live upon the Light [Christ] of others. And thus these mechanisms are highly refined—the enslavement of souls by the Black Brotherhood of India drawing a dark circle around them and seeing to it that they cannot press through to the Brotherhood of Light.

This false hierarchy, then, has come in the person of many false gurus to America, to the English-speaking nations—to Australia, the British Isles, Canada. Through the nations of the world they have come. They have taught siddhis <5> to those who have not the Spirit incarnate of the Lord Krishna. They have given initiation of mantra to those who have not surrendered their souls and hearts to God, who have not paid the requirements of the Law. And yet these false gurus, beloved ones, they do not—they do not indeed actually transfer the highest light.

Thus a network of false hierarchs, false gurus, and false chelas is being built around the world, establishing the antithesis to the Masters of the Great White Brotherhood by promising immediate results—the results of energies in the spine or the chakras or certain powers or certain relief from suffering—all of this without the required balance of karma or the path of reunion. This, then, becomes a limitation to the divine government of India and of America, for it is the best servants and the lightbearers who, seeking the Light [the Cosmic Christ], become encumbered by and often even fascinated with the false gurus.

Beloved ones, I counsel you, then, to know that we have given to you in the path of our Teaching that which will secure you and protect you from any idolatrous cult or association which has as its foundation the avowed determination to keep you separated from your twin flame but tied to the false guru. Thus the allegiance is mandated by these false teachers to the person of the unascended guru instead of to the Person of the Godhead and the I AM Presence. <6>

We warn because we have seen the going astray of lightbearers into these avenues. And it has cost them, sometimes for several embodiments, the scheduled union with the twin flame, the scheduled initiations with Maitreya. And the world itself has suffered; for these lightbearers have belonged at the very heart of their nation’s government, educational institutions, sponsorship of motherhood, and in the holding of the balance of the economies.

Divine Wholeness: The Mandate of the Hour

We have called this conference, then, and we have called it for this very purpose, that you should understand that the necessity of the Divine Wholeness is the mandate of the hour to solve the international crisis of war, of the last plagues, of the fourth horseman of the Apocalypse who rides as the death rider in this hour. <7>

Maitreya Initiates Twin Flames Who Left the Garden of Eden

Whatever you see in the world can be healed by the science of the spoken Word through the soul’s union with the I AM Presence, with the Ascended Masters, and with the twin flame, first at the level of the Christ Self and then in all levels of being—each decree and mantra therefore being offered in the defense of this community dedicated by Maitreya to the reinitiation of twin flames who left the Garden of Eden and did not take the advancing steps on the Path.

Maitreya has come. He has set up the Mystery School, choosing the Royal Teton Ranch as the place for that light. He has come to call ancient souls,twin flames back to the initiations where they left off on the continent of Lemuria. Here was the Mystery School. Here was the opportunity. Here it is born again.

Do not fear and do not withdraw when Maitreya recounts to you at inner levels what are the requirements of the return to this opportunity. It comes once in many thousands of years. And each and every one who hears my voice in these rooms—you must know that you are here because you need this initiation in order to be effective with your twin flame and to make your ascension.

Do not be concerned that life may be hard or situations may be painful. These are outer things and outer circumstances. Live in the eye of the flame in the center of the heart. Perform thy duties with joy. Fulfill all things. And win thy freedom, not to escape but to be free to heal the world.

Access to the Ascended Masters
through Maitreya, Sanat Kumara, Jesus, and Gautama

Thus we are come. Thus we place ourselves at your service. May you know the meaning of having access to the Ascended Masters through Maitreya, Sanat Kumara, Jesus, and Gautama—the Lion, the Calf, the Man, and the Flying Eagle. <8> So these are the symbols of the ones who hold the divine office in the four quadrants. So let your heart be opened to the Mysteries of Christ. And do not deny them before you have tasted of the nectar of thy Christ Self.

You Have Been Indoctrinated with a False Theology

Yes, I tell it to you straight: you have been indoctrinated, both East and West, with a false theology—at best incomplete, at worst in error; at best by the well-meaning ignorant, at worst by black magicians who have stolen the light of the Universal Christ of Jesus.

Rejoice that you have found the Light in your heart. Lament not the years of Darkness, for these too were the karma of thine own neglect. This is the day of the opening of the temple door. Walk through, for the Lord Christ beckons thee. Fear not, for to fear the Ascended Masters and the Christ and to feel secure with the false pastors is of all conditions most reprehensible.

Learn the Discrimination of the Heart

Thus let us turn the tables. Tarry with us, then, to learn the discrimination of the heart. Take in the light, for the words of the decree are pure.

In the name of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, we have come that his star might appear within you—twin stars of hope for future bright.


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by El Morya was delivered through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Friday, July 5, 1985, following the address of beloved Chananda (last week’s Pearl). Both dictations were given at the free public lecture “How to Join Forces with Your Twin Flame for Freedom” at Born Free to Love—held July 3–7 at Camelot. After El Morya’s dictation, the Messenger answered questions on the subject. Dictations published on single cassette B85093; questions and answers on cassettes B85094, B85095.

1. Refers to Lemuria, lost continent of the Pacific, of which the California coast was a part.

2. ”Decree to Beloved Mighty Astrea 10.14“ in Prayers, Meditations, and Dynamic Decrees for the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness, Summit University Press, Sections I, II, and III.

3. Climb the Highest Mountain, The Path of the Higher Self, The Everlasting Gospel, Book I, Mark and Elizabeth Prophet.

4.  See Djwal Kul, Intermediate Studies of the Human Aura, “Muddied Aura” illustrations, plates 11 and 14. The heart is depicted dripping with a red–orange human sympathy, which falls to the solar plexus, colors the soul and soul awareness, and eventually results in misuse of the base–of–the–spine chakra.

5. Siddhis [Sanskrit]: supernatural powers acquired through the practice of yoga.

6. False gurus. The false guru replaces not only the twin flame but also the individual I AM Presence and the personal Mediator and Teacher, the Holy Christ Self, and aborts the search for the Beloved by attaching the chela to himself by means of various devices such as Tantric initiations or forced raising of the Kundalini prior to the attainment of a certain self-mastery and equilibrium gained through the balancing of karma; by engaging both male and female neophytes in sexual rites, secret mantras for the supposed transfer of supernatural powers or so-called initiation, thereby engendering emotional attachment or mindless enslavement to himself; by the lure of ancient traditions, languages and lineage whereby the false guru lays claim to legitimacy by association with or descendancy from the Ascended Masters, Gautama Buddha, Maitreya and Sanat Kumara, plus physical adeptship through developed siddhis (powers), the mischievous misuse of the mantra (black magic) manipulating nature spirits into capricious control of elemental forces heaping disaster against enemies or those in disfavor or influencing the sincere, trusting student to do the bidding of the false guru; encouraging the practice of meditating on the guru’s picture together with the recitation of the guru’s ‘secret’ mantra: this practice, instead of giving Light to the chela, is the means whereby the false guru, having no Light of his own, in fact takes the Light from his chelas. The entrapments of dress, diet, airs of holiness and meditation for private peace, powers, and personal gain (including financial) without application to the goal of world service all lead to a path of selfish introspection—a counterfeit of the Path of Jesus Christ and his disciples taught by the Ascended Masters—divorcing aspirants from the mighty Work of the ages: the saving of souls and a planet in distress through full participation in the economic and political challenges of self-government and individual economic and spiritual self-deter-mination in God’s grand experiment in free will.

7. Death rider. In his New Year’s Eve address, December 31, 1984, Gautama Buddha warned that “it is the year of the Four Horsemen and of the fourth,” signifying that the karma of the death cult and consciousness would ride this year, with famine, terminal disease, war, terrorist raids, storm, flood, and fire in its wake, bringing sudden death to many. See Rev. 6:1-8 and Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 28, no. 6, p. 64.

8. Lion, Calf, Man, Flying Eagle. See Sanat Kumara, The Opening of the Seventh Seal, Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 22, 1979, pp. 91-128, 201-8; diagrams, pp. 136,142, 186, 274-75. Also, Rev. 4:6-8; Ezek. 1:5-10.


Lady Master Venus, “Keeping the Flame of Love on Terra: The Greatest Challenge of All”

(excerpt continued from footnote 1 of the previous Pearl of Wisdom)

...Beware, then, of the impostors of your twin flames. You have heard of the impostor of your Light and your Christ Self. Well, beloved ones, the jealousy of the fallen ones for the love of twin flames is well known, and out of that jealousy there has evolved the pleasure cult, the cult of sensual thralldom whereby the fallen ones have promoted—with a mammoth energy and momentum—all of the cult of death, attempting thereby to subject twin flames to the unnecessary release and expenditure of energy whereby their life could be siphoned from them. These fallen ones in their jealousy, then, have gone forth to imitate your flame, your name, your image, your love; and they have been on hand to steal that light of love.

Understand, then, that you may stand together in this very moment as we stand and as Helios and Vesta stand in the center of the solar system, and you may in the name of the Christ and the I AM THAT I AM give this command: (use as a decree, giving the mantra in the previous Pearl as a preamble)


In the name of Almighty God
And in the name of the Christ,
I challenge the fallen ones,
The impostors of our twin flames.
I challenge them in the darkness of the night!
I challenge them in the noonday sun of Helios and Vesta!
And I call to the seven archangels
For the binding and the judgment of these fallen ones
On earth and in heaven
As it is decreed by Almighty God
According to His will, wisdom, and love.
I call forth the judgment.
And I demand, then, that accountability
Be set before those individuals
Who have attempted to usurp the throne
Of kings and priests unto God—
Twin flames united in Love.
I seal this call this day
In the Light of the Holy Kumaras,
And I decree it
For the fulfillment of cycles
And the Piscean age.

   Beloved hearts, this call will set in motion the decrees of the Lords of Karma for the result in the fullness of time of the removal of these fallen ones from this system of worlds as they will stand judgment before the Four and Twenty Elders at the Court of the Sacred Fire. You have a right to bring to court in heaven as on earth those who have wronged your lifestream, those who have been engaged in practices of injustice by the usurpation of your light, your identity, your supply, your energy. And so, beloved ones, all is submitted to the will of God, and God is the eternal judge; but by your fiat you therefore compel those who trample upon your blessed consciousness to give accounting of their works which are done in darkness to subvert the union of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Now I desire with the deep desiring of my heart to seal you each one, and therefore as I touch your forehead I will also touch the forehead of your twin flame. And in some cases the twin flame is a cosmic being of Light who hovers above you sustaining the polarity and the flow of contact; in other cases the babe in arm, the soul evolving, and a few whose twin flames are yet lost in the ways of death and darkness.

Beloved ones, you whose twin flames have not yet found the Path must make fervent calls that you yourselves be sustained on the Path, for you become the vital link of the wholeness of your being....Your acceleration of the flame of love will result—as in heaven so on earth—in the reunion of your twin flames for a cosmic consciousness and for the energy that is needed in this hour of cycles turning.

Blessed ones, I leave you with one thought, that if some among mankind as the sons and daughters of God do not pass the initiations of love and that swiftly, earth will not move into an age of light but into an age of darkness. The decision rests in the hands of the few who can perceive the Teaching and understand the challenge of the hour, the few who understand that the twin flame of love is the constancy of truth. The constancy of truth is the day-by-day application of love even when you are weary, even when life seems sometimes to be the repetition of episodes. . . .




In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Selves of (give names of people for whom you are decreeing), by and through the magnetic power of the sacred fire vested in the threefold flame burning within my heart, I call to beloved Mighty Astrea, beloved Lanello, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother, Elemental Life—Fire, Air, Water, and Earth! to lock your cosmic circles and swords of blue flame in, through, and around: my four lower bodies, my electronic belt, my heart chakra and all of my chakras, my entire consciousness, being, and world.

Cut me loose and set me free (3x) from all that is less than God’s perfection and my own divine plan fulfilled.


O beloved Astrea, may God-purity
Manifest here for all to see,
God’s divine will shining through
Circle and sword of brightest blue.

First chorus:*

Come now answer this my call
Lock thy circle round us all.
Circle and sword of brightest blue,
Blaze now, raise now, shine right through!


Cutting life free from patterns unwise,
Burdens fall off while souls arise
Into thine arms of infinite love,
Merciful shining from heaven above.


Circle and sword of Astrea now shine,
Blazing blue-white my being refine,
Stripping away all doubt and fear,
Faith and good-will patterns appear.

Second Chorus:

Come now answer this my call,
Lock thy circle round us all.
Circle and sword of brightest blue,
Raise our youth now, blaze right through!

Third Chorus:

Come now answer this my call,
Lock thy circle round us all.
Circle and sword of brightest blue,
Raise mankind now, shine right through!

   And in full Faith . . .


*Give the entire decree once through, using the first chorus after each verse. Then give the verses again, using the second chorus after each one. Conclude by using the third chorus after each verse.