Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 27 No. 42 - Beloved Lord Maitreya - August 19, 1984


A Study in Christhood by the Great Initiator
The Star of Initiation


O ye who have descended from the Sun as living flames aborning, let your hearts rejoice at this moment that the infinite Love that has given you life has also given you the potential breadth in life whereby you will be enabled, one and all, to fulfill the journey now before you.

You may pause and refresh yourselves in consciousness and renew your spirit. For life has trials and chastenings which are intended but your life is hid with Christ in God. <1>

The beauty and perfection of inner spheres is an experience so vast and so grand in which all shall share when they come to that blessed moment when they are able at last to cast aside the veil of flesh, the veil of the carnal mind and those outer conditions which do not warrant their receiving the fullness of heavenly grace at this specific moment if they are not ready to yield their total self to that divine grace—the grace of the Universal which gave them birth in the beginning.

O how great is the love of God! How infinite the passions of his wisdom and the development and unfoldment in mankind of those strengths to overcome temptations. For the valor of God is beyond finite capacity. It is a spiritual afflatus—a radiation of hope to all who receive it!

And there are many here who hunger and thirst after righteousness. That they may be filled is our prayer. And we say this with the passion of the Divine—he whom men call Father—Abba, Father—who in reality is the Holy One of Israel, the God of the whole earth, he who established the pinnacles and foundations of initiation.

The stabilization of the heart of man is the work of God but it is performed perforce by many facilities and universal services of which many know not. Men are concerned with the cup rather than the liquid light of universal purpose, that they may receive from that cup the sacred vessel—the vessel made sacred by the Light that is within.

Do each of you not stand by the grace and love of your own master God Presence? Well, beloved ones, will you understand, then, that the grace of God is the power that is catalytic, that will produce the miracle of the vibrant spark of divine will—functional in all and establishing in all the kingdom of God as a tiny mustard seed that shall grow and flourish until even the birds of the air shall come and nest in the branches thereof? <2>

For locked in the concept of universal expansion is the divine life, the abundant Life: “I AM come that ye might have Life and that more abundantly!” <3> How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of them who preach the gospel of peace and bring glad tidings of good things to all people. <4>

I am Maitreya, initiator to the veiled soul within each one of you. For the soul, as the clouds of the sky cover the sun, does from time to time prove itself to play hide-and-seek with men. Bear in mind, beloved ones—and I speak the words of wisdom’s counsel—that many of you have gone out and linked yourselves throughout the ages with your own will—a will that has proved sovereign in your lives, that has directed you from time to time to walk even in the way of whimsy and has denied you the power and beauty, the glory and joy of the kingdom.

The time of summoning is ever at hand through the process of initiation, for by the fires of initiation is the soul of man kindled and all ablaze with hope and glory. Yet the dark specter of mankind’s returning karma comes, then, for redemption when the light of the soul is kindled, because at that hour the sustaining, mounting momentum of universal radiance and hope is able to meet the needs of each soul. God tempers the wind to the shorn lamb of each man’s identity, and his love is found even in his chastening and the hopes that he bears to the heart even in those darker moments when mankind seem momentarily to have lost hope.

I have observed through the years, through the centuries, and through the eternal sky a vision of each one of you. Some may say, “Your work is the work of dealing with the masters.” May I say that, albeit afar off, the little flowers also bloom upon the sky-periphery of the being of all!

May I say that no one is out of sight, for no one is without the linear scope of measurement. And all are measured, and all are judged, and all are given experience, and all are given opportunity, and all are given the cup of joy. And all may feel those selfsame experiences that were the happenings in the lives of the masters throughout the ages.

For God is born in the most humble as in the great of the world. And who are the great of the world but those whom God has blessed, saying:


Come up higher and I will raise you into Light,
For I am manifest in you all!
Veiled in your flesh, I stand!
Veiled in your consciousness, I AM!
I am yours to command when ye command aright.

   For righteousness covers the earth, and righteousness is the robe of God— the pure white robe you wear at inner levels, if you will—the robe you may esteem, the robe you may gather to your heart with these fervent applications that invoke from the heart of God for all mankind grace and hope and love, vibrating not in the level of human consciousness or in the dark miasma of mankind’s being, but vibrating because the universal Spirit of Love and the laws of Life and Light are resident within you. For you have invoked it. If you do not invoke it, although it is there, you may not move in it nor even perceive it.

When Christ declared long ago in Palestine, “Ye are full of dead men’s bones!” <5> it was a witness to the calumny of the carnal mind. Those who are wise will understand, then, that those dark spirits cast down to the earth long ago have ever sought—through economics, through education, and through political manipulation—to stimulate mankind toward dark deeds and doings.

Those who would place religion into the rubble pile are those who do not understand that true religion of the heart which makes its own specific application to the Deity and passes through the chain of cosmic initiations. These are already unfolded in the trackless air as the magnificent pathway that mankind can find and thereby resolve a host of human difficulties. Thus, he can raise himself literally by his own bootstraps at the same time that he is tethered to the infinite love of God through the crystal cord and his personal contact with the angelic hosts so near to the heart of God.

Mankind fear that they may believe the lie and be damned; and yet, so it has been said. <6> But let all understand that the Truth is the Christ of being, not a jumble of words or a heap of concepts. The Truth, the Christ of your being, is the Light, and the Light is above and beyond all words! It is a vibratory quality which you may hold within the chalice of your being and recognize thereby the passions of God.

Hence, I take you and charge you this night, in the name of the Lord God of hosts, into that spirit of high regard for His being. Come with me a moment into the Light and consider yourselves no longer embodied in form. Free spirits, immortal and blessed, you stand, then, beholding through the eye of God all the pains of the world. Then stop to realize that the true meaning behind the monadic expression of yourselves, each one, is the star of your own manifestation of the universal Light, eternally lovely.

The star of your being—the star of the nativity of your being—this is the star of initiation that opens unto you a new world full of hope and the drama that is unfolded as the curtain of the universe swings wide and reveals to you those white wings of hope that will bear you high and in the bearing will release to you unprecedented power to overcome all things and stand in the temple of the living God as one who is devoted to His purposes upon earth!

“As Above, so below.” The Hermetic axiom has well established itself not only in the Egyptian civilization, but throughout all of those civilizations that manifested in the Fertile Crescent and were then carried throughout the earth by the command of the Christ: Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel unto every creature! <7> All creatures great and small were able to summon those concepts of divine hope and delight that are the summum bonum of each man’s being that will summon for him newness of life and newness of hope.

Will ye this night, then, not by the will of man—not by the established will of man—but by the will of God as part and parcel of your initiatory experiences, establish yourself in the will and the love of God to be an overcomer and a pillar in the temple of God?

Do you realize the wondrous manifestation of the light of the nativity of Bethlehem’s star shining now two thousand years hence? Will you, then, frame yourselves as that child placed within the manger of God’s heart and summon the will of God to shine two thousand years hence into the future? Will you regard your life as a sacred trust of infinite capacity, infinite joy, and infinite doing?—I AM the will of God in action here!

Will you see what the power and passion of universal love harnessed to the divine will can produce of a miracle sense within your minds, within your beings, within your bodies, within your life and the chambers of the lives of all mankind? Will you understand that there is hope for the world, that the world can be changed, that the darkness can be extinguished, that the darkness can be burned, that out of the Word—the living Word by which even the earth itself may be caused to tremble—mankind may understand the natural expression of the Spirit of God and the overcoming power that shall reach out from all hearts to all hearts as an activity of cosmic love and cosmic will?

Thus do ministering angels come to you this night. For as I am speaking to you, what might almost be conceived of as a Magellanic Cloud is appearing in the consciousness of many. And although it comes from afar, it shall draw nigh to you throughout this class and shall establish in you a concept of your cosmic initiations to come.

I am Maitreya, yet I offer you the mantle of my love this night. Will you wear my cloak? Will you wear the mantle of light which I now allow to slip from my shoulders unto yours (if you will accept it) and become one of us?—one who is now embodied upon the planet encased in a mold of flesh and yet filled with the abundance of the Spirit’s power and victory to serve God as one who is endowed of old with the power to smite the waters and they shall open. <8> And what are the “waters” but the power of human emotion and human thoughts?

Mankind’s thoughts, then, mankind’s feelings, mankind’s expression will have no power to hurt you “in all my holy mountain,” <9> saith the Lord. For by the process of initiation, mankind shall find the stairsteps that lead them above the stars and beyond into those infinite capacities of the Spirit that shall kindle in all a flame, a burning bush that appeared as of old to Moses <10> and saith unto you this day: I AM THAT I AM. OM TAT SAT. I AM THAT I AM. OM TAT SAT. I AM THAT I AM.

Ye are one with God as you offer yourselves and as heaven accepts. In the name of infinite grace, I bless you and seal you in a heart of light by which the initiatic process, once started, becomes an onward movement across the paths of heaven that express beauty, power, and love, world without end.


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Lord Maitreya was delivered through the Messenger Mark L. Prophet June 30, 1972, during Freedom’s Miracle Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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