Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 25 No. 22 - John the Beloved - May 30, 1982


Easter Conclave 1982


The Confluent Stream of the Universal Christ

“I AM the Universal Self”


O light of the starry body of Love!

O beloved, my own, my brothers and sisters on the path of Love, for His name’s sake I AM come.

You know me as John, called the Beloved. And I come on this eve of the day and the hour of the unfoldment of those events that have led to the glorious victory of the resurrection and the life—proven by the Son of man, great vessel of the Word incarnate, for each and every one of us, His disciples.

I bring to you then, through the akashic records, the very stillness, the very vibration of His Word that quivered and rippled the ethers until every plant and flower, blade of grass, every elemental and angel, every part of the mystical body of Love held breath and waited—waited in the rhythm of the heartbeat of God for the unfoldment of His passion, that the blood of Life might flow to the renewing of all creatures: This Life descending out of Alpha and Omega through Him for the light of all the world, that through Him, through that Word, all, all who believed in the great consonance of the Word might be saved!

I AM the perpetual affirmation of His being.

I AM the great lover of His Sacred Heart.

I would be the disciple, as archetype of the path of your perfection!

I would have you know Him directly through my heart and my love!

I would be intercessor!

I would be the one that teaches you: What would Our Lord do? What would God do in this moment of my crisis, my cross, my crucifixion?

It is not that you ask, beloved, “Shall I or shall I not be crucified with Him?” Nay, you ask it not. For you have already said, “Lord, I would drink Thy cup, all of it and any portion thereof.”

Therefore, you ask, “How shall I be crucified, Lord, with Thee? How shall I be fastened to the cross of life? How shall I open my heart, that Thy life might flow through me to all?”

 This is your soul’s pondering, as you truly understand His teaching and would redeem the ignorance of two thousand years and truly be followers of Him—in the Word and in the deed of the Word.

Dear hearts, do you really know how the heart of Jesus does cherish the moment of your own Christhood? For until it occur in you, all His preaching is in vain—and He is not redeemed because Christ is not redeemed in you.

And He is that Christ. He is that Universal Christ! For each and every son of God who has realized that Christhood moves in the confluent stream of the Universal Christ.

There is only one Christ. And all who are one with that Christ are one! And therefore, there is one—only one begotten Son of God, in and amongst and through you all.

And your perception of the one Light is as if I would take a candle and place a prism between it and yourselves—and suddenly you would see a million candles!

And each of you would see a different million candles, and you would claim one as your own, and you would say, “This is my Christ!” And I should say, “Yes, my beloved, you have perceived the mystery—you have perceived the mystery that He taught us.”

O come to the garden of His heart. For this, this conference the Lord Christ Himself has consecrated to your walk with Him in the garden of His heart.

And I AM at the door of His heart. And as the disciple, I have been asked by Him to bid you enter. For in the garden where the fountain is, there He stands waiting to receive you.

The personal touch, the Word, the voice of it, and the song that He sings to you is the individual song of your own Mighty I AM Presence. It is as if He takes the spherical music of all creation and passes it through a prism and each one hears the individual Christic song.

And all hear at once and hear as though it is the same song and say, “It is my song.” And you are right. For the keynote is the scientific affirmation of your being.

Your keynote is the code of creation—every component, every element. It is the song which the morning stars sang together in the hour of the birth of the soul, the cycling of your soul from the Great Causal Body.

By the sounding of the Word, you came forth containing the seed within itself, that in each successive incarnation of the Word where you are, there would be that portion of the great symphony of your life in manifestation.

In time and space, in the coordinates thereof, individual identity does express a slice of the coil of Infinity. And therefore, each incarnation is a slice of the spiral of your Great Causal Body, a strain of the great song of Life, a segment. And you come forth. And you find that within it there is the element of the Whole—there is the leitmotif that will be heard again and again in a new form, in another octave, in a new expression with other instrumentalities.

O these are the mysteries that He taught us of Life! And in the great silence of our love that He transferred to my heart in those hours when it is recorded that I would place my head upon His breast (as He was indeed the manifestation of the Father and the Mother in one), my inner ear pressed to His heart would receive the transfer of the fiat of creation, the mantra of Life. And I would hear the Christ of the garden of the heart speak to me in the inmost recesses of my heart.

And thus the current passed, transcending the mortal coil. And in that moment I knew eternity! I knew the meaning of the expression “eternal life.” I understood where He was going and that He would receive me also unto Him.

And I saw that I would yet remain on earth to deliver His word and to be His messenger, as He anointed me before His ascension and revealed to me the necessity of the demonstration of the delivery of the word of Revelation, that no man at any hour who would close the book of Scripture could deny that the final word was the word of Revelation, the final word of the New Testament—a dictation of the ascended master Jesus Christ to His messenger on earth, sent and signified by the angel of the Lord, the angel of the Mighty I AM Presence—His God and my God!

For it is through the Mighty I AM Presence, the great conveyer of the Word, by the Christ flame of my heart and His heart, that this, as it were, telecommunication was manifest—the great polarity of the Spirit in heaven unto the soul on earth.

I AM Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending! Therefore, Alpha and Omega, as the light of heaven and earth in the Spirit/Matter manifestation, was the current for the transcending of cycles, the opening of the door, and evermore the proclamation that I, the Lord Jesus Christ, will speak to my own through the messenger, through the Word, through the mighty flow of the current of the Holy Spirit! I will speak as I have spoken! I will continue to speak! And my Word shall live forever. Heaven and earth may pass away, but my Word shall not pass away!

This is the meaning of the mystery: that the Word incarnate present in the disciple, when it reaches the magnitude of the Son of God, does—by cosmic law that framed the universes—magnetize and magnify the Lord. And your heart, when it becomes the all-consuming fire of God which you step through, becomes the receiving place of the inner voice.

He has not left you. He has been speaking to you as the voice of Christ which you call the voice of conscience.

Since your birth, before your birth in the inner octaves, and in every continuous incarnation from the beginning, the Word has been speaking!

The inner Guide, the inner Light is Christ! And there is no separation between that Cosmic Christ and Christ the Lord Jesus.

And when you meet Christ in the garden, you will understand the convergence of your own Holy Christ Self with the living Saviour. And you will perceive the two as one—and on and on and on, wherever you perceive Christ, the merging of the images of a million candles until only one is standing there.

And, blessed hearts, if you can receive it in the fullness of time and beyond it, you also will merge with that Christ and understand that One as the Universal Self.

I lift you, or rather I would lift you (if you would be lifted) to the point in the Holy Spirit where for a moment you may transcend segments or moments of life and in eternity experience the Eternal One.

Having so done, you may go forth in life forevermore seeing yourselves as extensions of the one Great God Self.

I pray that you will begin to feel the great magnet of His love, drawing you to that point beyond yourself—drawing you and magnetizing you to the Heart of hearts.

Truly He is the Light of the world because the disciple is in the world. The disciple is the repository of the living Christ, and therefore is persecution come. It is the persecution of the Light.

Let the Light leap! and consume it.

“What is that to thee? Follow thou me.” Thus spake James. <1> And so it was.

As Jesus said it so many times to us when the serpent consciousness would snare us and entangle us in its unreality, “What is that to thee? Follow thou me.”


Follow the star of Love!
Ever perceive the image of the Lord and the Saviour.
Meditate upon His Presence.
Keep following.
Keep on following
Until you reach the point
Of love and communion.
Close your eyes for a moment
And experience yourself melting
Into the very Presence of the Lord Jesus.

When I would feel the flow of His love to me, I would let go and enter the mighty confluent stream. I would become the stream.

So let yourself become the stream of the flow of Light emanating from that cosmic cross of white fire, emanating from the heart of the One who is the Son of God.

Merge, then, with all of your love, with all of your desiring, with all of your being—merge now with Him!

Nothing can separate you from the love of God which is—which is Christ Jesus.

This exercise in oneness will enable you to pass through the door to the secret chamber of His heart into that communion which is promised in these four days together.

Now I seal this community in the heart of the ascended master Jesus Christ.

He is ascended!

He is resurrected!

He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.




His Word recorded in thirty-three spirals of Revelation is understood solely by those unto whom it is given.

I will reveal! I will make plain!

Unto you who are called from within to be ministers of the Word, I will come by His leave and teach. I will come to assist in the finishing of the mystery of God.

And if it be His will, by His grace and your own, I will receive those certain ones to teach, to convey, to bless, and to set the course of your ministry and your calling.

This is my promise for this year’s summer dispensation of the teachings of the Holy Spirit through the messenger, that you might run your course and fulfill the cycles of your life.

May you hear the sounding of the Sound and know the hour of your victory. And may you also learn of me how—how, beloved—to be fastened to the cross of life with Him.

As I take my leave of you, angels of the cosmic cross of white fire gather. They gather to love you, to protect you, and to illumine you.

God be with you as He is with us.

Messenger’s Invocations:

In the name of the light of God that never fails, I invoke the Presence here of the beloved Master Jesus Christ. Beloved Lord and Saviour, come now and enter each heart! Let the fullness of the I AM THAT I AM which Thou art descend and enfold each precious child of Thy heart, each and every son of God.

O Keeper of the Flame, Lord of Life, blest Holy Spirit, let the leaping of our hearts in the fullness of the joy of reunion now make us one with every Keeper of the Flame of Life on this earth and all worlds without end.

By the great resurrection spiral of the ascended master Jesus Christ, we rejoice in the communion of saints, O God! Elohim of Life, mighty archangels attending the resurrection of every son of God, be with us now as we ignite these flames, love offerings, tokens of the sacred fire.

O purity of love, descend from the heart of Alpha and Omega! Burn now upon the altar of our hearts. Burn brightly, O living Word. Magnify the Lord on earth as it is in heaven.

Living Word of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, we salute Thee in the fullness of joy. O come quickly, Lord Jesus. Angels of light, seraphim of God, cherubim who keep the way of the Tree of Life, come quickly now as we are one in the Lord and in His victory of Eternal Life, victory over Death and Hell.

O let the children of the light, let the Keepers of the Flame, let the bearers of light, world without end, who are with me, O God, who are with the I AM THAT I AM, be for a sign, be the remnant for the reproving and the proving of the whole house of Israel, in America and among the nations!

Lord God Almighty, hear our call! Let Thy light descend for the fullness of the resurrection of the divine potential, the Christ potential of every light-bearer on earth, as we celebrate the glorious communion of Eastertide.

In the name of the Lord God Almighty, I AM THAT I AM with us, in the name ELOHIM, by the authority of the Word in Jesus Christ and every Son of Light who is with Him, worlds without end, I seal you with the sign of the heart, the head, and the hand. May the cosmic cross of white fire watch between thee and me while we are absent one from the other and present with Our Lord.

O Lord God Almighty, seal these hearts by the dove of Thy Holy Spirit! Draw them now into the oneness of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Amen.


NOTE: This dictation by John the Beloved was delivered to the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet April 7, 1982, during the Easter Conclave at Camelot; cassette B8224. Prior to this dictation, the messenger read Isa. 8:9-22; 9:1-7; John 12:23-50.

1. The ascended lady master Clara Louise (the first Mother of the Flame), who was embodied as James, the brother of Jesus, is remembered for her oft-repeated admonishment as Clara Louise Kieninger in which she always directed the devotee to Christ Jesus and His magnificent heart flame whose communion she shared with the youth of the world in her daily vigil with Mother Mary. “What is that to thee?  Follow thou me!” (John 21:22).