Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 26 No. 51 - Beloved Nada - December 14, 1983

Discover the New Age with Saint Germain
El Morya’s Plan for Prayer Vigils for the Nations
Images of the Christ Mind

In the name of love, I AM come, blessed hearts afire with His love. For I AM Nada of the sixth ray, and my presence here today is a salute to beloved Saint Germain and to the Darjeeling Council, to the Indian Council of the Great White Brotherhood, and to the Council of the Royal Teton.

For we were present for the discourse of the Knight Commander to the Keepers of the Flame last evening. And we are very much a part of his desire and his very solution to world problems, taking as the key the heart of the friend of freedom, even the Keepers of the Flame who understand what it means to be the vessel of the ascended masters on earth. When there is nowhere else to turn in darkening world conditions, we turn to the heart of the disciple, even as the disciple turns to the heart of Christ in each and every ascended master.

Saint Germain has given the key as the Electronic Presence of our bands reinforcing and superimposed over the very soul and heart and sun centers of those who are in the earth in physical embodiment. Therefore, I AM the chalice to will the purpose of Saint Germain. And you are chalices, one and all, of the Divine One and his Presence with us.

Pursuing, therefore, the solution to world problems, we are determined that the prayer vigil for world freedom, held in our Washington, D.C. Teaching Center, <1> should be repeated again and again. Therefore, we have directed the making of this video film for the visualization, the increase of the light of the eye that must be single <2> in the representatives of the Great White Brotherhood.

The singleness of eye signifies a singleness of purpose—one-pointed. Since this generation has had the supplement to their imagination of the various forms of the media, blessed hearts, realize that their own “eye magic,”* or inner imagination, has been correspondingly reduced. For they themselves have not had to produce images in order to see, for the images are everywhere bombarding the senses. And therefore, the gift of spiritual visualization, imagination, outpicturization of the inner patterns of the soul has been taken from the developing ones and all who have sat before the television set for decades now, being spoon-fed the images—which images block out the true image of Christ within.

You read of the image of God in whose image you are made. <3> The image of God is the Son, is the Christ. And the hidden man of the heart <4> remains hidden until the soul reaches up, strives to enter in, and by that self-sacrificing love proves the worth and the oneness and the alchemical marriage. Thus, beloved hearts, the image of the Son of God within you is the image of the one universal Christ consciousness. You can imagine, then, that out of this image are all lesser images necessary to your fulfillment of the divine plan.

There is no accomplishment without a vision or a goal well-defined. When you write down a goal and a set of tasks that must be performed to reach a goal, you are putting forth in the written word the image of the Path. And this becomes the alchemy—a plan that is numbered, steps that are taken one by one and in the order of the Logos of that hidden man of the heart.

Directing this order of your life is your own beloved Christ Self. And through that Christ Self, you have access to the vast storehouse of attainment out of the causal body of all sons who have ascended from these systems of worlds.

Now realize, therefore, that your Christ mind is perpetually fertile in the delivery to your soul of images—images of what ought to be and also pictures in the mind that are a warning of danger. God communicates to you not only through the voice of conscience, but through an image that is given to your mind and heart and soul. And sometimes when you see those images that are not so nice, you tend to block them out because you do not wish to see them, not realizing that the angel of his Presence, who is your beloved Christ Self, is sending to you a very necessary scene. On other occasions, the warning is not to personal danger but may be a scene of hardship or burden or darkness coming upon the earth. These inner visions are directly projected by the projection of the consciousness of your Christ Self upon the reflective pool of the soul.

Therefore, when the pool is muddied or troubled, you do not see the clear image. When there is agitation and when there is an agitation of the nervous system and the chakras through the five senses—overpowering noise, overpowering sound of many kinds, a supersaturation of the four lower bodies with the tastes of this world, with its vibrations, with that entering in to the orifices of being of all of the disturbing conditions—then you are not clear to hear and see the message of your own Christ Self, whose messenger in reality you are!

For when you have the stillness in soul, mind, and heart, and the intense desire to be the reflecting pool of the Lord God, then when you do receive the vision, you may give that vision to others who have not seen it. And therefore, you become a fulcrum in your field of endeavor of the way in which others ought to go, for all have come forth out of the one Christ.

Thus you go to the mountains, you go within, you go beyond the stars in meditation to come away from the bombardment of the senses in the physical octave of this world so that you might better define purpose, then to come down from the mountain of meditation and in the action of the sword of Truth to forge a God-union, your personal identity, and to value, above all, the elements of community—the community of the family, the community of the neighborhood, the town, the state, the nation, the spiritual community of lightbearers.

For these are nuclei with sun centers, and the sun centers must be the Christed ones who have the vision. And unless they will go through the procedure— the one, two, three steps of stilling the mind, tuning-in, clearing the channels— then they will forfeit the office of the visionary in the center of that community.

Do not think that the vacuum will not be filled. It will be seized and snatched from you, if you do not fill it, by those who are the interlopers, the hirelings, and the false pastors. Thus, they will present their vision of a world communal system, of a world totalitarian movement. They will replace God with anti-God as the supergods of a superstate; and you will see the destruction of the economy and souls blinded by a mass planetary momentum and entity which does cloud people and make them perform for a season acts and deeds which are not native to their own righteousness out of The Lord Our Righteousness or their own soul’s beauty.

And when the period of their being ensnared by these spirals of illusion is over and they awaken again as though from a dream, they can hardly believe they have been instruments not of the light of the hidden man of the heart, but of the nefarious forces of the underworld that have stolen from them another round of cosmic purpose, another round of service to my God and to your God.

Thus, the image of the hidden man of the heart is the key. We, the ascended masters, have inspired upon our messengers and chelas mighty thoughtforms for you to understand inner symbols as well as realities. For the circle and sword of blue flame that you have seen on the screen over the White House is by no means a mere symbol. It is a cosmic reality wielded by every ascended master and cosmic being, though beloved Astrea in the office of the Maha Kali does wield the mighty power of that circle and sword effectively as the focal point and center of that dedication—and Archangel Michael and many of the blue-lightning angels.

That power to encircle, to draw off by the mighty whirling action of the Light, discarnates, nefarious forces, plots and intrigue, is mighty indeed— as mighty as the Almighty One himself who has endowed the instruments of Elohim and archangels and servant-sons and daughters on earth to wield that very power which is the omnipotence of the Godhead. Thus, the visualization and the riveting of the attention, combining with the science of the spoken Word, gives you an action and an immediate presence at the very point of the forcefield where it is originally given.

Through this vision of the prayer vigil for the world held in Washington, immediately by eye contact you are there! You are in the sanctuary, you are at the White House, you are at the Supreme Court and in the Capitol Building. You are wherever there is the defilement of the Word, and you are there, dissolving it by the power of Shiva.

This is intended to reinforce, fortify, and also activate your own native imagination. But you must exercise this faculty of the third eye which works hand in hand with the seat-of-the-soul chakra—the soul and the third eye together therefore manifesting a God-determination and the vision of the entire Great White Brotherhood of that which is to take place. Thus, you can understand that the visuals of the medium of video that you have before your very eyes are themselves another form and manifestation of our message.

Our message is that you must visualize the circle and sword of blue flame around every area that is a problem, that is a problem area of bombardment of forces not of the Light preventing the divine will and the divine solution. That circle and sword of blue flame will not and cannot remove aught except that which is darkness. It preserves the Light—the light of the Son of God, the light of the Almighty and the hosts of the Lord. It reinforces the free will of the individual within his own God Self to make a freewill decision.

The action of the circle and sword of blue flame will only remove that which is bane and preserve the blessing and the freedom, remove the illusion and the devastating forces that take over the minds of people when they may regularly take in drugs, cocaine, marijuana, even nicotine coating the brain. All of these substances prevent right action and right decision on the part of the leaders of the world and the leaders in Washington.

We know whereof we speak. We know there is a very high incidence in high places of the use of drugs and the contamination of the chakras and the bodies. Therefore, how can they offer a God-solution? Why, individuals have scarcely the power to perform the mental exercise of the logic of the Logos to begin and to finish—with a policy of defense, a policy for the economy, a policy for those in need, and a policy for those in greed.

Therefore understand, beloved hearts, that it is necessary for clarification to occur, it is necessary for the children of the light and the sons of God together to fight for the right of the individual to dwell in purity—the purity of the consciousness of the Mind of God. How else will Saint Germain and the hosts of the Lord be able to work through you to save the nations of the earth?

Understand, therefore, that I, Nada, come with another key in support of beloved Saint Germain’s plan. And it is this (that has already been written and delivered by the Chief of the Darjeeling Council to the messenger): El Morya does desire, therefore, the messenger to hold in this sanctuary prayer vigils for the nations of the earth, one by one.

And the following is his plan: that the chelas of these nations should supply the messenger with slides and images, pictures taken of the major cities, the capitol buildings, the major shrines, industry, military installations, educational institutions, the hills, the rivers, the people in the streets, the people in their shops, the people and the families, the baker baking his bread— the scenes of life that may key in the devotees in this sanctuary to a national conscience, a national awareness, and a national karma.

In addition to the images, we desire to have a concise statement of the current situation of the government, the economy, the background in history, the education, and the most specific problems—such as the problem of drugs, the problem of the sliding toward world totalitarianism, the infiltration of the various secret services of the governments moving against world leadership and the freedom-fighters.

All of these conditions that may be known should be set forth and organized on cards that can be used by the messenger at the altar to make specific invocations for and on behalf of Saint Germain’s Amethyst Jewel in the nations, <5> his violet flame, and the flag of the I AM Race—and the very crystal of that race activating and bringing together the souls of light who will take their stand for freedom even in the very hour when the fallen ones are moving against freedom and for war. Though they proclaim, “Peace, peace!” there is no peace; and the peace movement is the anti-peace and the Antichrist. For it would leave the nations of the earth defenseless in the face of those who are determined to cover the earth with their brand of totalitarianism in this hour.

Therefore, we have determined, as Morya has directed, that the first nation that must be studied and covered immediately in this wise is West Germany. And the second nation is Canada.

Therefore, we appeal to the chelas of these nations to prepare with dispatch this information and these photographs and slides so that we may prepare the visuals and you may have the image, throughout your teaching centers and study groups and wherever you are, of a complete prayer vigil for each nation along with the thoughtforms of the masters superimposed—the whirling, swirling violet flame, the action of the sacred fire, and all of this within the very powerful forcefield of the Holy Grail and the altar and the chelas here.

Thus we bring the nations to the heart of the Mother. Thus we bring the service of the Mother to your homes throughout the nations.

Once these services are accomplished here, we will then see to it (by the gracious hands of our co-workers in form) that these videotapes will be supplied to you. And then we will announce on a certain day and date, during a twenty-four-hour cycle of that day by the turning of the cycles of the earth, that that prayer vigil will be kept for that specific nation throughout that period somewhere on planet Earth, according to the margents of the lines of the earth.

Therefore, you will see how the power united worldwide of Keepers of the Flame will cause an intense momentum by the eye magic of visualization, by the image of the Christ within you, and by the science of the spoken Word. This is the power of the heart. This is the power of the sacred fire of the flow of the Word. This is the power of the vision! And it is the power of the soul’s desiring in that seat-of-the-soul chakra, and with all of the desiring of the solar plexus of that desire body, to channel through all of the chakras of being the mighty power of the Lord’s hosts for the victory of the nations of the earth.

Now, I say, we in Darjeeling have applauded the Ascended Master El Morya and his plan, and we give you the opportunity to do the same. [applause]

Thank you, gracious ones. May I continue.

By the multiplication of the all-seeing eye of God through the electronic means, through sound, through the heart fire of the chelas endowing the electronic media with the flame of the Spirit, you can see how the messenger’s presence, the Keepers of the Flame’s presence, the presence of the ascended masters may be one and may be multiplied city to city to city.

We, therefore, expect that this prayer vigil for West Germany and for Canada shall be prepared and ready for delivery at our Thanksgiving seminar, which will begin Wednesday evening with a Healing Service of the nations, prior to Thanksgiving Day here at Camelot. Therefore, we invite you to participate and be part of those initiating ones who will initiate the vigil for both nations and, therefore, provide the foundation for the reproducing of those tapes.

Now, hear, O Israel, as the Law of the One is proclaimed, for you yourselves also desire to balance karma—personal and planetary. And you have seen the wonder (and truly it is the wonder!) that by the service of the Great White Brotherhood the messenger could balance 100 percent of her karma here in the lowlands of the earth, at sea level, in the metropolises.

Well, beloved hearts of light, realize that most who balance this karma dwell high in the Himalayas, away from the burdens of the earth. How has this been possible?

I speak, for I AM Nada, the Chohan of the Sixth Ray, and I tell you, it all counts from ministration and service. And, you see, by the means of the listening ear to the audio tape, and the seeing eye visually, these tapes being all over the world electronically and spiritually by the fire of her heart and our hearts, there has been the multiplication of this body of God.

And therefore, the multiplication of her Electronic Presence one by one across the earth, bringing again and again and again the power of the ascended hosts to the people, has resulted in the multiplication of light and also the acceleration of the balance of karma. And therefore, it is as though ten thousand embodiments or more were lived by her in one lifetime—and that lifetime is not through by any means!

Therefore, do you understand that you may now participate in the very same ritual and have the very same opportunity?—whether you are here for the initial release and therefore a part of the sound and the eye magic of the program, or whether you stand in Australia or New Zealand or Thailand or anywhere on the face of the earth and receive the tape and enter in.

Because it is done simultaneously around the world, you will be simultaneously a part of every other group. And you will be a part of the victory of the Light in West Germany, which must come to pass because Saint Germain has demanded it, and his demand has gone forth and rippled a flame of fire all the way back to the Great Central Sun!

He is determined that West Germany shall not go down under that World Communism and under that lust of the fallen ones behind the Iron Curtain, and he says this day:

Let them stay behind the Iron Curtain! Let them be rolled back! And let the forces of light and freedom show forth this day that we can outsmart the seed of the wicked by our own technology and the use thereof. We can undo psychotronics and the beaming of these electronic energies of negativity to the nations of the earth. We are the sons of heaven! We have the science of the spoken Word! We may, therefore, by our higher frequency, undo those microwaves attempting to cook the very bodies of our servants. <6> They have no power, whether by their chemical warfare or any other means, to undo the flame of freedom for the incoming golden age! [applause]

Chakra by chakra, spiritual sense by spiritual sense, you will see how we will use to maximum efficiency all that are the fundamental tools that God has given to your lifestream to be instruments of his light. Just as quickly as you master one faculty, you may move on to the next. By the spoken Word, the throat chakra is in motion. By the visualization, the third eye is activated. By love, the fires of the heart increase and intensify tenfold and a thousandfold your decree.

When you are joyous, rejoicing and loving, the same decree that you give when you are weary and downtrodden has maximum effectiveness. Thus, let the Spirit flow and let the soul be ready always to charge into the spoken Word that joy, the determination, and the power of the Godhead! For it is the power of the Holy Spirit given unto you.

First you speak with the authority of the Son and then of the Father; and the completion of the full supremacy of the Godhead is when you are endued with the Holy Ghost, <7> and all that you do and say carries that mandate and that sacred fire and it cannot be gainsaid.

And your word will trail the Word of Saint Germain all the way to the Great Central Sun. And our beloved Alpha will say to Saint Germain, “Beloved Son, whose voice do I hear echoing your own?” And Saint Germain will say, “My beloved Father, it is my blessed chela.” And then, the noble one will pronounce your name, your inner name, which the Father does know and you do know at inner levels. And Alpha will rejoice that your voice has reached once again the throne of grace.

By the Holy Spirit, you span the physical universes and enter the spiritual sun center. And it is possible because God has ordained it. But he has ordained it strictly within cosmic law. Obedience to that law of love and harmony, therefore, beloved hearts, is the key to access.

Accessibility is simple; it need not become complex. You do not need to learn to be a safecracker to enter in to the complex formula of the Logos. Love is the fulfilling of that Law and that formula.

Thus, beloved ones, we will then move on nation by nation, and obviously there is urgent need in many areas. We desire, however, to set our forcefield in India and in the Middle East, and desire to do so by the New Year’s conference with those prayer vigils being established. In the absence of students in these areas, we ask all, therefore, to participate in the process of doing what is necessary for this most momentous event to take place.

Beloved ones, there is a faculty that is not highly developed, but indeed can be. It is a faculty that must come through the Holy Spirit, it is a faculty that is in the sun center of the solar plexus. It is the power of the desire body when the desire body is purified, and desirelessness (as the Omega negative polarity) moves into the thrust of the positive polarity of Alpha and it becomes Alpha’s desiring to sire the Son of God within you—and it becomes the Omega within you, now receptive and now active, sending forth and amplifying the desire of God to be God where I AM, where you are, which you declare as “I AM.”

The desire of God to be God where I AM is very, very great. And I, Nada, testify to the love of Almighty God desiring to realize his certain flame of service to life, of the path of Christhood, of ministering to his own through me. I AM WHO I AM and I have been from the beginning and I shall be unto the ending because God desires to be who I AM where I AM—the I AM THAT I AM.

Understand this mystery of the Godhead, for, beloved hearts, the world and all that’s in it has programmed the desire body to want this, want that, and want the next—through visuals of advertising, through all kinds of things that delight the eye. And the child reaches out and says, “I want! That’s mine. Give me this!” And thus, the child early learns that it can use the desire body to get those things of its wants, its absence of wholeness in God.

And therefore, life is a game of acquiring. And therefore, a success cult is built up so that individuals may acquire more and more of those things.

You have heard people say, “I’ve always wanted this, and here it is!”— “I’ve always wanted that, I’ve always wanted this.” Well, the always wanting has tied up an enormous quantity of God’s energy until the very Law itself has fulfilled the want, bringing it to one’s feet, as in the proverbial story of Midas. <8>

One may want and want until one gets one’s wish—all things that one will touch will, behold! turn to gold. And then we find the first one that is touched by the father is the little daughter—turned to gold. And all of a sudden, the great truth that rings from the Central Sun: The greed of thine eye has finally cut off the thing most precious to thee.

And the soul herself is represented in the daughter. Thus, it was his own soul that had been at the point of death, and the daughter herself became the instrument of the awakening of the real soul-desiring of that one.

Though this be an ancient legend, beloved hearts, it has borne truth in the life of a certain individual who was in that incarnation. And in that hour and in that moment, that individual turned and determined he would go to the Source and find the living God, and not the material god of gold but the God who is the spiritual God of all gold and illumination. And therefore, that one, through a series of many incarnations, found his way to the heart of the Mother of the Flame and has become an ardent devotee and supporter of this movement.

Therefore, you see in these examples how the law of justice itself will bring to an individual in a single lifetime such a great lesson; and that lesson, so acutely painful, stays with the soul until the true wholeness is gained. I trust that in this hour late of the world’s evolutions, you will not have to learn such lessons and take ten more embodiments to find that the only gold you ever desired is the gold of the Son of God and the halo of the Buddha and his everlasting peace.

I bring to your attention, then, the faculty of the desire body. When all of the desires are released and the one desiring is to be the Law of the One perpetually, you will find the statement of the Lord Christ understandable to you: “All power in heaven and earth is given unto me.” <9>

It is when the lower chakras, beginning with the desire of the heart and the purity of the soul, are sealed with the sealing of the rising sacred fire that you can be entrusted with the all-power of the Godhead through the science of the spoken Word.

Thus you see, as long as you worry and fret over this and that problem and want and need and physical infirmity and guilt and fear and so forth—all of these are islands floating in the desire body. And they now go into orbit around the solar-plexus chakra; and therefore, you understand how that electronic belt is increased from the initial rebellion at the point of the seat of the soul.

Therefore, once entwined by a tight coil of desire, it is most difficult for individuals to free themselves. For I think we all know, who have walked this earth, that desires can be the most overpowering momentums in our lives. And to move against that avalanche of desire takes more than the human being is able to muster. It takes the power of God.

And because you have desired to overcome lesser desires, you have sought the hand of Christ, the hand of Buddha, and the Great White Brotherhood, you have known you must hold the hand of one who is strong and feel the flow of that current reinforce your desire to overcome wrong desire when you know it must go but you need help.

Thus, you acknowledge the need of the Helper. The Helper is the Holy Ghost. And he comes to you in the person of an angel or a friend, a master, or the very living Spirit of the Lord himself. Realize, then, that your initiation under the Holy Spirit is a continuing initiation through the hearts of the ascended masters, all of whom do embody a portion of that Spirit of the Godhead dwelling bodily in us in our ascended-master light bodies.

By the Holy Spirit, I speak to you. By the Holy Spirit, the messenger receives my Word. By the Holy Spirit, our hearts are one. By the Holy Spirit, our desire is one! And therefore, through this vessel you can feel the desire of the ascended masters, and it is that feeling that galvanizes you to move across the earth as the forces of freedom!

And therefore, this is the very faculty I speak of. It is the feeling nature of Almighty God, for God does have feelings and God has desires. And his desires are manifest as the magnificent display of the entire physical cosmos, worlds without end! In the microcosm, in the Macrocosm, the entire wonders of creation are the expression of God’s desiring and his manifestation of himself.

There is no field or area of study where you will not be confronted directly with God’s desiring to be himself where I AM, with the Holy Spirit in manifestation. Study the cells, study the stars, study chemistry, study the mathematics of the Word, study all you can see and that which you cannot, and you will still find the Holy Spirit.

And then you find the miscreation of man and Nephilim and mankind, and you realize that this, too, is God and the Holy Spirit, but it is misqualified and misused. And these vile creations, half animal and half man, these vile misuses of the sacred fire are the sin against the Holy Ghost, which is not forgiven until the entire cause, effect, record, and memory of that sin is transmuted.

And those who do not cease from misuse of the light of the Holy Spirit are therefore imprisoned by their own creations. And they are the prisoners, therefore, of their misuse of the Holy Ghost, and they cannot go free to transmute the misuse of the sacred fire. And that is why it is written that the sin against the Holy Ghost cannot be forgiven. <10> For the only way out of such a dilemma is for that individual to become a disciple of the living Christ, a chela of the living Guru, and for that Guru to agree to take on that karma.

For the individual cannot hold the balance of his wrong desiring in the presence of the desiring of God, and he has no further momentum to overcome the creation of his wrong desiring because he has spent his allotment, both of free will and of energy from the Godhead. Thus, the individual who has disobeyed the laws of the Holy Ghost, of the Third Person of the Trinity, which is the universal love of Almighty One, is in the dilemma of the fallen one who must seek the source of the threefold flame in order to have the opportunity renewed.

Many frantically seek the Holy Spirit in this day, and I can tell you why—the demons and discarnates around them cause them to behave in such a frenzy and to gravitate and gyrate in lower forms of music and sound, bellowing sounds out of their bellies that have nothing to do with the sound of the Son of God—those who so weep and moan for the Holy Ghost are possessed of entities who have no light, no energy, no being; and in the individuals themselves there is the loss of the divine spark.

Therefore, they seek that Holy Ghost, but they do not seek the Comforter through the lawful path of initiation under the Lord Jesus Christ. And thus, they are more possessed, they are the more involved and ingratiated to the lesser states of consciousness of the discarnates and the demons and the demigods that have no part with eternal life.

It would seem that it is a vicious circle, but indeed it is. For I tell you, the misuse of the creative power of love of the Holy Ghost is the greatest sin in cosmos and against cosmos. And therefore, the initial act of viciousness is not taken by God or his Law, but by the individual who does abuse that Law.

Now when we send you forth, therefore, keeping the watch of a prayer vigil unto the nations, realize that we send you and the Word of Almighty God through your dynamic decree, to those areas where the people are bowed down by the misuse of the light of the Holy Ghost, by the fallen angels themselves, even by that one fallen cherub who once kept and guarded the way of the Tree of Life.

These individuals, these Watchers, as well as the Nephilim gods who have imparted to their mechanization man their momentum of their desire body, desiring against the Godhead, desiring evil instead of good—these individuals have wrapped the earth in that shroud of death that consists of the misuse of the light of the Holy Ghost. Now understand, therefore, why The Faithful and True comes with the armies of heaven and why it is the sword that proceeds out of the mouth of The Faithful and True <11> that is the only means whereby the entire conglomerate of this miscreation may be bound—in fact, its inner structure collapsed by that sword.

And you know that that sword is the science of the spoken Word. And you know that you exercise that sword in the name of The Faithful and True by the power of Maitreya, by the love of Gautama, by the great wisdom of Sanat Kumara; and in the order of the Cosmic Christ, the white fire light of the Lord Jesus does reinforce your action.

As with all exercises, practice makes perfect. And the very exercise of the Word on behalf of the nations will return to you a mighty momentum for the dissolution of worlds of untransmuted substance in your four lower bodies. If you would agree to lose yourself in the service of Almighty God, you would find psychological problems dissolve—records of past centuries that have marred the face of your mind. You will find physical infirmities being transmuted and you will find yourself appearing younger and younger every year—not only in appearance, but in actual manifestation.

For the life of the cell is increased as the light in the nucleus of the cell is increased, because you are taking part in the release of God’s light from the Central Sun and he is the rewarder of those who diligently seek him <12> and serve him with that flame of constancy that is the key to the victory of worlds. And therefore, when you go out from the Light and pursue other pursuits, you may gain other advantages and other attainments but you lose what we consider to be the greatest advantage of all.

How do you think it could come to pass that the Great Law, as it has been for aeons, has declared that karma can only be balanced through many, many, many lifetimes—on and on and on through the ages? How can it be all of a sudden, therefore, that in a single lifetime you could balance that karma? Since the Law cannot be compromised, it can only be that you live many, many lifetimes in a single lifetime, being here and there and everywhere by the action of your own Christ Self and the action of your fidelity to the Light, the attention upon the all-seeing eye and the vision of your I AM Presence.

Thus, beloved ones, as you consider the mastery of the chakras, the desiring of your soul for the Holy Spirit, neglect not the surrender of the lesser desires, and hold the vision of the Godhead for his good works on earth to his own and for the capturing of hearts for the Divine; for they are yet held in the clutches of the fallen angels whom they idolize.

Beloved hearts, it is pathetic—the extent to which the youth of the world idolize their idols who have nothing to give them, who are as black suns and black holes in space. There is nothing behind them. They only suck the light of those who attend their rock festivals and engage in the smoking of marijuana and other sorts of stimulants, thereby increasing the release of light out of their chakras and then being drained by the vortex of the counter-clockwise spiral of that which is called music that comes as the noise from the center of that platform.

Beloved hearts, this stripping of the virgins of their light at these rock festivals is one of the most heinous and devious crimes that has ever been perpetrated against humanity. And you hear the screams and the sighs, and you see the voracious behavior and the viciousness and the sensuality and the subhuman acts that are performed against individuals there; and you realize that it is occurring because of the disembodied spirits funneling through those who are their messengers out of the pit, those performing the music themselves, having become the messengers of the fallen angels or themselves being fallen angels.

You have seen, therefore, and you will know that this activity is such a stripping action and such a violent act against the chakras that it is as though those chakras all in one, seven which were aligned, are raped and stripped of light. And therefore, people faint and there is a rushing of energy in various chakras, and there is a tremendous amount of sensual experience.

And then on the morrow, there is the letdown, there is the fatigue, there is the vibration of being spent. And the morrow may not be the next day. The morrow will be when the soul is spent, and the lifeblood is spent, and these individuals have aged a decade in two years.

And before very long they are on the heap. They are on the pile, the wastepile of those who have no more light and therefore are no longer even attended by the astral ones that appeared to have such color—the shooting stars, the falling angels who had the personality and the presence and the loudness and the noise, misusing the same electronic equipment that is yours to use for the amplification of the decree of the Word.

Thus, there are some who have determined to be messengers of hell on this planet and messengers of the pit. And they do amplify the energy of that pit to the detriment, to the disease of the entire planet. As new diseases appear, they may be attributed to many causes—the violation of God’s law and his Law of the One, of Alpha and Omega. But I tell you, the cycling into physical manifestation of that karma is accelerated by the ever-prevalent rock beat.

Therefore, we will multiply our numbers, and we will do it in many ways. This effort is a plan that requires in actuality no further dispensations from the Central Sun to El Morya or Saint Germain. For the Keepers of the Flame exist, the centers exist, the medium exists—the cameras, the equipment. All that you need to put to this endeavor is your will, your heart, your centers, and a Saturday here and there as you are called upon.

Thus, you see, now the sponsorship of the ascended masters, instead of coming from a grant of the Great Central Sun, comes from a grant of the student body on earth! Now is this not indeed a turn of events? [“Yes!” (applause)]

Blessed are ye who have seen the need of the masters and their would-be chelas and who, seeing that need, have supplied it. When He said, “Feed my lambs,” <13> perhaps you did not think that you would be feeding ascended-master lambs of God!

Thus, you can see a wink of the eye of El Morya, for there has been a certain amount of enlightened self-interest. For you have determined to have these tapes and these video presentations for your own light and your own gain and for the expansion of the teaching and for the spreading of the Word. And thus, you have enjoyed and partaken of that light.

Now, when all is set in motion, and the groups are established, and the electronic means have been provided for, you then can become sponsors. You are patrons and patronesses, you have something in your chakras, something in your causal body that the Lord wants, which means that he is lacking in. The Lord lacks on earth hands and feet to be himself. And lo and behold, as though in the twinkling of the eye of El Morya and Saint Germain, that which could fulfill his need is manifest!

And so, you see, the desiring of God has also produced your manifestation to fulfill his need, even as your desiring for God has produced the answer from the ascended-master octaves of light. This is the power of the magnet of the solar plexus and the power of magnification. Thus, right desire magnifies the right answer and the right solution to life’s problems. And wrong desire makes the whole world come tumbling down the vortex that goes down, down, down and does not allow the soul to ascend.

Thus the path of right desire will lead to your magnetizing more of the Holy Spirit. And the more of the Holy Spirit you have, the more right desire you have—and so it goes. And you will find that the mastery of the solar plexus will make that center a sun of light, and there shall be flowing forth from that belly rivers of living water, <14> and it shall be for the healing of the astral body of the earth all by the eye magic itself.

Needless to say, your sponsorship of these videotapes of our sermons, the sermons of Jesus, <15> has multiplied many times the image of our messenger and also the image of our Electronic Presence. Though the physical eye cannot see it, it is recorded on the videotape, and this is the wonder of that tape— that there is presented at the soul level to those who watch it the actual manifestation of the Holy Spirit and the ascended masters.

And so it is the first stepping through the veil that on that tape there is recorded that which is to come. And therefore, the tape is a prophecy of the future when the physical eye shall be accelerated and raised and all men shall see their teachers face-to-face, <16> through the messenger of the Great White Brotherhood in the dictations electronically programmed throughout the planetary body as the seeds of light.

And therefore, you are the ones who have cast this bread of life, this Word of Truth upon the waters of the electronic belt of the earth, the waters of mass communication. And you will see after many days that that will return to you as the momentum of good works, as balanced karma.

And when you stand at the door at The Karmic Board and knock, you will find the record will indicate that you have paid the price, you have balanced the karma, and you will wonder how and where and why. And then you will remember, “Why, Nada explained it to me. And now I understand the multiplication of the Word by the power of the press, by the power of the hearing of the ear and the seeing eye, by the power of the vision, by electronics I have forged and won.”

Well, beloved hearts, when you yourselves are duplicated on tape (as you already have been many times), it is not long before that Presence of yourself in West Germany, in Sweden, in places you have never been where these tapes are played—it is not long before the very Electronic Presence of yourself magnetizes the full Spirit of your being. And therefore, more and more as you grow, the flame of your heart endows the videotape and pulls upon your I AM Presence.

And this is the beginning of actual bilocation. First you bilocate at the etheric level, then the mental, then the astral. And finally, physically, you will be as Milarepa—here and there—and other saints who have appeared and been seen, as in the case of Padre Pio. He was seen here and he was seen there, not always physical but very physical to the eye. He may have been seen kneeling in prayer from across the room. It may therefore be the etheric body that is seen, and by and by it is stronger and stronger until you, too, can say with Lanello before your ascension, “Lo, I AM everywhere in the consciousness of God!”

My preaching to you this day after the manner of the Lord Christ, whose teaching is my own as he is my teacher, has been preceded by the most important teaching of all: the singing, not redundantly but lovingly, to the God of Harmony. <17> For you see, all these things that I have brought are yours to keep only as you keep and guard the flame of harmony.

If you could imagine that inharmony would produce sudden holes in your pantaloons, in your skirts, in your blouses, and all of a sudden, like magic, like Pinocchio, because you’d been inharmonious, your garments should be tattered and full of holes and everything spill out and fall, for nothing could be held, you should think how embarrassed you would be—or if you were indeed Pinocchio and your nose would grow and grow when you were out of alignment with Truth. And finally, in the very end, by discipline and faithfulness and truthfulness, to be rewarded with a real heart, to become a real boy (the son of God, the threefold flame appears!).

The story of Pinocchio is the story of those who lost the threefold flame or of those who may even be occupying bodies bereft of the divine spark, diligently in the service of the sons of God. Those who may have lost the substance of soul regain it by the path of the imitation of Christ.

Do as Christ would do, and you will magnetize Christ in your heart. Do as Buddha would do, and even though you have a flame, it will increase tenfold. And where you are, God will be—if you live in his honor and love.

Things equal to the same thing are equal to each other. Therefore, beloved hearts, God must be where you are when you are love, for God is love. God must be where you are when you are harmony—harmony, God-harmony. Not harmonious, but harmony itself.

Don’t try to be harmonious, for you can just as easily be inharmonious. Determine to be God-harmony and then your harmony cannot be lost! For God is the harmony of Godhood where you are, and it is the divine harmony that will keep. But the human harmony can always be broken by its converse state of human inharmony.

Is that not a mighty key this day from God Harmony to all who have striven and lost their harmony? [“Yes!”]—all who have striven and lost their harmony at one time or another?

It is like trying to be humanly good. You can just as easily fall into the trap of being humanly bad. But when you determine to be God-good, then the very goodness of God protects that goodness and seals you in that goodness; and therefore, you are caught up in the spirit of the Lord’s goodness. And if you will simply be faithful and true, he will hold you and not let you go out of the way, unless you insist by a perverseness of the spirit which you yourself must overcome with his help again and the help of the Helper.

Saint Germain came with a great prize, a prize that is given and then must yet be won in order to be kept. It is like saying, “Here is the trophy. Now see if you can keep it!”

Well, beloved ones, the God of Harmony is a being who has attained the consciousness of God’s harmony. Now who do you think that might be? Must it not be God himself? Thus, it is the example of the drop, the dewdrop slipping into the shining sea of God’s being.

Will anyone know or see the God of Harmony separate from God? For he is the Law of the One—Harmony. Where God Harmony is, there is God’s consciousness of harmony. Thus, he is God in manifestation in God’s law of harmony.

Now you understand what you are striving for whenever you strive for a certain virtue—not a human quality or virtue but the condition of God’s consciousness of the virtue, his Presence superimposed upon your own whereby you say:

I AM the virtue of God in action.

I AM God’s faith here and now.

I AM his hope here and now.

I AM his charity, I AM his harmony.

I AM his desiring to be himself where I AM.

I AM God’s harmony!

I AM God-harmony where I AM.

And I AM determined by that God-flame and not of my own human will—I AM determined by the power of God in me—to be that God-harmony forever and forever, and I will slay everyone who is determined within my members to take that harmony from me! I will slay every past momentum, every identity apart from that God-momentum.

Whatever the virtue you determine to be as God in action, the entire planetary force of anti-virtue will be at your door on the morrow. Thus, beloved ones, you make your determination and you say, “I will it by the grace of God! I will do this thing by the grace of God!” What is the grace of God? The grace of God is the Guru/chela relationship. The grace of God is the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood with you! The grace of God is his gracious presence.

And therefore, you are saying by the power of the Godhead in every manifestation, “I will be God-harmony!” And when you say it that way, the anti-forces of harmony that come as barking dogs in the night will be met by the entire force of the legions of God Harmony who will defend your right to be God-harmony as long as you continue to also defend that God where you are.

This is a commitment of the Godhead unto you. Twelve manner of fruits on the Tree of Life <18>—select any one and make it the point of your victory.

May I recommend that you be God-harmony? Slay the beast of inharmony, center yourself in the Lord of the World, in the heart of Shamballa. And, my beloved, in that power, begin to pluck the fruits of the Tree of Life—to eat them, to assimilate that fruit of Maitreya’s consciousness that you might live forever.

Did the Lord not say that he would plant a sword and cherubim to keep the way of the Tree of Life lest those not qualified in initiation should pluck that fruit and live forever? <19> This is the hour and the day, therefore, when the initiation of God Harmony, and your daring to pluck that fruit, can result in your victory. It is the opportunity of the Aquarian age.

We have been with you in past ages. We have been there. We have said, “Tarry with us in the temple or in the laboratory of our alchemy of the Spirit, for we will prove here and now together our eternal life.” And you have said to any one of us, “We love you, we thank you, but we must go our way and do our certain thing for now.” And so you have done. So you have experimented in earth. And so, many ages have passed.

It is at the cusp of the age of the new dispensation of the physical incarnation of the avatar of the age and the delivery of the Word of the teaching that there is always the renewed opportunity to tarry in the temple and gain eternal life. Thus it was in the hour of Jesus’ coming. The wise disciples knew the path of love when they saw it and followed his path of love all the way Home to God’s heart.

May you understand the tide in the affairs of men, which when taken at its crest leads on to victory.

To the wise ones, I speak. To the hopeful ones, I give my heart. But to the harmonious ones, I pledge: I AM with you always in your innermost heart of hearts, even unto the end of the cycle of your own karma.

Harmonious ones, I AM Nada of the rose in your heart. I seal you in the cosmic cross of white fire. By the mantle and the teaching of the Lord Christ, I AM blessed and you are twice blessed.

Peace in the name of the Mother.

*eye magic: “I-mage,” or image of Reality (see Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, Climb the Highest Mountain, p. 38)

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Nada was delivered through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet October 7, 1983, during Discover the New Age with Saint Germain at Camelot; published on two 6-cassette albums (A83164, A83170); dictation available separately (cassettes B83167, B83168).

1. In response to the Korean airline crisis (see Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 26, no. 50, p. 607, n. 9), the messenger held A Prayer Vigil for the World in Washington, D.C., September 3-5, 1983. In the afternoon preceding this dictation, the congregation participated in a 2-hour video presentation of the vigil—complete with images for visualization, including pictures of the masters and Astrea’s circle and sword of blue flame superimposed over specific world conditions and focuses of light named in the messenger’s invocations.

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