Pearls of Wisdom

xVol. 26 No. 20 - Beloved Gautama Buddha - May 15, 1983


Fragrant Waters of Humility


From our portable ashram near Gangtok to where the waters of Kulu <1> flow, our love to those in the West from out of the East becomes a mist of brilliant radiance, conveying the hope of a new dawn to myriad hearts in the world.


And the way of peace have we known,
And the way of peace are we—devotees of God
Camping neath the light of many stars.
With hearts open to angel voices,
We raise our diadem of cosmic choices
To the full view of those devotees
In the West and the East
Who can open the gateway of the hearts
To the wondrous flowing brook of heavenly melody,
Understanding and partaking of the divine manna
And realizing at last the measure of a cosmic man.

Myriad dogmas and many devices of a spiritual nature conspire, according to some men, to bring them to a greater level of awareness. Yet, we who have partaken of the holy waters of nirvana say to all of you: Dare to aspire to be a part of cosmic Truth with ample humility, and you shall find one day that at last the waters of humility will bear the fruit upon the crest of the wave of consciousness that invites the grace of God. For he giveth grace unto the humble and resisteth the proud.

Let men understand diligently the nature of their own being. Like a cool flowing stream, the waters of Kulu, drops of Life descend as precious oil, as ointment anointing the forehead of man, with the consciousness of the third eye opening at last to behold the wonders God has prepared for them that love him.

But those who tear open the fragile fabric of the eye of inward consciousness prematurely—so fragile, like an onionskin—that it parts quickly into jagged pieces and nothing remains, may reap the fruit of their prematurity, of the manifestation of their aspirations that violently sought to behold God without first assuring themselves of the worthiness to do so.

For the little steps men take are a high road to cosmic adventure. And the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Let men understand this, for as they approach the throne of cosmic grace with fear and trembling, but with gentleness, the Lord unveils himself. And the beautiful tents of holiness reveal to man that he is not so far from cosmic adventure and attainment as he has supposed.

For the light of our heart combines with the light of the heart of every master and ascended being. And those who have invoked the Spirit of the ascended-Christ consciousness, of the radiance of beloved Jesus, also invoke us. For we are a part of that one band of holy devotees from all lands and from all devotions that understand how to set in motion in the hearts of men the Eastward sail—the sail that turns toward the East as the sun doth rise— and beholding the welcome light of the first ray of the dawn, say: O Man, thy way is peace, thy way is love, thy way is compassion and the shining of a strength that shall be.

I hear the murmurings of those who say, “O Lord, my strength is so little.” Truly, thou hast been given, in embryo, in the precious seed of fire that is within thee, all of the light of the mystic East and of the bountiful West with its manifestation of practicality.

And therefore our hearts, in the name of the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, call to men also in the West to assist our people not just with the bread of the realm but also in their spiritual teachings, by showing here in the industrial West that men can pursue the glories of the onward spiritual path—returning, in this case, those currents of light received with the first rays of the dawn coming out as the lightning from the East unto the West, <2> back unto the East to the cradle from whence the light first flowed.

I remember full well in my preaching at Sarnath, no stupas were erected then to do me honor, <3> princeling though I was in outer measure. The hearts of a world were waiting for that treasure which I found within God. And the outer treasure and principalities meant nothing to humanity, for what was important then was the treasure of the Spirit which I brought. And this treasure I still offer to all of you who will grasp that principle of cosmic learning within yourself.

Those dimensions of heart of which I speak are available to all who will inwardly pursue the radiance of the way of peace. But the peace is to be found in the divine nature. And man does not need to part with it, saying to himself, “I will sever myself from this or that teaching, because I do not feel that this or that teaching is truly cosmic truth.”

Beloved hearts of light, the kingdom of God is within you. When you really understand that, the way of peace is known to you and the adventure of living becomes more palatable—more acceptable to your outer consciousness and, I am quite sure, more acceptable to the Law of Love that is a part of your inward nature, even as it is the part of all mankind.

But what a pity it is that men are allowing themselves today to be captivated by those who seek to divide men into little camps of opposition. They cannot understand the way of peace, the way of nirvana. They do not understand the Be-ness of God, that God is everywhere and that he dispenses those drops of Life which are his reality as the golden oil of the anointing of the One Spirit Most Holy which all can receive because to all it is given—a treasure of sweetness, a treasure of compassion that reaches up magically enough, miraculously enough, to participate in the grand adventure of becoming one with God.

Through the nirvanic state, I was able to forsake all the manifestations of darkness that had been for so long a part of my nature. And at last, the high adventure of infinite Love was before me. The veil parted, and for the first time, through the process of inner meditation, I was able to perceive the nature of God closely aligned with my own. And many experiences came to me— the experiences of entering in to the vibratory nature of those who were not attuned with the Divine Presence but had sundered this long ago, engaging now only in outer expressions without understanding the nature of the God within.

Yet, except the Lord keep the city, the city cannot be kept. And so, the domain of man’s destiny must be kept by the inward peace which he knows to be real, to be vital. The experiences he seeks must come to him born of the love that is the emanation of God within him.

But man does not need to linger just on the small externalization of cosmic substance which he is able to understand and to bring into the areas of his life as the first anointing. He may grow (O wondrous maturity!) into the consciousness of becoming a true Buddha, an aspiring one—one who seeks by the process of budding to become a cosmic flower in the garden of God.

And all is Allah, all is the Buddhahood, all is the bestowal of the sacred fire. Whether we stop for a moment to consider the teachings of the Parsis (those who are dedicated to the principles of fire) or whether we are concerned with the manifestation of Christianity in the distant West—all are participating upon the planetary body in the magnification of cosmic intensity in the desire to feel His love bestow upon them the vestments of a cosmic glory not seen at first, but perceived often in the dimness of men’s consciousness as they begin the process of stilling the mind and finding within themselves the depth of the richness of the wisdom of God.

Through the process of stilling the mind, the tremendous potency of the Cosmic Light is distilled in essence to the view of all who will open their spiritual eyes and behold at last the light of the cosmic I AM Presence—valiantly, radiantly outpouring its sweet oil of delight and freedom upon the altar of their heart!

Man possesses the power of change. Man possesses the power, the transmutative Law lives within him. But God has first willed it so, and the angelic hosts have also so willed it. Now it remains for man also to enter into a pact with the Cosmic Christ consciousness so beautifully resident within his soul.

And the peace of God which passeth all understanding will convey to him the torch of his own freedom, to be found in his acceptance of the cosmic gift of Life whose beautiful drops are dispensed to him, falling one by one from the precious skin of the Almighty to drop gently upon his head beneath—drops of mercy, drops of peace, drops of cosmic delight, drops of infinity descending into the vapors of time, where men are able to remove those barriers of oppression that actually impede the flow of cosmic Life and peace because men, divided in concept, do not understand their unity of hearts.

Now, as I speak to you tonight, how I call to the angelic hosts to remove those impediments that have so long created the fabric of distress in your life. I ask for the beauty and perfection of God to descend as a mantle upon the heart of the world! I ask the mantle of God-perfection to enfold all men, from the least unto the greatest! <4> I pray and I offer the sweet incense of our hearts.

Those devotees sitting in the mystic caves of the Far East side by side with those fakirs and those individuals also caught in the net of the ego, as we are not, find themselves now the recipients of a cosmic truth given from the hand of God, fresh and full of delight and radiance. Yet man must distinguish the fruit of error as he distinguishes the fruit of cosmic truth. He must pray for greater wisdom, that he may discern not only the face of the sky but the face of Divine Reality upon the altar of his heart, resting fragrantly as a crown of peace and sweetness.

The kiss of peace implanted by the angels of God upon the heart of men is truly a gift that men may have. Those who suppose that phenomenal is the manifestation of levitation—whereby the physical body, imbued itself with the delights of God, rises (no longer tethered to physical consciousness) into the very atmosphere before the gaze of men—should understand that phenomena alone is certainly not the manifestation of the beautiful consciousness of God so fragrant with delight.

Will you accept, then, tonight the answer to my prayer as the angels begin to dispense those fragrant bouquets which we are gathering from those Elysian fields of the meditation gardens of the great masters of the world (not only of this world but of other worlds), masters of the world in the sense that they have accepted the fullness of divine grace into their hearts—not those who are the masters of men, those manipulators who seek to control the outer realm of circumstance, but those who are devoted to the kingdom of God and to the production of a full-scale maneuver of heaven itself on behalf of the cosmic hierarchy? 

We have decided to capture the earth. And I believe that with the assistance of the powers of heaven, we can do so! But we need and require your assistance in doing it. I have been asked, therefore, by the Hierarchy to implore you this night to recognize your potential for cosmic service and offerings unto God—the offering of your lives in devotion, fragrantly given and fragrantly received.

In case you seem to feel that I have overused the word fragrantly, let me tell you that it will be used by many others in the circumstance of devoting mankind to the service of his God. It will be used because it is descriptive of a mighty principle in consciousness—a stepping-up of the vibratory action of the planetary body, significantly preparing in many cases for the return of Christ. It will find the sudden summoning not only of the Lord of the World but also of the living God. For the office of the Lord of the World is but a fragrant offering of my soul unto Him—who is Lord of lords and King of kings.

To him every knee shall bow, because he is Lord of lords and King of kings. For the Christ consciousness, the First Cause, the Only Begotten of the Father, existing before Abraham was and existing from the foundation of the earth, incorporates the experience of the Divine Mother and the manifestation of the Divine Manchild, brought first of all not only to Bethlehem of Judea but also to the gateway, the doorway, of every man’s heart.

For each man must experience for himself the birth of the natural living Christ within himself. He must receive the drops of the Holy Spirit upon the altar of his heart. He must be baptized not only with the Holy Ghost but also with the fire of God which is resident within the Spirit of the Holy Ghost. Will all men then understand the meaning of becoming one with God—not only alone through the meditative process, but by the simple process of accepting the peace of God?

“A noncomplicated service, I am sure,” was the comment of El Morya as I prepared to come to you this night. He said, “O beloved Lord Gautama, go forth with your peace, but have a little of the firmness which I will bring also to the children of the Light.”

The time has come when each man must understand the need to summon for himself the peace of God and to become, with Godspeed, the miracle consciousness which he already is. Unless this transformation occur for each one, the opportunities for spiritual life may be missed, and, being missed, they may not necessarily come again in the entire span of a man’s life—in some cases not for many lives. And the opportunities of humanity must be considered today.

You live now—and God lives within you. While the flame burns upon the altar of your heart in memory of the walk to Emmaus, let men understand that the Holy Spirit burns in you as the bright blaze of a cosmic zeal to bring the hearts of men once again to that pure nirvanic state enfired by cosmic Truth and the consciousness and awareness of Life that always knows, right where it is, God manifests, that always knows, right where it is, that Life is born out of peace—out of bondage, in the case of men. For they need to escape into the fullness of the light of God which the Great White Brotherhood is, which every heart is, which every soul may feel!

I AM the Lord of the World, by His grace. And devoted to the service of the living Christ, we are one in purpose, one in design, one in fullness. We come into the element of time, where you are, that you may hear that Word. That living focus of the flame manifesting in you is the Christ that will be formed within you <5> as you yourself, taking seriously the divine nature, enfold yourself both now and forever in the mantle of God.

Is the mission before us of the ascended hosts?

Is the mission before us as Lords of the World?

Is the mission before our hearts?

The mission is before your hearts! The mission is a standard of the magnification of the kingdom of God!

Peace must become a vital force! Peace must live in the heart because it is a vital force! Peace is a part of the divine nature, and it must exist not because men feel themselves that they desire some outer cessation of hostilities, but because they recognize that in the kingdom of God, out of the fountain of infinite magnification, the very principles of the living God are Peace and Love and Joy in the cup so fragrant, the cup of the Holy Spirit.

Will you assist me in making it fragrant? Will you give me your light tonight as I give you mine? Will you give me your peace, or even your disturbance tonight, even as I give you mine?

I will make this medium of exchange gladly and freely, and I will pray to the Lords of Karma that there descend upon your heart those unguents of the Holy Spirit that will restore to you the peace and harmony you once knew as a hopeful child. For the magnification of our peace within your hearts will bring to all mankind, as you expand the flame of peace, that good cheer which long ago, beholding the Christ, recognized the sound of his voice: “Be of good cheer, it is I.”

And as I speak to you, let no doubt of our presence fill your world. For we stand for many souls behind the veil awaiting the manifestation of the fullness of faith in your heart, that we may do for you what heaven would have us to do, which is to assist you momentarily on your spiritual pathway as you move forward by God’s grace into the fullness of God’s love.

Out of the depth of the night I have come, bearing the light of God, a torch and flame of living peace. Out of the night I have come, and I AM Light. For the darkness surrounding the world is very gross indeed, and the sacred fire is required here.

Will you be a brand of living flame for God? Then be a focus of my peace. Wherever you go in the marketplaces of life, let the tremendous radiance of my peace flow through you—as the rolling billows of the sea, as the great continents of the air, as the outpicturing of cosmic grace and the manifestation of infinity and perfection in the veil of time.

So go you forth in the name of heaven! So let your hearts soar! You are not tethered to some human or mortal standard. You are a God-free being of victory and light!

My peace flows to you. My peace knows the secret recesses of your heart. It will find them, rest assured, and we will claim them for God.

Too long has the world tarried in the littleness of its outer display. Now let men expand their light! Because the light of peace that was available to me long ago (by which I preached at Sarnath) is also the light of the East, the lightning of our love, the flow of our peace, the strength of our hearts’ joy—as we unveil before your eyes the i-mage (the ‘magic eye’) of your I AM Presence, the consciousness of the God above you and in you, united for the perfection of the world and the slaying of the dragons of hate and fear and oppression and war and distress.

The magnification of God, the kingdom of God, is manifest in the world. The kingdom of God is within you! Drink ye all of this cup; for as Our Lord foretold, so shall ye do. <6>

Those who are devotees are not devotees of the East alone or of the West alone, but of the power of Christendom magnified by the Holy Spirit who has framed an image and encanvassed it for all to behold it.

The perfection of God, the peace of God will inundate the world! And one by one, those stony hearts of men shall fall. For the rock shall either fall upon them, grinding them to powder, or they shall fall upon the Rock and gladly be broken.

My peace I give with you this night. I give with you to the world. My peace I give to all men—both the worthy and the unworthy. And yet, those who accept it into their heart as a fragrant seed will find that it will sprout and that it will expand, until one day the vision—the airy vision of peace which is God’s to command and yours to accept—will become the treasure of Reality, the beauty of Infinity in this veil of time, illusion fading, confusion being chased away by the angels of deliverance that this day speak to all hearts, saying: The Lord is God, and the earth is his. Let us then claim it in his name!

By his peace and through his love, I AM radiantly and humbly your servant and Buddha, one with the living Christ within the flame of your heart.


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Gautama Buddha was delivered through the Messenger Mark L. Prophet July 1, 1971, during Freedom Rally 1971 in Santa Barbara, California.

1. According to an ancient tradition, the original name of the Kulu valley in Northern India was Kulanthapitha, meaning “the end of the habitable world.” It is also known as the Valley of the Gods.

2. Matt. 24:27.

3. According to Buddhist literary tradition, the earliest Buddhist stupas (commemorative monuments) were erected shortly following the passing of Gautama, in 483 B.C., to house relics of the Buddha and to mark incidents in his life. The present Dhamekh Stupa at Sarnath (photograph, Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 26, no. 17, p. 136), commemorating Gautama’s first sermon there, is believed to have been built or renovated in 500 A.D.—almost 1,000 years after the lifetime of Gautama. Remains of an earlier stupa of Mauryan bricks, discovered beneath the present structure during archaeological explorations, may date the stupa to the third century B.C. and the Indian Emperor Asoka.

4. Jer. 31:34; Heb. 8:11.

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