Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 27 No. 37 - Beloved Lord Maitreya - July 15, 1984

A Study in Christhood by the Great Initiator

The Power to Overcome

May I reveal to you the tenderness of God. May I expand the forcefield of his light around you and within you.

May I complement the great fire spark within you with the flame-intensification of initiation.

Initiation is the steps that lead to the fire of the sun. Initiation is the pathway toward achievement that step by step takes man by the hand and enables him to see the great blazing reality of God—I AM!

Your I AM Presence is the fire of the sun! Your I AM Presence is the radiance of God! It is the splendor that in holy wisdom directs your way. It is the splendor that in fiery love enfolds you. It is the splendor that is power to overcome, power to take yourself under the direction of God by an act of the will.

For, time on time again you have stood at the crossroads of decision and you have said to yourselves, “Which way shall I go?” And then the world has beckoned and all of your past momentums have beckoned, and they have said to you, “Come this way.” On the other hand, on the right hand, the powers of Light were also beckoning and aiding and calling, and it became a question of which you would heed.

And sometimes the mists have enclosed the great dazzling power of your own reality until you could not see or hear or feel the power of God—of Reality— for all of the loud, strident voices of the world and of past choices you had made. These became the dominant theme in your world. “Go this way,” they said—and so you moved toward the left-hand path of discord and jangle, of entanglement in the skeins of karmic rule. And you became temporarily, in your own eyes, a fool.

But God has said, “Hearken ye unto me, all ye who live, that ye may live. Hearken ye unto me, all ye who live, that ye may live! Hearken ye unto me, all ye who live, that ye may live in my immortal image!”—in the image of Truth, in the image of ascendancy, in the image that steps forth into perfection.

Beloved hearts of light, you are not now immediately able to manifest the fullness of your perfection, for you are dwelling in the finite world. You are dwelling in the world of time and space, and here in this world, you must understand, you are ruled by many forces.

But we would free you from all forces except the forces of the Light! And when this occurs in its fullness and you are enfolded by the radiance of your God Presence, then at that moment the great door to the eternal realm swings open and you are no longer a part of man’s thought and feeling. You are a part of God’s thought and God’s feeling.

And the feeling of God is the feeling of abundant love—of an overpowering love to those in prison that they may be free, an overpowering love for those on beds of pain that they may be healed, an overpowering love for those that are young in years that they may mature in the fullness of Cosmic Christ law and love, growing up and being tutored in all things perfect and lovely.

We, then, say to you today, as initiators of the grand design, that the grand design lives in you, that the divine symbol in you is one of Cosmic Truth! The fire of the soul leads man onward beyond the walls of stone of many centuries of recalcitrance and calcification that have left men in caves of darkness and primitive emotions and a sense of struggle and fear and uncertainty.

We move you forward into Light as you put your hand in ours! We move you forward into Light as you understand the power of the Spirit of God to assist you in moving away from your world all undesirable forces, all undesirable thoughts, all undesirable conditions and transmuting them into Light. For only Light should live, and Light is the Christos. Light is the light of God that never fails. It is the beautiful white-fire lotus which creates a throne of beauty on which the individual consciousness does sit and finds itself surrounded with the fragrance of God! The fragrance of God. The fragrance of God.

Be still and know that I am God. Be still and know that the I AM within you is God. Exercise with me now in a spiritual exercise. Consider your I AM Presence above you in space. Consider your I AM Presence, behold its face—the face of God, the face of divine reality, the face of your strength, the face of your inward being. Identify, now then, no longer with the changing physical consciousness. For this moment in initiation, inwardly be the God Presence. You are the God Presence!

As Archangel Michael said, “You give me your doubts, and I will give you my faith.” So now, say to your Presence: “I give you my imperfection, and you give me your perfection!” Then feel the cascade of that power as it descends around you and know that that moment should be remembered forever. For it is the moment where, according to your capacity, you step out of the physical sense consciousness, out of the self consciousness, out of the cocoon of ignorance you have builded in ignorance around yourself, and out of limitation into limitless light and perfection!

When you learn to do this once, you should understand that you can also learn to duplicate it. And when you learn to do it again and again, you will find yourself able to master your world and know the power of freedom that is within. This power of freedom that is within you as an individual is the solitary key to Being that all should have, that all should know, that all should feel. This solitary key to Being is your own. It is your unique splendor, your unique grace—the grace of God that belongs to you because it was given to you from the beginning.

El Morya said long ago, “From the beginning we were winning!” And thus we convey to you the God-mastery of life that shows to you that you are the perfection of your Presence, that nothing else can take dominion in your world. When that becomes fixed in consciousness to such a degree and level that no outer condition is able to take dominion over it, then, you see, each step of the way becomes God-guided. Each step of the way becomes God-guided because you are able to exercise the prerogative of being all that God made you in the beginning. And thus, the strength that wins from the beginning is yours now, and sin and sinning is no longer that to which you bow. For in ignorance men have bowed to sin and the strain of sin that it has put upon the soul.

We come, then, today, to yield all of this to the fires of divine love. We come to yield ourselves to His grace, that step by step we may climb those golden stairs of celestial radiance not only upon our prayers, but upon all of our doings. For man’s doings must become God’s doings.

The principle “It is the Father in me that doeth the work” must be conveyed to all. And out of the splendor of that design, the ashes must fall from the cloak. And man must see himself arrayed in shining garments, each one more splendid than the one before—until, as you step up this stairway of cosmic radiance, you understand that it is God that walks in you, that it is God that talks in you, that it is God that lives in you, and that all of the canopies of reality that he has sought to convey to you through the years (as he has offered them to you like floral tributes) are themselves little steps leading to him— each one leading you higher, each one inspiring you to greater love, until at last the world will come to know that love and God are synonymous:

Each human being will come to know that his own I AM Presence and God are unanimous; each one will come to know that all worlds turning in space are one with him, that the music of the spheres is a concordant memory, a concordant discovery, a concordant reality that ties man to all that is real.

And now I, Maitreya, for the moment of conferment [of the power to overcome], say (please rise):

May the angels of God refresh your souls. May the angels of God bring a sense of the benign into your consciousness that you may never forget Him, but bind Him upon your being. May the angels of God seal you in your hearts and upon your foreheads with His memory. May it never depart from you or the moment in which we live—the moment of splendor when we give to you our light.

For this morning I am giving of my light to you and I am causing it to expand throughout Los Angeles and the world. As a moment of triumph for the soul of God within the heart of a lotus or within the heart of a rose, I am conferring upon you the love that glows and represents the fire of soul.

Be at peace, then, and as you go through the moments ahead—the little seconds that are niches in the minutes, the minutes that are niches in the hours, the hours that are niches in the days, the days that are niches in the years, the years that are niches in a lifetime, in the centuries, the millenniums, and all time and timelessness—understand that reality is all that you should seek.

Learn, as the divine swan, the paramahansa, to separate with your bill the nectar of God from the evil of the world. So shall you be free and the design of God shall be upon you.

My peace I give unto you. Peace such as the world has give I not unto you! But the Light that ye are I give unto you, and the authority of grace give I unto you—and the shining of your splendor.

I thank you.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Lord Maitreya was delivered through the Messenger Mark L. Prophet on Sunday, August 2, 1970, in Los Angeles, California.