Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 24 No. 37 - Beloved Mighty Victory - September 13, 1981


An Inner Retreat


The Sign of the Golden V
Drawn in the Cradle of the Inner Retreat

Dedication of Earth’s Light Evolutions
to The Homing



Hail! O mighty Liberty—wonder of the age, goddess of our love, and threefold flame held in the hearts of a mighty people.

We are come, our legions in full array, to pay homage to the light of that Woman who has held the flame of liberty for all of our brothers and legions of light—even the Goddess of Liberty who now takes the lead as the spokesman of the Karmic Board to dispense light and a quotient of liberty, the liberty whereby each one may expand and expand again a cosmic identity and yet see the light of day by the aperture of the soul.

O happy hearts afire with a vision and a devotion that comes from the mild eye of Pallas Athena!  O happy hearts who rejoice in a victory anticipated even as faith is the substance of things hoped for! <1>

You have learned our lessons and we have been a part of them all. For our flame—as leaping, golden-yellow fire tongues—has been even the instrumentation of a greater perception, a greater expansion—and, above all, it has been the joy of Nada and of Kuan Yin, even the very joy of Cyclopea, even the joy of the Great Divine Director!

Blessed hearts filled with that truth, come forth then and realize that we would set the seal, not only upon this conference but upon thy life. For why do we then hold a conference for the entering in to the inner retreat of the heart?  Why do we gather together the hosts of the Lord and the sons and daughters of God?  It is not for a moment, but it is for a moment that shall become an eternity.

This coming together, then, is to set the mark of your own individual fiery destiny. And we have not overlooked any one of you. But we have come to your heart of hearts, we have taken you into our own, and we have set before you the goal of victory!


Victory! I say
Victory for the fullness of the Light! 
Victory for your tenure on earth!
Victory for the flame of God!
Victory for the ascension of self
  within the planetary sphere and spiral!

I AM indeed Mighty Victory!  Well, after all, who else did you think would come to set the seal of victory on Saint Germain’s Inner Retreat?

Well, I AM here in full array, with ten thousand of my own saints and angels of living fire!  And this is certainly a mighty dose of yellow fire that I release to planet Earth—far more than you would expect on the Fourth of July. But after all, this is indeed the fifth!  And therefore, we must augment our yesterdays. We must multiply them!  And by the power of the four and the five, we can make the nine come home—the three-times-three for the victory of the decade of the nineties where all that is counted that has gone before will be that fruition of Life!

Yes! I AM here!—and you have never seen me more physical before. For the rain that falls is the rain from heaven. And it does carry with it many of us who have remained high at inner levels and octaves of vibration. As you go within to the inner heart, so you prepare a place that is ensconced in the physical temple for our own descent and for our own release of light.

We are here, then, to consecrate the victory—all past, present, and future victories—of the light of freedom within you. Therefore, it is an inner retreat into the experiencing of past, present, and future freedom for all who love that freedom even as we do love the heart of freedom in the Goddess of Liberty.

Realize, then, that this has been an experience transcending (even as it has followed) even the planes of life. Therefore, we have taken you back that you might bring forward momentums of light and bring into the flame those conditions of consciousness that you would not have remain on your application for the Inner Retreat.

And therefore, we come with the cosmic eraser of Saint Germain!  We come with the violet flame. We come with golden illumination that sparks hope—that allows you not to mope but to leave behind you those dread, depressing burdens of the past that have no part with the higher air of the higher mountain!

Therefore, let us climb. Let us climb a mighty stairway of light. Let us determine that no soul will take flight from planet Earth without passing through the mighty arch of Chamuel and of Archangel Michael <2>—the mighty arch that does align the inner will with the outer will and the mighty will of Elohim!

Let us determine that this earth will spin a mighty fire, that there will be a resolute impending and a momentum of light that will determine that Christ-victory for all!

We must increase—we must increase momentum, we must increase the vibratory action of all life upon this planetary body!  And this is the necessity for this Inner Retreat, this dispensation, this going forth.

Beloved ones, earth has come to a crossroads. And you know, as the proverbial top that will fall over when its spin is not great enough, we come to that place that—for the equilibrium and the balance of planet Earth—there is required a greater spinning of light, a greater acceleration.

And this means many changes within and without. These changes, beloved ones, are calculated to be the transition into the great golden age. Therefore, you can hear in the acceleration of light and in my voice and in all that has gone forth here that there is indeed a stepping up of your four lower bodies, a stepping up of your soul and of your heart!

I ask you to leap into the very heart of my victory flame!  I ask you to dance with my legions of light!  I ask you to acquaint now yourselves with the saints who have come with me. For there is a mighty God-momentum of determination that, once and for all, these souls of light who have descended with the Ancient of Days shall forge and win, shall manifest that place in the sun, shall produce a victory that shall allow every member of those twelve tribes to come home to God!

We are determined, blessed hearts! And I tell you, rare is the moment when heaven has opened itself to reveal to the children of the light just how determined we are that you will win in this fight!

And I tell you, beloved ones, sometimes we do not always show our determination—because, you see, then perhaps you might become less determined thinking that we are more determined—and therefore we allow you to think we are less determined so that you will become more determined!  Such is the psychology of the ascended hosts of light!  [applause]

Now we would take you into our heart of hearts, not as those who are unknown to us but those who are known to us and of us—those of you, then, whom we would call friend, compatriot of freedom, and ones who will cooperate with our cause for the victory.

Therefore, we open up our council chambers. And we let you know what is the determination of Almighty God so that you can ride it as a wave of light!  so that you can feel invigorated!  so that you can feel your own God-determination coming forth from your very heart and soul, from your very causal bodies!

Blessed hearts of light, that God-determination is fierce! And you will see the chiseled faces of my legions with their piercing eyes, how fierce they are with that God-determination to beat down every foe of self-indulgence, procrastination, and all that hinders you from the victory of Life!

Why, beloved hearts, there are among you many who have won in past cycles for the very appreciation of timing. Timing has spared your neck and spared the nations.

Timing, then, must be reconsidered in this hour. For if we accelerate, then your previous assessment of timing may not be at the point of precipitation.

If all is in acceleration,

You, beloved hearts,

Do not want to see yourselves left behind

In a proverbial cloud of dust!


Well, blessed hearts,
Let us be where we must—
At the head of the line.
And let those who shirk behind,
Let them have that dust until they eat the dust
And eat the dust no more!
For they will come to the fore
And they will surely be a part
Of the legions of light!


Blessed hearts!  We have seen the violet flame. We have seen the violet-flame smoke and balloons and action of your ingenuity at the parade of Camelot. <3>We rejoice­—for it is a victory parade! a victory celebration!  a victory garden!  and a victory Inner Retreat!

So you see how we place our prefix on every word and manifestation of your life. For all that you do is a victory, victory, victory manifestation!  Else, why would you do it?  There is no reason for doing anything except for the victory of the God flame!  Is it not so?  [“Yes!”] And so a victory cannot be half-baked, else it is not a victory!

Blessed hearts, consider this. As I have said before, the sign of the V is the sign of the descent and the ascent of the soul. Well, when is the V formed?

We have discussed this, blessed hearts, for the legions of light love to discuss the philosophy of victory!  And they have come to the conclusion that the victory is formed the moment that the soul begins to ascend. And until it begins to ascend, there is only a single descending line. Do you see?  And therefore, for the victory of the light to manifest, you must be on the upward path. And the only way to go is up!—if you would have your victory coil follow you and transport you into the very heart of the Sun.

Therefore, the V for victory is a triumph already won. For from the moment that that line is formed, it is actually complete in the inner eye of God and in the mind of God. And therefore, the ascent will be the manifestation of the momentum of the descent. For by the momentum of the descent is the ascent, and the perfect lines are forged and won in God.

Therefore, beloved ones, when we make the sign of the double V, it is the double V of the double victory of your twin flames by the power of the Word—even the spoken Word. And therefore, the science of the spoken Word is always for the victory—for the victory of your life.

And as you affirm that Word, you are always affirming that victory for your counterpart and for the mighty causal bodies which you share. And therefore, those twin causal bodies may deliver to earth in this hour the momentum of Shamballa, the momentum of Gautama Buddha. And you may see how twin flames may multiply the light and the fervor of devotion, even when your twin flame is ascended.

And, I say, especially when your twin flame is ascended, you must remember to mark the sign of that double V, that you might have the full action and the power of two causal bodies of light to deliver the abundant life to planet Earth!

This is the glory of the Lord multiplying again and again and again!  Therefore, we would send you with the sign of victory and with that brand of Life itself, even the double V, for the moving together again and the return to the very heart of the One.

So let there be the Alpha. Let there be the Omega. Let there be the victory of Life. And let each and every one of you take with you that soul of light, that great causal body—to the Inner Retreat—of your divine counterpart. And therefore, the visible and the invisible life of your soul and your being will there be able to precipitate the divine plan and the original purpose for which you came forth from the very heart of God. <4>

As the Mother yearns, so I yearn for you to place your feet upon that soil, that you also might feel the physical touch with the flame of Shamballa and the arcing of Shamballa unto the West <5>—so that you might also feel the divine memory of the first time that you placed your feet on planet Earth, when you came forth out of your root races or out of your legions of light or from the very starry bands of Sanat Kumara.

The touching of planet Earth, beloved ones, in the early golden ages, was a moment of supreme joy and promise and hope of victory. And the touching of planet Earth in dark ages by those of you who come as saviours of the world—this also was a moment of promise and of hope and God-determination for victory. Therefore let Hesper, the mighty star of love, and the legions of Sanat Kumara and of Lady Venus send forth now this final release of the activity of divine love—divine love of twin flames, divine love of the Great White Brotherhood, divine love of every chela unascended for all who are the light-bearers of planet Earth.

For, beloved hearts, love is truly the key to the opening of the door of the Inner Retreat. Love is truly the key to the opening of the door for the understanding of yourself as the God Self manifest within you.

Therefore, there comes from Venus a mighty love-action. It is for the melting away of all that would come under the category of anti-love. And when you think of it, all that is anti-love is anti-victory, anti-life, anti-wisdom, and anti the fullness of the will of God made manifest!


For love and victory are one.
No victory without love.
No love without victory.
For love is the fullness
Of the consummation of thy soul’s reunion
With the Mighty I AM Presence.

O blessed souls of the sacred fire, therefore we are come—we are come for the anchoring with you now of a single angel of light, an angel of victory, that shall stay with you and teach you and show you what are those downward-spiraling momentums of defeat, of anti-victory!  Let them be exposed!  Let them go into the flame!

Beloved hearts, if I could tell you, I would tell you of all the joys that await you when you have got the victory over the last enemy—which is your own self-concern and self-love, manifesting ultimately as the entire coil of human creation.

Blessed hearts, you can, with this dispensation of acceleration, now accelerate the putting of that entire momentum into the flame. For with the holding of the balance of the ascension flame in the heart of the Mother and her own balancing of that karma, lo, this year <6>—we, therefore, come to the dispensation where you may also accelerate and move beyond the stars to balance an incredible amount of your own personal karma as you continue into the service of the planet.

Beloved hearts, you know of the misuse of indulgences <7>in the Roman Catholic church over the ages. But, I tell you, there are definitely dispensations given to those who transfer from their hearts the very foundation of Life that will enable others to pursue the Path. And though this has been distorted in the past, I cannot withhold from you the great truth that by your laying of your offering upon this Inner Retreat, you yourselves will find dispensations of light and the opening of the way to the greater glory of your own goal appearing through the mists and becoming clearer and clearer every day of your life.

I admonish you, then, to pursue the flame of community—even as you see the crumbling, as it were, of an old order of civilization where individuals have lived apart from one another and apart from God, in a certain sense. And there has not been enough of the sacred trust or of the presence of hierarchy of the archangels for individuals to truly trust in coming together in community in that supreme interdependence that underscores independence, individuality, side by side with the dependence upon Almighty God and the heart flames of one another. Community is a glorious concept when there is a focalization of the Divine One in the midst.

Blessed hearts, let us face a single reality:  that without your trust in the messenger and of our Word, there would possibly be factions and disagreement even among the chelas of the ascended masters. Therefore, I say, pray that the office of messenger might always be filled and that the filling of that office by divine ordination might carry, then, the momentum of this union and of this light and of the blessing of Alpha and Omega.

Therefore, let the trust be not alone in the messenger but in the Messenger behind the messenger—who is your own I AM Presence and Christ Self, and all of us at inner levels.

Blessed hearts, our voice is indeed one. Our vibration is one. Our harmony is one. And what we have hoped to accomplish over these many years through the messengers’ service is to teach you not merely how to obey the laws of God but how to interpret the laws of God, how to act upon them from the standpoint of your own individual Christ Self, how to arrive at that point of equilibrium and divine harmony where you find yourselves—through the wisdom of God and the love of God and your devotion to God’s holy will—at that point of cosmic agreement.

For this cause, councils of the Great White Brotherhood have been established on earth and in heaven, that agreement might be reached whereby numbers of souls coming together through the attunement of the Cosmic Christ might arrive at that just and lawful decision that bears upon the moment and the needs of the hour in time and space.

Let us realize, then, that the foundation of the Inner Retreat is based upon the dispensation of the coming of Lord Maitreya in this age, upon the Cosmic Christ who has sent forth his emissaries—emissaries that carry a mantle in many different ways and in many different levels of attainment.

Let us realize, then, that that which endures is the great causal body of the Cosmic Christ!  That which endures is the threefold flame that beats your hearts. That which endures is your own soul’s communication through the Christ Self to the Great White Brotherhood—confirmed by the messenger, directed by the messenger, but always drawing you into a greater and greater oneness by the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit, then, be upon you for the victory!  For, blessed hearts, many times two million right decisions <8>will be made by you collectively at the Inner Retreat. Have you thought about the very concept that it would be impossible for one individual in embodiment—namely, the messenger—to make all of those decisions or to review all of the plans and projects and all of the administering of such an endeavor?

You see, therefore, that there is a need for the light of your own Christ-discrimination to shine, for you yourself to rise into positions of responsibility and leadership whereby, through a gradual vestment of your lifestream with a limited authority, that authority might be increased to greater and greater authority.

And therefore, you may find yourselves interacting in greater and greater concentric spheres of light—as above, so below. And the meshing of your consciousness with that committee of ascended masters responsible for your project and your endeavor will be the very means whereby there is “one accord in one place” <9>and there is the merging of your lifestreams in the very heart of the Cosmic Messengers, the Cosmic Christs, and all of those who go beyond this form unto the octaves of light—who, one by one and step by step, are the emissaries and the messengers and the witnesses unto the Most High God!

Understand, then, that the dispensation of messengers is always to reestablish the condition of your consciousness whereby you yourselves are receptive to the mind of God. And therefore, inasmuch as the messenger is in need in this hour, I say:  Fear not!  For the messenger is here and here to stay as long as that requirement is. And I tell you, heaven understands the needs of the hour.

And therefore, rather than have you continually affirming the ascended consciousness or the ascension of the messenger, we would far rather have you affirm the victory of the Mother flame on earth at the physical level—both in the body of this messenger and in your own dear temple where God would breathe upon you the sacred fire breath of the Holy Spirit!

Therefore, let us dedicate the Inner Retreat to the physical victory of Life on earth—to the physical golden age, to the physical consummation of love in the holy family, and to the physical incarnation of the avatars!  And let us not be otherworldly. For I tell you that the angels in heaven and Almighty God hold a very clear vision of your ascension into the light. And therefore, let us now go down to the very cup of the V, to the very cradle of Life, to the very heart of the Inner Retreat!

I enfold you in my arms. And my legions of light carry this entire company in a great sphere of light to that very heart where I have stood with the messenger this very past week for the opening of her eyes to the great multitudes and lifewaves who will gather there—even those who are now, even now, being sponsored by the seven mighty archangels!

Did you think that the archangels came for a small purpose?*10 I tell you, it was no small purpose!  They are preparing the planetary body and the root races and the embodied angels for the captivating of their souls into the mighty upward-swirling light of their seven causal bodies times two, making the manifestation of Alpha and Omega, for the action of that fourteen.

Blessed hearts, the archangels have come to dedicate that Inner Retreat to the ascent!  For the archangels presided over the descent of the early root races and have acted as manus, lawgivers, and teachers for millennia of earth’s lifewaves.

Therefore, they come now for the consecration of the return. And, I tell you, it is a solemn moment—as we are now in the very cradle of the Inner Retreat together—as I draw the sign of the V. And Archangel Michael and Jophiel and Chamuel, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Zadkiel stand with me for that mighty action of the drawing of the V. And therefore, it is the dedication of earth, her evolutions of light, to the return, to The Homing. And there is a swinging of the cosmic age.

And at inner levels, the precision of this cycle is known and the hour is known. And it is known at the Royal Teton Retreat. And it has been known for several millions of years that this gathering would take place in this very hour and this would be the moment for the striking of the great cosmic clock for the dedication of every soul of light that has ever descended upon earth to take the opportunity for the ascension!  And as the divine plan is, so this will be consummated in the victory of planet Earth herself.

Blessed hearts of light, I can only intimate to you by my description and these few facts what a cosmic moment it is and how the energies are shifting in the very core of the earth and how the weight of planet Earth is also shifting and how there is a lowering, ever so fine, an approaching—a ‘rapprochement’, if you will—of the Mighty I AM Presence and causal body of the light-bearers closer to that soul. There is a polarity twixt the soul (sealed in the inner retreat of the heart with Christ) with the I AM Presence. It is this polarity that we have desired to establish by having you present at this Inner Retreat!

And therefore, we have urged you to be with us. And we urge you again and again not to miss these quarterly conferences, not any hour or any day—whether you think it is important or no, or whether you think you have other business or other things to tend to. For we cannot build a consecutive spiral within you when you pick and choose and come and go and do not tarry in that flame.

For the hierarchy of light is real!  And these conferences have been dedicated to seal you in the victory of your causal body!  And your causal body is only Victory!  Victory!  Victory!  Victory!

And why can you not contact that causal body?  It is because you need to build mighty, moving, upward spirals!—golden spirals carrying all of the substance of self and solar awareness into that nucleus of fire in the very heart of the living Christ, that the polarity, the spiritual polarity, of Spirit and Matter might be established, fortified, sustained, and held in balance for your mission upon earth.

Blessed ones, every soul of light affected by this ascent of the V, this turning of this cycle, is in conclave at the Royal Teton Retreat and does participate also at inner levels in the setting of that forcefield in the cradle, the very heart of hearts of the Inner Retreat.

Now we pause as every light-bearer upon earth contemplates the mystery of the Holy Grail, the mystery of the path of the ascension—contemplates the inner vision and makes a heartfelt determination to make contact in the outer with yourselves who are holding the physical focus of the physical flame of the Inner Retreat. [90-second pause]


And I AM meditating upon each Victory
Of the light-bearers,
Lifetime upon lifetime.
I cannot know defeat.
Therefore, I meditate on the love that is complete
In the twin flames of Victory.
And I see a chain of victories
Not yet assembled, not yet reinforced
By the thread of the Divine Mother
Who takes her needle,
Passing through each one of these records,
Pulling through the thread.
And voilà!
A string of crystal beads for a Golden Crystal Age—
Each crystal of the rock containing a fire of Life,
Each crystal the complete record of your victories.

I must tell you that it brings more than a single tear to my eye as I see the light-bearers, in the presence of the Divine Mother and the Cosmic Christ, bringing to bear the fullness of each one’s God Presence and Christ consciousness so that the soul—even in outer, physical awareness—might have more than an intimation but a very real sense of ongoing Self-worth!

Not the self-worth of the moment that rides a single victory of yesterday and then falls again on the roller coaster of today’s defeat. No. It is that confidence born of the understanding of the long cycles and the sine waves of victory where you may contemplate mistakes, not in an isolated sense but in the context of many victories by the learning of the lesson of the single mistake.

Heaven is not against mistakes. Heaven understands that in order to learn the correct exercise of free will, lessons must be learned—the most important ones:  what not to do and how to avoid doing it.

You have all had such lessons. And by them, you have given upon the altar of God and of your nation, truly, a gift of victory unto Saint Germain. It is these that count!

These, then, are a part of the momentum of the downward spiral of the descent. Descending with clouds of glory and then becoming physical progressively, you have manifested your physical victories in a more and more concerted and concentrated way until, in the very bed of the earth itself, there have sprung forth yellow flowers of the field signifying your passing as a conqueror of life and your victories of the ascent.

And many of you have terrific momentum of victory in the upward current!  So much so, that you will take little children and those more mature by the hand and lead them and multiply their victories!  And that is the very heart of this community:  that each and every one’s victory should multiply every other’s until that rising momentum will instill in each and every one the confidence of the indissolubility of the community—the confidence, the trust, the faith of heart with heart with heart.

Blessed ones, I would like you to know that this movement, this love, this trust—all together here—is an achievement of considerable import!  You must understand that very few groups are formed anywhere in the world today that can boast of this number of light-bearers who are in harmony, in love, and consecrated to one central purpose.

Blessed hearts, we give credit where credit is due:  to your own heart flames–above all, to Alpha and Omega and Helios and Vesta. But we would also say–on the occasion of this anniversary celebration of the meeting of the messengers in conclave in Washington, D.C., for the first time*11—that we also extend our gratitude to their twin flames, their understanding and their under standing of the path of discipline that has led, by example and by manifestation of their causal bodies as well as by the transmission of the true Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, to this union, this unity, and this love.

Let us, therefore, note well that this part of the mission of the two witnesses is most important. For the victory of all else, dear hearts, does depend upon community and the profound love that is here.

If for no other gift of your heart, Saint Germain and Portia rejoice in this hour that this understanding, this oneness, this permeation of your aura of the sense of Lanello and Mother with you—this is the cause of our great rejoicing!  And this is the cause whereby heaven may truly lean upon this student body.

And lean we do. Lean we shall!  For we understand that the necessity of the shepherd’s crook and the shepherd’s staff is that the entire causal bodies of the inner hierarchy might funnel through that staff and that crook into the very focal point, the focus of light, that is the synthesis of hearts.

Yes, indeed!  This community has a heart!—a heart that beats as threefold flame of Shamballa enshrined at the Inner Retreat. And, do you know, that inner heart is composed of the very fibers, the very devotion, the very components and the quality and strength of all of your heart chakras!  It is one great heart. And the nucleus of the heart upon earth must, of course, be the hearts of the messengers.

Therefore, we pause and we consider how Life is good. And Life is good to us and Life is good to you. And we are found together in the great miracle causal body of Almighty God himself.

Dear hearts, though the hour is late, we would tarry. For our angels are yet passing into your chakras substance of the divine memory, substance of the sense of your own continuity in Life, substance of vision, O substance of the strength of the Word.

How we love to prepare your finer bodies for a greater release and a greater oncoming spiral!  How we love to be with you!  Why, you are making us feel most welcome on a planet that has not always welcomed us. This indeed is a joy!

Let us seal the Inner Retreat. See the beauty of it—hills and valleys, streams of light, fairest flowers, rivulets and lakes.


Let us seal it.

               Almighty God, our Father Alpha, our Father/Mother Presence, our Mother Omega—now in the very heart of the Great Central Sun, send the light for the sealing action of each one.

               Draw the circle of fire. Let there be all that is called of cosmic purpose suspended there. Let the victory appear!  And if it is thy will, Almighty God, swiftly then defeat the enemies of righteousness upon earth and the enemies of the witnesses of the truth and of the messengers of light!  For they have borne the burden of their strife. They have borne the burden of their infamy and their betrayal. Let them be bound, O Alpha and Omega!

               I AM Victory!  I intercede on behalf of the messengers ascended and unascended!  And I would lay upon the altar of the heart of the messengers my gratitude for victories won and my own imploring of the Word that now, in this hour, the hosts of the Lord intercede. And by the binding of the enemy of the Word incarnate, let there be a staying action of the LordGod!

               I, Victory, invoke it!  And I ask it that souls of light might come into alignment, might find the Path, and that this movement might be built solidly upon that foundation of love and might expand!  and expand!  and expand!

Thus, my Word echoes over the ethers and is transmitted by the Holy Spirit. It bursts into flame at the feet of Alpha, with the sign of the golden V and the flowers of my heart as accompanying offering unto the Lord.

And, you guessed it!—they are fairest flowers picked at the Inner Retreat, that Alpha also might rejoice and be reminded that we have convened there and set, one and all, our footprints on that soil. And we declare it—by the very pressing into the heart of the earth—a place for great encounters.

Beloved ones, you are all cherished in my heart. Each and every one of you, by nobility of soul, has a precious marker there. And when I touch that marker with my finger, I am sensitized instantly to the entire condition of your life, your consciousness, the increase of light, the unseen burden as well as the unseen enemy.

In case you didn’t know it, I AM your champion. I AM the champion of your right to be God-victorious!  And if that is not enough, then I AM also the champion of your right to be the fullness of the mind of God and the fullness of His love.

And I AM the champion of your right to have on earth yet private property which you hold under the name of the Inner Retreat and which does belong still to that private entity, that corporation which is manifested for this purpose.

Thus, in the collective sense, by being members of this body, you are a part of the ongoing flame of our defense of the right of individuals—one by one and coming together in societies—to lay hold to that portion of planet Earth that you may dedicate by your free will to the highest cause of your understanding.

I AM dedicated to the victory of earth and the freeing of earth from all holds and strongholds of the fallen ones. Our legions move with the mighty archangels and the Elohim. Our legions move with the forces of light and we are determined to wrest this entire planetary home from every force that is anti-Christ and anti-Light. We have set our God-determination to this task.

And inasmuch as you now are the authority for earth,*12 I ask you—as my only request of this conference—that you also address a letter to Alpha and Omega for the restoration of this earth in its entirety to Saint Germain and to all who are the light-bearers, and that it be wrested from the hand of all who are the workers of iniquity.

This is so very important, because the only way that there can be a victory and an ascension for every soul of light upon earth is for the earth to be the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, and all they that dwell therein to be the Lord’s and the Lord’S unto them!*13

I seal the earth in the sign of Victory!  I seal the earth in the action of the sacred fire!  I seal it!—O blessed hearts of light. May you also rise with it as a rising, flaming, golden ball of light!

Lo, I AM that action of the sacred fire!

Lo, I AM Victory!

Lo, I AM Victory in your heart

  and in the heart of the Inner Retreat!

Therefore, I set the date. I mark the place. And I say, let us be there for the great encounter of the freedom conclave July 4, 1982!  Therefore, we shall stand where we have stood this hour in physical manifestation for the physical victory of the age!

I salute you!  I send you forth as I hurl you, even in the spirit of the ‘hurling’ of the mantle of Jeremiah!*14—I hurl you into the very midst of the people of the earth!  And I will galvanize to you, even by my very heart flame, every soul of light upon whose brow the sign of the ages will sing Victory!  Victory!  Victory!  Victory! to Life, to Light, and to Immortality.

I seal you. And I sign off in a rising spire of victory!


NOTE:  This dictation by Mighty Victory was delivered to the Messenger Elizabeth  Clare Prophet during An Inner Retreat, July 5, 1981, at Camelot; cassettes  B8159, B8160.

1. Heb. 11:1.

2. On July 2, 1981, during An Inner Retreat, Archangel Michael thrust his sword of blue flame “into the very heart of America—making it, therefore, congruent with the arch of Saint Louis” the city over which Archangel Chamuel and Archeia Charity maintain an etheric retreat. “...Realize that it is a rallying point whereby love in the heart of the archangel of the first and the third ray converge by the power of God.”  See Archangel Michael, “I AM for the Union, “Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 24, pp. 333-34; cassette B8151.

3. Refers to the annual Independence Day parade with floats, choreography, and spirited dramatic readings by students from all over the world. The parade featured the second-place prize-winning float “The Caribbean,” sponsored by the Sons and Daughters of Afra Study Groups from the Los Angeles area, who released “violet flame” violet smoke and clouds of “infinite energy” violet balloons to saturate the Caribbean. First prize was awarded to the Washington, D.C., Teaching Center for their presentation on the theme “I Claim the Mantle!” which included readings by Keepers of the Flame portraying George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan as well as a colorful depiction of the Goddess of Freedom, Portia, the Mighty Blue Eagle, and the Flaming Sword.

4. Further teachings on twin flames, given at the “Twin Flames in Love!” seminars March 10-12, April 21-24, 1978, are available on Twin Flames in Love, cassette album A7856, and in Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 21, pp. 177-246. See also Gautama Buddha, April 5, 1980, “Keeping the Light of the Guru/Chela Relationship and the Cosmic Integration of Twin Flames.”  Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 23, pp. 139-44; cassette B8030.

5. On April 18, 1981, Gautama Buddha came for “the arcing of the flame of Shamballa to the Inner Retreat as the Western abode of the Buddhas and the Bodhisattvas and the BodhisattvastoBe who are the devotees of the Mother light.”  See Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 24, pp. 226, 227; cassette B8134.

6. Refers to the transfer of the light of the ascension, the “forcefield of Luxor,” to the heart of the messenger December 28, 1979. See Serapis Bey, “Start a Flame of Purity,” cassettes B8010, B8011. Also refers to the final balancing of the karma of the messenger, announced by Saint Germain on November 5, 1980:  “...In the presence of that light of the one-hundred-percent balance of that karma, there is opportunity for the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood to anchor through the messenger untold momentums of light and victory and freedom even while she then is able to bear a more than ordinary measure of your own personal karma—which she is so delighted to do to see you accelerate on the Path that you, too, might attain your victory!” See Saint Germain, “A Victory Celebration:  Almighty God Is the Winner!” Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 23, p. 304; cassette B8072.

7. indulgence: in Roman Catholicism, plenary full or partial remission of temporal punishment due for sins whose guilt and eternal punishment have already been pardoned; usually granted in exchange for prayers and devotional acts. It was the abuse of indulgences in the late medieval period, when indulgences could be obtained by monetary contributions, that instigated the Protestant Reformation.

8. Saint Germain has said that he made “two million right decisions” during hundreds of thousands of years of service on behalf of earth and her evolutions before making his ascension in 1684.

9. Acts 2:1

10. Refers to The Class of the Archangels December 28, 1980-January 1, 1981, Camelot. See Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 24, pp. 43-186; cassette album A8100. During the class, Archangel Zadkiel announced:  “Blessed hearts, this is a great moment!  And this is why the Class of the Archangels was convoked:  that we might release, through the etheric plane into the etheric bodies of our students, certain grids and forcefields and momentums of light that will be the foundation of the golden age....” vol. 24, p. 70; cassettes B8101, B8102

11. Refers to the Freedom Class of 1961 (July 1-4)—the first Summit Lighthouse conference attended by the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

12. Refers to the dispensation announced by Kuan Yin July 3, 1981:  “...On this planetary body sufficient numbers of chelas of the ascended masters with considerable momentum of light in embodiment make it possible for the will of the light-bearers override even the majority of the mass consciousness with its will to self-destruction and death....The majority of

Light upon earth, not in numbers but in attainment, will be the determining factor in our judgments for the remainder of this decade.”  See Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 24, p. 354; cassette B8153.

13. Pss. 24:1.

14. The name Jeremiah means literally “Yahweh hurls!” On July 3, 1981, during An Inner Retreat, the messenger presented “Jeremiah:  Heartbeat of Freedom,” the first in a series of lectures on the prophet Jeremiah, continued during the Seminar of the World Teachers (July 6-19, 1981). Lecture available on the 2-cassette album A8161.