Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 28 No. 25 - Beloved Gautama Buddha - June 23, 1985


Time Is Not
Wesak Communion 1985


In the stillness of the night, there descends a flame.

Abram saw that flame descending. He saw the smoking furnace. He saw the burning lamp. <1> And, beloved, it was given unto him to know God. For he rendered unto me <2> the elements for the sacrifice. And thus, it was an acceptable offering.

Beloved hearts, remember the acceptable and the unacceptable offering of Abel and Cain. <3> Thus, the Great Law has taught from the beginning that each one in his time is bidden to offer the sacrifice. And when it is the acceptable sacrifice, the initiation is given and the new name. Thus, Abram became Abraham. <4> Thus, unto him was given my seed as the seed of Sanat Kumara, for the seed of the Cosmic Christ is one.

It was a small thing, that sacrifice requested in animal form and the parts thereof. Yet, so great was the fulfillment of the promise. Thus, we see the unity of twin flames of sacrifice and obedience. <5> Cast, then, the unacceptable part of thyself into the flame. It shall prove to be the acceptable offering. Thus having evacuated thy temple of the unwanted presence, the Lord of the World may enter.

The seed of Light and promise, the Christic seed, therefore transmitted through Abraham so blessed—and blessed to become, then, your leader in this hour who knows what it means to sharpen the minds of his chelas, to prepare each one with utter love and the firmness of the ruby sword that does not allow that chela to retain to himself that which must be offered. For there is an acceptable hour and an acceptable day as the cosmic cycles turn, as the stars appear—auspicious, propitious.

Blessed ones, it has been said of old: Behold, now is the accepted time! Now is the day of salvation! <6> What is the meaning of this Eternal Now? It is not the forever waiting of the LORD, I can assure you. For I have taken the Messenger into the point of timelessness to experience the utter collapse of time, and suddenly the awareness that all that has occurred in time is in Truth not real, for time is not in the point of Reality.

Therefore, why tarry and become the prisoner of time through karma, through inordinate desire and inordinate acts that offend me? For I am the one who is offended when thou goest out of the line of Reality.

Do you not know the eternal youth of the saints and the shining? It is because every act of Love and Light takes place in the timeless realm—yes, indeed, the ongoing cycle of cosmos, but not in time. And therefore time is not for the saint, whether on earth or in heaven. Therefore the saint can endure, for the saint is not the prisoner of time. But the sinner cannot endure. He cannot wait to expend his sinful sense and his light upon his lusts and therefore be the prisoner twice more.

Blessed ones, let not the temple be the instrument of the madness of inordinate desire, for thereby some have spent what has been counted as aeons in time. And with the passage of aeons, they have come to me again only to find I change not.

I AM the I AM. I AM the Eternal Now. In my heart is infinite opportunity for each and every chela of El Morya to transcend the former self, forged in a consciousness of time and little beginnings and even littler endings that amount to a handful of sand that the Prophet does take and raise up and pour out.

And the place of that man is known no more.

Beloved hearts, would you rather be an endless succession of little beginnings and endings or a God in the Eternal Now? Ponder in your heart, for Reality is just beyond the point of your nose.

And what kind of nose is it? A proud nose, an ambitious one? A gross and uncaring, surfeited? And how does the nose change with the indulgences of the world, becoming thick with the imbibing of the drugs, the alcohol? How does the babe become the gross and unseemly spent one in his old age and then begin anew in a new body—in the same course, almost identical, lifetime after lifetime, never surrendering those tatters of the astral plane, surfeiting again and again?

Will the Eternal Now eternally indulge those who waltz and dance to the fiddler’s tune with Time? Time is their partner on the dance floor of life. Do they perceive the decrepitude, the old age of Father Time? Do they perceive the lines in the face? Nay! The mask he wears [is that] of the temptress, the beautiful maidens that also came to tear me from my point of the Eternal Now. For in that place I perceived Infinity and there I knew the vortex as the eye in the center of the fire infolding itself. That eye—that eye was the ordinate desire of God therefore turning and the worlds cycling to the center becoming God-identified, else consumed, one or the other.

Thus I knew that only time could capture old age, disease, and death. Where time is not, these do not occur. Thus understand the illusion of time and weary not. For, you see, those who are the prisoners of time live by the clock and the year and the day and the cycles of the moon and the rotation of the earth upon its axis and the revolutions around the sun. And these are caught. And when so many revolutions have passed, they say, “I am old. I will go to rest with my fathers.”

Yet you, beloved, in the Eternal Now may not sense such an urgency to transfer the Light [or to transmit the Teachings]. But I say, take upon you the burden of those who are the prisoners of time—for compassion’s sake, for love’s sake. But enter not! For when you enter thus the striking of the midnight hour, you will quickly turn into the synthetic self and lose the power of the I AM to rescue, to deliver.

All the world is Saint Germain’s stage. Now for a moment, remain offstage. Inject light, consciousness, support to those on stage. Allow them to see your face now and then, but do not join those on the world stage who dance to the tune of folly and the wearisome beat—repetition of nonsense, ad nauseam.

Beloved, perceive with the eye of the Saviour. For I perceive you have been convinced—somewhat, if not utterly—that the Saviour dwells within you. How can he be the same yesterday and today and forever <7> and still be in time?

Thus, the key to adeptship is the conquering of time—not through the ignoring or the ignorance of time, but through the fulfillment of its mandates and the transcending thereof. Thus reach out the hand of the Divine Helper to those so imprisoned and realize you are emissaries of the Sun.

Now [we are] in the center of the Sun. Those who count time are on the spheres that revolve around the Sun. But in the center, where is the sense of time? There is none. It is the point of the pin that holds together a solar system—a tiny pin. There is no time in the center of Being.

Know this in the absolute sense and then begin by the power of the Absolute to transform thy life accordingly. Whatever, then, makes you the prisoner of time, consider—when will you dispense with it? For, you see, if you dispense not with it through the periodic table, offering sacrifice to the Lord in the table of the elements in the wilderness, then in the end when time does collapse, you will collapse with it and be no more.

Those wed to time die with time.

Thus, take a grand accordion, section by section measuring time—time, then, by vibration and beat and note. And suddenly it collapses in a very tiny space. There is no delineation, no further sound. But in the silence of the Law of the One, the player has become the All.

I do not abound in metaphysical truth this day, this night. I come. I come to give you my dissertation on three words of Morya: “Time is not.” Thus, the perception of the Buddha’s heart does give to those at the point of the eye a means of escape through the lens of the eye of God.

I carry you far from the burdens of time and space, for perspective is all. The distance between the eye and the outer events and eventualities is the perspective of the laser beam of the Mind of God.


In this perspective
I AM the Eternal Youth
In the heart of every lifestream
of earth in all octaves,
Yet I do not fret and mourn
Nor decay with the bodies I inhabit.

I AM joyous
I AM silent
I AM filled with laughter
I AM Beingness
I AM at the pin in the center of the earth—
Motionless, perpetually in motion.

I perceive beyond all maya,
I penetrate all maya.
I AM beyond all conflict
And in the center thereof.
I know no opposites,
For I AM the Law of the One.

I AM Real,
My waters flow through the unreal.
I move in the stars,
I AM unmoved—
The Immovable One
In the heart of Shamballa.
I walk the earth through you.
I make my escape from all of you!
I AM always absent/ever-present
In the point of the eye.

So is God the unperceived perception.
So is Truth the absence of error
In the midst and the teeth of the liar.
Where the darkest of the dark is,
There I AM the most brilliant Light.
Thus the lie is perceived
Because I AM there
Not because I AM absent.

   I AM The LORD Your Righteousness come to you with a new view in the sign of the year that is the sign of the builders. <8> Let us not submit to the limitations of any preordained notion of length of years, term of days, lifespan, cycles of necessity for the precipitation of this or that.

I come to declare, as I have said: Ye are immortal now in the Eternal Now. In the interval of the secret chamber of the heart where the threefold flame is suspended, there is no time. Yet the beating of the heart that results from the pulsation of Life through the threefold flame is the marking of time, of cycles.

Do you understand? Perhaps. Perhaps not. I speak the law of the calculus of Spirit’s fire and Being.

And the devils laugh. And they dangle before you skeletons on Halloween, reminding you of a mortality. Stupid are they. Considering themselves clever, they march now in demonstration, in mockery of my coming.

Blessed ones, this most intense presence of Life which I AM—I AM the Keeper of the Flame of Life—does evoke the antithesis. Thus, they have accused Gautama of denying God, denying woman, denying all things—because I bear the Flame of Life, because I stand for Life.

Blessed ones, this is a night when Death and Hell must submit to the Son of God who declares once and for all, “I will have no part with thee! I seize my own outworn garment of Death and Hell and I cast it into the furnace of Gautama Buddha!”

Time is the author of mortality.

The fallen angels had to be consigned to time. It was the ultimate condemnation and limitation. They swore enmity with the Woman, drew down Her seed in the veils of time and said, “If we be prisoners of mortality, so shall they be prisoners of mortality.” They have decreed it. You must undecree it, you see. They have used their ill-gotten power of fohat to declare the ultimate curse that the children of the Sun should become prisoners of time.

Thus, they have intensified karmic temptation, testing—as though you were caught in a snarled string, your feet all tied, and the more you would struggle, the more you would become totally entwined with the endless knotted string of karma, creating all the more with each attempt and struggle to be free of it. For struggle is binding.

And thus, liberation is the Eternal Now. Dwell in it, as in a sealed chamber, as a sphere of Light suspended in the center. Weightless, you are in the center and heart of the threefold flame in the interval of that secret chamber of the heart.

Know the meaning, then. For I tell you, within your grasp is the demonstration of this law. And its demonstration is with the utmost practicality and sensitivity to the world of time.

We know no contradictions. We dominate polarities. We contain them. We subdue them. We allow not opposition but synthesis—always of Alpha and Omega. And the Serpent devouring its tail is Absolute Good devouring the antithesis of Absolute Evil. There is no shaking hands. The Serpent devours all.

For I the LORD thy God AM a jealous God. <9>

Thus, understand that God-Good will have all of thee, will devour thee even as the whale devoured Jonah—yet he came out whole. He was suspended there in the belly of the whale in the sense of timelessness in the threefold flame. How can this be? It is the symbol of Man entering the sacred fire, entering that spiral of Alpha and Omega, being not consumed thereby but stepping forth the Immortal One.

When Absolute Good devours the configurations and the figures mathematical in time and space of the fallen ones—when all of this Absolute Evil is devoured, it is assimilated. It retains no objectivity, subjectivity, self-identity. It is masticated. It is pulverized. And it is assumed by Light. It is demagnetized. And the Absolute God-Good becomes the One. And again, time is not, space is not: because it is unnecessary.

The Flame makes all like itself, else leaves the pile of ash that is held in the hand of the Prophet. The Prophet ascended holds the ash resulting from his own cremation fires. And in his hand the ash, then, is the crystal white, scattered to the winds. And the Light and the fragrance charges the earth—charges the earth, then, with that consciousness now concentrated in these that are called the remains, yet the nucleus of a consciousness that was and is and evermore shall be permeating, transmuting Matter.

So shall thy remains be—as thy soul soars Sunward to thy God—not dust to dust, but crystal fire mist to crystal. And the white crystal becomes the leaven in the earth. None can resist it.

Enter, then, the center—the very center of the belly of the whale. Retain thy individuality in God. Step forth. Step forth from the Flame, from the whale, from the interval. Step forth the master of time and space in the world, not subject unto the law of sin—sin meaning “without.” <10> Without identity in God is the state of sin. Thus, the sin not forsaken can never be forgiven. For as long as it is engaged in, the individual is without an identity in God that can retain forgiveness.

Note the child appeased, forgiven without penance or discipline. The child repeats again and again and again the offense. Thus, beloved, the parent who reinforces repetitive misdemeanors is truly the greater sinner of the twain. The child seeks reinforcement of the Law of the One and yet receives the reinforcement of repetitive acts of indiscretion, disrespect, self-denial.

This is not the way of the true Father and the true Mother in heaven and in earth. Thus, seize the errant son and daughter and let them know in the full fire of the Eternal Now the trap of time as it is the vessel of every sin.

Thus, come apart and be a separate people—separate from the cycles of time. Come apart, then, for the flame of forgiveness is an eternal flame. This is why it is written, “His mercy endureth forever.” <11> It is the foreverness of the Eternal Now self-canceling time and space. Mercy does not eternally dwell in the sinner’s realm but eternally gives the opportunity for the exit from that realm.

As the grass are the days of the man who will not disassociate himself from unreality. So the wind passes through that grass, over it. And suddenly the place thereof knows it no more.

Thus, time produces the self-canceling process, self-canceling ten thousand cans of beer shuttling on the conveyer belt. There is no reinforcement of Truth in a million cans of beer. Thus, why tarry in the cups of beer and the cusps of time? The multiplication of error is the multiplication of the canceling out of those who partake thereof.

I speak to the very core of self-delusion and the lie perpetuating the liar that is the mask and the synthetic self and the anti-Buddha force in each one of you. I step up the sacred fire. And I make you uncomfortable in the presence of that element which, when it is immersed in sacred fire, does experience pain.

Loose it! Let it go into the sacred fire. For it is the only acceptable offering that I shall receive this night. I stand ready to receive the charred self, the error self—the figure become a voodoo doll, a cheap imitation of thy Christ.

I challenge you to cast it into the fire this night.

And I say nothing more.


      O Abram! Come, blessed one, that they might know thee in the hour before the new name given. Stand, therefore, in that very presence of thy life—thy strength of fire of the eye in the midst of adversity as thou didst do battle with fallen ones; did not shirk or cringe before their spacecraft, their advanced science, their threats and technology.

      O Abram, I desire that thou shouldst show thy soul that all may see that covenant of faith, that vision, and thy acceptance of thy God as that shield, that exceeding great reward. Let them know that thou wert as they—a prisoner of time who broke its bonds. Come, stand.

      Let this record of thyself, O Morya, teach them that they are not so far thy heart when thou didst pass thy test and offer Isaac even as the sacrifice. <12> For no sacrifice was too great for thee—even thy son, thine only son, the promised one.

   Children of the night and the day, you may be a million light-years from the heart of Abram or one inch from his victory in thyself. You are the determinant factor. You are God as he was God! He made his choice. He became the fire infolding itself. Do not wait for events—make them happen!

Do not wait for some far distant day and a vision of some Master appearing to thee in the hills. Some of you have created with extraordinary drama and self-importance the scene when you meet Maitreya one day. In this reverie the stage of life is missing the hand of the Divine Director through you.

Time is not! Maitreya is here! Let us get on with the Initiator.

Understand the impeccable nature of the mind that steels itself against erosion, encroachment. Pushed hither and thither as though upon an astral sea, you have no part with astral unrealities. You were born free to love, to be love—born free to be love, born free to love life free.

I AM THAT I AM. I speak now only to the Real Self. If you desire to speak with me, you must enter that Reality. I have spoken long enough to the time-conceived, -concealed self. Now I make demand upon the soul: Leave it behind. Let the wind blow and blow hard that thou mayest know thy mortality. Let the extremity and the danger of life compel the call! I will give my all and do anything that circumstance may prevail to liberate you, not to send you crashing to the rocks and down the precipice of life.

The choice is one: Upward! Onward! Scale the heights. Do not be dismayed by elements or elemental life or elements of Death and Hell. Subdue them. Bind them. Thou art the victor over Death and Hell. I proclaim it.

I AM the One. I AM the Keeper of the Flame of Life for earth. I compel you by the will of thine own heart founded upon the Rock of Buddha from the beginning. I compel you to embrace your fiery destiny in the Eternal Now. To that Light I bow. And I will have thee as thou art for my heart.

Yes, it is done. Yes, it is finished. I withdraw in the Flame of Shamballa, in the heart of the Brotherhood of Shamballa.

I challenge you to meet the requirements for membership in this Brotherhood of Shamballa!

As bodhisattvas of the Buddha, we receive now your petitions. <13> You may take a moment to write whatever you will write if you have not said all. May they be collected in time.

An angel is playing an aeolian harp. You may listen with your inner ear to hear this harp.


      Light of the Central Sun, through these hands trace back this communication of the soul. Let Light contact the soul, separating pure and impure motive, casting upon the screen of the mind the image of the synthetic self and the Real Self.

      Let each side of the question be played upon that screen of the mind. And let the individual, then, centered in God, so centered in Christ, enter the heart of the Judge and from the point of Reality answer the petition and render the offering acceptable/unacceptable. Thus shall the hearts of chelas be self-known at the Royal Teton Retreat this night.

      I shall preside at this pretrial, that each one may know the posture of the eternal Judge who is the eternal Saviour, who is the eternal Christ, who is thy Self. In the presence of thy True Self, thou shalt know this night, O son, O daughter, the progress of thy path to the heart of the Buddha of the Western Shamballa.

      Thus, let the fire receive the sacrifice.

      O soul, thy story is self-told. But thou shalt live again another day to write a new history—this time of thy Cosmic Self.

      As I AM God where I AM, I bid you:

      Go be God where thou art! 



“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Gautama Buddha was delivered through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Wesak, May 4, 1985, at Deer Park Chapel, Royal Teton Ranch, Montana.

1.  Gen. 15.

2.  The use of the personal pronoun me indicates Gautama Buddha’s identification with God and the person of the Godhead who initiated Abram. That person was the Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara, who occupied the office of the Lord of the World which Gautama Buddha now holds.

3.  Gen 4. See also: the First Book of Adam and Eve, chaps. 74-79, The Lost Books of the Bible and The Forgotten Books of Eden—an indispensable reference work for the earnest student of Life’s mysteries (New York: New American Library, 1926-27), pp.53-59.

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8.  Traditionally, when the sun is in Taurus—the sign of the builders—and the moon is full in Scorpio, Buddhist communities throughout the world commemorate the birth, enlightenment, and Parinirvana (final nirvana) of the Buddha. (See Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 26, no. 4, pp. 33-36.) This celebration, known as Wesak, derives its name from the month in the Indian lunar calendar in which it occurs—Wesak or Vesak (Sinhalese), from the Sanskrit Vaisakha. On this date, disciples and bodhisattvas, angels and elementals gather in a valley in the Himalayas to receive the benediction of Lord Gautama. Some say that the Buddha is seen physically by certain adepts and devotees as he brings his “flood of blessing” to the earth. Buddhists consecrate the day to prayers and mantras, holy processions and ceremonies, and the performance of compassionate deeds in honor of the Buddha. It is also the time for the sacrifice of the elements of the lower nature, that the higher nature of God may descend into one’s temple.

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10.. sin [Spanish, fr. Latin sine]: without.

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12. Gen. 22. The Ascended Master El Morya was embodied as Abraham. Today he holds the office of Chohan of the First Ray of the Will of God and Chief of the Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood. Master Morya is the hierarch of the etheric retreat of God’s Will in Darjeeling, India, and the founder of The Summit Lighthouse. See Elizabeth Clare Prophet, “Teachings of the Mother on Morya as Abraham” and “The Story of Our Father Abraham and of His Chela and of His Guru,” on 12-cassette album In the Heart of the Inner Retreat 1982 (A82118).

13. With this sentence, we understand that Gautama Buddha is receiving the chelas as bodhisattvas; in the office of bodhisattva, the Messengers (one on this side of the bank of the river and one on the other, Dan. 12:5) receive written, sealed petitions from the devotees calling for the casting into the sacred fire on Wesak of the “dweller on the threshold” of the ten/four (Scorpio/Taurus) axis of the planetary evolution and the chela’s untransmuted karma. The petitions are placed unopened in a physical fire outside the chapel.