Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 27 No. 61 - Beloved Saint Germain - December 23, 1984


A Study in Christhood by the Great Initiator
The Harvest


‘Tis the season of the harvest. Observe: Leaves are falling from the trees. The ripe fruit of the apple is gathered and kept for a year’s worth of eating. Thus, every tree brings forth fruit in its time.

Is it possible to roll back the harvest, to change the poisonous fruit into the golden pear of divine consciousness? This is indeed the question that ignorant mankind must face. Yet they will not face it. Therefore, let the sons and daughters of God face it.

...of Right and Wrong Decision, of Souls and Hearts

Let them understand, beloved hearts, that in this hour, truly there is a harvest of two hundred years and more of this nation’s history. Taking into account from the point of my discovery unto this moment, it is evident that nigh five hundred years have passed. <1>

 I come, therefore, to explain that it is a period of harvest of right and wrong decision—a harvest of souls and a harvest of hearts. Thus, beloved, no longer a wilderness land where the prophet might ensconce himself, but a land teeming with lifestreams as the crossroads of a planet—yea, a planet and a solar system and beyond—one nation under one God with multifaceted lifestreams that ought to blend into the seven rays and then into the white light.

   But, alas, some of the harvest are colorless and have no fruit. Therefore, where shall the barren fig tree appear? 

Christ has already cursed—which means judged—the barren and the unfruitful consciousness, <2> that the disciples might understand that in order to retain the right to Life in cosmos, one must bear fruit and quality fruit—not the white page we might have written upon, beloved hearts.

To Intricately Withdraw the Threads of Evil

This presents a taxing equation for the Ascended Masters and their chelas: to intricately withdraw the threads of evil from the fabric of the nation, from the body politic. How can one take the crochet hook of the Mother and remove these threads—some of them not entirely black but woven as gray and subtle gradations? (gray-dations) 

Where does one define Light and Darkness? 

Where does one draw the line and, in drawing the line, cut off the arm or the leg as opportunity to improve, to change? 

Many times we have recommended far less karma upon the individual, for should he receive what is due as the penalty of the Law, it would wipe out his very opportunity to accept grace in another day and to move forward. Thus, it is not quite the moment to obey the injunction “If thy right arm offend thee, cut it off,” <3> for tomorrow the right arm may not be the offense but the blessing to life.

Name the Causes of Human History, Transmute the Spiral of Effects

Now, understand why the violet flame is so necessary. It is because it is the age of opportunity—the opportunity of the Mother that is with us. Understand, then, that in sorting out human history and the history of the lifewaves who have mi-grated to this soil, one must perceive the causes and name them and call for their binding, and then the effects will disappear as easily as one erases a chalkboard.

Let us become more astute. Thus, I acknowledge that you are already astute. This astuteness that I call forth is the outsmarting of the tendency to forget to call daily on the issues that are fundamental.

There are fundamental neutrons and protons in the nucleus of this nation that must be changed if the atom of self is to swing with the necessary electrons of the freewill sons and daughters of God—freewheeling in that their courses are apparently beyond the understanding of the observers.

Thus is the Holy Spirit. Thus is every atomic particle—not fashioned after a preordained destiny but fashioned to include the element of free will! Thus, let everyone who is of God receive the Holy Spirit of the seventh age and therefore move with that Spirit, unconfined by the mechanisms of worldly thought, its entrapments, its compartments.

Now, if it were not so, it would be impossible to do anything with the law of karma or the effects of causes set in motion. It would be impossible to change history and therefore to change the present. But as you have been told, if you discover the key of the cause, the key and the nucleus of any happening or series of events of history, the undoing of this and its transmutation will collapse the entire spiral unto the present.

Powers of Control and Age-Old Conspiracies Thwart the Good

I speak of the powers of control. I speak of age-old conspiracies at inner levels and on the astral plane so that, try as they may, men and women of goodwill have not been able to bring in an age of peace and freedom and enlightenment for all. God knows, so many have tried, so many have prayed for it, so many have determined and have given their lives—far in excess numerically of those evildoers who have stopped the course of the onward movement, the spiraling of the Central Sun, from physically manifesting.

Change through the Violet-Flame Sun

The hour of change is come, even as the hour of the harvest is come. Change is the order of the day, experiencing internally that fire of the violet-flame sun, beloved hearts.

I AM come. I AM your beloved (I trust) Saint Germain. You are my beloved (I do know) Keepers of the Flame and of the Spirit of the God most holy.

Causes of War Traced to the Core of Evil in the Matter Cosmos

Let us look, then, to causes—causes of war. These concern me. For civilization may hold together imperfectly for many centuries, but world war and world holocaust can set back the planetary body, cutting off the right arm, the right leg, destroying genes and so forth, so that the morrow does not bring the new dawn of opportunity. Let us examine, then, causes of war most recent in this hemisphere in Central America, in Afghanistan, war that parades across the planet—causes of war in Vietnam, in Korea, in World War II, World War I.

Beloved children of the Sun, these causes go back to the same forces—those exterrestrials <4> in the earth who desire to keep the control of the population by arraying brother against brother, aligning them in causes and polarities not their own but foisted upon them by serpentine minds who have known how to work them up to a fever pitch of emotion and hatred by their indoctrination and propaganda and contrived shortages of food, hunger, disease, and manipulation of the basic commodities of the oil and the wheat. <5>

   Blessed ones, the gold that is in thy hand from the God of Gold—this, too, they have tried to manipulate. Let us concentrate, then, not on surface events, but let us pull the black threads from the fabric of world consciousness. And then let us go to the hands that have woven these, and behind the hands to the controlling consciousness, and behind the controlling consciousness to the core of evil in the Matter cosmos.

Let children of the Sun be less disturbed by day-to-day events. Let children of the Sun, which ye are—the Sun of Alpha and Omega—understand the meaning of life and interpret effects by prior causes and go after those causes which are often hidden behind closed doors in smoke-filled rooms.

Treacherous are the ways of the fallen ones. But the Word—the Word of the Holy of Holies—is the power. It is the very power of the pulling of the threads ere the threads know they have been pulled. It is the stripping of the anti-power amassed by the enemies of humanity before they realize that it has been taken from them.

I Need Your Call during the Christmas Season

I, Saint Germain, need your call. As was said by Kuthumi, <6> during this season of Christmas I need the call of the faithful and the violet flame as never before to avert and turn back conspiracies working against humanity in this hour, against this nation and every nation.

I ask for protection for America and its government. I ask for calls for protection of all governments of all free nations and the protection of the true sons and daughters of God who are the real representatives of the people wherever tyrants have raised their heads in the name of this or that particular political persuasion.

Reinforce the Ramparts of Freedom at Camelot, Royal Teton Ranch

Beloved ones, the holy purpose of the Great White Brotherhood requires your support and decree work. Thus, the ramparts of freedom at Camelot and the Royal Teton Ranch must be reinforced, not merely by timbers but timbers of heart and flesh—of those individuals who recognize in this hour the predawn hour of the victory of this divine plan.

It takes more than funds, though funds are indeed needed. It takes more than goodwill, though goodwill we cherish. It does take your physical presence, for it is an age of physical initiation. The threat of nuclear war is physical initiation. The threat of world pollution and annihilation of elemental life [animal and plant life] is a physical initiation.

The Violet Flame Is a Physical Flame

The violet flame is a physical flame! And what do I mean when I say this? I say the violet flame is closest in vibratory action of all of the rays to this earth substance, to these chemical elements and compounds, to all that you see in Matter. And therefore, the violet flame can combine with any molecule or molecular structure, any particle of matter known or unknown, and any wave of light, electrons, or electricity.

Thus, the violet flame is the supreme antidote for food poisoning, chemical waste, toxins, pollution of drugs in the body. The violet flame is an elixir that you drink and imbibe like water, like the purest juice of the fruit of the harvest of the elementals’ consciousness. The violet flame is the supreme antidote for physical problems. Wherever chelas gather to give the violet flame, there you notice immediately an improvement in physical conditions! And thus, you see, the tares sown among the wheat <7> have contrived to bring Armageddon to a physical level, even in your own households and in your own relationships with people.

The Test of Building the Temple of Man

It is the supreme test of raising now that alabaster pyramid in the physical octave, the test of building the temple of man when all obstruction comes through the degeneration, the very crumbling of physical matter. Whether organic or inorganic matter, there is a disintegration spiral that works in the buildings, in the land, in the sea, and in the bodies which can be counteracted best by the violet flame.

The violet flame turns around the spin of electron and atom. It turns around the downward spiral of the chakras and the energy. It is forever the power of conversion—and conversion means “to turn around”! The violet flame is the buoyant joy of the Holy Ghost that turns around spirits and minds and souls and emotions! 

Freedom Is a Power That Moves for Change

Freedom has this power. It has had this power in every age and century. Let the flame of freedom descend anywhere and all rejoice and leap for the power of their own divinity—else they leap to misuse that freedom if they operate on the dark side of life. But freedom itself is a power that moves, and it moves for change. And when it is misused, that change does not become constructive but destructive.

An Acceleration of Light and Darkness—Drugs and Rock Music

Beloved ones, even in the six months that have passed since we came last in the Heart of the Inner Retreat, while you have seen an acceleration of Light, there is a corresponding and unseen acceleration of Darkness. And this is as it has been through past ages when cataclysms in the economy or in the land have been nigh.          Therefore I tell you, it is necessary to counteract this Darkness with increasing violet flame, increasing the call for the reversing of the tide of the downward spiral of civilization, and then binding, by the astuteness of the mind, the cause and core of that deceleration, which, as you know, has its manifestation in drugs of all kind sweeping the land and in the polarity of drugs, [which is] rock music—core-rebellion, tool of the sinister force to collapse nations and governments and bodies and self-esteem.

Drugs and rock music become the antithesis of you and your twin flame. You and your twin flame, as Alpha and Omega, beloved ones, represent the Light of God-wisdom and God-love. Thus, we find the absolute perversion of Wisdom in rock music and the absolute perversion of Love in drugs.

Oh, it is a “sweet death” that causes the imbibing of the death drug in the name of Love, in the name of an experience, in the name of a sensation. It is hard to believe or to conceive that any one single individual could accept drugs into the system in the name of reality or even in the name of pleasure.

Beloved hearts, thirty years ago you could not imagine such an eventuality. Yet, it does nothing but multiply. And thus, the astute ones know that it is spawned out of Death and Hell and from the minds of those who are bound and yet not brought to the judgment—whose minds yet have influence. Therefore, go after the causes and see how swiftly the lines can be drawn and the bodies and temples of the lightbearers be preserved to serve another day.


Our Flame for the Protection of This Government

I come, then, into the nation’s capital this day, through the body of the Messenger and your own blessed temples, to release my flame and the flame of Portia for the protection of this government and right decision, and to stand and hold back conspiracies unknown. And therefore, you may name “conspiracies unknown” as an insert in your decrees. And then you may call to Cyclopea to reveal that which is hidden which ought to be revealed—those things done in secret against the very integrity and flame that is the flame of freedom in America and every nation.

The Power of God Is in the Hands of the Little People

Beloved ones, someone once said that history is made by the little people and not by those important people. Well, it is so when the little people discover on that mighty day that a William Tell <8> or a David <9> or a single voice or a single one holding the finger in the dike can make the difference. The little people do not shape history unless some among them get the idea that the power of God is in their hands, that the ball is in their court, and that if they act, truly, nations and continents can be preserved for another day of grace, another day of freedom.

Understand the Times and the Seasons

There is a time for sowing, a time to water, a time to watch the summer breezes and sun, a time for harvest, a time for going into the seed within itself.

Understand the times and the seasons: 

There is a time for the coming of the Ascended Masters and the Avatar and the Divine Mother with us.

There is a time that is an interval of space where a civilization and a people must take that flame and demonstrate it.

  There is a time when the dark ones move across the land and all are bowed down, and the trees also are moved by strong winds of dark desire and many of them are broken.

And there is a time for the coming of the Helper and the Comforter and the One who enlightens. <10> 

Take heed, then, that you understand that that which occurs on a planet and in spiritual cycles is a sine wave. Thus, it is written that there is a tide in the affairs of men. When this tide is taken at its crest, so it leads on to fortune, <11> and that fortune is a divine fortune.

Thus, there is a tide in the cycles, the sine wave of being, and you must mark those points of the peaks and the lows. You must understand there are economic cycles, though they are denied. There are waves that are predictable in all areas of existence because they line up with the cycles of karma which have been observed and plotted on graphs by those who were inspired by us to warn humanity of the hundred-year cycles and more. <12> 

Therefore, you are experiencing cycles. Do not count, then, on another day as an opportunity. When you have the maximum attunement and Light, it is time to capitalize on it. It is a good investment that will bear fruit from your causal body. At the moment that you have the greatest Light to invest yourself in the greatest Word and Work for God, it is like being on a giant roller coaster.

When you have the momentum behind you and the wind in your sails, I say, make the most of it. For the hour comes when you will harvest that which you sow and you will be on the receiving end and it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to undo the course you have set in motion. Thus, if you do not sow, you do not reap, and then you are hungry in the winter.

The Heyday of Opportunity for America

Thus, the heyday of Light, the heyday of opportunity for America is now—and it is for you also. Much can be accomplished in the next four years if watchmen of the night will watch with me through this period, if you who become more astute will then go to the very heart of the problem and capitalize on the opportunity.

Let us not count on anything that we have today being sustained tomorrow unless we invest ourselves in that momentum. Let us not think that we have ten years or twenty, or ten days or five to enter into the mighty caravan of Light. Let us realize that all of us who have lived in past centuries have lived one day and seen peace and when we have awakened in the morning, war has been in progress, destruction has been wrought, Pompeii has been destroyed.

Thus, one must know that in the given cycle one has given one’s all to meet the mathematical equation descending from the I AM Presence. Each day a gift descends. Not all days are the same. Wise is the individual who says:


      Ah, thou mighty Light of my causal body, I catch thee now. I run with thee! I will maximize this potential of God. I will break the bread of Life. I will contact those I have been waiting to contact! 

“Now Is the Time to Act”

Sometimes you receive an inspiration and an idea. And it grows in consciousness and it builds. And one day the holy angels come, they tap thee on the shoulder, and they say, “Now is the time to act. Act! Move! Now!” And sometimes you do not respond. You do not sense that there is such a thing as the urgency of the moment.

Not all ideas are like a juggler’s balls that will go up and down and up and down. There are ideas that must manifest or else they die. Like the great spawning power of the fishes of the sea, there is a moment when the seeds must be sown—and if they are not sown, they die. And there is a survival of the fittest, and the strongest seed ideas become manifestation.

The Fruit of My Harvest

Some gestations require a year, three, or ten. In a given lifetime, how many gracious fruits of Maitreya can you bring to fruition? It is time to consider and plan. Although you are immortal now, you must plan on a lifespan and what you will accomplish. You must know what is the single fruit that you will bring at the conclusion of this life to Lord Maitreya and say:


      O blessed Lord, this is my harvest. By thy love I have kept the flame. I have tended the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life. This is the fruit I render unto Thee as the victory of the fruit Thou gavest me when I came forth in this life.

So, beloved, let us realize that in the course of a nation, there are only so many cycles and moments when the tide can be turned or new pinnacles of freedom and blessedness for a people won. We are in this hour. Dire predictions have been sounded for 1984, yet many victories have come forth. Many of those prognosticators have not understood the subtle nature of the negative influences of the year. Thus, some of our students have failed to observe that which I have spoken of as a certain acceleration of negativity.

Let us capitalize on the thrust of Light of Helios. Let us call to the Great Central Sun Magnet, that Vesta might truly come to seal the hour and the flame at the New Year’s conference.

The Goddess of Liberty over the United States Capitol

Thus, I have come and I have called. Now I give you the vision of the Lords of Karma—in the center, the Goddess of Liberty. This Goddess of Liberty has placed herself in a large form, congruent not only with the Goddess of Freedom over the Capitol building but extending to the very basement of that building as a mighty, mighty focus of the ancient feminine ray sponsored by Amazonia and Hercules.

Thus, the Goddess of Liberty comes—the one who embodies the Mind of God, the Mind of the Mother. Truly, she is Sarasvati, Lakshmi, Durga, Kali. Truly, she is the fourfold action of feminine being and the infinite capacity of Omega to yet steer this nation aright. I ask for sons and daughters of Liberty to contribute nothing less than their lives for this victory.

“A Patch of Earth Is Needed”

Your Messenger has spoken my own words, “A patch of earth is needed.” I have designated the Inner Retreat as that patch for the Great White Brotherhood, and America as that proving ground for the world of lightbearers. Let both be defended as sacred. And let this defense, when the cup is full, be extended as the defense of freedom in every nation.

Call for the Union of Scandinavia

Let our devotees who hear me in Sweden and Norway, in Finland and Denmark, let them understand that I am with you and I commend you for your effort. Increase, then, the mighty threefold flame and call for the union of Scandinavia. And let that union produce, through hearts of Light who are that union, a bulwark of freedom that can move south and encompass Europe, the Isles, and then move east.

Betrayers of Polish Patriots Shall Be Judged

Blessed ones, the betrayers in the Roman Church of the true patriots of Poland must hang their heads in shame before the Lords of Karma this day. The compromisers in the Protestant movement must also know that they receive the judgment of the Lord Christ. Let all those who—by neglect, fear, sympathy, or their own evil hearts—protect and give place to the murderous ones sent by the Soviets know that they shall not pass, that the Law is just, that God is just, and that Jesus does act in this hour to protect his little ones from the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

I assure you as I, Saint Germain, live, these oppressors of the faithful shall not pass! And they shall retain upon their hands the blood of the holy innocents whom they have slain. And it shall be required of them this day and in the day of judgment to come. And not one jot or tittle of the misuse of the sacred fire by these fallen angels in embodiment shall pass. As they have withheld mercy, so mercy shall be withheld from them. And I speak it in the physical octave. And the violet flame does make it physical this day.

Mother Mary’s Circle of Light for Afghanistan

Therefore, let my chelas make it physical. And let the Circle of Light of Mother Mary be repeated for Afghanistan, for every nation on earth where dark ones lurk to destroy by any cause or murderous intent. Let the agents of Light, let the agents of the Holy Spirit go in their finer bodies as they visualize in the Circle of Light the ring of fire. It is indeed true—we can reinforce and intensify the release of Light in every circle you form because of the protection and the multiplication factor and the action of the Law of the One.

Thus, pray in the circle and know that Christ is always in the center—“There am I in the midst thereof.” <13> And this “I” is the Universal Christ of every Ascended Master and cosmic being. Understand the Law of the One of the Great White Brotherhood. Being is one; manifestation is perceived as the many. But the one Christ of us all is the entire Spirit (or consciousness) of the Great White Brotherhood in the center of your circle.

Endure to the End and Thou Shalt Be Saved

Blessed are ye who have tarried and waited for my message to you. How hard it is to tarry until the coming of the Lord. How hard it is to refrain from giving in to the agitations of the world. He that endures to the end of his karma shall be saved; <14> and I shall be the one to impart that salvation, for it is my role in this Aquarian age and with the violet flame.

Endure to the end and it is my hand that shall pull thee up. I ask only one, one virtue: It is endurance. To have endurance requires trust and faith in the one who asks it of thee. Endure in the service of freedom and thou shalt be saved.

My Place in Your Heart

Beloved ones, it is good to be with you. And because it is so, with your permission, I shall take up my place in your heart for a season. Thus, my place in your heart denotes a tide in your affairs. Take it, for my self [my person] includes my causal body and my mantle.

I have pressed the limit of dispensations optioned in my direction. And in that limit, I find myself nestled in the heart of the freedom-fighters of Saint Germain.

I pay tribute to the striving ones. Thus, if you do not count yourself a striving one, you may become so within twenty-four hours and also receive my tribute. Thus, all may have my grace while it is God’s good season to give me the opportunity to extend it. And there is good reason for my message. Let the word to the wise be heeded, and let those who are becoming the wise trust the Word until they have the comprehension of it.

By faith, by faith ye are made whole.

In Honor of the Striving One

I stand in honor of the Striving One. Let us salute him, the Ascended Master El Morya. [Audience rises.] Thus, as we pay tribute to the sponsor of God-government in this city and nation, let us pour out our hearts’ love. Let us implement his will and purpose, which is God’s, for each and every chela. And let us know that this day and every day we have fought that good fight and won.

I address you as winners. I bless you as winners. And I send you out as the scattering of the good seed. May you find the good ground <15> and grow there and become mighty trees, known on the planet forever and forever. <16>


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Saint Germain was delivered through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, December 2, 1984, during Healing through the Emerald Matrix—a four-day seminar held at the Washington Hilton, 1919 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. Before the dictation, the Messenger gave teaching on Saint Germain’s gift of the violet flame and on Lord Maitreya’s interpretation of Matthew 13:1-23—”The Parable of the Sower for Today’s Disciples.”

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