Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 24 No. 30 - Beloved Lord Maitreya - July 26, 1981

An Inner Retreat

The Visitation of the Stars

“I AM Affirming the Lowering of My Being into Physical
Dimensions Not Heretofore Penetrated by Myself”

The light of the far-off worlds is come to you! For I AM come in the visitation of the stars. And I would establish coordinates among you of these very far-off worlds, that the light of Sirius and the light of the Pleiades might find amplification in your hearts, O beloved Keepers of the Flame.

Therefore, let it be! Let the channels of light be opened! Let the starry body of thy Self appear!  Let us go forth together to transcend worlds—even spirals in distress, even signals that are less than the fullness of the Cosmic Christ that I AM and that you shall be when you see me as I AM.

I AM come for the visitation of the stars. Who are they? Sons of light!—fiery flaming ones who always and always atone for the lesser evolution of life.

Piercing yellow fire!  I pass my hand over the worlds. And, lo, the hand of God releases wisdom. And it doth appear as the going forth of the message of the Great White Brotherhood.

Therefore, we are well pleased that certain souls of light have held the line against their own oncoming karmic retribution, against their own darkness—holding that line as the focal point of service unto us. Our service then becomes the holding of the line for thee, blessed heart.

The secret of attainment is to start, to enter the project with joy, to pursue the impossible, and to watch the explosion of the starry body within!

I AM Maitreya, marking the sign of the cross. I AM the flame of the Mother in the I where I AM and where you are. <1>I AM a golden fire—bursting illumination’s flame! And I AM determined, in this hour of solstice, to now augment the fire of ascension flame and to bring another momentum of illumination to multiply the action and the penetration of the ruby ray, the love fire of Serapis Bey, in this fourteen-month spiral of the Stations of the Cross. <2>

Let us pass, now, from the etheric to the mental quadrant. And let us pursue with all gusto the initiatic presence of Helios and Vesta!  Let us align with pure love and pure wisdom. And let the marriage of the Lamb be—where I AM, where you are—the magnificence of God appearing. <3>

Lo, I affirm it!  And I release a new dynamism of my causal body, subject unto the will of Lord Gautama. Yes, I release the fervor of new levels of my own sphere of wisdom as the manifestation of the wise dominion of a chela on the Path in the heart of the earth and throughout the immortal spheres of the galaxies.

I AM that chela!  I will always be the chela of the Almighty Word. Lo, I AM THAT I AM!  And I AM in the flaming center of the Word, suspended there—in that center, that vacuum, that spaceless/timeless point of infinity.

Thus, the suspension of thy life in the sphere—in the mighty sphere of God’s own being. And in that sphere, which itself is infinity, thou dost approach the point of living contact with the living flame—the point of the opening unto Brahman and the Word. Activating principle, activating force of all being is that Word.

Maitreya knows the question of thy heart. Maitreya knows the doubt. Maitreya knows the worlds that thou shalt conquer. Maitreya knows the perfection of the rose of light in that very soul appearing.

O magnificence of love, what new world wilt thou conquer? Wilt thou go forth to bind the adversary and thrust him from the way of the Inner Retreat?  Wilt thou enter the heart of the Mother in the mountain, in the sanctuary of our love?  Wilt thou see the new day and the dawn of the new civilization? I say, Yes!

I affirm ongoing spirals of victory. I widen the vistas of a new horizon—of a planetary home that is soon to be elevated, accelerated, raised in the sacred fires of resurrection’s flame. How will this be accomplished? It will be by the green shoot—evidence that there is new life!

Thus, come forth. Thus, be.

There is a process of Life becoming Life—photosynthesis. Thus, Life within you, absorbing cosmic rays and all of the vastness of God, becomes a single cell of identity.

I AM affirming that I AM Maitreya in the very physical body of the messenger and ye all. I AM affirming the lowering of my being into physical dimensions not heretofore penetrated by myself. For I desire to disturb the dust! I desire to quiver the very stream beds of a planetary home and the beds where the dead sleep and must be awakened to life—eternal life or eternal damnation, as the prophet has written. <4> It is so!

Therefore, I AM here and I AM there. And I AM nowhere more apparent than in the sealed interval of the heart, the sealed chamber where there is that point—replica of the Great Central Sun.

I will be where I will be!  For I AM the Buddha becoming the Buddha where thou art. I AM the fire of illumination. And I will not be turned back! For I AM on assignment from Lord Gautama Buddha, who calls me for an acceleration of the ten-year plan <5> of his own causal body of Life and does admonish me to initiate you in the path of your own selflessness whereby you discover the Great God Self.

So magnificent thou art, O God, within these souls of light! Surrender, sacrifice, and service—so even the test of the ten will be the fulfillment of the chelas of the will of God upon earth, whereby the nucleus is formed and a community worldwide is wrought.

We can do it! And we know it!  For we have measured the measure of the heart of our chelas. We know that there is a unison. There is a consonance. There is a merging of a body of light-bearers upon earth whose hearts are in harmony with our vibration, emanating from this point of light in the heart of the messengers ascended and unascended.

Therefore, we see that lines of force can be drawn!  And when they are tested, they are taut. There is strength. There is resilience born of the fiery trial. And there is not that reserve and rigidity that marks the fallen ones or those on the lesser path of self-fulfillment.

Strength and resilience!  For everyone upon the planetary body who is one in the harmony of this consonance of eternal life, there is the contact with the Great White Brotherhood. There is the strengthening of the bond. There is the world body. There is that mighty framework of Life to which all souls of light may rise.

I AM the light of the eternal Ma!  I AM the light of the Guru! I AM the light of far-off worlds within you!  And I come for integration by the eighth ray.

Keepers of the Flame, you have come on a journey. You have come to where the heart of Maitreya is. Your coming to Camelot is symbolical of your inner journey to the Royal Teton Retreat, where we have gathered in this past week for the fulfillment of an inner spiral of cosmic purpose that has to do with the sealing of our Inner Retreat and the arcing of the light of the Royal Teton—there to meet now the rainbow rays from the heart of Shamballa, now the flame of Gautama Buddha. <6>

Thus, arcs of light converge!  And in the converging is the marking of the sign of the cross, even the place prepared <7> for your own initiation unto the ascension from that holy mount—the mount of the Mighty I AM Presence.

Go to!  Go thou also as Christ has gone before thee. And recognize the Magnanimous Heart of my own son Lanello where thou art. Recognize that heart—the open door to your own heart and heart’s love, the beloved Christ Self.

Maitreya would have you for a cosmic feast!  Maitreya would assimilate and be assimilated. In yesteryear, ye would not. But this is another turn. Have no fear!  For when you come this close to me, the wrath of the Buddha itself must consume that fear.

Therefore, be humble before the law of thine own being. This law is able to make permanent the atom of self or to nullify it in an instant. This law is the fullness of God made manifest.

How often do men exclaim upon earth, in beholding the workings of the simple laws of physics or chemistry, the very law of God, the very antahkarana of Life—how often do they exclaim in the very midst of a simple physical experiment: “Behold, God! God is the law! God is in his law! God is present in the very atoms of being!”?

How often? Very seldom, blessed ones. For the conceptualization of Deity itself is so distorted. And men have made gods of human forms instead of perceiving the divine form within, without—beyond the veil of the human consciousness. Indeed, all is divine when the consciousness of the beholder is divine. But the consciousness can make of the sublime even the ridiculous and the sordid and the pornographic.

Blessed hearts, notice how the fallen ones have no other design or image save even that of the living Christ to desecrate. They take the most noble beauty and tear the veil of holy innocence from it and therefore make that which is Divinity even an object of lust. Thus, life is topsy-turvy on earth. Life is upside down!  And we would right it again.

Therefore, come. Come into the circle of the wide arm of the Brotherhood. Come into the mountain retreat.

A Meditation upon the Heart—The Golden Spiral of Life
“Let It Be!”

Let us begin with a meditation upon the heart. Let us pursue the golden spiral of Life.

I would sit with you and ponder for a moment even the very intricacy of God. Will you not close your eyes, that you might penetrate deeply into the inner space of thine own heart.

In this stillness I re-create for you, beloved, the noble mansion of thy soul. Here is thy heaven. Here is thy earth. Thou art, as it were, God. For God is the center of this spherical interval. And you are in the center—one.

Here we affirm the mantra:

I and my Father are one. I and my Mother are one.

Thus, I draw the circle around the center. And you are not alone, yet the only awareness you have of Life itself is indeed your own God Self-awareness.

At first there is a noncomfortability in such aloneness. But by daily practice and the exercise of the heart, you begin to value this space of the Buddha—untampered with by men’s concepts of time yet, by frequencies of eternity, compartmentalized for the absorption of a vast light that is sealed in the single point in the center of the sphere.

Now be seated in that center and position thyself. See the white-fire dot coming into alignment with your own heart chakra.

Now sing with me this mantra. Let it be played upon our instruments, that we might flow with the tone of Alpha:

I and my Father are one. I and my Mother are one.

I and my Father are one. I and my Mother are one.

I and my Father are one. I and my Mother are one. [sung (8x)]

There is far more to this mantra than you can even imagine in your outer mind. For the fullness of manifestation in all degrees of consciousness within thy being comes about through the entering into the center of the spiral and there converging, inverting the light but never perverting any formula of the sacred fire. Thus, penetrating downward and around and upward again—this mighty flow of inner God-realization ultimates in the manifestation where I AM of Alpha and Omega, worlds without end.

Let us continue the mantra, pouring love—the most intense white fire—into the sphere of Alpha and Omega, now congruent in the etheric octave with your own heart, beloved ones.

For this is why I AM here—to extend starry bodies of far-off worlds within the vastness of my own being, each star the coordinating point of Alpha and Omega. Where there is the fervent heart, the fervor of your heart will magnify the intense white-fire glow. Let it be!

I and my Father are one. I and my Mother are one.

I and my Father are one. I and my Mother are one. [sung (6x)]

I approach nearer, then. And I come for the sealing of the point of light in the center of the sphere of thy being. I seal—by the meshing of worlds—your inner heart, your heart flame, and this fiery-sun point of light.

I seal the figure-eight flow. And each time you enter into this meditation, you may visualize the twin spheres of the figure eight and of the eighth ray merging as one—as the white-fire/blue-fire sun.

Now you are the chela of white fire!  Now you are the chela of dazzling blue perfection! Let the merging of the diamond and the sapphire of the heart of Morya be for the merging of the white-fire/blue-fire sun of the God Star Sirius.

O invisible light rays! O sweetness of celestial spheres!

I dedicate these hearts and the invisible sun in the center thereof to the consonance of the eternal Word, to the continuity of Brahman through the Word—through all of life. I dedicate twin spheres to the victory of your Path.

Let it be! It is all that I ask.

This dictation by Lord Maitreya was delivered to the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet during An Inner Retreat, July 1, 1981, at Camelot.

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