Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 28 No. 14 - Beloved Saint Germain - April 7, 1985


The Lord’s Prophecy unto the Philippines
by Saint Germain
Delivered by the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet


Ladies and gentlemen, heart flames of the great Light of Freedom, I, Saint Germain, will not withhold my blessing from this people and this land!

Therefore, I come today and I speak to your very heart, grateful for the instrument—your Messenger and mine. For I have anointed her to deliver unto you the prophecy of the Lord and the flame of freedom from my heart by which, if you take it and run with it as torchbearers in the night, you will discover what wonders the Lord God will work for you in this nation.

I Have Heard the Cries of My People

Therefore know, as you call to me, Saint Joseph, that I have heard. And I have heard the cries of my people and I know the truth in this nation. So does the Messenger know the truth. And therefore, fear not, for the hearts of Light the world around are made one by the very rosary of the heart of praise of the Blessed Virgin.

Understand the meaning of the oneness worldwide of the freedom-fighters of the nations. Understand the power of peace and of the sword to cut free those who are bound by the cords of injustice and iniquity.

People of God, know that the prophecies are told and they are true. If you would be delivered from the toiler, you must deliver yourself from the toiler within—from the burden of personal selfishness and indulgence and the absence of the true fervor of sacrifice that must be made in order to galvanize a nation.

Beloved hearts, you are not helpless. And no power within or without, no foreign power—no matter how powerful—when misused, may turn back the time and the tide of freedom, whose destiny of every nation is in the hand of God.

Understand the meaning of the power of God and fear not the powers of this world. Fear indeed those who can destroy the soul in hell, but do not fear those who think they kill you when they kill the body, for they only destroy themselves.

Nevertheless, they shall not pass!

The Warning of God

It is the God-determination of the hosts of the Lord who stand with you to do all in our power to help you. But if you fail to heed the warning of God, to take the mighty teaching and the rod of power of the science of the Word, we then will be bound not to enter. It is the force of oneness, of love, of prayer, of purity of heart, and one-pointedness that has won every victory, spiritual or physical, in all history.

Let us not indulge ourselves as those who should set a better example do, indulging themselves in pleasure and in the love of money, which is the root of all evil—not money but the love of money. Beloved hearts, set the example! For this is a nation in mourning for the torture of her people, for the violence and the terror by night. And therefore we mourn, and I mourn with you. And therefore, let us play the part and let us understand the meaning of mourning, which is to take upon ourselves the sins and the karma of the nation and to submit it daily to the violet flame.

We are burdened by the sadness of the betrayal of our people by our people. Thus, beloved hearts, each and every man in this nation this day, by the presence of the holy angels, does stand accountable before the Lord God Almighty. Let there be the renewal of the understanding of the presence and the power of the Lord’s hosts with the true Israel—who is the seed of Christ which has descended and reincarnated in every nation, for so were they scattered on the whole face of the earth.

Archangel Michael at Your Side

Blessed hearts of Light developing the sense of the power of Archangel Michael at your side and the power of the call you give—


Lord Michael before, Lord Michael behind,
Lord Michael to the right, Lord Michael to the left,
Lord Michael above, Lord Michael below,
Lord Michael, Lord Michael, wherever I go!
I AM his love protecting here!—

do you know the meaning of having Saint Michael the Archangel at your hand? This mighty archangel brings with him not thousands but millions of angels! And they bear swords of blue flame and shields. And they come to bind the devils and the demons that are invisible, except you see the effects of the chaos which they have wrought.

Who Will Rescue the Children?

Beloved hearts, chaos is in the land and it is high time that a movement be born for the rescue of the little children who are abused, misused, and sold early in life into prostitution. Beloved ones, when a nation desecrates the little child, what is there left of human dignity? For the child is always holy. The child is the vessel of the Manchild and is the one who comes bearing truly the Light of Christ—the infant who shall become the Son of God.

Let mothers and fathers and teachers and all those who serve as their representatives in government hear my call! For that nation shall not be spared which does not value the life and the body of the little child. Let not one of these be lost. For when you ignore this problem, you betray the child within your own heart—and that child is Christ.

Who has left Jesus? Who has left him for Herod’s henchmen? I was the one who was visited by an angel of the Lord, and we fled in the night and retired to Egypt when the male babies were slain.

Beloved ones, they feared the coming of the Christ. And you ought to fear the coming of the Christ! You look for a liberator. You look for a deliverer. Well, look to the little child! Will that child, so abused, then rise up in the dignity of self-worth to deliver a nation, whose nation has already destroyed him and his sense of self-worth, which only lies in making merchandise of his body?

Beloved ones, this is the karma upon the nation. There ought to be torchlight demonstrations in this land for the little child and the casting out of those who come from around the world to enjoy the pleasures of these little children! Is this the kind of tourism you will put up with?

You cannot go your way any longer. This is a crime and a sin. And let those who are responsible be accountable this day! For I, Saint Germain, will walk the streets of this city and this land. And I will place my mantle upon these children, and it is an aura of Light. I may give them the spiritual Light, but who will rescue them physically? Who will be the flame of freedom that begins to build the foundations of a nation in the heart of the little child?

The Burden of Neglect

So understand the burden and the difficulty. Understand that the burden of your neglect makes very difficult your salvation by the hosts of the Lord. Thus, how can we neglect so great a salvation?

Let the moneychangers be cast out of the government of this nation and its banking houses and its economy and its brothels and its gambling casinos!

Beloved hearts, do you understand that the fire of absolute one-pointed dedication to the truth of eternal Life must be the rock upon which you stand? And from that rock and by that rock you conquer.

It is very easy to become lethargic and to say, “We can do nothing! We are bound. We dare not. We dare not speak...,” though many dare speak and therefore suffer martyrdom. When you assign to this or that flesh-and-blood individual the enemy or the devil, you then become irresponsible, your own sins are minimized, and it is almost a fatalism, waiting for the end. Let it not be so. Never was there a greater moment for action.

Your Cause Is in the Power of the Spoken Word

What can you do? I say your cause is in the power of the spoken Word. You feel my power and I anchor it in your souls and heart. So do the mighty angels. Take the seed of Light. Fan it by the sacred fire and the holy breath. Fan it by love and fervor!

Rise in the morning, rise an hour early, and give that hour as a sacrifice unto God. Take the little book of decrees, raise the right hand and give the call of judgment. For the judgment of the Lord is a two-edged sword. It always divides the Real from the unreal. And the unreal must stand aside, and you may see what that unreality is—what that illusion is. And all may see and know [and choose this day whom they will serve: the Real or the unreal].

And the binding power of the Lord will come upon you with such a miracle and such a devastation unto those who identify with illusion that you will truly believe in the One Sent and the miracles of God and that the armies of heaven have never left off from defending the legions of Light on earth.

Hymn to the Sun

Thus, beloved ones, at the hour of the dawn, face the sun. Call to God in the person of Helios and Vesta. Draw the light and the breath of the sun into your heart as you say:


Helios and Vesta!
Helios and Vesta!
Helios and Vesta!
Let the Light flow into my being!
Let the Light expand in the center of my heart!
Let the Light expand in the center of the earth
And let the earth be transformed into the New Day!
Let the Philippines be transformed into the New Day!
Let my heart, my family, my life, and this city,
its government and economy be transformed
into the New Day!

   God will enter your temple and speak these words through you—words of a mighty deliverance, beloved. And the power of the spoken Word will begin to be noticed as change, for freedom is a power of change and a power to move.

Trust in the violet flame and know that when you open your mouth and affirm that violet flame and that call and the calls given to you, I will be instantaneously in your room. I give you the promise that Jesus gave: Wherever two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst thereof.

I am particularly and peculiarly involved in the destiny of the freedom of the nations, for God has given to me the dispensation to propagate freedom. And it begins with a free government and the sacred freedoms and the people’s demands not only for human rights but for divine rights.

Human rights are only the beginning. They are a foundation. But the divine rights may not be gainsaid, beloved hearts. The divine rights must be called forth and you must understand the interpretation of the Word! You must understand that I speak to your hearts! Listen, for I transmit a fire unto you in this hour.

Beloved children of the Sun, return to the ancient calling. Return now to the quickening of your hearts, for I demand the fealty to Almighty God. The promises are as they have been from the beginning. Serve the Lord, obey His commandments, invoke the sacred fire, and He will deliver thee.

A Revolution in Higher Consciousness

The teaching of the new age is at hand. And my deliverance of the flame of freedom to the nations, beloved ones, does effect the understanding of religion as well as science, as well as self-government. Therefore realize that the wine of the Holy Spirit—its fiery baptism, its violet flame—does now permeate all of the religious institutions of the world. And a revolution in Higher Consciousness is truly the way of the sponsors of heaven.

You face adversaries and conditions—world conditions, the imminence of war everywhere, and much worse: plague and famine and death and the dissolution of nations. These challenges must be met with dispensations of Light that exceed the prior dispensations. Thus, avail yourself of the teachings of the Ascended Masters and the Everlasting Gospel.

Take note that the people’s misunderstanding and misapprehension of the message of Jesus Christ, whether through ignorance or whether through a conscious manipulation by their leaders—whatever—has not afforded them the means or the ability to deliver themselves from their conquerors or from their diseases. Therefore, realize that more Light and more enlightenment is the requirement if people are to seek God and discover in Him the solution to the world’s problems.

It is the application of the Law which is wanting. The Light has ever been the same, but the understanding of that Light in your heart and being and soul has not been taught, alas, as it should be taught. And therefore, because it seems as though God does not answer prayer, men’s faith has waned and they do not see that God and His Light and His Law is applicable to the human dilemma in the very streets of life.

And this failure to bring that Light into the very streets and into your hearts to challenge these conditions is the cause and core that we face today. It is the gap—the gap between the cause and the effect, the source and the solution to very dire problems.

The Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood

In the name of Mother Mary, I come. For she has called me and she has said, “Surely, Saint Germain, you will not leave this people without a challenge and direction and the promise and the comfort of our hearts.”

We represent the Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood—a council of Ascended Masters in the etheric plane over Darjeeling, India. The Ascended Master El Morya, whom you call Saint Thomas More, heads this council. This body exists for the training up of leaders in every nation.

You may apply to us when you take your rest at night. As your final prayer, ask your guardian angels to be taken to [to take you to] the Darjeeling Council, and there receive our wisdom and our understanding. And it will come to you when you awaken or after many days, perhaps not as a distinct memory but as the pressing through of Light and direction and an inner knowing of what is to be done and what is the realm of the possible.

We admonish you to seek, therefore, that which is most possible in the moment and then proceed with the more difficult. Be practical in your ways. Be careful. Be careful and guard thy life with prudence and divine discrimination. For we desire Keepers of the Flame in embodiment, and we do not encourage martyrdom but wisdom and a strategy of spiritual Light to face all of the foes and the common enemies of man, which surely are not confined to these borders.

A Prophecy Which Only You Can Fulfill

Thus, beloved, look then for the preservation of the holy innocence of the child, and the innocence shall return to the nation and the flame fountain of purity shall rise in her midst. And thus it shall come to pass that an ancient people—yourselves—descended from the long-lost continent of Lemuria shall once again restore the Light and the golden age.

This is not a psychic prediction. This is a prophecy which only you can fulfill. God and His hosts reveal the divine plan and tell you that this is your destiny. But you have free will. Only you can fulfill your destiny!

It is clear that Christ Jesus desired all to see the choices of free will. Therefore, he selected one among the twelve to be the betrayer. And he hung himself for his betrayal, whilst Christ was resurrected as the Saviour of the world.

See, then, that there are betrayers of the Light and betrayers of freedom, and there are its champions. Play your role well, beloved hearts, for you shall meet your God not only in the hour of death but this day and every day. For it is the day of vengeance of our God, and the karmic cycles do return to each one’s doorstep swiftly, as causes set in motion.

Your Decrees Are Our Authority to Step into Your Life

Therefore, watch—watch for the signs of the Lord and His Law outpictured. Study the Law and become one with it. Meditate upon the law of the spoken Word and shout that decree from the housetops! For your decrees are our authority to step into your life, and no task or problem is too insignificant.

Therefore, do not be cursed by the false concept that you do not want to bother Saint Germain or Mother Mary or Jesus with the problem at hand. We are only troubled (not bothered) when you neglect to make the call. For then we cannot give to you the divine solution which is always there.

God Will Not Fail You When You Do Not Fail Him

World movements of totalitarianism active today, beloved hearts, surely do prey upon the people’s fear and doubt, which must be replaced now by a living faith that God will not fail you when you do not fail Him. This is my message. This is my comfort. This is my encouragement.

The people who love freedom in this nation are far greater in number than the original few who defended the United States or staged the Boston Tea Party and fought a revolution of Light. Is it numbers, then? Nay, it is not numbers! But it is a quickening of hearts, a determination to put all other considerations aside and to unite in the one flame of God.

So long as you are divided in the solution, how can we use you, the cracked vessel, for the fulfilling of the deliverance? Thus, let man propose, and heaven will dispose.

We are your Elder Brothers and Sisters, not magicians, though you have called us such. We may act only within the law of the will of God and cosmic law. Otherwise we may not intervene. We may not commit any act of injustice. We may not answer prayers that call for vengeance or the death of the enemy. We answer the prayer that asks for the will of God to be done swiftly, that justice be restored.

Thus, beloved hearts, the death wish is not a prayer of Light, but it is black magic. And that which you wish upon another will return unto you. Therefore, Moses said in his final sermon, “Choose Life, not Death.” For Life itself, when it intensifies, delivers the judgment unto the death consciousness. And it is the death consciousness that will die, not merely in one individual but in all individuals in a nation.

See, then, that your hearts become the altar of the living God, and go before the high priest of that altar in the Holy of Holies—the beloved Christ Self. Offer fruits meet for repentance and prayers worthy of a son and daughter of God. Let superstition be dissolved! And let the Holy Church itself come into the New Day, for its house must also be swept clean of those who misuse the Light of the sacred fire.

Remember the Prophecy of Fatima

Thus, remember the prophecy of Fatima whereby God and His saints are not even permitted to protect the Church when there is corruption within. So it is true of your soul. So it is true of the nation.

If your leaders have left your nation vulnerable to destruction by their corruption, will you do the same? [“No!”] Thus, let this corruptible put on incorruption! Let this mortal put on immortality! And walk in the dignity of the hosts of the Lord and know that thy deliverer is nigh and at the very door.

There shall not one be left who shall not give accounting for his thought and feeling, his word and his work. Therefore, fear the Law and the Lord, not with anxiety but with the love and the security that knows that the Law is just and will repay. And you are the instruments of that justice.

Therefore, hasten its day by your word and your work, for the time is short, as certain of your leaders have told you. They have known and seen the handwriting on the wall. And I tell you, this nation hangs true today solely by the long-suffering of her people and their patience and their love and their inner Light. And thus, the beautiful hearts of Light by the millions who gather here are surely gathered for a great victory.

Truly, beloved, the Light shall not betray thee. We shall not leave thee. Thus, do not betray the Light.

This is the meaning of the cooperation of heaven and earth. This is the meaning of the Great White Brotherhood. It is the fraternity of saints Above and below who move together. And those below know they are the instrument of those Above, and therefore their courage does not wane.

I Go to Minister to the Nation


            I take my leave of you, for I go to minister to those who are bound, those who are in prison, those who are in the hospitals. I go to every part of the nation and I send my angels for everyone who has passed from the screen of life in this cause. I take them, and I take them to our retreat of the violet flame and I instruct them. And I shall give them the Light and the understanding. And I shall send them back to you, sponsored by Mother Mary, to reembody—to reincarnate among this people, to rise up again, and to give their lives again—trusting that you will defend the newborn and the little children, trusting that you will see that your deliverers come in the face of the little child.

   Thus, I ask you to keep the flame and the cradle of liberty, to protect life, and to know that these souls who come again to live once more again, to give their lives, are counting on you to see to it that when they come they receive proper food and shelter and a teaching in the way of God-government and freedom and respect, that their chakras [spiritual centers of the sacred fire], their Light is not violated by the lusts of those who are nothing but devils in embodiment. And it is high time you awaken to know that there are devils in embodiment who lust after the Light of Christ in your little ones!

Now let us go forth as conquerors and let us slay the dragon in our midst. For the earth must become freedom’s star, for the alternative is self-annihilation. There is no middle of the road. There is no other choice but to stand for freedom or to go down into that nothingness of ignominy.

In the Light of the Goddess of Liberty, I, Saint Germain, stand. I will not leave thee! I come with the hosts of the Lord! [applause, standing ovation]


Messenger’s Comments Following Saint Germain’s Dictation:

Thank you, beloved hearts, for providing this opportunity for Saint Germain not only to address us, but to release his Light to the nation. I am profoundly grateful. In his honor, let us sing “The Flame of Freedom Speaks.”


The Flame of Freedom speaks—
The Flame of Freedom within each heart.
The Flame of Freedom saith unto all:


            Come apart now and be a separate and chosen people, elect unto God—men who have chosen their election well, who have determined to cast their lot in with the immortals. These are they who have set their teeth with determination, who have said:


I will never give up
I will never turn back
I will never submit
I will bear the Flame of Freedom unto my victory
I will bear this flame in honor
I will sustain the glory of Life within my nation
I will sustain the glory of Life within my being

I will win my ascension
I will forsake all idols and
I will forsake the idol of my outer self
I will have the glory of my immaculate divinely
conceived Self manifesting within me

I AM Freedom and
I AM determined to be Freedom
I AM the Flame of Freedom and
I AM determined to bear it to all
I AM God’s Freedom and He is indeed free
I AM freed by his Power and his Power is supreme
I AM fulfilling the purposes of God’s kingdom

I would like to tell you that as I travel around the world and receive people and listen to their hearts, the two most oft heard prayers are: “Heal me of my fear and doubt” and “Tell me what is my divine plan—what is my mission in life.”

I would like to answer this in the following way: To be healed of doubt and fear, you must cast out the coward of the lower self and stand firmly on the Rock of Christ and your meditation in him and with him—knowing his promise: He lives in us and we live in him in one point of Light, which is in this temple.

Your divine plan must be seen in light of the burden of your family and your nation. For your family and your nation is also your karma, and therefore we do not fiddle while Rome burns. We do not look for other diversifications or pursuits of this or that when our people suffer and when our nation must be delivered.

So the divine plan is actually to put on Christ. This may be done in many forms of service to life. We look at the greatest need and we say, “How can I supply it?” Therein we find our mission. We look at the brother and the sister, we look at the nation. We look at our talents and we say, “What can I do best to deliver this people and my beloved ones?”

And therefore, you offer yourself on the altar of the nation and of God, the community and the family, and you begin to supply the needs of others. And you find that others’ needs are so much greater than your own that you will not remember that you ever had any fear or any doubt! For the fire of God pouring through you to meet others’ needs will cleanse you not only of your fears and doubts, but also of all your diseases and problems.

Sometimes we place too much attention upon ourselves. We need to lose ourselves in concern for one another, nevertheless always retaining the inner dignity of our individuality in God.

I would like to say, then, that as I perceive this city of eight million, the greatest single need we have is to have a center where you can come twenty-four hours a day to pray and to worship—a house of Light. I ask you to deliberate with the Keepers of the Flame here and to see how you can designate so many hours a week to keep that vigil of calls to Archangel Michael to enter this nation.

Tomorrow I will return to the United States and I leave with you all my promise that in every twenty-four-hour cycle I will be crying unto the Lord God for the victory of justice and freedom in every man, woman, and child in this nation. And I shall work with the Filipinos and Filipinas in America who are a part of our organization there, and many whom I do not yet know but whom I will contact for the victory of that freedom. And on both sides of the Pacific, we will take our stand and we will rest confident that our victory will be secured. Thank you. [applause]

Let’s sing our song, “O Philippines Awake, I AM THAT I AM.” Let’s wake up the people to the power of God!


O Philippines, Awake! I AM THAT I AM (7x)
Awake! Awake!


O Philippines, Awake! I AM THAT I AM
O Philippines, Awake! I AM THAT I AM
Left, right, O Philippines!
We march by Christ command
Awake, arise, O Philippines!
We come to free this land.

Just as in ancient days
Awake, put on your strength!
I AM the arm of the Lord
God’s freedom to defend.
Marching with the hosts of Light
Our freedom’s now at hand
Our vict’ry’s sure when we trust in God
He’s always in command!

Time now to congregate and
Fan those freedom flames
Conquer the fallen ones and
Bind their evil ways.
Awake, put on your sword of fire and
Slay the dragon cold
Our vict’ry’s sure when we trust in God
To win we must be bold!

March all you chosen ones
El Morya’s at the helm
Ten thousand chosen ones
Come to protect God’s realm
An army of Light—we come to fight
Arise, come lend a hand!
Our vict’ry’s sure when we trust in God
The name I AM THAT I AM. (Sing chorus twice)


This presentation today has given you the heart and spirit of Saint Germain. I wanted to give you his most recent teaching on the violet flame which was delivered in a dictation in Washington, D.C., in December, published in the 1984 volume of Pearls of Wisdom, number 61. It’s a very excellent presentation on that violet flame, and I will read it to you when I come back later this afternoon. We will have a healing service and a blessing of those who have not yet received the blessing for healing, so do bring your loved ones.

Thank you again, and God bless you. [applause]


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Saint Germain was delivered through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, March 3, 1985, at the Fiesta Island Ministry of Tourism Pavilion, Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex in Manila.