Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 27 No. 2 - Beloved Mother Mary - January 8, 1984



Marriage in the Church Universal and Triumphant
Mending the Bridge for the Crossing


My own beloved hearts of light, hearts of living flame, I have come from visiting the Midnight Mass, line by line across the time zones of the earth, arriving here in Los Angeles for the keeping of the vigil of that midnight hour.

Wherever hearts have called to me this night, I have answered. Wherever they have prayed to the child Jesus, I have sent forth an answer to their prayer—one perhaps not expected, but always an answer.

Dear ones, do realize in this hour that my service to earth is directly dependent upon the call of the devotees; and that call most frequently heard, as you know so well, is the Hail Mary.

There has been so much controversy regarding the office of the Mother of God, confusing the office with my person and considering that somehow in this salutation, the human is made divine.

Beloved ones, I would tell you exactly why the tradition of the call to me was begun. It is not because of my person, but because of my office. It is the office which I occupy as Archeia of the Fifth Ray. And upon this office, beloved Alpha has placed an authority for the divine intercession. The call made to me is answered by millions of hosts of the Lord who bear the flame of that office, who attend the office, who come to earth to succor souls in my name.

Therefore the appeal to Mary, as you have been told, is to the Mother ray. But most specifically, it is a scientific call to that point of my contact with the divinity of our Father and of Brahman—and of the Word which I, too, have become.

Blessed ones, do understand that the call to me is, as it were, to access the cosmic computer of the Mother, of the Cosmic Virgin herself. And therefore, my Electronic Presence, by the dispensation of our Father, may be present million times a million throughout the world.

I say this so that you would understand that I, too, recite the Hail Mary. For I adore the One and the Source and the God as Mother. It is the keeping of the flame of Mother, the path that I excel and that I exemplify, which leads to the reintegration of worlds.

I would tell you, therefore, that the denial—whether of my office or of my person—has resulted in the candle going out within the Protestant movement. For it is I, and the I AM that is the I in me, to whom the Lord God gave that commission (which has been recently explained to you <1>) of holding the office of the Mother—the one point in the four that does descend below the level of the heart.

You have been given this teaching. Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva—the mighty power of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit resident in the threefold flame—may descend only to the point of that flame and that perfection. But the Mother descends the spiral staircase, as it were, into the dark basement of the astral body, the astral plane, and the electronic belt where she must also encounter the dweller on the threshold and have the attainment to bind that dweller temporarily—to reach the soul, to preach to the soul, to extend the hand and to take that one quickly up the flight of stairs to the secret chamber of the heart where the soul may be tutored by Christ and Buddha and Krishna and the eternal Flame.

Thus, if souls will listen to me as I descend and will trust me and will come up that staircase, great progress is made. For in the office of the Cosmic Virgin, I do keep the flame, I do place my Electronic Presence around that soul as a swaddling garment of light in order that the soul may have the sensitivity and the development of the senses of the Spirit and of the chakras wherewith to perceive and to understand what it is that the Father or the Son or the Holy Spirit will teach that soul.

Therefore, when the teaching is concluded and the soul has enlightenment concerning its destiny and its karma and reason for being in this life, it is as though the soul has been in the mountaintop experience; but the mountain is the point of Zion, of the mighty threefold flame and the Christ of the heart. Then the soul must descend the stairway again, and I will accompany that one down the mountain, once again to the valleys and the plains.

And the soul now understands that there is a world of maya and illusion and a world of reality. And the sweet taste of reality as the nectar of the Buddha is something that the soul now will cherish, will remember, will long for.

This memory will also provide balance and strength and inner resources in the hour of the descent of karma or the Dark Cycle or even the dark night of the soul. Thus, you see, there are some who face adversity with that inner Rock of Christ. And this is because I have escorted them to that Christ, and they have received a transfusion of sacred fire for the centuries ahead.

Some have gone ten thousand, a hundred thousand years through that one and single encounter whereby in the trust of the Mother they have visited the heart of Christ and retained the fire which has been sufficient for them. Thus you understand the words of my Son, “My grace is sufficient for thee.” <2> Truly it is sufficient for a million years or even for the entire span of descent to the Matter planes.

Beloved ones, therefore, with the coming of this Protestant revolt ignited from the fires of Hell itself by the fallen angels, you see the putting out of this candle of the Mother. Think of the darkness of the earth as the candle of the Mother goes out one by one, and I personally am expelled from the cathedrals of northern Europe and from Britain.

No longer is there the reverence for the Mother, but she has become once again a common, untutored, ignorant young maid who, by chance or the selection of God, became the Mother of Christ by no particular virtue of her own but merely by an ordination or an immaculate conception.

Thus, not only is there the denial of the Mother, but there is the denial of her path and of the spiral staircase and of the welcoming of the Mother when she does appear. Those indoctrinated in the outer sense may often suffer internally also, when they are visited by my angels. Others, however, never lose the inner love, for they have known me as friend or Mother or sister or even child.

Therefore, beloved hearts, in this great mystery of the Word of the Mother, I would tell you that the restoration of life on earth depends upon the salutation of the Mother ray daily. If you do not find time or space to participate in the rosary, I would request that the mantra alone, the Hail Mary, be on your lips in moments when you must wait here or there for one cycle to end or another to begin, when you are walking or changing modes of service.

The simple mantra can be given without the entire ritual, for it does establish the open door whereby I may not only enter the temple of thyself and abide there, but also use your chalice provided in purity to serve all life. And I may also descend that staircase, if necessary, to teach your soul in your seat-of-the-soul chakra, if your soul has never truly mounted herself to the heart of Christ but only gone there on the mantle of the messenger and the dictations of the ascended masters.

You understand, therefore, that the office of messenger does hold the focus of my flame, guiding you in those dark chambers and canyons of the night, holding a torch, showing the surest way out of the dilemma of thy human creation. Thus our desire, the desire of the Great White Brotherhood, is that by your soul attainment you should be able to mount that staircase from the seat of the soul, through the initiations of the solar plexus, to the heart and then the secret chamber of the heart.

Thus you understand that the journey to the heart from the seat of the soul is the passageway through the turbulent anchoring point of the astral body in the solar plexus—all of the records of violent or disturbed emotions, burdens, karma, and so forth. Thus, it is no small wonder that souls do not venture forth, for those who have tried have been met with the most severe setbacks.

These are seen on the road of life. Some interpret these adversities as karma. They are not all karma. You may see calamity come to individuals solely because they have loved Christ so much, they desire once again to venture forth; and without the hand of the embodied Mother, they can scarcely withstand that which does come upon them as the records of their own past.

Therefore, every person of the Great White Brotherhood, every ascended master, and those who have embodied as the avatars, such as Jesus, have come forth to be the Mother in embodiment. Whether male or female in form, you are the Mother because you are here in your sacred labor, in your sixth sacrament of the ministering servant and of marriage, to guide souls through the labyrinth of those areas and levels of consciousness where they encounter the greatest danger and burden and all manner of accidents and diseases and terrible tragedies to which life on earth is heir.

The blessed Kuan Yin has become known as the Saviouress out of the East performing the selfsame and identical function as my own, yet each of us bringing to this office of Mother our own past attainment and experience which is different by our very service on differing rays.

Blessed ones, all of the ascended masters of heaven contrive and conspire to reach the souls wherever they are positioned, moving toward the central sun of being. And those who are spiraling away from that center by wrong indoctrination, by their drugs or the terrible, terrible rhythm of that rock music, we attempt to convince by every means and manner imaginable (and some which you could never imagine, which are the secrets of heaven) to bring these souls to the desire to take the path to the sun of their own Christ Self and to walk that path, not in a jagged pattern but according to the sine wave of the law of their karma.

This sine wave does bring them the rhythm of the descent of Omega which gives the impetus to the ascent of Alpha, and the ascent of Alpha which gives the impetus to the descent—as when you are on a roller coaster, you realize the momentum gained in the descent for the ascent.

And thus, if you understand your life in these cycles, you must surely know that the peaks of Zion, of contact with God, the acceleration of light, will be followed by the descent where all of that light garnered must become a thrust, therefore, into the levels where you have created karma, where you must return to the scene of that karma, bring the light, not lose the momentum in the process of giving the light—not spending it all but giving that which is lawful so that you have reserved enough fuel for the ascent again to the point of Alpha for a new recharging and infilling with light and the descent once again.

This is the great mystery of the journey of the soul to the center of the heart. And by and by, the soul which enters the alchemical union with Christ bears more and more of the light of Christ into the lower centers until all of that karma is transmuted, the dweller is bound and cast out, the sacred fire of the Kundalini is raised without danger because it will no longer contact that turbulent karma and record and actuality of misqualified substance that does cause a chemistry and often a violent reaction when that Kundalini is forced.

By and by, therefore you see, with the soul ascending and descending the spiral staircase, there is the illumination; and the lower chakras become as clear and purified as those above. And each individual therefore stands in his own mighty figure-eight flow, and the light of the causal body may descend. It may descend because the I AM Presence and the Christ Self, the Father and the Son, have come to take their abode in the temple of the loving and the obedient disciple.

Thus day by day and little by little, you experiment with this increment of fire. And as you make the journey again through the untransmuted layers, you guard the harmony, you guard the consciousness, you do not allow yourself to engage. None of your chakras, your feelings, emotions, or thoughts engage with the unreality that is being consumed. And therefore, my precious ones, you become the victor.

Once the human creation of thyself can see that there is nothing it can do to rouse you, upset you, engage you, cause you to believe the lie or the illusion, become burdened with the records of doubt, then it does give up. It will no longer manifest the ferocious face of the beast; but it sees the end come, passes through the death throes—and you are also vigilant.

And therefore by your call, Archangel Michael and the mighty archangels do bind that dweller as you stand fast and behold the salvation of your God in your very living temple and you become on earth an electrode of living fire like unto the Lord God above who dwells in the Holy of Holies in the heart of the I AM Presence. This is the goal of your walk with God.

Let not lesser considerations take the place of this path, this understanding, this vigil. For you see, just as quickly as you gain this Mother-awareness, this Mother presence, you will find yourself feeding the multitudes, tending the millions. For the Mother flame of cosmos will flow through you as those rivers of living water <3> and many, many will gain that same inner strength by your presence in the earth.

These days are not far from you! Do not compare the path of the ascended masters and the Great White Brotherhood to any other path, East or West. Let no man take thy crown in this hour. Let no man rend the veil of the holiness and the oneness of thy life with the living Christ.

Understand, beloved hearts, that this is the new dispensation of Aquarius. It does not require centuries, as in the past, to come into this union. Nor should the process be taken lightly. Nor should you so easily forgive yourself your discords—as if it were nothing.

The commeasurement and understanding of that which is violated when you lose your God-control and that which you lose, in fact, is necessary. Thus, not remorse or condemnation or self-pity, but a more enlightened and alert striving— not rote but a deep entering in and the willingness to go to those weak places of consciousness as though you were a workman repairing a bridge crossing the abyss in the Himalayas and your master had told you: “The Buddha is coming! He must cross over this bridge. You must secure it that it break not with his coming. There are weak places in the bridge. You must find them. You must test the bridge. You must mend each and every one so that when the Buddha crosses over, he will have safe and enjoyable passage.”

Thus the responsibility is upon you. But the Buddha is your soul. With all of your ingenuity, you prepare the way of the soul’s passage and you realize, blessed hearts, that if you leave a weak spot in the bridge, a weak link in the chain, when the soul must pass the most severe testing and temptation and trial, it will not have the strength to endure and that particular place in the bridge will break—and therefore the soul will fall into the abyss.

This is why no more light or attainment or initiation may be given you until you mend the bridge for the crossing. For we dare not give you the light which would assure you advanced initiations, which initiations you would then not pass.

Thus the holdup, you see, comes to the point of your ingenuity, your wisdom, and your carefulness in remembering this which I am teaching you. It is so important for the journey of life—whether for the initiate who walks as the ministering servant, whether for the married couple, the family, the child. The marriage will not succeed, the sacred labor will be abandoned, the child will not realize his potential, the undertaking will fail if you have not first seen to it that the weak points are strengthened.

You already know where you are strong, for you lead by your right hand and your strengths. Therefore examine what is missing and become strong spherically, and let your strength be at each sign of the clock. <4>

This advice is for the victory of the Church and the victory of the community. Now, each one of you is a plank in the bridge, a part of the rope. Will you be the weak link whereby the community itself breaks, or breaks down, and the Buddha cannot pass through lest he step upon that weak link?

Thus say to yourself, “I am as important as any other part of the bridge. When Buddha walks upon me, will I be able to sustain the harmony and the integrity of the bridge, or will I be the weak link?”

Do not faint at the thought of being the weak link! Simply raise the torch of the Mother. Send forth the call, for this is why there is the Mother/Teacher in the whole Matter universe. Omega is everywhere, and I AM everywhere in the consciousness of Omega.

Thus the office of the World Mother is the mantle worn by the messenger. The teacher, in the person of the Mother Sanat Kumara, is available to teach you how to mend the flaw in the bridge of consciousness, to unveil for you the weaknesses, and to keep at you and at you and at you again and again until you think you will not bear one more round of correction or instruction on that same old point, that same old rusty nail.

But I tell you, the Mother will never leave you alone until she is certain that that weak point is strengthened, is mended, and will endure the powerful step of the Lord of the World.

You see how the Mother does not go after the strong points. She is not concerned. Those are your sails which the wind of the Holy Spirit uses daily. These strengths are your own and when you know you have them by attainment, you need no compliment, no constant reassurance of well-doing, for you know your job and you do it well.

Thus, let the Mother, in all tenderness—and I speak of every Mother flame throughout the universe—let the Mother incarnate in this flame teach you. And fear not the encounter. For, blessed ones, I say with my Lord, Behold I come quickly and my messenger is with me! Also with me is the formula for thy victory. The formula for thy victory is Christ the Lord whose incarnation I praise in this hour.

Therefore, blessed ones, beings of fire, air, water, and earth, angels of the sacred fire proclaim His coming! For truly because this Jesus Christ is born, so the Adamic evolution does now have the open door to eternal Life.

From the beginning unto the ending, I AM Omega. I have come now to claim each and every seed of Abraham and of the descent of Seth. And therefore, beloved hearts of light, I announce to you the hour of the homecoming of that particular lifewave called by some the Adamic evolution—thus [of] the seed of these twin flames. The hour is come. Rejoice in the birth of the Saviour and the coming of the Mother, for by these does Christ appear in thy temple.

O holy night of the return of the sacred fire of Sanat Kumara to earth, I AM the vestal virgin! Forever and forevermore, I bear the lamp and the office of Mother.

Thus, call to the Hail Mary, and the forces of cosmic Motherhood shall come forth for the saving of this planet. Let the light of the Mother and the Hail Mary return to the nations of Europe and especially to the heart of Germany for the unification of hearts of light as the sure foundation of the building of the new nation under the one God.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, I, Mary, send this flame to the heart of Alpha in the name of Omega, bearing the record of all lifestreams who now hear my Word who are seated in this company and all who will ever hear my Word on electronic tape.

So that you may have a peep into the insides of heaven, I will tell you that it is already foreknown and foreordained as to every lifestream who shall and will hear this dictation throughout this two-thousand-year dispensation. Beloved ones, this is not predestination, this is the calculus of free will!

I seal you in the mystery of your destiny. That which is foreknown, therefore, can be fulfilled. Do you will it so? [“Yes!”]   My beloved, go forth to conquer in the name I AM THAT I AM, Amen. As you send your flames to Alpha, let them bear your hopes and dreams, for Alpha does love to hear your hopes and dreams.

Now I would touch and seal these ones in the heart of the Christ Child. May you twelve come forward now and kneel as before.

Beloved hearts, I have chosen to consecrate this ritual of marriage and these lifestreams because each and every one has laid upon the altar of God, the heart of the Mother, and the will of the Father this marriage, this union, and this life. And each one has submitted in varying degrees to the initiations given and the requirements of the Great Law demanded, which have been entirely different for each couple and each individual lifestream.

Therefore, I do proclaim out of the Order of the Golden Lily <5> a new order and a new day of souls who begin again to initiate the original and true oneness of the marriage of twin flames, as Above so below—who understand the law of marriage as a path of the initiation of love in the full complement of the seven rays and the five secret rays.

Therefore, take heed that the light given is cherished more than all delusions, more than all confusion or projected division. When the light is cherished more than all else, the initiations of life will be passed and the marriage will survive as a chalice on earth to overcome the very forces of Death and Hell that have contrived a human generation in the place of the divine regeneration of incoming souls of light. Truly, you go forth in the regenerate Word and as you practice it, so will the offspring reflect that flame.

Thus by the power of the resurrection, we restore the golden-age consciousness to the circle of family and the marriage vow. Let all respect and honor the hallowed circle of the soul who is the bride of Christ in union with the Mighty I AM Presence. This, therefore, is the foundation and fulfillment of thy love. [Individual blessing of the twelve disciples (six couples) joined in holy matrimony.]

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, I, Mary, seal the earth in the swaddling garment of eternal love. May love endure. May love always be consecrated by the fire of devotion to the Word. May love be protected, may love be for the joy of giving and receiving.

May love be for the new birth of the heart and the unfoldment of the rose therein. May love be for the new breath of the baby’s first cry and the receiving of that breath again in the soul’s entrance into higher octaves.

May all of thy comings and thy goings, O blessed hearts, be sealed in the love of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and in the heart of the living Mother. O witnesses unto her flame, may earth by thy love now enter the golden age!

I AM Mary, Mediatrix unto the nations. I desire the sealing of the nations in the sacred fire of love—love that is the ruby ray that binds the devils who oppose the living Christ, who enslave and oppress my children, who deny unto them my Heart.

I desire to see the devotion to the Mother. Prove me now herewith that the entire Soviet establishment will not endure when a nation, Mother Russia, returns to the devotion of the Blessed Virgin. Let them prove, therefore, what is this living witness.

Let them prove, for I tell you, it is the Mother flame in the earth consecrated in all of your chakras which will beat down the entire juxtaposition of nuclear war and all those things that now challenge you so greatly when you consider what is the responsibility of being a parent. It is to make the world safe for your children, safe for future generations.

You have a vested interest, for every one of you must endow the next generation with a portion of your Christhood. And it is you as that Christ light who will live on in this evolution. And therefore, you are concerned. And therefore, you love.

In the fullness of joy, then, let the wedding bells of the brides of Christ ring!

God bless you, my beloved. A joyous Christmas in the joy of your Lord.


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”This dictation by Mother Mary was delivered through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Christmas Eve, December 24, 1983, at Camelot, following Lanello’s address. In a candlelight vigil which continued through the dictation and the midnight hour, devotees kept the flame with Mother Mary in celebration of the birth of the living Christ.

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5. The Order of the Golden Lily was established by the Goddess of Liberty, spokesman for the Karmic Board, on July 7, 1963. She placed the symbol of the golden lily as the “insignia of divine service” and the “inner symbol of Saint Germain’s fleur-de-lis” over the heart of those who would help her “lift the torch for mankind” both in and out of embodiment. Those initiated into this holy order have the opportunity and responsibility to invoke the intercession of the hosts of the Lord for the illumination and cutting free of souls of light trapped on the astral plane—especially those passing through the transition called death—that they might be safely escorted to the octaves of light and the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood.